Saturday, October 23, 2010

NPR, Shoot, Draw, Aim

Yep, that about sums up the Juan Williams into the dumpster bit.  NPR is going to be, more trashed than not for canning the dude.  Williams is not that great, for god's sake he's a FOX schmuck to begin with.  But to toast the guy for saying he gets nervous when he sees Muslims on planes is stupid.  Hell I used to get nervous when I went to ZZ Top concerts.  The grits were out in full redneck attire.  Let me explain that this way, I was never nervous as at any heavy metal concerts.  The crackers are scary.  Okay, see how easy it is.  I think the entire interview mitigates the one sentence NPR used to  send his ass packing.  Hmm, NPR gets zip, and Williams gets a new contract at FOX.  Oh, don't be surprized if their remaining federal funding disappears.   Yep, shoot, draw, aim.

Amid anger, regret over Williams's firing, NPR staffers fear financial backlash

Deja so many times

Okay, who really expected otherwise? At time I think the Mideast is just there so folks can win Nobel Peace prizes without any follow through.

Halt to Palestinian peace talks could become permanent


TV land is seeking the new Buffy.  Buffy was a very profitable series.  I'll go with Maggie Q, if the writers can keep the show going.   Don't forget Buffy had some of the best, consistent, and coherent writing that's been on TV--and it was about demon, vampire, and hellmouth destruction all done by a cheerleading slayer. For seven years, the good guys won.  Will Nikita attain Buffydom?  Stay tuned.

For these TV actresses, the time for action is now

Where's that wall

I think we need a bit of separation of church and state in our political campaigns.  I'm tired of folks trying to out faith, un-faith, and re-faith themselves or their opponents over non-existent unprovable BS.  Hell, faith takes us all into the land of nuttiness.  Faith comes after a person has decided to leave facts, reason and logic behind.   If folks want lots of public faith, they might check out the Islamic lands and see how a fully faithed government  affects lives.  Ladies do you really want to wear bedsheets all day?   Who cares if Rand Paul is an evangefundie or an Aqua Buddha dude?  There's the problem, people worry more about the candidate's faith flavor than their ideas about government.

Livid Over Ad, Kentucky Republican Lashes Out

Obama's Bungled War

The commander deepest in the ground says the new and improved Kandahar operation is about game, set and match.  They good guys have routed the bad guys.  The bad guys have split for any place without good guys.  The good guys will train and position a fresh crop of local good guys (many of whom probably were formerly bad guys).  Hey does this mean we have achieved stalemate?

Peace, prosperity, stability, and  democracy will flourish in Kandahar.  Dreck!  Place your bets when the warlords and Taliban will reassert control over Kandahar?  When we draw down, and we will sooner than one thinks, they will pop up like sharia bearing jihadi prairie dogs.  In other words, been there, done that, it's a mountain of bullshit for churned out for domestic consumption here at home.  Commanders wouldn't blow smoke and lie their asses off would they?

Gen. Petraeus says progress is faster than expected in Afghanistan operation


Wikileaks has released more secret documents.  This time they cover the Iraq war.  It does not appear to provide any new info.  We killed a lot of people, tolerated and abetted torture, developed and supported a government reminiscent of of Saddam's, and of course lied to the American people.  Hm, what happens when the "freedom" defended is grounded in lies?  Nothing new there at all, just the docs that show the deadly tawdriness  of Bush's war over and over again.  War sucks.  It is hell.  It is a racket.  War is not to be gone into lightly.  War is not for president's to declare.  Will we learn our lesson?  Nah, American Idol is on at...

Secret Iraq war files offer grim new details

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Empire Was a Long Time Ago

Britain has submarines.  One of them is a very stealthy sub.  It cannot be detected by sonar.  Of course to avoid sonar it has to be under water.  If on the other hand it's stuck in mud off the coast, it's far from stealthy as we can plainly see.

Video Shows ‘Stealth’ Nuclear Submarine Stuck in Scottish Mud

Food That Kills, Crunch, Crunch

Here comes another food that has been processed into something less than healthy, not that there is much in celery other than crunch.  Yep, a plant in Texas, yeah, Texas, has managed to render celery into a disease laden vector of listeriosis--four have died.

As usual, when we get the whole story, it will have been eminently preventable if the owners of the plant followed standard health procedures, obeyed the law and been inspected on a frequent basis..  But, since we gutted food inspection by the USDA and others to get government off our backs, we've, in turn, been put on our backs in hospital beds and occasionally in coffins.

As always when it comes to food that kills we should give thanks for the current round of disease and death to Reagan and the GOP.  They got the federal government off our backs.  Myself, I want government on my food producers back bigtime.  Oh, yeah make sure government is on the back of all food handling--especially restaurants.  It's scary.  Hell, this is the kind of thing government should spend our tax dollars on, not those two moronic wars and 70% of the Department of War.  

Tainted celery sickens at least 6 in Texas; 4 die


Let's face if surveys over tapped the older while protestant male dimension, that could bias the result in favor of the Trog party. What might do this? Well, how about cell phones. I doubt if that many old white guys have given up their landlines, but a bunch of younger guys and gals probably have. And I bet the younger crowd without landlines are not young GOOPERS. Hm, if the cell phone only crowd tends to vote for Democrats instead of the batshit crazy evangefundie trogs, then they are shorted in reported results. Is this happening? It appears to be the case.

Cell Phones and Election Polls: An Update

Is it sufficient to have a lot of pundits very surprized on Nov. 3rd? Nah, but it's a nice longshot to think about.

Who owns what device?

It's a bit amazing that 85% of us own cellphones.  Okay, what about the other tech goodies--

Gadget Ownership

Why bother with Pakistan

A few weeks back, Pakistan stopped our war supplies from going into Afghanistan.  Then bad guys burned some of the trucks stuck in Pakistan.  Pakistan was pissed at our war guys attacking and killing folks on Pakistani sovereign dirt.   We talked.  They balked.  Then we talked some more.  The trucks were allowed to take the war stuff into the war.  What happened?  I'm not sure, but I have a feeling that foray into Pakistan cost all of us another $2,000,000,000!  (How may jobs can you fund with that amount of cash?)  And we wonder why we're doing so well over there.  It would be better in all respects to bag it today  Hell, don't even bother with a declaration of victory, just come home.

US ups Pakistani military aid by $2 billion

Will it be a case, make that a can of Murphy's Law?

We all know that once you open a can of worms, you cannot ever get them all back in the can.  I have a feeling, Mrs. Justice Thomas has found her own Murphy as she reopened the Anita Hill can of worms.  This is going to get more interesting as we go.  The timing is good, it will be a political soap the takes us past the elections on Nov. 2.  Hell it could last through the holidays as a break from the GOP taking back Congress.

For whatever inane reason, Mrs. Thomas did not allow a sleeping dog to continue snoozing. Clarence Thomas's wife calls Anita Hill, stirring an old controversy. She roused the beast, the beast kicked over the can of worms, and the worms are free to appear in print and on TV.

Lillian McEwen breaks her 19-year silence about Justice Clarence Thomas

Will other worms now escape? Will Clarence try to put them back in the can? What happens if the smoking gun, er, pubic hair is finally found?  Oh, god does that mean we did put  a perv on the Supreme perch?  Hey, what does he wear under those robe anyway?

Food Fight

Here's an aspect of the tech industry you might want to follow.  It's all about content, as in who can show what content.  The nature of content distribution, as always, is changing.  There has been a vast amount of change since the days when it was just the big three TV networks.   Cable came along and rattled the content delivery cage.  Now, the Internet is giving it an extremely vigorous shake.  You can bet the big three are very concerned about all that cash that might fall out of their grasp.  Will Google become the TV device?  Stay tuned.

Networks block shows from showing via Google TV

On the Pad--Education

One of the major problems in this nation is the pad.  The pad quite simply points to all those incomes that are dependent on government tax revenue but where the wage earners are not employed by the government.  What proportion of working people in this country are effectively "government" employees?  I fear it's over 50% which makes it quite interesting when we see so many people protesting government.  Just by chance many would be protesting their own existence.   Perhaps interesting is the wrong descriptor, it's bizarre, given all the folks who publicly dote on capitalism and the market.

When pols and their pals trash government and spending, do they realize of whom they scream?  Before they opened their mouths did they look in the mirror and make sure that they themselves are pad dependent?  I doubt that they did. If we followed their recommendations and made government smaller, seriously reined in spending, and cut taxes would such acts affect, for example, private for-profit post secondary education?  Of course it would, but hell, I doubt the GOP and their shock force, the Teabaggers, are serious about this particular and in general aspect of our fiscally damaged Ship of State.  How many of them are on the pad?  The pad is also indirect, who depends on government incomes being spent?

For-profit schools fight for federal aid

As a starting point to restore some fiscal order, I suggest that the federal government remove itself entirely from the post secondary education industry.  End all grants, loans, guarantees, etc. as we eliminate the Department of Education.  At times I wonder if the state and quality of education in this nation is inversely related to federal expenditures on education.  I fear an analysis would show the relationship holds.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gee, he shares some blame

Obama says he should have kept the public informed and brought them along over the past two years.  That almost qualifies for a "No Shit Sherlock" award.  The  things ObamaCo achieved may be good, but if folks don't know much about them, then their judgement is wide open.  Obama may have designed and built a good car, so to speak.  However, voters, left to themselves, have concluded it sucks and won't buy any of them.   Damn, Obama managed to spend two years making and trying to sell Edsels.  It shows, too bad he can't quite accept responsibility for his own errors.    That's just mediocre management, and it will show on Nov. 2.    

Obama says he should have sold his policies better

Old Farts Don't Tweet?

We might conclude that they don't, or maybe they just don't talk about their old fart digest, AARP magazine.

Some things, like AARP and Twitter, just don't mix


It looks like this Winter Virginia will be drier and warmer than last year.  Yeah!  It was a bit much last year.  Too cold and too much snow.  The rest of country may not have it as well.  I don't like the idea of drought, but damn after the last rain, about 16 or more inches over a few days, I think we'll make it.

Winter to slam Northwest as South stays warm and dry


McDonald's is doing well.  I wish I had bought it years ago.  However, McDonald's is emblematic of our nation's biggest problem, obesity, I am glad I did buy their stock.

McDonald's Eats Rivals' Lunch as U.S. Gains

Since I don't really give a rats about McFats, here's a suggestion that might begin to solve our lard problem. Unless both BMI and belly fat measures are in the normal range, do not eat at McDonald's (or any other burger joint). Avoid fast food joints until the lard if off, then decide it a Big Mac, fries and a shake are really worth it or not.  I think most folks would rather walk than waddle.

There goes the rule of law

It seems damned hard to prosecute mercs for murder.  At least that's what our Justice Department has discovered.  It's disgusting.  I wonder when our elected and appointed aces will finally realize that to insure justice and the rule of law,  you have fight our wars with soldiers.  There can be no mercs or contractors, just troops.  Troops come with their own justice system.  If we are unwilling to use only troops, then maybe we should not be fighting in the first place.

Efforts to Prosecute Blackwater Are Collapsing

Gee, I wonder who the teabaggers support, somehow I don't see them rooting for the rule of law. Teabags, guns and mercs!

Place Your Bets

Unlike in Marja, the military thinks that this time they will do it right.   The Taliban are in trouble--Coalition Forces Routing Taliban in Key Afghan Region.  Now place your bets, one year from today,who will be in charge in Kandahar?  Will it be the bemedaled Petraeus or the One-eyed Omar?  Hmm, I think I have to give this one to the Taliban, they seem to come back every time.

Oh, the Times piece above, read it carefully to see if you can find any independent corroboration of what is mostly military PR shills telling reporters what to report.  No embeds were allowed to go along and witness the battle for honorable stalemate in our time. Recent Kandahar operation called success, but no international press witnessed it

Got Broadband?

If not, you better.  The world is changing.  Reliable, high speed Internet access will become even more critical than it is today.  The US used to be in the top tier, but now its in the second tier.   When entertainment becomes just an Internet enterprise, will we have the infrastructure or not?  We can achieve third world Internet status, we seem to be heading there.  If so, then we'd best prepare to say bye-bye to Netflix as it becomes a streaming only content provider.    

Netflix moves beyond DVD, tangles with ISPs on net neutrality

It's a very strange world

Obama and the Dems are in a bit of a pickle these days.  Most analysts say they will be handed their asses on Nov, 2nd.  The voters are pissed and are determined to give the country back to the Republicans.  The voters suffer from massive brain farts, but that's a different story.

How have the Dems managed to achieve the status formerly obtained by yesterday's Republicans?  And in only two years?  Hell,  BushCo took six years to attain total voter disdain.  It's not easy to lay out what the Dems have done to themselves, but there is one area that serves as a very good example of how they made SNAFU the  party motto.

What is the Dems position on DADT?  Not sure?  When gay Republicans have the high ground and the guy who campaigned to end is keeping it going, but says he wants to end it, you can see why voters are pissed.  They like their politics consistent with clear positions.  Voters aren't bitter or scared, they're pissed at the two year soupcon of erudition without a couterpart measure of action.  They're tired of going "Huh?"  See, this time it's excessive nuance stupid (and the economy of course).

At any rate, DADT can again be enforced due to the actions, of ObamaCo.   I think you will find the other major initiatives of the past wo years equally confusing.  Now about health insurance reform, Gitmo, wiretapping, state secrets, rendition....

Military wins temporary reprieve for 'don't ask' policy

Can we spell Krupp U-S-A

Have you read "The Arms of Krupp?"  If you haven't then find a copy and give it a read.  Then you'll see that today, Krupp is spelled USA.  Why?  Oh, we're the ones who arm the world's nations and then spawn little wars here and there.  If they don't use the products, then  they don't have to replace them.   We are the world's premier merchant of death.  Of course, we call it defending freedom.  Yes, patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels.  We are blessed with an abundance of them.

The Military Industrial Congressional Complex has a $60 billion present under their Xmas tree this year!  Our government, via the good folks employed in the Department of War, has a plan.  They want to sell a shitload of death products to Saudi Arabia!  After all, without the stuff, it's obvious Iran would invade.  Arrrrrgh!

Pentagon plans $60 billion weapons sale to Saudi Arabia

Toyota, One More Time

Yep, they fixed the stuck accelerators, I think they changed the floor mats.  Then they had to fix the steering.  Then they had to fix the brakes.  Toyota thought they were done, then they noticed some cars just stalled out.  I bet you'd stall if you were recalled and worked on as often as a Toyota.  Well, the fat lady hasn't sung for Toyota yet, so, you guessed it, another recall!

Toyota recalling 1.53 million cars globally

When did Toyota decide to make the best cheap crap instead of top of the line? How did the company become a Chrysler or GM? Today, would you rather buy a Ford or a Toyota?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And by their acts you know them

Do you want to know why the GOP does not have a big tent?  It's obvious--

Racist Email Flap Blows Up Virginia Beach GOP

In your heart you know he's still fighting the Civil War and wants to restore the antebellum South. It is possible that the Teabaggers left the GOP because they were fed up with the party's predilection for  racism. Possible, but come on, without Obama, no Teabags.


Is it possible?  Can we do it?  It appears we are on our way to a viable stalemate.

Taliban Elite, Aided by NATO, Join Talks for Afghan Peace

So, this is the acme of the last nine years? I have to ask, why did anyone vote for Bush? Guess what, the voters are getting ready to do it again. There will be lots of "Bushes" elected and they will fight hard for lots of domestic Afghanistans.  Time to puke.

Ya Gotta Love Religion

Hey, there kids, how do we learn to hate?  Why, we watch and listen to our parents of course.  And when parents use religion, well, it's game, set, match for a future blessed with bigotry and hate.  For example, I would not want to be gay and live in Utah particularly after the recent diatribe by a Mormon leader and don't forget those LDS led attacks on  California gays over Prop 8.   I guess the Mormons are just trying to show that they are good Christians.  They were showing their fundie creds--"we really are batshit crazy evangefindies too!"

Hold on there Mormons, y'all are "gays" in North Carolina.  Oh, my, some folks don't thinks the Mormons are Christian enough to be in charge of a Cub Scout pack.  I guess if a Mormon runs a pack, the pack will become Mormon recruits.  Oh god,the kids will grow up into non-Christian Mormons!  After all, that's how gays do it, right?  Oh, horseshit!  Religion continues to bring out the worst in us and guarantee the same will obtain for future generations.  Cub Scouts?  Come on, Cub Scouts. I guess if I were Mormon, and a Cub Scout leader,  I better avoid NC.

No Scout leadership post in NC for Mormon parents

The Other Legacyland

After rendering Afghanistan into rubble, BushCo did some nation building.   We can see that the people learned well.  About 25% of the recent votes were thrown out as fraudulent.  Who won?  Well, the Karzai government's folks did, of course.  I hope Bush set up a Supreme Court for Karzai to use to validate the election.  After all, Roberts and the Robes served him well.  If it weren't for the Supremes, there'd never have been a Shrub in the White House.  Do you know that "For Want of a Nail" tale?

Officials: Nearly 1 in 4 Afghan ballots invalid due to fraud

Virginia Competes With Texas

We all know that Virginia is number two to Texas's top slot in executions. Today we learn of a new competitive area, textbooks. The Old Dominion has adopted a textbook so that fourth graders can learn--

...that thousands of African Americans fought for the South during the Civil War...

That assertion is 100% pure bullshit. It's amazing what a non-historian can do when she uses the Tubes as a reserach tool and discovers the Sons of the Confederacy. Now, that's some kind of scholarship. Texas, watch out,  Va., is a contender.

Virginia 4th-grade textbook criticized over claims on black Confederate soldiers

Political Language

The CIA has finished examining their debacle in Afghanistan where seven employees were killed by an al Qaeda mole.   Bless my lowered expectations, Leon Panetta tells us it was a systemic failure that cuts across a bunch of Departments.  He also says it was better to look broadly rather than go after one or two screwups.  He knows we have to go forward, learn from our past, and well, tomorrow is another day.  Oh, crap.

If it's systemic, then that means a whole lot of government was actively involved, not just the CIA.  Employees of our  government intentionally set aside policies, procedures and laws to get the job done.  As usual when the end is used to justify the means, they were burned, as in seven dead.  Deaths occurred, it's embarrassing, illegal as hell, so it's systemic.  It's like Bush's occupation of Iraq after Shock and Awe or, domestically, the financial meltdown that we're still trying to recover from.  

If we go after the responsible parties, then we'd see a lot of appointees, senior civil service and elected types learn to perp walk.  However, it's generalized, systemic, so it's just a pervasive failure, the blame is passed from the guilty to all of government.   Does it have an effect?  Well, how's your trust of government these days?  Oh, why does this type of shit occur?  How about folks trying to run government like a business? Yeah, when you want your ticket punched you can really screw up.  Now, do you think much has really changed in the Spookery?

Systemic failures led to suicide attack, CIA says

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More than a meatball short

Everybody's favorite witch keeps on giving.  With so little going for her, can she provide even one more reason to laugh her off of the Delaware ballot?  Well, read this--

O'Donnell questions separation of church, state

Who's dumber than O'Donnell? Why about 16% of all Republicans in Delaware. They are the ones who voted for her in the primary (she got over 1/2 of a 30% turnout). Candidate Dumb has been brought to us by Republican Dumbers. At least they have provided lots of laughs!

And you thought it was the insurance companies

Health care costs keep going up and up.  As they go up, we may stop to consider why.  Perhaps we are not as healthy as we once were.  Is it possible that something most of us do if making us ill?  Perhaps we shove too much food into our maws and as we become number one in obesity.  As the fat piles on we pay for it.  Fat adds $168 billion to our health care tab.

Okay, it's time to tax soda pop, doughnuts, salty snacks and every fast food parlor in the land.  Junk food needs to be dealt with as we have dealt with tobacco.

Obesity costs U.S. $168 billion, study finds

Will Alaskans Elect A Crook?

Teabags don't seem to care about political qualifications at all.  You can be a witch, wear Nazi outfits, or really trash gays.   All is okay with teabags as long as the candidate want to cut taxes, reduce the deficit, and get rid of that Obama guy.  Now in Alaska, they promote a candidate who has little patience with following the law, and he's a lawyer to boot.  That is sleazy.  I guess for the teabags, law is only used on the other guy.  Will folks vote for these minimally qualified candidates?  Strange world, no?

Miller admits borough disciplined him

Who Benefits?

Today's campaign races are expensive.  For example Sharon Angle raised over $14 million, but spent about $12 million on promoting herself for more fundraising.  So, who benefits from all that money?

Well, it's certainly not the voters of Nevada.  How about the U.S. Post Office?  For example, she spent over a million on stamps.  Why are campaigns so expensive?  Well, maybe its because, win or lose, it is the candidates campaign advisers who wind up with all that donated cash after the election is over.  Gee, do we have a Political Operatives Industrial Complex?  I wonder why pundits don't ask more income questions of those operatives?

Angle’s Edge in War Chest Evaporates

The Days of Bush and Cheney

Did they really end?  Come on, of course they did.  A majority of folks who turned out to vote, elected Barack Obama.  Days of Bush?  Well, if you thought Obama was really going live up to the language he used convincing folks to elect him, then you joined the national box of rocks.  Bush still rules via Mr. Cool.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to turn anymore pages, I want to replace the damn book.  There will not be any real change until we rid ourselves of both Democratic and Republican parties.

U.S. Pushes to Ease Technical Obstacles to Wiretapping

If we dump Obama in 2012 and take a pass on Clinton, who would be next?

10th Amendment Fans Take Note

The Supremes, now on their "Unleashing the Kagan" tour, have taken up a 10th Amendment case.  Will the Court use the poisoned paramour's demise to assert State's Rights to maintain public safety?  Or will they position the feds to put more people in the poky any way they can?  Are there limits to federal law and how it is applied?  I doubt if the teabags are paying attention at all, since no one has told them to.

A 10th Amendment Drama Fit for Daytime TV Heads to the Supreme Court

When will thee become Amish?

With respect to social networking, I guess I'm not quite Amish yet. Does that make me a hi-tech Mennonite instead. What is social networking anyway?

Keeping up with social networking sites: How much is enough?

Take Note

As in all things, the key is moderation.

Consumer Reports Insights: The pros and cons of drinking

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ready for a food fight?

Are you willing to use poverty and culture in the same sentence?  We did decades ago and explained it.   We didn't fix it.  So we talked more.   Then poverty and culture  became a no-no.  If you did use them together, you were academically ostracized, so to speak.  We explained it in other terms.  Poverty has not disappeared, it's doing especially well today.  Perhaps we can learn to live with today's condition if we but argue more it more.  Let's rehash 40 years of bullshit and be sure to keep the poor with us always.  If there were no poor, could anyone be a good works christian?  

It's back, The Culture of Poverty! 


Did you catch this bit of puffery that appeared the other day?  A variation on this story was in most papers.  Did it make your bullshit detector go off?  It did?  Gee, I wonder why--

U.S. military, civilian officials claim progress in Afghan war

Should we prepare for an Aiken end to the war? Maybe we will declare victory, come home and have a parade. How deep will the BS become before we achieve an honorable stalemate?

Ron Pauls are everywhere

Ron Paul opposes earmarks.  He mouths off against them a lot.  He puts them in bills, votes against them, and watches them pass as his buddies vote for appropriations.  Gee, did he know they will always pass?  His constituents love that "principal," they reelect him.   For someone so opposed to government Happy Meals, Mr. Paul is very well fed.   Others have taken note of Mr. Paul's successful technique as they decry the evil socialistic Stimulus, but then seek it's cash, for constituent services of course.  I don't know why, but the word whore keeps coming to mind.

Republicans, Democrats who criticized stimulus wrote letters seeking funds

Where on earth is Nouri?

Nouri Malaki is looking for a government.  He hasn't found one yet.  Where is he looking today?  Why in every Shiiite's paradise, Iran!  Praise the Shrub, his legacy is still FUBAR!

Iraq's Maliki in Iran as election deadlock continues

And how are all those Sunnis who awakened to help Iraq surge its way to peace and brotherhood?  Oh, they have sort of left and are headed back to what they to former ways.

Sunni Allies in Iraq Quit to Rejoin Al Qaeda

And life, it's just normal as hell in Iraq, the Shrub must be pleased.

One killed, 10 injured in Baghdad violence

Hm, it seems like Legacyland may be a concern to our commanders in the ground. I wonder what they are worried about? Oh, they are not too bothered by today, but their past is another matter. I wonder what might be exposed?

Pentagon braces for huge WikiLeaks dump on Iraq war

Hey there you 500,000,000, oops!

Well not quite all Facebook users, but a large chunk use apps that sort of pass info along down the pike for  other uses.  It's just a technical detail, nothing intentional at all.  No one would use this info would they?  Funny how this kind of crap occurs over and over again.  Is this the price of social networking?

Facebook Apps Leak User Info

Why bother with ads at all?

The Supremes decision in Citizens United did benefit one industry, advertising.  I have a feeling the real beneficiaries of all the new money (and old) in political ads are the folks who, produce, place and run the ads on TV and radio.   It's an odd thing, but it seems to me that the folks who advise candidates to advertise their butts off are also the ones who are compensated by placing ads.  That does seem to be a bit  self serving.

Beyond saying your name and party, does any candidate really need much more at all?  Oh, I did forget one thing.  If a candidate believes that ads are really effective, then he will be thankful for any ads run to his benefit (even though they don't do much at all).  I think I'd rather go back to satchels of cash and get the 501(c) crud off TV and radio.

Groups Push Legal Limits in Advertising

Sunday, October 17, 2010

What did the Supremes unleash?

Roberts and the Robes thought they were pandering to well heeled free speech. However, what they have done is return us to the days of Creepy satchels of cash. Yep, the money is flowing and will increase as pols form both parties discover there's so much gold in free speech. I wonder who will go down first for breaking the law this round? Will excesses be sufficient to lead to more attempts to check special interests green speech (that's not tree hugging green). I guess you could say Richard Nixon has now beaten the rap on campaign finance that was part of his Watergate mess. Of course it will take a bit longer to make subversion of the Constitution a normal party practice.

Return of the Secret Donors

Hey that sounds like the title for a political zombie flick!

Management 101

If you are inclined to think managers suck and the world would be a better place without them, then you might want to read this piece--

In defense of middle management

Damn, it is the economy

If you think government has a glock loaded with magic bullets it can unload on the enemies of recovery and prosperity, I think you've watched one too many GOOPER TV ads.   Put down that Republicrat kool aid, get real and plod on.  It will get better but it will take longer than you think(hope).  Oh, and quit listening to pols about economics and business, those are not their areas of expertise--remember they are shills for their own reelection and not much else.

In this recovery, Washington has less power over the economy than you think

Book About the Clown

If you are interested in learning a bit, probably more than anyone is actually interested in, about Glenn Beck, here's a book about the schmuck---

Dana Milbank's Glenn Beck book "Tears of a Clown"

Glenn Beck

I do not watch or listen to any of Beck's radio or TV shows.  I have caught snippets here and there on news programs and The Daily Show.  I have read a bit about his presentations.  As I understand it, we're supposed to buy gold as a hedge against the totalitarian state that has been building ever since Woodrow Wilson was president.

What I want to know is how can we be sure it began with Wilson?  Perhaps Wilson had antecedents.  Perhaps his antecedents had antecedents.   Hm, if we follow sufficient number of generations back in time, we will get to someone who is really responsible for being on the road to serfdom.

Damn, I have followed the Wilson line back to the original antecedent.  Yep, Adam kicked it off.  Hold it, Adam was created by god.  God is really the originator of our drive to socialism.  God has put us on the road to socialist oneness.   God is a socialist!  If you want liberty and freedom you better tell god to shove it now!  Otherwise, you may have to become your brother's keeper.  Oh, god we're all kept people.  

Wow, that was fun.  See how easy it is to play loony tunes.  Why listen to Beck when you can make shit up all by yourself.  If you  do it well enough, Fox might give you airtime to hawk gold.