Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Question

Why are so many Americans hostile to Islam?

As I read this piece, I was reminded of Mormons. At one time they were assumed by most to be part of very strange cult. They were unknowns and hence suspect. Over time Mormonism became a mainstream variant of Christian. Today, the Mormons are just another religion, MItt Romney might even become president. Yesterday, Mormons, today Muslims?


As the Iraq war becomes Operation New and Improved Dawn, what about our troops? Oh, did you think the war was really over? Nah, we've got 50,000 non-combat, combat troops still in country. Who knows how many mercs have been hired by our government to assist in the non-war, war. God, the whole thing has become one giant Larry Craig,. You do remember him, he was the "I'm not gay," gay Senator from Idaho. News alert, it's still a war and war remains harmful to living things.

Dangers of war persist for soldiers left in Iraq

So what's the market force here?

We've been in a economic septic tank for a long time. Banks, financial houses, and Congressional de-regulation created the mess. Unfortunately, the money guys are still making money as the economy flags. Okay, the market worked, it almost killed us. Still want no government? Imagine if there was no government, how much worse of a collapse would we have experienced? How much worse would the recovery have been? I say it would have been much much worse for the non-money folks (85% of us at least). Of course the money crowd does purchase PR and shills to divert our attention from their actions. Give this piece a read then we can talk about the market...

Banks’ Self-Dealing Super-Charged Financial Crisis

We see fullness?

Okay, I get the idea. We figure out how much we've eaten because we see the food dispear from our plates. Sight provides info that we use to say, "enough, I'm full." Take away the sight and it's a bit different. No visual message and then we may have ambiguous knowledge of fullness. That's what some new reserach more or less says. That's odd, but not as odd as the "lab" where they did the reesearch--

... a "dark restaurant," where sight-impaired waiters serve customers their meals in a total blackout—a trend that claims to enhance the sensory experience of eating, and which has gained popularity in Europe and Asia, with some inroads into the U.S.

Alaska Forests

As the climate warms Alaskan boreal forests will disappear. They are dying now. As polar bears go extinct, no matter, there won't be any trees left for wood to make a cooking fire. God obviously is displeased with Alaskans, you betcha.

Forest Changes in Alaska Reveal Changing Climate

Bug world

Bug #1 chows down on a plant. As it dines, its meal, the plant, releases a chemical into the air. The chemical alerts the world, that "Bug #1 is available for lunch." Bug #2 arrives, eats Bug #1, and the plant keeps its leaves. Along the way, Bug #1 may be sending a chemical suicide note.

Caterpillars Sign Their Own Death Warrants

Can this be made into a new type insecticide?

Strange Behavior

Trophy hunting? That is strange behavior. Why would anyone want to pay lots of money to kill a lion with a high powered rifle? I might understand using a spear or bow and arrow, it would be a more even match then. As hunters (strange people with guns) pay to kill game, the game fades into extinction. It appears the main culprit in the diminishing lion population is the rich guy with a gun. It's strange, but then there's lots of strange in our world.

Maybe hunters should enlist in the Army, I understand there's a shooting war still on in Afghanistan. Would enlistments go up, if soldiers were allowed to bring home trophy heads?

'Hunting for Conservation' Backfires

Mall Rats

They will gather. They will rant. They will go home. Yawn.

Tens of thousands expected on Mall for separate Beck, Sharpton rallies on King speech anniversary

Instead of all that gathering stuff, I'd prefer folks live their own lives based on facts,reason and logic.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Does Advertising Work?

That's a silly question. It must.

As of Thursday, candidates for state and federal office had spent $395 million on ads for the November elections, compared with $286 million at this point in the 2006 midterms. More than half the ads have been negative.

Where does all that money go? Who actually gets paid for the ads? How many recipients of advertising expenses work for pols and are the ones who advise them about spending money on ads? Do we have an Advertising Industry Complex?

If political ads work, how do they work? In how many races can the winner be predicted based on how much money was spent on ads?

Gulf Seafood

If anyone is eating Gulf seafood, who are they? I bet they are not locals. If locals are leery of the stuff, well, maybe the rest of us might look elsewhere for oysters, crabs, and shrimp.

Better yet, bag the seafood and meat. Eat more fruits and veggies (don't eat eggs, they will kill you).

I would not be surprised to learn that the food our peripatetic pols, like ObamaCo, publicly consumed on the Gulf coast really came from Maine, Massachusetts, or Thailand, anywhere but the Gulf. I'd love to see a memo on that score. After all, they don't want to get sick and die, hell they've got an election coming up this Fall.

A poor appetite for gulf seafood

Disease Lovers Of Iowa

The folks who own, run, and work at the Wright County Egg works, must love spreading disease. They are probably pissed that they got caught and had to take back all those eggs. It's taken them years to get the filth levels high enough to guarantee that their eggs will give the nation the trots. Now, we've discovered they've found a better way to spread Salmonella, they put it in the food the damn chickens eat. Now, about government on our backs....

Salmonella hunt hones in on feed sources in egg recall

Surprize, Surprize, Gomer

Here's a headline that popped up this morning, it should not surprize anyone at all--

Iraq combat phase ends, but U.S. might stay past 2011

I guess the finance guys in the various Military Industrial Congressional Complex (MIC) firms must have forecast a larger than expected decline in profits in 2012. Peace does affect the MIC bottom line. Remember we wage war for private profit via collective expense and risk. So what did all those folks think they were volunteering for? It's no different today than in the past. Read General Butler lately? Yeah, war remains a racket.

More Legacy

Okay, Clinton reinvented government, with an assist from Big Al. We see how well that went with the Minerals Management, BP and the Gulf. Let's all thank the Shrub for those reorganized agencies that were blended into our Homeland Safety Security whatnot. We're so much safer. The FBI and ATF work together to make us safe. Actually not quite, they fight over who gets to investigate and who gets credit. Can terrorist sneak through a spat? It makes little sense, but thank the Shrub for this bit of legacy too.

FBI, ATF squabbles are hurting bombing inquiries, Justice official says

Legacies are like the energizer rabbit, they keep on giving and giving no matter who is in charge.

In case you missed the Daily Show last night

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Bless My Exploding Cigar

The Afghan war is whatever comes after quagmire. Not much seems to work right. I wonder why? Oh, it's become a CIA operation.

CIA making secret payments to members of Karzai administration

Doesn't it take two to make a corrupt official?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's beginning

Here we go--

California Taliban: No bare shoulders in the Assembly

It must be okay since they are all Christians. If they were Muslim, heavens, Sharia law! What do we call the religious law when it's Christian? Do we have a word like Sharia? Aw, hell, let's throw some infidels to some lions, football season is coming on and there's all those halftimes that need a ratings bump.


The U.S. is the world's premier Merchant of Death. We, our various MIC companies and our government own the world's guns biz. Now, how about terrorism? Gee, if we can do to terror what we've done for war...

WikiLeaks releases CIA paper on U.S. as 'exporter of terrorism'

Does the average American give a shit about either? Nah, remember 70% of us believe Satan exists, UFOs are here, Area51 is full of little green men, 9/11 was a Bush/Cheney plot, and there were at least 300 shooters who killed Kennedy.

Own Beachfront?

The sealevel if going up. Who's to blame, god or her number one creation? Well, pull a Pogo, look in the mirror and you will find out. Okay, if global warming is melting the ice and water is going up, can we cool it down a bit? Certainly, we can do a spot of geo-enginnering. Ready, set, detonate that volcano! There, all the ash that encircles the globe will cool things down a might, the ice will quit melting, we'll have time to clean up our act, and my beachfront property will not become seabed. Halleluhah! Oh, there was a tad too much ash? Damn, I guess we'll have a "Year Without Summer."

Let's state the obvious, extreme geoengineering approaches are potentially hazardous!

BP Oil Spill, Cleanup

Remember the oil plumes that NOAA could not find, said didn't exist (they were reading BP talking points) and finally had to admit they existed? Yeah, those large, masses of hydrocarbons are hanging out together, deep down in the Gulf waters. BP, Obama, and NOAA know they exist, admit they exist, but see them as a small problem, after all they are certain 75% of the oil has been dealt with.

The plumes may hang around and do serious damage. Then again, the plumes may be gobbled up and life may return to normal. It's more probable it will wind up somewhere in between. In one plume there was not much evidence of bacteria chowing down on canapes of dispersed crude. However, in a different plume the bacterial swat team has appeared and more are on the way. What will happen after they finish their repast? Well, that's one of those pesky TBDLs in life. TBDL? To Be Determined Later. Yeah, we'll have to wait and actually see what happens, you know use our senses. Until then, everyone is entitled to play politician or businessman and make up any shit you'd like.

Here's what seem to be occurring in the ever exciting oil degradation news.

Bacteria Are Gobbling Gulf Oil

What the Veep?

Dick Cheney was an anomaly, a cruel and vicious one at that. Ordinarily Veeps just hang out and contemplate the meaning of a bucket of warm spit in between those occasional moments of officiating. What's the Biden been up to lately?

Joe Likes Smokey the Bear and the NIH!

Morons at the gates

Hey, this week is the big rally for dolts. Yes indeed, the national twit will hold a thing on the Mall and tell us about his dream. He will hyping himself. Glen Beck will try to increase the revenue for his shows and FOX. The mindless batshit crazy types who put unreasoning do as your told to save your soul from certain eternal damnation may attend. Uh, oh, that could be a lot of folks, we are over blessed with the faithful. We also have a surfeit of religious and racial intolerant types, they are also quite faithful. If you are middle aged and up, white, Christian, totally gullible, and have an abiding love of narcissistic blowhards, head to Washington. The rest of us will watch any of the various comedy channels, a.k.a. cable news, now and then on the 28th.

Glenn Beck rally will be a measure of the tea party's strength


We all know money buys elections. Money is logically given to voters via ads. If nominees paid voters that would be illegal. If nominees scream "vote for the new, improved" me on TV, on radio, and through various shills, that's just speech. The more speech a candidate can purchase, the higher the probability of winning.

The goal of winning an election is to then be in a position to accumulate more money to purchase more speech to win the next election and amass more speech potential. Along the way, the pol becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the donors. What happens when the donor decides to exercise those first amendment rights in a more vertically integrated manner.

Can money buy a pol? Absolutely, look at 535 examples in the 110th Congress. Can money buy brains to shill it's idelogy? Positively, look at the think tanks like CATO Instittute. Can money buy grass roots grubbers? You betcha, look at the teabaggers and all those organizers that came out of nowhere.

This Fall, when a teabag wins an office, who will control the steeping? On the right, you might want to remember the name Koch. Learn more from Jane Mayer's,


Lefties don't quite have as many ideolgical donors, Soros is one. Mott used to be, who are the others on the left?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Economy

We've been in the economic sewer for a while. Folks quit spending as the fear of loss increased. Unless you were loaded, you could not really invest in much. Come on do you really buy CDOs? However, lot's of folks did find ways to invest in themselves a bit, they paid down their credit card debt. It's lower than it's been in eight years.

Credit card debt drops to lowest level in 8 years

Okay former shoppers, it's time to save the economy, get shopping now, you can afford it! Bubble on! What will be the next bubble anyway?

Going Home

You may not be able to go home again, but if you are green and lovable, you can make it to the Smithsonian!

First Kermit the Frog being given to Smithsonian


Five years ago Katrina hit New Orleans. It was devastating to parts of the City, particularly the poorer parts. As levees gave way, people died. Most were killed by water, one way or another. However, some were killed by the police. Five years later and we can still be shocked a bit. It's getting harder and harder to be shocked.

After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

New Orleans is still not repaired. That photo of Bush looking out an Air Force one window as he flew over the City at 25,000 feet captures really what we have become as a people and as a nation. It won't get any better until we make it better and that is not gonna happen the way to do politics these days.


What if tests only reveal that the test taker is proficient at taking tests? If so, then what are we measuring? Oh, maybe we're not measuring anything at all. Perhaps we're just making ourselves feel as though we're doing something about a problem that we really do not want to solve. After all, how many parents really want their little Jane and John to know more than Mom and Dad? Don't forget, 70% of us still believe in the devil, and that is not taught in public school.

U.S. schools chief to push disclosure of education data

Obviously, the problem is caused only by the teachers. Actually, we have exactly the education system we want. Think about it.

Bin Laden of the Tubes?

He's the guy on the U.S. Government hit list. Yeah, we've got one, Don Obama sanctioned the hit. And we wonder why it's getting a bit easier for our 'enemies" to recruit folks. Ah, the power of the greater good, ends justifying means, and trashing the law to transform us into just another Rome ready for sacking by Visigoths. We create our Alerics too.

Cleric al-Awlaki dubbed 'bin Laden of the Internet'

Pipe Dreaming

Peace in the Middle East? Come on, you've smoked one too many joints. The only way this lion will lie with that lamb is when they are both on a table, fully cooked, sliced, on serving platters and ready to eat.

Israelis, Palestinians lock horns ahead of peace talks

Legacyland, More Blood

As our first self-aggrandizer prepares to celebrate Iraqi victory with a really cool speech, the Iraqis may wonder who won, what? The commander of speech will surely explain it to us, as we go from Operation Iraqi Freedom to the new and improved Operation New Dawn. Does anyone really think that U.S. tax dollars will no longer going to be spent on war in Iraq? Forty years from now we'll still be spending billions in Baghdad.

The Iraqis are enjoying the peace that comes with victory!

Dozens Killed in Wave of Attacks Across Iraq

Surprize! Narcissists Win!

Narcissists Win! Who'd a thunk it? Well, do you know any pols that aren't infatuated with themselves? Do you know any who do not have an unnatural need to be amidst "admiring" fans? Does it really matter who won?

Democrats, Republicans, and Teabags nominees are really the same after they are elected. Oh, the campaign rhetoric appears to indicate differences, but let's face it, it's all so much bread. As they obtain dough from corporate donors, once in office, the electorate gets at best, day old, half baked, quarter loaves. Enacted programs reflect the financiers not elected officials. We can see whom they really represent, themselves and their reelection. Our government has become USA, Inc. Who owns your elected officials?

Oh, here's a piece on the victorious sef-aggrandizing buffoons, yeah, McAncient won his primary. Amazing what $20 mil worth of ads can accomplish.

Lisa Murkowski fights for her life; John McCain easily wins Arizona primary; Kendrick Meek, Rick Scott win Florida races

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clever Research

Here's an example of some very clever research. Instead of extracting blood or taking tissue sample how about plucking a hair? Clever, clever way of solving a problem and being able to expand a line of research. Other uses for hair?

Hair Follicles Track the Body's Clock

Christians Suck

At least the evangefundie types that get so bent out of shape over stem cell research suck. Those folks want to live with bin Laden back in the 9th century. Oh, that won't work out too well, hanging out with Muslims is too upsetting for those folks. No, they can grit their teeth and associate with Catholics in Pope Ratzy's coming 12th century world.

Federal Judge: Obama Stem Cell Policy Halted

Health Alert

Have you heard of C. diff.? You haven't? Well, if in the near future you will going to a hopsital, a clinic or your docs office, you might want to read this. Oh, buy a lot soap, now.

Clostridium difficile (or C. diff), a virulent form of bacteria that doctors worry has become a new "super bug" -- increasingly common in hospitals and with growing resistance to antibiotics and virulence among those afflicted.

Super Bug!

What's next for Obama?

Can you guess? Every time he's had a spot of difficulty what's he done? Come on, you can figure it out. There, you got it. He gives a speech! Next week, Obama will give a speech. Wonderful, do you remember any of his oldies? Any of them endured? Get ready it will be a wonderful massively unmemorable speech. He's good at that. Oh, there may be a tag line or two we might remember, but who gives a shit about turning pages and hoping we can change. Do you trust the guy on war and his Bush league foreign policy?

Iraq troop drawdown, Mideast peace talks give Obama risky chance for momentum

What's wrong with this picture?

Bristol Palin getting $14K for speech

No stinking government!

'Government, we don't need no stinking government! Government causes all the back aches"

I guess that's what former Prez Bonzo would say. The problem with all those eggs that can kill, and at least give you the shits, is government. Government is on the back of the current 192 egg producers. There were 2,500 back in Bonzo's day. How dare government get on the back of those poor small businessman, Just because food is not safe is no reason to have government get on all those backs, right. Look, the city on the hill, it's fast becoming a government free cemetery.

Screw Bonzo and the trogs in the GOP, I want government on the back of all those egg producers, distributers, and retailers.

As egg producers consolidate, problems of just one company can be far-reaching

Monday, August 23, 2010

Faking It

Do you buy knock offs of famous label stuff? If so, you are faking it. Does your fakery extend to other behaviors in your life? It might. You might not like it. Or do you prefer to be a liar, a cheat and a cynic?

The Psych Cost of Knock Offs

Why Not?


These are confusing times in the living room. The proliferation of video available on the Internet has led to talk of "cord-cutting," that is, canceling traditional pay TV and replacing it with programming from a grab bag of online sources. Media, cable and technology companies are fighting for consumers' screen time, and their money, as viewing habits grow more unpredictable.

The NYT gives us, The Sofa Wars!

Fall Preview

As the nation prepares for Election Follies, 2010 South Carolina reminds us that they are the gift that keeps on giving. Get ready the the return of the Haley. This time we will see the battle of the voluntary document release. Which side will screw up and provide their own smoking gun? Will Haley or Sheheen suicide first? How inane will battling e-mails become? Stay tuned, more by October. Here's a preview of the this Fall's best returning comedy, "South Carolina Soulmates."

Haley releases thousands of e-mails

Cost of War

Our ace leaders are building more military cubbyholes in Rubbleistan. Why? Oh, that's easy, the construction wing of the MIC is running short of cash as the Iraq mess shuts down. I do wonder, for every $100 million spent on base construction in Kabul, how much of that cash winds up in the bank accounts of U.S. citizens? How much war money actually, permanently leaves the nation? How much stays home? What is the multiplier effect for war dollars in our economy. After all, war is good for business.

Air base expansion plans reflect long-term investment in Afghanistan

I have a feeling we are lousy at nation building because we build more military bases than we do schools, hospitals, and 7-11s.

Two Koreas, What's Different?

I have trouble using North Korea and Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in the same sentence. They just do not go together. North Korea's leaders provide their citizens with the kind of life that Osama bin Laden wants for all people. The ninth century seems popular among the batshit crazy leadership crowd. At any rate, the North Korean government has entered the 21st century and opened official social network accounts. They will use them to promote the 9th century lifestyle that North Koreans cannot avoid. Get your mind around that one. Oh, South Korea blocks the North Korean web sites. Hey that's a mini mind warp. I guess the South is more advanced, they must long for more of that 12th century living.

North Korea reportedly joins Facebook

Climate Change

As we continue to befoul our own nest, the nest is getting a tad warmer. Our global compost pile is heating up the planet. As Winters don't get quite as cold, more insects survive each year. A larger insect population feeds on trees. As the trees die they no longer provide food for other creatures. The other creatures will then seek other food sources. That being said, think about the linkage between beetles, bears, and people. Are you ready to become a bear's lunch because a beetle killed a pine tree?

Watch out for Yellowstone bears _ they're hungry

What will tomorrow bring?

This Tuesday we will find out if Arizona voters prefer dumb or dumber. It appeared that they would supplement their immigartion law with vigourous support for dumber. However, today, they seem to have come to their senses, well, as much as one could expect. Hey, it's Arizona. So, if you want to wager on the GOP Senate primary, put your money on dumb. It looks like McAncient will win another six in the Senate.

McCain turns vulnerable label into front-runner

To Mosque or not to Mosque

This kerfuffle over the "Mosque" in NYC is getting a bit out of hand. The matter has been ginned up for the Nov. 2010 election. Why? I guess the permanent campaign needs as many issues as possible, kind of like a political buffet of lunatic ideas. I find it odd that the right thinks independents will be attracted by their approach. As far as the election is concerned, there's only one issue, jobs. Why bother with the Mosque? I guess if prevents serious discussion of what got us into the mess, what we have done to fix the mess, and why it's still a mess. Damn, both parties benefit from the Mosque matter. The GOP can unleash it's inner religious/racist bigotry while the Dems can pretend to care about all folks. At any rate, it's getting hotter. What happens when folks start killing each other?

Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Crazy Amongst Us

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be really batshit crazy? Have you pondered what you would think about? What kinds of books and magazines would you read? To assist you in answering such profound questions, the good folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center have been hard at work. They have put together the top thoughts of our batshit crazy crowd.

Take a dip in luncacy, enjoy!

'Patriot' Paranoia: A Look at the Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

And the winner is the incumbent!

Come on, do you really think the incumbents are going to have their asses handed to them? Not likely. There may be a change of power, but lord that does not mean 200 Dems will lose their health plan. Nah, if you want to make a wager on a House or Senate race, bet on the current office-holder.

Reelection Rates Over the Years

I have a trace memory that the worst percentage, or incumbents returned (House), was around 79%, can't put a year on it though.

Will he leak docs on Sweden?

The WikiLeaks guy has more Afghan war docs ready to publish. Our pols and appointees are pissed and hard at work spreading fear. Assange, the Wiki guy, suddenly got charged with attempted rape. Looks bad, but then the charges are suddenly dropped. Strange stuff. Hmm, I don't know why, I guess I'm getting overly cynical in my old fartage, but I smell a dumb CIA or military type, an even dumber Swedish prosecutor type, some documents, and finally an adult taking charge in Sweden who drops the nonsense. I wonder if Assange has the memo from the CIA? Bless my exploding cigar, that would be a hoot to see wikileaked.

Swedish prosecutors defend WikiLeaks about-face


Moving towards half of us, most don't give a tinker's damn if Obama gives an endorsement for someone. We also don't give a rats about Palin either. And the new kids at at the party, teabaggers, who gives a shit what they think. Now, amongst folks who do succumb positively to endorsements, well, Barack helps the most, then Sarah, and she is followed by the little teapot. However for folks who get a bit pissed off by the endorsee's endorser, well, 38% will not vote for Sarah's candidates, 31% will run from the tea party people and only 28% will flip off the Prez. Interesting.

Endorsement Could Hurt in November

Remember how many believe in UFOs and the Devil

In two polls, Obama comes out as a Muslim, 18% in Pew and about 24% in a Time poll. The numbers are different? Why?

Obama is a Muslim - 18%, 24% or ?

Who and how you ask can affect the results. How about those ghosts?


Are you familiar with Nikolai Tesla? He was an amazing inventor, perhaps much better than Edison. Thank him for the AC power system we all enjoy today. Have you ever read a bio of him? If not, they are well worth reading. Tesla was not the most popular guy around, but he was brilliant. History has not been all that kind to him. I found Tesla an absorbing character in the history of science and technology. His character was even featured in a recent magic movie. It's kind of slick to see his research cropping up today and being used for communications in mine disasters.

Tapping Tesla to Save Trapped Miners

How long has the federal government been mucking with education?

Okay, the feds have been "helping" out for a long time with lots of dollars. Hell, they even provide a curriculum based black mail scheme to make it better (NCLB). For all the deades of talking, meetings, conferneces, and cash, how're we doing?

American Students Struggle for U.S. Grad School Slots Against Foreign-Born Applicants

Until parents decide they want their urchin spawn to know more then they do, we will continue to tank.

Where's the garbage?

Plastic production is up over 20 years. Plastic waste has increased commensurately. Therefore there has to be more crud floating about in the Atlantic. Uh, oh, measured levels of plastic garbage have not changed. Where the hell is the plastic?

Where Has All the Plastic Gone?

Science, the self correction thing

When data and results are made public, well, fraud becomes a might difficult.

New Details on Data Problems in Hauser Lab

Too bad we can't have a skosh more transparency in science and a whole lot more in government. Why do people hide things? Why do people prefer the false to the true?

Have you Bob Park this week?

EMF fears got you down? Have you read Conserapedia? Okay, you really need to read Mr. Park--

What's New

Sigh up for his newsletter too!