Saturday, June 5, 2010


Who? Glen Beck!

Glenn Beck's new book club pick: Nazi sympathiz

Contrast and Reflex

If you want a real contrast of realities on the mess BP made of the Gulf, then watch BP's bullshit commercials. BP brags on the really cool work they are doing to fix the mess they made in the Gulf. Then watch about any live coverage from the Gulf that shows what is being done and has interviews with the folks who live in the Gulf area. Catch a few shots of the pelicans too.

It doesn't take too long until you will notice that you have acquired a new unconscious reflex action. If you see the face of or hear the voice of the BP CEO, Tony Hayword, you will find the middle finger of your right hand will be extended as your other fingers curl down to your palm. It's reminiscent of the Bush reflex, though Bush usually induced a reflex in both hands.

Is it time to boycott BP?

Today's Posts

We, Jake and Mrs. Jake, (see next post) experienced a nasty storm last night. Our access to the tubes was blown away until a few minutes ago. Now it, the Internets, has returned. I doubt I will post too much news, I may drink liberally instead. Mrs. Jake has a head start on me, she likes Pina Coladas on hot humid days. It's in the 90s, combine that with the humidity and we are enjoying an effective 105 degrees. Yikes, I think I will have a Pina Colada too!

I (Jake) did wonder, as the storm came in last night, if we were in the Gulf would our house be covered with tarballs and oily shit today? The wind was intense for a short period, it could easily make oil plops into Frisbees. It did send the heavy cover to my Weber Grill flying a short distance. What will a hurricane do to the Gulf coast when it hits and distributes BP's oil crud further inland from the Gulf? Hmm, will BP seize houses to reclaim its oil? That would not surprize me one bit. Would Admiral Thad help them?

Admiral Thad

I listened to Admiral Thad this morning. He gives us his BP briefs everyday. I noticed Thad uses the word "we" excessively. We put a cap on that well. We have captured 6,000 barrels over the last 24 hours. We have X number of this and we have Y number of that. I wonder who the referent is to all his statements? We is such a tidy inclusive word, it's very teamish and very PRish and certainly avoids naming names. I wonder why he doesn't have a parrot on his shoulder?

Friday, June 4, 2010

MIddle East Folly

The Palestinian relief society is sending another ship to Gaza. The Israelis say no ship will be allowed to dock in Gaza. Will we see a bit more dying along the way? I think Israel has lost this one already.

The world seems to accept the Gaza folks perspective. The aid ships are becoming more like the planes as the Israelis become more like the Commies, as the mess morphs into a Berlin airlift in miniature. That may be a reach, but it puts it in a kind of perspective. Imagine if Israel surprized the world and escorted the ship to it's berth in Gaza, what would the world think then? What would Hamas say? I have a feeling Israel will add to their thuggish image instead.

New Ship Heads to Gaza, and Israel Vows to Stop It

Sick or black humor?

The Gulf has been wrecked. Oil is killing off all the living things. This is sad. But, there's a ca-ching lining. We'll all make money off the oil as we capture it (if the riser cap works).

BP, feds could make millions from runaway well's oil

Dumbclucks to the fore

When the entire damn world is hanging on every word the U.S. Government says about oil, it would seem prudent to make sure all of the words are very true and very clear. If not, the global echo chamber will react. It happened, hell, oil even went up because of a lack of clarity by folks who regulate oil drilling in the Gulf. Yep ObamaCo is having problems on the old talking and walking front. Think Barack wants his life back too? Are you ready to assist him in 2012? I have to check my impulses though, the thought another President Shrub scares me.

As BP severs riser, false report sends oil prices up

Little engine that might?

November bring an election this year. Will the Dems and Obama be handed their asses? Will the oil spill lubricate GOP gains? It's hard to tell, but it does not look that good right now. Of course it's much more realistic to wait a few more months before we play the guessing game. But, what the hell, Obama does seem to move closer and closer to the BP provided crapper. Will he lead the Dems down the toilet?

That all this has happened to a White House staffed by the team that so successfully navigated the 2008 presidential campaign is a source of surprise and consternation for Democrats. The missteps have also become easy ammunition for Republicans seeking to capitalize on what may be self-inflicted wounds.

White House is feeling weight of controversies surrounding oil spill, elections

Hmm, just because you have PR skills does not mean you have managerial skills. Remember bullshit is just talk, performance is how you walk. How's Barry walking these days? Well, let's put it this way, he remains a real fine talker.

And in the state that keeps on giving---

Yep, it's South Carolina,

SC state senator refers to candidate as 'raghead'

Somebody really needs to find their soulmate.

We Never Learn, Do We?

I have a feeling this in not so much a case of "taking it to the enemy" as much as it is preservation of the status quo. We may check an enemy's action today, but do we ever really reduce the number of them? I think not. As we pursue permanent political campaigns we've also wandered down the path of perpetual war. I guess if your portfolio is loaded with MIC company stocks, you will make a killing, as we create numerous mini-killing fields. I'm not feeling more secure, are you?

U.S. 'secret war' expands globally as Special Operations forces take larger role

Would this exist if we had to draft all our troops? How about this, no volunteers, the only way in is by being drafted. Then promote troops from within to go to the service academies. Only the best of the enlisted become officers. Would we still war on the way we do?

Cheap Shit from New Jersey

On the products that will kill you front, the USA, USA, USA has begun to compete with China. Good old number one can make cheap shit the kills kiddies too. And good old number one always has a large vendor to pass the cheap shit around. When you get your kid his next happy meal, don't buy or accept any glassware--cadmium is in the Shrek!

McDonald's pulls 12M cadmium-tainted Shrek glasses

Better yet, don't buy any junk food for your little tyke. It's your call, but have you noticed all the junior lard waddling around town?

Thursday, June 3, 2010

He's off to work today

The Maytag repairman is working his ass off today. No more sitting around with nothing to do. Maytag has joined the ranks of shitty companies. Yep they decided to make appliances that will kill you. Their dishwashers will catch on fire and burn your house down.

Does anyone make stuff and along the way make a living at making stuff anymore? It seems its make money by doing something. The emphasis is on the money then more money and then the product. The CEO of Maytag is probably best friends with the CEO asshole from BP. Maytag, we make cash by selling you shit that will kill you.

Maytag dishwashers recalled because of fire hazard

More Obama Sunshine

Big Bill helped Obama try to de-rail Sestak from running for the Senate. I wonder if we'll find a trail of fast food crumbs running from Washington to Colorado too?

White House Confirms Discussing Jobs With Candidate

Learn from experience?

Well, most folks appear to learn from experience. Then there are pols. Did ObamaCo learn anything about regulating oil exploration from the BP collusion in the Gulf? Not really. Of course when a newspaper pointed out scary similarities by other Companies to BPs plan, they sensed a loss of votes in 2010 and 2012. Team Obama made changes. I guess they have to accept a loss of oil dollars for Democratic pols. It remains an oily, greasy mess.

Obama orders firms to change drill plans that mimic BP's

Whatever happened to that asshole what's his name?

Oh, Ted Haggard. Remember him? He's one of the not gay, gay guys who made a living trashing and bashing gays among other folks he didn't cotton to. Ted used an evangelical mega church podium to spew his views.

There was one little problem, Ted was was doing dope and having lots of sex with guys he paid to blow and get blown. He got caught with a mouthful, of lies, of course. He lost his job. He went off to a prayer based treatment facility--I think they exorcise the queer demon out of not-gay, gay guys.

He came back and told the world he'd lost his taste for cock, praise Jesus, he said he's would never pay guys for sex again. So what's his asshole doing these days? Well, it's back in the front of a church again, I wonder who's behind him though?

Ted Haggard to start new church in Colo. Springs

Virgina's Got Bigots!

Yep, it's official, the Old Dominion is for bigots. It's in the Governor's mansion and the AG's office which means the majority of Virginians voted for bigotry. Well they are GOOPERS. Hell the Gov. let us know about a Civil War did not involve slavery with his initial Civil War celebration bullshit. The AG carried water for him on gay bashing. Okay blacks, gays, who's missing? Oh, the Jews. Damn, the Gov. has not let his crackers down. He dredged up an old Nixon anti-Semite to help him figure out how to improve Va. government. Wow, any ideas about how McDonnell and Cuccinelli would makeover the state? Think about a Pat Robertson utopia and you have it.

New memos detail Republican Frederic Malek's role in Nixon campaign against Jews


If you'd like to get a bit disgusted with both BP and ObamaCo, read this piece--

As the oil spill spreads, BP battles to contain the media

AS ObamaCo steps forward and appears to be in charge, don't lose sight of the fact that these are the same people who abetted BP's attempt to censor the press. In other words don't trust a damn thing the bastards say, demand verification and then keep some reservations. Any pol has but one job, get reelected, and they are damned good at manipulating appearances. They screwed up for a month, saw some poll numbers and took a new tack. That's not solving a problem it's a fear reaction about losing votes.

Given the way team Obama bollixed the mess for a month, we might take him at his word already. He took responsibility in his cool speech down on the Gulf. Let's say "Okay, thanks, you will be out of a job" and fire his butt in 2012. So far his talent seems to be prepared speeches and maintaining excessive continuity with President Shrub's administration.

Oh, well, it was starting to look good....

As the BP spill continues to consume the Gulf, it will affect the nation's economy. And we thought we were starting to recover from Wall Street's monster investment spill. Oh, well it was nice, my 41(k) was starting to look good again.

I'm not sure what will happen, but it's not good. All the tourism, fishing, and oil/gas production are going in the crapper. Some will never return and some will be come back but be much more expensive.

Our GDP is about $14 trillion. BP has, through its ineptitude, sanctioned by government regulators, cost all of us about $25 billion in foregone economic activity. Yep, their mismanaged company has reduced our GDP about 2%.

It may not be much, but we are not out of Wall Street mess, have two wars on, face a Korean mess, Greece remains an economic morass and Israel/Palestine are churning the waters again. Here's a piece on money side of BP's slipshod operation.

Gulf Coast oil spill could wreck region's tourism and fishing industries

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potemkin Solutions

I watched the press conference on the BP spill today. BP is out, no logo on the podium and none of their hacks were present. Instead we had government hacks who tried to convince us they've been on the job since day one. My reaction, they have been doing what they've been told to do since day one. Of course that does not have much to do with stopping the spill or being truthful about the spill size and its effects on the ocean and people. In other words, I do not trust ObamaCo much more than I trust BP.

The prime motivator for team Obama is the effect of this mess on 2012, not much else matters. Oh, I do love the BS statements about the great team of scientists ObamaCo has assembled to do whatever they do about oil spills. Maybe we can have another speech too. Uh, folks, this is an engineering problem, not physics, so have they assembled a team of engineers? Oh, the big item from the presser--the saw in stuck in the pipe BP was cutting. Get ready for a long oily Summer and Fall. Maybe it will be fixed by Xmas. If I lived on the Gulf I think I'd be getting my torch ready as I made sure the pitchfork was good and sharp.

Effort to contain Gulf oil spill stalls with stuck saw

Bring back the good old days....

In your heart you know the GOP loves Rand Paul and what he says....

But the idea that the government has no right to interfere with membership practices of private businesses and clubs is still prevalent enough here that it has become a point of controversy in this year's U.S. Senate race in the state. Republican Party nominee Rand Paul caused a stir last month when he said he believed private businesses should not be forced to abide by civil rights laws.

Let me put it this way, the GOP will be a diverse organization about the time the Mormons have a black woman as Prophet, Seer and Revelator and the Catholics are being blessed by Pope Susan I.

Asshole Republican Running for the Senate

If you are going to lie about your military record, don't compound it by lying about how you discovered your lies were uncovered.

Navy alerted Kirk to media inquiries into his military record

Will this affect the schmuck's chances at winning this Nov? Nah, GOOPERS accept lies on anything other than god, guns, and abortion.

Pope Ratzy Update

Pope Razty has hit a speed bump as he was humping the church back to the 12th century. To many of his employees were exposed as deviants. If he'd been a little faster, he have been able to have Catholics everywhere fear excommunication more then the priestly pervs who roam the pews. He could have achieved obedience. It didn't work out well for the former Nazi youth. He's having to investigate all the churchly buggery. In Ireland--

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed nine pedophiles, including the archbishops of Boston and New York, to look at child abuse in Ireland's Catholic institutions.

Okay I changed a couple of words, but tell me, how much confidence do you have in Ratzy's organization to clean up its own act and become perv free?

Acheiving Ineptitude the Old Fashioned Way, We Work At It

What you look like is what you are, right? If you look rich and famous then you are rich and famous. If you look like shit, then you are shit. With that in mind, we know how to solve the gangs in schools problem. All we have to do is keep the kiddies from looking like gangbangers.

Holy bling! We all know that rosary beads are a gangbangers favorite jewelry. Even devout Christian urchins have their gangs and do drugs, for Jesus of course. See a rosary on a little twerp, then kick the nitwit out of school and the gang will disappear. Ooops, the kid might not be a delinquent--

NY school sued after teen suspended over rosary

Given the way we seem to deal with appearance and reality, can someone explain Sarah Palin to me?

Good News, Bad News

Afghan war fans, here's some good news. Somehow or another good old number one managed to kill off the number three guy in al Qaeda. You can cheer if it makes you feel good. Okay, enough feeling good, quit cheering dorkwad. Here's the bad news, these are the facts, read this--

On at least 10 occasions in the past decade, al-Qaeda has sustained the loss of a senior operative described at some point as the No. 3 figure in its hierarchy. Each time, the group has moved quickly to appoint a successor, demonstrating a resilience that has enabled it to survive a dozen years of open warfare with the United States and defy repeated predictions of its demise.

After nine years and $1 trillion, we remain standing still. This is not a quagmire, we cemented our own feet in the ground. We keep doing the same damn thing and getting the same damn result, that's not sane. However it is profitable for folks in the MIC and all those wartime contractors. And it is good for "vote for me" patriotic political rallies sponsored by your various elected twits. Geeesh!

Al-Qaeda is likely to replace No. 3 leader with ease

Supremes At Work

The Supremes have eroded our rights a little bit more. I'm so glad they are so damned original. Yep, they, and their GOP masters, are determined to return us to the original antebellum days of 1850 and before.

Hell, ladies, are y'all prepared to lose your vote? Oh, if you're not a rich white male, how does servitude sound? I understand it must have been fun since our founders didn't do much but kick the can down the road as they kept their slaves.

I wonder how Obama feels about this one? I have a nagging feeling he likes it and disagrees with Sotomayer. She said,

"Today's decision turns Miranda upside down," wrote Sotomayor, who accused the majority of casting aside judicial restraint. "Criminal suspects must now unambiguously invoke their right to remain silent -- which, counter-intuitively, requires them to speak. At the same time, suspects will be legally presumed to have waived their rights even if they have given no clear expression of their intent to do so."

Supreme Court: Suspects must invoke right to remain silent in interrogations

Live Well, Buy Votes, Live Well,

If you are in Congress and want to live way beyond your means, how can you pull off this trick, without going to jail or losing an election? That's easy, you put together a leadership PAC! Fund-raising is expensive particularly if you raise funds at expensive places, but the meals and accommodations are superb.

If the folks we elect to office are a reflection of the voters, then we are a nation of sleazeballs. Oh, what's a leadership PAC? Well, read this piece--

Money intended to help candidates often ends up funding PACs themselves

If these guys were a charity, how would they rate?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Feds investigate trapped gas pedals in Ford models

I guess they're just trying to keep up with the competition.

Summer is here!

The past few days have been hot. Over 90 yesterday and high 80s today. More 80s coming. As Spring flows into Summer, it's time break out the Summer drinks.

The Derby saw the first Mint Julep of the year; they will continue. With abundant mint, Mojitos will be quaffed all Summer long. Don't forget the alcho-pop--those cheap sweet wines that you can chug are great on a hot day. I had my first Man-bour-tini yesterday. I seem to make one on the first Summer like hot day. Cognac and Coke is delicious in the heat. Oh, a Cosmo t'aint bad either. So make sure you have stocked up for Summer and prepare to drink very liberally (in both a figurative and literal sense). Bottoms up!


Do you think the folks we've elected to Congress are doing a bang up job? If so, then you are one of 13% of Americans who share that view. I'd call that a small minority wouldn't you? Funny, everyone thinks Congress sucks, but most of the incumbents will get reelected. Are voters total chowderheads?

Support for Congress sapped by inaction, partisan feuding

We're Still Number One

It's nice to see investment fraud has not really disappeared from this land. The BP Oil spill has become a source for sleazeballs to use to offer the stupid a chance to make a profit. Remember it takes two to play the fraud game.

We really do need securities regulation. We will always have financial crooks, but we don't have to make their jobs too easy do we? We are also blessed with an abundance of rich numbskulls who have an abnormal love of the color green. When the two groups get togheher, it's scams away.

However, as we know, risky investments (fraud) can spill over and affect the rest of us. Hey did you ever buy a derivative or collateralized debt obligation? Still got your job and your house? Look financial regulation is not about the tying the hands of the finance guys, it's about protecting numbskulls and morons with cash.

They cannot fend for themselves. It's not much different than regulating any area where a category of people cannot defend or protect themselves. I guess if you oppose financial regulation then you love child labor, sweat shops and slavery. WE have to protect the rich, dumb fucks from themselves, so please support strong financial reform. Until that happens, sit back and enjoy the BP oil spill scams. Con on!

Beware of investments linked to oil spill cleanup

How to Lose Friends and Inflence

Wow, Israel is the driving force in this round of trash the Jews. All they did was attack a bunch of ships loaded with relief supplies for the people trying to live in the Gaza Strip. Oh, they did kill some folks too. Yep, they dropped out of the sky and hit a flotilla loaded with lots of peaceful people on an international relief mission. Hey they did it in international waters too. Okay, if you want folks to play the bash and trash you game, what better way to kick it off than by attacking the Palestinian counterparts to Mother Teresa. Dick Cheney must be advising Israel.

Israeli troops raid aid flotilla headed for Gaza, killing nine

I don't think there is any high ground, moral or otherwise left anywhere in the Middle East. It's all just so much potential or realized rubble.

Israel and Gaza

Did the Israeli Navy sink itself and Israel with the raid on the Palestinian aid flotilla? It looks that way. This mess will never end. Both sides will not rest until the other has been eliminated.

I fear we will see another 100 years of Middle East war or someone uses a nuke. We better get off oil now, it's going to become too radioactive for use in cars. Oh, hold it, can hot oil be used in nuclear reactors? Okay, war on, we need a new energy source.

Israel says Free Gaza Movement poses threat to Jewish state

Gee, we got a bad guy

After nine years, team USA may have killed a bona fide bad guy in the Afghanistan War. Of course the guy was in Pakistan and it was a drone that dropped the bomb on his head. Wow, one al Qaedaite zapped after nine years and an expanded war with CIA pilots at the joy stick (Pakistan doesn't really want us blowing the crap out of their country). This is progress? Is victory at hand? Do we still have a Gipper to win one for?

Remember President Shrub had the chance to end al Qaeda and the Afghan War. He did not do so. He put himself above the nation. He chose to wage war in Iraq instead (he thought Iraq would be better for his legacy). The Afghan war was put on hold. It's back. The mess really sucks. Is the Taliban destroyed? Is al Qaeda on the run? This war has little to do with our freedom, liberty and preservation of our Constitution does it? Seen Osama?

Al-Qaeda No. 3 Yazid reported killed by U.S. drone

Bullshit on the Bayou

ObamaCo is flagging in the polls. Folks think they are as effective as a bucket of spit at fixing the BP spill. When pols don't do their job that well, what can we expect? Better performance? Come on, even in the face of an end of the earth catastrophe, a pol will still see getting reelected as job number one. Therefore, they ramp up the PR machine to enhance the public's perception. That doesn't say much about the public either does it?

ObamaCo is sending in Department Heads! The AG will be in the Gulf. BP might have done something illegal. They are distancing themselves from BP. Now, BP officials have to walk three paces behind federal officials. They're changing up the daily briefing--more face time for feds, after all they are in charge. Yep, the PR engine will solve the problem. Who needs an engineer when team Obama is in the Gulf? I guess they hope all their talk will staunch the flow. Can you numb oil? Hey, they have two Nobelists, let them talk the hole shut.

Obama administration moves to distance itself from BP on oil spill response

Monday, May 31, 2010

Good Piece on Israel and it's navel action

Worth a read, found it on TPM

A Special Place in Hell / The Second Gaza War: Israel lost at sea


Do you watch CNN in the evening? Do you watch FOX or MSNBC instead? I used to watch CNN, but they decided to try and become FOX. I became less and less accepting of CNN, FOX and MSNBC. MSNBC has figured out how to do FOX. Unless there is a big story (like the BP spill) I stick pretty much to the Internet and C-Span.

Folks watch and accept rants as news. It's most strange. If CNN is a news channel what should CNN do? Uh, they might try to do news and leave personality to FOX and MSNBC. As CNN continues to give us names we can remember as news readers, they lose their reporting creds.

This isn't CNN's prime time

Who'd a Thunk It?

Reforms Slow to Arrive at Drilling Agency

Strange, Sick Folks

I have to admit, Utah's polygamists came to mind as I started to read this piece.

The two Afghan girls had every reason to expect the law would be on their side when a policeman at a checkpoint stopped the bus they were in. Disguised in boys’ clothes, the girls, ages 13 and 14, had been fleeing for two days along rutted roads and over mountain passes to escape their illegal, forced marriages to much older men, and now they had made it to relatively liberal Herat Province.

Instead, the police officer spotted them as girls, ignored their pleas and promptly sent them back to their remote village in Ghor Province. There they were publicly and viciously flogged for daring to run away from their husbands.

Child Brides Escape Marriage, but Not Lashes

Churchy Observation

If god gave us dominion over the earth and free will, does that mean he/she/it is cool with crap we pull like the BP Oil Spill? Is it a sin to trash the planet? What will god do when we sludge the last dolphin to death?

Will they picket the Supremes?

The Westboro crazies have set the stage for a 1st Amendment farce. Westboro is the teency church who make money by picketing military funerals and such with signs like:

"God Hates the USA/Thank God for 9/11," "Semper Fi Fags," "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "Priests Rape Boys."

The target="_blank" Supremes have accepted a case involving Westboro and their right to protest. This may become a farce no matter how it's decided. Where will Scalia come down? Roberts?

Buying Their Butts

President Shrub gave us the mess in Afghanistan. He passed the disaster on to Obama. Obama continues has followed his predecessor's lead, it remains FUBAR. Since guns don't seem to work and the Kumbayah spreaders never caught on, ObamaCo is shifting from hearts and minds to butts. Yep, if you cannot kill them all and cannot win their everlasting love, then try buying their asses. Give them money and all will be well, until you quit giving them money. The dorkwads remain in charge.

In Afghan region, U.S. spreads the cash to fight the Taliban

If we're going to pay them, can't we get something in return and put the relationship on a long term footing? Let's make Afghanistan our prison. We send all the folks who are in the pokey now and in the future to Kabul. We pay the Afghans so much a head. They can do what they want with the crooks. Imagine the fun they will have with folks needing an execution. We'd make the USA a jail free place.

It's the ultimate in out-sourcing, no?

Israel Sinks Palestinian Navy?

Well, they shut down the flotilla and in the process killed a couple of dozen of the flotilla participants. Is an attack on the high seas okay? Can we give both sides nukes and let them solve the problem with a bit of local Apocalypse?

Israel: At least 10 pro-Palestinian activists killed on Gaza flotilla carrying aid

Black Is White, A=Not A, and Light is Dark Award

And who is the lucky winner? Why Sarah Palin and her wordsmiths.

Palin's sisterly speechifying is part of a larger conservative move to woo women by appropriating feminist language. Just as consumer culture tries to sell "Girls Gone Wild"-style sexism as "empowerment," conservatives are trying to sell anti-women policies shrouded in pro-women rhetoric.

Get ready to shake your head as you read--

The fake feminism of Sarah Palin

Maybe Plan Q Will Work

BP has about gone through its oil spill playbook. The next try might work, then again it probably won't. I have a feeling we're going to see oil flowing into the Gulf until September. Will this event lead to any change in how industries work or are regulated? Nah, when it comes to limitations on cash, we have the attention span of a gnat.

Oil could spew until August, officials say