Saturday, July 31, 2010

Paperwork on your back

For 1.9 billion dollars a year, the feds have decided to make businesses file 1099s on goods just as they already do on services when the $600 threshold is reached. Dems and GOOPERS agree they want to get rid of the provision that was included in the new Health Insurance Improvement Act. They cannot agree on how to get rid of it. In other words get ready to file those 1099s and keep them coming for the rest of time. This is a good example of why we need to never reelect anyone and rid ourselves of political parties.

Paperwork nightmare: A struggle to fix new law

In case you've moved on, BP still sucks

BP's relief well is full of crud. I guess they didn't plug it right when Bonnie blew through. That's a guess, but based on BP's record, I bet they didn't waste a penny shutting down for the storm. Now they will have to pump out the relief well and then begin to kill the well. I'm not sure what kill means to BP, I think it means plug the leak in an acceptable manner. With BP listen to any qualifiers used in every sentence.

They will suck the crud from the relief well. Then they will pump mud into the well through the cap that has stopped the gush of crude into the Gulf. When the mud is in, they will then pump cement into the will via the cleaned up relief well. When the concrete sets, the well will be declared killed (plugged). Any bet on BP's success?

I bet it will work. BP has to have figured the American public out by now. Once an issue is off TV it's no longer news and people figure the problem has been taken care of. As soon as TV coverage ends, BP can then flip off the Gulf cleanup. The states aren't going to press them, after all, BP is needed for state revenue. The feds aren't going to press them either. BP does give to both parties and Nov. is coming soon. BP will just use a natural cleanser, time. Oh, be assured all government agencies received the memo to declare all Gulf seafood as safe, even safer than before the spill, as soon as the well is killed.

Debris in relief well sets back work on gusher

What will the future hold?

Okay if you are female and live in Afghanistan, what does the future hold for you? That has to scare the crap out of lots of women. Imagine the Taliban back in power and back legitimately. We can end the damned war by turning the country over to them with all kinds of assurances that they will not give safe harbor to terrorists. Ah, when politics and religion get together and make the a nation's bed, the people get short sharia(ed) again. Gee, if the GOP and their Christian backers(evangefundies) take back Congress they might decide to repeal the 19th Amendment as well as the 17th.

Afghan Women Fear the Loss of Modest Gains

To build or not to build?

Okay, to Mosque near Ground Zero or further away? Do you care if Islamic crazy people build a mosque near ground zero? I don't. My preference is to never see another church, temple, synagogue, mosque or any type of religious building erected anywhere in the world ever again. That's not going to happen so what about the Islamic crazy flavor and their building? It's even got the Jews pissed. Wow, is this bringing together Christians and Jews? Now about that little matter of religious freedom....


Oh, come on--

Despite anger over BP spill, Washington might not act on it

Even the mouthiest Dem knows the Senate Repbulicans will block it all. It's safe to mouth off and even pass bills in the House. Even Kuchinich knows there will never be 60 votes against big oil and gas donations It is an election year and the American voter recently was shown to come in second to gnats in memory recall tests. By November, even the half of the population that does vote, won't even be able to spell BP. Hell its an off year, so at best only 35% will bother to vote.

Obama's Bungled War--Eastern Front

No one really knows what the mission is. We have lots of troops and oodles of brand new bullets. We shoot stuff. We blow the shit out of stuff. No one knows why. You don't have to know why to die. Medals do not require knowledge. Thought is unnecessary. Of course the enemy does have a mission, shoots back, knows why they will die, learns about their enemy, thinks most of the time and doesn't hand out medals. So, who is going to win the shootout at Kandahar gulch? Well....

U.S.-led coalition finds 'success' elusive in Kandahar

Ready, Set, Sputter

The disaster was averted. The financial system did not collapse. The federal government pulled a Dudley Doright, saved Nell, but didn't quite get the job done right. The rich had their asses saved and bounced back. Their incomes are rising and the bonuses are dandy. Our economy is growing and productivity appears to be on the rise. Unfortunately, the growth is not robust and the productivity means existing employees are working more efficiently. That efficiency screwed new hires and provided lower wages for anyone who wanted to keep their job. Unemployment will stay high fir a long time. I wonder how long it will take the captains of industry to show us why 8.5% unemployment is normal?

Elections are coming in November. Democrats are scared. Republicans are happy, saying "no" has stopped a lot of programs that would have helped Main Street. I don't know why folks will vote for them when all they did was intentionally keep the economy in the shitter so they could win in November.

No one has ever gone broke betting on the stupidity of the American voter. Hell the voters still think the reason business exists is to create jobs. Any fool knows the reason business exists it to make money for the owners and stockholders. And that is what they are doing now--making money.

If you want to see private sector jobs being created you have to look at government. Take a look at the bailed out auto industry. Government forced GM to change its practices. GM did. Government, as 60% owner, told them to make and sell cars. GM did. GM is adding jobs. GM's success comes from government direction, not from captains of capitalism. GM will have an IPO soon, we should get our money back and then some. GM will be a better company as long as they remember how their saved their asses were saved. I predict within six months of the IPO GM will become once again be the company it was when it had to bailed out.

Here's some stuff on economy--

GDP report: Economic growth slows with 2.4 percent rate in second quarter

I'm not a big Obama fan, but if I were a business type I'd back him. He has secured the banking industry, kept health care in private company hands, not increased taxes, maintained wars, and continued to finance lots of businesses. The GOP complaint is really that he's done it better than they could have. So, Dem or GOOPER in the Fall? Stupid will out.

Friday, July 30, 2010

MIC at play in the fields of the dead

The Army can be trusted to do one thing, spend money on contractors. There are no guarantees about what they buy. The object is to spend the money, that's all. If troops die, who really cares? When they're dead and buried does it really matter if Bob Smith is actually buried in Steve Doe's grave? Nah, it's just business as usual as U.S. Army, Inc. If the Army cannot even run a cemetary, is is any wonder we're still at war in Afghanistan and Iraq hoping for an honorable stalemate?

Memo: Arlington Cemetery Plagued by Waste and Mismanagement

I would not be surprized to find out that Osama bin Laden was killed in a fire fight, mistaken for one of ours, and is now resting in a grave at Arlington under the name Ben O'Laden.

Who Says War Deaths Are Not Profitable?

The greedheads have been hard at work. Now they've figured out how to profit from life insurance policies they payout on for our fallen soldiers. They've taken the risk out of risk indemnification?

Retained Asset Accounts

Is there any way to make a security out of the retained interest accounts so that investors can also share in the profits from dead insured soldiers?

We're smiting ourselves

In a nation where 70%+ of its folks believe in ghosts, god, and the devil, will it ever sink in, we are killing the planet? Nah, we'll all just go togteher when we go and call it a rapture, a rupture or some crap like that.

Plankton, base of ocean food web, in big decline

Daily Show

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Is Obama the velcro president?

Bush III?

Now that we're a year and a half into the third Bush term, when it comes to rights and civil liberties do you trust the bastards?

White House Seeks to Clarify F.B.I. Powers vis-à-vis E-Mail

Independents and Republicans should be backing Obama, he has continued Bush policies. Even Bush blew the bank on health care--Medicare Modernization and that doughnut hole. We are at war, more war. We have not closed Gitmo. Secrets still trump justice. Rendition is still cool. We have government approved hit lists. I could go on.

GOOPERs must not really be conservatives committed to the principles of the Constituon and all that. After all, if they were, they'd support Obama. I guess they are just power hungry bastards who want the perks for themselves. They aren't that much different from their Democratic counterparts who currently have the cool offices and are most decidedly bastards.

Who got help?

Tax dollars, mostly borrowed, helped save the nation's economy. We know this from all the bonuses that have been given out buy the firms we bailed out. Wall St. was saved. Government works. Well, it works for those who contribute lots of cash to reelection and party funds. If you're just an ordinary putz whose life was savaged by the folks our elected officials bailed out, well, you are on your own. Government does not exist for you, you are not a shareholder. Hey, haven't you noticed it's been USA, Inc. for a long time.

From the Bush administration's HOPE for Homeowners program to the TARP-funded HAMP program, community groups, consumer advocates and homeowners themselves say anti-foreclosure programs have been largely ineffective because banks don't have a strong incentive or mandate to modify loans that favor them financially.

Does anyone really believe the feds will clean up the Gulf? Why do I think of Katrina?

Obama's Bungled War--East

After nine years of bungled warfare in Afghanistan, we're setting records. July was the deadliest month of the war. 63 troops gave it up for something. Does anyone have a clue what it is?

With more troops in country and another nation building through destruction operation ready to get going, expect a few things. First, we will rearrange their rubble and call it hearts and minds COIN. Second, more troops will die, they will be called heroes. And most importantly, third, the military industrial congressional complex crowd will give thanks to heroes as they deposit more ever hard earned tax dollars into their bank accounts. Anything else?

Oh, the war will continue until sufficient numbers of voters decide enough is enough. Until then, death, destruction, and lots of profit. Without any protests, I guess the war is loved by a majority of voters. Has Goldmans found a way to securitize the war?

July is Deadly

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DoD Mercs

Why waste time trying to actually run and manage a military? Just let the troops do as they are wont. Does it really matter if some off themselves? That seems to be how the Generals in charge allow GI Joe and GI Jane to do whatever they desire. Will it change? Sure, but only if the present practices hurt promotions and pay for senior officers and halts their jobs in the MIC after retirement. This is definitely not your father's army. I guess it's just hard work and complicated. Damn, we have another Shrub legacy!

Army suicides linked to risky behavior, lax discipline

How to raise revenue

Congress is going to raise cash by legalizing and taxing Internet gambling. That's a good idea. Now if they want to cut taxes why not legalize all the vices and tax the shit out of them. Want drugs? Okay, and thanks for the taxes. Need some sex, great, go down to Beulah's, have a quickie and thanks for the taxes. Booze and smokes are already covered, but hell let's increase the taxes too. Legalize all that victimless type crime, regulate it, and tax the crap out of it. We can run the country on sin. If the non-sinners feel the need to be taxed, how about a church tax? When they pass the offertory basket they could give to Jesus with the knowledge that 10% will go to Cesar.

Congress Rethinks Its Ban on Internet Gambling


His legacy continues. He made Iraq what it is today.

In a brazen late-afternoon attack in the heart of this city’s most prominent Sunni neighborhood, gunmen attacked two police checkpoints on Thursday before a series of roadside bombs detonated on police and army patrols responding to the mayhem.

After the attack — in Adhamiya, a section of Baghdad that was the site of some of the most vicious fighting of the sectarian civil war in 2006 and 2007 — the gunmen raised the black flag of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, according to high-ranking Iraqi Army officer. According to an official with the Ministry of Interior, the death toll at the moment included 6 soldiers and policemen and 10 civilians, while 14 others were wounded.

Does anyone really believe we will be out that shithole by 12/31/11?


Folks seem to admire consistency. They think it's a virtue. Okay, they can buy Toyotas. Yep, Toyota is recalling more cars. It would be nice to be able to steer the damn thing wouldn't it?

Toyota recalls 412,000 cars in U.S.

President George W. Obama

I get it now, the only reason ObamaCo has been fighting the state of Arizona on the immigration mess is this. The feds want to keep a monopoly on the "show me your papers" front. Fear and disregard of rights is a tool of the feds. Yes, George is not letting up. He is maintaining his predecessor's approach to rights. A lot a people missed the speech when he said the page that he was going to turn was in the other George's copy of Presidency for Dummies. What I don't get is why there are no protests. Come on, a George is a George regardless of party isn't he? Same behavior and the streets are empty (except for teabaggers). Hey is Gitmo still in business? State secrets still making the rounds? How's rendition? Has Bagram expanded? Are we still at war?

White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity

The only reason the guy might win in 2012 is he's not the GOP nominee and thus will be the lesser of two evils.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Better idea

One Saudi thinker, hey, that is an oxymoron, says shedding the burqa in burqa banning counties is okay. I love the way guys take care of so many of life's little details for the faithful. However there is a better idea from another thinker

Mohammed al-Nujemi, a Saudi professor at the Institute of Judicial and Islamic Studies in Riyadh, said it is best to avoid countries were the ban is enforced.

"The Saudi woman should not go on tourism to non-Muslim countries," he told the Saudi-owned Al-Arabiya television network. "Going to a non-Muslim country without a necessity is not permissible according to the sharia," he said, referring to Islamic law.

I cannot think of a single reason for a Muslim to travel to a non-Islamic place at all. So, they can all stay home and enjoy their 9th century, please stay home. Should we petition congress to ban the burqa?

The Seagulls have circled the handcart

Oh, my the Utah Supremes have overturned the conviction of a polygamist. Did you expect otherwise? In their hearts you know they still believe. What's the plan for life after death guys?

Conviction of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs voided

Dumb is forever

They were a dumb idea back in the 1950s, they are back and are as dumb as ever today. Come on, back then we were also taught to protect our asses from nuclear annihilation by hiding under a desk. Now we'll call 'em catastrophe shelters and charge even more. I had a neighbor who had a bomb shelter built back when. It did make a very nice support for his bird bath. I know we have a paranoid political style, I guess we like the paranoid lifestyle.

Doomsday shelters making a comeback

Now what is that new plan?

ObamaCo has used the Wikileaks mess to buttress their arguments about the need for the new and improved war plan they agonized over for months and implemented in Dec 2009. Yep, it's a plan alright. It's underway, So, how is the plan being implemented?

Poor security, lack of government challenge Kandahar operation

If you have any suggestions about war planning, send them to the White House.

Oh Yucca!

As ObamaCo moves to shut down building the nation's nuke waste site at Yucca Mountain I have a suggestion. We need a dump for hot toxic waste. Yucca mountain is not quite working out as planned. It's becoming a dump without trash. Okay, here's my solution. Dump the nuclear waste into the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to providing a romantic glow to the night sky, the waste will improve our food supply. All Gulf seafood will become naturally irradiated. Gulf products will be shelf life stable for 100 years. Imagine one day you would be able to catch an oyster, take it home, put it in your kitchen cabinet, forget it for years and then a decade later discover that little gem sitting there as yummy as it was when you first caught it. Yep, dust it off and bon apatite. Today the Gulf, tomorrow the Atlantic and Pacific!

Obama halt to Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site slammed

Attention War Fans

If you like war, your Congress just had another Blue Light Supplemental Special. For a mere 37 billion dollars we can continue to spread liberty chips, fight bad guys, and build an Afghan nation. The Shrub told us nation building is hard work. He was right.

After nine years we've just barely rearranged the rubble. I think we have a plan. I think ObamaCo has figured it out. We don't have to do anything more than just stay there and keep spending billions on ourselves. Some of the money will trickle down and eventually the Afghans will kind of build themselves into something that more resembles a nation than not.

I have to admit it's not Obama's discovery. No, he's ripped off the GOP. See, what works at home works in foreign policy too. Now we have two reasons to cut taxes. First, we need cut taxes to build our economy. As we cut taxes, our economy will grow. As It grows we will have money to spend on Afghanistan. Without tax cuts we will lose the war. Without tax cuts Afghans will not be able to build a trickled down nation. Tax cut based war and nation building might take a century or two, but it must be worth the expense, why else would all our elected officials be so pro death and destruction? The sad part is, I think the GOP actually thinks that way.

House approves $37 billion war-funding bill

Is NOAA part of Team Obama?

One thing we know for certain, to run for reelection in 2012 will require lots of green. A major source of green are companies such as BP. BP could not duck the spill, after all their well caught fire, lit the night sky and crude covered the Gulf waters. They could and did minimize the damage. It was touch and go, they decided to cut their losses and agree to pay for damages. it's expensive in the short run, but conducive to massive profits later on. However, there is all that oil in the water.

Is it there? Is it doing any damage? ObmamCo gave BP NOAA. NOAA couldn't find plumes of oil. NOAA could not attribute bird and turtle deaths to BP's oil. NOAA appears to have assisted ObamaCo's mission. Now that the well is kind of capped, NOAA needs to appear scientific. Oil is not gushing into the Gulf. Now, NOAA can find and attribute plumes to BP. Now they can discern that BP oil does occasionally kill Gulf beasties.

Best of all for BP, NOAA now finds the oil hard to find. Its all degrading just like god intended. I bet NOAA will declare the ocean oil free next week. Crisis over. The only damage will be on the beaches. NOAA does not do sand and grass. And ObamaCo, well, the Gulf states are sort of red, so, they will emulate Bush's response to Katrina.

Okay, I want to know if the head of NOAA eats Gulf seafood? Can Shrimp become like sterno? Flick your Bic on your shrinp and it will cook itself. Damn, BP, ObamaCo and NOAA have created a new line of seafood just in time for the 2012 kickoff campaign cookout.

Oil in gulf is degrading, becoming harder to find, NOAA head says

Obama is responsible for the leaked docs?

Somehow or another I doubt many folks will listen to retired Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul of Pakistan. If the leak was all a plot that began in India, of course, for Obama to declare victory, come home and have a parade, then I'll accept that fairy tale as true. Come on, it's Pakistani BS. The Post's article does show a bit of the paranoia in the area of Rubbleistan. We're in the middle of it and seem unwilling to cut our losses. Look, when it comes to bridges to nowhere, we quit building bridges, so let's quit building nations to nowhere. As with the bridge, we'll keep spending the money elsewhere. Let's just quit pretending we're fulfilling our mission. Hey, does anyone know the mission?

Document leak part of U.S. plot, says Pakistani ex-general with ties to Taliban

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wages of Begging

Some of our professional beggars, charities, seem to pay their executives quite well. What should they be paid? Is there a limit? Oh, why does the federal government give a dime to any charity? God, even charity is on the federal pad.

Lawmakers Seeking Cuts Look at Nonprofit Salaries

Defecation Alert

It might be good news. China is getting a bit constipated. Cheap shit is not coming out on a regular basis. It's costing more to ship the shit to our stores. Shoppers cannot count on store shelves to have the turd they want, when they want it, and at the price they want to pay. It does cost money to treat constipation. Good news? Well, it if continues we might have to make cheap shit here at home. That would mean jobs. Let's hope China gets severely impacted.

Retailers Pay More to Get Cargo

About Wikileaks

Imagine Bush was still president. I know that is a tad scary, but bear with me. If the Shrub was still commanderating and the Wikileaks oozed forth, what would happen?

Do you think folks might find a handy bastion to man? Would city streets fill with war protesters? Would the Mall be awash with agitated people? I have a feeling the leak would have been used as a pretext to picket.

Of course, the wars have outlasted the Shrub, one war is kind of winding down, but the other has really ramped up. Across the two wars, not much has changed.

What has changed is the commanderator. The Shrub is back in Texas and Obama is in the War Room. The bastions are covered with pigeons. The streets are empty. The Mall is being mowed. Hmm, what was all that prior protestation about anyway? Was it war or Bush?

I guess the complainants were really concerned about the Nation being led by a Republican plant. Now, war is cool, Obama is in charge. Is he a Democratic plant? Is dissidence just party politics?

Oh Horseshit

ObmaCo wants us to believe that they think the Wikileaks documents do not reveal much at all. They are of no import. However, they also want us to trust them when they tell us the documents could hurt Afghan war effort.

War effort? Hell this mess quit being a war effort when the Shrub decided to open a second and more important front in Iraq. Nothing revealed in documents could affect this mess. All the docs do is confirm the ineptitude of those in charge The reaction to the the leak is fear, not of losing that which is already lost, but loss of ones own ass.

Does it really matter?

Obama wants DISCLOSE. The trogs oppose DISCLOSE. What is DISCLOSE? Oh, it's a bill that basically says if you pay for a political ad you have to disclose your name, approval and your organization. Is it a good idea? Yes it is. Since this is a free speech issue, it would be nice to know who speaks. If we don't know then it's just gossip at best. Oh, I forgot, trogs crap is so bad, when the speaker is known, Dems and Inds preetty much quit listening. Have you tuned into FOX or Rush lately? See.

Obama urges Senate to pass campaign ad disclosure bill

What is the color of modern war?

Well, it's not just modern war, it's all war. The color we use today is green. There is more green than most of us can imagine. Formerly the color of war was gold, but we've been off that standard for a long time. In the Shrub's Legacyland we lost hundreds of millions in green cash. We've been unable to account for all the American tax dollars sent over there. And now, well, we cannot quite account for Iraqi green we "managed." I guess in some respects oil paid for part of the war. It would be nice to know what part and who received the green. If you are a combatant war really sucks, however if you are a color fancier, then it's just glorious. Gee I wonder who promotes war as being full of all that honor and hero shit?

Pentagon can't account for how it spent $2.6 billion in Iraqi funds, audit finds

Hearts and Minds

As the U.S. and Mexico press the Mexican drug cartels, the cartels are moving South. Central America might be easier pickings. The governments are weak. The economies are weak. Drugs operations won't go away, they will relocate and the product will be delivered to all the American druggies. All the violence is brought to the world by the U.S. It is our drug addicts and out drug laws that create a need filled by the drug cartels. Look, legalize it, tax it, control it and move on.

Heck of a way to win those hearts and minds in our own backyard isn't it.

Mexican drug cartels bring violence with them in move to Central America

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank God for Crackers

Imagine a world w/o crackers. We would lose a vast source of humor. They are crazy, but they provide countless hours of mirth. For example, Islam is not a religion so the 1st Amendment does not apply to them. Who talks that way? Why the Lt. Gov. of one of our favorite red states, Tennessee! They must all use their kids as basketballs down there, because they grow up to be so damned strange.

Tennessee Lt. Gov: Religious Freedom May Not Count For Muslims (VIDEO)

And You Wonder Why Folks Are Disgusted With Government?

Read this, and remember it is our tax dollars at work. It's small, not on most folks radar, but it is so typical of how government is managed these days. I wonder how many contracts it has taken to present this modest failure for our review?

Federal IT tracking Web site often inaccurate, report finds

Lest We Forget

The first former Khmer Rouge cadre has been sentenced to prison in a verdict that has angered some over the period of prison time -- 35 years that could be reduced to 19 -- and been welcomed by others as a first step.

Okay, Who Were the Khmer Rouge

What's new?

How about deflation! Krugman says it's good to go next year. Benanke thinks it will be a no show. Will the U.S. sink into an extended period of declining prices, profits, and jobs? Will we pull a Japan? Unless someone can figure out how to get the schmucks who have all that investment cash to put their money into U.S. manufacturing and U.S. products then the air will go out of the system.

Right now, money looking for a return on investment is still locked on to trading securitized debt and other ephemeral creations. If we want to be bounce back it will require lots of demand. Demand requires investment which build more demand. Once we are back then the investor class can go back to wrecking the damn economy again. Upper 1%, open your wallets by yourselves, it's enlightened self interest. There are too damn many people with guns in this country and a lot of then have been unemployed for months and months. Is there a Teabagger Militia?

U.S. may face deflation, a problem Japan understands too well

Oops! Not Dead Yet.

What about the Lockerbie bomber? You know, the dude who was given a compassionate release from a Scottish jail, Yeah, he only had three months to live. Oops, he's still alive and Libya does have oil. Was BP hanging around when the decision was made to let the schmuck go? I wonder who got paid what? Did BP cut a deal? Oh, well, what's new? When it comes to serious cash, what pol won't sell their soul?

Hearing on Lockerbie Sets Off More Finger-Pointing

Obama's Bungled War

It belongs to Obama, but we cannot forget it was created and maintained by the Shrub. Wikilkeaks has released a slug of documents about this very bungled mess. Here's coverage from the U.S., England and Germany.

New York Times--The War Logs

Germany--Spiegel Online

Britain--The Guardian


Wikileaks has released a lot of docs. See the next post for details on the current leak. Here's my question, are they doing the right thing? Who objects and why to leaks? Hm, I think condemnation of Wikileaks has more to do with not being able to cover one's ass than it does anything called national security. We would be better served as a people by being open and transparent in all aspects of our government. If "we" are doing something "we" need to know it--we will own it or reject it from the get go. Think about torture and rendition. Like 'em?

The White House responded critically to the documents' release.

"The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and threaten our national security," national security adviser James Jones said in a statement.

Why condemn? On what solid, factual basis? Could or will? When, where, who, how and why? Got a metric for anything? What have they done that's embarrassing this time? In other words, the white house said "blah, blah, bleet" and requested all good citizen sheep to remain flocked.

oops, war sucks

Wikileaks has unloaded a lot of docs. The bad guys have missiles. Hell, they might be left over from the ones we gave them when they were the good guys fighting our then current bad guys. Damn, war is a grind. It doesn't help when an erstwhile ally is in bed with a local branch of the bad guys. The nuttiest part is, there is nothing really new in the docs. Not new if you read, think and have a solid distrust of anything a pol or general has to say. I think we need a lot more Wikileaks on everything that involves our government, the military and the miserable wars. Leak on! It's so Vietnam all over again.

Leaked files lay bare war in Afghanistan

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Well Said

Faith and Foolishness

Religious leaders should be held accountable when their irrational ideas turn harmful


The Commanderator of the Chiefs says more will die in Rubbleistan this Summer. That's true. He also says we'll turn the tide against the bad guys by years end. That's 100% USDA Grade A Prime bullshit. We've gone from victory, to winning(ish), to stalemate and now we're banking on the tide. Yep, what will we settle for, high, low, neap or ebb for tide? There is no reason to remain in the Rubble. Give all the generals lots of medals, retire them, come home and disband the military makes more sense than continuing in Iraq and Afghanistan. You read Mullen and tell me what you want? More war? More death? Does anyone really think this is about our freedom or safety? Let's all sing a chorus, M, I, C.....

Top U.S. officer warns Afghan war will get worse

Mexico and Drugs

Here's another story on Mexico, drugs and violent death. It's easy to find a new one every day.

Grisly mass graves in Mexico yield 50 casualties of drug war

The drug market is in good old number one. Good old number one won't legalize the crap. Good old number one must has some folks sharing the illegal drug business profits. Hmm, why else don't we legalize the shit? Oh, I forgot we have built a huge drug fighting infrastructure. How many jobs exist because of our drug laws? Oh, well, Mexico will just have to suck it up.


Skeptical about global warming? Think it's all a bunch of hooey? Well, when the water rises, don't worry about any sharks and such in your front yard, they'll all be dead. The same stuff that's heating up the planet, the CO2, is also making the oceans more acidic. The food chain is at risk.

The other carbon-dioxide problem