Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's EIT If we do it, otherwise it's Torture

Who's most down with torture?  Let's see, white, male, over 65, has some college, follows news very closely and is, of course, a Republican.  It's a bit bothersome that so many of us approve of torture and believe it did anything other than harm both the victim, the torturer and the rest of us in this representative democracy we call the United States.

About Half See CIA Interrogation Methods as Justified

Are we this damn stupid?

I can't think of much dumber than having another Clinton or Bush in the White House, but that may be what happens.  The monied crowd likes to bet on sure things--those who will continue to sell government to the biggest donors, wholesale.   A Clinton vs. Bush in 2016 is the safest contest Wall Street  could imagine.  From their perspective, it's not even win/win, it's just win.  Their  odds of winning are 100%.  So are we that damn stupid?  I bet we are...

Bush, Clinton and the mixed appeal of political dynasties

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Election's over so who gives a shit about, what were the issues anyway?

Seen any ramblings and ravings about ebola or ISIL lately?  Out concerns seem to be in the hands to TV news readers.

How we forgot all about Ebola and ISIS, in 2 charts

Lying Dog Front: Dick Cheney, Again

I don't understand why anyone listens to Dork.  He spent his career making shit up and spewing it as gospel truth for idiots to lap up.  He's really a vile piece of work.  Here's a piece that gives one more sample of his lying crap.  With his logic, the guy would make a good Islamic Jihadi in ISIL.

Cheney’s claim that the U.S. did not prosecute Japanese soldiers for waterboarding

On the pad

I  swear that everyone in this country is on the pad in one way or another.  Here's a slick bit of pad news--keeping those salaries coming is the feature,  It's brought to us by Congress and the good folks who administer what Congress creates.

If you don't like it, remember, voters elected the dickheads and headettes who do this shit for us everyday--to get donations and votes to be reelected to do it all again.  Didn't vote?  Well then don't complain.   Want change?  Then form a new party, elect folks who aren't dickheads/headettes.  Oh, make sure you never reelect folks who spend federal money on boondoggles just to keep the salaries coming for folks in your state, district and neighborhood.

NASA’s $349 million monument to its drift

Monday, December 15, 2014

Seems About Right

Torture Isn't Really About Information; It's About Revenge

Police Culture Front: Now we have WWB

The cops have developed crimes all on their own.  There's DWB--driving while black.  Then one I heard about this weekend.  It's NIP- cops stop a person for being a nigger in public.  And here's a new one, I guess it would be BWWB--being a witness while black.

In all instances of these "crimes" I do wonder if there's a counterpart for whites?  Flip the race.  Is the situation the same?  Cop culture needs to be talked about and repaired (if it can be).

Video shows John Crawford's girlfriend aggressively questioned after Ohio police shot him dead in Walmart

Where there's smoke there's fire front: Cosby

More reaction to the smoke.  Another group assume there's a fire burning in Cosbyland.

Spelman College distances itself from Bill Cosby

I wonder if Vegas is making book on how long it will take for Cosby to cop a plea?  Did they offer odds on Clinton's denial being faked?

Is Bush Really Prez?


We're taught to obey.  We're rewarded for doing as we're told.  We're punished for disobeying.  Hell, god told Abraham to off his kid and he proceeded to obey.  God was the authority figure and Abraham was just a good old schmuck who did as he was told.

How do government employees become good little Torquemadas?  Here's a piece that starts to answer that question.  Oh, as a kid, when I first encountered the Abraham story I was repulsed.  I guess I totally lack the god gene or found a god not made in man's image.

What makes patriots perpetrators of torture?

Similar folks

As I look at politicians and how the American public at large reacts to them, I've found one pair that elicit the same reaction but are so very, very different.

Hillary Clinton.  How'd you react to that name?  A number of people cringe, think vile thoughts and then mutter any number of gender based obscenities.  Hell it's been that way since the first time they say a picture of her.  She seems to engender a lasting reaction.

Bearing in mind how folks react to Ms. Clinton, let;s say the next one's name-- Ted Cruz.  Double Ditto for reaction.  And triple ditto for how folks respond to his visage.  Make that a quid on the obscenities.  At this point he's suckier that her.  Give him another 10 plus years and he'll be about the same.

God, if both were their respective party's nominees in 2016, it would be a stink-off.  Which do you think would be elected as the least odoriferous?

Gag and Heave Update: Ted Cruz

Ready to make some upchucky cakes?  Well, to get the main need ingredient you have to G&H.  Here comes the G part--Ted Cruz.  Yeah he makes everyone gag.  Now for the H--thinl of him as president!  Puke.

Ted Cruz doesn’t care what you think

Upchuck cakes are the GOP's official snack food.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Batshit Crazy Update: Texas

What can I say, they are an odd lot--

Gun-friendly Texas prepares to roll back ban on open carry of firearms

Sixth Extinction

It's on the way.  Does anyone really give a shit?

Earth faces sixth ‘great extinction’ with 41% of amphibians set to go the way of the dodo

Good Luck Governor McAuliffe, but...

Every Trog in the Old Dominion loves guns, hell they even sleep with them.  Sadly 95% of Virginia's Dems do too.  I fear that the Guv's push may backfire.  The dolts in the legislature may pass a bill removing every state based control.

McAuliffe to unveil gun control measures, including expanded background checks

I would like to see gun control come under city/county administration.  

Arab Splat Continues: Egypt

You can take the Muslim Brotherhood out of power, but you can't rid the people of their loopy Islamic based hate.  Kind of reminds me of our locally grown evangefundies.  Now, if all our frothy faithful moved to Egypt....

Cairo bathhouse raid spreads fear in Egyptian gay community

It's Time for Warren In the White House

Obama has compromised his way into the GOP.  I think he's been given a complimentary membership in the RNC.    His "signature" accomplishment, Obamacare, is really an old Republican health care plan.  Look at this way, he's paved the way for another fine moderate Republican, Hillary Clinton, to run and win in 2016.  Is there any part of our government left for her to sell?  I'm tired of the Demicans and Republicrats.

Elizabeth Warren was told to stay quiet, but she didn’t – and it’s paying off

Didn't another group use doctors to help them win the war?

Yeah they lost, we tried them, but what the hey this is the USA...

CIA report describes medical personnel’s intimate role in harsh interrogations

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I've been wondering

It seems as though each national outrage receives attention, appears to be a basis for change, and then dissipates into national short attention span trashcan.  Who needs to think about Ferguson or choke holds when we have torture and the Dems threatening to shut down the government.  National outrages get their 15 minutes of TV fame and fade away.  So--

Will police protests fade like tea party and Occupy?

If I didn't know better I'd start thinking the assorted protests are created and staffed by political operatives from both parties.  Since Obama been in office seen any big anti-war protests?

Arab Spring? Nah. Arab Burp? Yes!

Until Arabs bag their obsession with the need to have Islam pervade all aspects of their lives there will never be an Arab Spring.  Ever.  So how's Egypt doing on the Burp front?  Oh, pretty good--

Egypt bans former US diplomat as nation continues crackdown on dissent

Oklahomans are Batshit Crazier than Buckeyes

Ohio botches executions so badly they want to hide their fuckups from everybody, including the courts.   I guess CIA sadists who are looking for work could find employment in Ohio.  Yeah, how about Oklahoma too.

Scene at botched Oklahoma execution of Clayton Lockett was 'a bloody mess'

I have to assume the citizens of Oklahoma and Ohio want to kill people and they are indifferent to the means and methods of offing those they've decided to kill.  And I thought ISIL was violent.

Bush Didn't Know

That schmucks whole presidency seems to have been eight years of not knowing anything about what his government was doing.  The guy is a dim bulb, but damn he can, plausibly, deny that he was president.  Was George Bush president?

Documents Shed New Light on Legal Wrangling Over Spying in U.S.

Obama seems to have emulated the shrub.  How often does he claim to have found out about the latest mess, scandal, or government fuckup at the same time as we did from cable news?   And it's his folks who have screwed up.  I guess the guy doesn't chat with folks in his Departments  He's not a people person.

Wow, for the past few decades we've been led  by a liar, a dolt and a misanthrope.  We elected them so they are exactly what we wanted.  We do have remarkably poor taste.

Makes ya proud to be an Amercan, don't iit

The Senate Democratic staff members who wrote the 6,000-page report counted 119 prisoners who had been in C.I.A. custody. Of those, the report found that 26 were either described in the agency’s own documents as mistakenly detained, or released and given money, evidence of the same thing.

Amid Details on Torture, Data on 26 Who Were Held in Error

I don't know why but this kind of shit reminds me of Ohio--

Ohio lawmakers remove death penalty bill measure that could have led to drug shortages

Ohio Lawmakers Want to Remove Transparency on Executions, So Capital Punishment Can Resume

If Ohioans are hellbent on killing people to assuge the need for collective vengence, that's their choice.  However,  they should exercise their mortal actions in public. Ohio should drop the needle, the chair, the chamber, the rope, and the bullets. Ohio should have public executions.  The Governor should be the only one allowed to pull the cord on the Ohio State Guillotine.

The execution site should be at the top of some exterior steps so the head may roll to the bottom. Only with public executions can potential felons be deterred from committing crime. Note, capital punishment has not been a deterrent for some time, it's also not been public for decades. Ohio can become the nation's leader in capital punishment justice if it adopts my suggestions.  Now Texans...

Happy Afghan War!

Wow, we're ending the war, kinda, sorta.  We'll leave about 12,000 or more soldiers on the rubble.  I have a feeling within a year or two (2016 election time), we'll hear Prez Barry ask for more troops.

At least 21 die in attacks in Kabul, other parts of Afghanistan

I have a feeling that when the history books are written on this war, they will show a war designed, run and botched by the CIA, State Dept., and White House.  The military will be seen as attempting to recover from war designer's ineptitude.  I've long thought Vietnam was pretty much a civilian SNAFU.  Afghanistan is similar, but it's a civilian FUBAR.

This threat should never have been there at all

Attacking the press was not part of the hoped for change voters wanted when they listened and believed Obama in 2008.  At any rate, after a few years of ragging on the reporter the DOJ now says they won't compel him to name sources.

Justice Department won’t compel Times reporter Risen to reveal source in leak case

Obama keeps proving he's more Bush than Dem.  I hope Democrats will listen and think before they nominate another Obama.  I have the same regard for Hillary Clinton as I do for Obama.  I held my nose, I voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012.  After all, the alternative was a Trog.

We need a new party.

Torture Issue

I've read some of the report.  I've listened to cable news.  I've read reporting.  The Senate makes serious claims that we, the people of the U.S., through our government and our employees in the CIA, tortured captives for information.  Torture is and was then illegal.  The techniques and program used were reverse engineered from what enemies have done (and were condemned for ) to some of our soldiers in the past.  It was, no matter how you cut it, damed stupid and very, very wrong by any standard.

Needless to say, those who were in the CIA or involved in some level of decision making that approved the use of torture are scrambling to paint a very different picture.  In a nutshell, they claim, sure, some employees were over zealous, did some bad things, but they got some intel that saved lives.  John Brennan is the strongest apologist for the CIA torture program.

How do you feel about this?  The Senate or the CIA?  The Senate has made some rather extraordinary claims about the CIA and their acts.  The have provided evidence, their assertions are documented.  Evidence for their claims is available for any neutral party to examine.  In other words, they have argued from documented premises (facts) to factual conclusions.  Rebutting the Senate report requires  one to show the evidence does not support premises that lead to the asserted conclusions.  If one cannot refute the evidence, offer new evidence, or find a flaw in the reasoning, then the report holds.

The Senate has in a political context provided extraordinary evidence for extraordinary claims.

The CIA response can be summed up in two words "trust me."  The CIA makes claims, but instead of providing factual documentation to support their claims, they say "trust me."  They make claims they provide no evidence.  I do not trust that kind of reasoning.  Don't forget we recently had a President who said "trust me" over and over again.  Evidence surfaced, he had lied to all of us.  The CIA appears to be acting very presidential in the face of its own blue dress.

When we speak of things in this world, horses as opposed to unicorns, and make statements about those things, we have to be able to provide evidence based in this same world otherwise the claims are bullshit or lies.  Brennan is either bullshitting the public or lying, He heads the CIA, I assume he is lying but cannot provide direct evidence about him.  Either way he is not trustable.  His and the claims of other CIA shills are merely noise used to distract us from what they did and to preclude any modicum of justice.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Trust the cop to be, well, cops

When you arm a dolt, don't be surprised at the results.  Once again, votes matter.  Think about it.

Undercover police officer pulls gun on Oakland protesters after cover blown

This is governance?

Senate poised to consider $1.1 trillion spending bill before new Saturday deadline


Have you listened to the CIA apologists?  They admit they tortured folks.  They claim it benefited us all (made us safe), won't do it again and want us to just move on.  I bet Bob McDonnell would like that kind of justice---

Former Virginia Governor McDonnell’s sentencing guidelines: 10 years at least

About time

The 12 year old killed by an inept cop has been ruled a homicide.  I guess it will go to trial.  However, if the cop is tried by a jury of his peers, he will be found innocent and be declared a national treasure.   Sometimes you have to wonder about dolts judging dolts.  If the media attention, garnered by the mess in Ferguson, had not occurred, I bet this killing would have received no attention and the killing been ruled righteous.

Death of Tamir Rice, 12-year-old shot by Cleveland police, ruled a homicide

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Old Fart

I'm an old fart.  I don't pay much attention to pop culture these days.  Come on, I'm in scene one of Act III of my life.  I ran across this piece on "bro country" and since I had nary a clue as to what it meant, I had to read it.  It's dumb, but what part of the pop scene is not?  So for the edification of fellow clueless oldsters--

‘Girl in a Country Song’ hits No. 1 by mocking bro country. The bros aren’t laughing.


Turn on cable news, read a newspaper or listen to the radio and you will, before long, encounter some kind of coverage of torture (or enhanced interrogation techniques).  Is torture right or wrong?  Well, you have to decide for yourself.  You cannot and should not turn to some schmuck like me or putz like Dork Cheney.

I will share my thoughts, but please think it through for yourself.

 I do not accept it for the simple reason that if I condone such acts, then I have to accept that such  acts could be done to me legally by an enemy or person in our government.  Both would be seeking intelligence which they believe I may possess.  If I accept torture, then I could not realistically  complain.

I cannot torture others and others should not torture me.  When I was in the Army, I did not expect enemies to torture POWs and certainly never entertained the idea that we would torture POWs.  Please don't play semantic games now.  Torture is unacceptable to me.  Since I do not want to be a victim, I cannot abide with any other person being a victim.  It's really that simple.  Yep, it's the golden rule and the idea that the ends do not justify the means.  What we accept in the behavior of others, we ultimately have to accept being done to our person.

Hmm, do you think suspicion is a crime?  Think about your answer and then ponder the idea of torture.