Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here's a dish you might like.

Cook some pasta that you like.
Dilute some pesto with a bit of olive oil.
Mix the pesto into the pasta.

Chop up some room temperature fresh tomatoes.
Serve on top of the pasta. Toss on a chiffonade of basil and a bit of finely diced onion

Serve with a nice Chianti.

Here's another one--

Cut the top off a moderate size firm fresh tomato
Stick a spoon handle into each of the exposed jelly/seed cavities.
Shake the jelly and seeds out of the tomato.

Stuff the cavity with goat cheese or your favorite spread.
Refirigerate for a bit to get quite firm.

Slice the tomato, about 1/4" will do. Then cut
each slice into bite size segments, 1/4s.

Place each segment on one basil leaf large enough to be act like a taco shell.
Secure with a toothpick.

Serve and eat.

Try another wine, hmm, Garnacha?


Other things to make--fresh tomato sauce for pasta

Tomato spread for Bruschetta
Tomato Sandwich
Stuffed Tomatoes-hollow them and fill with your fav
Stewed tomatoes

Don't forget fried green tomatoes

Definitely remember to make Pizza Margherita (tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil leaves).

Who Needs Terrorism?

Actually terrorists do not need to destroy stuff in this country. We do it do ourselves. All the bad guys have to do is be patient and watch our bridges fall, dams give way, buildings collapse and levees yield to floods. We have not maintained our stuff. It's cheaper to not repair and not maintain.

We elect local, state, and federal officials who are cheap. As they have come to dominate our times, our times have begun to crumble. The bad guys do not have to act, all they have to do is watch us bury ourselves in our own rubble. And that's just the public stuff.

What about all the private stuff like pipelines, plants, and equipment. One of the easiest ways to improve the bottom line and increase that short term gain for stockholders is to not spend any money on maintenance or repairs. Yep, our corporate leaders are also cheap. Hmm, maybe that explains the corporate success at buying pols, cheap knows cheap.

FEMA: Hundreds of levees no longer reliable

Pope Ratzy Points Finger

Pope Ratzy recently trashed Iran for its plan to stone a woman to death. Ratzy objects. Uh, can we bring out the pot, the kettle and some name calling. Ratzy might better keep his mouth shut and clean up his own organization first.

Pervasive Abuse Found in Belgian Church

Don't forget, Iran is just one small country of 74 million. Ratzy, Inc. is global and covers over a billion people.

Deja Vu Again

Okay, when folks get pissed with their times, they can react. Unfortunately, their reactions may be violent. Their violent outbursts take lives and destroy property. We appear to live in such a time. Okay, what's new? Come on, has everyone forgotten the 60s? Does anyone remember the Militias and that McVeigh clown? While we're at it let us not forget a long line of lynching violence in the states of James Crow. When is the last time you hid under a school desk in preparation for the invasion of the commies? Historians get busy, prove violence is not our normal state.

Today, we call it all terrorism. Our leaders and wannabes frighten us with talk of jihadi Islam. It won't be long before someone decides we need to round up 300,000,000 people for questioning. Obviously, the only solution is martial law. We need more government to make us safe and free. Oh bullshit. We might try something else first. How about reinstating the idea of the rule of law, respect for the Constitution, and just going about our own business. As a first step, maybe we need to shut down FOX News and MSNBC.

Experts: Terrorism threat to U.S. now more homegrown

Book Burning

The much anticipated book burning appears to be off. For now. Oh well, football will have to do. One thing we've learned from all the Koran, Islam, Muslims, and Mosques stories in the news is that our country is as chock a block full of idiots as any Islamic nation. Our idiots, their idiots, you say Muslim, I say Christian, the behavior is the same. Looking at Iran, does anyone really want a Christian government? Oh, note how well both elide the faithful froth and politics. Independents might think about that. Do they really want folks like Lady Spanx or the Eft Gingrich in charge?

Welfare Ends?

Is it the beginning of the end of welfare as we know it? Under Obama? It looks that way. Get ready for the compassionate conservatives to decry the cuts to the deserving needy. Oh, the needy? It's all those Dept. of War contractors.

Expect the Military Industrial Congressional Complex to spread that grievance redressing cash all over the Hill. All those welfare dependent folks have jobs in every state. Their jobs depend on welfare, the pad, the contract. The protestations will be amazing. Watch the Virginia delegation spring to defend traditional welfare.

Any bets on the first issue being "making us safe?" Or will it be the "defending freedom" gambit? At any rate expect a serious dose of "national security" horseshit. I bet all the retired generals and admirals have been signed up as cable news analysts. Will cable news bother to ask them about their conflicting interests and dependencies on war welfare?

Defense cuts could slow D.C. economy for years

Bob Park

What's New

Friday, September 10, 2010

Barbor Bullshit

Haley is on the run for GOOPER stardom and the nomination in 2012. He's from Mississippi. That plays well in Mississippi and red states that seceded to defend a state's right to have slavery. Everywhere else he's just another bigoted cracker. Haley has an explanation. In his heart he's really a liberal Democrat? Nah, he's just not his Daddy's Dixiecrat, he's a Republican child of the integrated South? Buy your hip waders now, the shit will get deeper and deeper. There's another perspective on the guy's re-construction of history.

Haley Barbour, race, Ole Miss — from black perspective


Sometimes the feds screw up. One hand says it's okay to publish a book. Then the other hands finds out. The other hand reads the manuscript and finds something it does not like. Damn, 10,000 copies have been printed. Okay, other hand, buy the 10,000 copies, burn them, and you will protect various and assorted asses that are getting very antsy. Usually those asses have little to do with national security, but they do have a huge need for personal security.

U.S. wants to buy 1st printing of reservist's memoir

Does this qualify as page turning?

What's the next Fall issue?

Are you ready for stem cells? Here they come just in time for this Fall's election. If other issues don't work out as planned, then let's talk slaughter of the embryos. The stem cell funding stay has been stayed, so back to the labs all you white coated gals and guys. Everyone else prepare to mount the battlement of your choice. Oh, the issue is not the research per se, just the funding. It's federal. Life on the pad is so ubiquitous and profitable.

Stem cell funding gets reprieve

Will We Have A Burning?

The crazy Florida preacher says no to Koran burning. Why? Well, the crazy preacher found he has an Islamic friend who also needed 15 minutes of TV fame. The crazy Imam says he's cut a deal with folks in NYC to stop the mosque. Uh, the NYC guy who's going to build the Mosque (actually Interfaith Center, but it fans the flames to call it a mosque), politely says "WTF."

Will it be college football or book burning for Saturday's entertainment? Hell, either way I think I'll piss off the Hindus. Yep, I'm going to burn a lot of sacred cow, roast some corn, and make some slaw--game on!

Minister Wavers on Plans to Burn Koran

Crazy folk at play in the fields of the Lord

What ever happened to Knoxville Tennessee's Buddy Tucker? The guy converted an old movie house into a church for his small but largely demented flock. He used the movie marquee as a place to announce his thoughts and sermon topics. His sermons featured a perspective on Jews, blacks, and others. His views were quite abnormal. I think the local council of churchy types even wound up flipping him off and booted him from their club.

I think Buddy may have lived before his time. Imagine Buddy in full froth mode today. What would he do with the Muslims, Korans, and gays? Maybe he wasn't before his time at all, these crazy religious types have always been with us. Now we give them air time on cable news to boost ratings. Back then, unless you drove by Buddy's hate filled marquee you would not have known he or his minions existed.

Now about that asshole who got his cable news time and 15 minutes on TV---

Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role

Do Dogs Have Unions?

If dogs, the drug sniffing ones, aren't unionized, they better start thinking organizing. They may be replaced by lasers. Yep, lasers. If a laser can move a molecule, it can capture them and send them on for recognition. The baggage carousels will never be the same.

Physicists Fashion the Ultimate Peashooter Out of Laser Light

Hmm, will the peashooter make it into the classroom?

Book Review

Kevin Drum reviews "Winner Take-All Politics." I like the overview, I think I'll have to get this one. I have wondered about folks shooting themselves in the foot, feeling the pain, and thanking the folks who taught them how to shoot themselves. I can see the demise of unions being a part of the picture, but I still feel a vagueness. Okay, Amazon here I come, one Hacker and Pierson please.

Here's What's the Matter With Kansas

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I guess we're supposed to say "Thanks"

Unemployment has been over 9% for 16 months. The economy is starting to flag again. However, we do have Health Insurance Reform. Yes indeed, we can rest easy knowing that Health Care will remain in private corporate hands for the foreseeable future. The private sector should be estactic over Obama, but we're continue to lose jobs. This makes no sense. I guess monied class is no longer willing to make modest profits on tangible products when they can make so much more on securitized debt gambles. Number One fans, get ready, the mantle has been passed. We are the new Great Britain. Get used to it. I guess it's good that--

New filings for jobless benefits tumble

If you'd like to thank someone, thank the GOP, the Dems, and the top 2% of income earners. They bought the nation and have run it into the ground. It is time to tax them.

Once Again, Bush Remains in Office

Hey, let's watch Obama do the State Secrets Shuffle. Yep, he's pulling a Bush, again. Dropping those cases preserves all those state secrets. All those state secrets, if exposed, might show which employees of the U.S. government broke laws at the behest of which elected officials. Not bad for a Constitutional Law Prof, he found the self serving clause in the protecting my ass amendment. Not good for anyone who was interested in little things like transparency, open government, and a new way of working in government. I guess we all assumed there was a real playbook that had a real page that would really be turned. Oh, well, he'll still get votes in 2010, not for what he says, but what he's not. He's not a Repbulican. Heckuv a job Barry.

Suit dismissed against firm in CIA rendition case

Tell Me It's Not So, Joe

It cannot be! In a red state? Where the teabags steep? No, no, tolerance and the rule of law cannot be allowed! Tell, Newt, Sarah, and all the masters of single syllable words to get to Kentucky and say "NO." Bring your floppy books, white patent leather shoes and belts. Get your pompadour prepared. Practice your eye squints. Raise those hands in hate as you travel to the ever strange state of Kentucky. Hell, bring your grill, a BIC, a Koran, and some hot dogs too. Um, um good, hot dogs are yummy when covered with all those condemnations.

New mosque in Kentucky an oasis of calm

I guess Rand Paul couldn't quite find a "vote for me" angle on the Mosque.

Operation Operation

Without an official name, the re-invasion, re-taking, re-occupation, and re-removal of the Taliban from Kandahar has sort of begun. Kind of. Maybe it should be called Operation Been There, Done That. It was nice of former President Bush to insure that his successor would have a Kandahar experience. It's such a thoughtful legacy.

NATO Drive on Kandahar Begins, With Mixed Results

I wonder, do the Russians have a Charlie Wilson? If so, is their Charlie Wilson waging war? On us? Oops, there goes the USA. Wow, will Afghanistan destroy two world powers?

Really, who knew?

Fidel Castro says Cuba's economy is broken

Republican Utopia

Bless Sir Thomas, Afghanistan is GOOPER Utopia! Well, it was built by Bush and Cheney in their image and to their specs. The government of Afghanistan is every Republican's dream state. Is it yours? Think about it.

Karzai seeks to limit role of U.S. corruption investigators

The Mighty Dems

John Stewart had DNC chair Tim Kaine on last night. Stewart summed up the Dems Fall strategy well--"vote for us, we suck less than the other guys" or something along that line. He was spot on. At this point I can almost see a White House hoping for the loss of both the House and Senate because that would increase Obama's reelection odds in 2012. Now that is real page turning. Can anyone sum up, other than the GOP is worse, why we should vote for Dems? In one sentence? In two sentences? In a readable paragraph? Oh, well, please vote Democratic this Fall, if you don't the other guys will drive us back into the ditch, only this time it will be the Grand Canyon with no way back.

The GOP did major damage for a decade. They still do damage, despite Dem majorities. How is good old number 3 or 4 doing these days?

World Economic Forum survey: Debt, financial crisis hurt U.S. competitiveness

Make the Loons Happy

We seem over blessed with violent batshit crazy people. No one will be satisfied until we officially trash Muslims. Okay, here's a suggestion. Let's fill the building at the proposed Islamic Center in NYC with Korans and burn, baby, burn the site.

It would be a way for first responders to gather, watch the fire, reminisce, and patriotically praise the president (he'll be there with a bullhorn). Obviously, the site will have to be cleared and obviously a committee will have to be formed to decide what to do with the new semi-scaredish soil. Nothing will be built for at least a decade or two.

Books will have been burned--happy Christians! No Mosque--happy Republican bigots. Problems are solved. The sad part is, there are probably several folks out there who like this very stupid idea.

Evangelical leaders try to reach out to the pastor who plans to burn the Koran

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I think I like this one

It may be crazy but it might work. Poison the horns and let the killer beware. Okay, other applications?

Toxic avenger: One man's desperate idea to save the rhinos--poison their horns

Koran Burning Note

You have the right to do pretty much as you please, provided it doesn't harm another person. So, on your property, you can burn all the books you want. You can burn Korans, Bibles, and Talmuds to your hearts content. However, if you ask a lot of people to join you in a large book burning, that's a different matter. Then it's not the book burning that's the issue, it's the number of people and public safety concerns. Just remember, it's okay to burn books, but it's not okay to burn Muslims. Keep it straight or you will go to jail. Oh, if you invite a lot of folks over, check with the local law, get permits, porta-potties, etc. It's insane, so at least keep it safe.

Why people burn books and the effects of book burning are other matters.

This is Creepy, It Might Cause the Willies

Okay what kind of advice does this guy give to peanut processors? I want to know what companies have sought him out and what labels they package under.

AP Exclusive: Back to work after salmonella case

Food Labels

Do you read food labels? I don't mean the nutritional part. I mean the the advertising hype that covers 95% of the container. If a bottle of water says "new and improved" do you buy that one? If the fat laden sausage's package says it's loaded with antioxidant slickeners that lube the dangerous lard's way through you, do you believe that bullshit?

If you do, then that's why we have an FDA. Yep, they are concerned with labels and claims made on them about the crap in the package. I'm glad they take on the liars at "Food R Us, Inc." However, I do wish they would take a bit more time to make sure eggs don't give me the runs, spinach won't hospitalize me, and my burger won't kill me. Oh, well, that may be intruding on the market's fickle finger right to treat me like a BIC and flick me out of existence just because I'd like something wholesome and not deadly to eat. I guess I want too much. Can I get my government back on my back?

FDA warns green tea makers against health claims

Who Needs God?

Hawking has new book out. He's uses the lack of god to promote a book about the origins of the universe(s). Hmm, if there's only one universe then we have god, but if there's grundles of universes, we don't. Okay, I may have to read the book. Here's a review.

Hawking book explains creation of universe minus God

I have a feeling even after reading this one, it's still going to come down to, science does how, religion does why. If anyone wants a god or gods they can have them. If they don't want them there's nothing there to toss aside. Life goes on.

Pols Logic

Okay, the example is from New Jersey and it's in sports and gaming, but those are not all that different from the other crap our elected career public twits do to keep us safe, protect the Constitution, and defend Capitalism. As you read this piece think about the set of morons your state has enabled.

As Stadiums Vanish, Their Debt Lives On


Our elected bozos have seized all aspects of government. Every office, nook, and cranny have become part of the endless campaign to win elections for no other reason than to win elections. Come on, how different are the two parties anyway? So when I saw this headline,

Feds: Gulf oil blowout won't lead to dead zones

I realized the Gulf has some monster dead zones, but NOAA won't be able to find them until after the Nov. elections. I think Nixon did in the Coast and Geologic office, we'll give NOAA to Obama. Thanks for nothing.

Bush's Tax Cuts

Want those Bush tax cuts extended? Why? Got any facts? Okay give this a read--

Five myths about the Bush tax cuts

Lessons Learned

Before Bush cut and run from the Afghanistan to Iraq, he took the time to teach the Afganis about modern banking. Unfortunately, they listened.

Afghan police beat back mob of government workers at Kabul Bank branch

Bush wanted his name to go down in history. He has definitely succeeded already.

Legacyland Update

Combat's over, Obama told us, it's gotta be true. It must be easy duty in Legacy these days. Yeah, except for those non-combat, combat deaths. Bullshit's getting deeper everyday, glug, glug.

Iraqi soldier kills 2 U.S. troops

Korans for Sale

Are you ready for 9/11? Have you bought your Koran, gasoline and matches yet? The Dove Wide World of Wackos has 9/11 celebration kits for sale. Check out their prices at your local franchise. Make sure you buy enough Korans for everyone. Remember there's nothing quite like a theologically toasted S'more on 9/11 day. So, make this 9/11 a great Saturday of remembrance. Have a barbecue and finish it off with a glorious blaze of evil books. If you are Muslim, Dove World also sells Bible kits for your fiery embrace. Sorry, no kits for the Jews at Dove world because everybody hates the Jews.

U.S. officials, religious leaders condemn plans to burn Korans on 9/11

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's one for the Vegheads

On a low-carb diet? You may live longer if you make it vegetable-based

Note to Obama: You Are Screwed

Yep, no matter what he and his associates to, they will lose. The economy will not rebound. Jobs will not be created despite all those federally provided shovels. Novemeber will be a disaster. Oh, if you are a GOOPER and consider this good news, guess what, it will not get better when y'all are in charge. It will get worse. How do I know this? Well--

Fall fashions for women look back to the 1950s

Think ladylike: longer skirts, figure-hugging sweaters and floral cocktail dresses. Camisoles, leopard prints and fun jewelry and scarves add a modern touch.

When fashion speaks, banks listen. It's depressing.

Life, Liberty and

We declared our independence to pursue happiness. We did not know much about happiness in 1776. We just wanted everybody to be able to pursue it. Happiness is good, the creator gave it to us. Today, through modern science we know a great deal more about happiness than did our founding four (Larry, Moe, Curly, and Shemp) fathers. We now know what it takes to obtain happiness and what a successful pursuit costs!

Happiness costs $75,000 a year. Hmm, knowing this, it seems to me we need a Department of Universal Happiness (DUH). DUH could insure that everyone makes 75 grand a year. This is a fundamental, moral entitlement of truth. How would it work? Can our government maximize and secure happiness for all? Absolutely

If you make less, DUH will send you the balance. You will then be happy. Since anything over the big 75 sweet spot can detract from happiness DUH will take away, tax, 100% of your income in excess of $75,000. The Happy Value will have to be indexed to inflation of course to insure happiness for all our posterity.

Think about it. We can make everybody happy! We can pay off the deficit! We can have real national health care! Hell we can even fight two, three or four wars at the same time! Okay deficit hawks and war fans, it's time to get Happy! DUH!

What does it take to be happy?

Heck of a Book Review

On 9/11 some batshit crazy Jesus jockeys in Florida, will celebrate 9/11 by burning Korans. There appear to be a number of folks who think this is pretty damn dumb. Among them is General Petraeus. He thinks the fire might influence how much fire our troops subsequently receive. I'm not sure, barring the adverse effects on troops, if he thinks it's just moronic or not. Needless to say there are others who are looking forward to the "International Burn a Koran Day" events.

Maybe Muslims can gather and burn Bibles. Jews could burn both New Testaments and Korans in separate piles of course; we have to keep it kosher. Atheists could burn all of the them. Oh, all of them could throw in that book by Hitchens. Let's celebrate 9/11 by burning religious books!

Petraeus: Dove World's Quran burning may have global impact

Job Number One

Let's see it's Tuesday so job number one must be public safety. It does vary from day to day. There are so many job number ones, I don't see how our elected officials keep them all straight. They must have aides dedicated to tracking the day's job number one?

On 9/11 we learned that emergency workers could not communicate with each other. All the various groups had their own radios which ran on different frequencies. Some devices even worked, some didn't. Our elected officials decided to change all that. They've spent over $7 billion building an integrated, functional emergency services communication network. What do they call it? Oh, it's called the Tower of Babel.

9 Years After 9/11, Public Safety Radio Not Ready

There's money in radios and such, especially if no one ever has to use them. Speaking of radios. They run on electricity. Sometime the elections in electricity get confused and need to be re-aligned. They get phaseism. I have a product that helps. Anyone want to buy a 360 degree phase reverser? I have them available for $5.95 plus an obscene amount of S&H. It will straighten out your electrons and might even get rid of the porn polluted ones too.

Shovel alert

The nations premier public speaker, made a bid for votes on Labor Day. He's wants us to cough up $50 billion for jobs, infrastructure jobs. If it works and Dems don't lose their asses this Nov. we will be able to calculate the cost per vote. Until then, it's just a wad of cash, and once again, borrowed cash at that. Uh, weren't we fed a line on shovel ready stuff already? So what the hell will be different this time? Oh, we will actually buy shovels! Yep, it's hard to move that bullshit by hand, it never washes off.

Lambasting the GOP, Obama proposes $50 billion for roads, rails and runways

Food Alert

It's not soylent green, yet. It's just frankensalmon at this point. Will you eat genetically modified salmon? It's "exactly" as in 100% the same as the non-modified version, expect it grows faster than hell. Oh, it's safe, take the FDA's word for that. Of course all the testing is hush, hush, private and not gonna be public any time soon. Trade secrets you know. So, how's your trust level? The FDA cannot even deal with eggs, spinach, and burger produced the old fashioned way. Then again, there's an award winning physicist working for government. Gee, that has about as much meaning for modified food as it did for ending the BP oil spill. Get ready for super bullshit from both parities. Maybe it's time to grow all my own food.

FDA considers approving genetically modified salmon for human consumption

Gee, if frankensalmon was used to make hot dogs, would we have frankenfrankfurters?

Monday, September 6, 2010


Here's a piece for the vegheads--Tasty Vegan Food? Cupcakes Show It Can Be Done

Psst! It's Still Obama's Bungled War

When we cannot even buy the other guys pawns, we have a problem. Yep, we can't get our asses tohether to be able to pay bad guys to quit being bad guys. They're violating the Geneva Convention aren't they? Now, why are we still farting around in Rubbleistan? Does anyone in charge of this mess have even half a brain?

Plan to Woo Taliban Foot Soldiers Stalls

Google Santorum

Go ahead, google "Santorum." The first link should be to Go ahead and click to the site. Yeah, Rick Santorum for Prez? Wonder who Rick pissed off?

Virginia Drinkers Alert

On the one hand it may become easier to find a bottle "Old Fishhooks" soon, but it may be more expensive to have a snort with your breakfast sandwich. The ever endearing Republican Governor has decided he wants to unload the state's ABC stores. He wants the state to get out of the business that business should have been in in the first place. Setting aside the ever abundant religious nutzoids who even object to NyQuil being sold OTC, what's the problem?

Well, the state monopoly on hooch also gives the legislative types a couple hundred million to spend every year. It's a very dependable wad of cash. Delegates and Senators can buy all kinds of votes with all that sin revenue. How will the Gov. replace that lucre? He'll tax liquor by the drink, but not by the drink? It's confusing, the Gov. is a Republican.

If he adds a 4% tax, not to the single glass but to aggregate sales, he's sure the bar owners won't pass the tax on to the customers. Right. The Gov. must not be a Republican after all. Look, an elephant never forgets. But Bob has forgotten that there's only one rule in business, thou shalt maximize profits. The bars are businesses. They will pass it on--even with possible lower wholesale costs. There's profit in that tax increase. The Gov. is obviously a jackass. Oh, my god, he's a Democrat!

Anti-tax governor's booze relies on new taxes

What party's mascot is a horse's ass? What party does the A.G.'s belong to?

Got Tubes?

Do you like the Internet? Will it change for the better or worse? Will it be balkanized? Hmm, the Net's been politicized here in good old Number One land--Net Neutrality. What's the future hold?

A virtual counter-revolution

Investors Take Note

As China restricts the export of rare earths, what firms will provide them?

Digging in

Get Ready to be Rattled (a wee bit at least)

Back in science 101 we all learned that Mom Nature had laws. Her laws were the same whether you were sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Washington, D.C. or at a drive-in a galaxy on the other side of the universe. Mom's laws are the same everywhere and have always been the same. Does anyone want to argue with Mom? Look, John Webb and Julian King have raised their hands.

Ye cannae change the laws of physics

Got Suicider?

If so, then attach command detonated explosive device and you have a bomber. Remember, it's a one use weapon. Today I Googled "suicide bombing" in Google News. Here's the first return--

Backgrounder: Major suicide attacks in Pakistan in 2010

Suicide is proscribed amongst Christians. At least I think it is, it's been a while since I thought in fundamental Christian. Given that suicide is a sin, for Catholics I think it's still a mortal sin unless they have bagged mortal sin, are there exceptions? I have a feeling that most Muslims think it's a major no-no too, but they have their theological sharpies who can find the needed Koranic clause that says "it's a big no-no unless..." Okay, bible thumpers, is suicide ever given a biblical thumbs up? If so, what's the citation? Is their a Rabbi out there who can provide the Jewish "unless?"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Got War Talk?

There are too many folks who want to go to war, directly or indirectly (Israel proxy), with Iran. Gee, they might develop a nuke. It's getting a little bit scary. And I'm not talking about Iran, I'm talking about all the people talking about Iran. Here's a op-ed piece that makes sense. Give it a read.

Stop the War Talk

There's too damn many dolts who vote

The GOP did a lot of damage to this nation for eight years. The damn wars cost us more than lives and a lot of money.

The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond

Today, the GOP appears to be bouncing back with a bit of assist from GOOPERS wearing Teabags. Teabaggers are just ultra right GOOPERS. Can you imagine them being out and about if Obama was not black? I have trouble seeing them as anything other than Republicans. Now, why would anyone vote for more Bush and the GOP. What they wrecked before they can and will wreck some more. What they didn't wreck, they will start wrecking if they get the majority this Fall. The outcome all depends on Independent voters. Polls show them tending toward the wrecking crew. I figure Independents must be a suicidal lot.

Kale sucks, right?

Wrong. It's quite tasty if you prepare it right. Here's a recipe for Kale I made today. It's really yummy and, hell you have to say this, it's nutritious too. It tastes good, is easy to make, and you can modify it a lot. Vegheads--use veggie stock or base.

Sweet and Savory Kale

The Tubes is a really great cookbook.

Obama's Bungled War

Talk about your self-fulfilling prophecy. We, all our generals and their equivalents who make very important war decisions, decided that the Afghan people prefer corruption to honesty, particularly in their government. Now, after nine years of occupation, we have created the most corrupt government on the planet. Technically, Somalia is worse, but does that place even have a government?

Loss of Faith in Afghan Leaders May Hurt Push Against Taliban

Thinking about Afghanistan, how's your trust in elected officials, military brass, and government appointees doing these days.

Profile in Narcissism

I don't quite understand why so many folks are so enamored with people who really love themselves. It there a name for that bit of aberration or is it just normal? If you enjoyed the Vanity Fair piece on Lady Spanx (Sarah Youbetcha), then you might enjoys this piece on the Newt.

Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican

Now is there a name for someone who likes to direct others to less than flattering profiles of Trogs? Democrat?

Bug Shit, Not Diamonds?

Here's Bob Park--What's New.

Want Pure Gold?

If you do, then better get some microbes. Yep, they purify gold.

ScienceShot: Solid Gold, Thanks to Bacteria

Ants vs. Elephants

Smokey the ant? Well, they don't prevent forest fires, they just make for an unpleasant dining experience and save trees from total destruction.

Forget Mice, Elephants Really Hate Ants

Hey, that's not fair!

Damn, somebody better tell those sectarian bombers in Baghdad that combat is over. When the commanderaor in chiefiness says it's over, then it's supposed to be over. Did anyone translate his speech into Arabic? Damn, forgot another detail, but that's been the history Bush's war since the get go.

Assault on Baghdad military headquarters kills 12

Are You ready for Movies

Here's a piece on movies that have recently opened or will be soon. Hmm, Machete sounds good.

10 films worth looking for this year