Saturday, May 22, 2010

Deja Iraq Again

War does strange things to soldiers. What we witnessed in Iraq, we're seeing in Obama's other bungled war, Afghanistan. Yep, take some guys with guns, add in a bit of war, throw in some death and things can get out of hand...

U.S. soldiers face probe into Afghan civilian deaths

1,000,000 or So Barrels Too Late

Wow, this just in, Obama is forming a task force on the BP oil spill. Imagine that! Yep, we need a report. We need some fine speeches. I am having trouble believing much that comes out this administration's mouth since if appears they've been blowing it out their ass from day one.

A month after oil spill began, Obama begins taking charge

Maybe he'll send the wife and kids down to the Gulf. Each of them could clean an oil covered bird for the news cameras. Hell, he might show up himself. Can Obama speak and clean at the same time?

Five Deferment Dick Award

Richard Blumeanthal, hey, he's really a Dick and he's won the Dick award, has garnered the Dems nomination to run for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut. I guess truth, honesty and such things don't matter to folks in the Nutmeg State. Well, make that matter to Dems who vote at party conventions. Oh, don't forget Connecticutians gave the nation Holy Joe Lieberman.

Defending Record, Blumenthal Wins Nomination

Did the Dems give it away? We'll see in November.

Deja Bush Again?

Quick, where is Gitmo? If you said Cuba, you are wrong. Oh, the physical base is still in Cuba, but it's functional equivalent has moved to Afghanistan. Yep, Bagram is Gitmo.

What's that line about the more things change, the more they stay the same? It's a damned shave that the same refers to all those abuses of power that Bush foist on the nation.

Bagram detainees lose appeals case to challenge confinement

Obama's Bungled War

Have any of us forgotten we're still in a very active war in Afghanistan? It's easy to overlook. After all, there aren't any protest rallies featured on TV news anymore. When the Shrub ran the show, peace protests seemed to be a daily occurrence. I guess our attitude towards war depends on the president's ability to speak in complete sentences and sound profound. Trust me, we're still waging war. How's it going? Well, the old hearts and minds approach may not be working all that well. The locals are losing their hearts---

In Kandahar, the Taliban's most powerful weapon has become the calculated assassination. The tools of this campaign are rudimentary -- ropes, knives, old rifles -- but the results have been devastating. By executing those who work or sympathize with the government, the Taliban has made clear that those supporting the American military effort here are risking their lives. Each new death brings more dread in a city of hunters and hunted.

Kind of hard to snag a mind when someone's heart has been cut out. How about it, can we end the damn war now?

What does SOL stand for?

When I first saw "SOL" in an article on education, it made little sense to me. I had lost track of public education. I asked a friend what it referred to, he told me "it's an acronym for Standards of Learning." It must have snuck in when the former First Twit gave us No Child Left Behind.

The Twitter's home state, Texas, has established some new standards of learning for Texas tykes.

Texas board approves social studies standards that perceived liberal bias

Oh, SOL, in Texas, SOL really means Shit Out of Luck. Move over Kansas, Texas has really lowered the bar!

Government gets on baby backs!

I bet Rand Paul will get all huffy. He'll probably call Obama an un-American socialist/fascist/commie pinko enemy of capitalism. After all, if for Paul, business has the right to discriminate on the basis of skin color, then business should be able to make cribs that kill babies. The market will take care of it all, right? I wonder what is the equivalent of Jim Crow for infants?

U.S. will ban drop-side cribs amid safety concerns

If crib makers cannot make a safe crib and have persisted in making cribs that kill, then why aren't the CEOs brought up on first degree murder charges? Are stockholders accessories to infanticide? What about the employees, are they members of organized crime?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Better Idea

Here 'tis, a better idea, don't go after the sharks at all. Leave them alone, period. Shark trophy fishing makes no sense at all at the individual level, but as a competetive sport, it's 100% moronic.

Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge blends conservation, competitive fishing

A Database to keep things a bit honest

Did you miss the WaPo story on Doug Sterner? He's the guy who keeps a database on recipients of military medal winners. When someone blows smoke about their military service and awards, his DB quite frequently is used to expose their lies. DoD uses his DB too. Here's the story--

One man's database helps uncover cases of falsified valor

Here's his website--Home of Heroes

BP Sucks II

Want to know why 5,000 was the number to use keep as the true size of the spill? Oh, here goes--

Legal experts said that not having a credible official estimate of the leak's size provides another benefit for BP: The amount of oil spilled is certain to be key evidence in the court battles that are likely to result from the disaster. The size of the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska, for example, was a significant factor that the jury considered when it assessed damages against Exxon.

Low estimate of oil spill's size could save BP millions in court

I can understand BP's sleazy approach to facts, but what's ObamaCo's excuse?

BP Sucks

BP now claims to be capturing 5,000 barrels a day from the leaking pipe. Gee, the problem must be fixed since 5,000 has been the cited spill number for weeks. Do you wonder what the true number is and who knew it when?

I think there's been a bit of collusion between the Feds (executive branch) and BP to "keep us safe from facts." I think the mess is beyond repair at this point. Long term damage has been done to the Gulf which neither BP or the Dems wanted to accept--they tried to kick the can down the road a bit. They hoped for a quick fix. However, a tar ball has firmly adhered that can to their foot.

There's so much oil in the water both have lost credibility. The only folks who retain a bit of truthiness seems to be Congress, they have forced BP to make pictures and data public. So much for that transparency bullshit.

BP says it is capturing 5,000 barrels of oil a day from gulf spill

Get out your old Sci-Fi books

A major step towards realization of good old Dr. Frankenstein's work has been accomplished. It's not a monster, yet. It's a significant first step though. Funny how one of the issues cited in the article was a denial that its going to be used in bio weapons. I think we all know what that really means. Come on, go re-read all that man made life sci-fi and you will become re-familiarize yourself with a future that is so much nearer than you imagine.

Scientists create cell based on man-made genetic instructions

Traits of the leader class

Do you use an ATM? Does your Senator or Congresstype use one? Hmm, they may not. I wonder what else they don't use? Does non-use of technology affect one's outlook on the life, the universe, and everything? Remember, it was former Senator Stevens who told us the Internet is a set of tubes. What stuff do you think they don't use and how does it affect their legislative efforts?

Aging Congress flummoxed by ATMs

When will the next crash occur?

The Senate has passed a financial regulation reform bill. It's the biggest set of reforms since the Depression. That may mean it's not quite as good as what was put in place in the 1930s. The 1930s regulations kept our financial house in order until Congress and Presidents systematically gutted regulation. The evisceration of regulation began under Reagan and was completed under Clinton. Bush oversaw the mess that gave us the collapse in 2008. Many of the de-regulators still serve in Congress, so whose interest have they served?

If the reforms are not quite there, how long will it take Congress to weaken them? How long will it be until we see a bit of 2008 occur again? As with health insurance reform, we seem to be forced to accept something since it's better than nothing. Ah, well it's what the voters want, we elected the bastards didn't we.

Senate passes financial regulation bill

Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Colors

Why do folks who let their inner racist out then feel compelled to put it back in the closet? Rand Paul of Tea Party (TP) fame, seems to have done so. TP, yep, it's the stuff you use on your butt, you don't vote for it.

Rand Paul takes on new fire for civil rights comments

Hurricane Season 2010

It will be with us soon, when June arrives we kick off the annual six month long Hurricane watch. This year, which may be a bad one, think Katrina, also features millions of gallons of oil for hurricanes to redistribute. Imagine a Cat 5 storm going through the worst of the oil spill area and making a beeline for New Orleans. Can a city get covered in goo? What would happen if someone then lit a match?

Hurricane season may make spill worse

I wonder who is envious?

Pakistan has issues with FaceBook. They have banned it. Now it's time to zap YouTube. Why? Oh, their religious crazies have concerns. I bet all other religious groups would love to wield that much clout on their own turf. Who'd be the worst here in good old number 1, USA, USA?

Pakistan Widens Online Ban to Include YouTube

Who needs facts

Who cares about the amount of goo spewing into the Gulf? 5,000 barrels is okay, it makes it seem small. The true number may be closer to 95,000 barrels (42 gal. to a barrel).

BP and our ever dynamic government seem to use whatever number they desire (do they do focus groups to find the right number). The oil continues to flow. Does cash to candidates and parties do likewise? Can BP buy lots of federal compliance with their plan to fix the mess? Does BP have a plan? Does anybody have a plan? Is it time for the first hurricane of the season?

Gulf oil spill may be 19 times bigger than originally thought

Dopes in sports

Do you give a rat's about dope in sports? I don't. If a sport wants to enhance his or her performance, what's the big deal? After all, the doped up sport will provide a better show. Sports is an entertainment business and it provides a mindless diversion for many people. The more dope, the better the diversion, right.

Floyd Landis Accuses Lance Armstrong Of Doping, Admits Own Use Says Report

Tea Party People

I find the Tea Party (TP) more amusing than much else. I cannot understand what they mean when they say "take my/our country back." Perhaps they really mean "WE want to be in charge of the legislative and executive branches of government." In other words they are just another group of folks who seek power. While their odd bits of political ideas are entertaining, perhaps we all should ponder power. Do we need to remove the current crop of elected, appointed and senior civil servants from power? Why might we consider this? Well, here's another instance of government administrative failure--

CDC misled District residents about lead levels in water, House probe finds

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


If you talk like an illiterate twit, then anything you do will be seen as real twitty. After all twits do not know how to behave, much less think, that’s why we call them twits. If a person fulfills our auditory expectations and sounds like a twit, then we know the person is truly a twit and will, of course, behave appropriately. Our last president, Bush, was a twit. Whenever he spoke, his articulation gave us all we needed to judge his actions. He talked like a twit and thus behaved like a twit. He passed the twit test. Bush was and will always be a twit.

His voice gave him away. The more he talked, the more we looked as what he did. The more we looked at his actions, the more we realized that these were things only a twit would do. We realized we had elected a total twit for president. Every time Bush opened his mouth, we had to examine what he did (who could understand what he said anyway). Imagine if Bush had been able to speak eruditely. How would we have evaluated Bush if he had spoken like a Harvard Law Professor? Would we have looked for his inner twitness or praised his brilliance instead?

To answer those questions look at the current president, Obama. He’s brilliant, but Bush is a moron. Many seem to think that is true. Is it? What’s different between Obama and Bush other than the former’s ability to speak in complete meaningful sentences?

Gitmo is still with us.
Bagram is the new Gitmo.
Extrajudicial rendition is still in use.
Extraordinary rendition was not made illegal.
Military commissions remain cool.
Indefinite detention is dandy and quite handy.
The Patriot Act continues to make us all “freer.”
Warrantless wiretaps continue to make us safe.
State secrets remain a fantastic way to CYA bureaucratic butts.
More troops were sent to Afghanistan.
More drones are blowing the crap out of Pakistan.
CIA assassination of U.S. citizens is good.
Human rights is for Carter.
FOIA is even easier to deny.
Government is bigger.
Government is not more transparent.
There is more regulation.
Unemployment is up.
Deficits are setting records.

Our politics remains the much the same as it has been since 2000.

What’s the diff between Bush and Obama? That’s easy, Obama is articulate. Obama is great, Bush is a twit, but their actions really are about the same. Amazing what a bit of elocutionary ability will do for you.

What feeling do you have?

Feeling safe these days? After all those safety is job #1 years under Bush and Obama, we're snug as a bug in a rug, right? Well, there was that undie bomber the job number 1 crowd kind of missed. That must have been an anomaly, an outlier. We can continue to feel safe if we want, but we might be time to ponder blind panic as an alternative approach.

14 intelligence failures found in Christmas Day bomb attempt

Boycott BP?

The BP goo has arrived. Yep, oil is coming ashore and getting taking a ride in the loop current. I can hardly wait for it to arrive in the Rappahanock River. I wonder if BP will really pay the costs of cleaning up and compensating folks for the mess they made? I think we will see more litigation than payment..

Heavy oil reaches Louisiana marshland; tar balls found in Key West

If BP does not pay, then perhaps we should not pay BP. If they do not spring for the green to make it all green again, then we should all quit giving them any of our green. I wonder if a boycott of BP is possible?

Did You Ever Hanker to Live in a Cave?

Have you ever made jokes about someone being a Neandertal?  It's a handy insult isn't it. It's safe, after all there aren't any of them left and that line of primates and ours never crossed.  Geico gets away with some safe, but funny, ethnic humor.  After all, even a caveman could....  Hold it, are they insulting a relative?  Hmm, it looks like we all may have a bit more in our genes than we thought.
Neandertal Genome Study Reveals That We Have a Little Caveman in Us

So How's That Statin Working?

Before we all waddle down to our local fast food emporium, we first make sure we've swallowed all those pills that stave off the diseases which from come from eating long and abundantly.  We know fats have to go, right?  Hey, there's a bio app for that--statins!  Pop a Lipitor and we can suck up Happy Meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   What if the problem is not the fat....

Carbs against Cardio: More Evidence that Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart

Could we have McFood without the complex carbs?  What would junk food look like then?

Rurals are off endangered list?

The world's population is getting larger.  More people.   Do we have sufficient room?  Well, if everybody wanted 40 acres and a mule, it might not work out that well.  Fortunately, most folks, can't tell an acre from a mule much less comprehend 40.   Where will we all live?  Why in the city of course.  Megacities here we come.  How big, how many, and where? 

Megacities of the world: a glimpse of how we'll live tomorrow

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Damn Big Box Christians May Go Out of Business

Over the past several years I figured Christians were on the wane.  After all, the big box, Home Depot approach to DIY salvation through making money does lack any cachet of the sacred.  Over the past couple of decades, it seemed more folks were moving towards non-belief.  I thought facts, reason, and logic might become more welcome as a way of life.   I felt pretty good, then I read this--

The New Puritans

Will Calvin make it back?

PolitiFact Follow us on Twitter

Getting to know Elena Kagan

We've spent the past week fact-checking claims about Elena Kagan, President Obama's nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. We looked at her law review articles, her treatment of military recruiters at the Harvard Law School, where she's lived, even her 29-year-old undergraduate thesis. You'll find links to all of our fact-checks about Elena Kagan if you go to our story, "Fact-checking the claims on Elena Kagan."

Meanwhile, campaign season is heating up -- primaries are going on in many states -- and we're looking for political ads to check!

If you see an ad in need of a fact-check, send us an e-mail at and put "ad watch" in the subject line. You can also use this anonymous online feedback form. If you have a link to an online video, that's great. Otherwise, just describe the ad in detail, and we'll track it down. We appreciate your help in our ongoing efforts to keep our elected officials honest!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Political Collectives

Over the past few weeks that I've been "off the air" I have read a lot of political nonsense. I read the papers a lot. One thing I have noted is that we lack collective words for our major political groups. I am sure some of you may have your own favorites already. "God damned" is not a satisfactory collective term, even if  is applied to Republicans. With that said, I have a few suggestions--

We have a Pomposity of Politics and an Odium of Politicians.

There is a Hodgepodge of Democrats. They are accompanied by a Monochrome of Republicans. Both succor votes from a Fickle of Independents. They would like to attract the Imbecility of Libertarians, but there are not that many votes there to bother with. Today, however, both parties are uncertain and don't know what to do with an Exudate of Tea Party People.

Oh, now that I think about it, God Damned Republicans is okay. What are your favorite collective terms?

See "An Exultation of Larks" by James Lipton for oodles of collective words. What comes in Murders?

Observation for the reality challenged

I have no idea who said this or where I found it.  It makes a tidy little argument that folks might want to think about when they are pondering god, theology, and religion...

"It's absurd that in the 21st Century there are still people that when they don't understand things they assign a supernatural meaning to it and call it quits.

I don't know the mechanics of farting, but that doesn't mean I have a stink demon up my ass."

Hiatus is over..

It's been a while hasn't it. I took some time off, the world did not change, I did not change, and I'll bet y'all didn't change either. Yep, SSDD is the way of the world, except for the Gulf of Mexico.

That place changed. Can you imagine what it's like to be a fish in that mess? How many globs of oil mousse does it take to kill off a food chain? Are you ready for the oil to get into the Gulf Loop and pollute the East coast of Florida? I wonder when it will work its way up the Chesapeake? Do you think we'll ever learn who did what to whom, how, when, why and with what effect about BP, Transocean, Haliburton, and the reglulators? There's still too much money to passed around for truth to be spoken.

Oh, something else changed, Pope Ratzy finally admitted the church sucks and it is the cause of all that abusive employee behavior. Something tells me this will last abut six months and it will be back to business as usual.