Tuesday, November 25, 2014

No indictment

Did you expect one?  I did not.  As I understand the law involved, I would have been surprised had one been returned.  Some people in Ferguson expected an indictment.  Their protest leaders and police lost control of the crowd.  It got ugly fast.  If you were watching cable last night, you saw it, live.  What will happen tonight?

Ferguson takes stock after rage over grand jury decision

Context does matter

Giuliani’s claim that 93 percent of blacks are killed by other blacks

It won't affect the gluttons

Gluttons just eat, period.  However, a new bit of regulation may make those who love to eat, pause, count, and then shove that Big Mac, colossal fries, and monster shake into their pie-hole.  Within a year, fast food joints will have to post calorie count for their products.  

I do wonder about the need for such a regulation.  Those who are concerned about calories probably avoid fast food anyway.  Those who consume the shit really don't care and no matter what's posted will just keep on pigging out.

Calorie counts: Coming to a restaurant, movie theater, vending machine near you

Monday, November 24, 2014

Mr. Paul Is right

Congress does need to shit or get off the pot.  On what?   Oh, on ISIL.  Congress needs to debate a bit, whatever that means in 2014, and then either declare war on ISIL or end whatever it is Obama is doing now.  War or no war are the two options.

Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS

If Congress does opt for war then it should also:

1.  Add a war surtax now--no more wars on the nation's Visa card,
2.  Make the draft active and require all women between the ages of 18-26 to register now,
3.  Require that 51% of all enlisted service members on active duty during wartime be draftees,
4.  Publicly declare a mission such as killing all members of ISIL or whatever you want.

Torture Front: Obama Remains Bush And The Senate, Well It's Just Debilitating

Did the Senate talk with all the guys the Prez and his pals had tortured?  Nah, it's hard to do.  Besides, who needs to talk to victims when your target is the CIA and FBI.  Here's more info on our government's illegality and failure to bring anyone to justice for engaging in acts of torture.  Yeah, trust?  We don't need no stinking trust in government now do we?

Highest-value terror detainees excluded from Senate investigation of CIA torture

To cite Sarah Palin, how its that hopey, changy thing going after six years (and two more to go)?

Cleveland Cops and Kids

The child who was shot and died, was black.  I assume the cop was white.  If the child had been white would the cop have put two in the tyke's chest?  Somehow I think not.

Cleveland police kill 12-year-old boy wielding BB gun that looked like a semi-automatic pistol

Race and racism still thrive in this nation.   We, as a people, have improved.  100 years ago this would not have been news at all.  50 years ago it would have been a small local story.  Today it is a national story with which we must contend.  Again, white kid taking two in the chest?

Global Warming Front

Man made climate change yields weird weather.  We can expect more and more extremes as the planet adapts to all our polluted hot air.

Today in tidewater Virginia, we'll be in the 70s, perhaps hit 80.  Then it will cool and on Wednesday it will turn cold and snow.

The East Coast is in for a White Thanksgiving?

D.C. area forecast: Near record-warmth today; major storm Wednesday, possible snow

Rape Culture: Cosby

I have trouble accepting that rape culture is real, but sadly I must accept it's existence and dominance in our contemporary culture.  Sexual violence does appear to be a major theme on TV, in movies, in games and pervades our society.  This is not boys will be boys, and girls will be girls.  This is learned depravity.  Who did the teaching? Who perpetuates it?

Here's more on America's Rapist, Bill Cosby--An alleged Cosby ‘fixer’ comes out of the shadows

At UVa and other institutional purveyors of rape, I suggest it's time to end the frats and sororities, period.  Then school administrators will have one less source of vile campus behavior they have to cover up to maintain their "reputation."   Would you want to attend a rape school?  Would you give large dollar to rape college?

I wonder if rape culture on campuses has increased as government funding has declined.  When school presidents are hired for their ability to grovel for dollars, it's reasonable to expect that they'll do about anything at all, including abetting rape and rapists.  Obstructing justice has become the American way?

As to the current crop of rapists who not attend or have attended UVa, find them, try them, and send them to prison and along the way make sure their faces become very well known in their hometowns.

The alleged rape at a University of Virginia frat house and the fraternity gang-rape culture

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Make your racial bets...

What do you bet the shooter was white and the shootee was not?

12-year-old boy shot by Cleveland police has died

Gun control?  We don't need no stinking' gun control!  It's getting to be a bit much.  To many guns and too many cops shooting to kill.

So what is our strategy?

The tactics don't seem to be stopping, much less ridding the world of ISIL.  Obama's ace team's ideas may actually be advancing ISIL's sway in the area.  If so, that's real dumb.  Gee, what if Obama goes down in Arabic history as a central character in the rise of the modern caliphate...

US air strikes in Syria driving anti-Assad groups to support Isis


I'd love to see an election featuring Rand Paul and Chris Christie vs.  Elizabeth Warren and Jim Webb.  That would be very interesting.  I am so tired of Bushs and Clintons--they have done serious damage to the nation and would be poised to do more.

At any rate here's a piece on 2106 A Deep 2016 Republican Presidential Field Reflects Party Divisions

If ISIL showed up in Afghanistan...

Oops.   The Afghans have their own ISIL, the Taliban.  Let's see, we invaded greater and lesser Rubbleistan to teach those punks (the Taliban) a lesson and kill al-Qaeda terrorists.  We pretty much eradicated al-Qaeda from the rubble heap within a couple years.  The terrorist dregs fled to Pakistan where they joined the Taliban in exile.  The Taliban, of course, was morphed into an enemy since they had ran most of the nation that gave safe harbor to al Qaeda.  Then we changed focus and went to war in Iraq.  It's a dumb, dumb story.

Since we began the Iraq War in 2003, we've made the Taliban our enemy.  They are not terrorists.  They are opponents of the appointed government and pretty sick when it comes to rules of life (think sharia law).  Now we're poised to be gone, save about9000-12,000 soldiers.  Oh, our G.I.s have a new mission guidance document that pretty well allows open season on the Taliban.  We're creating another Vietnam just as we have with ISIL in Syria/Iraq.  So much for Obama being a man of peace.

Do we need to keep warring on and on in Rubbleivania?  Probably so, since at best, after 13 years, we find an Hour’s Drive Outside Kabul, Taliban Reign

Shit, If the real ISIL did show up they'd take the entire country in a day.

Election Numbers

Here are some interesting numbers about voter categories based on exit polls taken during this past election.  Of course, as you read them, remember, the percentages only apply to those who voted. That is, they apply to the 37% of possible voters who did vote.  How the other 63% would have altered the data is just plain unknown.  Be careful using these distributions when thinking about 2016.

The 9 most fascinating numbers from national exit polls

Arab Spring: Update

Let's face it, the Arabs went spring.  Then they went sproing quickly followed by splat!   Did anyone really expect much else?  Come on, until the Arab people are willing to separate church and state, they will not be able to establish any government based in equality that is necessary to attain political freedom and liberty for all.

Remember the Arab Spring? Here’s what’s left.

Rape Culture? I'm afraid we live in one

Here's the Rolling Stone piece on rape at UVA-A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA

And here's a Rolling Stone follow-up piece on more rapes at UVA-Rape at UVA: Readers Say Jackie Wasn't Alone

And the school's response?  Well they selected an attorney to look into the rapes, but had to let him go since he was a member of the same frat under investigation.  Oh, the Prez closed frat and sorority events.   Why not rid the school of these cesspools of humanity?

U-Va. president suspends fraternities until Jan. 9 in wake of rape allegations

If rape in colleges and universities is not enough to make you barf, then how about America's Dad morphing into America's Rapist?  Yep, Bill Cosby may be our premier serial rapist

Bill Cosby Rape Accusers Speak Out: 'The Public's Mind Will Be Blown'

Bill Cosby’s legacy, recast: Accusers speak in detail about sexual-assault allegations

Lorena Bobbit where are  you?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

CNN and Dish

After a month, CNN has reappeared on Dish.  I've found I didn't miss it at all.  I did tune in one,  but tuned out when I saw Blitzer's.  CNN really needs to find some new newsreaders.  I wish CNN would go back to being just news, but then they'd have to be privately held so that the pesky shareholder value schmucks didn't run the company.


The Orange Man has found an attorney, a TV shyster named Turley.  Now we can await the federal version of "Law and Order:  Separation of Powers," as Boehner sues the Prez. over not enforcing a part of Obamacare that the GOP despised.   It's weird.

At least cable "news" will have a new bit to depthless twitiness to cover.  I wonder how many lawyers have called cable producers to announce their availability?

House Republicans sue Obama over health care law

Doctor Who

I'm enjoy "Doctor Who."  I have not had a problem with the Time Lord's latest rebirth from Will Smith to Peter Capaldi.  Have you?  What's next?  Ah, the Christmas Special and season nine next year.

If you're a fan, here's a bit from the current Doctor--Peter Capaldi muses on his first year as ‘Doctor Who’.

Who's your favorite companion?  I still have to go with Rose (Billie Piper), but the current one, Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman),  may overtake Rose.

Why is GM still in business?

The types of people running that company have not changed.  We merely see a bit more clearly how they work.  When it comes to death and profit, they prefer dead customers.  In a very real sense, Mr. Raymond DeGiorgio can be seen as a murderer. Every exec who pressed Mr. DeGiorgio to act as he did, is an accomplice. Ditto for the Delphi execs who, for profit, went along with the GM thugs. GM should have gone belly up in 2008.

G.M. ‘Bullied’ Manufacturer Over Poorly Designed Part, Email Says

Did you hope for a change, vis a vis, war?

Funny, it does not matter which set of clowns have the lease on Air Force One, they fly us off to war.  We're still in Afghanistan and will be for a long time (think Korea here).  To sweeten the deal (and keep the medals flowing), our commanderator in chiefiness  has quietly expanded the scope of legit targets we can blow the shit out of in Afghanistan.  It's free fire season on the Taliban!  More war is good for the merchants of death who contribute generously to campaigns left, center and right.

Funny, we went after terrorists, killed them off, then morphed the local pols who had been the government( we really did not like them) into  an enemy and now they're pretty much categorized as terrorists.  Kind of warped, but Bush and Obama did it to keep the nation on an active war footing.

AP sources: Obama broadens mission in Afghanistan

This is all to common of an occurence

Sexual predation and violence on college campuses is too common.  Schools cover up this and other law breaking, especially if a athletic star is involved (think Florida State here).  It has to end.  Will it?

U-Va. campus addresses sexual-assault allegations in Rolling Stone article

The names and photos of the pervs who gang raped the woman need to be made very public.

benghazi, benghazi, benghazi, meh

Do you think the Trogs will refrain from screeching "Benghazi" everyday?  Well, maybe for a few weeks, as they test blather "emperor," "immigration, " and "impeachment."  Oh, I bet they will, by mid December, be back in full "Benghazi" blast.  Do you think a new stinking House report matters?

House panel finds no intelligence failure in Benghazi attacks

I can hear a Trog now, "Stinking reports? We don't need no stinking reports."

I wonder if the average Trog knows Benghazi's location--Can You Find Benghazi?

When you hear a Trog yammer about the American People Have Spoken...

Trogs took the Senate and added House numbers.  They love to make it sound as though, on election day, the nation's voters suddenly woke up, started drooling bile and dragged their knuckles all the way to the polls.  The nation had screamed "Trog!"  Oh, bullshit.  Look on voting day most people went out for pizza, took a nap, or played games.  The one thing they did not do was vote.

Across the nation only 36.7% of possible voters, voted.  That means 63.3% sat on their thumbs, picked their noses or contemplated their ass crack.  Lets assume that, on average, the Trogs won each race by 55% (I'm being generous).  Okay that means that a whopping 20%, yes, 20%, that's a mighty minority of American voters who drooled on their knuckles that day.  That's not a wave.  That's not a mandate.  That's just plain stupid.

Friday, November 21, 2014

"After Ferguson, Race Deserves More Attention, Not Less"

Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?

When Whites Just Don’t Get It

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 2

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 3

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 4

Triology in Four Parts

The third of four parts to the Hunger Games Trilogy is out.   If I went to theaters, I'd go see it as soon as it shows up.  I hope the third is as good as the first two.  It appears that may be so--

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 review – Jennifer Lawrence still engages in this operatic nightmare

Why does Barbie Sell So Well Anyway?

Did you miss this one?

Barbie computer engineer story withdrawn after sexism row

I'd be hard pressed to give a Barbie doll to any girl--the messages are wrong.  Fortunately, today, there is a new alternative:

Meet Lammily – the doll with normal body, spots and cellulite

Who buys Barbie and why?

Where there's smoke...

Another woman has come forward on Bill Cosby.   Cosby could be innocent, but the accounts are piling up.  Is Cosby going to wind up pulling an Anthony Wiener (deny, deny, deny and then go oops, yeah it's mine) or has this been a dandy way for some to get another 15 minute of TV fame?

Therese Serignese, latest Bill Cosby accuser, urges star to 'quit lying'

Who Hires These Guys

DOJ is miffed at secure communications--it makes illegal snooping a thing of the past.  It makes them actually get out of their offices and find evidence to build a case when their eyes can legally pry.  So what do they do to retain the good old days?  They play the dead child card.  Who hired this asshole?

DOJ Says iPhone Encryption Will Kill a Child

President Webb?

Huh?  Jim Webb is considering a run for the lease on Air Force One!  If he does run, can he topple Ms. Clinton?  She has the same aura of inevitability today as she had in 2008, so....

Ex-Senator Jim Webb Explores Presidential Candidacy


Obama spoke to the nation, kinda, sorta, last night.  The networks opted to carry regular programming.  Obama lived up to Trog expectations.  This allows them to make full use of their consultant's previously prepared bullet point conclusions.   Yep, we know Obama is evil and does bad things to the Constitution, etc., etc. etc.  You can fill in the GOP blank:  "Obama is pure ____."  Yawn.

Now we will wait and see if and how the Troggies will become sillier than they've been in the prior six years.  They might just suck on their thumbs and pout for a few months and return to the nation's non-business.  Or they might collectively perch and rotate on each others thumbs for two years and forget they have non-business to not attend to.  Trogs are hard to understand.

However,  I am confident whatever they do, they will not win over any new members.  Their tent will remain pretty old, pretty white and mostly male especially if they conform to Tea Bad illogic.  The Trogs will probably be consistent with that logic and continue to effect a return to the good old days of 1855.  In other words, the status will remain quo (oh, there will be minor changes, for example, instead of referring to Benghazi all the time, they will scream immigration instead).

Obama acts on immigration, announcing decision to defer deportations of 4 million

The sad part if this is, they GOP has the chance to demonstrate that they can govern in a manner that helps our nation.  Not like last time though--two wars charged to the unborn taxpayer, loss of freedom  due to uber-patriotism, torture, massive spending increases, grundles of earmarks, and so on.  Come on, have you already forgotten the Shrub's years of the unitary presidency?  Maybe we're better off if the Trogs remain in full snit.  They can sit and pivot for two years.  Whey they really run things it's bad for everybody except the top 2%.

Yeah, I'm glad Obama did his immigration thing, it  helps some folks and more importantly it really pisses off the GOP.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Attention Progressives Who Get All Froggy Over Voter ID

Quit ranting.  Quit hopping around.  Take a moment and read a reasoned piece on Voter ID laws and elections.  After reading, you will be informed and can then resume your behavior since it is directed at true knuckle-dragging, acid drooling Trogs, Repubs.

Why Voter ID Laws Don’t Swing Many Elections

Over Reach Means You Wind Up With Your Head Up Your Own Ass

Who has their head up their ass?  Why all the good spooks at NSA, CIA, DIA and any other group that used the Patriot Act to grab electronic data on everybody.  The spooks leveraged (scared the legal shit out of) companies to comply with requests.  The spooks took control of encryptation and abused it.  The spooks overreached.  They pissed off Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, etc.

Companies, abused by the feds are biting back--thank you Mr. Snowden.  The spooks are pissed.  They can demand Big Brother legislation, but that probably won't work since the companies are global.  If the spooks had not over-reacted, we'd not have heard from Mr. Snowden, and the easy tools would still be there for them to use when a court decided it's okay.  Instead in a fear based moment of total paranoia, garnished with some amazing technical tools, they managed to shove their heads so far up their asses they may have turned themselves inside out.  It has't been a pretty sight.

WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption using TextSecure

District Cops Will Can Remain Shakedown Artists Until 2018

Because the cops have budgeted shakedown money (civil asset forfeiture money that goes straight into their coffers) the District's overhaul won't affect the cops until 2018.   Gee, that's plenty of time for the cops to work on future City Council members, reverse the law, and keep the money flowing to them.  I'm cynical, but if I'm around in 2018 and remember, I hope I'm wrong, but I am confident in my estimate of District cops and councils ethics.

D.C. Council votes to overhaul asset forfeiture, give property owners new rights

Safety Devices That Kill, Yep, They're In Our Cars

Auto companies, besides GM, cannot build cars that don't kill someone.  Now it's the airbags.  Not the bags themselves, but the explosive that inflates them.  When they blow, their container becomes shrapnel.  The airbags are from one company.  Hmm, why one company?

Across 50 states and over 30 million cars may be recalled.  However, the recall won't do much good if they aren't 30 million replacement parts.  Somebody made some piss poor decisions along the way.

I'm going to guess Takata got all that business by being the lowest priced supplier.  Why were the lowest price?  Does cutting corners come to mind?  After all, in a bad wreck who will notice injuries from airbag shrapnel?  Given the wrongful death cost estimate vs. fixing the problem when it was first discovered for both the Ford Pinto (aka Molotov on wheels) and GM's cars that turn off by themselves at any time, I bet Takata is running paper shredders overtime.

Then there are all the auto companies.  Who drives those decision makers to make such shitty choices?  Do they do it all by themselves because they're just sort of despicable people?  Or do they opt for the low road because of demands from someone else?

Yep, think about it.  Think about all those Wall Street analysts demanding maximum value for stockholders, today, not tomorrow.  If execs don't meet analysts estimates then their company suffers.  Of course the best ways to improve the stock value is to cut costs--labor and parts.  So, who gave us all the cars that kill?  I'll go with the Wall Street shareholder value crowd, may they have need of a safety device soon.  Shareholder value won't save anyone from a flak attack, but a decently build care will.

Regulators demand massive recall of potentially dangerous air bags

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We're still waging war on our fear

Our latest fear is ISIL.  We're bombing them.  We're helping others kill them.  If we're lucky we'll eliminate this current fear and wait for the next one to surface.  Damn, why couldn't we have waited a while longer before we let our paranoia put the Pentagon back on top?

Oh, since we're at war have you written your Congressman about ISIL war yet?  I don't expect them to declare war, so asking for that is a waste of ink or electrons.  However, asking them to debate a tax increase to pay for the war is not a waste at all.  That would be an interesting debate.  I can see it now, Trogs might be for increasing taxes and the Dems would be against it.  Weird.

Ask your elected putz or putzette to put a bill on the floor to institute a war tax so that we do not stick one more war on the unborn taxpayer.

Trivial Pursuits

One on one we're okay as a species, but when we gather in larger groups we usually find ways to demonstrate our intolerance for a durable sanity.  Did you know BYU banned beards back in 1970?  I know, who cares.  Now they may allow beards. Again who really gives a shit.  Geeeesh.  See, we're all, in our own collectives just nucking futs.

At Brigham Young, Students Push to Lift Ban on Beards

To be or not to be

Uh, to be what?  Oh, that's easy.  To be an emperor or not to be an emperor, that is Obama's question. He already told us he has to obey the law, he can't play at king.  Now, it appears that he's decided being king is okay, he's headed down the royal path on immigration.

His justification is dreck.  He's pulling a Clinton, remember "the meaning of is, is," bullshit?  And he's using the Shrub's approach to presidential actions--get a lawyer to tell him it's legit and it's okay to do damned near anything.  

If Obama does the immigration thing all by himself, will the new GOP Congress decide to try to govern or act like petulant kiddies?  They won't impeach him so I'd watch for lots of Trogs pouting while they shut down the government next year.   After all this is what the voters, not the American people, want.  Voters elected these schmucks to provide this form of governance.  We have what we want (we elected it).  

Obama’s potential immigration plan could enter uncharted territory

God Wants You To Kill for Him/Her/It

And in the Middle East, assorted gods (they can't all be the same) have minions doing their bidding.  Today some of god's minions, Palestinians, killed the another god's minions (Jews) in one of god's buildings.  I guess, if there ever was a peaceful god, he she or it was knocked off by the ones we have left standing.  It sucks.

Palestinian attackers storm Jerusalem synagogue, killing 3 Americans, 1 Briton