Saturday, June 19, 2010

Life on the pad

Personal income in Virginia is up 2.6%. In the nation it was up 1.9% for the first quarter over a year ago. Time to cheer right? Well, hold that rah rah, it's not due to more small business, large businesses, and entrepreneurs in action. Those paychecks are not going up that much, if at all. The number reflects our increasing dependence on the government pad and the ever present transfer of money to the health industry.

The big gains for the state's personal income, though, came from transfer payments -- everything from pension checks to payments to accident victims to veterans' benefits to unemployment benefits.

Don't forget the public sector provides the pad by taxing folks with paychecks or borrowing money that future paychecks will have to cover. If government leads the economic recovery, I'd say it's not a recovery, it' a delaying action. We're stalling and hoping the private sector will kick in sometime. Uh, that's not going to happen since the leaders of the economy make money from trading, not making things. It's a finger and toes crossed recovery program--damn, I bet Goldmans could securitize it, sell to investors and make money as the investors and the rest of us go down a 1929 rathole. So how's your state doing?

Drill. Obama Drill

Oil will continue to flow, despite GOP moronic noise machine. They just say no to Obama to say no. The GOP doesn't even look to see what Obama is actually doing.

Deepwater permits have been issued in about the same way BP got it's permit. Their well blew up. Will more wells blow? So, what's changed? Not much at all.

I was concerned that Big Oil campaign cash and leadership PAC donations would dry up, weren't you? I wonder is their a language in which the word "Obama" mean Shrub?

Obama officials still approving flawed Gulf drilling plans

DADT Update

Just in case you were uncertain, the Baptists are against repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. They're sure the next step will be banning the bible in the military. Hmm, they are a demented lot, aren't they.

Southern Baptists Convention fighting evil gays

American Sleazeballs

From Connecticut, we have Eddie Perez, tried, convicted and on the way to the slammer--

Jury finds mayor of Hartford, Conn., guilty of corruption

From Florida, we have Marco Rubio, a teabagger fav who is working on deserving a trial in his future--

US Senate candidate Rubio faces Fla. foreclosure

The American voter is a wonder to behold.

New War

Now that we're in stand downish mode in Iraq, the Iraqis can flex their young democracy sovereignty muscles. How? That's easy, with a war against Kurds and Turks. Will they turn to Iran for assistance? We really need to get off oil, then those folks can kill each off in the name of whatever god they choose to use.

Be prepared for more war in Iraq as--

Turkish jets raid northern Iraq, clashes kill 22

GOP Values

On the family values front that the GOP loves to tout, here's a question--

Family, marriage and the contribution of fathers come together as topics for reflection on Father's Day. So I'd like to know why Barack Obama, a husband and a father in a family structure that encompasses bonds deemed essential to our society, is constantly and savagely attacked by conservative leaders whose personal circumstances undermine the family values they espouse?

On Father's Day, hypocrites are all in the family

Do you want your kid to emulate Obama or one of Limbaugh, Gingrich, or Palin? It you don't pick Obama, why?

Consensus is, BP Sucks

The major oil company CEOs think BP sucks. Now the CEO of its partner in the Gulf well think BP sucks, but they did partner with them in good times. I think they all suck.

Partner in damaged oil well slams BP for 'reckless' actions -- and inaction


Lt. Gen. Honore was on Morning Journal this morning. He talked about the BP oil spill and the response to the BP's mess. After listening to him, I'd suggest Obama allow Admiral Thad to go find his parrot and retire anywhere other than the Gulf. Replace Thad with Gen. Honore. I particularly liked one line the General said, "When you face a disaster, you have to figure out what rules you're going to break." If not Gen. Honore then how about someone who will actually be in charge and get the oil off the beaches and out of marshes? Funny how after two months, command and control remains the roadblock to stopping the oil coming ashore. Note we are in hurricane season, imagine a 20 foot surge of water coming ashore. The black tidal wave?

It's worth a listen, it should be available on CSPAN's video library soon (the live show just finished).

Tea Party People Take Note

Okay TPs, got your pseudo patriotism in full froth mode? The Russkies have joined our Military Industrial Complex. WE are buying Russian helicopters for the Afghans. We, through our elected officials, are sending American helicopter manufacturing jobs to Moscow. Will y'all pitch a protest or cheer on the MIC's global war. My bet is on TP cheers.

U.S. military criticized for purchase of Russian copters for Afghan air corps


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Slippery claims and a fun new ad from Alabama

Seems like we focus on two main things in the office these days: claims about the oil spill and odd campaign ads from Alabama.

We've checked dozens of claims about the oil spill, everything from President Obama's statement that he's put a six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling (we found his wording a little unclear and rated it Half True) to Sen. George LeMieux's claim that the United States has refused international assistance (Barely True).

Make sure you check out our page where we've compiled all of our fact-checking on the oil spill.

Meanwhile, we're also checking lots of TV ads and web videos as part of our Message Machine partnership with NPR. The latest item comes from Alabama, which has spawned some of the best ads of the year. This one, known as "Gather your armies," has a congressional candidate talking with Ben Franklin, George Washington and Samuel Adams. It lit up the meter.

Friday, June 18, 2010


We know that BP execs all share one skill, they are liars. Now, it seems lying has become a requirement in the Coast Guard.

BP, Government Still Thwarting Press Access

Wonder what President Transparency thinks about this?

Ahoy Mateys, Admiral Thad is in Charge

This is not the way to fight a war against invading oil. It is, however, so damned typical of how our government officials approach disasters though. No wonder folks are pissed. Admiral Thad is in charge? Right.

Eight days ago, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal ordered barges to begin vacuuming crude oil out of his state's oil-soaked waters. Today, against the governor's wishes, those barges sat idle, even as more oil flowed toward the Louisiana shore.

Where's that General that took over in New Orleans, he might be a bit more focused on what matters.

Drugs that kill, ooops

Oops, sorry they overlooked a couple of items in their big Jan. 15 recall.

Drug recall: Beleaguered Johnson & Johnson unit fixes omission

Food That Kills Alert II

Marie Callender's frozen entrees are just like what Mom used to make, right? Yep, particularly when Mom left the chicken out on the counter for too long and served up a steaming hot mess of good old fashioned salmonella and food poisoning. Um, um, puke.

ConAgra recalls frozen chicken and rice meals

What do you think of when you hear "ConAgra?"

Utah Does it Right

If a government is going to kill, then they should not waste taxpayer dollars. Commendably, Utah used a firing squad. However, they used five bullets, when one would suffice. They wasted tax revenue, but not as much as in other kill states. The Utah Tea Party needs to protest this fiscal irresponsibility and work to rectify it.

What can the TP suggest that Utahns demand? They can demand that the popularly elected governor of Utah also be the state's executioner. The governor needs one .45 round to the back of the felon's head and it's over at minimal expense! Oh, also make sure executions are done outside, in public, on the Capitol's lawn. We need to minimize clean up costs. Blood is also a good fertilizer.

Utah Executes Murderer by Firing Squad

Congress at play in the fields of their owners

The Supremes decided that money is speech and organizations are just folks. Since it's speech, no one can limit it. All that good government campaign finance bullshit was kicked into the national shithole.

The Dems figured that they have fewer big speaking organizations than the GOP. They decided to require public attesting of authorship of speech. That means if you speak as in buy an ad, then the top dog and major donors have to be part of the ad--who are they, "I'm down with this ad," statements, etc.

As they moved forward the Dems discovered the NRA doesn't like being known in public as a speaker. The Dems, in response, carved out a loophole. Other special interests took note, they demanded their own loopholes. Special interests are major sources of campaign and leadership PAC cash. The Dems modified the bill.

This is being done in a bill directed at controlling the influence of special interests. Does anyone wonder why our government doesn't work? Will you reelect your bozo? If so, what does it say about you?

Loopholes Grow in Bill to Offset Ruling on Campaigns

Would you move to South Carolina?

SC is an odd place that keeps on giving us lots of laughs.

Is it the water? South Carolina a magnet for political scandal

Wouldn't it be a hoot if Tiger Woods were from S. Carolina?

Porn star alleges she had Tiger Woods' baby

Food That Kills Alert

If you were planning to have SpaghettiOs with Meatballs, SpaghettiOs A to Z with Meatballs, or SpaghettiOs Fun Shapes with Meatballs (Cars), for lunch then put down that can opener. They haven't killed anyone yet, do you want to first?

Campbell Soup recalls 15M pounds of SpaghettiOs

Can they relabel it and call it Spagetti Tartare?

War Sucks

Along came Saddam, that sucked. Then along came Shockenawe, that sucked. Then along came the Bush occupation which also sucked. Now it's the Obama occupation, it still sucks. What is the sound of suck? Well, is usually goes boom and then people are mangled and die. Lots of sucking for a long time in Iraq. Do you think it might affect your brain? Well,

...for scores of Iraqis, every street is a reminder of what was, what is and what could be again: Reminders of people gingerly stepping over the bodies thrown in the streets in tit-for-tat killings between sects during the sectarian war. Reminders of the U.S. military raids, Iraqi military raids, militia interrogations, assassinations and insurgent bombings. Now the violence has subsided to a lower but still frightening level, and many Iraqis struggle to deal with the trauma of their past and the uncertainty of their future.

War sucks.

Hayward Follies

The only thing we learned from yesterday's hearings on the BP oil spill is Congresstypes like to pose and appear to be very, very concerned. Don't forget this is an election year. As with most hearings, a lot of time was wasted with opening statements. Reps let us know they were aghast and even angry with BP. There were three positions, really pissed (Dems), just pissed (GOP), in love with BP (Joe Barton).

After the opening BS all the Reps asked the same questions of Tony Hayward. The questions received pretty much the same answer. Mr. Hayward is really sorry the spill occurred, but he cannot say much until BP's investigation is finished. Reps did not like that, but hey they do it to us all the time--no comment since X is part of an official inquiry. In other words, not much was accomplished except providing sound bites and YouTube vids for the home team voters--remember Nov.

We don't know any more after the hearing than we did before the hearing. Oh, one thing, Hayward comes across as an insufferable prick.

Here's the WaPo's take on the hearing--

Apologies and anger dominate gulf oil-spill hearing as BP goes before Congress

BP Can Buy Friends

BP and big oil in general, knows how to avoid problems with Congress. They buy Congressmen such as Joe Barton. At yesterday's grilling of Tony Hayward, Barton apologized to BP for all of our government's actions taken against BP. He was sorry for the $20 billion shakedown. He crossed a line. The GOP leadership told him to apologize or lose his committee positions. Barton apologized for apologizing four hours later. However, note, Barton scored his points with oil donors. I am sure the cash will keep on flowing his way so he can accomplish his most important mission--being reelected. The first step towards ending Big Oil's ownership of part of our government is to never reelect anyone.

Gulf oil spill puts industry-friendly Republicans in tight spot

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sign of our times

Ads are latest weapon to scare off layoffs

BP Sucks

The next time you see images of oil burning on the Gulf waters you might want to remember this--

Death by fire in the gulf

Be Docile?

After nine years in Afghanistan, the word from the Pentagon is "be patient?" If we keep paying the bills, why within a few decades they might figure out how to have stalemate in our children's time. This war has less to do with our safety than it does Military Industry Complex profits.

Military and Pentagon Leaders Urge Patience for Afghan Mission

Meat Front

Lovers of mayhem, take note--

N.F.L. Brings Expanded Season Proposal to Union

Indian Wars Again?

I can see it now... Evil drugs are coming across our borders. The passage of evil drugs for evil Americans is being facilitated by native Americans. Heavens we must defend our borders against aliens and drugs! We must seize the reservations and stop America's most popular products from coming into the nation. Oh, horseshit, just legalize the damn shit. I for one am not ready for Indian Wars II, are you?

Indian reservations on both U.S. borders become drug pipelines

No Shit Sherlock

Here's the headline--

Gulf spill a reminder of the value of redundant safety systems

I might have forgotten about that without the BP spill. I guess BP execs did too. Damn the spill is not even an act of god, it's just memory failure.

Most Americans Also Believe in the Devil

The nations inhabitants are not the swiftest of folk. If most want cops to use suspicion as a basis for dealing with people, then get ready for rampant abuse. Suspicion is not a crime. It does not matter if we are dealing with theft or immigration status. If we enable police to use suspicion then we enable policing by gut feeling and leave facts, reason and law in the dustbin. Is that Jim Crow I hear laughing? What most Americans think does not make it right or wrong. Got WMD?

Most Americans back new Arizona law, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

Who Won't Be Listened To?

Mary K. Kendall's voice will fall on deaf ears. Her suggestions would interfere with the flow of cash from Big Sludge to pols. Don't forget, federal regulation begins with Congress, goes to the Executive Branch and then returns with each appropriation cycle.

If regulation fails and you want reasons, then look to our elected officials and make sure you take a long historical look. It takes a lot of Congresses and Presidents to nurture decay and failure. If their acts only affected the price of horseshit in Montana, who'd care, but Wall Street and the Gulf affect us all. If you had a job and a kitchen to cook shrimp in, how much Gulf shrimp will you be seeing next month?

Interior inspector general expected to fault oil spill probe

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Talk Sucked, but the Walk is not that shabby at all!

Obama sat down with BP execs and 20 minutes later he had a $20 billion down payment on the Gulf repair job, $100 million or more for unemployed drill workers due to the drilling moratorium, and an apology from the BP chairman. Now that's 20 minutes well spent. Hmm, can we have a lot less talk and a lot more walk please.

BP preliminarily agrees to $20B escrow account to handle claims

Surprize, Surprize

The American diet sucks. It sucks huge quantities of salt, sugar, and fat into its ever expanding belly. The USDA has some new guidelines. Yep, cut back on the the bad guys and we will all be a bit healthier.

Okay, unless you eat only fresh foods you will not be able to stay in the recommended bounds. Try to figure out how much salt you get in all your food, it may startle you. Salt, too much salt, is in everything. Why? Well, if you use enough salt, sugar, and fat food manufacturers can make a turd into a tasty snack. Turds are cheap; they make a lot of money; we eat shit, tasty shit.

USDA's new dietary guidelines restrict salt, sugar and saturated fats

Obama's Bungled War

It's funny how when things go well it's the USA in action, but when it sucks, we give it to NATO.

NATO’s long-awaited summer campaign to secure Kandahar, Afghanistan’s second largest city, has begun. In its early stages, it looks little like what was anticipated months ago.

What had been described by military officers last winter as an offensive has instead opened with an effort to expand an Afghan police and government presence. The daily missions for many patrols are oriented not toward fighting but toward trying to extend influence in an area where a sprawling insurgency first took root.

So, why are we still there?

And the winning number is....

The new number is 60,000, as in barrels a day pouring into the Gulf. That is a lot of oil--42x60,000=2,520,000 gallons every day. The real number is probably larger. I'm still holding out for over 100,000 barrels (after the riser was cut). As the estimate goes up, so does BP's fine. It's a mess and it will not be over for months. Gee, this Fall school kids, when asked "what did you do this Summer?" will be able to say "I watched the BP spill live cam all Summer."

Estimates of Oil Flow Jump Higher

Future Gifts

South Carolina continues to provide national yuks with Alvin Green. However, that show has a limited run. What's next from Charleston? How about a battle of the faiths. Both candidates for Gov. may not be all that acceptable to SC voters, so expect sectarian nastiness. A Sikh/Methodist is running against a Catholic. In a preliminary test, a local cracker played the "raghead" card. South Carolinians loved it, expect more as we go into Fall.

Will religion become a weapon against Haley, Sheheen?

Oh, on Green, what it he wins agiant DeMint? That would be a gas.

Who's in charge up there?

Did you catch that the Touchdown Jesus statue was destroyed? Yep, an act of god burned Jesus to the ground. Makes you wonder, not about god, but who in their right mind would have built the damn thing in the first place.

Jesus Zapped and Fried

Oval Words

As the official BP spill rate went up again, the president addressed the nation. It was really an important speech, since he spoke from the oval office. I think it's in the Constitution that all big speeches will be given behind a desk in an odd shaped room, check it out. Oh, it may not be there explicitly, but it's an original intent thing, ask Scalia.

The speech recapped the spill. He let us know, once again, BP and the feds are working to stop the leak and everything will be made whole. Oh, in a short time BP will be sucking 90% of the spill into boats. I saw elsewhere in about three weeks they will have an 80,000 barrel a day surface tanker capacity. Hmm, hope the next upward revision stays below 89,000 barrels or they will have to add more straws and boats to hit that 90% figure.

Oh, he did remind us we have to get off of fossil fuels. He made a pitch for major change. The GOP said "No" in advance.

The speech was okay, but I'd check in with the folks in New Orleans about what it means to get a federal repair job.

In address to nation, Obama urges action on clean energy bill

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hurricane Season Preview

No, there's no hurricane in the Gulf, but there is weather.

Gulf oil spill: Lightning-ignited fire halts oil collection system [Updated]

When real weather hits, any guesses about what is going to occur?

Sometimes you need your father's Oldsmobile

The new action Army runs on Velcro. Velcro works great if you are not fighting a war on a rubble pile. Can anyone spare a button?

Sand drives Army to ditch Velcro on pants

BP Is Consistent

As BP moves to capture 80,000 barrels a day, they do add a footnote--

BP warns that its new oil collection plan has safety risks

What if....

Obama's Bungled War

We can't even achieve a decent stalemate--

Setbacks Cloud U.S. Plans to Get Out of Afghanistan

Almost Two Months

After a couple of months, this about sums up the containment and cleanup activity on the Gulf--

Yellow caution tape has been strung up on beaches to keep the news media and civilians out, only to end up in the marsh, where it could harm birds and small mammals.

Read the whole piece: Efforts to Repel Gulf Oil Spill Are Described as Chaotic

Capitalism Hall of Fame

When there is no effective competition on a product people really need, the company does not have to be concerned with how much money is wastes providing the product. As it's costs go up, all the company does is charge its captive audience more for the same (or less) product. This is sweeter than owning a government printing press. Look, the health insurance company's invisible market hand is flipping us the bird.

Commercial health insurers inaccurately process 20% of medical claims, AMA says

Oh, before anyone points to all those health insurance companies, check out your own state and see how many companies get what proportion of the business, then compare your state to other states. It's not quite a monopoly, but damned close. Can we apply some "too big to exist laws" to heath insurance companies?

Golly Gee

Bless my cheese and crackers, it appears that--

Concern on Capitol Hill about Afghanistan war grows

Okay, so what? After nine years of "the same success" there's concern? What, end the war? How can we afford to do that? Think of the unemployment! Think of the companies that would fold due to the lack of DoD business. The war reflects our national life, on the pad. We need to figure out this pad thing.

Monday, June 14, 2010

This is reform?

Lets see, "Two years ago, only 25 percent of companies participating in the annual survey said they asked employees to pay deductibles of $400 or more." Then we had all that Health Insurance Reform bullshit. Now, the percentage paying $400 or more "grew to 43 percent in 2010" and after all the reforms kick in next year, it "is expected to pass 50 percent next year." Premiums will only go up 9.5% a year. Is that the kind of change you were hoping for from Demicans and Republicrats? Our one party system is a money maker for the health insurance slugs.

Repeal is a waste, don't bother wasting your time on candidates preaching repeal--they are also owned by the Health Industry Congressional Complex (HICC). Take it back and your premiums would go up 12%+ then. As long as Congress and the White House are bought and paid for, the rest of us are SOL (that's not standards of learning). Why not have some of that evil socialized health care instead? Can we try health care reform for real? Sure, it all depends upon whom we elect to Congress. Do not reelect anyone. Send new people to the 112th Congress this November. Oh, make every Congress thereafter a really new Congress.

Take Away the Right to....

When I was reading this piece on Ted Olson's defense of gay marriage--

Olson surprises many conservatives by seeking to overturn gay-marriage ban

I had a thought. I wonder, why restrict marriage at all? One wife fine. Two hubbies, one of each gender is grand. Marriage is a cohabitation contract, the state should not abridge the right to contract in any way.

However, lets not let just anyone have children. Breeding needs to licensed. Let's stop uncontrolled breeding instead. Folks would have to show they can rear decent kids decently, get a permit, then procreate. No unwanted kids. No abused kids. If we end childhood violence imagine what our world might become. Wouldn't you rather spend time and effort on what's best for children than worry about who is hopping into bed with whom?

Before you say no, think about all those over-populated shitholes around the world. All they do is have kids and perpetuate their own misery.

Throw Away Cannon fodder

When you are able bodied cannon fodder, the military cares. However, when there's a chance that they disabled a formerly able body, then they know that that person will become a long term budget liability. At least the be-medaled boys at DoD are keeping up their proud tradition of disregarding the maimed and disabled. Has that mess at Walter Reed been cleaned up yet?

Military fails on brain-test follow-ups

California is a strange place

Successful elsewhere, 'tea party' fails to find traction in California

Will November's outcome wind up being based on which candidates have the slickest commercials?

The American Way?

Here's a piece to read and ponder upon---

MOGADISHU, Somalia — Awil Salah Osman prowls the streets of this shattered city, looking like so many other boys, with ripped-up clothes, thin limbs and eyes eager for attention and affection.

But Awil is different in two notable ways: he is shouldering a fully automatic, fully loaded Kalashnikov assault rifle; and he is working for a military that is substantially armed and financed by the United States.

Why Wage War in Shitholes?

There's only one reason, the shithole has something that the folks who purchase the services of elected officials desire. At one time it was banana plantations. Today, it's oil. Does anyone really believe we toppled Hussein just because he was a bad guy? Well, what about Afghanistan? There is no oil there, just vast wasteland of rubble, right? Uh, how about lithium?

U.S. Identifies Vast Riches of Minerals in Afghanistan

Yep, does anyone really believe the wars have been waged to protect our Constitution?

State's Rights

Why do the folks in the Gulf States want all this big federal government involvement in what they should consider to be purely a state matter. I thought red states wanted the feds out of everything. Why don't we conform with their request? Let each state deal with BP. The Feds should withdraw the Coast Guard and let the Grits boogie on down the State's rights highway. For that matter, why aren't they allowing the invisible hand of the market to fix everything? Those Southern pols have made lots of claims about the power of small business and capitalism, okay, it's time to put up. All this federal attention to the Gulf threatens their "Tobacco Road" heritage. God knows no one would want to do that, so let's not chance the Gulf becoming a Socialist basin.

BP's Solution

Will BP play the Ixtox card? Maybe. Let's see, let the oil kill off lots of living things and foul up beaches at will. Then all we have to do is wait for some hurricanes and about 30 years and it will all be back to "normal." Gee, maybe BP is just practicing "urban" renewal of the seas. When will we see the GOP spew this BS as a rationale for more "drill baby drill?" Why waste money on safety and the environment, mother nature will clean it all up for us, right?

Ixtoc: The Gulf's other massive oil spill no longer apparent

Higher Ed Costs

It's out of hand. It costs too much to go to college. I cannot imagine leaving college with $50,000 in debt. That is not healthy for any living things. Note, bankers are not living things.

For-profit colleges draw attention from regulators and millions of students

How can we fix the mess? Well, the first step is painful, but it will work in the longer run. Get government out of financing students of higher education. No grants, loans or loan guarantees, nothing, nada, zip and zilch. If government wants to fund public schools at levels all kids can afford, fine, otherwise, the schools have to compete and find real paying customers. Private schools can do what they damn well please, but there will be no tax dollars going from students to schools.

Clash of the Interests

We, the electorate, have exactly what the majority of voters desire, rampant conflict of interest masked by high minded bullshit defense foisted upon us by those we elect. We (the voting majority, about 32% of all potential voters) just elect and avoid thinking. Maybe we might begin to wonder.

...when stock and other private-sector investing on Capitol Hill is near an all-time high -- underscores an age-old concern: How to ensure that congressional leaders are acting in the interests of voters and not themselves?

There are simple solutions to these problems. Elective office is not a career, so unless you are part of the corruption machine and usually sell your vote, do not reelect anyone to any office any where any time. That's a good way to start. Bear in mind the wisdom of Kinky, when he ran for Governor of Texas (after Dubya left the state), he said about the office, "It's not that hard." How hard is it to do the right thing in the first place?

Good Question


Should You Boycott BP?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Five Myths

What about gun control?

Five myths about gun control

How do you stand? Should we register Saxons instead of swords?

Why do we have secrets?

What does this mean?

Report: Pentagon seeks WikiLeaks founder Assange, fearing cables will be published

The cables contain "information related to American diplomatic and intelligence efforts in the war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq," and they could do "serious damage to national security" if made public, government officials told the Beast.

I have a feeling it means some folks still in government will be very embarrassed by what is revealed. It seems to usually be fear of having one's ass exposed that brings out the "national security" claims. Oh, don't forget the CYA covers lots of illegal to repugnant acts committed by public officials. Stay tuned.

Fliers Take Note

If you go to the airport and you see body scanners in use, be advised. Body scanners will not detect a butt bomb. When the guy sitting next to you on the plane blows it out his ass, well, you may be kissing yours goodbye too.

New concerns arise over body scanners


BP CEO Tony Hayword must be related to Saddam Hussein. As Saddam could not deal with an invading army, so Tony cannot deal with an invasion of oil. As a last ditch defense, Saddam set oil fields on fire, now Tony is going to torch the Gulf?

Plan to burn excess oil from BP well raises health questions

There won't be tarballs on the beach, but don't book that coastal vacation yet, there won't be any air left to breathe.

The Times are Changing

I don't think this bodes well for our nation.

Long Road to Adulthood Is Growing Even Longer

Or is this just the new normal and now big deal at all?

Can We Just Wander Home Now?

1. Pakistan's main spy agency continues to arm and train the Taliban and is even represented on the group's leadership council despite U.S. pressure to sever ties and billions in aid to combat the militants, said a research report released Sunday.

2."Without a change in Pakistani behavior it will be difficult, if not impossible, for international forces and the Afghan government to make progress against the insurgency," said the report, written by Matt Waldman, a fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government.

3. I wonder is Obama will read the report and decide whose ass to kick after he finishes kicking himself in the butt. End the waste, come home and cut DoD by 75%.

BP Oil Spill Solution

Here 'tis, exactly what we need. It will be delivered on Tuesday. What is it, a super oil sponge, a monster vacuum, or an oil eating bacteria? Nah, it's President Obama, he's going to make a speech. See, don't you feel better already? Do you hope he'll turn a page for change in the Gulf?

Obama to address the nation on BP oil spill

Push and Shove

The economy is still pretty much in the crapper. Every time it seems to go up, it comes down a bit. Over all, for every yard we gain, we wind up giving back two and a half feet. The gain is slow and the upward gradient is low.

What will happen if we spend billions to keep government employees on state payrolls over the next year? If we don't keep them employed, can our recovery stay a recovery or will it just collapse? Ouch!

Then again, can we borrow more money? Can we afford to keep up the spending pace? When we owe more than we all make, what will give? Push may be coming to shove somewhere around the first Tuesday of November. I wonder who will be left standing.

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid