Saturday, October 9, 2010

It takes a bit of time

Even white, evangefundies over 65 now favor gays openly serving in the military.  However, while it may be okay to get your gay ass shot off for good old number 1, marriage is still a no-no.  The numbers opposing gay marriage are going down.  As a generation, only the Millennials don't have much of a problem with gay marriage.  The other extreme is white, evangefundie, heavy church goers, greatest generation types.

Gay Marriage Gains More Acceptance

If it ever happens that gays become just people who can do and live like everyone else, can we have the word gay back?

LIfe Sucks?

I have a feeling a couple of the health problems we see in this country are more based in feeling lousy about life than much else.  If you feel like life is more worthless than not, you'll make yourself feel better by eating a dozen Happy Meals.  Then  as you waddle home, you'll begin to feel like shit for looking like shit because you decided life sucks.  Damn there's only one thing you can do.  On the way home buy a bottle Bourbon.  Once home, to feel better, you'll get numb, pass out, and finally spend the night worshiping the porcelain god.  Yep, we're number one if you're counting lardbutt drunks.

1 in 4 U.S. teens and young adults binge drink

What do think they will do if...

The Teabaggers are having a get together in Virginia.  Of course, they are not the Republicans, but many elected officials who happen to be GOOPERS were featured speakers.  So much for truth in advertising.  McDonnell, the very crazy Christian Governor of the the state, thinks the 10th Amendment needs to be reasserted.  Let's see what was the last major state's rights fight in this Country.  Oh, Virginia was Slaves R Us back then too.  It was the Civil War.   Yep, it's a states right to tell its citizens you are white and can be owners.  You are black so you can be slaves and be owned.  States rights anyone?

McDonnell backs amendment to repeal federal laws

If Virginians could they would return to their antebellum "glory" days. They think the good old days were good. They were not. If no one could object I have no doubt some form of slavery would be enacted in most Southern states within five years of its possibility. Remember most people don't vote and it would be state legislatures that make new law. So again, state's rights?

Missed this one

A million Muslim march on the Mall?  Now that is bozo.  In addition to being unnecessary and pointless, it might be more dangerous than expected.  Gee, a million Muslims in one convenient place in the land of Gun 'R Us?  If the Muslims came packing and the armed wingnuts showed up, we'd have more than a gunfight on our hands.  Hey, it could kick off religious warfare.  It both sides would kill each other off....

Million Muslim march on the mall?

If you thought a million black males scared the crap out of folks, imagine what this might do.  Hmm,  1,000,000 jihadis bringing Sharia law to the Capitol?  Let's get packing.  Play with it and see how weird it can get without much effort at all.

Remember, as always, BP Sucks

Golly gee Gomer, BP might not have been a safety oriented company.  Their job number one, two and three might have been cost cutting.  Wow, this is a discovery?  I am glad it is getting a skosh of "official" notice.  I have my doubts if there will be anything official about BP's tawdriness issuing from ObamaCo (2012 needs cash now).

BP cost-cutting measures are focus of U.S. inquiry into gulf spill

Tea Party Myopia

All those costumes, flags and posters allowed teabaggers to forget their roots.  Yep, they're pretty much just disgruntled Republicans.  They thought they had gone so far to the right of the GOP that the GOP would not tread on them.  What a hoot!   As they met in Va.  they discovered, they are the same old, same old, Goldwater trogs of the GOP.   They will have to pack away the costumes and such, the GOP prefers suits and dresses at the National Convention.  What a joke. a pathetic joke.

At Va. tea party gathering, insurgents worry GOP will 'co-opt the movement'

Too Bad Independents Aren't Really Independent

People who are Democrats will vote for Democrats.  People who are trogs will vote for GOOPERS.  I bet you can tell how I will vote, can't you.  Party faithful vote for their party's nominees.  If both sides have about  35% of the voters each, then that means the election is about how the remaining 30% will vote.   We call the remainder independents.  Are they?

Based on the amount of advertising both sides are putting on the air, I think independents are just malleable brain-dead consumers who actually listen to TV ads.  They live in the land of Spiel and Hype.  God, the future of the nation is in their minds.  We are in deeper shit than you can imagine.

Oh, I did forget to mention one aspect of the ads is to piss off your people about the ever evil opponent.  A pissed off potential voter has a higher probability of showing up and voting.  Damn, the shit just got deeper.  The base is as brain-dead as the independents, they listen to ads too.  

With large fundraising advantage, Republicans expand the number of targeted races

Oh come on!

In the land of lard we've lost our way.  We seem to think the only way we can lose our asses is by taking a pill?  This is warped.  If you are a fat, obese, huge, lardbutt there is only one problem.  It's your mouth.  You insert more calories than you need.  That way there's ever more of you.  There is only one diet that works.  It's simple, it's eat less, work more.  Do that and there will less of you and you might stay healthy to  boot.

Don't wait for the lard away pill from big PHRMA.  Change is one less mouthful away.

Weight-loss drug withdrawal latest blow to obesity fight

Aloha, Community Radio

Community radio is great.  I know I have mentioned this station before, but KXCI on Sat. morining is such a fantastic way to begin the weekend.   Note, I am on the east coast and KXCI is in Tucson.  If you are up and in the mood, give KXCI and open your ears to  "Mele O Hawal'l."


Friday, October 8, 2010

Nucking Futs Alert

Nevadans you may despise Reid, but that's no excuse to put Sharon Angle in the U.S. Senate?

100% Certified USDA Price

How much does horseshit go for these days?  If it comes out of Dallas, it's about  $350 for a couple pounds.  How do I know this?  Well---

Cloth-bound, signed copies of Bush memoir to retail for $350

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A fun way to spend 10 minutes

If you're looking for a little amusement for 10 minutes today, take a look at the ads we've checked on our NPR-PolitiFact Message Machine page.

The page, which I believe represents the most extensive fact-checking of campaign ads that's ever been attempted, is an eye-opening glimpse into American politics ... that could make you want to close your eyes.

Take a look at the ads and you'll notice a few things:
  • There's a robust market for grainy black and white photos of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.
  • Democrats keep claiming that Republicans "want to privatize Social Security!" and Republicans keep saying Democrats "want to cut Medicare!"
  • It's a good time to be in the fact-checking business.

And while you're clicking around, check out some of the strong work that our national and state writers have been doing recently:
  • PolitiFact Wisconsin checked a claim by U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood thatnobody can stop the high-speed train planned for the state. False.
  • PolitiFact Florida continues to find lots of interesting claims to check from Democrat Alan Grayson.
  • PolitiFact National checked a Spanish-language ad that claimed Barbara Boxer voted against immigration reform that would have permitted Hispanic immigrants to come to the U.S. to work. False.

And keep checking the site over the next month. We'll keep you informed -- and amused.

The Gulf

Will you eat any Gulf seafood?  I won't, at least not until I've held a lit match next to it to see if it will cook itself.  Even if it doesn't, I think all that oil is going to be in all those organisms for several years.   Of course having NOAA, the White House, BP and Gulf seafood processors assure me everything is safe does not help at all.  They lost pretty much all credibility over the course of the spill, even with a Nobel Prize winning physicist helping out.   So, pass the Tofu,,,,

Gulf seafood's falling supply, demand disrupt industry

Obama's Bungled War

I have to wonder how we can fight a war with an ally like Pakistan?

Pakistan blocks NATO convoys, but Taliban get free passage

Gee, if we cannot fight a war without the stuff needed to fight a war and we cannot bring the stuff into the war zone because our ally won't let us cross the border, then maybe we ought to say to hell with it. We can declare a stalemate, come home, and have a small economical parade.

Manufactured stuff that kills

We've had plenty of food, cars, and toys that are not conducive to the continued well being of living things yanked from the market.  So often it seems the purported producer, based on the product label, does not make their own crap.  They contract it out.  The contractor cuts a corner here and there.  The result is a dangerous, defective product.  The latest?  Well, if you take Lipitor you may have to send back your pills and hope whatever made the pills stink won't hurt your already impaired system.

Pfizer Recalls 191,000 Lipitor Bottles After Musty Odor Reports

If contracting stuff out works so well for Phizer and others, why does our government continue to contract out government? Where's the equivalent for government to the FDA, CSPC, and other regulatory bodies? Oh, damn, we have to depend on an informed electorate that in turn elects decent officials. Screwed once again.

Utah Makes the Washington Post

Oops, when Utah makes a national paper it usually means someone in that state has let their extremism go a tad too public making asses of themselves.  This time the theocrats who run the state trashed gays at their semi-annual get-together.  Now gays are pissed.

70% of Utahans will learn how to react when their prophet, seer and revelator tells them what to say and do.  Gays should not expect a 1978(?) Kimball on blacks type of announcement until most other states have legally accepted gays.  At that time god will have a chat with the seer.  'Til then, Packer has the word.  Why do gays stay in that church or state?

Here's the Mormon perspective--if you think being gay is  "...pre-set and cannot overcome what they feel are inborn tendencies toward the impure and unnatural. Not so! Why would our Heavenly Father do that to anyone?"  See you can be cured!  Doubt it?  Why just  ask Mr. Packer and all the millions who listened to his bullshit.  Hey, why not boycott all things Utah?  

Utah gay activists protest Mormon church remarks

Democrats Health Mess

The Health Care Insurance Reform Act has been found legit, again.  A Michigan federal court says the individual mandate is just great (and legal to boot).  Does anyone really expect this part of the Health Insurance Perpetuation law to be trashed?  The mandate will stand and health insurance will not be challenged as the way we provide health care for the next thirty or forty years.  It was the Democrats who had a chance and blew it.  It could have been Heath Care Reform.

New health-care law constitutional, federal judge rules

Apt, very apt

It seems quite fitting and appropriate that the Vietnam War Memorial is cracking.   It's been cracking almost from the day it opened.  New larger cracks have emerged and no one can explain why.  To me the Wall provides a way for all of us to mourn our war dead and it also captures the essence of that needless, useless war.  Before you give yourself a wedgie over what I said, I was in it.  I volunteered.  Okay?

New cracks discovered in Wall at Vietnam Veterans Memorial

There's A Public Management Lesson Here

Do you  remember Shirley Sherrod?  She's the black USDA employee canned for making racist statement, when she had, in fact, not made racist statements.  Okay, quick who is the Sec. of Agriculture?  You had to scratch your head on that one, it's Tom Vilsak.  Now we learn he appears to have known that he, his staff and probably jackasses in the White House, knew they did not have all the facts.  They fired Ms. Sherrod anyway.   I'll let you guess whose greater good they thought they were serving.  What's the lesson?   Oh, in public administration, the rule of law is mandatory and cannot ever be set aside.  The rule of law precludes any asshole attempt to let ends justify means, slobber away about the greater good, or dismiss due process.  When manager's sidestep law, well, they get covered in slimy Vilask.  Gee, and he's one of the better managers Obama appointed, what about the rest of the bunch?

E-mails: Vilsack hastily decided to oust Sherrod

How to keep the war going

The Afghan war has been going on for over nine years.  The 800 pound gorilla has not won, achieved victory, celebrated stalemate or found a way out Bush's other legacy.  Hmm, how can the bad guys keep it up for so long?  Let's face it other than opium there is nothing in Afghanistan but rubble.

How have our warriors been able to maintain the enemy?  Maintain the enemy?  Yep, we pay the bad guys.  We train the bad guys and like the Energizer Bunny, they then can keep on insurging.  Our Department of War in conjunction with the Military Industrial Congressional Complex have created new ways to keep war, and profits, going and going.  Oh, don't forget there are 120,000 or so contractors in Afghanistan.  Yep, war pays.  But to have a war you have to have an enemy and we have created a secure enemy.  Hell, I bet if we killed every Afghani we'd import Iranians, call them Afghans, pay them and fight them.  If you like this mess send a thank you note to Bush, Obama and your Congressman.

Senate report: Mismanaged U.S. contractor money aids enemy in Afghanistan

More Reasons to Not Trust Pols or Bankers

Yesterday I posted about the mortgage mess created by greed and midwifed by MERS, an electronic system for quickly buying and selling mortgage paper.  Of course the mess required preliminary approval of our national wunderkinds we call Congressmen.  Congress, for a fee, that is, a generous donation, de-regulated as requested.  Without Congressional assistance the mess would not have been able to occur.  Banks made money, investment houses made money, large investors made money until the bubble burst.  Then everybody got screwed.  Congress bailed out the financiers.  They have recovered and are making more money.  Of course the millions still out of work remain screwed.

Now, we learn that Congress stepped up and did it to us again, almost.  Almost because  Obama vetoed a little bill that would have legalized the current mess created through MERS.  Gee, will the GOP bitch about Obama's veto?  That would not surprize me one iota.  Oh, the mess boils down to no one knowing who actually owns the mortgage that any given bank has decided to foreclose.   The bill would have made the electronic notations legit, set the stage for "illegal" foreclosures and prepped us for an even bigger mess in mortgages in the future.

Of course, the title/mortgage/foreclosure is a giant mess already.  Once again, despite the veto, our elected jackasses will find a way, for the greater good, to help bankers make money at everybody else's expense.   Both parties supported this without debate.  Both the House and Senate passed the damn thing.  Now they are going "oops."  Bullshit.  All of them need to be voted out of office.

Obama won't sign bill that would affect foreclosure proceedings

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Note to Teabags, Independents, and Other Assorted Wingnuts

You are angry, cool.  Your anger has let you lose your think and your sense of judgement.  Look at the crazy folks you are backing.  Now take a deep breath and note in addition to being a fantastic month for the stock market, folks are shopping!  The economy is improving, slow but improving.  Now go read some recent history by reputable authors* and then decide if you really want to call Senator One Meatball from being a Hare Krishna as one of your own.  Pack away the silly costumes and flags and vote based on facts, reason and logic.

Retailers report September boost

*Try folks recognized as scholars in their respective fields.  Read a bunch of them.  Read and make up your own mind, see if you can shake free of your authoritarian shackles.

Fat Folks Take Note

As you age and add weight all that flab may come home to hobble you.  So, no more Happy Meals, get your BMI in line and make sure the belly fat is disappearing.  Your senior years may be gold or just a pain in your joints.

CDC: More American adults hobbled by arthritis

Eat less, work more! Eliminate as much salt as you can from diet and become a semi-veghead.

This is command?

The commanderator in chiefieness and his commanders in the ground seem to be pulling off their own "Mission Accomplished," but this time in Afghanistan.  They have lost the Afghan people, lost the Afghan government, re-enabled the Taliban, and will now lose Pakistan as an ally.   Heckuv a strategy, Barry.

U.S. Tries to Calm Pakistan Over Airstrike

Aw Gee, Who'd a Thunk It?

I guess I am whining or perhaps sitting and sulking (see earlier post), nah, I'm just pissed. The Democratic incumbents and Democratic Party really suck.  It's this kind of shit that does make people very angry. New party anyone?

Report Slams Administration for Underestimating Gulf Spill

Yep, make it one term for Obama. Actually we should never reelect anyone.

Songwriter may be needed in Austria

In 1866,  Johann Strauss II wrote "The Blue Danube" waltz.  It's become the unofficial Austrian national anthem.  If you listen to New Years from Vienna, you hear it at least annually.  The Danube may change soon.  Is there still a Strauss descendant out there?  If so, he or she better get scribbling and write "The Black Danube."

Hungarian Sludge Nears Danube

Today It's Sugar

Okay lard butts, get ready to be picked upon.  Y'all are the new smokers.   All that sugar you chug to keep that chunky figure huge is under attack.  You will pay a "sin" tax just like smokers and drinkers do if folks like Mayor Bloomberg have their way.  As smokers were made into pariahs, and were progressively banned from locations so will sugar and fat consumers.  The obese will have to waddle outside and be more than  25 feet from building entrances before they eat that super-sized doughnut and wash it down with a 64 big gulp of high fructose corn syrup.  Yep, all that flab is a national public health problem.  Lardos, you've been warned.  Ready to diet?

New York Asks to Bar Use of Food Stamps to Buy Sodas

What's the big deal?

We have the NRA so we can continue to buy and sell guns, especially handguns.  Handguns are for one purpose, shooting other people.  Handguns are not designed for hunting, they are designed for personal defense from other people and an occasional rogue yam.

The NRA defends the right to buy guns, lots of guns and ammo.  As they defend the right to buy, they really are defending the right to make and sell guns.  This is one effective industry lobby, hell they even have the Constitution on their side.  It kind of reminds of the ACLU, a somewhat perverse ACLU, but the ACLU.  Does anyone really care that gun sellers in the United States are smuggling guns into Mexico?  Why do they have to smuggle guns?  Gee, they might be breaking Mexican law.  Okay, gun nuts, do you stand for law or just guns?  Will you defend smugglers?  What's next, pirates?

U.S. and Mexico struggle to stop flow of weapons across border

TARP II On the Way?

The housing bubble burst, we all know that.  It took us to edge.  We've kind of recovered.  One thing we all ought to have learned is, never trust banks or investment houses.  If they suggest a new line of activity, it's only good for their short term profit, period.  We saw that as we learned about securitized debt instruments,  swaps and de-regulation.  Now we learn about one aspect of how they enabled their greed and proceeded to shaft the nation.  It's called MERS.

MERS is the Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, based in Reston. MERS, was created more than a decade ago by the mortgage industry, including mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, GMAC, and the Mortgage Bankers Association. MERS allowed big financial firms to trade mortgages at lightning speed while largely bypassing local property laws throughout the country that required new forms and filing fees each time a loan changed hands, lawyers say.

MERS enabled bundling and offering all that debt to all those investors. Okay, what's the big deal? Well, it's that little matter of legal title. If the greedheads now want to foreclose on the mortgages they were buying and selling over and over again, there's a little matter of who actually owns the paper? It's uncertain and the legal standing of MERS is open for legal definition.

Bottom line, once again the banks and investor class have bitten all of us in the ass again. Why do so many non-bankers and non-investors rally to support these schmucks?  They are necessary evil, but have to be a well regulated evil.  Oh, if the GOP takes Congress in November, guess what? Yep, as they created and voted in TARP I under  the Shrub, they will have to do a TARP II to bailout the banks and investment houses again. If they don't, say hello 1929!  Folks you might want to reconsider giving the  GOP and Teabags any support.  Have you forgotten how much damage George Bush did already?

To the Professional Dems--ProgLibs get Angry Too!

I was fired up two years ago.  I knocked on a lot of doors.  I made a host of calls.  I worked the polls.  Democrats won!  That was two years ago.  Then I was forgotten. What I campaigned for was trivialized.   I am not a major donor.   The aces I wanted to win, who won, hosed my fire.  Then they proceeded to ignore, insult, and demean the very people who voted them into office.   The incumbents compromised (sold) solid Democratic legislation and transformed it into  moderate Republican dreck.  Hey, have you seen a Public Option lately?   Now they are concerned?  After two years of total majority ineffectiveness they remember it really does come down to votes after all.  Too bad the forgot their voters over the preceding months.  They did not forget the professional donors.  Got  votes?

Unfortunately, progressives and liberals (professional and otherwise) did not get "angry" and form a movement as did the pissed off Republicans with the Tea Party.  I'm looking for an alternative to the Dems, until I find one, they will get my vote (come on, vote for Republican), but not my time or money.  That's not whining, it's a simple statement to the Dems in office and the Party--'y'all really, really suck.'  Will this election change the professional Dems?  Nah, it will be the same old Bullshit.  The rest of us need a new party!

Oh, I'm not sulking and sitting back either, neither are a lot of folks like myself.  We're looking for a Democratic Party we can support.  Maybe that's really the problem, we do need a totally new party.  If the orator in chief can't see that the lack of support is not sulking but very controlled anger, then he and his compatriots are in deeper shit than they can imagine.  Obama will be a one term wonder unless the Democratic Party changes.

Obama warns Democratic donors against 'sulking and sitting back' in midterms

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heres' a blog post

Good question and a reasonable answer, give it a read--

The Benefits of Being a White Ridiculous Candidate

Supremes Are Back

The Westboro church and the First Amendment case will be heard today.  How will Roberts and the Robes   croon on this one?  Stay turned...

High court to hear military funeral protest case

We really are cretins

The private sector almost wrecked the entire economy.  It was close to becoming worse than the Great Depression.  Government acted and prevented a total collapse.  The damage done by the private sector was  so massive and deep that the recovery has been very slow with continued high unemployment.

Before the private sector instituted collapse, government employment was seen by most as an underpaid  place for those who couldn't compete in the market.  The economy tanked.  Private sector wages went south.  Government maintained employment as usual, no changes.  How have pols reacted in their quest for votes and reelection?

Pols have attacked the former losers in the economy, government employees.  Pols receive more cash from the private sector than they do from the public sector. I guess they have to attack someone.  If they attacked the private sector, the campaign cash would dry up.  Attacking the wages and benefits of government employees as excessive is a foolhardy gambit folks.  If the GOP succeeds at this, when employment levels are back to less than 5% and wages begin to rise,  the new standard for wages will be whatever government workers receive, not what the private sector used to make.  That's a cute way of shafting the working stiff, you get him to do the work for you by having him demand that pols stick it to people they  used to barely acknowledge as an ill-paid necessary evil.

Amid backlash and budget deficits, government workers' pensions are targets


The Taliban and Afghan government appear to negotiating an end to the war.  Huh?  The Taliban are the ones who gave a home to bin Laden and al Qaeda.  They instituted harsh religious rule in their theocracy.  After 9/11 we blew the crap out of them.  In 2001 we removed them from power, and let bin Laden escape as Bush pursued his legacy as he started a new war in Iraq.  Since 2003, it has been unclear whom we have been at war with much why we remain at war in Afghanistan.

The Karzai administration is the one we created, backed, and financed.  The GOP went into nation building.  It shows.  Afghanistan reflects all of worst ways we have governed ourselves in our past.  It's almost as if we built them into a state based on what we got wrong over the 200+ years of our own nationhood.  Who wrote the manual--"Nation Building:  Getting It Wrong the First Time!"

Today the rousted original enemies that were never destroyed and our puppet government are talking with each other to end the damn war. Are we at the table?  It does not sound that  way.  What will happen if they decide to end the war, quit shooting each other, and we respond with a loud, "hold on there?" Will we decide both the Taliban and the Karzai administration are now the enemy?  I can see that as an outcome.  The aces in Washington will say, for the greater good of course, we must continue the war and destroy both the Afghan government and the Taliban to protect our freedom in the United States.  Will the victims be able to tell the victimizer to fuck off?  I guess this may he beginning of a new stalemate if the Military Industrial congressional Complex and the Department of Ware say "okay." Bets on the outcome?

Taliban in high-level talks with Karzai government, sources say

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Posts Today

Between retrieving award winning crafts, going to the doctor, and getting semi lost in Richmond, I'm beat. Posts will resume tomorrow.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Remember there are only two requitements to be a U.S. Senator--age and citizenship.  Beyond that apparently no one really cares.

O'Donnell In 2006: I Know 'Classified Information' About Secret Chinese Plot To Take Over U.S.!

DeMint: Sexually Active Unmarried Women And Gay Teachers Should Be Barred From Classrooms

Angle Met With 'Tea Party' Candidate, Trashed GOP -- And Offered Him Perks To Drop Out

Maybe Catch 22?

People are ripping off cash assistance payments.  They're spending it in Vegas!  Quick call the cops.  Oh, we canned the cops to be able to have the money to make the welfare payments.  Okay, government sucks, it really sucks in, you guessed it, California!

$69 million in California welfare money drawn out of state


Somebody needs to tell President Bush, Obama his strategery needs adjustment.  If he keeps this up, he will leave to his successor the same damn legacy that the Shrub left him.

The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility Monday for a pre-dawn attack on tankers carrying fuel to Afghanistan for U.S. and other NATO forces, left vulnerable on the side of the road after Pakistan shut down a key border crossing.

It's No Wonder We're In a Pickle

Somewhere in this story we can see why we have so many problems in this nation.  The problems won't be solved by getting angry, voting bums out, or having afternoon tea.  The problems won't be rectified by indignant Dems or GOOPERs promising to clean up government.  No, it takes a change in voters to effect  solutions to our problems.  It's really just one little change at that.  What is it?  Oh, we all empower the  little scientist inside each of us.    We demand that facts dominate our public square.   If voters vote for facts, reason and logic, we will see a different, and probably better, set of narcissists run for office.   If we demand and so vote, then we won't buy the wrong Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Election Spending

The Supremes opened the sluice-gate, the money is flowing.  The trogs are getting  more of the cash than the Dems.  What does the money buy?  It buys ads.  Ads for products, human products, they are called candidates.  Who benefits from the Supremes decisions?  Not the pols as much as the folks who sell air time, write copy, and make the ads. Oh, don't forget the operatives who place the ads, they get a piece of pie also. What amazes me is that ads work, at least we assume they work.  I think it's a general rule, the candidate who buys the most ads, wins.  It that true?

As the money flows from interest groups to candidates, it's reasonable to assume that donor interests will be more prominent in the winners mind than his or her new constituents.  When politics devolves into soap sales,we should not be at the crap we purchased.

Interest-group spending for midterm up fivefold from 2006; many sources secret

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Food Advice

Our elected and appointed government officials are going to unveil a new nutrition program to replace the current pyramid.  The pyramid made about as much sense as the that Homeland Terror Alert warning system.  Both are color coded.  Both were created by Bushies.

I wonder why government needs to be involved in this at all.  Food is easy.  Eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, a bit of meat, a bit of dairy and so on.  The main thing for most of us, over the next year, eat about 70% of what you eat today.  We eat too much and it's mostly empty calories.

Wow, I missed that the Food Stamp program was renamed on 10/1/08.  It's now the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  Cute isn't it.  Gee nutrition is a SNAP.  Quick what does CMS stand for?

Public health advocates worry that dietary advice will get lost in translation

Did you lose?

If you put your money on peace breaking out in the Middle East, I think you lost your bet.  Israel resumed building stuff.  The Palestinians resumed talking about walking.  Oh, well, Obama has, as with every other recent president, given peace a shot.  Will it move towards another war?  Place your bets!

Palestinians: Peace talks hinge on Israeli settlement construction

Rally on the Mall

When Beck had his rally I watched a bit of it on C-SPAN.  I watched yesterday's rally a bit also.  The Progressives and Liberals gathered in the same place that the Wingnuts assembled in August.   Ralliers seem to like the Lincoln Memorial a lot. One thing I did note about two groups is their sense of futurity.

The Beckian Wingnuts appeared to be convinced out best days are behind us.  Hence, we have to go back to our four fathers, Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp, and restore their 18th century world if we want our pathetic 21st century lives to get better.    Frankly, Beck and his minions are a depressing lot.

The ProgLibs, however, seem to be convinced our best days are yet to come.  We need to keep on doing what we've been doing for the last couple hundred years.  Life will continue to get better and better as we go.  The "One Nation Working Together" crowd are optimists.  I think I prefer the optimists.  How about you?

Liberal Groups Rally, Challenging Tea Party

Oh, if you read any history at all, you will quickly learn, the good old days weren't.

Legacyland Update

Our national plant, former president All Hat and No Cattle Bush, told the Iraqis he would create a new Iraq to be the same as what he hoped the United States would be after his presidency. The Iraqis welcomed him with open arms. They forgot to ask him exactly what he wanted the U.S. to be like. They assumed it would be like the U.S. when Clinton was president or earlier.   Well, Iraq has been re-built in Bush's image.

What about the electricity?

While we're thinking about the Shrub, how's his domestic legacy doing?  How'd he do rebuilding good old number one? Shame on both nation's people, we all listened to a Shrub.  Now we wonder what happened to us?  Oh, don't forget the Shrub had lots of gardeners assisting him. Do you really want those GOP gardeners back tilling the nation's soil?  Think about it when you vote this November.