Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beans by Jake

Here’s a vegetarian recipe that is quite tasty I found somewhere this week..

Make a dressing of

1/4 c. olive oil
1 Tbsp+ Red Wine Vinegar to taste
1/4 c. minced sun dried tomatoes (oil based or if dry, reconstituted)

Mix up dressing and pour over a can of cannellini beans (rinsed and drained white kidney beans). Let it sit for a couple of hours.

Just before you serve add chopped onion, minced garlic, and a chiffonade of basil. If you like, add some grated peccorino cheese. It‘s good room temp, cold, or nuked to warm.

Serve with a nice red wine.

Breaking 2nd Amendment News

Colt has introduced a new gun. No permits or licenses required in any jurisdiction. It's the Colt Suppository Turd-K7 (CSTK7)gun. If you are dumb enough to shove it up your ass, then who's going to argue with you? We'll let you keep it hidden away, you can bare your arms in the privacy of your own home, please. Oh, there is a safety note, be sure the safety is on before you pack it. Each CSTK7 comes with small sample of a lubricious butt butter balm for easy "holstering." Start packing today!

Independence from China?

74% know we declared our independence from Great Britan. The other 26% don't know or think it was some other country. Are the 26% Glen Beck and Rushbo's audience?

Marist poll

BP Lite

If you are planning a Florida Keys or Miami beach vacation, you might not want to wait. BP, will be sending its oil to an east coast beach soon. All those million of gallons of crude have got to go somewhere, so why not the Atlantic?

Gulf oil spill likely to reach Florida Keys, Miami, report says

What's Appening?

Are you a true believer? Or perhaps you don't give a rats about the divine. Do you have a iPhone? If you do, then the god squad has an app for you, several of them. Oh, you know that if god ever existed, he died a long time back, hey, don't despair, there's an app for you too. What kind of people will install these apps on their phone?

There’s an App for That

Don't forget that Bush legacy, a.k.a., Iraq

In August combat operations are supposed to end. By December we're supposed to have only 50,000 troops in country. Then by the end of 2011, we're supposed to have no troops in Iraq. Bets on any of the timetable to be realized?

Let's see, combat will be renamed, stabliity operations, so there will be no combat troops, just stability forces. What about all those soldiers? Well, attach them all to the State Department and the military will no longer have any personnel assigned to Iraq. We could be gone today if we wanted to, hell, we may be gone and don't know it. Yep, the pen is mightier than the sword.

War in Iraq Defies U.S. Timetable for End of Combat

What's in the loop current?

I guess BP's oil spill must have driven the sharks out of the Gulf. Where have they gone? Oh, my, they've ridden the current and are headed up to the Massachusetts coast.

Boaters told to be alert for sharks off Northeast

Sunlight Special

If you are a fan of solar power and jobs, then Obama has a deal for you. He's given away over $2 billion to make two sun parks. The result is supposed to be new jobs and renewable energy (when the sun is shining).

The money is part of the billions we borrowed to bail the nation out of the mess caused by Congress and Wall Street greedheads. I wonder, will Goldmans find a way to securitize the investment in solar power? Can Goldmans create an energy bubble and bring the utility down? Oh, sure, there is no regulation to stop them and Enron did that for several years, so why not Goldmans?

Obama announces $2 billion for solar power


It's rollback and put back time at America's largest retailer.

Wal-Mart's U.S. merchandizing chief to leave after 4 quarters of sales declines

Friday, July 2, 2010

No Shit Sherlock Award

Okay, you would expect otherwise?

Senate GOP leader opposes Kagan

At this point who really gives a shit what the putz from Kentucky has to say. Golly, is there a story about the boy who said "No?"

Don't Lose Sight

BP is still filling the Gulf with crud. Don't forget or lose sight about this mess. Keep abreast of the disaster at NOLA.COM.

Now about that Gulf seafood....


I am so glad the GOP picked Michel Steele to be chairman of the RNC. He is a gift that keeps on giving. Democrats love his presents. However, even the batshit crazy trogs are getting embarrassed. I hope they get over it. May Mr. Steele stay in office for a very long time.

RNC's Steele backtracks after Afghan war remarks

BP Has a Plan

Given BP's track record, should they be allowed to put a new and improved cap on their well that is spilling crude into the Gulf? If they do so, 60,000 to 100,000 barrels will be flowing into the Gulf every day for a week or more. If they don't well, they'll keep on blowing some into the water and sucking the rest up to ships. Hm, will the relief well succeed? Don't forget hurricanes figure in this mess too. Oh, if the well is damaged and they apply top pressure, will there be numerous little blow outs all over surrounding seabed? Can BP wreck the Gulf permanently?

BP, Obama administration must decide soon whether to switch oil containment caps

It's Time

The only reason some folks, who will do anything for power, decided to blow up a Sufi shrine in because of a relationship between Pakistani and American governments? If that's not quite a sufficient enough reason, throw in the existence of Afghanistan too. Without those preconditions, folks are sure life would be a bed of roses. We can't fight logic like that, it's similar to dealing with the GOP at home. But, in Pakistan and Afghanistan, we can leave and let them enjoy the roses. Watch out for thorns after we're gone, they are home grown.

Pakistanis blame US after shrine attack kills 42

Crazy People With Money

How can pols fleece crazy people? Oh, that's easy, all they have to do is sound crazier than the folks with spare green. Does it work? In an affluent nation of 300,000,000 people you bet your money clip it does. Want to run for office? Then go find your niche--let our your inner loon--and donations will come your way. See, anyone can afford to be a Representative.

Politicians' harsh words pull in campaign funds

Tea Sandwiches

The more I read about the teabaggers, the more I am reminded of the Klan in the 1920s and Father Coughlin in the 1930s. All they seem to be do is re-work and simplify GOP slogans and bullet points into something "new." Look, you can call it a dung burger, but a shit sandwich, is still a shit sandwich. Because you like the sound of "dung," you'd eat a shit sandwich? Bon Appetit! I wonder who is making how much money off catering to the teapot crowd?

What is the Tea Party? A growing state of mind

Will the teabaggers be around after this year? Will they be absorbed by the GOP?

We reap what we sow

For years we have been deskilling the nation. We have dumbed down work. Lots of the dumbed down lost their jobs in the current recession. Now, employers are hiring, but they cannot use the army of the unemployed--they don't have the skills. So much for the energy employment solution.

Factory Jobs Return, but Employers Find Skills Shortage

Union Busting?

In California, the Gov., to get his way, will pay state employees minimum wage.

Schwarzenegger puts 200,000 California workers on minimum wage

Gulf waters?

Oil is in the Gulf food chain now. BP oil has been found in crab larvae. I guess this means, if you like your seafood fried, it will all come pre-greased. And it will for years.

Will you eat Gulf seafood tomorrow, or the next day, or next year? How will BP pay for this damage?

Oil found in Gulf crabs

What will the Supremes have to say?

The Supremes, Roberts and the Robes, insured that guns are hear to stay. They zapped D.C. gun laws. Thous shalt not control your neighbors gun (on federal turf)! Then they said "every Johnny and Jane can pack heat." However, Mayor Daley, says "Bullshit!" Is there going to be showdown on the shore of Lake Michigan?

Chicago Mayor Daley plans strict handgun law

This may get interesting. Bets?

And in sunny Kunduz

There won't be quite as much governance and community development work done by USAID contractors today. Taliban suicide bombers blew up their compound and killed a few of the workers. How many contractors are in Afghanistan? Why? Is this a war or just a way to transfer tax dollars from the Treasury to contracting organizations? Can we even obtain a stalemate? Exactly where does all the money go?

USAID compound attacked in Afghanistan; 4 killed


Here are some of the statements presented at Kagan's hearings by a few military types. When I read this, basically, I just heard the GOP "No" being articulated. However, they did make a good case that we insure the military stay under civilian control and that Congress continue to make law for all branches of government. As a vet, I have no problem with Kagan and Harvard. As a vet, I think DADT is wrong and never should have been implemented. Oh, don't forget the real problem with the military, it's the military industrial congressional complex and the War Powers Act.

Military members hit Kagan on recruiter ban

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rigged Data

Aw, come on. This cannot be true. The worst president was Andrew Jackson? Then come Buchanan, Harding, Pierce and finally Dubya? The others were bad, but the Shrub, the Shrub was the worst forever. He's a pro at bad. He cannot be #39. We all know he was bad. I mean bad, bad, bad. What's wrong with these presidential scholars? Bunch of putzes.

American Presidents: Greatest and Worst

How to judge a district

Michelle Bachmann is, to be polite, a loon. She opens her mouth and the most amazing assertions plop out. He words and behavior are motivated by her desire to keep her job. If she does and says what voters desire, then they will vote for her. So, most voters in her district agree that Social Security is broke and is tapping the general fund in the federal till (or that's what they want to hear).

She may be bright enough, but her constituents, well they need to be judged by what their Rep says and does, after all they elected her. Hmm, the term dumbshits comes to mind. Bachmann is not the problem, the problems is all those voters.

Bachmann says Social Security is running a deficit and borrowing from the general treasury

The Cost of "NO"

Here 'tis, this is what we get when we reelect pols--

Initial claims for unemployment benefits rose last week for the second time in three weeks. At the same time, more than a million people have lost benefits and more could be cut off now that Congress has failed to extend federal jobless aid.

New claims for benefits jumped by 13,000 to a seasonally adjusted 472,000, the Labor Department said Thursday The four-week average, which smooths fluctuations, rose to 466,500, its highest level since March.

Claims have remained stuck above 450,000 since the beginning of the year. That has heightened concerns among economists that jobs remain scarce even as the economy has begun to recover from the worst recession since the 1930s.

The nation's problems are not addressed when job number one is getting reelected. Both parties play this game. They play it at our expense.

The Legacy Continues

The Shrub decided to plant the seeds of liberty and democracy in the Arabic Middle East. Manure spreaders were converted to spread liberty chips. He covered Iraq in chips. It cost a bundle. How'd it go? Has a young democracy sprouted? Have a thousand little shrubs begun to grow? Uh, I think it's still a barren desert--

Killers Stalk Politicians as Iraq Seeks Government

Some Days You Just Have to Wonder

Remember FEMA and the trailers that will kill you? We taxpayers bought a slug of those formaldehyde heaven rigs. Yep, we had to mothball them. They are not fit for use has housing. But then, what's a little formaldehyde to BP and the folks hired to clean up the BP oil spill? I guess if you can survive the stench on the beach, the trailer smells okay. Why didn't we just destroy the damn things? I guess FEMA is exempt from federal regulations.

Banned Trailers Return for Latest Gulf Disaster

Starvation by Design?

If you have no work then you have no income. If you have no income then you cannot feed yourself. Oh, unemployment benefits will keep you fed. Oops, the GOP has decided to screw you, so back to starvation.

The GOP must figure if they cause enough pain, voters will just blame the incumbents. Does starvation causes memory loss? That does not say much for either the GOP or voters now does it? Yep, the GOP, hurting millions just for the cool offices.

No work, and now no safety net

GOP Bullshit

Even when a GOOPER says the word "no" it's BS. So, when you hear them utter a complete sentence, not a thought, just a sentence, you know it's complete hooey. What's their poop these days? Oh, the Jones Act. Yep, the trogs have been blasting Obama on this one. The only problem is, as usual, what they say is 100%, USDA, certified, Grade A, Prime Bullshit.

GOP's false talking point: Jones Act blocks Gulf help

Chill Out

The world needs to ice it's politics a bit. We'd all be a bit better off, less stress at least, if we allowed a bit of Icelandic ways into our societies.

Icelandic leader in milestone gay marriage

Note: we also need to ice our climate.

Does Iceland have any batshit crazy evangefundies?

Where will they gather?

In 2012 the mighty Dems will nominate a candidate for the 2012 presidential election. I wonder who will it be? Well, if who is not really a question, then where will convocate?

Democrats considering 4 cities for 2012 convention

Third World State

Well, kind of. It's Arizona. Their new law, SB 1070, will be implemented this month. If you look Swedish, but are an illegal, you'll be safe. However, if you are a citizen and appear to be of Mexican descent, you might want to take a vacation somewhere other than AZ. Got papers?

The nation's top civil liberties group on Wednesday issued travel alerts for Arizona, saying the state's new law cracking down on illegal immigrants could lead to racial profiling and warrantless arrests.

Labels for everything

Should cell phones be labeled with radiation warnings? I can see it now, the mandated label, which must be legible to anyone, is so verbose, say 1200 words, that it will require a larger phone. Oh, god, we'll all have to carry around land line sized cell phones. Is this government on our ears?

Actually it's probably a good idea to do a bit more study on possible radiation and health. Is it appropriate today to require a warning on, I assume, the box? Jumping to label conclusions seems to rely on the the first law of Sociology, after all, "Some do, some don't." I'm not sure this is good science. Should labels be required when there is no consensus?

Kucinich to introduce bill for cell phone radiation research, warning label

Toyota Still Sucks

Gee, it's been a week and no news about crappy cars from Toyota. Belay that! Toyota has come through again, they are recalling more cars!

This time customers have cars with engines that quit running while they're driving. I wonder, was this a fix for the cars that would not stop? If the accelerator sticks then Toyota has the engine stop cold? Okay, that might work, provided the steering still works and you don't crash, spill gas, and your Toyota transforms into a giant barbecue.

Toyota says 270,000 vehicles have faulty engines

We were fed a line of BS about too big to fail, so we bailed. Well, maybe it's really too big to be good. Cars, financial houses, yep, size matters.

$27 billion later and what do we get?

1. Afghan President Hamid Karzai has agreed to send a group of military officers to Pakistan for training

2. The move is a victory for Pakistan, which seeks a major role in Afghanistan as officials in both countries become increasingly convinced that the U.S. war effort there is faltering.

3. Some key U.S. officials involved in Afghanistan said they knew nothing of the arrangement.

Is this the new and improved strategy for stalemate in 2010? Did Obama and Petraeus design it or is it a gift from what's his name, McCrystal?

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

They're not able bodied cannon fodder any more

The VA keeps having these moments of "oops." The problem is when the VA goes oops, veterans die. Now it's VA dentists. They are passing along HIV and a host of other goodies to their patients. There is no excuse. Check lists and SOP works. Folks who get creative and do not follow them need to be on the receiving end of the disease ridden treatment.

VA hospital may have infected 1,800 veterans with HIV

Whom do we thank?

I don't understand how folks can back any of the jackasses in Congress or their parties. Yet, we do. I guess we just have an aversion too little things like facts, reason, and logic. The recession was the result of a collusion of politicians in Congress and the the White House, greedheads on Wall Street, and the ever patriotic American voter. Hell, if 75% had been affected by the economy, we'd still elect the same schmucks and wonder why life keeps on sucking.

Recession cut into employment for half of working adults, study says

Again and Again and Again.

Albert Einstein: "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".

NATO retools in a key mission (again): Building an Afghan police force

And Well They Should, But For the Wrong Reasons

With federal stimulus funds running out, economic worries grow

Just as we're getting ready to climb out the economic septic tank, the party of no and teabag loons are trying to guide us into another recession. If they succeed, this time it will persist for a decade for more. Balancing the books and debt paranoia is a fear based ploy to get elected and obtain majority power, nothing else.

If we do not borrow more and spend, then it will be back into the tank and we will be stuck in sludge until your grandkids have grandkids.

Supremes at play

The Supremes said it's okay for organizations to spend as much as they want on free speech--that's political ads. "Citizens United" opened the cash tap we'll experience this Fall. Why have they now affirmed a ban on soft money? Does this mean they will zap bans next session? I guess Scalia et al need time to figure out some originalist bullshit on this one.

Don't forget, if you don't like big money in politics, then the Supremes are being judicial activists and making law from the bench. Whatever happened to interpreting the law? Oh, the travesty of the Roberts court, it's worse than Warren or Burger. I'm getting confused, is it the other way around? So much depends on your point of origin and point of view.

Supreme Court Affirms a Ban on Soft Money

Arizonans Take Note

Before y'all pass any new laws or implement them, check out the illegals operation in Florida. In Florida, down to the county level, locals cops do their job, they bust folks. The cops doesn't have to profile at all. Computers do a biometric database thing that pronounces judgment on the the bustees. Illegals, criminal and non-criminal then are ICEd. I bet Obama will give Arizona a copy.

Florida jails linked to immigration databases

"Don't be a Smartass" Joe is on the go

Where is the Biden today? He's in the Gulf. He's just in time to watch the cleanup crews do nothing. The operation has shutdown over hurricane Alex. I wonder what Joe will have to say?

Tropical storm halts Gulf oil skimming, booming efforts


With all of the various Pros from Dover we have sent to Afghanistan, we missed corruption and law? Damn, send in the Holder, he'll fix it fast. Why is the AG of the United States in Kabul? This makes no sense, unless Rep. Lowey, Appropriations Committee, is impressed.

Top US prosecutor in Kabul to discuss corruption

Surprize, Surprize

It was a squeaker, it had to be close. Oh, come on, why even have a hearing?

Senate panel approves Gen. Petraeus as new Afghan war commander

Oops, I forgot, we have hearings so Senators could obrtain some PR time on cable news.

Note To Trogs and Teabags

Please persist in trashing Health Care Reform. Please make it your central issue for Nov. If you do, your one word vocabulary will suffice for two more years. I'm looking forward to more minority nos.

Poll: Favorable views of health reform law increasing among Americans

Big Oil Acronyms

In 1990, Congress, that intrepid band of legislators who dedicate their lives and sacred honor to getting reelected at any cost, passed the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA). Congress, after the Exxon Valdez disaster, said "never again!" Damn, they said that after the great depression too.

How many times has Congress talked the talk, passed a law to make us safe, and subsequently guided us into the same damn mess again? Does Congress do threepeats? Past is prologue, okay. If we don't know history we're doomed to repeat it. I think that means we're supposed to use the past as a guide to what not to do in the future. Congress seems to leave out the "not." Whether they read history or no, Congress excels at legislating doom.

Congress required "companies transporting oil over water to have ready access to clean-up equipment adequate for the worst possible spill." Big oil had some cost and liability concerns. "Big oil companies banded together to form MSRC." Now we have the BP oil spill in the Gulf. Whom should be congratulate for their planning and preparation for the worst case?

We're learning what we all should have known about Congress, the Executive Branch, Big Oil and their various relationships. Government has the OPA of 1990. Don't forget it had the Mineral Management Service (MMS) which was renamed the Bureau of Ocean Regulated Energy, Management and Enforcement (BOREME). Big Oil has the Marine Preservation Association (MPA) which gave rise to the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) whom BP will pay and blame for the success or failure of the cleanup. MSRC will retain the liability. Oh, I forgot, the Coast Guard provides the national seal of approval (SAP) to all those oily plans.

Oil industry cleanup organization swamped by BP spill

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CEO Ratzy?

Is the Catholic Church the same as a multinational corporation? Is the Pope the CEO? Are priests around the world their employees? Hm, if so then the Vatican can be tried for abusive acts performed by its employees.

The Vatican says no. Are all churches local? Does money go from a local church to Rome or does it all stay home? Can the local church excommunicate the Pope? Can saints be created by the pastor down at Our Lady of Everlasting Guilt? How much is top down and how much is just local folks?

Vatican Says Not Liable in U.S. Sexual Abuse Case

I have a feeling the only way to break the Church of its bad behavior is to break the church financially. As the Southern Poverty Law Center has done to the Klan and hate groups, someone needs to do to the church and its employees. Too extreme? What can/should be done? Are they a multinational?

Cheap Shit from China for Cheap Charities

Remember the drywall that will kill you, if not physically, then financially? Especially so, if your builder used the super cheap Chinese stuff. Builders, well, what did they know? Good luck getting anything out of a contractor.

Okay, now here's another case. You don't have much money, but some very nice people built you a house. Hell, Jimmy Carter may even have come buy with a bag of peanuts. Well, if you thought contractors were tough, how about a large charity of cheap contractors. Yep, they bought and used the cheap shit. Guess where? New Orleans of course. Can you make drywall out of tarballs?

Is Chinese Drywall Making Habitat for Humanity’s Houses Uninhabitable?

If you have donated money to Habitat in the past, will you continue to do so? How much trust do you have in them now? Are your thoughts about Habitat unchanged, better or worse?

Now they tell us

BP has plans. That scares me. After all, they were ready to deal with rampaging Walruses in the Gulf. We know how they plan. Look at that beautiful black/red/brown Gulf and coastal beaches. Were they in their drilling plan?

Now, BP gives us the appearance of prudence. They ask "what if the relief well provides no relief?" Uh, can't they just admit it's a crap shot that will fail? They know they damaged the well pipes when they drilled the well in the first place. They know the bottom kill will fail. BP has serious problems, they never allow even a smidgen of truth to escape their corporate lips.

BP Discussing a Backup Strategy to Contain Oil

Let's see, a bottom kill with concrete seals will yield a shutdown well and no oil. The new plan will yield a working well with oil to sell (add a skosh of a permaleak I'm sure). Which one will come to pass?

Let's Hope We're Not All Irish

Want to know what the world will look like in a couple of years if governments fret about borrowing and deficits? Well, get our your shamrocks and take a look at Ireland. They're moving back to the good old days of English oppression, only this time they've done it to themselves. I do hope Obama does not listen to the G20 dolts. Damn, we have too many home grown idiots in Congress. Dublin, here we come!

In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity

If folks are worried about their grand kids and debt, consider this, if we borrow and spend, they will be able to live well and pay it off. If we do not borrow and spend, then some of us will continue to live well, but the grand kids will not have anything to spend. They will live poorly and be poor forever. Now that's a true conservative's gift to the future.

No Shit Sherlock Award

Here 'tis--

Afghan forces won't be ready for U.S. withdrawal

Can anyone guess what will take a lot more time and money?

Clash of the Titans

What happens when Capitalism, Communism and Google collide? It's not going to be pretty. You may want to follow this story---

Google changes China access after Beijing objects

Could Google buy Baidu(commie search engine)?

Can We have Petraeus without Crocker?

Maybe Obama needs to dump Holbrooke and Eikenberry along with McCrystal. Why? Well he's nominated Petraeus to star in another made in the USA, war flick, "The Afghan War."

Petraeus will star in this one as he did in "The Iraq War." However, he had a sidekick in Iraq. Do you remember Crocker? Yes, Iraq was beaten and rebuilt as a liberty loving, young democracy, that now flourishes as a capitalist, secular nation. Who saved Iraq? Petrocker pulled Iraq from the depths of insurgent sectarian war hell.

Can't we send the pet rock to Kabul? Will the General be able to save the day without his pin striped pal? We'll have to wait and see, but Petbrooke and Petberry do not sound promising.

The bemedaled one has to be approved and shown to be a 100% U.S. Congress Grade A prime kind of guy. Is he fit enough to save Afghanistan? Get ready, it's deja vu again, again, this time it's about Afghanistan.

Both houses of Congress to debate war and hold hearings on Captain America

Kagan's Got Talent

Did you miss the first episode of "America's Got Supremes" yesterday? Senators bloviated for hours. The contestant, there's only one, sounded judicial for minutes. Today, the bloviators will expel air towards the bloviatee. Will she make it? Of course she will. This is advise and consent?

Oh, Mr. Squeaky, Jeff Sessions (Trog-Alabama) must have won the cable news clips contest. At least it seemed that way to me. What does Sessions say about the people who live and vote in Alabama? Is Alabama a closet South Carolina? At any rate, here's an overview from round one--

Kagan may get confirmed, but Thurgood Marshall can forget it

Drop In a Borrowed Bucket

Congress is developing a spine? Well, one Congresswoman may have tried on one vertebrae. Nita Lowey wants to highjack Afghan War cash until our appointed puppets in Kabul quit treating it as their petty cash to tap as they please. Granted it's only State Dept. green, but what if the idea spreads? Can Obama's war money be in danger? Nah, he's Dem, so the war is cool, right? Seen any protests lately (other then the WTO)?

U.S. lawmaker to withhold $3.9 billion in Afghan aid over corruption problems

Why not withhold it, but then use it for better purposes? What would you do with $3.9 billion?

Manchurian Conspiracy?

Welcome back to the good old days. Soviet spies, no, they don't exist any more, make that Russian spies. Remember they lost the Cold War. Oh, god, it's "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming." Well, it is more comedic than not. There are so many conditionals about their nefarious possible actions. Hm, indicted on conspiring to launder money? Maybe we can try them for thinking about littering and then do a re-make of another flick, but call it "Ivan's Restaurant." It is strange.

FBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies

If the Shrub were still number one's number one, I'd say he needed a twofer in the polls. First, he'd get a bump for "making us safe." Then, he'd use the captured Russkies to spread fear about evil international, Islamic, jihadi, terrorists. If we found hidden Russians, then I bet every Mosque is larded, uh, make that loaded, with bad guys. However, the Shrub is out and Obama is in, so...

Monday, June 28, 2010

This Can't Be True, Can It?

If it is, then, it may be time to drink quite liberally, kiss your ass goodbye, 'cause we're all headed toward Armageddon!

Report: US warships stationed off Iranian coast

I bet all those end of days folks might be getting excited.

Supremes have decided Gun R US(A)

What the Supremes did for D.C. a while back, they've done for the rest of the nation. The Second Amendment says you can own a gun and no one better get in your way. Well, there may be some kind of limit that makes sense to Roberts and his group. We'll have to wait and see.

Justices extend gun owner rights nationwide

This just in! You can keep and bear arms, if you already have them. The Second Amendment doesn't say you can buy, keep, and bear 'em. So, gun sales could be banned and that would be legit wouldn't it? Better go buy grundles of guns folks, the Supremes may end gun sales soon. Tell the NRA! Tell the teabaggers! Government is on your back and in your holster! Oh, don't forget to buy ammo, it will be banned too. Oh, oh, there another problem, there is no "use" clause.

BP Oil Spill News

Times-Picayune on Day 70

Houston Chronicle

Boycott BP

Why? What will it accomplish? Do you think the execs in London will hear much less be hurt? Hmm, what can a body do instead? Well, folks can direct their anger at Congress and the White House. They can use their votes to demand and obtain real regulation of oil companies in particular and corporations in general. Oh, well, not much happen will it? Note incumbents have a better than 95% chance of being reelected. So much for that idea.

Boycott BP? That's easier said than done

Testament to American Stupidity

State's whooping cough surge may be tied to lagging immunization rate

Trouble in Spain

Ooops, life is beginning to suck in Spain. What will the government do to protect itself? Well, they could blame it all on the Jews, have an Inquisition and entertain folks by burning heretics at the stake. It worked once before, would it work today? Sadly, I must say yes, I doubt that people have changed much at all.

Safety Net Frays in Spain, as Elsewhere in Europe

As economies continue to remain in the septic tank, how long will it take to find a group of one kind or the other to "blame?" Which group will become the target in good old numberonedom? Oh, yeah, we already have that one down--illegals, right?

What do reelections cause?

Uh, that's simple, increased sales of Depends.

November fears make House Democrats piss in pants

We empathetic voters, we benevolent, charitable, eleemosynary humanitarian voters should come to the aid of every elected official. Yes we can reduce anxiety, eliminate fears. We must let all pols know that "We will allow reelections, no more, forever." See, if they knew that, then they would never feel bad. They would not even bother trying for a second helping of quid. They'd keep their powder dry.

Obama's Bungled War

If Obama persists in his war, then he needs to make some changes in Rubbleistan. The Karzai government needs a choice, they stay or they go. If they stay, we go. If they go, then we stay. I hope Karzai stays. It's time for a victory parade in NYC.

U.S. officials say Karzai aides are derailing corruption cases involving elite

Martin Luther Where Are You?

After 2,000 years of autonomy, the Belgians have the right idea. Some things just take time, but damn it's taken too long. However, the 13th century's gift to today's Papacy, Ratzy I, is getting testy. So much for his prior ameliorative BS. Hmm, I wonder who would Jesus throw out of the Temple? Would it be Ratzy and Company or the Belgian cops?

Pope deplores Belgian sex raids, stresses autonomy

Supremes Wannabe Day in the World's Greatest Debilitative Body

Kagan says, "I wannbe a Supreme." The bloviators are ready. Yep, the Senate begins its advise and consent Kabuki show with Kagan in a cameo performance. The nominee is a bit player? Well, let's face it, the hearings are all about the blowhards, not the nominee. It's "America's Got Supremes" time! Senators will ask questions which get them spots on cable news and Sunday bobblehead shows. Hey for 1/3 of them its an election year. How will the show go?

Most of the questions will be orations. The Senator's blather will consume 99% of available time. Only 1% will be available for Kagan to respond. We'll hear about law. We will hear about the Constitution. We will hear about deep concerns, deep troubles, and deep deeps. We will be exposed to more BS every hour of the show's run than we're supposed to be exposed to in a day (go to the EPA site and find the numbers for yourself, but you'll have to look for "feces"). Remember, it's a Summer replacement,so don't expect too much.

She's a Dem, so the Dems will lavish praise with a dash of appropriate concerns. The other folks, the Trogs, will try to play the trash,smash, and vilify card. She, of course, will provide non-answer, answers. Funny, if you are a non-entity, the anti-everything-because-we-are-out-of-power crowd cannot find much to rant about. There will be little ranting. She will be confirmed and become number 9.

As Kagan confirmation hearings begin, Republicans struggle for line of attack

Lower 'em to half staff today because....

Sen. Robert Byrd dead at 92


Have you ever explored the NOAA National Weather Service site? You know, the national weather folks. Damn, they are part of that ever evil, socialist government on your backs crowd that the teabaggers hate. I wonder if taking back the government includes the Weather Service? I have no problem with NOAA, I bet the folks at The Weather Channel depend on NOAA data and resources to sell the weather. I wonder how many others like them on their backs?

Oh, one nice tool they provide is a Heat Index Calculator. This morning it was 80 degrees with a dripping 76% humidity, which means it's effectively about 86 at 6:30 AM. It's going to be a hot one today. We've had a few days that let you know what it must feel like to be a braised endive.

Check out their site, lots of neat weather stuff.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ezra Klein

How would you take on the deficit? Ezra Kline has an interesting piece on the deficit--

Choose your own deficit

Should Gov. Barber be Thanked

Rep Taylor is pissed at BP, the Coast Guard and everyone else involved in the BP oil spill. Oil is coming ashore and that is the highlight of activity in Mississippi. Gov. Barbor remains pretty much in suck up to Big Oil mode. Taylor and the other residents have their hearts desire don't they, they majority elects a lot of GOOPERS? The rest of us might be concerned about what Taylor has seen. Looks like a lot of talk and little walk is till the main M.O. in the Gulf.

No skimmers in sight as oil floods into Mississippi waters

What lurks under the covers

Scientists obtain a consensus, but large segments of the populations tell them they are full of shit about evolution, climate change and vaccinations. I guess there are just a lot of turd for brains folks out there, right? Well, not quite, consider--

Not blinded by science, but ideology

Oh, enjoy the piece, but I will continue to spell GOP--S, H, I, T, H, E, A, D.

Post Outlook

The Post's "Outlook" section cover stories headed "War Without End" are worth a read. They are concerned with the battle between civilian leaders and military brass from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

Endless war, a recipe for four-star arrogance

Will there be an Afghanistan Syndrome?

You Expected More

Come on, it's Big Oil! Greed, avarice, and complete disregard of all living things are oil execs core values. They know the drills will continue and sales will always go up, so why waste profits on trivial matters like safety and spill recovery research. Drill, spill, and drill more. We all abet them don't we?

Little money is spent on oil spill cleanup technology

BP Oil Spill

BP is polluting the Gulf. 100,000 barrels of of oil have poured into the waters for over two months. This spill makes the Exxon Valdez look teensy in comparison. Okay, what will the Gulf look like in 20 years? Well, what's life been like in Prince William Sound since oil flowed ashore? Is this what awaits folks living off of the Gulf?

Alaska's present, after 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill, might be Gulf Coast's future

Bush Legacy

We're still there. Troops still die. For what?

US service member killed in Afghanistan

Maybe We The Wars Are Wrong

1. Since 2001, a dozen commanders have cycled through the top jobs in Iraq, Afghanistan and the U.S. Central Command, which oversees both wars.

2. For the military, this record of mediocrity raises a vexing question: What is wrong with the system that produces top generals?

Military disturbed by rapid turnover at top in Afghan, Iraq wars

I have a few suggestions. First, close the military academies. Second, all officers are promoted from the cream of the enlisted ranks. Third, we do not fight any damn war unless Congress declares the damn thing--rescind the War Powers Act. Fourth, we maintain a minimal standing military--DoD should get about 1/3 of its current budget.