Saturday, June 26, 2010

Food That Killls

Well, maybe not quite kills this time. It stinks to high heaven and can give you the runs. Well, come to think of it, if you get a serious case of the trots, it can kill you. Who recalled 28 million boxes of cereal? Bless my Snap, Crackle and Pop it's Kelloggs. I wonder how much money they thought they were saving on liners? Does any company consistently make what they claim they make?

Kellogg recalls smelly cereal, P&G recalls Scope

It is hurricane season

Stating the obvious--

Storm Could Disrupt Effort in Gulf

Pope Ratzy's Funhouse

Ratzy I is all talk and no walk. He said he was sorry and would make sure his organization changed. The Church would cooperate and do what it takes to root out all their employees who violated their vows of celibacy. Well, the Belgians have taken an investigatory walk, oops, the Pope balked. In other words the Church, remains, as always, full of bullshit. I wonder what it now means to say "I'm a believer?"

Vatican Criticizes Raid on Belgian Church Offices

Need a Second Head?

No, okay, then maybe an extra arm or leg? Eat the new and improved Salmon. It's been genetically modified and is on the way to your mutational system. Feed it to your kids and watch grow real fast. They might become Olympic class swimmers too. Of course all their new scales might be a problem. Do fish get zits?

Oh, not really, but it's fun to fantasize about toxic, mutagenic foods. Maybe it will just make us all Zombies instead.

Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table

Legacies Are Quite Mucilaginous

Obama has discovered something about legacies, they stick like shit. No matter how hard you try, you just can't get that sticky shit off yourself. How did our master talker make this discovery?

It began in his campaign for the Presidency. He looked at Gitmo and said, "this shit has to go." He made a promise, but he was just a candidate. He won. The Shrub left office. He left gifts. One was Gitmo. Gitmo, won't go, it's a legacy. The Shrub left Obama and us all some real sticky shit down there in Cuba.

Closing Guantánamo Fades as a Priority

Anyone know the half life of sticky shit?

Cars that kill update

Have you ever wanted a Molotov cocktail on wheels? Did you miss out on the Pinto? Well, Toyota must have figured there was a market of rich people with suicidal tendencies who want upscale Pintos. Yep, the Lexus can spill gas in a crash. Brings back the good old days of tough minded management, when Ford discovered that wrongful death lawsuits are cheaper than building safe cars. Toyota quality, comes what, second, third, or not at all?

Toyota to recall Lexus hybrid over fuel spills

Would you pay Lexus prices for a Pinto?

Who Done It?

We don't know, yet. But, hell, it could have been Karzai and his cronies, the Taliban, al Qaeda, or one of our "Ooops, sorry 'bout thats." This war is so FUBAR!

Afghan gov't: Blast rocks Kabul's diplomatic area

Famous Waterboarder Hospitalized

Yeah, Cheney is in the hospital.

I have trouble being charitable with this guy. Is his next stop hell?

I Was Waiting for This

The mighty bemedaled Stan did no wrong. He was wronged by the evil, liberal, media. Hey it was "Rolling Stone," so throw in hippie and druggie media too. Yep, he was deceived. Bless my rats and curses! The reporter and Rolling Stone conned him and his staff. Okay, if that bullshit were true, then he still needed to be removed, but for other reasons. In simplest terms, the guy in charge needs to be able to tell shit from Shinola. Either way you cut it, he lacked the insight, judgment, and attention to detail needed to run the Shrub's legacy in Afghanistan.

Gen. McChrystal allies, Rolling Stone disagree over article's ground rules

Media Matters

Here's a bit on Beck from Media Matters.

Only two months until Glenn Beck brings the civil rights movement "back to its conservative white roots"

This week, when Glenn Beck wasn't busy smearing President Obama and George Soros with blatantly false and absurd conspiracy theories or devoting entire shows to defending Joe McCarthy's legacy, he was promoting his upcoming 8-28 rally in Washington, D.C.

After Beck discovered that he accidentally scheduled the rally on the 60th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech, he saw a great opportunity to engage in his favorite pastime: delusional self-promotion.

According to Beck, his rally's scheduling was "almost divine providence" because King's legacy has been "corrupted." As a result, Beck has repeatedly characterized his rally as a way to "reclaim the civil rights movement," saying things like "we were the people that did it in the first place." As usual, every Beck story needs a villain, and he has blamed the "distortion" of the civil rights movement on -- you guessed it -- "progressives." As Stephen Colbert put it: "Finally, someone is bringing Martin Luther King's movement back to its conservative white roots"

As reported by Media Matters' Will Bunch, top U.S. civil rights leaders have accused Beck of "hijacking" King's legacy, and have planned a counter-rally the same day as Beck's.

According to Beck, his rally "will be remembered in American history as the turning point," and "is going to be one for the history books," because it will be seen in 100 or 200 years as the "moment America turned the corner."

Based on the way Beck has promoted the rally, hopefully this "turning point" will be the moment everyone in the country stopped taking Beck seriously.

Who listens to Beck? Why?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crazy People

It's a a good day for coverage of the batshit crazy folk in Congress.

First--Hezbollah on the Mexican border,

Second, U.S. born but raised as jihadis,

Third, Muslims, NIMBY that per MLK

and Fourth, J.D. Hayworth

Note: they are all Republicans.

Thriller we won't see

We will not be able to see much. We will be able to see success though. What is it? It's the latest on the the BP spill.

Today, BP announced that it has begun using sensitive electronic equipment to detect differences in the rock's electromagnetic field in an effort to pinpoint the metal pipes inside the wellbore. Based on what they find, they'll make adjustments every few hundred feet in an effort to intercept those pipes and kill the gusher by pumping it full of tons of heavy drilling mud and then concrete.

The stakes riding on those adjustments are enormous, and the chance of failure, at least on the first try, is huge.

Bets on success? Will they hit the target? Okay, given they hit the target, will they be able to seal the damn thing? Ah, that 's a very different bet, isn't it? What happens if they cannot shut the damn thing off?

Don't Drink the Water

9 out of 10 generals agree, they'd rather command able bodied cannon fodder. The one general who disagreed must be a Marine. Yep, the Marines are the few and the proud, provided they don't drink the water at Camp Lejeune. Hell, it's a tradition that goes back to 1943. Benzene does not build strong bodies in any way.

Documents: Tanks leaked fuel near Camp Lejeune well

This is military leadership? Okay, now About Afghanistan....

Porn Update

Porn lovers agree, it would be lot easier to find the sleaze in a .XXX world. The idea was nixed, but it's back. Get ready, with one little domain name change, a $13 billion a year enterprise will even easier to access.

Porn sites closer to .xxx Web address


He begins:

Ivan Seidenberg is chief executive of Verizon Communications and the current chairman of the Business Roundtable, the authoritative voice for big business in the United States. So when he showed up at the Economic Club of Washington this week to blame the Obama administration's economic and regulatory policies for the lack of job growth and business investment, it drew a lot of attention -- and a lot of nodding heads from his big-business buddies.

If you actually read his speech and the accompanying 49-page bill of particulars, however, it would become clear that Seidenberg is anything but the economic statesman he fancies himself to be. Rather, he revealed himself to be nothing more than a corporate hack peddling the much-discredited country-club nonsense that what's good for corporate cash flow is good for America. His presentation was so riddled with hyperbole, junk economics and logical inconsistencies that it will be a long while before anyone in Washington takes him, or the Business Roundtable, seriously again.

Read the rest here.


What is with all this chopping off of heads?

Bodies found beheaded in southern Afghanistan

When's the next crash?

The Shrub was president when elected officials and Wall Street greedheads tanked our economy. Everybody agreed, we un-regulated ourselves into the septic tank. The same sleazeballs who un-did law have now decided we need some new law.

After a couple of years they have sort of agreed on a bastardized financial reform bill. Assuming it passes both chambers, self praise will resonate on cable news for at least 24 hours. We should be very cautious when elected officials tell us what a great job they have done fixing something they broke.

While it would not fundamentally alter the shape of Wall Street or break up the nation's largest firms, the legislation would establish broad new oversight of the financial system.

Does "broad" inspire confidence in you? Start your office pool, how long will it take for these same bozos to gut a broad provision, for a fee? Fee? No, oh, it's will be a donation, okay. Do you feel shat upon yet?

What's Next in the Gulf?

As we ooze our way through the third month of BP's Gulf oil spill, we know there's a lot more than 1,000 barrels of crude flowing into the ocean every day. We have a pretty good idea of BP's limited ability to drill safely much less clean up their mess. We also know this is going to cost BP billions. We also know it takes more than one BP to screw up this badly, they had accomplices. Let the litigation begin!

Firms in gulf drilling are working to limit liability in spill

No Quid, No Quo

Let's face the unemployed don't contribute to "elect me" funds or give to leaderships PACS, so they really do not matter. They must be an inconvenience in hard economic times. War, on the other hand, is supported by generous corporate donations.

How many tax dollars are spent every day on Iraq and Afghanistan? How much is spent on the unemployed? Your tax dollars, your call, what will it be?

Senate again rejects expanded spending package

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why The Wars Persist

Why have our wars dragged on and on? That's simple. There is a gold in all that death and destruction. Think not? Then read this--

CIA hires Xe, formerly Blackwater, to guard facilities in Afghanistan, elsewhere

Does anyone think peace is good for companies that profit from war?

A New Kind of Fence?

Will we arm the drones and waste illegals on their way in? How many drones would it take to secure the border?

Obama administration announces new border security measures


Al Gore and Tipper have split. If the allegations are true, she won't e standing by her man and her man won't be apologizing to her. Did Al Gore have a zipper problem?

No charges in Portland sex claim against Gore

Still Looking Number One in November

The jobless numbers don't change that much. It remains ugly. If it persists into the Fall, then the Dems will have their asses handed to them in Nov.

Jobless claims drop but remain at elevated levels

A Modest Suggestion

Since, Obama's Afghan strategy remains plagued by problems I have a proposal. McCrystal is out, but he hated everyone above him. Petraeus will problably take over, but he hates everyone above him too. Petraeus is smarter than McCrystal, he will not say anything moronic to a Rolling Stone reporter.

Not much will change in the war, except for the guy in charge. The mess will just continue to get morassier. I am not sure what a minimal stalemate is, but that's the highlight of possible outcomes as long as we keep depending on G.I.Joe to solve diplomatic and police problems. Oh, my proposal, that'seasy, it's get out now. Let Petraeaus declare victory, come home, and lead a parade.

What Color Are Polar Bears?

First take note. BP sprung a 100,000 barrel a day leak in the Gulf. It's been spewing for over 2 months. They have not plugged the well. BP broke the containment system that was capturing some of the crude. We're back to a Gulf that is all BP oil all the time, until they repair the cap. The coastal areas are covered in crud. It's taken this long to get organized and give the appearance of doing some good. Okay with the recent track record would you let BP drill in the Artic on a man made island they've built three miles off the coast--that's so it's an "onshore" well and not regulated as a deepwater well? BP skirted regulation and shirked safety in the Gulf. BP is getting our from under regulation in the Arctic, we already know about BP and safety.

So what color are the bears? They are white today but will soon become black bears. Should we stockpile Dawn? Has anyone got experience degreasing polar bears?

BP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling That Some Call Risky

The Young and the Stupid Update

Do you remember the five young guys from Fairfax, Va. who hopped on a plane, landed in Pakistan and tried to get their personal jihadi on? The morons were arrested. Now they have been tried, convicted, and sentenced to 10 years in a Paki slammer. The government may appeal to obtain 20 years each. Ouch!

Pakistan has an excess of local crazies. The government must not cotton to radical out of state agitators.

Pakistani court sentences 5 N.Va. men to at least 10 years in prison

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swap Meet

ObamaCo has swapped Petraeus for McCrystal.

Regulatory Failure

We all know now that the MMS abetted the BP oil spill. We also know that ObamaCo said they would clean up the MMS mess. They have done it! They fired the woman who was appointed to head MMS last June. That was step 1.

Now they have finished the job, step 2 is complete. How could they work that fast? How many inspectors and investigators worked overtime to fix the mess? Answer, none.

Ken Salazar and boss Barack looked, saw the problem and corrected it. Yep they cleaned up MMS. They did it so well, it no longer exists. They fixed the problem by re-naming the agency. Hooray for bureaucracy!

Bye bye MMS and hello Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, (BOEMRE). Hey, why didn't they name it BOREME?

New Drilling Agency Will Have Investigative Arm

I am sure the problems in Health Care Finance Admin (HCFA) were solved when Bush renamed it CMS. Will BOREME follow CMS's trail? Oh, shit, here comes more spillage.

Okay Dudley, Your Turn

As Hayward relaxes on his yacht the new guy has a surprize to explain to us. Yep, all the crude is now going into the Gulf. The aces at BP damaged their containment cap and once again share all the oil with Gulf residents. BP is such bunch of friendly, sharing folk.

Cap removed from leaking BP oil well

Now about all those other wells the local judge put back online....

Do You Check Lists?

Here's a book you might be interested in, particularly if you or your staff make the same mistakes more than once. It's about check lists. Let's face it, no matter how slick (professional, I guess) most of think we, we screw up (good thing we don't fly 747s). If we want to minimize bad outcomes, then check lists might be a good idea.

Book World: Review of The Checklist Manifesto, by Atul Gawande

Jet engines keep falling on my head

If you fly American Airlines, or any other airline, and you go aloft in a 767, you might want to read this piece.

American Airlines reinspects 56 planes after cracks found

They must smell something

What does this mean--

The chairman of the Business Roundtable, an association of top corporate executives that has been President Obama's closest ally in the business community, accused the president and Democratic lawmakers Tuesday of creating an "increasingly hostile environment for investment and job creation."

Oh, I think the corporate greedheads smell a change in power coming in Nov. It must be time for them to grease the gears for a shift from Demican to Republicrat pols. I wonder what they will be saying if something occurs which yields negligible losses for the Dems? I bet they have their talking points ready for all contingencies. Has the cash kept up with the rhetoric?

Business leaders say Obama's economic policies stifle growth

Drill Baby, Drill

The judge said bore on. I bet Obama flipped him the bird when he heard--

Judge blocks Obama moratorium on deep-water drilling

Now, I wonder what will happen if another deepwater well blows while the current one is still spewing crude? How much oil would have flow into the Gulf before everybody agreed we need to stop?

Runs Cleanup

Now we know that Nikki Haley is just Sikh enough for SC Goopers. She will run for Gov. I wonder if she will find a soulmate in a couple of years--if she wins.

Oh, also in SC, the Strom Thrumond era may finally be over--the black guy won against the descendent.

In Utah, Dems voted for the Republican running for reelection as a Democrat. Jim Matheson won his primary, the Democrat lost.

And Utah GOOPERS showed they prefer ultra-batshit-crazy to just batshit crazy. The TPish guy, Lee won over the GOPish guy, Bridgewater. Hmm, I bet voters went with the easier to pronounce name.

Nikki Haley wins South Carolina primary, Rep. Bob Inglis loses

To Alienate or Not to Alienate

Will Obama hand Stan his butt? If he fires the guy, will the rest of the military take a dislike to the Prez? We need to remember a few things. The only voices that matter in the military are officers, senior officers. Senior officers come in factions. McCrystal has his faction--they advance as he advances.

Look, it's no different than politics anywhere else. So the idea of alienating the military has to be broken down in sub-industries within DoD. Why sub-industries? Well that's so we don't lose sight of the Military Industrial Complex too.

Sub-industries compete to maintain their advantage and live, if not long, at least quite prosperously. Don't forget, Dems don't dominate the senior DoD ranks, so there has been no love lost from the get go of ObamaCo. What is alienation? Well, it's more like a change of power from one party to the other in our various levels of government.

The military is about as monolithic as the Dems or the GOP. Damn, no wonder it's been nines of utter rubbledom, the military has become as effective at war as the Dems and GOPs are at governing. So, you tell me, does it matter if alienation occurs?

Obama has free rein to act on McChrystal, but system is still complex

General McBoingBoing

Have you read " The Runaway General " yet. I'd suggest everyone read that piece before they start making comments on whether Obama should can this guy's ass or not.

Here's a piece from the Post on teh mess--Obama orders McChrystal back to Washington after remarks about U.S. officials

Should McYouLetRollingStoneintoYourOffice be fired? Should he go back to fighting the nine year old stalemate?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Here Tis

Here is the Rolling Stone Piece on McCrystal--

The Runaway General


I guess the majority of folks think Obama gives good talks, but never learned how to walk. If he had plans, he has not implemented them. If he did implement them, then his management really sucks.

Yep, once again Obama tanks on Jobs, the Economy and the BP Oil Spill. But half of us still think he's cool. I wonder if our cool assessment derives from thoughts about what McAncient would have been like or maybe it's from anxious thoughts of possible futures. Come on, can you name a leading Republican you really want to see live at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? Does Palin fear induce Obama affection?

Poll Finds Deep Concern About Energy and Economy

Crazy people can be young or old

Arizonia has an interesting race, McCain vs. Hayworth. McAncient is on the run. McNasty is not sufficiently crazy for Arizonians, so they found a gem in Hayplop. Haypile is genuinely batshit crazy and will do anything to get the nod. Hm, McOld is just that too old, so the good folks are looking for a new McCain. Hey, will we see a new face from AZ? We might, but outside of AZ, who'll even notice, they are both loons. Come on, McTurd and Hayturd, what's the diff?

McCain Is Now Running Just to Stay in Place

More Transparency is On the Way!

It's not from any part of ObamaCo. No, it's coming from Wikileaks! Wikileaks may have a new installment of what we did in the Afghanistan War, as in wastage and collateral damage (that's killing civilians).

Ah, war, ain't it grand. Well, yeah, as long as no one back home really knows what we're doing. War is death. War is destruction. War is politics by other means. War is hell. The documents and video clips should not bother anyone who boosts war--it's how we're making ourselves safe. Oh, don't forget this is how we have decided to defend freedom and preserve the Constitution. Weird ain't it.

Wikileaks plans to release files about deadly U.S. airstrike on Afghan civilians

Warlord, Inc.?

This is no way to fight any kind of war--

The U.S. military is funding a massive protection racket in Afghanistan, indirectly paying tens of millions of dollars to warlords, corrupt public officials and the Taliban to ensure safe passage of its supply convoys throughout the country, according to congressional investigators.

Why don't we hire replacements for our troops, hire bad guys, and pay them to kill each other while we're at it.

I expect ObamaCo to defend this mess. Why, Obama might give a speech. I expect the GOP to praise the military and boost the war, but question the tactic. The GOP has to find a way to be for war but trash Obama. I expect most of the Dems to follow their leader. I do not expect much protest at all, it is an election year and the MIC has bought themselves a Congress and a White House.

U.S. indirectly paying Afghan warlords as part of security contract

Been There, Done That

Will we see a platoon of new commanders in the Afghanistan ground? We might. There is an article upcoming in this week's Rolling Stone that features Gen. McCrystal and his bemedaled buddies trashing the Commander in Chief, the Veep, and in general Obama's admin. Ouch! The guy has to be an idiot to give such an interview and allow it to come to print. If what is mentioned in this article is in the Rolling Stone piece, then Afghanistan had better become a McCrystal free zone. Last time I looked, the President is Commander in Chief of the military, I guess McCrystal forgot.

No, the trashing has to volitional, deliberate and intended for some purpose. Oh, my god, can Dick Cheney have recommended it as a way to have Petraeus run as the GOP nominee in 2012.

I wonder what McCrystal would do to a subordinate who trashed him in a national publication like Rolling Stone?

Gen. Stanley McChrystal summoned to Washington following magazine profile

Monday, June 21, 2010

Utah Dems

Will the typical Utah Dem vote for Matheson? You betcha! Utah does have two church approved parties. They are the extreme batshit crazy Mormons (Republicans elsewhere) and just crazy Mormons (Democrats in Utah, but also Republicans elsewhere). Will Uthans take a chance on a real Democrat in tomorrow's primary? Nah, unless the Prophet says it's okay (then you won't lose your Temple admission chit).

A Test for Democratic Blue Dog Jim Matheson in Utah


Too bad Medicare wasn't included in the Dem's Health Insurance Reform Act. Look, Medicare is government health insurance, but the Health Reform Act is only a benefit for private health insurance companies. Wow, they really are going to kill Granny after all, and it didn't cost the price of a death panel.

Doctors limit new Medicare patients

Crazy Folks Abound

Did you get your Solstice on? All you need is a calendar and a lot of really big domino shaped rocks--

New Agers, neo-pagans see Stonehenge solstice

Hey, do they bless themselves by saying "I can play dominoes better than you can."

Hey it's the same guy in charge of foreign and domestic policy!

And what is that guy's name? Why, it's George W. Obama! I guess you could say we have a closet shrub in the White House.

After President Barack Obama took office, Homeland Security said that immigration authorities would focus on removing convicted foreign criminals -- a shift that initially encouraged those who saw it as a prelude to legalization of the nation's estimated 10.8 million undocumented immigrants.

But now Homeland Security is under fire by disillusioned activists who believe the Obama administration is only paying lip service to a different strategy, and that in reality it is detaining criminal and noncriminal immigrants the same way the administration of George W. Bush did.

New Party Time?

The GOP is splintering. The Dems are going a couple of directions. Is it time for the Wall Street Democrats and Republicans to admit they are both subsidiaries of the same corporations and are effectively, one party already? It might be.

The teabaggers and evangefundies can take the extreme right. The progressives and libs can cover the extreme left. The middle is already under contract. Yes, we need a Batshit Crazy party. We need a Kumbayah party. We already have a Sleazeball party, but will they want to be called Demicans or Republicrats? Can we get this done by Labor Day?

Both GOP and Democrats are split by internal divisions

Comedy of Crude Errors

If it was not so damnably bad, the Gulf spill could be cast as a farcical Western. An oater featuring the greedy rancher, BP, it's hired cowboy goons, Transocean, an inept, drunken dependent Marshall, Minerals Management Service all brought to justice by a new lawman with a strange sounding name--Barack O'bama.

We have years of conscious, premeditated, risk taking for no reason other than absolute profit maximization. Even in the face of other failures, BP kept defining the best failsafe devices as the cheapest they could get away with. Their hired guns and well paid Marshall abetted their actions. The risks and costs of system failure were kicked down the road. Once again private profit was buttressed by public risk. A failsafe device is not much of a device if it's loaded with single points of failure and lacks redundant components to prevent a well from blowing out.

It's disgusting to learn the 1979 IXTOC 1 blowout failsafe B.O.P failed like the one we see on cable news gushing 60,000 plus barrels every day today. I'd say everybody was asleep at the switch, except there was no switch, BP said it was too expensive.

Here's a long piece on the mess and the failed device. It's worth a read.

Lapses Found in Oversight of Failsafe Device on Oil Rig

Pope Ratzy's Funhouse

Pope Ratzy's crowd has promised to clean up the pedophile employee problem. Oh, they've also promised to help clean up a church real estate scandal. Hmm, in 2,000 years does anyone know of one scandal they've ever cleaned up? Oh, well, I hope the faithful enjoy the 13th century. Is faithful a synonym for dumbshit?

Vatican pledges help in Italian corruption probe

Comedy Central, SC Chapter

What's the burning question in SC as they head into the GOP Gubernatorial runoff election Tuesday? Okay, here's the question, it's "how sikh is Nikki Haley?" Does her sikhness mean she won't be able to do the job? I didn't realize fundamental health was such a concern amongst SC voters.

Gubernatorial candidate Haley withstands S.C. whispering campaign

$20 Bil Slushfund for Pols

I think we know more about the oil BP spilled in the Gulf than we do on their money that's flowing in Washington. The lobbying dollars are gushing. Can we get a live action camera on all the cash? What's the estimate, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or 100,000 dollars a day? As the green gushes forth, who cleans it up? What Congresstype's skimmers have collected how much from whom? As the Gulf's environment is destroyed by corporate greed, our political life continues to be degraded by the same crowd. Will it ever change? Nah, we created it and we maintain it at the ballot box.

BP, Transocean tap a well of Washington lobbyists and consultants

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Afghan Assessment

Gates: Afghanistan a 'tough pull,' but improving

Uh, what can I say?

Jake to Gates: BULLSHIT!

The Other Living Legacy

After how many lives, how much money and how many years, this is our return--

2 blasts rock S. Afghanistan in weekend violence

The Living Legacy

Do the put all those liberty chips we spread around Iraq in their car bombs? Iraq is moving towards something. It might be a Shitte version of Saddam Hussein. If it is, will be do Shock and Awe II?

Car bombs near bank in Baghdad kill at least 26 people