Saturday, October 30, 2010


Great Rally!  Fun,good music, made the point.  Now can we find a sane political party?

By the way, the Frisco (see earlier post) is a great rally drink.  I prefer, 1.5 oz rye, .5 oz Benedictine and .25 oz lemon juice.  If you want it sweeter, then use more Benedictine.  Say no to bourbon on this one.


Funny Hat Guy Speaks

Pope Ratzy to Brazil bishops: Stress no to abortion

Oh puke.

Jake to Pope Ratzy: Stress no 12th Century Life, no Pedophiles, no Celibacy, and no Religion

Gee why not try facts, reason, and logic.

That's What I Like About the South

Virginia textbook includes Civil War error on blacks in Confederacy

No news here, I just liked the headline. It captures the major diff between the Red State trogs and the Blue State crowd. It also encapsulates that cracker "Southern Heritage" bullshit.

Rally Assitence

A rally for sanity on a fine Fall afternoon is a grand reason to to drink liberally!  Ah, but do the sane folks imbibe?  How about something new?  If you have some Rye and Benedictine add some lemon juice and make a Frisco!  That sounds yummy.

Why not use Bourbon?  Okay, try it both ways and in different proportions.  What works best?  As you rally you can begin to perfect your own Frisco.  Gee, it might take several iterations over several days.  

Smitten With a Cocktail Called Frisco


Pontiac, 84, Dies of Indifference

Now chaplains are worried about DADT

Gee, military chaplains, of the ilk who are sure that their god hates "fags" do not want to see DADT rescinded.  When it is, then when they preach their sermons of divine hate, they will be cashiered from the service.  What can we say to them?  How about this--

"My heart doesn't bleed for these chaplains," said Mikey Weinstein, president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. "If you don't like it, there's a very simple solution: Fold your uniform, file the paperwork and find something else to do."

Good line. It applies to more than chaplains. Officer or enlisted, if you don't like it, leave the service.

Don't forget to Rally for Sanity today

Yep the crowd is on its way.  How many?  Have check in with CBS on that one.  What can we expect?  That's easy--

Free Entertainment

Hmm, a nation that laughs together can save themselves from Demicans and Republicrats.  Let the sanity commence with much laughter!

Gee, Another Credible Terrorist Threat

Hey, in a few days it will be the General Election.  Hey, another credible terrorist threat.  I give this administration about the same credibility as I gave the last.   How can there be trust of any administration?   Are we safer or have we just been very lucky?  Is anyone worried about those grandkids that will have to pay for all the debt we incur to fight the war on terror?  We know that conventional war is quite profitable. I have a feeling that the war on terror is even more profitable, so tell those grandkids to suck it up and start paying for it now.  We better rescind the child labor laws.

The terrorist group from Yemen has given us the butt bomber who literally blew it out his ass.  Then they gave us the undie bomber who managed to burn his balls off.  Now we have the moron bomber--come on, who really thinks that not one, but two packages from Yemen addressed to a Jewish synagogue in Chicago would go unnoticed?   Do not expect details--national security, can't give away secrets and all that traditional rot.

Obama: Suspicious packages are a 'credible terrorist threat'

What color are we today? Puce, Magenta, Salmon? Oh, god, we had best dig holes and seal ourselves in with plastic sheets and duct tape! Oops, we gave those up when Obama came in. What are we supposed to do? Oh, yeah, be afraid very afraid and vote for Democratic crusaders.

Obama's Bungled War

As we head into the "Rally to Restore Sanity," don't forget we are still in an unnecesary, wasted war in Afghanistan--

NATO: 30 fighters killed in Afghan outpost attack

Maybe a bit of sanity will spread to the White House.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rally to restore sanity

Besides "Comedy Central" how will the rally be covered on the boob tube newsy stations?

How are the Networks Going to Cover the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear?

Halloween Thought

If we made a Zombie political movie, it would feature zombies of course.  I can see it now--"Night of The Living Teabags."  The Zombies would be unleashed by an evil sorcerer who looks a lot like little pudgy, Karl Rove.  Damn, the Zombies are selective in their lust for brains.  They're only killing Democrats.  Oh, my god, Republicans don't have brains!  That means Karl Rove is a closet Democrat!   The world is doomed.  All that survives are mindless Republicans led by an evil Democrat and a lot of very hungry Zombies.   Now about the sequel....

Read and Ponder

Do you still support the Shrub's legacy to us all in Afghanistan?  If you do, then you might give this one a read and wonder about the numbskulls that created and maintain this aspect of the that mess.

Contractor Outnumber US troops in Afghanistan--It's become a privatized war that will not end.

Still support the mess?  Why?

Good Question

You heard those noise makers at the World Cup in South Africa.  God, they are terrible.  After the party is over what do you do with the damn things?

Vuvuzelas? Design an alternate use and win $1,500.

Gee, if we could do the same thing with teabaggers...

Do you..

Do you use Facebook?  Okay, do you twitter?  Now, do you Keitai?  Huh?  I'm not sure how big it is here, but in Japan it's quite popular.  I'm still puzzled by e-books, so cellphone novels are a very long way off for me.  However, you might be interested in these--

Novels on tiny screens

That's Really An Automatic

If you own a Remington sniper rifle, it may be gunning for you.  Not literally, but figuratively  as it can fire itself!  Who needs a trigger!   Talk about products that kill.  And as usual the manufacturer says the customers are nuts.  They can't make it fail, so all those customers that have been doing the duck and cover are just making stuff up.  It's sounds like the Toyota defense.  Oops, we know in a short while Remington will admit they made a shitty rifle and then discover three or four other mortal problems with their firearms.  The Defense Department has leapt into the mess and awarded Remington a new $28 million contract.  Remember it does not matter to anyone if the rifle work or not.  The deal is to give tax dollars to member of the MIC as the pad goes on and on.  Will the Teabaggers take note?  Nah, they don't read.

Safety prompts police to quit using Remington 700 rifles

Damn those glitches

Funny how computer glitches seem to work in favor of the retailer.  And it's even funnier how those profitable glitches go undetected, much less unfixed, for years.  The glitch is finally discovered when a customer discovers he's been screwed by Target.  Yep, this time it's Target.   If you've used a coupon at Target, there's a good chance you were cheated by Target.  You submit a $1 coupon, but the register only credits you, say, 31 cents  on the $1 coupon.  Target will be reimbursed $1 by the manufacturer and pocket 61 cents in profit!  That's sleazy.

Target shortchanging coupon users

With party leaders like these guys...

The current top Jackass won't endorse the Democratic Party nominee for Governor of Rhode Island because a former GOOPER is running as an independent.  Now a former top Jackass, Bill Clinton, is suggesting that the Democratic Party nominee for Governor of Florida  step down and endorse a former GOOPER who is running as an independent.  Maybe presidents don't really care about the party.

Bill Clinton Urged Florida Democrat to Quit Bid

With leadership like this, now I have to wonder about giving the party my vote.  I quit giving the party any money this year.   Maybe it is time for lots of folks to tell the Dems to "Shove It!"  Unfortunately, the current alternatives are far worse.  Yeah, they will get my vote, but only because I cannot vote stupid.  Now about 2012,  anyone got a new party?

What's With Our Junior Birdman School?

The Air Force Academy has had its problems.  Maybe they solved the sexual problems--officially sanctioned and suborned harassment to rape.   I doubt it.  However, they have not fixed their evangefunide problem.  What gives?

41% of non-Christian AF cadets cite proselytizing

If they cannot fix it, then close the damn thing.  Do we really need it?

What will be the next BS defense of DADT?

When eliminating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was just a theoretical bit of jibber-jabber, lots of pols spoke positively about it's elimination.  Hell, they even rattled a patriotic pocket knife or two.  When the current occupant of the White House ran for getting a four year lease, he gave really great sounding, but largely unmemorable speeches about DADT.  His problem, folks did retain one line that said he'd bag DADT fast.    Oh, that was if we voted for him.  We did.  He discovered it's complicated and hard work.  Oops, nothing happened.  Then Army brass started to say it's okay by them.  Pols panicked and decided that they have newly discovered "grave concerns about national security if DADT is prematurely ended."   A court  finally said it's time for DADT to go, something about a little matter of constitutionality or such.  Our pols, including the first procrastinator,wanted more time.  One dodge has been to wait  for the results of a DoD survey of soldiers to come in first.  Guess what, surveys done.

'Don't ask' survey: Majority OK serving with openly gay troops, sources say

Gee, I wonder what McCain and others like him will say now?

True or not?

If true, is Gingrich the kind of person trogs admire and want in the White House?  Oh, that of makes one think about making upchucky cakes, not so much the Newt, but about all those batshit crazy folks who think he's the best man in their party.  How can anyone admire the putz?  Newt just makes me want to hurl.  I wish the Dems would quite using their counterpart to Newt.  Bill is equally repugnant.

Dick Armey: Clinton and Gingrich traded stories about their girlfriends

And in long running Korean War

North, South Korea trade shots; no injuries

Trust Me, It's All Money Well Spent

If anyone says "trust me" become cautious, very cautious.  I have a feeling we will be hearing variations on "trust me" over the coming weeks as we hear discussions of the national intelligence tab.  We, through our elected, appointed and civil service employees in government spend at least $81 billion a year on spooky stuff.  About$53 billion goes to the CIA types and $27 billion to G.I. Joe types.  That's the public number.

Myself, I'd double it to get close to the real number.  Is it worth the expense?  Probably not, but the spooks will never have to prove anything since they have the mother of all CYA lines to use.  "Sorry,we cannot talk specifics due to national security concerns."

Yep, expect lots and lots of BS if you follow this tale.  Oh, what's the track record leading up to the two Bush screwups (wars)?  It's the same crowd from back then, so why waste the money today?  I bet the limited government, reduce the deficit mob won't target their bile on this.

Intelligence spending at record $80.1 billion in first disclosure of overall figure

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now all we can say is "So what?"

Gee, Haliburton really knew their cement would not plug the well.  They told BP that the cement might not hold.  Both companies went ahead and made a cement plug that failed.  The Gulf, well, we know what happened to the Gulf.  I hope everyone steers clear of Gulf seafood for a couple of years at least.

Okay, BP intentionally went forward with crap?  Why?  I guess cheap cement saves you a buck, unless it blows, you spill millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf and then have to pay at least $20 billion to cover your ass.   Is this just modern management?  Do it cheap, make money and hope shit doesn't happen.  If it is, it's probably good we're not trying to go to the Moon for the first time.

Tests showed unstable cement in gulf oil well before explosion


We seem to have more important stories to cover rather than report on the foulness that the Shrub gave us via the needless, wasted optional war in Iraq.   Here's a couple of pieces to supplement the lack of coverage.

Iraq war logs: media reaction around the world

A cautionary tale for the liberal interventionist

Rove is full of it

Gee, Karl Rove doesn't think Palin has the right stuff to be president.  I agree with him, but for different reasons.   We need to remember Rove is the guy who lowered the bar.  He's the guy who foisted the Shrub on us.  After the Shrub's presidency, who doesn't have the 'gravitas' to run, elect, and serve?  Compared to the Shrub, the problem is, Palin is the same, and that is the problem with the GOP.  All they can come up with are folks only as qualified as Bush.  You may not like Obama, but where's his counterpart in the GOP?

Rove Questions Palin's "Gravitas" to be President

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We rate this election Barely True 

We haven't rated an entire election on our Truth-O-Meter before, but as we analyzed our work on the 2010 campaign, we noticed a distinct pattern: a sharp decline in truth.

So we decided to rate the entire 2010 campaign Barely True.

We think the rating fits because so many ads begin with a germ of truth and then leap into la-la land. As you'll see in our analysis, we've given more Barely Trues this fall, as well as more Falses and Pants on Fires.

It's another reminder about the importance of fact-checking. In a year when we 've all been bombarded with claims from groups we'venever heard of before, not to mention the avalanche of ads from the candidates, fact-checking is more vital than ever.

Meanwhile, we're also proud to announce our eighth PolitiFact state, Virginia. It's being staffed by the talented journalists at theRichmond Times-Dispatch. Virginia happens to be my home state, so I'm happy to have the Truth-O-Meter checking our congressional delegation and state officials.

There are five days until Tuesday's election and we'll be working through the weekend to keep you up to date on any last-minute attacks. Keep checking the site and let us know if you hear a claim you think we should check.

Lard On, Lard Off

Man it is so easy to lard on.  Salt, sugar and fat can almost turn a shower shoe into a tasty high caloric snack.  Of course if the lard goes on and stays on then we will begin to waddle through life.  All that fat also sets us up for several health problems.  It gets worse with each passing decade.  How old will you get before you do something about the amount of space you occupy?   Why not lard off now?

Take the next year and do something to lard off.  Go from a waddle, to walk, to stride!  How?  You should know by now that the only diet that works is the Eat Less, Work More diet.  So eat less and work more--take your pick of work approaches--

Boot camp, strength training will top 2011 fitness trends

I'm trying to do 12 minute miles walking. I can just about do 15 minute miles without too much strain. Buy this time next year, maybe I'll go for 10 minute miles (can it be done walking?). What will you do?

Tech Review

If you are thinking about a netbook/laptop for Christmas, consider the new MacBook Air from Apple.

Review: Apple's latest MacBook Air does more heavy lifting

Good News!

Anything that is detrimental to the batshit crazy party is good news.  It's even better when they are doing bad things to themselves!  Don't forget, the teabags are just GOP trogs in odd costumes, waving flags and carrying around posters.

Tea party antics could end up burning Republicans

Remember to vote, just don't vote for stupid. A lot of folks voted stupid in 2000 and 2004, look at the mess that stupid left--it will take a couple decades to fix the damage. If you vote stupid, remember it will get so bad, that the repairs will be passed on to your grandkids to fix the mess. It will be that bad if you vote stupid.
Your decision.

Oh my, that's a big number

In the latest sign of this year's record-breaking election season, an independent research group estimated Wednesday that candidates, parties and outside interest groups together could spend up to $4 billion on the campaign.

You can bet your redressed grievance givers aren't shelling out all that cash just because they want a Dem or a Trog in office.  Come on, who shells out $25,000 or more for good government?  Once you get past a couple hundred dollars, it's called an investment. What kind of investment are these folks making?  What do they expect as a return?  What's the expected rate of return?  $15, $25, $50, $100 or $1,000  back for every $1 donated?   Government has been for sale since the beginning, we've just gotten better and better at  it.  Want it to change?

Price tag of midterm campaign likely to hit $4 billion

Obama on Daily Show

Here tis, it's in three parts, enjoy!

Actual President of United States Actually on The Daily Show in Actuality

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rand Paul in the Senate? Will he bring a cane?

If elected he won't bring his own cane, he'll hire someone to do his caning for him.  See, Paul is your kind of guy if you like violent thugs. Remember, if you hire others to do your thuggery for you, you're also a thug, but worse.  How can this be?  He's running for office in Kentucky.  Okay?

Head Stomp Victim: Paul Supporters Planned It

Got Spam?

That's as in junk e-mail, not the tasty and delicious ham made in Austin, Minnesota.  have you noticed a lessening of your junk mail?  If so, it might be because one guy in Russia has been shut down.  Yep, one guy and his computer seem to be responsible for about 20% of the junk mail.  Amazing.

E-Mail Spam Falls After Russian Crackdown

Let Me Entertain You

As Dems have finally realized that folks are not exactly enamored with them and it is an election year, they have sent the top Dem out and about.  Obama may not be a great president but he is pretty good on the campaign trail.  He can raise dollars and rouse interest.  His speeches are, as always, less filling but sound great.  Now about the youth vote? Oh, set your TIVO.  Obama will be on "The Daily Show" tonight.

Obama to ‘Daily Show’ as Campaign Nears End

Cost Effectiveness Might Be Dangerous

As we overspend our way to the poorhouse on two wasted, useless wars, where have we saved a dime or two?  Well, we might have cut corners on computer communications between command centers and missile  silos.  Then again, we might have just turned the mess over to private contractors for them to screw up.  Gee, I wonder if it might be the same folks who gave Virginia a statewide 10 day government computer outage this year?

Don't look for much explanation, DoD will invoke the national security cover your ass card on this one.

Teabagger Traits

The Teabaggers seem to be able to find exceptional candidates.  They appear to prefer folks who don Nazi garb, discuss meatballs and masturbation,  want to eliminate social security, be rid of civil rights, and are liars.  Yep, the Alaska Teabag is a liar.  Now how do you spell Murkowski?

Records: Miller admits to computer use, lying

The candidates are disturbing.  However, that there are so many teabags that will vote for them is vastly more disturbing.

How's that dominion thing going these days?

Humans are very messy.  We shit in our own nest.  Unfortunately, our nest is also the nest of lots of other species.  They suffer and die due to our dominion over the earth.  I don't think this is quite what god had in mind when he gave us the keys to the planet.

Global extinction crisis looms, new study says

Maybe the best thing we can do is continue doing exactly what we're doing now. That way, in a couple hundred years we might become extinct.

Obama's Bungled War

Psst, we began the Afghan War on Oct. 7, 2001.  Yep, the Shrub was president and most folks liked that saber rattling sound.  Then again remember  that most folks believe Satan's real, UFOs cruise our skies, and Astrology is the queen of the sciences.  Oh, the Shrub, he did a cut and run.  He passed his wars on to Obama.  It's now Obama's turn to bungle the wars.  He has.

As we slog, should we say Rumsfled on instead,  on through the tenth year, how's the war going anyway?  Oh, it's a new and improved war.  Obama added some Petraeus,  increased the troop count, and threw in a wimpy timetable.  The NATO aces fight, not terrorists, but Taliban who want to take their country back.  Gee, the Taliban seem to be like our Tea Party patriots don't they?

What can we say about the mess?  Oh, here goes--

An intense military campaign aimed at crippling the Taliban has so far failed to inflict more than fleeting setbacks on the insurgency or put meaningful pressure on its leaders to seek peace, according to U.S. military and intelligence officials citing the latest assessments of the war in Afghanistan.

Given that this war was created by the Shrub, who expects much less? Can anyone name one thing the Shrub did that is not totally FUBAR? It's damned hard to take the FU out of Dubya. Oh, well, we could try something novel. Declare a stalemate, finance halal 7-11s, make some money, rent some of the troops to the Afghan military, and come home.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's Monday Night in Utah

In Iowa, don't mess with Wednesdays.   Utah has a lock on Mondays.  What day of the week do the frothy faithful take over in your neck of the woods?

Iowa GOP platform calls for ‘no-activities night on Wednesdays’

By inference Rand Paul is just one more thug

Extremism in the name of liberty may not be a vice but it is a fucking crime.  Why do the right wing shitheads love to get so damn violent on folks who disagree with them?  Home life must have been brutal, oh, that's whats screwed them up.  Mom and Dad must have used their urchins as basketballs.  Wow, what did Ron do to Rand?  Did he score three points?  Teabags anyone?

Police seek Rand supporters who stomped MoveOn activist

Guns Part III

Here 'tis--

ATF's oversight limited in face of gun lobby

Shove it

It's about time someone told Mr. Cool above it all to shove it.  It's not polite, but hell, if the head of the Democratic Party doesn't endorse the Democratic candidate on a road trip to the candidate's home state  because the head of the party may have known the independent opponent in his five Senate years, then yeah, Obama can shove it.  It would be nice if this could be used as the foundation  for a new party.  The Shove It party?  Or how about P3s.  P3--Pissed off People Party!  Other suggestions?

Obama campaign push comes to shove in Rhode Island

The economy is coming back

Of course if you lost your job and remain unemployed, you might not quite agree.  For everyone else, well, the econ is chugging along.  Take a peek at your 401(k).  How much did you lose two years ago?  How much has it regained?  I noted mine and it surprized me.  With about 2% more gain I'll be back where I was just about this time in 2008.  So far, if I remember my predictions correctly, I seem to be on course.

Christmas sales will be interesting this year, it might be "normal" for the first time since Wall Street and Congress stole it from us and produced a near depression.

Oh, if you lost your job, good luck.  Unemployment will remain high.  It might be down to 8% in two years.  I wish folks would quit yammering about government creating jobs.  It cannot.

With respect to jobs, neither party can do squat and don't even mention tax cuts.  Tax cuts do not create a climate of opportunity for profit.  That's in people's heads.  Tax cuts just concentrate wealth in the hands of a few and help their lap dogs (Republicrats) retain power.

Is this class warfare? Of course it is, but please note class warfare is normal in this country.  We don't like to admit it, we prefer to believe in the bullshit of classlessness.  Class is very real.   In the latest  round of class war begun under Reagan,  the upper class has won many,many more battles than the rest of us. I think it's time to win a few for everyman.      

Is Juan Williams Swedish?

Nordic folks seem to get a bit nervous when they see folks in Muslim regalia too.  Will their concerns translate into physical action?  It might as political groups see opportunities in getting their Juan Williams on and quest for political power.   Once again, we have more evidence that religion really sucks for what it does to people.

Anti-Muslim feelings propel right wing in Europe

Religion Sucks--II

Here's a social organization that hides behind "god" because it can't quite come to grips with STDs.  I have a feeling Jesus would be handing out condoms, but warped old celibate men can't cope with the thought of sex with women.  The Catholics are a strange group.  Are they now a disease vector?

Swiss Catholics split over condom distribution

Religion Sucks

Remember a religion is a social organization.  It is composed of people doing very human things for very human reasons.  How much "god" has to do with it, is debatable.  For example, if one happens to be gay, then hope you have the good fortune to not be born into membership in the Mormon church.  They, as  other "Christian" social organizations think god "hates queers."  It's sad.  Too bad folks listen to old men rather than figuring out how the object of their faith, Jesus, would live and then they do so in imitation.   Until then, the LDS are just one more faithful gay bashing social organizations.  

Activists: Mormon beliefs factor in LGBT struggles

Midterm Teapartyganza

Did you watch the Daily Show last night?  If not, I hope you had your DVR set.  John Stewart in is Washington all this week.  Then this weekend, it will be the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Keep Fear Alive).   Gee, he made the Post--'Daily Show' kicks off visit to D.C.

It Just Keep On Going

Bless my My Lai massacre, it keeps on occurring.  This time not as extensive, but it's really the same.  Our guys do bad guy things.  Hm, is it easier to keep a lid on because no one gives a shit about the wars being fought by 100% volunteers?  I bet a lot of things are easier in the Department of War.  Of course since the war only affects about 1% of us, the wars can drag on and on.  Damn they have, haven't they.  Seen any extensive war coverage on the tube lately?  Here's a piece on a few of our uniformed crooks.  Oh, don't forget, there is no honor and glory in war, it's just the mother of mind fucks.

Stryker unit sought to defend killing at heart of Afghan murder probe

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a nation Bush has built

I think we don't get along with Iran all that well do we?  We have built a government in Afghanistan.  Bush built it in his image.  Oh, that explains why Afghan government officials are receiving money from Iran.  If you have trouble with the idea, just think our beloved Shrub.  See, he's such a dolt anything makes sense!  Now, why are still in Rubbleistan?

Afghan Leader Admits His Office Gets Cash From Iran

Stupids may determine the election?

Hey, I'm not exactly ecstatic about the last two years of Jackass rule of Congress and the White House.  The Dems and Obama have not delivered as I hoped.  Okay, I'm pissed with them.  However, that does not mean I am going to pull a stupid and vote for a Republican.  Not voting is even stupider.  Hell, I won't vote for a third party candidate either--they don't win.  All a stupid vote or non-vote accomplishes is to put the morons back in power.  Have we forgotten Bush and Buddies all ready?  Do we really want that Scooby gang of troglodyte, wingnut, batshit crazy evangefundie folks wielding power again?  If stupid wins, then get ready for another war and an economy that will fall further than it did in 1929.  Get pissed, but vote smart.  Now, stay pissed and begin work to nominate a better class of assholes for the next election.

Gay voters angry at Democrats could sway election

Don't forget the rally on Saturday

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Keep Fear Alive will be upon us soon.  Who is this John Stewart guy?  What's he going to do?  Comedy Central will provide live coverage, set your DVRs.  A fake rally, rally has   to be as good as the fake news, news show we all love, The Daily Show.  How many folks will show up on the Mall?

Just who does Jon Stewart think he is?


The Second Amendment says you have the right to lots of guns.  And if you live in D.C. area and are partial to using a gun to commit a crime, it's a reasonable bet that your gun was purchased at one particular gun shop.  The article is on the Washington area, but I have a feeling there's a Realco in everybody's neck of the woods too.  Gun shops can be quite compliant with the law and still abet all that gun crime.  Maybe we need to quit killing people for murder and instead hang 'em high for any crime that uses a gun?  How about it deterrence fans?  Use a gun to commit a crime and you will not do much time, you will die!  Of course we could all become reasonable and accept a modicum of restrictions on gun sales.

I'd say enjoy the piece, oops, but it's just a bit depressing, so read it.  It's a bit long.

Tracing Secrets

Here's the next article in the series, it's focus is Virginia--

Virginia gun dealers: Small number supply most guns tied to crimes

Election 2010

Will the House fall into the hands of evangefundie wingnut Republicans or remain being run by jackasses?  In eight days we'll find out.  How about the Senate?  If reelected will Harry Reid be the majority or minority leader?  We'll have to see how the nation votes.  Will we vote?  Nah, even with all the BS about anger and energy voters will go out for pizza instead.  40% turnout will be high.  At %40 that means winners will become winners because 20% of possible voters elected them,now that is true majority rule.  Did you ever wonder who likes this version of majority rule?  Did you ever notice that 95%+of incumbents get reelected every damn election?

Do you have $5?  You do, good, because with that and my predictions you can get a really fine cup of coffee.  Here goes.  The House will remain, by one maybe 2 seats, in control of the Demicans.  LIkewise in the Senate, Demicans will rule the worlds greatest debilitative body.  Republicrats will have to keep on saying "no."  Oh, the teabag dipshits who are elected will discover their inner Republicrat and caucus accordingly.

Election Day could bring historic split: Democrats lose House, keep Senate

Obama's Bungled War

With all the attention to the election on TV news it's easy to forget about Obama's useless,wasted war in Afghanistan.  We, NATO, continue to blow the crap out of those hearts and minds we're trying to win.  I don't think removing their organs are the best way to win their friendship and influence them.  Well, we are influencing them, they want us to leave, they maintain the Taliban and they despise the puppet government we created and prop up.  What's that about power to the people, democracy, and liberty?  Oh, it's a mirage.  Yep, it's just another day for Bush/Obama to leave a wake of death, destruction and despair.  Oh, about that bin Laden guy and al Qaeda....

25 may have been killed in airstrike; Karzai says his office gets cash from Iran

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Only George, the Shrub, Bush could nation build this way.  Here goes--

Iraq's Supreme Court on Sunday ordered parliament members to meet, calling the government formation impasse that has dragged on for more than seven months unconstitutional.

After all, it was a court that appointed George and Dork. Now that's some kind of legacy. I wonder how much it will cost our grandkids?

Obama's Bungled War

As the good guys try to kill bad guys in Kandahar, we have to note the bad guys remain in charge of about half the damn country.  The bad guys are committed and resilient.   It may take them a bit of time to replace leaders, but so far, they keep on replacing them and then resume attacking the good guys.  Oh, note  if your enemy used to be in charge, legally, of most of the provinces, and have nothing to lose by fighting to regain control of the government, then short of killing all of the Taliban we will keep on jumping into fresh piles of steaming hot camel dung.

Despite successful U.S. attacks on Taliban leaders in Afghanistan's northwest, insurgency remains in control


The tea party movement is a movement alright.  Note, we all have movements every day to stay regular.  The teabaggers are regular whats?  Come on, these folks show up every time a Democrat is in the White House.  This time it's they call themselves teabags.  They have a Democrat to rail at, but as a bonus they have a black Democrat to boo.  They are regular right wing GOOPERS.  They may affect this coming election, because, surprize, they may vote for Republicans.  I have a feeling most of them won't bother showing up at the polls, no more than the ones who did vote in primaries.  And I have a feeling the Dems are not going to lose the House or the Senate.   Here's a piece on the disgruntled right wing wingnut Republicans a.k.a. teabags.  Enjoy.

Gauging the scope of the tea party movement in America

Economic History Please Meet Political History

Here's a piece to read and think about.  If the economy still sucks in 2012, will folks try to "make it better" just to win an election?  Will better actually wind up being worse?  That bit of logic seems to be a recurrent theme in our recent history.   Enjoy.

Think this economy is bad? Wait for 2012.

Uh, we've always had classes. So what?

Gee, there is an upper class and a lower class.  In between there are at least three more, maybe more.  So what?  Are the folks who tend to cluster toward the upper different from those who cluster towards the bottom?  You get an A if you said yes.  Are there ways upper class and the lower class are similar?  A Yes earns you another A--both groups tend to have trouble getting and staying employed is one example.

We are united under one form of government.  We have one Constitution.  We have always been waging class war, but we seem hellbent on being what we're not, classless.   The dimensions of our lives, regardless of class are similar, but the content is different.  One group goes to Opera the other goes to Toby Kieth concerts, both are paying to be entertained.   Okay, here's a piece on the "mainstream" vs. the elites.

The tea party warns of a New Elite. They're right.

The title is a bit off the mark.  The author's bifurcation is simplistic, but fun to read. I am not mainstream, I am not elite. However, I passed the test--10. I read a lot. I also recognized all the elite things the author mentioned. You should be saying "so what." So what, that's about the best reaction to this kind of piece. There are classes, so what? How can owe use our class system to keep on making life better and better for all the classes?  Want classlessness?  Okay tell me how we achieve that.  Have fun!

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