Saturday, August 21, 2010

Freak Plant Future

Reserachers may have found a form of chlorophyll that uses near-infrared light. If it is confirmed then Dr. Frankenfood and his mod squad can get to work and put the infra red chorophyl goodie into, say, corn and tomatoes. The plants will be able to get more food from sunlight since they will be able to use more of the available spectrum. Of course when we eat the modified food we will begin to glow in the dark and can lower our electric bills. Sounds quite energy efficient, no?

A New Form of Chlorophyll?

What's That?

Did you ever hear of terror birds?

Ancient "terror bird" used rigid skull to drive its hooked beak into prey

I guess god does not like lots of folks

As we continue into the Summer, the Russian drought persists and feeds the fires. Then in China, rain is turning the place into a giant mudbath. And in Pakistan, rain, and more rain, has almost flooded the nation away. Before we get too complacent, don't forget, Greenland dropped the world's largest ice cube into the ocean, more rocks are on the way. The climate is changing and whether you like it or not, we have met the enemy, they is us! It is manmade. Get ready for the worst, it will be here sooner than you can imagine. If you're a Pat Robertson fan, then as the climate takes its toll everywhere, there's only one conclusion you can come to, god hates us all. Damn fickle for an all powerful, all knowing creator, eh?

Is the Flooding in Pakistan a Climate Change Disaster?

Science Benchmarks

The other day I posted a link to the AAAS 1983 recommendations of what all High School grads should know about and be able to do with science, math, and technology. It's one thing to say here's the goal, but how can we get there. Well, 1n 1993 AAAS published the "Benchmarks for Science Literacy" that shows what children need to learn to get from here to there as they go from kindergarten through high school.

Benchmarks for Science Literacy

Look in the mirror you recruiter, you

Are you a terrorist? Are you determined to prevent the Interfaith center being built near the 9/11 site? Have you been a tad Islamophobic? Have to drifted towards religious bigotry lately? Well, then you might be a terrorist. Yeah, if you help the bad guys, you're part of problem.

Some counterterrorism experts say the anti-Muslim sentiment that has saturated the airwaves and blogs in the debate over plans for an Islamic center near ground zero in Lower Manhattan is playing into the hands of extremists by bolstering their claims that the United States is hostile to Islam.

Opposition to the center by prominent politicians and other public figures in the United States has been covered extensively by the news media in Muslim countries. At a time of concern about radicalization of young Muslims in the West, it risks adding new fuel to Al Qaeda’s claim that Islam is under attack by the West and must be defended with violence, some specialists on Islamic militancy say.

What's the line about not going broke by overestimating American stupidity....

The more things change...

Okay, McCrystal was canned and Petraeus took over. Change right? Well, I'm not sure. Who you going to believe in Afghanistan, the villagers we waste or the guys trying to hide their wasting ways? So far the scales tip toward the villagers. Not much change is there?

Ever since they were shown to be liars, the military officer class has not shown an iota of change. I guess if you succeed with one lie out of 100 you must get a medal. Oh, well, do you trust the military more than Congress? Is so, why?

Family, U.S. offer differing versions of deadly Afghan raid

We'll All Go Together When We Go

War fans, your heart's desire may be filled sooner than you imagined. What is that desire? Why, war with Iran of course. Since the war with Iraq is officially over, and we're surging towards victorious stalemate in Afghanistan, we need another war. The Iranians are ramping up to do something. It has to be very evil or they would not be doing whatever it is they are doing. They are the charter member of the axis of weasels! I am afraid we're going to hear a lot of serious bullshit that might just actually take us to war in Iran.

Iran begins fueling first nuclear reactor

Of course another group of folks may beat us to the war--

The Point of No Return

I wonder how all number one saber rattlers will feel if this one gets out of control and mushroom clouds begin to abound? Have you read "Canticle for Leibowitz" lately?

What is it?

I don't know this Assange guy who runs Wikileaks. I do feel fairly certain lots of our military brass, spooks, and pols don't exactly want to invite the guy over for tea. They haven't busted the guy. However, now he's been mentioned in a rape allegation in Sweden. Hmm, I'm inclined to think someone here influenced someone there and voila, Assange is wanted by the cops there. It seems just a bit convenient. But, then they couldn't bag him and drag him off to an Egyptian prison. No, that would be extraordinary rendition. We just do ordinary rendition these days. Maybe this is an updated, new and improved version of rendition, it's the spooky version of ObamaCare. What do you think, is it real or is it ObamaCo? Where's the hairdresser we can ask?

Prosecutors: WikiLeaks founder suspected of rape

You haven't forgotten the exploding cigars meant to assassinate Castro have you?

How's the old Econ doing these days?

The economy is not exactly booming is it. It's no longer in the septic tank. We're just sort of floating along in the economic gutter. Between Congress and the richest Americans, greed tanked us all. We retrenched. The rich lost value, the rest of us lost jobs, homes, and pay. Our government bailed out the rich. Banks and businesses are doing alright. They are making money. They are not investing their money in their own businesses. Why? Well, the consumer is not buying. And why is the consumer not buying? Well, go back the beginning, they have lost their jobs and taken pay cuts--in wages and benefits. The greedheads don't understand why the consumers aren't buying. That is amazing. Oh, the only thing our captains of industry understand is money. Hence they are against anything that reduces their potential profits one cent. Don't forget they love private profit accompanied by public risk. Yep, they will destroy the village to save it, and then blame the loss of the village on someone else. Oh, the greedy guys have a 100% interest in the the GOP and a 65% interest in the Democrats. Want change? Find socialists and vote for them.

With consumers slow to spend, businesses are slow to hire

Friday, August 20, 2010

Myths about Legacyland

Hey there war fans, the last combat brigade is out of Iraq. Well, that's a bit of semantics. Here are some other myths about what the Shrub left us when he split for Dallas.

Five myths about the Iraq troop withdrawal

We Need to Clean Up Our Politics

As our political life has made its way to the sewer it has taken our everyday lives along with it. The permanent campaign has made mud-slinging seem like clean politics. As we degrade ourselves, we lower the chance that government can do anything other than change parties in the majority. We cannot afford this type of behavior any longer. We have a crisis. We need a whole lot of bipartisan programs to clean up the nation. If we don't we will be under constant, continual, unending assault by bedbugs. They are in the work place! Have you really checked out your cube? See, as we debase our political lives, we also debase all other aspects of our lives. For an unbitten world, let's get rid of the Democrats and Republicans and start over. Incumbents have a record, a record of bedbugs.

More offices see bedbug infestations

There's some change a coming

Yeah, in the past if you didn't approve of the president, you just called him an asshole and voted for the other guy in the next election. So what's changed? Oh, we still call him an asshole, but now we call him an Islamic asshole. Come to think of it, that's not that much change. Look, when the Shrub was in the Rose Garden, at least 20% called him an illiterate asshole and voted for the other guy--the current Islamic asshole in office--both of whom were preceded by a lying asshole.

Pastors who pray with Obama say he's devout Christian

Lunch With the Feds

BP and the Feds held a lunch featuring Gulf seafood. As they proclaimed most of the oil gone, they enjoyed the new three headed shrimp served en flambe--it goes straight from the water to the table, all you need is a match. Yep, the Feds, particularly NOAA insist they have right conclusions. Anyone who disagrees is wrong. Of course the government will not quite release their data, methods, protcols, algorithms and such they used to reach these serendipitous conclusions. I wonder how much BP has promised ObamaCo for 2012?

There is some serious disagreement out there. The Feds should open all their data and analytic procedures. It's already ours, it's in the public domain. BP be damned. Have the feds forgotten BP is the guilty party here? Do you trust the Feds on the Gulf? Until we have a bit more openness in the science, boycott the Gulf's seafood. If you don't that's okay, it's your life to do with as you see fit.

Oil Plume Is Not Breaking Down Fast, Study Says

20%, That's One In Five Folks


Obama isn't a Muslim. But here are other things that 20 percent of Americans believe.

Think About It

Here's a piece to read and ponder, especially when folks tend to get all nuclear, be it bombs or plants.

Radioactive boars on the rise in Germany

Do they sell camouflaged geiger counters?

Thank Iowa--Too Little Too Late

In an effort to slow down production of food that kills, the Feds implemented some new rules on eggs. Unfortunately it's taken too long to implement--change cuts into the profits of egg producers. The regs made it this past July 9th, but that was not quite soon enough to prevent the current massive egg recall. An egg recall?

I'd like a little bit more government on the backs of the shitheads who own, run and work at Wright County Eggs in Iowa. I don't trust the market when it comes to food safety at all. I don't understand why companies produce their product under so many labels, but they do. So if you are thinking of sucking any eggs with these labels, don't-- Albertsons, Farm Fresh, James Farms, Glenview, Mountain Dairy, Ralphs, Boomsma, Lund, Kemps and Pacific Coast, Lucerne, Albertson, Mountain Dairy, Ralphs, Boomsma's, Sunshine, Hillandale, Trafficanda, Farm Fresh, Shoreland, Lund, Dutch Farms and Kemps. I bet there will be more labels.

Hmm, about the owners and managers at Wrights, they need to be infected with Salmonella, put in stocks and pelted with rotten eggs. Oh, while we're at it, let's throw in the managers of the labels too, I have a feeling they wanted cheap eggs which they got.

Salmonella-tainted eggs from big producer in Iowa have sickened at least 1,200

Now, can we get rid of Iowa? This egg business is too much, well, that and the Iowa caucuses. This recall presents us with an opportunity to get rid ourselves of Iowa for the next and all future presidential races.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Mosque

After listening to all the bullshit about the ground zero Mosque(Interfaith Center), I've come to this conclusion. Muslims have become America's 21st century Jews. Hope they aren't expecting to get any country club memberships for at least 30 years or so.

BP. the Gulf and Government Shills

I watched part of Rep. Markey's hearings on C-Span today. I think it was live and not from the past. Rep. Markey asked panelists, various Alphabet Soup agency scientist/administrators about the safety of the Gulf water and foodstuff. As I listened, I could not stop myself from marveling at how far the politicalization of our government has extended.

The person from NOAA was particular adept at not answering simple yes/no questions. I guess they must all have been political appointees and are more concerned about their careers as Democratic shills than much else If this is the best of government science, then don't eat that Gulf seafood for years. Every time I tune in to something like this, the trust level goes further down. It was as though they had earpieces and some bozo in the White House was guiding them in their elusive answers. And this was pretty esoteric stuff.

Food that makes you run

Here we go again, food that kills. This time, again, eggs. 380 million have been recalled by a company. Lots of folks have gotten the runs. No one is dead yet. This is getting too routine. Maybe we need a government agency to insure that our food supply is safe to eat. Oops, forget we've got one of the those. They must be doing something other than protecting the food supply. I guess consumers will have to act. Here, goes. Do not eat eggs for at least a year. Boycott eggs. Do not buy any eggs and let your grocer know you will not buy eggs for sometime, until someone can really show the damn things won't kill you. All in all, you might be a bit healthier to boot--cholesterol.

Egg recall tied to salmonella grows to 380 million

If you cannot quite do without eggs, at least make sure they are locally laid. For example, if the egg carton points to Wright County Egg of Galt, Iowa, do not buy them--they are the suckers who screwed up. If your grocery store egg carton does not show where the damn things came from, then let the grocer know you will not buy eggs that merely say they are distributed by Grocery, Inc.
If you shop Wal-Mart, really raise a stink. Wal-Mart is a tad more sensitive to pissed off consumers--they're the biggest for good reasons. If they start to demand honest food labels, and healthy food, the rest of the sleaze balls in the food supply chain will follow suit or give all the business to Wal-Mart.

Dumb and Dumber

Okay, if Obama was not African American, and otherwise had the same life, would 20% of Americans be as sure as they are now that he's a Muslim? Would more than 34% of Americans think he's a Christian? When you mix, idiots, bigotry, the Internet and all that social networking together and then throw in a dollop of politicalization of everything, we get our modern life. If Obama were just a Democrat what would be the attack lines?

Poll shows more Americans think Obama is a Muslim

What is science?

The American Association for Science published "Science for All Americans" in 1989. The book laid out the association's ideas of what any high school graduate ought to know about and be able to do with science, mathematics, and technology. It is part of their Project 2061. It's available on line. Are you a H.S. grad? Give it a read. Ar you up to snuff?

Science for All Americans

Do you have high BP?

Hot peppers can lower blood pressure? Well, sort of, at least that's what was reported in "Science Translational Medicine,' 18 August 2010. Hey, that doe not mean anyone should run out and buy hot peppers. Nah, it's been seen in mice with a particular pain receptor on pain neurons. If the critters have the receptor and they chow down on peppers, their blood pressure goes down. It's akin to the analgesic action of capsacin in analgesic skin creams. Once the lab guys figure how it works, well, we might have to eat a lot of new and improved chili to keep our BP in line.

Gee, a manufactured food that doesn't kill? What a novel idea. How long will it take for Bigd Phrma to transform chili into a prescription drug?

(Science pubs are by subscription, so no link.)

Calling George Romero

Coming to a theater near you, in the near future, oh, the horror!

Attack of the 48 Million Year Old Zombies!

At least they won't eat your lunch.

What Color is Your Ocean

If ocean color can help us understand hurricane formation why'd no one get bothered about losing a sensor on a satellite?

Sea Murkiness Affects Hurricanes? When 'Basic Research' Pays Unexpected Dividends

Don't forget, basic research is an easy cost cutters target. Have you forgotten the golden fleece lunacy Sen. Proxmire foisted upon us? It had a less than salubrious effect.

Got Black Hole?

What the hell is a magnetar? Whatever it is, it's out there where we expected to find a black hole. The heavens are not following the rules. Or, maybe we need to revise our rules. The universe, as always is a strange place.

The Mystery of the Black hole

How does a star lose that much mass that fast?

The End is Near!

The world will end a 2:57pm EDT, Friday, Aug. 20, 2010, film and reports at 11:00. If that were true. one thing I fairly certain of, is that there would be a serious increase in cable news ratings. Yep, right up to the end, we'd be glued to the set. See, I told you we're we all going to go together when we go in that handbasket to hell. Uh, so far, in all of recorded history, no predations of the end of the world have come true. Why are we such suckers?

Eternal Fascinations with the End: Why We're Suckers for Stories of Our Own Demise

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blue Light Special in the Medals Aisle

Attention candidates, the court has decided it's okay to completely lie your asses off. Well, it was almost all okay except if you bragged about receiving a military medal that was never awarded to you. For a few years, your sorry ass could be prosecuted under The Stolen Valor Act. Now, it's legal to totally lie once again. The courts have decided the Act is unconstitutional. It's okay to say any damn thing you want. The First Amendment protects speech, not facts. Voters will have to decide about your truthiness. Oops.

Ok, I get the basis for the decision. It's a nice idea, but free speech is free speech. Hell, the rest of political speech doesn't exactly overflow with facts, reason, and logic. Maybe we could have a special penalty for stealing valor. No jail, no fines, and no community service needed. No, let's have some good old shame and humiliation. Let's bring back the stocks on the public square. Okay who's got the the rotten produce?

Appeals court: Stolen Valor Act unconstitutional


It's too bad BP and ObamaCo feel the need to make the BP oil spill be over whether it really is or no. Have we forgotten how the Feds told us, it's just a smidgen of crude left? Well, it's a bit more than a smidgen, but hey 25% is all we have to worry about. At this rate it will all be gone by Xmas. We know it's gotta be true, after all Obama has a Nobel Prize and the Sec. of Energy has one too. Wow, we're blessed with so many biologists and engineers in the Admin. Oh, the prizes were for world peace and physics. Now, some other folks, they don't have prizes but do know a bit about oil, oceans and living things, are taking a peek at the Gulf. Oh, my, maybe as much as 80% is still out there in the Gulf. Hmm, if truth is more towards 80% would you reelect the chump? Do we have to trust our chumps? Nah, they just have to be able to great, though unmemorable, speeches. That cannot quite be true, George Bush was reelected. Will he be a two term chump?

AP Poll

How low can our first chatter go? Well, he's moving into position to challenge Bush for possession of the Limbo cup. As Obama begins to tank, I wonder why he doesn't replace all the pols around him with new faces? He won't, so the Shrub may have to dust off the cup and send it to Barack. That's fitting since ObamaCo continues to be, more and more so, the George Obama admin. (Oops, sorry, I let my professional liberal out.)

AP Poll: Obama at new low for handling economy

Gun Control

Like it or not the 2nd Amendment says everybody can pack heat. We will still ban machine guns but that's about all. State governments, and cities, have lost the battle. States ought to get out of the gun business. There should be no need for permits to pack, that's just a way to tax people. There should be no government controls on gun sales at all. There should be no databases to track arms and ammo. Look, it's the only way we can find reasonable controls, if we really want them. We have to be awash in guns and see how much death and destruction ensue. If it's too much then we will control them, until then, pack on. Of course if there is no undo violence, then why bother with controls. Does Gun Toting Soccer Moms sound scary?

GOP and the Constitution

Republicans love to wrap themselves in the flag as they wave little copies of the Constitution and proclaim their patriotism. Their fans never take the time to ask them any questions. For example, what does religious freedom mean? What does ownership of property mean? What is the law? I'm sure you might ask them other questions. No, their fans already know exactly what is meant and it does not have much to do with the Constitution and law. Now about Muslims building the interfaith center near the 9/11 site...

Some Republican figures urge candidates not to focus on Ground Zero mosque issue

When the first Mosque is burned, it might remind us that the it's the same folks who burned churches during the fight for civil rights. Today they;re in the GOP and it's crazy wing, the Tea Party. Burning churches and killing children did not play well across the country back then and it won't today. But, hey, no one ever accused the GOP of learning anything much less being for education. At least they have shown us their true nature.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why do we have a CIA anyway?

I'm not sure that Truman did what's best for the nation when he morphed the OSS into the CIA. Hell, it has kept some very strange people off the street and employed. Otherwise, they might be clogging our funny farms and jails. They film themselves breaking laws. Remember the waterboard tapes. They thought they destroyed all the tapes of "bad guys" being interrogated in "our " foreign prisons. You haven't forgotten Clinton's gift to the world, extraordinary rendition, have you? The CIA can't even do all their own work, make home movies, destroy them (illegally), and then think they are home free. Oops, they missed a couple of tapes. My question is, do you really feel safer with these guys in charge of making us safe? Why does Keystone Kops keep coming to mind?

AP Exclusive: Terrorist interrogation tapes found

Let's compare apples to apples

Government employees will be an election issue this Fall. Yep, the GOP and other trogs have decided to flog them for making too much money. It's a perverse way to save tax dollars so they have more to spend on contractors. At any rate, government pay does not beat the private sector unless you live in Rush Limbaugh's commode and dine on his waste.

As we go into the Fall, I do hope any analyses on public/private pay are examined closely. I have memories of doing this in a prior lifetime. Once I dug into the research, the benefits the public employee had over their private sector counterparts disappeared on a very regular basis. See, if the public sector makes less, then they can demand an increase. You get the idea. It's all one more non-issue the GOP will use in their made up facts assault on Obama and the Dems. Too bad the Dems don't know how to counter the idiots.

Here a piece on public pay--

Federal officials fight back over criticism about salaries

Nine years and this is what we've accomplished?

The Taliban on Sunday ordered their first public executions by stoning since their fall from power nine years ago, killing a young couple who had eloped, according to Afghan officials and a witness.

The punishment was carried out by hundreds of the victims’ neighbors in a village in northern Kunduz Province, according to Nadir Khan, 40, a local farmer and Taliban sympathizer, who was interviewed by telephone. Even family members were involved, both in the stoning and in tricking the couple into returning after they had fled.

This is a legacy? This makes us safe? This is freedom? This is insanity.

In Bold Display, Taliban Order Stoning Deaths


The noise level on the Interfaith Center that might be built a few blocks from the 9/11 site is becoming too loud and unglued. A simple issue has been excessively politicized. If the Dems are for it, the GOP are against it. Hell, if Obama had come out and said "don't build that Mosque," the GOP, especially the Newt, would have become every Imam's best friend. So, what would Jesus do? Hell, he'd get so damn disgusted with all of us, he take a 40 day vacation to Tahiti, and might not bother coming back. I bet god did anticipate this kind of behavior when he gave us religion. Oh yeah, that free will shit lets us opt for the totally 100% batshit crazy life. Excessive numbers have opted in, including that odd Senator from Nevada.

G.O.P. Seizes on Mosque Issue Ahead of Elections

The Fringe is Out There

The fringe dwellers abound. They contaminate thought. Thye use the Internets Tubes. Is there a counter to the noise? Well, a nice place to start is What's New.

Can you hear the sound of a shoe dropping?

If you are gay and want to marry, look, don't even think about Lalaland, go to Massachusetts. Gays and marriage will be fought over and over on the West coast. It will be legit, challenged, illegit, then legit. Now the Fed District Court has jumped in. Prop 8 is back until they consult their hemorrhoids and decide if Prop 8 has to go. This is getting a bit old. I do not understand the opposition. Gays and state contracts, that's all a marriage license is, seem to bother folks. It is mystifying. If churchy flakes think their god cannot cope with gays that's their problem--kind of a strange god though. Marriage from the state's perspective is, as it has always been a civil contract, that's it. Quit calling it anything else, grow up, and move on to the next issue.

Federal appeals court puts California gay marriages on hold

Moron Alert

They must have steeped their brains. Teabaggers cannot think their way out of a soggy teabag, it's just oppose Obama and the Dems with out regard to facts, reason, and logic. Who says they aren't the uneducated riff-raff wing of the GOP? Without the Internets would they even exist? With out the Tubes would they even know they exist?

Tea Partiers Say Net Neutrality Hurts Freedom

Legacyland, More Blood

From the Shrub Files--

Build Me A Legacy, I'm Great, So Great
Shock and Awe, Shock and Awe!
Liberation Looting, Looting, Looting!
Occupy, Occupy, Occupy.
Die and Die and Die.
Stand Up, Sit Down, Shout,
Stand Up Sit Down we're out!
Well, kinda sorta, SOFAish, Shit!
Dallas is nice this time of year.

Baghdad suicide bomb hits army recruits, kills 60

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Website

Well, it's new to me. It might be to you also. If you live in the Washington, D.C. area take a look. You might find it useful.


Is it over for California and Gay Rights?

The Prop 8 mess in Ca. may go straight to the Supremes. Wow, just as they end the "Wise Latina" tour and begin the "Unleashing the Kagan" road trip, Robert and the Robes may have to decide if gays can get married or have to be damned to hell once and for all despite the 10th Amendment.

Come on, the Supremes are mostly a bunch of troggish Catholics who cannot put all that indoctrinated guilt behind them. Gays, get ready to be damned. Does anyone thinks Scalia, Thomas, Alito or Roberts will approve what the priests told them was a mortal sin? And we were worried about a Catholic president back in 1960. It will come down to Kennedy, he's more worried about being damned himself than allowing people to live under the Constitution. So expect a 5 or 6 to 4 or 3 vote against the right thing. It's not really marriage, it's a state sanctioned contract, marriage is a sacred churchy thing. I do wish people would quit calling it a marriage license, and call it a civil contract between consenting adults to be bound by contract to each other. The Supremes will take the sacred route. Can we pack the Court wtih Atheists and Agnostics for a change, this Christian crap wears a bit much.

Another Round in Same-Sex Marriage Case

Uh, Oh!

Hi there fans of Number One! Are you ready to become Number Two? It's coming, the ChiComms will be the world's largest economy in the very near future; they've made it to second place already. As we've opted to invest in WalMart, Credit Default Swaps, and Securitized Debt, China has invested in manufacturing. They make the stuff we buy. Hell, at the rate we're going, when the ChiComms become Number One, we'll probably sink to Number Six. Are you prepared to scream "Number Six, Number Six"?

Note, it's not Capitalism that's winning. It's Communism. Yep, the Commies decided to adopt a bit of that Capitalist Means of Production and "bury us." They are burying us in cheap shit from Commie land, China. Today the U.S. tomorrow the world? Where's Jedgar when we need him?

Yet there is little disputing that under the direction of the Communist Party, China has begun to reshape the way the global economy functions by virtue of its growing dominance of trade, its huge hoard of foreign exchange reserves and United States government debt and its voracious appetite for oil, coal, iron ore and other natural resources.

Is there any chance that we can remain Number One? Yeah, but it's real slim. It requires the upper one percent who own 75% of all our stuff to quit investing in made up stuff and put that cash into less lucrative, but still quite proifitable things like plants, equipment and jobs in the land of good old Number One. In other words we have to hope they will temper their greed all by themselves. If you think that will happen I bet you expect to see snowballs in hell too. Are you ready to start talking about raising taxes and really regulating banks and investment firms now? Oh, you're not, then let me introduce to the "Communist Manifesto" and "Das Kapital." Boogie on Number Six. I understand "The Little Red Book" still sells well....

China Passes Japan as Second-Largest Economy

Does Your Doc Read FDA Alerts?

Do you take a proton pump inhibitor ease that heartburn? Have you been taking it for a while? Are you over 50? Have you seen your Doc lately? If so, did your Doc mention the possible side effects of the drug?

FDA Drug Safety Communication: Possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with the use of proton pump inhibitors

How's Your Trust Level?

Okay, BP has quit spilling oil into the Gulf. However, the are still a couple gazillion or so gallons of of crude out there. In one form or another all that oil is now in the homes of all those sea creatures we used to catch and eat. Are the sea beasts now monsters from the deep or really ready to eat (again)? Will that oyster now taste like 10W-30? Will the shrimp come with its own supply of Sterno? Will those blue crabs look a bit darker blue tending more towards black?

Hm, who will you trust on food safety? Will you trust the out of work almost busted flat shrimper when he says "it's clean and safe?" Will you trust the BP PR flak, okay no one trusts anyone from BP, sorry I asked. Will you trust ObamaCo's shills, even if oneof them has a Nobel in Physics, when they say the food is safe? Will you trust the Guvs of La., Miss., or Fla. when they make the pitch to eat Gulf seafood and thus restore needed tax revenues to state coffers? Will you trust your local fishmonger when he assures you his seafood is not from the Gulf? Whom will you trust? I think we've reached the point where the only trust left is in Mother Nature. Yep, in five or so years, assuming no more BPs, the food might be fit to eat. Until then let's talk vegetables...

Oil, price worries as La. shrimpers start season

Making Life Worse

George Bush and his Republican cronies began two wars that have not yet ended. As they waged war to make us free and maximize MIC profits, they created a degrading deadly job-- being in the active duty military, the National Guard, or Reserves. The job has been bad enough just as war work. However, it's the same guys who have to fight the same war for all these years. "Groundhog Day" is not a funny movie for them. Then to compound the damage they have done, the Bush and now Obama approach has made our troops suicidal. Suicides are up in the military. Gee, I wonder why?

The same crew, Bush/Cheney with a pass to Obama/Biden have also created another deadly occupation--border guard. Yes, pols can transform a simple job into a stressful, deadly job--

The rate of suicides nationally is about 12 per 100,000 people, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Law enforcement rates are about 20 per 100,000, while the Border Patrol's pace has the agency hovering in the upper 20s to low 30s per 100,000.

The pols, to get elected or reelected, inflame and pander to the passions of people who are unnaturally concerned about immigration of non-white immigrants. While elected officials created the death machine on the border, the morons who responded to the pols also own a piece of each and every border guard who offs himself.

Are we lucky or are we lucky to have pols who create such wonderful occupations just to get in or stay in office?

AP IMPACT: Border Patrol sees spike in suicides

It's time to quit pretending

What are we pretending about? We are pretenders at war. We cannot field an army that does the work of an Army. No, we have to hire civilians to do Army jobs. We keep the the actual troop number as small as possible to avoid the need for a draft. We minimize the size of the military to minimize the number of U.S. citizens who have some skin in the damned war and might want to end it. The pols and DoD merchants of death learned a lesson from Vietnam, unfortunately it was how to war without involving the congress or voters.

They did forget one little thing, the population on and the country in which we wage war. Eventually they get a bit tired of the 800 pound warrior. It takes time, but they do begin to say "no more." Iraqis forced a timetable on Mr. No Timetable or the Terrorists Will Follow Us Home Bush. They haven't, the SOFA will leave Iraq, in theory, by Dec. 31, 2011. Of course we may find a way for the State Dept. to continue the war.

In Afghanistan, the local government--we put it in place--now says no more private security firms. Within four months they gotta be history. Oops, we cannot fight our war without Mercs. That's a sad commentary isn't it? The land of free and home of brave can't go to war without Mercenaries and Contractors. I guess the 800 pound gorilla actually weighs in at 375. Oh, well, any bets on whether our government presence will become Merc free? Nah, we can't and keep warring. Is fighting with Mercs like setting home run records on steroids. Will the current crop of generals have to have asterisks by their names in the War Stats book?

Afghan gov't: 4 months to disband security firms

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Professional Lib to Petraeus, Putz

The Commaderator and the General may not be inclined to oversee an exit from the bungled war in Afghanistan. I have a feeling that the overwhelming majority of people, who are paying (or backing the notes) for the war, actually prefer them to begin executing the exit, today. This professional liberal wants to end the damn mess today. What about it, more war or no more war?

Petraeus Builds a Case for Success in Afghanistan

The Shrub Still Really Sucks

It's a strange political world when both Democrats and Republicans are running against Bush. I guess neither party has much else going for themselves. Both parties are mules, sterile, even the GOP are Jackasses. The only idea they hawk is "give me your money and vote for me." We need to trash Bush, the Republicans and the Democrats. Over the past 20 years, both have done more harm than good to the nation. Where is the landfill that will accept such toxic waste?

Welcome the national ScapeShrub, er, Goat

George W, Obama or Barack Bush, Whatever

The White House maligned professional liberal is supposed to provide unflinching support for Obama merely because he is a Democrat and has delivered less than half loaves domestically while he has expanded the Bush Bakery. Sorry, the Prez is not a Democrat, he's a Demican and bakes just like a Republicarat.

Here's one take on the First Orator--

Google Lite?

Having no use for Twitter or a cell phone I had no idea of these services. Have you used Cha Cha or KGB?

ChaCha, KGB see text messages as alternative to search engines on cellphones

Decent Opinion Piece

I found this a prety good summary about the origins of our Civil War. It was slavery and the plantation economy that led to the war.

Yes, Slavery Caused the Civil War