Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you use Facebook?  Why?  I am not really sure what a social network amounts to anymore.  At any rate, 500,000,000 or more folks do use Facebook?  Hell,there's even a movie out about it.  Okay, what are the myths and the reality about Facebook?  Here are five of 'em--

Five myths about Facebook

Example of why religion sucks

If you are a Christian, is it okay to do Yoga?  Well, it you are a batshit crazy, evangefundie, Baptist who listens to blowhards like Albert Mohler, then the answer is no.  Why?  Oh it might turn you in to a "post-Christian, spiritually polyglot." See how deep it gets without any effort at all. And we wonder about Imams, Ayatollahs and Islam? We have the same in abundance both in the front of the church and in the pews. Could we have a war over yoga? Why not?

Should Christians practice Yoga?

I wonder what the Mormons have to say on this? Has the prophet spoken? Have we heard from Willard?

McDonnell is a schmuck

Wow, McDonnell must have discovered that blacks can vote.  He must not have known that back in April; someone must have told him.  Next year it will be Civil War in Virginia month instead of Confederate History Month.  Don't forget, Virginia state office elections are next year, they are off year from federal elections.   Pandering in advance, schmuck.  I wonder if Pat Roberston told him he's got god's approval?

The Civil War was over 150 years ago.  It was about the "right" of one group of people to own another group of people--that is slavery.  The plantation economy could not survive without slaves. That's it, that's the state's rights bullshit.  That's all.  It's time for the descendants to quit celebrating their ancestors deviance.

Seeking racial unity over slavery silence, McDonnell turns 'Confederate History Month' into 'Civil War in Virginia' remembrance

Is it really 44 or is 43 still in office?

Bless my Shrub and his Uncle Dick, ObamaCo sucks too!  Where are the protesters?  ObamaCo is afraid trade secrets of illegality will emerge if a trial over the government authorizing a murder of a U.S. citizen itself  goes to trial.

This is sleazy.  This is low. This is disgusting.  This is unconstitutional.  The victim is a scumbag.  The victim is a human waste.  However, the victim is a citizen and there is that little matter of law.  Ends do not justify means, period.  And when government hands get caught in the cookie jar, it is not right to put the cookie jar off limits.  Look, it is not really about state secrets.  It's about fear felt by employees of the U.S. government who have committed crimes that drives the state secrets defense.  How do we spell state secrets?  Here goes-- C- O- V- E- R  Y- O- U- R  A- S- S!

Obama invokes 'state secrets' claim to dismiss suit against targeting of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi

Sadly, Obama remains better than any of the apparent Republican possibilities in 2012.  He's will get my vote then, but that is all.  We saw what Bush did, if returned to power, the GOP would give us Bush on steroids.  However, that does not mean I am a happy camper.  Are you?   No more money from me-he can raise it from the crooks.  No more help from me in the campaign-he can buy help.

Anybody got a new party?  This is not my Democratic Party.  Oh,  when the GOP mocks Obama on change, turning pages, and transforming government why do you thinks their BS resonates with more than  hardcore Republicans?  

Friday, September 24, 2010


Bush and the GOP gave us Iraq. If they get any power back get ready for another legacy. Oh, how's that Iraq legacy doing these days?

With 50,000 American troops left in-country, combat is now officially over. But American F-16s are still dropping bombs and troops engage as "advisers'' alongside Iraqi special forces on dangerous counterterrorism missions. On the civilian side, U.S. officials are looking to the Iraqi government to take the lead, but squabbling has left Iraq without a functioning parliament since a March election.

Now that I think about it, Iraq today reminds me of the GOP--dysfunctional and in need of adult supervision.  Does anyone really believe we'll be out of the legacy by 12/31/12?

Much uncertain in Iraq as U.S. officials enter crucial handover phase

Stuxnet Update

Stuxnet may be the product of a national government that thinks Iran really, really sucks.  Which one? No the GOP is not a government,  Try Israel.  The target is in Iran. At least, that what it looks like now. Did our spooks assist? If so, then expect a massive screwup--don't ever forget the exploding cigars.

Stuxnet worm is the 'work of a national government agency'

What's worth 39 cents?

I guess you could say a dead baby is worth 39 cents to investors.  Abbot Labs stock fell 39 cents a share after they recalled the infant formula.  Okay, no deaths reported and it is only supposed to make the tykes real sick.  What do you value more, your income or some other persons sick kid?

Oh, here's the product ids in the recall--Abbott identifies recalled baby formula lots

Say What?

Superaccurate Clocks Confirm Your Hair Is Aging Faster Than Your Toenails


Independent voters are going to vote against the Dems this time.  They stuck it to the GOP in 2006 and 2008.  Independents are not really independent, they are the real party of 'no.'  They don't like whomever is is in office.  Of course they do not offer any candidates of their own, because they are independent.  That is 100% pure Bullshit.  Gee, instead of being against whomever was last elected, offer the rest of us your own ideas and candidates--third party?  If you can only cope with two parties, then fold the GOP and Dems together, they are not that much different anyway and form a new second party.  Oh, teabags are not new they are just a GOP diversion.

Independents Oppose Party in Power ... Again

Netflix Users take Note

Netflix, NBC Universal Expand License Deal

It's a retread

So what's new?  The Pledge to America?  Nah, it's that same old GOP shit--

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Postcards From the Pledge
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Virginia's Standing

The State of Virginia executed a convicted murderer.   I am surprised that the Republicans in this state have not found a way to use executions as a revenue source to pay for highways.  I am sure there must be at least one fine church that would allow the killing to occur in their house of worship (for a cut of the gate, of course).   If it were televised, say on a Sunday, the ratings would set records.   Would such a show cross the line in the separation of church and state?

Virginia executes Teresa Lewis for role in slayings of husband, stepson in 2002

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's Texas Again

Texans like to keep 'em dumber than hell.  I guess that way they'll stay home and do as they are told.  The Texas School Book Commission has now found hidden Islamosymps stuff in textbooks.  Bless my Oral Roberts, Christians are not going to take this lying down.   No sir, the are going to sit in meetings and make sure publishers don't  send any books with hidden leftie pro-Islamic messages.  Is is possible for children educated in Texas public schools  to succeed at a University that is not in Texas or any other red state?  How?

Texas school board debates 'pro-Islamic' bias in textbooks

What's up there? Is it a bird, a plane, Superman?

No, it's super Wi-Fi!  The FCC has approved the use of white spaces for broadband.  It will be coming to some local ether soon.  WiFi on sterioids!

FCC opens up unused TV signals for broadband

Good News, Bad News

The U.S. is still the biggest most robust economy in the world.   That's the good news.  Okay, how do we know the U.S. is still #1?  That's the bad news.

Why we are #1

Looking for excuses

I guess folks really don't want women running for elective office.  Some new research shows that use of terms such as ice queen, whore, or other sexist tags in attack ads work.  The woman will lose support, particularly if she does nothing.  She does regain support if she responds immediately.

It seems to me the research is showing a great deal about segments of our voters--male and female.  Does this work similarly with other categories of candidates?  Are the categories all other than white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant males?  What kind of attack on WASPs works similarly?

Study: Sexist insults hurt female politicians

Video Today

What do you do to see movies? Do you go to a theater? Do you see them via Video on Demand through your cable TV system? Perhaps you go to a DVD rental store (if one still exists in your neighborhood). Have you tried Red Box? Oh, don't forget NetFlix. The video market is about $10 billion a year. It is in flux right now. Which approach will become the enduring distribution model? Me? Oh, Netflix is great--I can wait a couple years today's hot flick.

Home video biz has become 'quite baffling to consumers'

Here we go again, there must be an election coming up soon

It's either the fear card or covering their asses in advance, you decide---

Risk of small-scale attacks by al-Qaeda and its allies is rising, officials say

Food That Kills, Babies this time

Similac may not kill your kid, but it may make them real sick.  Funny how insect larvae can do that.  Yep, Similac has been recalled.  Abbott "discovered" the problem last week.  Abbott would like potential litigants to return the evidence for a full refund.  Gee, the problem was created in a plant in Sturgis, Michigan.   I wonder is the plant the property of Abbott or is it just a plant that makes stuff for lots of labels?  How did it occur?  Did this result from training in maximizing profits?  Could we have the names of the management team in Sturgis?

Abbott recalls infant formula on bug contamination

Woodward Again, Now It's Obama's Turn

The world now well knows that Bob Woodward has another book out.  This time it's about Obama and his commanderator in chiefiness role.  Gee, there was disagreement amongst advisers.  There was harrumphing by generals.  It's hard to fight a nine year old war that turned to shit eight years ago.

Woodward will sell lots of books.  Woodward will appear on lots of TV shows.  Woodward will opine.  Pundits will opine.  Pundits will opine on Woodward's opining.  Woodward will write another book.  It does get a bit old.  And as usual, Woodward's publicity plans were de-railed.

Okay, why did all those pols and appointees talk  with Woodward?  The only thing I can think of, is that some key advisor(s) decided it would improve the odds for Obama's 2012 election.  Note--the war is still on.  Troops are still being killed.  The best bet is to put your money on a decade plus of war (that includes the linguistic bullshit we're using in Iraq these days of non-combat, combatants and non-war, war and Mercs subbing for troops).

Been There, Done That

Okay, the GOP is pledging America.  We better make sure they don't have their fingers crossed.  Look, these are the same bozos who put out the Contract on America that culminated in the Bush years.  Two wars that never should have been started, a wrecked economy, degradation of government services and regulation, and two years of a one word policy alternatives, "no," and now they want voters to trust them?  If voters do elect GOOPERS, it will get much, much, worse than it is now.  I wonder to whom they are pledging the government and they expect in return?  It's a bit creepy.

GOP 'Pledge to America' to call for U.S. spending freeze

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dim Bulbs

When Palin was foisted upon us, I figured Dumb was running for the top job and dumber was going for the number two slot.  Palin is a dull normal person.  Conservatives must like 'em since they seem to keep on finding them.  Today, Palin remains dumb, but she found and  backed Dumber in Delaware.

Christine O'Donnell's Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

Safe or no?

Will you eat Gulf seafood any time soon?  Do you trust NOAA?  Do you trust the FDA?  Do you trust the pols appointed to administer these agencies?  Do you think politics (cash payments) can influence the findings that appointees report to the press?  Don't forget the Bush years and all those climate and environmental reports that were altered by pols but presented as science.  So, is some asshole in the While House running the 2012 campaign or is the food safe?  Here's a negative take--

Exclusive: Gulf seafood poses long-term health risks, experts say

Listen up Dems--Not Obama in 2012?

Obama is catching flack from his voters.  He's not quite lived up to his campaign speeches.  He talked a great talk when he was pursuing votes, but in office he has only ambled his way toward achieving them.  Folks are disappointed, I am.  Okay let's remember some alternatives.  First, Dick Cheney.  Second, Dubya.  Third, John McCain.  And fourth, Teabag Loons.   Dems should feel a bit better after giving themselves the willies.

Let's assume Obama has delivered only about 40% (it's an arbitrary guess) of what we think he should have delivered.  Now, imagine if McCain had been elected and delivered on 40% of his promises.  Which world would you rather live in, Obama's moderate improvement or McCain's foray into fear?  I prefer Obama.  I have a feeling all presidents aspire to being like Lincoln or FDR, but at best they become Jerry Ford.  Ford is about as good as it's going to get, so Obama is doing okay.

Dems need to be a bit more realistic and accept the fact that there ain't a pol alive that knows how to tell the truth, so we might need to be a bit more forgiving.  Pols do not even realize it when they have not lived up to expectations.  Remember they are in love with themselves.  Unfortunately, the only way we usually have to tell him that he's acting like a turd, is to elect the other guy in the next round.  In this case the other guy will be someone like Gingrich, Romney, Huckabee or Palin.  Take a minute and think about a  McCain presidency.

Obama needs to shape up.  Can we motivate him?   Maybe Dems should begin now to scare the crap out of Obama and suggest someone else for 2012.  If he shapes up and hits 60%,  he can run again.  If not, what the hell, it might be interesting to watch Clinton v. Palin.


Do you pay your fair share?  How about the Bush tax cuts?  Here's some survey results from Pew on taxes.

Taxed Enough Already?

Sci Fi or Real?

It appears that cyber missiles now exist.  The missile is malware designed to find and destroy something big.  The "missile" has been found, but we're clueless about what it going to do, much less who created it.

Stuxnet malware is 'weapon' out to destroy ... Iran's Bushehr nuclear plant?

The Teabags are just GOP baggage

In Alaska, a guy named Miller rails against government spending and fiscal irresponsibility.  He should know about it, he's a past beneficiary.  Maybe it was research or did he just forget he could have said "No?"  

Miller acknowledges getting farm subsidies

Who's Your Fav?

GOOPERs are looking for a nominee.  Who's looking good today?  Bless my wingnut, it's Willard!

Poll: Romney No. 1 for GOP presidential nod, Palin No. 2

Who will lead the moonbeams?

The wingnuts have found their leader.  She is Sarah Palin.  Wingnuts love her.  They buy her book.  They pay to see her perform.  She keeps looking good with a little help from Spanx.  Hey, she is Lady Spanx!

Okay, what about the moonbeams. Who will lead these dreamers/  No one has shown up make them scream for good government.  Most of the available Dems are about as exciting as John McCain was in 2008.  Hold it, we may have seen a leader emerge.  Yes, we have, she dresses in meat.  She's come out against DADT.  People pay to see her perform.  Who is it?  It's Lady Gaga!

The battle is on--in 2012 it's gonna be Lady Gaga vs. Lady Spanx!

Gaga's Next Gig

What's wrong in food

When a sandwich made from two pieces of bacon, two slices of cheese and "Colonel's Sauce," with two thick fillets of fried chicken functioning as the bun, can be seen as health food in comparison to so much else offered in restaurants, we have a problem. The problem accumulates and shows up everywhere. Have you noticed? Look for large people, they are everywhere.

With high-calorie dishes, restaurant chains put obesity on the menu

Gee, We Can't Buy Test Scores

Assuming schools are not working well, experts decided to fix the problem. Obviously it's the teacher's fault. But, then teachers are just over-worked and underpaid. Is there a solution here? Sure, we can pay them more. But, we have to pay them based on how well they teach. How can we assess the teacher's performance? That's easy. Children go to school because they have to. They have to, because school is the only way they can learn how to take standardized tests. Standardized tests measure something, I'm not sure what, but it must be very important. I know that because an expert told me they are very important.

Okay, if teachers are given a $15,000 bonus to teach to the test, will their students make the grade and pass the tests? Will bonuses cause more students to pass tests? It ought to, since we know that money is all that matters in every aspect of life. Teacher's motivation to teach will be purchased. Students will be taught by fiscally motivated teachers. More standardized tests will be passed with measurably higher marks. The schools will then work well. Uh, how's that test going?

Teacher bonuses not linked to better student performance, study finds

Because You Are Elected Does Not Mean You Are A Leader

The Nation's Speechifier in Chief discovered that the other day. He's just got the job for two more years. I started to watch the "townhall" but had better things to do; I had some paint I needed to watch dry. Things did not go all that well for Obama. Maybe he'll get a clue that he can understand. Keep it up for the next two as you have for the previous two and you will not be reelected. Would I work on his reelection campaign in 2012 as I did in 2008? Well, he's not a Republican, but all I may do is vote.

Was the CNBC town hall a wake-up call for the White House?

Bush was all hat and no cattle, and now we know that Obama is all talk and no walk. Other similarities?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two Ways of Seeing Stuff

Earth's creatures have eyes so they can see the light—at least that's been the thinking for several millennia. But new research suggests that our eyes are actually geared to pick out darkness.

It's a Dark World Out There

Meatheads take note

Our planet is in a bind.  It's dominant species, us, is hell bent on destroying it.  It doesn't seem to matter to most folks.  We are unwilling to clean our house, it might be expensive.  Time will run out.  It won't be  your grand kids who suffer, pretty soon it will be your kids.

Tick Tock

How did we ever get to where we are today?

Okay, we only accept experts, as experts, if they agree with us, otherwise we know they are full of shit.   How do we determine what we believe?   We all cannot know everything.  So how do we handle something new?   I guess we look in the mirror ask "mirror, mirror on the wall, whose face shall I call my own?"  Then we accept that face's line of BS as our own.  Wow, how many folks looked in the mirror ans saw Sarah Palin?  Lady Gaga?  Oh, my god, George Bush?  Barack Obama?  I wonder who Christine O'Donnell sees looking back at her?

We Only Trust Experts If They Agree with Us

Who do you see?

Why Run for Office?

That's easy. People give you money. You then can spend the donations on yourself. Okay, would you vote for O'Donnell or have you decided it's time for you to run for office yourself?

Christine O'Donnell: OK to use $20,000 in campaign funds to pay her rent?

Will You Attend Either of These Rallies?

Rally to Restore Sanity vs. March to Keep Fear Alive: Which is winning?

For or against the Shrub's legacy?

The Shrub screwed up foreign policy.  He left us a legacy.  Guess what, he did a number on us domestically too.  Rememeber the tax cut?  Okay, they are set to expire.  How will it affect you?  Should they expire?  Should the folks making over $200,000 see their taxes increase?  Should they be extended? How does it affect your bottom line?

How the fight over tax breaks affects your bottom line

Myself, I can live with letting them all expire, I will pay more, but it might help us get out of the legacy. I can live with letting the rich pay a bit more too. I cannot accept extending them or making them permanent. How about you?

Lard Butts Read This

If you thought your butt was due to high fructose corn syrup, you might be partially right.  However, you've overlooked all the other sweeteners in your "diet."  When sugar provides 16% plus of daily calories, then something has got to grow.  Have you grown over the years?  How many years and how much?  Okay, put the diet in reverse.  Quit buying stuff that includes any added sugars of any kind.  Do that for several months and see if there's not  less of you.

In Worries About Sweeteners, Think of All Sugars

Good Question

Here it is--Do the wacky things candidates say cut support? Maybe not

The basic qualifications are citizenship and age. After that folks seem to vote for what they see in the mirror.  2010 appears to be a vote for "me" election.  We are blessed with wingnuts.

Con Game

If the Feds decide that drugs will be discounted, then the retailer will simply increase the retail price and then apply the discount.  Consumers will get the discount but pay exactly what they were paying.  If the retailers do it right, they will  see an increase in profits due to the discount.  Let's see if the discount is 50% we can increase the retail price by 51%, not that's an odd number, lets make it 55%.  

Medicare 'doughnut hole' relief could be offset by higher prescription drug prices

Where's that invisible hand of the market?  Oh, it's over there in the corner, it's extending its middle finger.

Fiscal Responsibility?

Bush made us legacy rich.  As he built his legacy, today's tea party dorks cheered him on.  It wasn't fiscally irresponsible, wrong, or dumb until a Democrat was elected to straighten out the mess.  Today they seem to think that the Democrat in office is actually responsible for everything his predecessor did.  Damn, the president must have a way back machine.  If that makes sense to you, then you must have your head up your teapot.

Here's a bit of Bush and the  GOP  legacy to all of us--9 NATO soldiers die in helicopter crash, making 2010 the deadliest year for forces in Afghanistan

If you vote for a teabag you will be voting for the Bush legacy. Do you really want to restore the Shrub?

Lard On, Lard Off

Fat is a national problem. We have always had trouble with fat cats buying government, but now we have too many too fat people. The fat cats have sold us too much food. Actually, it's mostly cheap shit covered with lots of salt, sugar, and fats. They manufacture it. We we buy it. We get obese. They get fatter wallets.

Here's a piece from the post on the problem--With insurers slow to cover obesity treatment, patients often must foot the bill

Obesity is, for 95% of us, due to eating more food than we need. The excess is stored as fat. Now it looks like we will see a push for insurance coverage of over eating. We will treat it as a disease. Will fat be the next smoking?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Where did all those calories come from?

Gee I eat two pieces of pizza or have a bagel or eat a muffin and I gain weight. I haven't changed, I still do the same amount of work, so what gives? Well, the portions have ballooned. As bagel sizes have increased, unless you are working more, well, so have you. How much distortion is there?

Portion Distortion!

Get Ready for the next screw job

The rich nailed us all as they invested us into the Tech bubble.  Has your 401k recovered yet.  Then there was the energy investment boom and bubble.  Ah, that $4 a gallon gas was so much fun wasn't it.  The rich invested in debt as their greed gave us the housing boom and bubble.  Our economy almost went further south than it did in 1929 and the Great Depression.  Do you still have a job and a house?  Okay, what will the rich destroy next?  Are you ready for the food bubble?  It's coming because they are investing in farmland.  Will you pay $10 a dozen for salmonella laced eggs?  It will be here within three years.

Investors seeing farmland as safer bet than stocks

Now why is it idiots oppose taxing the rich? Have they forgotten that idle investment hands are the devil's workshop.


I keep running across bits and pieces that posit Lady Gaga as today's feminist icon.  Huh?  I have trouble with that.  It makes no sense at all.  I may date myself,  but I find feminism more summed up by the line "I'm not Barbie."

What prompted this post?  Try the October issue of "Harper's."

If you don't subscribe to Harper's, do so, or wander down to your library, or borrow a copy or get your hands on the October issue and read "American Electra" by Susan Faludi.  You can wait several months until it's online, but will you remember to go read it on line then?

Give it a read

I don't agree with all his points, but I enjoyed reading this piece.

Does the Digital Classroom Enfeeble the Mind?

Annals of the Rich

We bailed them out.  They were saved.  They are making money and continue to increase their ownership of everything.  So what's trickling down?  Not much money, just pain.

For the Unemployed Over 50, Fears of Never Working Again

And the teabaggers persist in defense of the rich? Amazing!  I guess extremism in defense of the 1% is no  vice.  They're right, it's just fucking stupid.

Utah Crazy Folks Had Best Take Note

Bless my time and eternity--

If the Deseret News is beginning to be nice to illegals, then the Mormons trashing the Editor, Joe Cannon, have forgotten something.  The paper is the mouthpiece of the Mormon Church.  If they trash Joe, they might find they are trashing their prophet, seer and revelator.  Revolt in the Church?  Nah, the LDS bosses  have just lost a bit of control.  After all, they did create the reddest state in the nation.  Now they have to back it off a bit.  If the home folks don't get in line, well, then it will be bye-bye celestial here after and the guys won't get a planet to run.   It kind of reminds me a bit of Mickey Mouse and the Sorcerer's Apprentice.  Can the prophet re-can those red worms?  Well, you know what they say about re-canning worms.

Mormon-Owned Paper Stands With Immigrants

This is an improvement?

I don't remember who showed that in WWII, only about 25% of our guys with guns would really point the damn thing at a bad guy and pull the trigger to kill them.  One of the outcomes was a change in training targets--they've been more human like ever since then.  Trigger pulling is about as good as it will get today--over 97% or so.  How's all that training doing on other fronts?  Well, we might wonder about what we are doing to our young men and women in uniform--

As Iraq winds down, U.S. Army confronts a broken force

If we're going to do this to our people in uniform I think we need to spread the damages a bit more.  The majority of us have to have skin in the game.  First, we repeal the War Powers Act.  Congress has to declare war, before we go to war. Second, when Congress declares war, then we pay for it as we fight--we automatically restore the WWII tax rates.  And third, we immediately restore the Draft and insure that at least 50% of the warriors are draftees.  Ready to war on?

Horseshit Research

We continue pile up "reasons" for lard.  Now, it's  a virus?  I'll be extremely generous, for 5% of the population there may be something besides food that lays on the lard.  For everyone else, it's real simple--you eat more calories than you burn up.  For 95%, you made yourself what you are.  For 95%, you are responsible for all the space you occupy.   For 95%, eat less!

When there is more "in" than out, then all that "in," stays in and becomes fat!  Obesity is caused by people over-eating.  If we discover more nature did it to me "excuses" for our lard, then the only hope will be a pill, that will magically appear on the market just in time to solve the obesity crisis.  Yep, Drugs R Us, Inc. will provide the only way to lose weight since the research they funded shows that you cannot do it on your own.  I can see a federal Department of Obesity (DOO) in our future.  

Bullshit and Hype are Eternal

The Vatican says, Pope Ratzy's XVI's four-day visit to Britain a "great success!" You would expect them to say it sucked?

Bush: The Good Old Days Weren't

Oh, come on.  How can anyone want a return to the Bush years?  It took him and his cronies eight years, but they did it. They gave us the monster mess we now enjoy.  It's not Obama, it's all Bush and the GOP. If you like war and debt, then vote for the GOP or Teabags, because that is what we will get.  If you  want to repair the damage and return to a modicum of normality, then vote for the Dems.  They're not that great but in comparison to their opponents, they are all Solons.

Here's a bit of the Bush legacy--

Car bombings kill dozens, injure more than 100 in Baghdad

Bodies of three kidnapped election workers are found in Afghanistan

And that's just nation building.

It's not about ideas

If you think elections are about things like ideas, party, and such, why?  Elections are about a couple of egotists who really want  to be celebrities.   All their noise about issues and such is just advertising BS.  They might as well just say "new and improved" or "no fat"  or "I'm lite"  instead.  It's the same old product in a new box.   The product is some schmuck who needs to be on stage and have adoring fans who "love 'em."

In off years, like 2010, all it takes is 51% of about 30% to get that job.  The turnout really sucks in off years.  Just think, your Representative, was elected by a 15%-16% "majority." It's no wonder government never quite gets around to doing what most, 70%, of folks want.  The majority allows a minority to do the  hiring and firing and then wonders why government is FUBAR*!  

More House Democrats stressing independence from Pelosi, Obama

*Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quid Pro Quo--Private Education

If you run a for profit post-secondary school and fear the Feds might regulate your greedy ass out of excess profit, what can you do? That's easy, buy Congress and get the law you deserve.

For-Profit Schools Donate to Lawmakers Opposing New Financial Aid Rules

And in Bushistan

Bush and Cheney gave us modern Afghanistan. Given that, would anyone expect honest government and clean elections? Nah, the Afghans, as usual, are living up to their mentor's expectations--

'Serious concern' over fraud at Afghan elections

It Really Is Your Father's GOP!

G.O.P. Insider Fuels Tea Party and Suspicion

Hearts and Minds?

I don't think this is the way to win those hearts and minds at all.   Does the all volunteer Army lend its self to this type of behavior?

Members of U.S. platoon in Afghanistan accused of killing civilians for sport

Probably not, the same kind of crap occurred in Vietnam.

Legacyland Update

Maybe Iraq is a non-legacy legacy since it has become a non-war, war with 50,000 plus non-combat, combat troops.  Oh, don't forget the non-mercenary mercenaries also.  And what is this Sunday like in the Shrub's gift to the Middle East?  Well, try boom!

String of car bombings kills at least 32, injures 100-plus in Baghdad