Saturday, August 14, 2010

Got Mission?

If you do, what is the damn thing anyway? Win one for the Gipper? Stalemate one for Barack? Too bad we cannot pack the damned war up an ship it to the Bushes in Texas. It would be nice if he had to deal with his legacy himself.

U.S. soldiers' mission shows Afghan war's uncertainties

Chief Joseph must have become a professional liberal, he's the make war no more forever chap. Too bad both major parties love war and the resultant campaign contributions so much. We're going to be in Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places for a long long time. It's too profitable to allow peace to break out.

I think professional liberals would rather spend the money on domestic programs that benefit all people. End war and institute national health care sounds good. Too bad the Dems don't agree, they're basically nice people, but they've become almost as wholly owned corporate subsidiaries as the Republicans.

First Chatter Alert--9/11 Site Area and Construction

The nation's number one orator is all for the Islamic thing near the 9/11 World Trade Center site. As we all know there are lots of groups for and against this building. Obama is for it. Now the wheeling and dealing can begin. Gee, if this was Health Care Reform, what kind of building would we wind up with? I think the Muslims would wind up with an interfaith center and salad bar, but without a Mosque. It would be administered by the World Council of Churches with support through a new federally mandatory faith insurance tithes program. It would lower the cost of religion for all. The Mosque part could not be supported, no public optional prayer made it into the final building design. Hope the Muslims afford their share of the costs. Bet the teabaggers will go all batshit poopy on this. Chat on!

Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site

What if BP got it right for once?

Here's the deal, the Feds, led by Admiral Thad, were resolute on relief wells. They demanded not one but two of them. That showed BP the Feds were top dogs when it comes to the Gulf. BP set to work drilling two relief wells. Over the months it took drill those suckers, BP found someone who had figured out how to cap and seal the well. BP followed his design. The well is capped and per all involved, sealed. The cement has hardened. The well is now where it would have been if everybody had not screwed up and polluted the Gulf three months or so ago.

Okay, what about the relief wells now? The Feds have demanded and have gotten their way, BP will finish the relief well kill. Are the Feds making demands for good engineering reasons or because some poll or focus group has indicated that failure to follow through on the original relief well plan will be used by the GOP and cost the Dems a seat in Congress in the November election. Hmm, what will happen is the relief well kill actually re-opens the damn well? I know oil and water don't mix, does oil and politics?

Relief Well to Be Completed in Gulf

Language Cops

Okay, if they can resolve to ban the N word, can they throw some resolution at the R word, Republican, too? A tad of resoluteness on teabags, tea party, Glen Beck, and Sarah Palin would be quite satisfying.

Hawaii lawmaker plans resolution to ban N-word

Got Bullshit?

I thought the idea was we would train Iraqis to stand up. As they stood up, we would stand down. We've been assured by the Shrub and his replacement commanderataor that the stand up/sit down (SUSD)routine has been as successful as the Surge. SUSD works well enough to imagine that we will actually leave Bush's Legacy behind us by the end of 2011. Or maybe that is more White House bullshit. Is it really stand up, get shot, fall on your ass, quit standing down and ramp back up (GIs or Mercs) to keep the oil fields secure? Can you see us in Iraq for 50 years? I can quite easily, but then I'm just a professional liberal who prefers peace to death and destruction.

Gunmen kill 5 in Baghdad checkpoint shootings

Let's Play "I've Got A Secret"

I have a computer. I have lots of files. My computer is part of the Internets Tubes. My files once belonged to Bob Gates and his pals. The files are an embarrassment to Bob. I am going to make my files available to all. Who am I?

If you guessed some guy named Assange, you win! More WikiLeaks a coming.

Do You Blame Them?

Afghans see the U.S. as their bad guys. Gee, after nine years if bumbling inept, but heavily armed, war, I wonder why?

Afghans blame civilian deaths on U.S. despite spike from insurgent violence

Let's win their hearts and minds. Let's leave!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dumb Question

Do we have too many generals and admirals today? Of course we do. I like the phrase "brass creep," it captures it well. A smaller military should not get in the way of careers should it? Normal people might scratch their heads over that one. If the military is smaller we need fewer top dogs. An army of X size only needs Y top dogs. We reduced the size of the kennel, but we maintained the number of dogs who can be promoted to the top. How did that happen. It all goes back to everybody's fav, Congress. Congress decided to maintain/increase the number of top pooches. That is a strange, but it is the way military welfare works. Who's behind the increase? Well, look at who owns Congress. Yeah, MIC all the way. All those top mutts can lobby for the MIC business and benefit from that revolving door which leads from one career at the Pentagon to a second at Bomb R Us, Inc. It's life on the active duty pad. Any surprize at the size of the DoD budget?

Pentagon push to phase out top brass causing much consternation

Line up all the Colonels and up. Have them count off by threes. Then randomly pick a number from 1 to 3, and retire/fire all of those who counted off with that number. Decimate gets rid of 10%, what's the word for trashing a third? That's what is needed for senior officers. If the remaining two thirds cannot manage the existing milirary, then shrink the military and count off again. As they are canned, slow down revolving door. If a military retiree, all ranks, want their pension then they cannot work for be affiliated with a MIC firm for five years. Oh, do the same thing for all contractors and vendor, except count off by 2s. I guess this would be a start on balancing the budget, deficit reduction, and ending some "entitlements."

Pro Libs

Press Flak Gibbs jumped on Democrats who are professional liberals. He was a bit put off that the Pro Libs don't think too highly of his boss. Mr. Gibbs thinks his boss has does so much, and as Democrats, the Pro Libs should quit trashing his boss for being too much like Bush. Pro Libs should not expect an end to war and a real health care system. No sir, Pro Libs should lower there expectations and provide rabid support for half way measures. Pro Libs should thank the Democratic Party and the White House for not delivering what they wanted. Pro Libs need to quit being spoiled brats and get in line with the real Democrats. Oh, bullshit.

The GOP has had it's wake up call with the Tea Party. Folks on the right, didn't like the Dems in charge and they did not like any GOP support for anything Democratic. The leaders of the GOP have been a bit surprized. They thought they could control the anger by chiming in with a one word program, "No." Unfortunately, the teabaggers didn't do as they were told. No, the teabaggers have nominated GOP candidates. If they had been a bit more organized, they would have flipped off the GOP and gone down their own conservative road. More power to them. They have told the Rebubliccrats to go to hell.

Okay, I disagree with about everything uttered by an over steeped teabag, but I am delighted that people are sticking it to the GOP. I think the Demicans need a similar wake up call. Mr. Gibbs has provided us the opportunity to tell the Democrats to fuck off. I will vote for Democrats, as long as they are to the left of dumb and dumber (GOP and Tea Party) candidates this November. I cannot sit out an election, that would make it much worse. However, that does not mean I have to be happy taken for granted voting Democratic camper. This election, they have my vote. But after that, all bets are off.

I will no longer allow folks like Obama and Company to assume they have my vote. I will no longer back the idiots the Party allows to run to for offices. I will work for and with anyone who wants professional liberal candidates elected to office. If Liberals don't like the way the current crop of Dems run things, we can keep bitching or work to get a better people to run for office. Change begins at who and how we nominate folks. Unless the next two years are a whole lot more to my liberal liking, I will not support or vote for Obama's reelection. After this election, if dumb or dumber win, well, so be it. And to Gibbs, the public option really is that important. Oh and war, that's easy, make it no more forever.

Anyone want to be a Pro Lib?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Tarped Us?

Was it a present from the Shrub or Obama?

The Tarp belongs to...

The Gulf

Will you vacation on the Gulf Coast any time soon? Will you eat any seafood that was caught in the Gulf. Think about it. All that oil and all that dispersant have got to be out there somewhere. If the oil is finely dispersed the water might save you some money. Go to the beach and get in the water first thing. Get out and air dry off, you will be covered with a sun blocking oil slick, You won't have to buy any sun block products ever again. Of course, it might lead to a new and improved kind of skin cancer. Oh well, at least you can enjoy the seafood, it saves you money too. No grill, gas or charcoal needed. Just throw a lit match at the chow, stand back and as the oily marinate ignites and cooks your fish!

Portion of waters off Florida reopens to fishing

What's Coming?

It's not global warming, okay. No, it's just gotten a lot hotter as we've put more crud in the air. All I know is this Summer has really sucked on the temperature front. It's been too hot for too long and it's just August. Oh, the worst part is the humidity, it makes the hot feel hotter unless you live in a dry place like Utah or Nevada. There, the lack of humidity actually makes it seem a tad cooler. If this is the new normal, then it's going to be bad this Winter and next Summer, well, how can I air condition my yard?

Think this summer is hot? Get used to it

Who will vote in November?

If it's like the past, age will make a difference. The younger crowd, who voted for the Dems and Obama in 2008, will go out for pizza while their parents and grandparents vote their anger in 2010. Yep, older farts are fed up with Congress and Obama. The younger faction less so, but they will have better things to do than voting. Do the younger voters need a national personality to motivate them to vote? It would not surprize me, is it the rock star approach to politics? No star, no votes. Oh, well, if the young do not vote, then they will be the ones who turn government over to some very crazy people--GOOPERS and Teabaggers.

Obama’s Youthful Voters More Likely to Skip Midterms

A New Front

Fear was growing amongst members of the The Military Industrial Congressional Complex. If the Iraq War actually ends, will the money also end? Is a one front war sufficient for obscene profits? Their concerns have abated.

Yes, we can have war without the war machine. How can we manage this? That's easy, use the State Department. State will ramp up on mercs, keep the hummers and weapons of war. State will train the Iraqis. State can attain War Department status in a couple of years. All we have to do is increase its "war" budget while keeping the DoD's budget unchanged.

Imagine the United States with two War Departments. See, we're never going to leave Legacyland. The non-combat combat changes are underway. Congress may balk at first, but the MIC lobbyists will explain it all at fund raisers.

State Dept. faces skyrocketing costs as it prepares to expand role in Iraq

Send a thank you note to the Shrub for this wonderful gift.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Following on in her high heels?

Oh come on, but all it takes is being well known for being well known (and in this case being an asshole) to make one a viable candidate for office. Will the good folks of Wasilla give us Mayor Levi? I wonder how he looks in red?

Levi Johnston to run for city office in Alaska

Tasty Tidbits

Here's some of this and that from "The Plum Line" in the Post.

Enjoy the bong hit!

Happy Hour Roundup: Rand Paul campaign threatens GQ mag


The Military Industrial Congressional Complex will declare war on ObamaCo. Listen for all kinds of very strange statements coming soon from their wholly owned subsidiaries in the House and Senate.

The Teabaggers will intensifying their idiotic anti-Obama diatribes. He will castigated, even more, for being a socialist soft on defense who wants to give "our" borrowed money away. Expect the Virginia teabaggers to lead the new assault on Obama.

Why will this happen? Oh, the top dog in the War Department, Sec. Gates, has decided to cut expenses by shutting down some programs and terminating some contracts. Oops there goes life on the pad. The complaints about government apply to programs in states and localities other than one's own.

Pentagon to cut thousands of jobs, defense secretary says

But, only 100 billion over five years? Come on, how about 500 billion (or more) over five years.


Have you heard of 4chan? I had not until I read this piece from the Post-

4chan users seize Internet's power for mass disruptions

It appears that if a lot of mostly younger folks voluntarily make stuff up at the same time, then there are lots of "adults" who'll believe anything and lap it up (particularly if they might profit from it). Of course they soon discover that all they have is a foul taste in their mouths. What they assumed was a tasty nougat of news really tastes like shit. All the kids did was make up some shit for others to voluntarily consume. I like it, it does show us, in a way, how many and the kind of consumers we have out there in Tubes land. It seems to be a nice bit turnabout. After all it's what the captains of our various industries do everyday. They make shit up and assume folks just lap it up. At least one segment of consumers keep their mouths shut, and have discovered a way to return the product ot the originators. Can you tell shit from shinola?

There's no accounting for gullibility is there? How do you define disruption? What does this say about human behavior in the age of the Internets Tubes?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Social Security at 75

I think the opposition to Social Security may be attributed to its very success. It ended elderly poverty and destitution. After 75 years we don't remember what life was like without it. It's easy to be against something you don't know much about. Hm, sounds like Medicare might be in the same boat. Maybe we need to teach a bit more history and civics in High School.

Social Security approaches its 75th anniversary


In a land with Muslims, Jews, and Christians what should we expect? Uh, how about mutual slaughter justified by theology. Oh, well, given history does anyone expect even a modicum of peace? The only way each can live in peace is with the absence of the other two. Gee, and we wonder why folks oppose Mosques these days, wasn't it Synagogues yesterday? Here's an interesting piece on the three violent groups--

Enter Christianity

What will happen to DADT?

The Pfc who may have provided Wikileaks with all those documents may be gay. If so, will the leaks be attributed to being gay? If so, then will being gay be associated with being traitorish? I bet the Teabaggers and GOP will use this to prevent the end of DADT. It will be a new campaign issue this Fall. How long will it take Senator McCain be to pounce on this, after all he has to beat J.D. Hayworth on the 24th or it's bye bye McHero. I bet McNasty will demand an end to all gays in the military.

Early Struggles of Soldier Charged in Leak Case

Whatever happened to BasilMarceaus.Com?

The voters of Tennessee have spoken. Basil in not their man. They have rejected him and opted for a man with money. Too bad, Basil captured the essence of the Volunteer State.

A self funder, that means he bought the race with his family's money, won the primary. As Haslam won, the crazies went down the tubes. Rep. Wamp will not be in position to have Tennessee secede and the Lt. Gov. won't have to make Tennessee into an Muslim free zone. Oh, as far as trogs go, Tennessee was another loss for the queen of the nutzoid batshit crazy Americans--.


As our first chatter adhere to his emulation of all things Shurbbery, we are on course to leave the Legacy to the Iraqis. Are they really ready or will Obama pull a Shrub and snooker us into more Iraqi war? How secure is that damn place?

Well, one commander in the ground suggests the bad guys are still there. He says the extremist groups 'very much alive' in Iraq.

it's reasonable to ask if the Iraqi government cannot defend itself and it's people, will we really leave? Will we find new ways to define combat without using the word combat? The sectarians are exacerbating their asses off everyday. It's a deadly and dangerous place to live.

Our military says the locals are actually ready to defend themselves. Do you believe Ray, the Thug, Odierno when he says “We do believe they are ready to assume full operations in Iraq." Don't forget Ray knew the WMDs were over there and never hesitated to exercise his options in the rather brutal occupation of Iraq.

Oh, well, get ready for us to leave but not leave as non-combat combat continues for decades. Bush will be president until we elect someone who actually is opposed to war.

BP Still Sucks--II

Forget about eating that self cooking shrimp from the Gulf. Instead, consider the Blue Crab. If the larvae die off because of oil, all the predators up the food chain will either die off from eating contaminated food or starvation. Either way, the Gulf could become the nation's next Chesapeake Bay. If so, then say good bye to large catches of anything and say hello to larger and larger dead zones. Oh, don't forget the water will get filthier and filthier as oysters quit filtering the water. And most importantly, the Bay is a great example of government--federal, state, and local--working hard to clean up a mess. Yep after 50 years of "action" the Bay remains a cesspool. Have we made the Gulf into the Bay?

Crabs provide evidence oil tainting Gulf food web

BP Still Sucks

Let me ask you this, now that the well is capped, would you eat any seafood out of the Gulf? Do you think the Feds are being honest when they say "75% of the oil is 'gone?'" Do you think the people of Louisiana really give a damn about their environment? Do you think, for most pols, it's back to business as usual? Do you think all that marshland will be cleaned up? Do you think all the lost grasslands will be restored? Do you think the folks on the Gulf coast will kick big oil out of their beds? How will you feel if you decide to eat a Gulf shrimp, it has no effect on you, but makes your child very, very ill? How much of this mess is the result of the decades of voters on the Gulf Coast voting for big oil and corruption? Do your really expect BP to pay that big a fine after it gets appealed to higher courts. Will this be a Fall election issue? If so, for and against which party?

Will the Gulf be Forgotten?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Obama's Bungled War--East

Here's a truth about life in Afghanistan, there's more death this year than last year. Is that progress? It does not seem conducive to a stalemate in our time.

Afghan commission: Civilian deaths up in 2010

What are the odds?

How long will the Tubes be neutral? How long before it is taken over by the communication greedheads? Is there any reason to give a shit about net neutrality?

The Net Neutrality Spat Explained

Remember any Congress that give us the kind of regulation that destroys the world economy can wreck the Internets Tubes! I can't wait for the bullshit they spew defending their actions. But, we'll keep on reelecting them and we'll keep supporting the two parties. Hell, we get exactly what we want don't we.

Think About It

The Right Way to Please the Base

What the left can learn from right-wing extremists

Utah is in the Economist

Usually Utah makes national and international news for less than desirable reasons. Okay, the list of illegals prompted this piece, but unlike past reactions to events, it looks like Utah's pols may have stumbled their way towards doing something more right than idiotic. Right or more moronic?

A better way

The Good Old Days

Things don't change that much, folks who need to hate will find new targets. Today it's Muslims--

In Murfreesboro, Tenn., Republican candidates have denounced plans for a large Muslim center proposed near a subdivision, and hundreds of protesters have turned out for a march and a county meeting.

I remember Tennessee and it's anti-Catholicism. It was not to the same degree the hate of blacks and Jews, but it made my childhood vacations to west Tennessee unforgettable. I learned about hate in my grandfathers town. Now, public villification of Catholics, blacks and Jews is less than acceptible. What's a hate loving cracker gonna do? Why, they pick on the Islamic folks. I wonder how long it will take for Islamic acceptance to occur in Gritdom? It's not just the South, the Grits are everywhere--

Across Nation, Mosque Projects Meet Opposition

Modern Times

Technology has an effect on how we communicate. Is your generation defined by your favored mode of communication? It might be.

Texting generation doesn't share boomers' taste for talk


Remember the surge? That was our Congressional attempt to win one for the Shrub. We sent a lot more troops to the battle field in Iraq. The troops killed a lot of bad guys. The bad guys quit killing us. The surge was proclaimed a success, not a victory, just a success. Oh, did you forget the surge also had a inconvenient part?

Yeah, it was supposed to nurture and grow all that nation building crap. Why crap? Well, because that's about all we or the Iraqis have gotten from the forgotten and ignored part of the surge. It's odd, we don't give out medals for peaceful activity, just violence. After the surge, the Shrub decided a timetable would no longer lead to international terror minded jihadis following us home if they knew when we were leaving, so he entered into a SOFA agreement with Iraq. The Shrub laid out when we would leave Iraq. We've been following the agreement. Obama has been walking in the Shrub's shoes even though it's quite unsanitary. So far no terrorists have followed us home (we need to ask the GOP leadership why the bad guys have not followed us home).

We're winding down and getting ready to leave. We'll be out of Iraq (whatever that will really mean) by the end of 2011. Okay, how's the Iraqi government doing? How did that non-military side of the surge workout? Ooops--

Suicide car bomber kills 8 west of Baghdad