Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nixon will always suck

If you don't think Nixon sucks, then ask General Lavelle's family. Nixon's core fundamental dishonesty destroyed the man's career, reputation and honor. God, what is wrong with the people who still admire the turd? Now Nixon fans are concerned about a Watergate exhibit? I wonder what else they are concerned about?

Watergate Becomes Sore Point at Nixon Library

Deja Vu again

On the been there done that front, our ace military leaders have found new ways to render able bodied cannon fodder unfit for life. And as usual, they have demanded that formerly fit cannon fodderites "prove it!" At least Agent Orange had some kind of use in the war. Trash burning has zippo war usage, it's just one more way for a contractor to obtain tax dollars. Without admitting squat, the burn pits are shutting down. Do they teach this crap at the War College?

Veterans Sound Alarm Over Burn-Pit Exposure

Obama's Bungled War--East

More death and destruction. This time it's docs and nurses who've been in operation in Rubbleistan since 1966. The Taliban is fearful that the docs may have been proselytizing some Jesus shit. Again, all I can make of this, is religion is dangerous to all living things. Until the Afghans decide bag the Islamic thing, they will remain a subjugated people. Hmm, I think that means the Afghans have exactly the world they desire today. Can we leave now?

Attack kills U.S., foreign doctors on medical mission in northern Afghanistan

What's More Powerful, Cash or Concept?

Oh, that's so easy. Cash will always win. It does not matter what idea may be in play, cash, offered as a counter, will purchase the outcome. The Islamic Arab states, so fearful of terrorism, were going to cut off Blackberry. That would affect the bottom line.

Blackberry found a solution. The state is happy. Blackberry is happy. Cash determined the outcome. We keep forgetting, there are no ethics or morals in business, only law, and even that can be legally circumvented with very good attorneys.

I don't know why we have so many folks who admire business types. Oh, I forgot about basic greed. At any rate, the Arab state's fear of their own people, sorry, make that fear of terrorists, won out. Blackberry will not lose customers, the cash will continue to flow. Profit will remain maximized, besides camels are a lot skinnier these days aren't they?

Saudi says deal reached on BlackBerry services

Friday, August 6, 2010

Working hard to lower the bar

As Congress hovers at an 11% approval rating, they work overtime to go lower.

Lobbyist charged with making illegal campaign donations

Can approval go negative? It's both parties. If they truly represent us, then what does that say about us?

Puking on memories

Have you forgotten Bush and Cheney already? Gee, a shitty economy and all we think about is jobs. Damn. Okay to take your mind off the job you lost, the house that was foreclosed, the food kitchen you now call home, and the Public Library that has become your ISP, here's a bit of recent history. It's all about rendition. It will surely make you feel proud to be an American and a Republican (if you are one). Oh, Dems you don't get off, the guy in office has not ended any of this shit at all. We have become our enemies.

AP Exclusive: CIA whisked detainees from Gitmo

Is it time for musical chairs?

Mr. Hope and Change, our nation's first chatter has a chance to actually turn that damn page. One of his economic advisers is bailing. He can bag the Wall Street crowd and find new faces and ideas. Of course that might affect his campaign contributions for 2012. Would he even consider a Paul Krugman type? Where is the Anti-Geithner? Nah, his personal fiscal needs demand more Geithner and Sumner Wall St. types. Expect more of the same. Oh well, one term is enough for anyone, because that is all he will get. The unemployed will not vote for him--they will be more abundant in 2012 than they are now.

Christina Romer, chair of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers, to resign

Crappy Product Defense

A guy's prison term was overturned. Why? The wreck he caused, he didn't really cause. Who did? Uh, not who, what. What caused it? A crappy product, a Toyota! Why is Toyota still in business? Nothing has changed at the company. They will have more recalls of cars that endanger lives.

Driver in Toyota crash case freed as prosecutors decide against pursuing a new trial

Maybe the judge and prosecutor in the original case ought to be required to serve out the balance of the sentence.

Clash of the Robes

Will the Supreme Court building survive? The world's most notable debilitative body has unleashed the Kagan! Yes, by a 67 to 37 vote the Senate insured they would lose the next inter-branch softball game. Not too many Dems play ball, it's more a Republican thing. Hence all the votes against her, the GOP does not like the Court to trump legislators.

Senate confirms Elena Kagan's nomination to Supreme Court

I've joined the faithful (iMac)

Apple iMac 21.5-inch (Core i3)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow, what if she were president?

I don't why folks think much of her, she's a dolt and probably does not even know when she's lying. I guess folks didn't get enough of someone as dumb as themselves with Bush. He was dumb, she's dumber--

Sarah Palin said Democrats are planning "the largest tax increase in U.S. history"

Google Keywords

If you could buy a keyword from Google and have it return ads for whatever you desired what would you buy and have returned? Europe is catching up with the rest of Googledom. Google will begin selling trademark words to whomever has the cash on the Continent.

Google Will Sell Brand Names as Keywords in Europe

If I bought the word "asshole" what would expect to be seen in the return? How about this or this?

Gee, if I owned prissy, gerbil, prick, what would expect to see? Here 'tis

What words and returns would you like to see?

Obama's Bungled War--East

The mess has not changed. Obama is Bush's peer when it comes to war. Hmm, how many tries did it take before Bush kind of got it right in Iraq? Looks like we're in for more decades of that long hard Rumsfeld crap. I have a feeling there is no mission. The damn war is all about transferring tax dollars to contractors of one kind of another. Does anyone actually know where all that borrowed money has gone? It has not gone into soldiers bank accounts, so where is it all?

At any rate, more legacy, that means more death and destruction. See what happens when we elect a village idiot president. God, what will happen if Palin gets elected?

Suicide bomber kills 7 Afghan police in north

Peddling Infuence

The economy must be doing better since GM, 60% owned by us, is donating money to pols. That sucks. It's bribes. If companies want to do "good works" they certainly do not need any narcissistic assholes to assist them. Oh, forget donations actually spells q-u-o pro Q-u-i-d (it's legit backwards)!

GM donates $41,000 to lawmakers' pet projects

No Shit!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
I Give Up - 9/11 Responders Bill
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Give up?

Tricky Dick

This is our politics writ large. Dick Nixon was slime, lying slime, but a true American pol. It has not gotten better since he resigned, more pols have emulated him. I never did understand how anyone voted for Nixon, but they did. Glad the general has his rep restored, but it's really too late. How many lies have every president since Tricky tell? How many lives have they wrecked to preserve their own worthless hides? We need a better calibre of people in all of our elective offices, but we get Dick.

Honor restored for general blamed after Nixon denied authorizing Vietnam bombing

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rest Easy

Our elected narcissists can rest easy. Contributions form big and oil and gas will continue to flow into campaign coffers. Dems moved to make a few changes in oil spill regulation. They talked a great talk with full knowledge there never would be 60 Senate votes for anything opposed by the oil and gas industry. Reelection funds are flowing to all, there will be no bill. Hell, by next month they'll be saying "spill, what spill?" There is something wrong here, both sides want to keep the the filibuster. Then again, it does insure real action will have prior approval via sufficient payments into various political accounts, especially leadership PACs. If you ain't got the money honey, they ain't got the time or something along those lines.

Senate Democrats can't get votes to pass Gulf oil spill bill


The Shrub left us Iraq. That's a hell of a legacy. I wonder, if he built Iraq in the way he thinks a nation should be run, then we'd better become a bit concerned. All the trogs, evangefundies, teabaggers, militias, GOOPERS and others might have been watching and listening to the Shrub. If they decided the damn plant was right, then we had best get ready for some very unpleasant times ahead. Oh, there was more death and destruction in Legacyland--

Bombings, ambush leave 17 dead in Iraq

When will the domestic Legacy take hold?

It really is George W. Obama

The Bush years have not ended. All we did was elect a Democrat who claimed he would "turn the page." He did, backwards. Now we have federal hit lists and we have to ask permission of the crooks to question their criminality in court. U.S. citizens are targets of murder by federal employees and folks are not upset? Hell, Obama is not Bush, he's the first black Cheney, god, he's Darth Obama. As it stands he's--

"...claiming the power to act as judge, jury and executioner while suspending any semblance of due process," said Vince Warren, executive director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Change the owner of the hit list to be another country and then ask how we'd feel if--

"Would we tolerate it if China or France secretly decided to execute their enemies inside the U.S.?"

Gee, what if the other country was Iran or North Korea? This is how we keep freedom? Does this keep us safe? If you think so, then throw your copy of the Constitution in shitcan. If we want freedom, then we must all bear in mind that the ends do not justify the means.

To be shaken or not shaken down

If you give me $100,000 I will make ads praising you and your company. If you fail to give me the money, I will make ads vilifying you and your company, I have backers, they will remain anonymous. Welcome to the world of shake-down advocacy, hell, it's an advertising protection racket. Gee, the corporate world now gets a taste of what it's done to the political world for decades. Now, what I want to know is, who listens to ads? We have that many people who actually pay attention to ads? I guess we do, sales of tabloids are still doing well.

BP's fight against energy nonprofit highlights murky world of advocacy-for-hire

BP Still Sucks

BP appears to have plugged the well. Oil is no longer flowing into the Gulf (at least from the Mocando well). The relief well remains to be finished. Oh, of course the same folks that told us it was 1,000 then 5,000 barrels a day, BP, Admiral Thad, NOAA, and a host of other Feds, now say the Gulf has recovered. Gee, did any oil or dispersant get into the Gulf anyway?

I have zero trust in anything said by anyone employed directly or indirectly by BP. Oh, that has to include all the Feds involved. How's your trust of BP and the Feds? No more damage because all the oil and dispersant is gone? Well, what's the difference between 5,000 and 62,000?

BP: 'Static kill' successfully controls blown-out well

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

About the Gulf

As BP finally plugs it's leak, they and ObamaCo will declare victory, come home and have a parade. In other words, the Gulf will be declared fixed and better than it was before. I expect them to find more seafood than was there pre-spill and explain it as an unintended positive benefit of spilling 200 million plus gallons of oil into the Gulf. Of course the improvements will not have been possible without all the dispersants that were used. Money will go from BP to pols. Pols will return to helping BP and other members of Big Oil and Gas. The people of the Gulf Coast will resume their rather bi-polar way of life. As far as the Gulf waters go, is there anything we might keep our eyes open for?

Five Ways Oil Drops Could Still Be Deadly to Gulf

It takes two to be a complete dolt

If bookmakers will accept bets on just about anything, that is because there are morons out there who will bet on just about anything. Okay, I bet the Large Hadron Collider will spawn a targeted black hole that consumes Bayonne, N.J.? Who will take my bet?

Odd and ends

War sucks

It's bad enough what we do to ourselves, but when we do it to dogs, that is going to far.

Military dog comes home from Iraq traumatized

In the market for a new car?

Here is something to think about as you set out to a dealership, which one--

Highest, lowest theft rates among cars


We all know our economy was sent to the septic tank by Congress, Regulators, and Wall Street Greedheads. It has not quite recovered yet. With 10%-20% unemployment, it's no wonder that the economy is the issue for Election 2010. The wars have kind left the domestic rant. Here's a question, if the economy was booming would folks be out protesting the wars? I think people would have other matters to rant about and the wars would not be a major issue. The war protests of the recent past were more about Bush and the GOP than the wars themselves. Damn, GOOPERS just say 'No' and Democrats march in the streets. Hell of a way to run a country, no?

I predict, if the wars persist past 2012, which they will, and Obama loses his reelection bid, which he will, then we can expect war protesters to hit the streets and rally at the Mall. Now who will be elected in 2012? Oh, that will be....

Economy outranks Iraq, Afghan wars for voters this year

Silver Lining?

All those unemployed folks who have exhausted their 99 weeks should take pride that they, via Republicans in Congress, will not be a burden on current taxpayer's grandchildren, Yep, let's face it, borrowing money to help the long term unemployed will cause fiscal pain to the unborn when they are born, grow up, go to college, get a decent job and begin to pay taxes. The 99ers should be proud of their desperate situation. Hey, they are also great bad examples or something like that. Didn't Rand Paul suggest they are unemployed by choice and just don't want to work? I didn't realize that 10-15% of our people were so lazy.

Wow, it's hard to think like a Republican. It's such bullshit. How can Republicans live with themselves? For that matter, how can the Dems?

99 Weeks Later, Jobless Have Only Desperation

What is war?

It appears a big chunk of modern war is population control. We have to identify good guys. If you are not in the biometric database behind a new concrete blast barrier, you must be a bad guy. If you're not behind a barrier toting a new id card, then you will die, I guess.

Of course shopping is a bit difficult, but this is war, screw the local economy. If you were a average Afghan would you have a damn thing to do with your "government" or those guys who invaded your country nine years ago? I have a feeling this is not the kind of war most people at home support. What is the mission again?

In Kandahar, U.S. tries the lessons of Baghdad

If we really wanted to control the poulations we could kill every man, woman and child in the country. Damn, we could sell off the land and pay for the operation. Didn't oil pay for the Iraq war?

Bless my cheese and crackers, has it changed?

Yesterday our first chatter told us the end is in sight in Iraq. It's Afghanistan! Well, wars are popular with presidents and their minions. Yes he made a, can you guess, a speech--

President Obama began a month-long effort Monday to remind an American electorate fatigued by war that the U.S. military effort in Iraq is about to enter its end game.

Hot damn, a month of speeches. How can we be so lucky? The Iraqis celebrated the coming end of the war too.

Al-Qaida militants kill 5 Iraqi troops, plant flag

I'd like to celebrate the end of the war by seeing the War Powers Act rescinded, how about you?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Rights Revision

The Supremes, Roberts and the Robes, changed the lyrics to "Miranda's Song" during their Wise Latina tour that ended recently. It's still the same song but a few verses were re-written. Here are the major chagnes--

You have the right to remain silent, but only if you tell the police that you're remaining silent.

You have a right to a lawyer - before, during and after questioning, even though the police don't have to tell you exactly when the lawyer can be with you. If you can't afford a lawyer, one will be provided to you. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you, which, by the way, are only good for the next two weeks?

The Supremes are back on the road. They are starting a new tour-- "Unleashing the Kagan!" What other songs will get new verses? Will oldies be resurrected? Will we hear brand new songs or mostly a medley of past hits?

High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit

Do Note This

Corporate campaign fundraising picks up speed

All for the majority of votes of about half the population, at best, that shows up at the polls. We are a nation of minority rule. I guess we like it that way. In other words we love it exactly the way it is. We keep doing the same damn thing election after election. Until more voters decide they don't like the current practices, they will remain the same.

Actually, all the money is directed at independent voters. Dems already know how they will vote, likewise with GOOPERS. So we will see billions spent to get 51% of 50% of 20% or 5.1% of all possible voters. Damn, that 5.1% is expensive. I guess votes do matter, so why is our system so damned strange?

Get Your Bullshit Detectors Turned On!

We will be wading in new Iraq war BS soon. Why? Oh, the combat portion is going to be declared done with--

Nearly eight years after he denounced what he called a “dumb war” in Iraq and nearly two years after he won the White House promising to end it, President Obama on Monday plans to mark the formal end of the combat mission there.

We will have to listen carefully to how words are used. Combat will have specific meaning. Troop references will have to be examined closely. Do you remember Earl Butz? He was was Tricky's Ag Secretary. Butz solved the small farmer problem of his day through definitions. Ever since then, we have fixed matters large and small through specific definitions of selected terms. The trick is so not explicitly share the definitions. If combat troops are attached/given to the State Dept. would they be countable military forces if the official count of military forces is defined as being only those bodies under 100% DoD operational control? You got it, what does 100% mean, what does operational mean, and what does control mean. You can't use Webster's. It's akin to the difference between being assigned and attached. For that matter, what does combat mean to government officials? Go back and review the very creative Vietnam era govermentspeak language and get ready. Turn your BS detector on now!

Obama to Reaffirm Iraq Withdrawal Strategy Is On Track


What did the Shrub leave Iraq? Well, if I were an Iraqi I might wish he had kept his legacy to himself.

A Benchmark of Progress, Electrical Grid Fails Iraqis

How many lives? How much money? For what? This is progress or just what comes when our Military Industrial Congressional Complex goes in quest of profit? I do wonder how many Iraqis think the shock and awe was worth it?

Bullshit Rationale

If you own a large company which is unlikely or, more likely, are a hired gun running a company for others, this recession's recovery is a fantastic opportunity for you to enhance your performance. You can improve the balance sheet and get a bigger bonus. How? Well, you can cut payroll, cut benefits, create bullshit rationales for your actions and increase profit. Your masters will approve and your remuneration will go up. When employment remains high in a slow but steady recovery, then you can lower the bar long term. With new expectations in place, when the economy does boom again your firm will have the lowest labor costs and be more competitive. Labor is screwed and they support you. It's a weird world.

Employers shrink pay raises, focus increases more on top performers

Attention Trogs

I know "government on our backs" is one of your issues. Y'all also want small to no government. Okay, why did Kellogg's recall millions of boxes of cereal? We have the FDA, USDA, Consumer Protection Agency, et. al.

If government were not on our backs would Kellogg's have even thought about a recall? Or would they have allowed customers kids to have a reaction to some damn chemical that is not supposed to be in food? If your kid ate breakfast and was dying by dinner, do you think you might have wanted a skosh of government on your back? Do you really trust food manufacturers?

The days of the founder making something he's proud of are long gone, today the only business of business is making profits. Do you think government might have a role in regulating food safety? Don't forget, the only reason we have agencies that try to protect food safety is because in the good old days food adulteration and contamination were commonplace.

U.S. regulators lack data on health risks of most chemicals

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And for Gov in Tennessee

Uh, some guy named Basil--

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Republican Gubernatorial Primary Battle Watch '010 - Tennessee
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

Do go to Basil's website, this has to be a joke.

They are hearings, not trials

I think they are hearings. They will be coming our way this Fall on C-Span. What hearings? Oh, the ethics hearings on Rep. Rangel and Rep. Waters. Yep, the Dems have a twofer for disaster in the Nov. elections. As the dirt is exposed, the Dems will, in general, reap what their folks have sown. Hell, even if the House says the two are clean, the damage may be done. Why do I say may, well, that's because the GOP has been so inept in recent weeks, they may have snatched defeat from the jaws of certain victory. For example, It's not a great idea to be against helping the unemployed.

Ethics trials highlight racial tensions in Congress


In a land of excessive fat, I'm not quite sure what this says--

Saks adding bigger sizes in fashion collections

Obama's Bungled War

Ooopps! All that hearts and mind stuff, bullshit. Now about conterinsurgency, ditto. What works? Why actually killing the bad guys. If the Taliban shoots as us,then we kill them. Wow, if you kill the leaders often enough, the average Islamic dolt has second and third thoughts about being a leader of the guys. Of course, as soon as we leave they will screw up the courage to take over again. Hmm, maybe we should train and arm all the women now.

Targeted Killing Is New U.S. Focus in Afghanistan

Oh don't forget, the actual bad guys are in Pakistan, not Afghanistan. Aren't legacies fun?