Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Victims

Those Tennessee crackers haven't been able to go after blacks, Catholics and Jews the way they used to. All their Southern heritage has been imperiled. It might actually dissipate and become but a foul memory. Hold it. There's a new group to attack. In Murfreesboro, the grits have,under cover of darkness, burned equipment at a site where a Mosque is under construction. It's arson, it's hate, it's wrong and it so very red state.

Guess what's coming up soon? The 9/11 anniversary. Bet those crackers might decide to revive lynching too. It might get very, very ugly soon.

For US Muslims, a 9/11 anniversary like no other


Will George, the Shrub, Bush have a public book signing for his memoir?

Shoe, eggs hurled at ex-Brit PM Blair in Dublin

New Evidence of Rank Stupidity

It's either stupidity in action or else they knew exactly whom they were hiring and just didn't want to put up with publicity. I bet it will be justified as one of those greater good things. At any rate, who has the stupids? Well how about the CIA, the State Dept, and the Dept of War (Defense). Blackwater, now Xe, has 31 other names. It has provided the U.S. Government with oodles of Mercs even after the mess they made in Iraq. Look, shit by any other name still stinks, so what gives with us? New lows for good old number one--USA, USA, USA. Thank the Shrub and his Uncle Dick, what a mess. Remember Iraq and Blackwater this Nov.

Blackwater Won Contracts Through a Web of Companies

No Lie

No lie, the "you lie" guy is not only impolite, he's a sleazeball, or it appears that way. What is it the voters of South Carolina see in this guy? Oops, it's South Carolina, Joe is just another soulmate. Strange place, strange people, but a gift to gag writers everywhere.

No lie: Ethics probe of Joe Wilson's travel wider than disclosed

Legacyland--Law and Order

"Law, I don't need no stinkin law," said the Shrub as he invaded, shocked, awed, liberated, occupied and wrecked Iraq. Now, why do Iraqis have a problem with that thing called law?

In Baghdad, police chief explains why there's so little rule of law

Dems Are Goopers?

The Dems, ever afraid of being called losers, will adopt austerity for Nov. Whose ox will they gore? Well, it's always easiest, and most profitable to defund those who have no money, tend to not vote and who can no longer defend themselves. Oh, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the unemployed lead the list. These are Dems? Nah, they are just pathetic pols scared of losing their jobs to other pols.

Unfortunately, the other pols are worse. It makes no sense. As we head into election season, why on earth would voters hand government back to those who wrecked it for eight damned years? Why would anyone want Bush and Cheney back? The Dems may not be great at government, but the worst Democrat still excels in comparison to the best Republican you can find. Maybe Bush's legacy is a system that cannot be repaired; it can only deteriorate. All we will do for generations is live out a lingering, lasting death spiral of greed, lawlessness and indecency until it does perish from this earth. Thanks George the history books really will remember you.

Democrats add fiscal austerity as a campaign issue

If you plan to vote for a Republican this Fall, put "The Inferno" on your reading list, because that is where you will take the nation.

They will be us

Over and over again, we have sunk to new lows as we emulate our enemies. With each iteration we further reject the rule of law and embrace that pesky idea, the greater good. Today in our government and in most of our people's lives we see a nation which negates law as it has gravitated to the contrary idea that the end justifies our means. Look to the recent history of war, intelligence, rights, and civility. Did the Commies win? Well, I think they have buried us with that core idea. We accept, even demand, behavior from government officials which formerly would have resulted in public exile and ostracism. What new swill shall we hungrily devour as we mindlessly chant USA, USA, USA?

Let's admit we cannot beat the Taliban unless we pay corrupt warlords to do the job for us. Let's reject law as part of nation building. Can our military become a standing mercenary force? We've made progress, this latest effort to win at any cost, will instill the uselessness of law, human rights, and decency in our forces as we progress to stalemate in our time. As the military absorbs Afghanistan into its culture, how long before they become akin to the CIA, ignore the Constitution, and decide domestic problems demand their attention? So, how's the war going? Seen anyone resign their commission over anything at all?

U.S. to temper stance on Afghan corruption

Friday, September 3, 2010

Give it a read

Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury

Crazy folk at play in the fields of the Lord

Where in the world is Waldo?

The Taliban must be very, very Sunni Muslims. How do I come to that conclusion? Well, the Taliban has taken credit for recent explosions. The explosions wasted a lot of Shiite folks on the way to shrines or whatever. Gee, a Shiite can't even get together with fellow Shiites to condemn Israel and express solidarity with the Palestinians without someone exacerbating sectarian tensions. Where in the world is Waldo? Waldo is in Pakistan for the Al Quds day party. Isn't it nice to have a national, sectarian day of hate?

Taliban Claim Deadly Attack on Shiites

By the nads

We all know BP sucks. They spilled millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf, but agreed to pay for their screwup. Just when you might begin to believe their "we really care a lot" ads on the tube, they begin to play with the Congressional gonads.

Of course Congress, making up for its past failure to regulate and provide oversight, went for BP's balls first. Now, BP has informed Congress that all that fix the Gulf money just may not happen if Congress curtails BP's presence in the Gulf. Congress may feel some steel tipped boots to groin soon.

Will they retaliate? Nah, everybody needs oil and gas money for the Nov. election. Expect huff and puff from the Dems. Expect MMS, now BOREME to revert to industry acceptable regulation of oil and gas. Expect the citzenry to watch American Idol. Life goes on.

BP Says Limits on Drilling Imperil Oil Spill Payouts

Let's hear it again!

One more time! Give a cheer!

Rolly, polly,
bug ass holy,
Rah, Rah
Weasel shit!

U! S! A!
Number Oneish,
Number Oneish!
Number Oneish!

Hearts and minds are being won everyday. Ooops--

Karzai, NATO at odds over another Afghan airstrike

Community Radio

I love community radio. I had the good fortune of living in Salt Lake City, Utah and found KRCL. What a station! Now I live in rural Virginia, but have access to the Internets. Unfortunately, radio over the Tubes is not exactly rock solid.

Packets get lost, can't be assembled in time, and the player goes silent. Usually, the radio comes back or I click it back. However, if the station has a intro blurb that airs every time you connect, you hear it, again and again. KRCL has such a blurb. I do not like their audio ad, so KRCL is has become more toast than not. If you live in the West, KRCL is great. It's been a while, but Saturday's noon mediation for peace followed by Hot Tuna for lunch was a great excuse for a snack for myself and my dogs. They tolerated the mediation. They loved Hot Tuna!

Depending on your connection to the Tubes, give KXCI in Tuscon a try. Oh, don't forget UtahFM too. Both are fantastic. I really enjoy my Hawaiian music Saturday mornings on KXCI.

I have found a station in Tampa, WMNF that stays connected and it's fantastic. The mix of talk and music is well balanced. The music is diverse. Check out WMNF and its schedule. The morning shows are a delight. The station has stayed connected for hours. it's a winner for me. What's your favorite Tubes station?

As Dems Trail

The conventional wisdom is that the Dems will be handed their asses in Nov. In defeat, they will be told to haul butt to the inferior offices on the Hill. Why? Well, it all comes down to jobs and the economy. Voters will blame the Dems for failing to repair, in two years, eight years of damage done by Bush and the GOP.

Rather than stay will the repair team, it is expected that voters will, in a blind rage, opt for more damage. Is that how voters will teach those pesky Dems a lesson? It's strange, but American politics has never had much to do with reality. This Nov. will have less to do with what the American people want, and more to do with the turnout proportions of the American fringe.

Will more wingnuts or moonbeams vote? That's hard to predict, but is never certain. This is an off-year election, so a 35% turnout will be a good turnout. With 35% voting, a 51% majority means only about 17.8% of possible voters wind up being the "majority" and winning. If you do not want wingnuts and moonbeams being the determinants of your future, then, if you do not regularly vote, make a change starting this Fall and become a lifelong voter.

Oh, what prompted the above? It was this article on tax cuts. ObamaCo looks like they might play the tax cut card to make sure they get the the 17.8%. As our parties pander on like this, the only thing I'm fairly certain of, it that our hand basket will alight in the 8th level of hell much sooner than we think.

White House considers pre-midterm package of business tax breaks to spur hiring

Say PCAST? More STEMs?

PCAST demands more STEMs in schools, but will parents object? Of course they will, it has to be stem cells, right. Wrong. STEMS is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Well, then PCAST has to be a liberal evil thing. PCAST is also an acronym for President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). There you go, parents will see it as a socialist, fascist, commie Islamic plot since it belongs to President Obama. Now do you wonder why our schools flag on STEMs?

We need more STEM education in our schools. However the problem is not the tendency to speak in acronyms, federal assessments, or even federal funding, no, the problem is parents. The parents do not want more science, technology, engineering and mathematics in public school. They want their children to replicate themselves. Until parents grow up, the average kid does not stand a chance no matter how many letters or money are thrown at the problem. It is a sad mess.

Obama Advisers Call for Greater Emphasis on STEM Education

Our Future

As we lust for ever more abundant cheap hydro-carbons to burn, our world just gets weirder and weirder. In Pavillion, Wyoming you can't drink the water. Hell, if you decided to have a smoke in the tub or shower you will commit suicide via a gas explosion. When the water runs, fans have to be running too. Gee, imagine passing out from gas when you open the tap to get a drink of water. That's imaginary because you cannot drink the water in Pavillion, it's full of hydrocarbon goodies that come from gas wells. Drill, Baby, Drill but please keep all the drills in Wyoming!

Feds Warn Residents Near Wyoming Gas Drilling Sites Not to Drink Their Water

Can't we put a few billion more into fuel cell research?

Restoring Honoraria

Glen Becks thing on the mall was a festival of Jesus, War, and Retrograde Motion. Beck is only out done by the Pope. The Pope is leading his foolish faithful back to life in the 12th Century. Mr. Beck thinks his mindless minions will find 1776 just dandy. What I wonder is has Mr. Beck's own faith sunk in with his flock? Beck is Mormon, a convert from Catholicism. That's a double target of derision in our the Southern red states--devils with guns and grenades. Will Evangefundies and others semi primitive Christians abandon Mr. Beck when they discover he may not be Christian because he's Mormon? Bless my prophet, seer, and revelator they may un-flock. Or has religious hate and bigotry left the land of Lee and Davis? If nascent Muslim hate a sufficient replacement for Catholic and Mormon (hell throw in the Jews too) bashing and trashing?

Glenn Beck, Christians and Mormons

Is there anything worse for zealots who enjoy getting fully frothed over others religion? Well, what if they found out that Sarah Palin is actually an adherent of the religious views of Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens?

When it sucks it affects all of us

When the economy goes into the septic tank jobs become scarce, and if you're an illegal Mexican looking for work, good luck. Over the past few years the numbers of illegals has declined. Hmm, was it really Wall Street greed that tanked us? Or was it those batshit crazy defenders of our southern border like Tom Tancredo and all the good folks of Arizona? Damn, the housing bubble was caused by Minutemen and nativists; that's carrying patriotism too far. At any rate, it appears the illegal in-flow is down. What will happen if we actually recover? Will business allow the government to actually enforce existing law? Nah, both parties know there's profit, hence campaign contributions, in those illegal employees.

U.S. Unauthorized Immigration Flows Are Down Sharply Since Mid-Decade

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Will PETA Rename itslef?

The use of artificial skin in labs eliminates the bunnies. As the hoppers stay in the field, the folks at PETA will have less to do. Gee, there may be a reduction of employees. Then again, if they decided to become People for the Ethical Treatment of Skin everyone stays employed and they can add staff. Bureaucracies never die, they merely rename themselves.

Rabbit Rest: Can Lab-grown Human Skin Replace Animals in Toxicity Testing?

Who wins and who loses?

As we drug up our kids under five, who makes money? Well, drugs are cheaper than counseling and the drugs are paid for with part of the money otherwise saved. It must be a net gain. Seems like a winner if you own stock in health insurance companies or drug companies. Who cares about the kids, if they are poor we save on Medicaid costs too. It is disgusting, but then we are number one in drugs. And getting an early start can make for a lifetime of prescriptions.

Child’s Ordeal Shows Risks of Psychosis Drugs for Young

It's More Idiotic Every Day

We know our government cannot do nation building. Look at Iraq, and those folks had a government. Alright, it was not a great government, but it was a government. Geez, you go into the community of nations with what the government you have, not with the government you'd like to have.

So, how we doing in Afghan land? We haven't exactly won any hearts and minds have we. Guess what, the puppet government we created and have maintained, emulate us on hearts and minds! I'm not exactly sure that is the best way to build a nation.

Near Kandahar, the Prize Is an Empty Town

How long before the Afghanis decide to restore the Taliban?

November 2010

Does it matter which party obtains power? Yes it does. Consider this, two wars, a monster deficit, de-regulation, tanked economy and more folks than ever dependent on government money (that's as in contractors). The GOP gave us all of those under Bush and passed the repair job to the Dems. Who wants that GOP crap back? It appears the teabaggers and the trogs want the power. Oh, teabaggers are just the right wing of the right wing batshit crazy party we call Republican.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Crooks in Congress

You have to be a real schlemiel if your Congressional peers find you less than ethical. When the boy and girls return to Washington they will have to deal with Rangel and Waters. But wait, there's more. Yep, more of the bums may be investigated for a bit of the good old quid pro quo misbehavior. This Fall may actually be entertaining.

The To-Do List Gets Longer for House Ethics Investigators

Come on, even the pages know it's gotta be quo pro quid or it's not legit. Dumb shits.

There Goes the Future

Generation X Loyaler to Religion Than Previous Generation

Lard Butts Read This

Can Exercise Make You Feel More Full?

Good Question

If the world is going to hell, why are humans doing so well?

Operation New Dawn for Dishes

The president spoke last night. Yep, combat's over. Iraq is not a war anymore. Wow. Of course 50,000 well armed guys remain in that country. Country? Well, it's kind of a country even though they have not quite gotten around to forming a government after the last election back in March. Gee, they don't govern because they don't have a government. We have a government but have quit governing because we cannot quit campaigning.

The speech was well written and read. Obama was polite. He should not have been so polite.

This is a war that we never should have begun. Under an inept president, our Congress, more worried about reelection than anything else, resolved to back the Bush and invade Iraq. We did.

From that point on, it was one bad commander in chief decision after the next. The war went from bad to worse to "oh my god." Every year was the same--worse. Bush got lucky with the surge, but remember had we not gone to war in the first place, we would not have needed to surge. Had the war been executed with even a modicum of skill, we would never have needed to surge. The surge was just one more crapshot at leadership and command.

The surge was 50% skill and 50% luck on the part of the military. It was so Bush, pundits declared the surge a huge success even though it only secured 50% of its goals. The White House remained a skill-free zone. The Iraqis, not Bush, secured a timetable that Obama has followed--the Status of Forces Agreement. Bush was as inept in surging as he was inept in keeping the peace.

Today, if you listen to the GOP or teapots trash Obama's speech please keep our history in mind. Oh, remember, as we go to the polls this coming Nov., it was the GOP which gave us the mess in Iraq. It was the GOP which gave us our current economic mess. If we give the GOP another chance, they will give us more of what they did before. Obama may not be what we all expected, but he is better at managing our government than anyone in the GOP or the Teapot. Think about it.

Here's the Post on the the Speech--Obama declares that combat In Iraq is over

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Dawn in Afghanistan too!

The Afghan war is over too. Gen. Petraeus has issued a new rule for the locals to use in their new peace. Petraeus has declared the war over. He has surged us to peace. He has decreed peace across all of the rubble. Afghan police and military have one new guideline. They are to summarily execute anyone whom they suspect may disagree in thought, word, or deed with the Petrean surge. The expanding remaining NATO forces will kill any Afghan police or military personnel whom they suspect are not enforcing Dave's guideline for peace. The general's medal ceremony will be at 4:00 pm local time. Since the name Operation New Dawn has been used, this will be known as Operation New Joy. Obama is expected to announce New Joy at the end of his New Dawn oration this evening.

Petraeus Finishes Rules for Afghan Security Transition

Uh, oh!

Obama is ending the war in Iraq. To assist in that effort, he's sent Joe Biden to Baghdad. Oh, crap there goes the peace.

Biden, in Baghdad, urges Iraqis to form a government now

Commies Better Be Cautious

It the Chi-Comms are not careful, their dead will soon be baptized in temples in China. That seems strange.

Mormon church officials talking with Chinese

Why Not?

Glenn Beck as uber-minister of the evangefundies? Why not. He's as crazy as any of the other smarmy theologicals on the right. Ever since Falwell died the religious right has wandered through Wal-Marts everywhere looking for a boss. They may have found one, but there might be one little problem, he's a Mormon convert. Based on ideas expressed the likes of crazy baptist leader Richard Land, can a non-christian, christian become overseer of the true christian, christian sinners who seek salvation through politics? Hell it makes as much sense as having a former Nazi as Pope.

Glenn Beck may be unlikely leader for conservative Christians

First Orator Alert

The nation's fine speechifier in chief will address the nation at 8:00 pm tonight. Gee, he will orate from the Oval Office (pundits can talk about that for at least two hours). The topic? Oh, that's easy, it will be about the end of the Iraq war. By removing the last combat brigade, combat ended. Before they left, the remaining units were renamed as non-combat forces. War requires combat, you cannot have combat if you have no combat troops. Combat troops left so it must be peace. It's a new dawn. The 50,000 very well armed non-combat, combat troops will not die in combat, combat. They will be called peace, combat deaths. The price of peace can be high. We are being made safe through peace! Is peace job number one?

Technically, the war is over. Technically the combat is over. Oh, yeah, technically we're not in a recession too.

Obama speech on Iraq has risks

Post speech wrap up--Dems will love it, the GOP will hate it and find ever creative ways to say "No to Obamapeace." We will reach new lows in political life tonight.

Legacyland Update

As we move into the non-war, war in Iraq, we continue to war, war in Afghanistan. Over 140,000 troops are now in that rubble pile. Oh, more die every day. Aren't legacies grand?

5 American troops killed in latest Afghan violence

Monday, August 30, 2010

Great Idea, But

If retired scientists volunteered to help teach science in our schools, that would be great. Teachers would probably love it, students would love it and learn more, so what's the but? Oh, the butts are the parents. Remember 70% of the parents believe in the devil and wear white patent leather belts and shoes, and run around squinting their eyes. Their kids don't need evolution, because Mom and Dad want them to fight Satan.

Good idea, hope it works. It won't in evangefundie red states.

A Volunteer Army for Science


Public Integrity? Come, on. How can the DOJ have a Public Integrity Section? Oh, it's just a name. When's the last time you put those two words together in praise of government officials? It's been a long, long time. Is there any integrity left in our government? White House? The House? The Senate? The Supremes? Appointees? Employees? Military? If there is no integrity, then there is no trust. Can a government survive lack of trust?

DOJ's Public Integrity unit gets new leader

Phobes Control

Are you phobic? Have you just found out Muslims live amongst us? Hell, they don't even call their churches, churches, they call them Mosques. What are they, a cult of Jews? I mean they call their churches synagogues. Damn,Muslims might have blown up the world trade center to clear land for more Mosques? Hmm, well, I'd going to take a long drink of Evangefundie Phobic-Cola and concentrate on Islam and Mosques as I listen to Glen,Rush, and Sarah and figure out how to restore humbuggery to America. Okay, apologies to all. I got carried away. But, before we all become complete loons let's learn a tad about the other guy's church. What is a Mosque? For that matter what is a Synagogue? Can someone tell me what's a church anyway? Here's a starting place...

Five myths about mosques in America

Next Big Thing?

Not to long ago, the World Wide Web became part of our lives. As sites and services proliferated, the Internet ballooned. Why we had a Tech revolution or something like that. However, that balloon burst, but our world had become forever computerized. Many of our activities went from being physical events to becoming logical acts as we discovered shopping on line, reading news on line, and of course finding porn on line.

The start of the 21st Century, for better or ill, saw the Internet continue to expand into our lives. Well, we did elect a plant president. Twice. Hell, we even followed the Shrub into two wars and discovered flogging by blogging. The Internets became too rich and vital to remain just a desktop computer linked tool. So what did we do?

Why we went wireless and put the Tubes (thank you Sen. Stevens) on the mobile telephone. The smart phone taps the Tubes with Apps. You name it, there's an app for whatever you want to do on-line. The TeleTubes is changing our lives one more time--now it's mobile shopping! I bet Jerry Falwell would die if he was still alive, we all might be on the way to becoming gay Teletubbies. Arrgh! Gee, is there a Tinky Winky App for that?

Back-to-school shopping goes mobile

Is the an investment opp. in this App?

Social Security

Before we all become as moronic as Alan Simpson, perhaps we might want to find out a bit more about Social Security. Here's a decent column from the Post on Social Security. If you still want to be like Simpson, well, unless you are rich, I think you are performing an anatomically impossible act on yourself.

The Color of Money: It's unfair to call Social Security a Ponzi scheme

Damaged People

We must have an abundance of adults who were used as basketballs by their parents. All that dribbling adds up to rather profound brain damage. Finding them is the first step in helping them, How do we find these pathetic abused people? That's easy, they listen to Glenn Beck. Who else would listen to him? His childhood must have been bleak.

After Washington rally, Glenn Beck assails Obama's religion

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Need Science on Your Side?

Okay, had an oil spill? Got plumes? Are they gone yet? Donate lots of money to some science types and voila, your plumes disappear. Well, that's one interpretation particularly when the science types forget to mention the funding source.

Take It With a Grain of (Sea) Salt: Gulf Microbe Study Was Funded by BP

BP still sucks.


A U.S. 'legacy of waste' in Iraq

Why can't they just say no to this mess?

The legacy continues--

7 US troops killed in latest Afghanistan fighting

If we ended the wars tomorrow, withdrew all our military from around the world, how many folks would be added to the unemployment lines? Seems like welfare doesn't it?