Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shock and Awe II?

Presidents of both parties must love war, they keep waging them. So, get ready for a brand new Obama war. He's got to get a piece of that "makin' us safe is job number one" action. Where will he blow the crap out of third world rubble? Why in Pakistan of course. Get ready, more war is on the way!

Options studied for a possible Pakistan strike

The Gulf

As scientists "discover" new plumes of oil, under the surface and on the surface of the Gulf, I have a feeling the official estimates are going to go up, again. After a month of dicking around, they went from 5,000 to 12-19,000 barrels of crude a day. I will not be surprized when the official number exceeds 50,000 barrels a day. It's going to take a bit longer, but brace yourself for the other show to drop. That will be an announcement about of the death of the Gulf. I have a nagging feeling it's coming soon.

Oil spreading much farther than thought; Obama returns to Gulf Coast

Blue Dress Update

I guess, it depends on your perspective on Bill Clinton. Is he really helping the Dems and Obama or is he about as helpful as a blue dress?

Bill Clinton has evolved into Obama's Mr. Fix-It

Is there ever any substance in politics?

Birnbaum 'took fall' after MMS played catch-up after lapses in ethics, oversight

MMS is the group which is supposed to regulate offshore oil and gas drilling. They do a very good job at something, unfortunately, whatever it is, it's not their job. ObamaCo decided they needed to appear tough and resolute over the Gulf Oil Spill and MMS's failure to do its job. They fired the person who headed up MMS (she was appointed in June 2009). Now that is a joke, isn't it? It's about par for ObamaCo though. Maybe we'll get a "I'm tough" speech soon. It's more the case of--

"It's like focusing on low-hanging fruit while ignoring orchard blight," said Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.

Bets on cleaning up MMS? What will it be like two years from now?

Was it worth it?

If rising execs in BP land pushed to save money and cut corners on Deepwater Horizon, how effective were they? Assume they saved tens of millions. Now assume a couple of those profit enhancing moves triggered the blowout. Hmm, tens of millions vs. a billion (so far). The profit motive, left un-checked can be most destructive (and expensive). Funny, that seems to true in about everything we pursue. Too bad the lesson never sinks in for long.


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Checking 'the best campaign ad ever'

Have you seen the TV ad for Dale Peterson, the gun-toting candidate for agriculture commissioner in Alabama?

We don't usually focus too much on the Alabama ag race, but we couldn 't resist this ad. It's drawn praise from pundits on the left and right because of Peterson's rapid-fire, blunt-talking approach.

We put two of Peterson's claim to the Truth-O-Meter: his claim that he was a Marine "during Vietnam" and one that his opponent had bragged on Facebook about donations that were actually illegal.

In other PolitiFact news, it is shaping up as a busy summer. We'll be announcing a new state site very soon, with several more to come over the next couple of months.

Friday, May 28, 2010


From all the coverage, who'd even think we're at war--

U.S. death toll in Afghan war reaches 1,000

It's About Time

House Votes to Allow Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Law


Did you catch the First Speechifer hold his first press conference in 308 days yesterday? He felt the need to chat about BP, oil, the Gulf and who's in charge. When he read his speech, he was the "go to" guy. After that he was just another elected official trying to avoid stepping in it. If you came away from the Q&A thinking Obama was in charge, then you didn't listen to the same press conference I did. He had long mind numbing technical answers. He asserted the government has been in charge from day one, not BP. However he didn't know if the MMS hack had been fired or quit. Afterward we found out he didn't know that the Top Kill mud pumping effort had been halted 12 hours earlier (likewise for his ace admiral in charge). You know it would be a whole lot better if we did not have to have elected officials try to fix disasters like this one. Yeah, regulation that works, hell, any actual regulation, is better than say 80,000,000 gallons of oil in the Gulf or collapse of the financial system. Oh, well, maybe the voters will learn and change the way they vote, but I doubt it.

Obama struggling to show he's in control of oil spill

How do you hide 50,000,000 gallons of oil?

First your convince folks it's only a small amount of oil, say a few thousand barrels a day. Second, you have them look about them. They see goo on the surface of the sea. They nod their heads, it's the bobblehead boondoggle gambit. Then you hope you can get the mess stopped before anyone really starts looking under the surface (there aren't any rugs in the ocean). The bobblehead in chief caught on, he's gotta feel like he's been conned by BP (the guy doesn't get it--there is no bipartisanship with the GOP and Corporations have money, but really are the enemy of democracy). Hmm, when you disperse the oil, it does not go away, you just cannot see it. Oh, my, mousse on the surface with giant plumes of oil in the middle. Where did the 50,000,000 gallons go? No where, yet. It's all in the Gulf--

Scientists find evidence of large underwater oil plume in gulf

Oh, I almost forgot, the oil is in the Gulf but will soon be on an East Coast Shore near you soon and the to wash up on European beaches this Fall. Hey, if a pol has accepted a donation from Big Oil, will you vote for him in November?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

BP Sucks, MMS Sucks

Take note--

1. A top BP worker who was aboard the Deepwater Horizon in the hours leading up to the explosion declined to testify in front of a federal panel investigating the deadly oil rig blowout, telling the U.S Coast Guard he was invoking his constitutional right to avoid self-incrimination.

2. Committee members asked few questions about the cause of the accident, however, or about what oversight role the now-reorganized agency had in ensuring that such blowouts don't occur. When asked about inspectors and tests done aboard the Deepwater Horizon, the head of the MMS, Elizabeth Birnbaum, declined to comment, saying the Interior Department's investigation is ongoing.

I guess, even under investigation, the regulators are still in bed with the regulated.

The Barn Door is Now Temporarily Closed

Of course, the seahorses are galloping away in the gulf, about 80,000,000 gallons worth so far.

President Obama on Thursday will announce a six-month ban on drilling new deepwater oil wells, the White House said, and cancel plans for exploratory drilling and new lease sales off the coast of Alaska, as well as a proposed lease sale off the Virginia coast.

And in six months? I predict back to business as usual, but with even less regulation.

Hey Buddy Can You Spare a Dime?

The economy still sucks. Average Joes are still unemployed, however, elected officials and their broker cronies are doing quite well. All the efforts to stave off depression have been very expensive. The National Debt is soaring. Republicans, over a very tasty 14 course prayer dinner, decided the poor and unemployed are that way by choice. The whole mess is the fault of several million poor people and illegal immigrants. Yep, Rep. Cantor knows has a list with the names of people who quit their jobs, volunteered to have their homes foreclosed, and did not pay their credit card bills. He also is affronted by their gall at demanding unemployment benefits and heath care! "The poor are so damned irresponsible," he frothed. Therefore the government will not be in the business of assisting them in their irresponsible ways--by god, the GOP will end unemployment benefits.

Bill on jobless benefits, state financial help scaled back

Red State Pukes

Elected bozos in many states have predicted budgetary collapse of the sky due to the ever evil Health Care Reform's rampant commie/fascist/socialism. Yep, they wail about Medicaid increases. All their tax dollars will have to go to the poor. Damn Obamacare will take away money that otherwise was dedicated to local graft and corruption. How will a Governor's family be able to obtain concrete and asphalt contracts if all the money has to go into health care? It's also odd that the frothiest states are very red, very Republican, and loaded with dumbbells who vote.

Study of health-care law rebuts state protests on Medicaid costs

Do you really think health care reform will be the issue this Fall? I don't, it will be energy(the Gulf) and jobs. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Legacy Continues

I'm afraid our national Dick, Dick Cheney, must have hightailed it off to Legacyland. Once you get a taste for torture....

As the US prepares to withdraw from Iraq, serious concerns are surfacing about systematic torture by Iraqi forces in a country where ending human rights abuses was one of the main American goals.

If he's left, the we don't have Dick! Yeah!

Say What?

The Middle East (Israel v. Arabs) remains a Loony Tunes featurette. Now Hamas has a Navy, Israel has one too. Hamas will try to guide ships to shore. Israel will try to sink a boat load of Snickers bars. It must be the desert heat, you go stark raving mad.

A flotilla of eight ships carrying some 700 international activists and 10,000 tons of aid and construction materials is currently en route to the Gaza Strip from Turkey, in the most ambitious bid yet by pro-Palestinian groups to break Israel and Egypt's economic blockade of the territory.

It's all so damned global t hese days....

Amongst all the other items that seem to be all FUBAR'd these days, have you been able to follow the financial mess in Greece? Should you pay attention to their problems? You might want to attend to more than good old number 1---

World debt crisis: eight reasons you should care

BP Sucks

I wonder how many of our current elected and appointed government officials have nurtured and supported BP over the years? How many grievances has BP successfully redressed? How many of our elected bozos are on record praising big oil and BP?

Regulatory failure is hard work, however, we have leaders up to the task. Generous donations to Congressional and Presidential campaign coffers incentivize managers to demand and obtain failure from civil servants. We seem to be in an era where not doing your job is job number one. Feeling safer on any front?

Experts: Legal issues driving BP's oil spill stance

Need a laugh?

It's black humor, but hey, any chuckle helps these days. Here 'tis, read this--

Five weeks after the beginning of an oil spill in the Gulf Coast, President Obama is poised to announce strengthened, new inspections of offshore drilling on Thursday.

Now go read the rest of the piece and be amazed at what we have done to ourselves. The Gulf belongs to all of us, we have been electing and reelecting assholes for decades--that's both parties and independents (come on, Joe Lieberman was born an asshole, the rest of him grew in around his sphincter over the first couple of years of life).

Obama expected to boost offshore drilling oversight

I'm glad Obama is only poised, I was afraid we'd get another posed, profound, but unmemorable speech.

Arizona Will Infect 49 Other States

The crazy folks in Arizona, you know they are the ones opposed to teaching evolution. Oh, hold it, that's not AZ, it's Kansas. Okay, it's the ones hell bent on teaching that we were an evangefundie land from the get go and the Civil War didn't have anything to do with slavery, er, screwed up again, that's Texas. AZ? Oh, yeah, that's where folks want the cops to bust anyone suspected of being in AZ illegally. It's not racial profiling, that's illegal, but all the bustees just happen to look very south of the borderish. I haven't seen any stray Norwegians busted in Nogales yet, have you?

AZ actions may help your hometown see an increase in crime. That's a really fine export isn't it? Yep, Police Chiefs seem to think crime will go up as AZ starts cracking down on illegals. I hope someone has sent an intergalactic waring to UFOs scheduled to land in Area 51--don't overshoot and land in AZ, you will be arrested for being a little green man without a little green card.

Arizona immigration law will boost crime in U.S. cities, police chiefs say

BP, it really is Beyond Petroleum now

The oil has been killing marine life since April 20th. All attempts to shut it down have been failures. We even learned from some doofus named Rand Paul that the spill is "just an accident." Yeah, Yeah, the Paul guy says complaints are anti-business un-American blabber by godless Commies who are hellbent on building a super highway from Mexico to Canada (he doesn't think too highly of the President). God, to think this guy has a shot at the U.S. Senate, but hell he is from Kentucky. Hey, Imhofe is delighted, he'll be able to give up the Dimmest Bulb in the Senate title if Paul wins.

Today it's BP Top Kill day. Top Kill? Oh, it's another way to stop the 50,000+ barrels a day that have been filling the gulf. BP, or the folks they have hired to do the work, I'm not sure what BP employees really do, I think they hire others to do the work for them (it's gotta be another legal thing). If they are very lucky, the well will get stopped up with mud and cement.

I hope everyone realizes it never was 1,000 or 5,000 barrels a day. BP and the Feds knew that, they lied, it's a CYA legal thing for BP, must be payoffs for the pols to let have allowed them to get away with it. In term of crud in the Gulf, start with 80,000,000 gallons and going higher. If the Top Shot does not work, then what? Oh, the Junk Shot is still an idea as well as cutting the pipe, which will increase the flow, followed by placement of a new cutoff valve on top. Bets on success? Got your office pool going?

BP poised for 'top kill' to try to plug spill; final decision to come Wednesday

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Census Map

Check out this map showing Census participation.

The Pad Keeps on Gettin Larger

Oops! It's getting deeper.

Private pay shrinks to historic lows

Hope You Have Not MIssed This

What are your expectations of elected officials? Mine are very low. Let's face it, profound narcissists are deviant. That should be a good enough reason to never reelect anyone. However, we don't listen to reason that well.

Now, decades of deviant services have angered voters. Yikes, voters are upset over stuff like spending, big government and other bullshit. The anger is bullshit for the simple reason, it's not directed at the real problem. The real problem is government officials (elected, appointed, civil service, and contractors) do not do their jobs.

That's what happens when we keep electing the same old deviants--they infect everything they touch. Hell, we let them take charge. We don't even get a pig in the national poke anymore, we're just left holding the bag. How about the Gulf and all that regulation? Feeling more secure? See, its another case of elected officials doing what they do best, structure and manage government to get their sorry asses reelected.

Inspector General’s Inquiry Faults Regulators

What Ever Happended to Moshtarak?

That's as in Operation Moshtrak, of course. Well, it's still under way. The chief pontificator and his be-medaled general, McCrystalball, were sure they had a winning strategeration. They sent in more troops and implemented the play. Yep, together we were assured of success and victory. Oh, success is a bleeding ulcer.

McChrystal calls Marjah a 'bleeding ulcer' in Afghan campaign

Hell, we cannot even get a stalemate. End the damned war now.

Out source the war

Contractors are hired for everything these days. Life in the MIC gets better all the time. Why not just contract out the entire War Department? Hell, they cannot even do their own PR anymore. They are outsourcing the bullshit we hear about Iraq. It's called "strategic communications." Yeah, it's the same BS, but with a new and improved title. By removing it a step or two from government service, it will be the much harder to keep track of who is screwing whom with what lies when and where. The MIC is making money. However, when it comes to national defense, remember MIC is also the beginning of M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E. Where is that Osama guy and where is the Taliban?

Pentagon tries to steer media coverage on Iraq

What State Keeps on Giving?

That's easy, it's South Carolina! The Palmetto State is every comic's soulmate. If you're strapped for a gag, then look no further than Charleston? Even before they get elected, they cannot keep it zipped. Hold it, this time is not a zipper, it's skirtgate!

Republican candidate for South Carolina governor denies she had an affair

Bungled War Update

Take note--

Number of U.S. forces in Afghanistan exceeds total in Iraq for the first time

BP Sucks

If BP cannot plug the leak, does that mean the Gulf will become a giant oil pond? The amount of oil spilled so far ranges from 6,000,000 gallons to over 60,000,000 gallons (pick your own estimate).

If it cannot be stopped, and the cleaning keeps apace of today's pissant efforts, then what can be done? The Feds have not produced any experts. BP only seems to be good at paying others to drill holes in the ground. Oh, here's a suggestion, nuke BP. It won't solve anything, but might make people feel better. The mess continues, the anger increases, lots of oil is ready for the first hurricane.

Obama administration conflicted about relying on BP to stop gulf oil spill

Incumbent Sleaze

Here's a piece on mundane sleaze. It's Rep. Moran. Nothing startling, just today's normal. Is this what any of us expect from our elected bozos? Well, yeah, if we keep on reelecting them. Two terms max for a House seat and one round in the Senate is enough. People are people, that's the problem, and that is why we have to use our votes to check and balance human behavior. Oh, throw in serious transparency too.

Rep. James Moran's investments illustrate Congress's leeway in trading

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you guess ages?

Guess my age!

LIttle Pink Pill

I wonder what will be the counterpart of an erection lasting more than four hours?

FDA considers endorsement of drug that some call a Viagra for women

Hey War Fans, Take Note

Agent Orange--

Vietnam, US still in conflict over Agent Orange

Wow, it's like today biggest mess, only we were BP then, Vietnam was the Gulf and people were fish, turtles, and other sea life.

Got a plank?

What do you do with captured pirates? That's a rough one. Golly, let's ask the national Dick. Mr. Cheney what would you do?

Lack of prosecution poses challenge for foreign navies that catch Somali pirates

Dick, oh he'd send them to Gitmo, er, make that Bagram. He says that they would make fine testbeds for the CIA to use to refine their torture techniques. Pass the superglue.

When you get in beg with a flea ridden dog

YOU GET FLEAS! Wow, how dumb are folks? If the Nature Conservancy lies in bed with a flea bag, guess what. Yeah, no shit. I quit supporting the NC years ago when the CEO was shown to be ripping off charity, received oodles of low to no interest loans and the led the group in making cozy land deals with corporate partners.

BP and NC can hop in the sack, sure, it's a free country, but individuals do not have to pay for the room. Where do you want your discretionary charity dollars spent?

Oh, corporations such as BP do not give a rats about anything except profit, that's business 101. It's not evil, it's the way it is, it's capitalism. If you think you can use them, well, you will get a serious case of fleas as they maximize profits, just look at the U.S. Congress and the White House.

Nature Conservancy faces potential backlash from ties with BP

Snowball in hell alert

This year we might see snowballs in hell. Why? It's an election year. Voters are pissed with all the assholes in elective office. Well, all those assholes except the outstanding public servants they have elected to the House and Senate. Oh, what's the snowball?

Quite simply, it's a stop on earmarks and Congressionaly directed frivolous spending. You know, that's the money elected bozos use to bribe voters and get reelected. I guess unemployment has been high long enough to have affected the hometown crowd. The trickle down must have dried up. Is it principle or is it anger over no longer getting a piece of the action? So what is voter anger anyway? Usually is seems to more resemble a guy pissing into the wind than much else (note that is something you do not want to do).

Obama seeks to force votes on spending cuts

Sunday, May 23, 2010

There goes all the fun

Chicken costumes banned at Nev. polling places

Rand Paul--Palin with a doctorate

I'm going to be 64 this Fall. I am old enough to have lived with Jim Crow. It wasn't over when I was 2. Any asshole who prates on about the right of a business to discriminate, but hates discrimination, never experienced the use of state power to subjugate a race of people.

It's damned strange and convenient that it's pretty much folks in red states that blather on and on about liberty, freedom, and oh, that state's rights stuff. Funny how they are pretty much all from former the C.S.A. I guess the South will rise again. Yeah, they want to take the country back, take it back to 1850. Ladies take note, non-whites are not part of pale male program. When was Amendment XIX passed?


What do you get when you mix business, money, elected officials and regulatory agencies? Oh, that's easy, you get cheap shit from China that will kill you. Well, yeah, but you get cars that don't stop. Or was it drywall that will kill you. Oh, you get a global financial crisis that almost ends our economy. I almost forgot, you get the mother of oil spills in the gulf. All is not going well there at all.

BP: Effectiveness of pipe effort to slow leak has decreased

If this is Obama's Katrina, we're in deep shit. Bush never quite got around to fixing New Orleans did he? If, as in so many other areas, Obama emulates Bush in the Gulf it will be very long time before any edible food comes out of the Gulf waters.

Are You Ready for Some Tar Balls

Courtesy of BP, Key West may become home to a dandy collection of oil crud. I bet the folks down there can hardly wait. They better not complain, per Rand Paul, that would be un-American and bad for business, right?

Florida Keys take advantage of time to craft oil response

Scared? Read this and run for your life!!!!!

Not quite, but I may have gotten your attention. It's interesting stuff. Take a few minutes and think about what we're doing to ourselves.

12 Events That Will Change Everything, Made Interactive

What is an Arizona Anyway?

Here's a piece on Arizona that might be of interest.

Arizona immigration law and illegal immigrants: state of extremes