Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Horseshit

Gee, the easy target is about to get gored.  The cost of government is not due to people who are directly employed by government.  If you want to reduce the cost of government, don't gut the official workforce.

No, go after all the indirect employees--the growth has been in those who draw incomes from the feds without being federal employees.  Who?  Why it's all those contractors folks.  Cut federal contracts by 20% across the board.

Gee, we could quit giving contracts to mercenaries couldn't we?  Hell we might save a dime or three?  I wonder if a firm like SAIC could stay business without the feds?  How many working folks incomes depend on the feds (our taxes)?  This is where the growth in government has occurred for decades.  It has not been in the number of federal civil servants nor their salaries.  So, after we quit paying Blackwater (Xe) and SAIC who's should be next?  Shall we reduce the size of the pad?

Obama says federal jobs may stay vacant, doesn't rule out furloughs

Pols have to pander, so pander on Mr. President.

So What?

More Gulf waters reopen to fishing after oil spill

The oil is gone? Damn that's magic!

10th Amendment Fans

Teabags, Libertarians, and GOOPERs take note.  The always evil, ever socialistic tending federal government does not support a state's right to legitimately govern its people.  Powers were delegated to the feds through the Constitution, all powers not delegated are retained by the states or the people.  The state's have the right to rule their own roost.

When the people of a state vote to declare their intent to act in a manner they desire, the feds cannot just say "hold it, that belongs to us."  Remember their voice extends only to the delegated powers.  All those "Don't Tread on Me" flags we see these days are not putting the British crown on notice.  That was the case back in 1776, but today in 2010 it's the Feds who being warned.  

What I want to know is whether the 10th Amendment crowd will come out and defend the right of Californians to blow dope or not?  Prop 19, if passed, will express the people's will in an area that is not in the Constitution by any stretch of the imagination.  Will Teabags demand liberty for all including potheads?  This is going to be fun to watch play out since the Feds are now putting Californians on notice--

You Can Pass Prop 19, But We Will Still Bust Your Ass

I bet the liberty loving crowd will take a pass on this one.  Now if it involved guns....

Bad News, Good News

We all know the bad news, unemployment remains about 9.5% and is expected to stay high for years.  So, the good news?  Oh, the rest of us, who have jobs, are spending.  August was a good month and September was too.  We are buying our way out of the double dip possibilities, but are not buying our way to lower unemployment.

I guess we better attack government officials to express our dissatisfaction.  Okay, let's tar and feather Bush, Cheney and all members of Congress who served 2000 - 2008.  Maybe we need a 90% tax bracket for anyone who serves in an elective or appointed federal office more than one term.  Once you get reelected or reappointed,  you will pay for the privilege for the rest of your life.  It just might be time to discourage people from "serving."
Here's the economic data--September retail sales inch up

News for old farts

Social Security payments will not go up in 2011.  Income will remain fixed since inflation, at least the way the feds calculate it, did not go up.

Social Security benefits will remain flat for 2nd straight year, government says

Will the Teabags cheer? If so, will the Grays hear the noise and flip them off? How long before pols start to pander to the old gasbags on fixed incomes? It's going to be an interesting election and subsequent year.

The Trial Continues

The trial of Maj. Hasan at Fort Hood is underway.  Hasan apparently just sits.  Given that this seems to be a faith based crime I don't expect him to say or do much that amounts to saying "I'm sorry" or expressive of any remorse.  When you kill because your god is on your side, you know you are right and everyone else is wrong.

Through hours of wrenching testimony, Ft. Hood psychiatrist Nidal Malik Hasan shows no emotion

Maybe we need to emphasize religious crimes as an extra low point in hate crimes law. How can we pay more attention to the victims of religious zealots at the most decided expense of that same zealot? If some jackass commits criminal acts because he says god told him to or he says it's part of his faith, then let the courts say "fine, god wants you to enjoy life without parole" for any religious based crime. I am so damned tired of all the faithful crooks.

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Happy Meal Generations

Okay folks, with all the abundance for so many kids, what to we have?

Epidemic? Half of US teens ‘meet criteria for mental disorder’

I guess Happy Meals don't make you happy after all.

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Fact-checking Christine O'Donnell & Chris Coons

There's no question the Delaware U.S. Senate race is one of the most interesting this year, so we've put the candidates, Christine O'Donnell and Chris Coons, to the Truth-O-Meter.

And no, we didn't fact-check the claims about witchcraft.  But we found plenty to check from TV ads and this week's debate:
  • O'Donnell called Coons a Marxist. Many conservatives have been using similar attacks on Democrats, so we looked into Coons' record for evidence. We found zilch. O'Donnell earns aPants on Fire.
  • We checked Coons' claim that unemployment in New Castle County (where he is county executive) has not "almost doubled," as O'Donnell had claimed. We rated his claim True.
  • We checked a claim in O'Donnell's "Taxman" ad that Coons "thought a 911 call should be taxed. We rated that Barely True.
  • And we checked another claim in O'Donnell's ad that Coons thought property taxes should go up 50 percent. We rated that Mostly True.

Stating the obvious

If you get your "facts" from political ads on TV or radio you really are dumber than a box of rocks.   Here are a few examples from Politifact--

'Super PACs' and other groups have poor record for accuracy

You expected otherwise?

The economy is kind of recovering.  Unemployment remains quite large.  We continue to spend more than we contribute in taxes to government.  Last year's deficit is over $1 trillion.  I think we have to raise taxes and quit spending.

The Bush tax cuts for the upper 2% need to expire.  They will cope and they will continue to invest if they see opportunities to make a profit.  Now, slap a national tax on soda pop, ice cream and doughnuts.  In addition to fighting obesity it will raise cash.  Okay, raise the gas tax too, our roads suck and repairs will create some jobs.

Now we have to attack spending.  We must unilaterally end our two wars.  We must quit spending money on those legacies today.   As we pull out troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, we also pull them out of every other damned location outside the U.S.  Then, once all our troops are back in the USA, we cut DoD spending by  30% or more.  The Army, active duty, reserve and guard needs to shrink by 50%.  The number of people (contractors) on the Defense pad need to find new jobs.  For that matter, all other government contracts need to be reduced by 50%.

We need to reduce the size of government and it's intrusiveness on our lives.  We get the feds out of education.   We shut down the Department of Education.  We end all student loan and grant programs.   The rest of our government is put on notice.  Their will be a  next Department  if spending and revenue do not get in line.  How about Energy?

For now we leave Social Security and Medicare alone but those programs will be on the block in the future  if we do not become real responsible real fast.  I'm feeling my 10th Amendment so lets end Medicaid and allow states to have the sole right to providing health care to their poor.

What would you ax?

Government to report on $1 trillion-plus deficit

More Do-Do from Wall St Bankers

Banks and investment types got caught fleecing the nation.  They managed to convince us that they would bring the economy crashing down unless we paid them to stay in business, fix the damage they did and promise to be good little capitalists.  We paid them.   We declared out trust.   They made money taking us down, they make money repairing what they broke,  and are now making money in the recovery.   We rationalized the housing debacle by blaming it on shifty sub-prime borrowers who mislead greedy bankers into making bad loans.   They forced banks to loan money!   Those damned consumers make so many business decisions, why do companies waste money on hiring CEOs?

Toady, well actually yesterday, we thought the housing mess was behind us.  We assumed stability had returned to banking.   Then we found out the mess went beyond banks hustling securitized debt.  As bankers decided to foreclose on the same properties whose mortgages they used to wreck the nation with, we found out they didn't take the time to make sure they owned the property.  The foreclosures appeared to be illegit.  Foreclosures are near a full stop now.  Banks stocks are declining.  Who did this to our bankers?  I bet it must be the borrowers fault.  They didn't keep track of who bought and sold their mortgages.  They didn't alert the Mega-Bank about potentially illegal security sales.  Damned consumers, who put them in charge?

Illegal sales?  Hold it, it's all about illegal foreclosures isn't it?  Nah, it will get bigger and uglier--

...banks could face much bigger mortgage related losses, not from foreclosures, but because of questions about how the money was lent in the first place. If it turns out that mortgages were bundled together and sold improperly, more holders could sue the banks and force them to buy back tens of billions in mortgage-backed securities.

Mortgage Mess May Cost Big Banks Billions

Take a minute

If you are not sure about voting this year and are not a trog loving batshit crazy teabag, take a minute and read this piece.  If teabags win races and then influence the GOOPERS, what might happen to this fair land?  Do you really want the past restored as the new present?

Tea Party Set to Win Enough Races for Wide Influence


Let's see, we blew the crap out of Afghanistan, removed the Taliban from power, then let them escape to Pakistan along with bin Laden's al Qaeda.  Then we kind of forgot about Afghanistan for years because we opened the Iraq war.  Now that our attention has returned to Afghanistan, we find that the Taliban have returned and are stronger than before.  What is our strategy to defeat these pesky insurgents?  Oh, we will bomb the crap out of them until they come to our peace table so we can give the country back to them.  Weird.  Who is in charge?

U.S. Uses Attacks to Nudge Taliban Toward a Deal

Management 101

Companies come and go.  Today it seems they rise and fall faster than in the past.  Do they?   I have a feeling this is an old lesson that seems to be frequently forgotten.   It ought to affect how we buy and sell stock.  Does it, or do we, along with managers, live more by hope than reason.  Enjoy--

The Next Level

The Good Old Paranoid Style

Today it's Beck, yesterday it was Welch.  It's good old fashioned wingnut paranoid politics.  You cannot argue with these crazy folks, but you can have a good read and learn about their dementia.  The GOP used to love castigating Democrats with that phrase "fellow traveler,  back when Commies hid in every closet along with the gays.  Today, the GOP are their own fellow travelers, they travel with some profoundly unbalanced folks.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

And you thought Twinkies were forever...

Twinkies have competition in the food durablility contest.  How long can a Happy Meal last without gettitng all fuzzy and green?  So far, six months.  I wonder if someone will find one still intact a couple thousand years from now in some ruins from today?

Indestructible McDonalds burger amazes US

Sleazeballs for Jesus

The family.  C Street.  Lots of elected guys living together.  Money, lobbying money.  Money from terrorist organizations.  Paise the lord and let's pass the requested bill!  Yep, pols and money cannot be separated by nothing.  Kind of disgusting.

Sponsor of National Prayer Breakfast received money from alleged terrorist group

There's so much to not admire one bit with this crowd.


Do you remember reading "Future Shock" when it was first published?  If you do, then the future is here.  Are you shocked?   Hmm, hard to say.  Toffler's analyis of the pace of change and it's effects on us was startling at the time.  Now, I think change has become normal.  Or has it?  If children of the increased pace of change are now being out paced, as were their parents, by the rate of change, are we in a future shock echo?  Does that means change will just keep on making for weird times?  At any rate, here's a piece on Toffer and the next 40 years.

'Future Shock' team issues predictions for next 40 years

Free Speech--Unleashing the Kagan Tour

Roberts and the Robes will be handing down a free speech decision this term.  Will the Court defend the crazy folks who protest military funerals or silence them?  What about Westboro Baptist Church?   For that matter what about Koran burning and cartoons of Mohammad?  What are the boundaries of our 1st Amendment?   Here's an overview you might enjoy--

Free speech: Westboro church Supreme Court case tests First Amendment

You might also be interested in the IMMI--Free speech: What if Terry Jones went to Sweden?

Social Gaming?

I overlook, don't notice or just plain ignore a lot of things in our modern hi-tech, globally connected world.  I barely know what FaceBook is, Twitter still means a succession of small, tremulous sounds to me and now I read about social gaming. I was still trying to come to grips with the idea of social networks on the Tubes. Farmville? I haven't a clue, but millions do. Do you?

Social gaming: The parlor-game crowd logs on

Take it back

The Teabags and other assorted wingnuts seem obsessed with going back to the good old days.  They seem to think life, liberty and freedom were more abundant back then.  I'm not sure.  I wonder who is really complaining about contemporary Constitutional guarantees.

Let's do some calculations.  About one half the population, that's 50%, is female.  Okay, now add blacks.  They're about 14% of the population.  We already have the women, so just add the males, add 7% to 50%.  Wow, we're at 57% now.  Okay, let's assume Hispanics and other minorities are about 20%.  Here again we already account for the women, so just add 10% for the guys.  That brings us to 67%.  Now we have to deal with LBGT.  I not sure what the actual proportions are and I'm not sure what to do with transgenders, so let's add in 3% more.  Where are we now?

We're at 70% of the population that I'm fairly sure do not want to go back to the good days of our founding fathers or any time in our past.  I guess the bitching about freedom and liberty comes down to folks left out.  Who are they?  Oh, they are middle aged, pot bellied, white, Anglo Saxon portetants.  Yep, well under 30% of population is pissed.  Their good old days are gone.  What to they want?  They want women back in the kitchen, blacks back in at least Jim Crow servitude, Hispanics back in Mexico, and want for sport they want to be able to legally beat the crap out of queers.  Ah, that's their good old days!  So why is this minority getting so much attention?  Why does anyone listen to these dolts at all?  Do you?

The good old days were not.  The best is yet to come!

Are you ready for some RECESSION!

And y'all thought it was over.  It was.  Now it may return.  Get ready to hear words like systemic risk, securitzation, swaps, and CDOs again chanted to a background tune of "Who owns my home sweet home anyway?"

The greedheads in big banks and investment houses figured out how to use debt like a stock. They created a device and found an abundance of fellow greedheads to buy their paper.  They needed more debt.  They found it as willing ratings agencies, banks, and lenders created and sold ever increasing numbers of mortgages.  We all know the bottom fell out of that mess.

Greed won, prudence and fiduciary responsibility were abandoned until recalled by the federal government.    Now we have part two of the same greedhead created mortgage mess.  Get ready for 1929?

All that paper, the titles to property, are up in the air.  No one is quite sure who owns what, when, and where.  If I sold you someone else's car and I really could not prove I was the owner, I think I committed a crime.  If you bought it, you committed a real stupid.  And that's the basis of the next recession--Wall Street sold hot goods to a lot of stupid greedy people.  Will we bail the bankers out again?  Stay tuned.

Lack of proper mortgage paper trail could leave big banks reeling again

A bit of history

ON 9/11 al Qaeda killed 3,000 Americans.  Bush decided to get even.  He demanded that the government of Afghanistan surrender all members of al Qaeda to the United States government for trial.   Afghanistan basically told him to "fuck off."  Bush rose to occasion by becoming the Shrub we all love so dearly.  With oodles of support at home and abroad, he declared war on Afghanistan.  No nation will harbor terrorists and get away with it, dang it.

The war was to accomplish three things.  First, the legitimate, but terrorist supporting government of Afghanistan would be destroyed.  The ultra-Islamic Taliban would be removed from power.  The Taliban would never be a force in Afghanistan politics again.  Second, al Qaeda would be destroyed.  The terrorists would be located and liquidated.  Al Qaeda's terrorist days would end.  And third, the head of Terrorists,  Bin Laden, would be brought in "Dead or Alive."   That was in 2001.  It's now 2010.  How did the Shrub do?  When did  the war end?  Oh, it's not quite over, I forgot he passed the war in Afghanistan on to Obama in 2009.  What?  We're in our 10th year?

Yep, what the hell is this?

NATO (that includes the Shrub's team, the U.S.) forces facilitate talks between Taliban leaders, top Afghan officials

Gee, will al Qaeda and bin Laden attend too?

Mission Abstained?

Meatball Lady Debates, Well Opens Her Maw

If you expected O'Donnell to cast spells and draw in votes last night, I think you were disappointed.  The "debate" surely put her about a dozen meatballs away from being the next Senator from Delaware.  Dana Milbank provides a more than adequate review--

The O'Donnell-Coons debate and survival of the fittest

She might give the Hare Krishas a second chance.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I wonder about this...

Maybe this is true,

Study: Legal California pot wouldn't undercut Mexican cartels

It still make sense to regulate and tax pot. It's a start. Drug legalization is the only way to win the War on Drugs. If that doesn't make sense, think about Afghanistan and how we're going to "win" that war.

And the election will be all about?

The teabags want it to be about taxes, deficits, and restoring the past.  The GOP wants it to be a about Obama's socialist agenda that can only be checked by restoring them to power.  The Dems are still trying to understand there will be an election on Nov. 2nd and that they can lose.  Independents want it to be about themselves and their anger.   Progressive liberals want it to be about truth, justice and the American way for all.  What issue is really the main matter?  Oh, what it's been all along, jobs.  Unemployment has been about 10% for months and months.  It looks like jobs will win out.  But wait.  There may be new concern that flares and redirects the national frothiness.  What is that?  It's DADT!

Judge Orders U.S. Military to Stop ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

DIY Terrorist Handbook?

International fundamentalist Islamic Jihadi's (IFIJ) who want all people to live in the 9th century are seeking volunteers.  They have a new book out.  The book suggests techniques that can be used to kill anyone who objects to being forced to return to life in 850.  Guess who will be in charge in the new back then?  Why the publishers, IFIJ, of course.  Funny how religion and political power just seem to keep going hand in glove.  God is strange.

Al-Qaeda affiliate calls for strikes on U.S. targets such as D.C. restaurants

Homophobe Apologizes?

Paladino must have finally learned that there are lot of gay voters in New York.  Yep, now he wants to be the non-homophobe, homophobe.  I cannot imagine a single gay person voting for him, but then again the Log Cabin Republicans make no sense, yet exist.  The man spoke his mind.  His mind is a frightening place.  And now gays are expected to accept his apology? Apologies do alter fundamental beliefs one iota. He's still a gay basher.

Carl Paladino apologizes to gays and lesbians

Pope Ratzy's March Back To the Past

Ratzy is upset.  The world is insufficiently Christian (read Catholic).  He has a revival in mind.  He wrote his ideas in Latin and Italian (as well known as English).   Will he lead the backwards march to a new Inquisition?  Hm, was that Dick Cheney seen lurking in the Vatican?

Pope outlines latest effort to revive Christianity

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A candidate for office will not answer questions about his own recent past? Huh?  I guess part of the new Teabag normal is living just in the ever present moment of now.  The past has no bearing on the present (unless it's someone else's past, then it is of critical import).   Alaska is a very strange place.  You  betcha!

Miller vows silence on personal background

MSNBC is a News Station?

Have you seen their new tag line?

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
MSNBC Left Behind
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorRally to Restore Sanity

Has The Seer Spoken?

Maybe the Revelator is quietly letting the faithful know what to say and do.  God may like Facebook.  He likes cards and letters too.  Utahans may step forward and keep on doing as told (by god of course).  I bet god did the edit job too.   In Utah, I'm Packing may have many meanings...

Facebook campaign supports Mormon leader's speech

Do you think anyone named Jones will ever make to the top job?  Would god intervene?  They do tend to drink a lot of Kool-Aid in Zion.  

Let me put it this way..

The Nazi uniform candidate for Congress is just one more nutjob the GOP/Teabags have put forward as their new normal.  Playing Nazi dress up is educational?  Yeah, he's right and that is what we should be concerned about.  He's educating himself about how to be a good Nazi soldier.  Why?

Come on, amongst our more home grown re-enacter crackpots, how many contemporary equivalents of the  abolitionists slap on that Confederate gray just to learn about the South and celebrate heritage?  Who does this shit?  Exactly what is all the heritage anyway?

I'd question the mental soundness of anyone who runs around in costumes reenacting any war.  Slave holders and Nazis, wow, we're blessed with an abundance of wingnuts.  It's a sign of dementia, but that never stopped the sanity challenged from running for office.  Unfortunately, it won't stop them from getting elected in 2010!

Candidate rejects criticism of Nazi uniform (Like we expected him to accept it and apologize for being a loon?)

Arlington is just a HYPE away

If you get killed in either of Bush's gifts to the nation, Iraq or Afghanistan, you can be buried at Arlington Cemetery.  It's a nice cemetery.  But wait, there's more!  Your tombstone will serve to promote the war that killed your sorry ass.  Your grave marker has been politicized!  Yep, you didn't die in Iraq, you died in "New Dawn!"  Kind of sucks.  I guess this is another Bush/Obama legacy.

Families, veterans call operation name on Arlington headstones propaganda move

Then again, it may not really matter, there is a more fundamental problem at Arlington. Let me put it this way, if Grant were buried at Arlington, "Who's buried in Grant's tomb?" would be a very serious question. Even in death, it remains FUBAR courtesy of the good folks in the White House and the Department of War.

More Crap A'coming

The economy is slowly recovering.  Unemployment will remain high for years.  Now, it's becoming fashionable to attack the employed.  The GOP has always reveled in smearing union members.  Now, it's time to launch an assault on more government employees.  There's another report out.  It will be used.

Damn them, they still have jobs.  They still have benefits and, oh my god, pensions!  Obviously the employees conspired over decades to secure a financial future for themselves at the expense of millions of unemployed folks in 2010.  It's a cabal!  It's gotta be a Commie plot!  It's an Islamic Socialist plot!  Bullshit, I can only do this so long.

It's going to get deeper folks.  Before you buy into any of the GOP bullshit, think a bit.  Who did what to whom, how, when, why and with what effect.  If government has unfunded liabilities, who performed that trick?  The civil servants who fill potholes and issue birth certificates? Or was it the assholes we elected to run the mess?  We elected their skills.  They used their skills.  Now we reap what we elected, so why are they picking on employees?

Get ready to for a new assault on local employees.  Gee, who will get the cash the GOP wants to save?  By the way who benefited from the shift to 401(k)s in the private sector anyway?  It's less that there was insufficient money and more that the owners wanted it all for themselves.  Can we hear it for subsistence wages!  And we, well we volunteer to bend over.

Report warns of coming wave of municipal pension shortfalls

Monday, October 11, 2010

Time to get a bit disgusted

Remember the line "we had to destroy the village to save it?"  Here's a new one, "we had to kill the hostage in order to save her."  Yep, our guys might have killed the person they were out to save from the always evil bad guys.  I know it's war.  Okay, then it's just wastage, right?  Everything is peachy keen and dandy?  End the damn war, come home and disband 70% of the War Department.

US rescuers may have killed Briton in Afghanistan

Do You Really Think We Will Leave Legacyland?

Since we have non-combat, combat troops fighting the non-war, war, in Legacyland, what happens after December 31, 2011?  Why, we'll have a not present, presence of course.  Why?  Oh, the locals can't quite take care of themselves.

Iraqi police still struggle with insecurity as U.S. departs

Did you vote for the Shrub in 2000, in 2004? Why?

You've Been Warned


1. The new Web code, the fifth version of Hypertext Markup Language used to create Web pages, is already in limited use, and it promises to usher in a new era of Internet browsing within the next few years. It will make it easier for users to view multimedia content without downloading extra software; check e-mail offline; or find a favorite restaurant or shop on a smartphone.

2. The new Web language and its additional features present more tracking opportunities because the technology uses a process in which large amounts of data can be collected and stored on the user’s hard drive while online. Because of that process, advertisers and others could, experts say, see weeks or even months of personal data. That could include a user’s location, time zone, photographs, text from blogs, shopping cart contents, e-mails and a history of the Web pages visited.

3.  Are you really ready for SUPERCOOKIES!

Is This What We Want?

After being all that the Army wants them to be, over and over again, it gets to be a bit too much.  It makes one wonder about we have done to ourselves in the name of freedom, democracy and the Constitution.   War sucks.  The cost is high--Despite Army Efforts, Soldier Suicides Continue

We cannot afford to continue to make war at the whim of one man in the White House. Repeal the War Powers Act. War must, as specified in the Constitution,  be declared by Congress. If Congress does declare war a Draft must be implemented automatically to round up the necessary able bodied patriots.  As drafted troops march off to declared war, they will be paid through an automatically activated "we declared war," war tax. War cannot be fought on debt.  War must be paid for as we march into the morass of death and destruction.

Pope Ratzy Post Crusade News

I get a chuckle out of PopeCo's concern over the plight of Mid-East Christians.  Golly the dominant power structure is not Catholic, much less Christian and life is rough for the minority. It's funny, in a very sad way, when I recollect Catholic Church history since Constantine gave them power around 324. The world under Ratzy would be the same as the world under a Caliphate or any other set of religious crackpots.

Pope opens summit on Mideast Christians

It's Time to Leave

I don't think we were invited--Afghan President Karzai confirms Taliban talks.

What happens if we ignore them and continue to fight for our freedom?  Weird.

Truth In Advertising

Have you listened to Teabaggers go on about liberty and taking the country back?  Have you heard similar words from Republicans?  Before anyone begins to nod their head in agreement and consider casting a ballot their way, take a moment and consider what will then support, advocate and endorse.  Here's the GOP candidate for Governor of New York, not South Carolina, New York--

...he doesn't want children "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality" is acceptable.

"I don't want them to be brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option," he said.

He skipped one line from his prepared text in his speech at the synagogue: "There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual."

I cannot believe this kind of thought is conducive to nor encourages listeners to promote equal justice under law, tolerance, and civil life in a civil society. Mr. Paldino does not want to hurt gays himself, of course, but hey, if someone else has a plunger...

Christine O'Donnell got it right when she said "I am you." If you vote for it, you are it.  How many New Yorkers will say "I am Paladino?"