Saturday, October 2, 2010

Remember the qualifications are just age and citizenship

The GOP candidate for the Senate in Delaware keeps on giving--

Christine O'Donnell: After Witchcraft I Tried to Be A Hare Krishna -- But Liked Meatballs Too Much

Mall Wars

Back in August Glen Beck had his right wing nutjob fans assemble on on the Nation's Mall.   Have you noticed how we seem to engage in Mall combat these days?  If you have a position on anything, you prove your point by having your flock gather on the Mall.   Since the Mall is then filled with people, it becomes an event.  Events are covered by cable news.   It gets a bit silly, but it must be profitable for manufacturers of trash bags.  Gee, do we even have  a Trash Bag Industrial Complex?

Beck's faithful gathered to let America know they want 17th century life restored in our times.  Today, folks who prefer the 21st century and get a kick out of working together will invade the Mall.  "One Nation Working Together" will fill the Mall with their minions.  Will more lefties and progressives show up than teabagged trogs did for the reactionaries?  If so, will progressives be able to claim the title?  If so, exactly what is the title?

One Nation rally energizing liberals

Hold it, before we hand out the title, there's another Mall mash coming. What if John Stewart's Mall combat segment, on Oct. 30th, has more attendees than both the reactionaries and radicals combined?  Is there a chance sanity will be restored? Nah, our politics has always been an extreme sport.

Drones at Play in the Fields of Petraeus

The CIA is sending drones into Pakistan.  What?  Yeah, our military cannot fight its own wars anymore.  They have to use mercs.  The CIA mercs are killing Pakistanis that the contractors from Blackwater (Xe) type companies must have missed.  It anyone really in charge?  Has Obama decided to outsource the DOD's job to other agencies and firms?  I thought Obama was Bush, but now I think Dick Nixon is back in action.  We need to end this nonsense today.  How many hearts and minds are there left, if any, that we might be able to win?  It reminds me more and more of Vietnam, especially with the increased spook and pinstriped suit involvement.  End it and cut the deficit by a trillion or more.

Intel: Strikes continue amid border tension

Offensiveness is in the senses of the sensor

Here's the question: Westboro Baptist Church: the right to be offensive?

The question may be answered this Fall as the "Unleashing the Kagan" Supremes tour gets under way. Roberts and the Robes will sing a ditty on this one. Will they croon a tune to First Amendment bliss or intone a limiting air? Keep your eyes on Roberts, he still looks like the guy you see on wedding cakes doesn't he?

I can go along with limit on Westboro, but only if all such offensive speech is also shown the door.  Note, all religious speech is offensive.  See it's all in the sensors, so what do you think?

Man Confirms Title of His Book is Accurate

Rick Sanchez has a new book out.  It's entitled "Conventional Idiocy."  On Friday, Sanchez proved the book is really an autobiography.

CNN's Rick Sanchez fired after explosive interview on satellite radio

He will not be missed. I hope CNN fills his slot with simple nameless, easy to forget, news readers.

Damn, we can't even run a Post Office

Get ready to say goodbye to Saturday delivery.  The PO is trimming its costs.  There goes delivery and say adios to a bunch of small POs.  I think I'd rather our government pay for the PO than fight idiotic wars.  Instead of deep cuts in the PO how about some deep cuts in other Federal Agencies?  The PO delivers mail, what the hell do the Dept. of Energy and Dept. of Education actually accomplish?  Need more money?  Then cut the Department of Defense back by 30% or more.

Postal Service expects $6 billion year-end loss as mail volume continues decline

Better yet, cut all the spending Congress does on itself.

Friday, October 1, 2010


The rich seem to have a yen for hiring illegals. Why does anyone ever lend them support? Oh, cash payments. Is it illegalgateagain in California?

Calif. governor's race upended by immigrant maid

Okay Patriots Spin It If You Can

If you ignore history you will repeat it.  I wonder what we're doing in Iraq, Afghanistan and god knows where else?

American scientists deliberately infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala with syphilis 60 years ago, a recently unearthed experiment that prompted U.S. officials to apologize Friday and declare outrage over "such reprehensible research."

I sure they were commmiteed patrots all. Anyone else read the Medical Trials from WWII? This has to appeal to all those greater good teabaggers out there.  Yeah the end really justifies those means doesn't it?

Cars That Won's Stop Keep on Coming

What gives with cars and brakes these days?  What gives with the engineers who designed them?  What gives with the managers and staff who built them?  Does any auto company build a decent car any more?   Have recalls become so normal we no longer wonder about it at all?  What company is the latest to screw up?

BMW and Rolls build shit too!

Good News Bad News

Here is some good news.  The market had its best September since 1939.   The month saw a 9% increase.  That is hot.  Maybe the economy has begun to get moving.  That is really good news.  Oh, what's the bad news, it's  the same news if you are a Republican.

Stocks sizzle in best September since 1939, but will it last?

For The Weather Crowd

If you live on the East Coast you are quite familiar with rain, lots of rain.  Tropical storms have slowly wandered up from the Gulf and drenched everything along the way.  The rain began on Monday.  It rained a but Tuesday.  I went to the Virginia State Fair on Wednesday--it was supposed to be dry in the AM and rain in the PM.  It was dry when I left the house.  About 10 AM it became PM as I turned into the Fairgrounds parking lot.  It rained all day.  Oh, Mrs Jake won ribbons for fibery stuff.  She also won a ribbon for some spiced pears.  She is crafty and award winning.  When we drove home the rain intensified a bit.   Wednesday night it opened up and really rained.  It rained all night  Thursday was more pounding rain that finally let up a bit in the PM.  It was supposed to rain today, it has not.  I went into the garden to assess damages.  Minor considering the wind and rain.  However, the 14 inch tall 5 gal. bucket was overflowing.  I figure we had over 16 inches of water since Monday.  Now I  can hear the grass growing.   I will have to start mowing tomorrow and get it all mowed before the next round of storms.

East Coast Is Soaked by Gusty Storm


Was the bailout, TARP, worth it?  If you are concerned about the nation's economic health, then it has been a magnificent success.  If your focus is party politics, then it has been a disaster.  It's been bad for both parties.

If you are an elected Democrat, then it really sucks--your opponent has convinced the ahistorical and fact free voters that it was un-American.  Therefore, there is a good chance you will lose your job.  Actually, only a very small percentage do not get their jobs back.  It rarely hits over 5% unemployment for incumbents, but this year might see an 8-9% level.

If you are a Republican, you have trouble too.  Bush began TARP.  TARP is a GOP program finished by Obama.  You haven't forgotten Paulson already have you?  When Obama was sworn in, the GOP adopted its scorched Obama strategy.

As they railed against Obama and the Dems, they forgot fact free voters do listen and try to repeat what they hear.  The voters heard bailouts are bad.   The voters got angry at what they heard.  The voters noted bailouts began under Bush.  The voters decided to pick on the GOP too.  They had a movement.

They moved a lot.  GOP blessed candidates were replaced by others more to the liking of the fact free movement voters.  Now, the GOP has to worry about new blood they don't want in their party, taking over their party.  GOP candidates have been replaced by human size teabags.  The GOP may have tread on itself.

For the rest of us, TARP, while, in retrospect,  may not have been the best plan, it was the implemented plan and it worked.  If the final cost is under $100 billion, I'd say it was money well spent.  Why do I say that, well here's a one piece you can read and see why--

Two years and billions later, was bank bailout worth it?

Legacyland Update

Bush, our beloved national Shrub, created Iraq in his own image.  The local government, while young, learned well.  The Shrub knew the value of rest and recuperation.  He knew vacations made him a better decider.  He wanted posterity to know him as the Great Decider President.  He took a lot of breaks.  The man was committed.

Iraqis studied the Shrub.  They decided to have the best democracy with oodles of liberty.  They learned from our Shrub.  They take lots of breaks too!  One of these days Legacyland will become that nation on a Middle Eastern hill (or sand dune), but until then they will keep on breaking records for longest time with no government.

Please Take Note on Suicides

War is not conducive to good mental health.  It's hard to stay sane with just one tour in a combat zone.  Multiple deployments while presented as patriotic, really result from our elected pols unwillingness to reinstate the draft and share the pain.   If more people had had some skin in the game from the outset these wars would have been over years ago.  Hell, the Iraq one would never have been started.

What's one of the enduring costs of these long wars?    Let's consider what happens after the troops have come back home to rest up for another round of mortal "Groundhog Day"--

So far, 104 Army troops have killed themselves this year, a rate that eclipses the one in the civilian world. The rate at Fort Hood, where 14 suicides already are confirmed this year and six other deaths are under investigation, is nearly four times that of the civilian population.    

Four suicides in a week stun Fort Hood

If we go to war, it should be declared by Congress, it should be manned (and womaned) through a draft, and a war tax should be imposed from day one.  Then we'll see how many lives we waste for how long.   If you touch it in some personal way, then it's more than an idea, and we all learn that war really sucks.


Ever since the teabaggers began to publicly cross dress in public, you know where funny costumes from the 18th century, I have been somewhat amused.  They are probably well meant, but they are just fearful, disgruntled Republicans.

They have gathered in malls across the land.  They have littered the intellectual landscape of our nation.  How can they do this?  For the most it's because they tend to ignore facts.  They do not read history much at all.

Back in my hippie days, when several people I knew railed against the man, the establishment and corporations, I found humor in watching them trundle along with a boom box on their shoulder that  blared their latest rock tape as they blasted away at capitalism.  It seemed to me to be a living contradiction.

Was this a precursor of performance art?  Nah, they just didn't deal well with facts and history either.  Today's disaffected dolts are on the right.  Here's a nice piece from the Economist on the less than factual amongst us--

The perils of constitution-worship

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Wow, our aces in the War Department really are keen to keep secrets.  I wonder if folks who do this work ever feel just a tad strange.  Back in 1973 David Wise wrote a book, "The Politics of Lying."  It was about government secrets.  Not much has changed in the intervening years.

Read: Not-so-Secret ‘Secrets’ the Pentagon Paid Thousands to Destroy

What a species

We humans are some kind of species.  One of the things we're best known for is dedication to fouling our own nest.  Most other species learned "don't shit where you eat and don't piss where you sleep."  If we did ever learn that, we forgot it totally.  We wallow in our waste.  We even take pride in our behavior.

We seem unable to keep our  bad manners to ourselves.  We seem to be compelled to share our approach to the world with other species.  Yep, we take other species with us into our wars.  I don't think that's quite what the lord meant when she said "Y'all have dominion," is it?  Now we even give dogs PTSD.  If we are hell bent on killing each other in the name of the latest non-existent bit of vital puffenstuff, at least we can have the decency to quit making other species share in our stupidity.

Marines want more Labrador retrievers to sniff for bombs

And Why Should Anyone Give a Rats?

BP spilled a lot of oil in the Gulf.  It was the news story for months.  Okay, so what?  Has it changed your attitudes about energy or the environment one bit?   Probably not.  The Oil and gas industry learned a few things.  Government was just government.   Hm, unless you have money at risk like pols and business types why care at all?  We have learned it pretty much does not matter what folks think, it all comes down to the  bozos a minority elect.  Most of us don't vote.  In other words government works for those with cash to buy pols.  What Jane Doe may want is at best a piffle.

Has the Gulf oil spill changed U.S. attitudes?

Post Office

The Post Office is going broke.  Dems are for putting money into the USPS.  Since Dems are for it, the GOP is against it.  It's so predictable and so damn lame.  Here's my question, do you want a Post Office?  I do.  Quit fighting the wars and subsidize the Post Office (I bet they would be some money left over).

What if the Postal Service runs out of money?

Product Recalls

I guess companies that have been in business for a long time, just get tired of being in business.  It becomes a money machine in which no one gives a rat's about what they do to make money.  Toyota is still recalling their cars, however folks are still buying them.  So does it matter that you may be the unlucky one in a million who dies from a piece of shit made by a company like Toyota?

Okay, maybe you will take your life in your hands for a good buy, but how about your kid?  Will you give your kid the chance to be that one in a million who dies from a toy you gave them?  You might if you keep on buying Fisher-Price toys. Yep, their business is making toys.  I have a feeling that no employee of Fisher Price actually makes toys anymore, they have other companies in China make them and put their label on them.  It it any wonder that they're recalling 10 million or more toys.  Does any American company still make anything?  It's no wonder we're tanking.

Fisher-Price recalls more than 10 million items

War's Over?

Would that it was this simple.  Pakistan, in a snit over the way we win those hearts and minds with attack helicopters, closed the road we use to bring in the war stuff.  No war stuff, then no war because we will not fight a war with clubs and knives.  Ah, fantasy.  I realize the Pakistani government will make a demand and we will meet it, then the war crap will once again flow into Afghanistan.   Now why are still in Rubbleistan?

Pakistan Halts NATO Supplies to Afghanistan After Attack

Product Shortages

Over the years, we've all experienced product shortages of one kind or another. I noticed the canned pumpkin shortage is now over. Do you remember gas shortages? How about onions? There is a new shortage. Fortunately it will not affect most of us. Today, thiopental sodium is scarce. What's it used for? Oh, let's put it this way, folks on death row are affected.

Shortage of Widely Used Anesthetics Is Delaying Executions in Some States

Either eliminate state executions or kill with a proven technology that will always be ready to go. My preference is the guillotine.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I bet they all decided to be poor

The economy was tanked by the rich in their quest for more riches. The economy was saved by government action of both the Bush and Obama administrations. The rich survived and even made more money. What about everybody else? I guess more people made personal decisions, particularly children, to live in poverty. How else can we explain the increase. Yep, the rich would not keep all the gold would they? Nah, it has to be choice. Yep, kids choose to live in squalor and go to bed hungry. Thank a rich prick for helping people to take responsibility and opt for a life of poverty.

The preceding Bullshit is right out of the Teabag, GOP, batshit crazy playbook. Do you buy any of it?  Poverty is up.

D.C., suburbs show disturbing increases in childhood poverty

This one is for the Trogs

Here's the opening paragraph--

For all you in the business community who are rooting for a Republican victory in the November elections, a bit of unsolicited advice: Be careful what you wish for.

Now read the rest--Can Business Afford Jim DeMint?

To The First Putz

Your voters are apathetic.  They quit.  They don't give a damn.  Oh, by the way, great speech, but get ready to lose in 2012.  As you and the other Dems spent your time since November 2008 congratulating yourselves on victory, all the voters saw was a bunch of clowns worrying about their reelection.  The worries have become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Have a nice day.

Apathy could hurt Democrats, Obama says

Don't forget, votes for you and other Dems really mean the other guys, Republicans, are even worse. It's not the case y'all are better, y'all are just not quite as bad. It's like Dumb and Dumber, but it's Bad and Badder. Do you really believe people voted for you rather than voting against McAncient?  By the way, I turned the page, it was blank.

Supremes Are Back

Roberts and the Robes will begin their "Unleashing the Kagan" tour on Monday.  Last year's "Wise Latina" tour broke even.  How will they warble this year?  Well, let's put it this way, whatever tunes conservatives pay to listen to, Roberts will make them warble.

Will Corporation's personhood be extended?  Will AT&T be granted privacy rights?  You betcha.  It's needed to control any possible release of information as they decide.  In particular, corporations do not want anyone to know how much they spend on political speech.  Don't forget this is the first year of their new found right to spend as much as they want on political speech.  Corps are people, get it?   Get ready for a solid year of very moldy oldies from the bench.  I think Roberts wold like to see us return to the days of Charles II.

Supreme Court to consider corporate privacy rights, revisit Anna Nicole Smith case

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State Killing

Iran may still stone a woman to death for committing adultery.  That seems a bit extreme, but states are partial to killing their citizens.  In Virginia, the state offed a woman who hired a couple of hit men to kill her husband and step son for the insurance.  She was not stoned.  She was given the needle and humanely put down.  Of course the chemicals used may not be quite legit for use by a vet on a dog.  Look, if the state is going to kill it's people the least they could do is use the guillotine.  The head of state should be required to pull the cord.  Ahmaalphabet in Iran's case and McWhatshisame for Virginia.  The heads could be preserved on petards and put in a hall of shame or fame, depending on your point of view.
An adulteress could in theory be stoned, Iran prosecutor says

Good News

The Stuxnet malware worm is working!  It is totally fucking up Iran's computers.  Their nuke facility is having a host of problems.  If this is the future, we better watch out, someone may not like the crap we're pulling and decide to target the CIA or DoD.  Gee, can someone write a worm to wreck the GOP?  Oh, my.  At least we can enjoy today.

Iran struggling to contain 'foreign-made' 'Stuxnet' computer virus

Greed Trumps Self?

I do not understand how anyone who is gay, out of the closest, and would like to have the same rights as the rest of us, can be a Republican.  Log cabin GOOPERS?  The GOP panders to their social conservative base whose solution to DADT is to eradicate homosexuals from this earth.  However, the GOP is the "business" party and loves making money.  Greed wins I guess.  Then again, GOP gays may want to be put back in the closet.  I do not get them.  If you are gay, you can be  a Democrat, a Socialist, a Communist, even an independent, but you cannot be a Republican unless you hate yourself.  Strange bedfellows and all that rot...

GOP's dilemma on gay rights: Win over advocates, or risk losing its base?

We Got Faith, Mindless Faith, That's All

How much do we know about religion? Well, the most knowledgeable appear to be the Atheists. If folks don't even know who Martin Luther was, then why should anyone bother listening to them gurgle on about god and such. Religion is a lucrative racket that preys on a genetic twist of our biology. How much do you know?

On Basic Religion Test, Many Doth Not Pass

Internet Radio News

Tuesday morning from  7-9 am is fantastic on WMNF.  Give it a listen:  Freak Show

Government Saves Money

What doe it mean when a government agency does something that costs them less than the prior year?  We call it a savings.  Is it?  The IRS is going to save money by not sending out paper forms and instructions.  Huh?  Most folks apparently use e-file.  Most folks have incomes under $55,000 or so.  The paper goes to folks who make more than the upper limit for e-file.  Okay, I think it's dumb.  The paper is an obligation of government.  I will lose this argument, that's okay. I want to know where the savings go. Exactly what happens to those unexpended dollars.  I think all savings should be returned to the Treasury and re-directed to programs that actually do some good for a lot of people.  Medicare and Medicaid come to mind.  I definitely do not want the savings remaining in the agencies budget.  If you don't like savings going to other programs, then re-direct them to payments on the national debt.

IRS to stop mailing income tax forms

The Class War Continues

There is a class war occurring.  The rich are getting richer and the rest of us, well, we're not getting any richer.  When wealth gets concentrated, it's not good for a nation's progress.  All that ownership becomes more important to the owners than why we have had a very successful run of self-government.  The haves start to believe they own it all, not because of their skill, but because god ordained it.  Take a peek at world history and get a bit concerned.  Oh, before  you get all huffy about class war, read some history.  I'd suggest an interesting book as a nice start--"The Birth of Plenty" by Bernstein.  What created plenty can destroy it for us.   Now let's talk tax policy....


We know political campaigns cost too damn much money.  After I listen to about any of the elected dolts talk on about X, Y or Z, I know, all it takes is cash and a massive case of narcissism to be a pol.  The folks don't think, much less act according to facts, reason and logic. Their world is advertising themselves to keep their job.  After awhile they come to believe their own PR.  It really sucks.   It's sucking us down.  Is there a solution?

Well, yes there is.  It's kind of simple, but risky.   If  you turn on cable TV news, pick up a news magazine or check out a newspaper all you seem to read about it the pols and what they say.  Hell we all know what they say already.  It's pretty damn boring.  When's the last time you heard Obama give a real fine speech, but damn he's on tube and in the news every day!  Why?

Obama like every other pol has to raise a shit pile of cash to promote himself when he runs for reelection.  He will run, be nominated and might even be reelected.  Does it matter?  Actually it does.  It matters because  he is the chief administrator of the executive branch of our government.  There's the problem.  He's running a multi trillion dollar organization and about the only way we learn what the org is doing is by listening to potential candidates for office about it.  Obama talks.  McConnell says NO.  Biden talks, Cantor says NO.  I think you get the drift.

On the occasion a non-elected pol is on the tube it's an appointee.  Come on, an appointee is just someone who  hasn't figured out how to be a national elected dork yet.   When we listen to appointees, it's about the same as listening to the elected ones.  They serve at the pleasure, remember.  Oh,I almost forgot about the solution.

Here goes.   We need one national paper like the Washington Post for example to change the focus of their paper.  They need to quit covering the elected bozos and start covering the organization.  Who cares what Obama has to say about squat?  I don't.  I do care about what actually occurs in government agencies.  Who did he appoint.? What have the appointees done?  How has the civil service implemented A, B or C? What happens inside all those government agencies?  I could care less what a Tim Geithner says, but I do care what his employees area actually doing and proposing to do.  Have you read the Federal Register lately?

We need to cover every damn department the way we now cover the pols.  If we report the White House soup of the day, then I'd like to know how many folks called in sick in the Dept of Energy yesterday.  Ignore the pols and report on what the tax dollars are being spent on.  How is a law being implemented?  In other words, quit covering all the talk and start covering the real walk.  If we can learn how they are actually walking, it will be much easier to say bullshit to the pols when they advertise themselves asking for our votes  They might even change the way they talk.

I think you get my drift.  Ignore the elected bastards.  They will keep doing whatever it is they do.  The check on them is in the facts of government, not what those professional liars have to say.  It might be a bit harder for blowhards to dominate the public conversation if most people become well informed for a change.

Monday, September 27, 2010

More Hearts and Minds in Af-Pak

To make us safe and defend our freedom, NATO flew into Pakistan and killed a bunch of people.  Besides  being the only ones in the area with helicopters and lots of guns, they said it was legit because they were in hot pursuit (sovereignty and other laws do not apply if the 800 pound gorilla says so).  The people killed were bad guys,  NATO shills said so.  Again, if the 800 pound gorilla speaks, we listen, and agree he speaks a very, very well armed truth.

Hey, you folks who voted for the current commanderator, the Obama guy.  Yeah, you.  Is this the kind of crap you expected to be occurring in 2010 after he'd been in office for 18 months office?   Oh, before you think about taking your disappointment out on the Dems and Obama this November, just remember how much worse it will be if the other guys get elected.  It was the other guys made the wars; they will make more wars if they get any power back.  Please vote, but not for the GOP or their ugly step children, the Teabags, unless you want more death and destruction.  

NATO forces carry out airstrikes in Pakistan

The Fat Fart Must be Happy

What's his name, that lardo from Texas, Hagge must be all a jiggle today.  He's the complete idiot who thinks the end of days is at hand.  He has some BS about the big one beginning in Israel.  Yep, the Arabs and Jews just moved one step closer to war.   This time, it might really get out of hand.  Not Armageddon, but let's put it this way, Middle East oil is going to become scarce to non-existant for a while if this round turns from peace talks and leads to a shooting war.

Israeli building ban ends

Double Dipping Greedheads

Government needs a few simple rules that will help it contain some costs.  We need rules that deter abuse of the system.  We need ethicalgenic rather than criminogenic rules.  Here's a couple of suggestions--

If you retire from a government agency, federal, state or local, you are retired, period.  As a retiree you can no longer do any kind of compensated work for any government agency forever.  You cannot be paid  a salary, wage or receive any other kind of remuneration by any government or by any private sector employer that does business with government.  No more double dipping.  No lobbying.   You are free to donate your time to public schools.

Now that takes care of retirees.  But what about ex-employees who are rehired as consultants? Uh, if you worked, part to full time, for a government agency within the last 10 years you cannot be directly or indirectly compensated by any government agency unless you are reemployed as a full time government employee. I think you get the drift on that one.

It's not the government employees who break the bank, it's double dipping consultants, contractors and lobbyists.  Any suggestions for rules that will force us to keep ourselves more honest than not?


Obama is really Bush

Why on earth do we do so much wiretapping?  I wonder if anyone has ever done an effectiveness analysis on wiretaps of all kinds--legal and illegal?   When I read a piece on the Feds and bugging shit, I cannot help but recall the nation's number one drag-queen cop, J.Edgar Hoover.  Hoover abused his power.  Hoover was the director of blackmail by dossier.  Can you imagine what he would be like if he had had today's resources?  Okay, so who is today's Jedgar?  What is that person doing?  What illegal destructive crap is being done to us by government officials that want to make us "safe?"  I'd like some safety but from them.

Report: US would make Internet wiretaps easier

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Excessive God Genes

We have the continuing story about pedophile priests.  Now we have a mega-church in Atlanta competing for the pervert sweeps.  I have a feeling all organized religion is just plain odd.  Of course some parts of  a church require it's participants to be 100% nucking futs.  Here's a Catholic version--

Vatican probes disgraced order's cultish lay group

If it's too much for Ratzy, it's really gotta be sick.


Hey the Afghans had an election. Given that two ace presidents have been nation building in that rubble pile for nine years, how'd it go? Well, it's what any reasonable person would expect--

Afghan election commission orders recounts


The Shrub built Iraq in his image.  He has succeeded.  Iraq captures the core ethics of the GOP and the Shrub.

U.S. Gift for Iraqis Offers a Primer on Corruption

Does anyone really want the plant back?

Obama's Bungled War

The troops are on the move.  In Kandahar it's time for Operation Dragon Strike.  Given the past nine years, I expect our generals to proclaim success regardless of any outcome.  Obama will give a speech.  Troops will die.  Afghans will die.  More rubble will be rearranged.  We will be there for 20 more years.  In the near future look for a non-draw down,  draw down.

American and Afghan Troops Begin Combat for Kandahar

Gee what ever happened to Operation Moshtarak?

Polka Music

If you  like polka music, try WMNF every Sunday from 2-4pm (eastern).  It's the Polka Party Express!

Crazy Woman Stats

Christine O'Donnell won the GOP primary in Delaware.  She received 53.1%  of the GOP votes.   The State of Delaware says that 32% of GOP voters turned out for the election.  That is better than the Dems, only 12% showed up.  Back to O'Donnell. This means she was elected the nominee by a vast majority of 16.9% of all possible GOP voters.  Now that is a real landslide.  Primaries  bring out the wingnuts and batshit crazy folks.  They turned out in Delaware.  They elected themselves to run for the Senate.  In November we will see if most of Delaware is  batshit crazy or tends towards dull normal.

Had Your Veggies?

Fast food has won.  Fats, salt and sugar taste good.   And we wonder why this is an obese nation.  Gee, if folks ate fruits and veggies they might not be so fat.   Oh, if you lose weight, get rid of salt, you will feel a bit better, be healthier and might be able to quit taking so many drugs.  Have you noticed how many fat people are now featured in commercials compared to 20 years ago?

Told to Eat Its Vegetables, America Orders Fries