Saturday, November 6, 2010

Somebody better start talking about it

This is not good at all.  The effects are devastating over several generations.  The effects are not good at all. This affects everybody, not just blacks.

Blacks struggle with 72 percent unwed mothers rate

Have you read Bob Parks?

Give him a read and get on his list--

What's New

Attention Independent Voters

Hey there independents.   Are you feeling good?  Y'all stuck it to those pesky Dems, didn't you.  Feeling good?   Are you sure you made the right move?  Look, you voted against Obama for god knows what bit of illogic you mustered.  However, take note, 2010 was not a presidential race.

You voted against Obama via the Democrats in the House and Senate and your state elections.  I don't think you are really all that keen on the Republicans.  In fact, I bet you kind of prefer the Dems.  However, since you didn't think about it much and just reacted, guess what, you have given the nation's future more Republicans and Teabags than you may desire.  Why?  Well, guess who will control redistricting?

Independent?  I'm inclined to say my ass.  Independents are just closet batshit crazy trogs who are afraid to admit they don't like a whole segments of our population (very Republican).  At least the trogs identify themselves as trogs, what's y'all's problem.  Hope the future pain won't be too great, but hell you voted it in.

Big perk for GOP in state election wins: more power in redistricting

Trog Fight! Trog Fight!

In this corner wearing waterboard red trunks is the master of strategery, Ameerca's Shrub.  In the other corner wearing you betcha red jacket, black slut skirt and oh so high heels is the master of  strategic quitting, Sarah Palin.  The fight is over is she good enough to be the GOP nominee for that four year lease on Air Force One?  Get ready fratricide fans, the GOP is going to kill itself over her ego and greed and their lust for power and donations.  Fight on!

May they fight long and hard until there is only one Republican left standing. Then we can have a mercy killing.

Republican establishment takes on Sarah Palin

Don't Forget the Gulf

As you reach for that Gulf seafood in your local monster mart,  remember if you hold a lit match to it, it will still cook itself.  The oil is not all gone.  We still don't really know how much is in the Gulf.  We don't really know where it all went along with all that dispersant.  We do have very strong reasons to think a whole lot of damage was done and is still being done in the Gulf waters.  Don't forget 66,000 barrels a day for months is way beyond a grundle of crude and it was bubbling up from a mile down.  Now, evidence of damage is coming out.  Kiss off the coral.

Dead Coral Found Near Site of Oil Spill

That Free Speech Will Get You Every Time

Did you see that Oblermann was canned at MSNBC?  Yeah, the liberal pundit, not a journalist, not a reporter, was shafted because he gave money to three Democratic candidates.  Wow, who'd a thunk Keith was in the Democrats corner.  Golly did he just come out of the closet.  Oh, my, he's a liberal!   I'm surprized, not by his donating, but his being a bit cheap.  He does make a shitpile of cash being, take your pick, he's the Rush, Sean, or Glenn of liberal cable news TV.    So, if the putz has never been a Walter Cronkite type, but has always been a very opinionated liberal Democratic pundit, should he have been sacked?  It think MSNBC stepped on theirs.

Olbermann of MSNBC Suspended Over Donations

I wonder how much has NBC fed into the political money machine?

This is the better world we are a building?

Suicide bombings--

Death toll rises to 12 in Afghan suicide attack

66 victims of suicide attack on Pakistan mosque buried

32 injured in suicide bombing in Istanbul

Have you noticed that the people of "The Book" are a pretty damned violent lot.  

If Peolosi is replaced the Dems lose

I don't get the purge Pelosi movement.  Reid I understand, hell I'd kick him out of the party.  Obama, right now,  he can definitely take a hike, but note, his turn will come in 2012.  Those two shafted the people and the Democratic Party.  Pelosi did damned good work, why do think the GOP spent so much time and money on massively vilifying her?  She needs to stay as House leader of the Dems.

The House Dems can be a force for liberal politics.  The House Dems under Pelosi can build a better party.  If she goes, then you can kiss off the Dems as anything that remotely resembles a liberal or progressive political party.  Oh, it must be easier to tell the broad she's the one who has to fall on the party sword.  If Pelosi is rejected, then maybe liberals and progressives need to get their version of a teabag on.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi to seek minority leader post

It's Not Making That Much Sense

After the election, pundits and other assorted paid profiteers of politics began shilling and hawking a yarn about the new GOP power and how they will govern.  Huh?  That makes no sense at all.  The election saw, for the most part, conservative Democrats (blue dog schmucks) lose their recently acquired seats.  Liberals, I should just say  Democrats, were reelected.  Maybe one Liberal did not get reelected in the House.  The Democratic party took an assist from the GOP and purged their party of a lot of wastage.  I'd say that's really a win for the Dems particularly if they continue the purge.  It is a big tent, but it needs to become on in which you have to be liberal to get in.

The GOP now has its own internal mess to deal with.  As they "won" by adopting teabaggers, they now have to cope with the folks they used to keep locked up in the attic.  When you open a can of batshit crazy worms, you can never get them all back in the can.  So, who is in charge of the GOP these days?  Dick Armey?  Messy, very messy.

Let's see, the Democrats lost control of the House.  What else changed?  Senate still run by Dems?  Yep.  Obama is still president?  Yep.   Filibuster still in place?  Yep.  Senate, as always regardless of who runs the damn place still  the roadblock to everything?  Yep.    The electorate still inconsistent and contradictory in their expectations of government?  Yep.  Anything else big? Nope.  Okay now about that GOOPER governing thing...

Friday, November 5, 2010

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Our Truth-O-Meter is a useful way to summarize complicated fact-checking in a concise ruling. Our Obameter takes the same approach to track  President Obama's 500-plus campaign promises.

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Meanwhile, make sure you check out our latest Truth-O-Meter item. We fact-checked Rep. Michele Bachmann's claim that President Obama's upcoming trip to India will cost taxpayers $200 million a day.

Unemployment just went up a tad

As the victorious trogs claimed their seats, all the loser Dems will send staffers packing.  The Dems don't seem to quite understand job creation.

Thousands of Democrats to be jobless in Washington

This points to presidential material?

Sarah Palin for, oh come on now--

Palin 'favorites' photo that claims Obama is a 'Taliban Muslim'

Disturbing Numbers

It bothers me when I read that about 20% of kids age 6-11 are obese.  Obesity for adults is crudely about being 30+ pounds over a healthy weight, for kids it varies by age and gender, but proportionally it's about the same.

The kids are dependents.  They rely on parents to properly feed and care for them.  Obesity is wrong.  What's happened to parents?  Oh, they are probably lard butts too.  About one third of adults are obese.  Gee, if kids hang out with fat parents, then guess what will happen?  Yep, fat kids.  If adults hang out with fat friends, they get, well, you get the idea.  It's "contagious."

Look around the mall or grocery store on your next trip to the store.  How many people do you see who are trim?  How many are waddling their way around the store?  What are the percentages of each?  It's going to get worse.  I guess we'll have to attack fat the same we did tobacco.  Are you ready for sin taxes on soda, donuts and fast food?  I don't think there's much to be happy about in a Happy Meal.

Food for Thought

As we prepare for the 112th round of inanity, that's our new Congress, I think there is a book well worth reading espeically since the economy still sucks and the GOP has regained some power.  It's "The Birth of Plenty" by William J. Bernstein.

Mr. Bernstein describes what was needed for capitalism to take root in England, Holland and here in the U.S.  He sees the development of capitalism  dependent on four major factors.  They are secure property rights, scientific rationalism, capital markets, and a good communication and transportation system.

As he shows us our history he also looks around the modern world where capitalism has not flourished and explains why.   Give it a read and then when you listen to political yahoos ramble on about markets, taxes, the founding fathers and such, you will be sufficiently armed to mutter "bullshit" as you turn them off.

What Do the People Want?

What do you want from government? Are you afraid of big government? Do you fear small government? Do you object to paying taxes? Or do you just object to waste of your tax dollars? Do you think we need more of a national orientation in that which affects our daily lives or do you think our daily lives are better off in the hands of a state or locality?

I think too many of us don’t know what we really want. We listen to a pol, a pundit and some advertising. We let some of their words become ours. Then we wonder why it’s gets to confusing when either party attempts to run the government. Do most of us feel about the same on any major issue? Do our policy preferences across issues cohere into a cogent approach to government? I don’t think it does at all. And we wonder why the bozos we elect have difficulties--

Leadership challenge: Take voters' mixed messages and deal.

Mandate? When has there ever really been a mandate?

I live in Virginia's 1st Congressional District.  The incumbent, Rob Wittman won reelection to the House.  He received 63.95% of the votes.   His opponent, Krystal Ball garnered 34.70% of the votes.  Those numbers seem to indicate that two out of three people in the 1st District think highly of Mr. Wittman.  Is that so?  Well, let's look at the numbers a bit.

Mr. Wittman received 135,650 votes.  Those votes are 63.95% of the total 212,102 votes cast.  His near two thirds victory seems like a personal GOP mandate until you ask how many possible voters are there in the 1st District.  Oh, my, there are 502,812 possible voters in his District, that means turnout was about 42.18%.

I think we need to re-calculate his percentage to see if he really represents the voice of the people in his District.  If the turnout was 42.18% and Mr. Wittman received 63.95% of the votes, then what he really received was support from 26.97% of all possible voters in the 1st District.  In other words nearly three quarters of voters did not vote for him and only one in four think Rob is a pretty good guy.  It seems a tad less than a majority victory.

How did your District fare?  Who won by what percentages?  What does "majority" mean if most voters don't bother to vote?  What makes a mandate anyway?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

On to 2012

Okay politics fans, 2012 is on the way. What do you want to do this time around? Do you want to shake things up a bit? Do you want to flip the bird to our two parties? The Dems and GOOPERs are going to field really exciting candidates. Both will run good campaigns and when one is elected, we will have another case of piss poor management.

Come on Obama fans, did you really think the man would be able to run USA,Inc? He’s a pol, not a manager. Look how well his party did this time around. So, let’s run more people for office.

 The teabags can run Palin or some other batshit crazy person. The GOP can let Willard be their nominee. Obama will carry the banner for the Demicans. Now what about the rest of us?

Who do you want to see run for office? Let’s get busy and run at least two more people for president in 2102. Suggestions?


We need a new party or three. The Democrats and Republicans are but two sides of the same oxidized penny. In both cases, the only thing that really matters is who gets the cool offices and other perquisites of majority-ship.

We are at war and it does not matter. Our economy is not robust and all we do is argue about taxes. Too many people don’t have jobs and we persist in the presumption that pols and government create jobs. Amidst this inane discussion, what is the issue of the day? That’s easy, the new majority wants to go backwards and restore the 19th century.

I have always and still do, see our best days ahead. Of course for me “our” includes everybody, it’s not just a good life for a bunch of rich old white guys. As folks worry about big government and deficits, unless they happen to be rich old white guys they might read a bit of history and discover how they came to enjoy a bit of what the rich old white guys wan to take back.

So, shall we party?

On to 2012

The election is over. The Democrats returned the GOP asses they collected in 2006 and 2008. Now the GOP has to do other than say “No.” I have a feeling they have already developed a way make the Dems fear for their reelection in 2012. See, that’s all our politics are about, getting reelected.

Winning that seat proves something, I guess. It enables the incumbent to prove himself again. Along the way any ideas of government, governing, and the governed recede into the background of everyday life, unimportant, unnoticed, and useless. Our politics has less to do with the simple ideas embodied in the Constitution and mostly to do with who has the cash to pay the reelection tab.

That’s our democracy (The Narcissist's Republic).

It's actually quite normal

One third of us think we'd be better off with the Dems running Congress.  And another third think the same  about the Republicans.  Hm, that final third thinks it does not matter which party runs Congress.  Yep, Demicans ran the House for the last two years, and now Republicrats will give it a try.  I'm afraid that last third is right.  It takes both parties to fight two wars and tank the economy.

30% - The 2010 Campaign is Over … Did it Matter?

Oh, come on

The nanny state is alive and well in San Francisco.  They have decided that Happy Meals are the cause of obesity in kids, so--

The Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 to preliminarily approve an ordinance that would limit toy giveaways in children's meals that have excessive calories, sodium and fat. It also requires servings of fruits or vegetables with each meal.

Where is the teabagger outrage? By the way, parents have decided they want their urchins to be fat little blobs. Until parents decide otherwise we will see the next generation waddle into adulthood and wonder why they are so damn ill. Give thanks to Mom and Dad, they opted for convenience over health. Liberty comes with a downside, so teabags get cracking and defend children's right to dine.

Gee, is the MIC global?

I guess, as we've just seen in the recent election,  free speech can be anonymous and no one gives shit.  Okay, why just in that context?  Does anyone really need to known whom the Department of War awards  billions in tax dollars?  I bet the Supremes, since their acquisition by the Chamber of Commerce,  would make a spirited defense of anonymous contracting.  Do you really care who gets your tax dollars?  Come on, really?

Pentagon gives large fuel contract to secretive firm

How did stupid win?

Here's one take on stupid's victory.  Oh, I'm not sure if stupid refers to the trogs who won or more so the objects that cast votes for them.  Aw, hell it covers both.

Democrats Outrun by a 2-Year G.O.P. Comeback Plan

We need more of this

Murkowski may pull off a write-in election to the Senate.  She lost the GOOPER primary to a serious nutjob, Joe Miller.  Miller had lots of supporters.  Then they had to admit their guy was more a liar than not.  His fans appear to have been fickle.  41% of the ballots are write ins.

In Alaska's Senate race, Murkowski's write-in bid bears fruit

In general we need more of this type of voting.  We need lots of write ins to rattle the cages of the Dems and GOP.  Both need it.  The GOP has been rattled by the teabags, unfortunately that is in the wrong direction.  If about 1/3 of the voters think it doesn't matter which party wins, then let's give them non-party write in candidates.

Oh, one other ballot change is also needed.  Every jurisdiction needs to follow Nevada's lead and include "None of the Above" (NOTA) as a choice.   However we need to supplement Nevada's approach.  If NOTA wins, then the election is cancelled and a new slate of candidates has to be put forward.  Loss to NOTA is rejection of all who were beaten.  For example if NOTA had won in the Nevada Senate race, then both Reid and Angle would be out on their butts.  The parites would have to find new narcissists to run.  The next try would be in 30 days.  This would be repeated until someone other than NOTA won.

Now what about the really stupid?

This election was not about rejection of the existing order. Not unless one only means the existing order of seats occupied by Democrats.  It was not a "throw the bums out" event.  Republicans and their teabag affiliates replaced lots of Democrats.  Now, we will wait and see if their joint victory means that the GOP,due to its success, will spiral down even more into the cesspool of reactionary extremism.   Several winners owe a lot to the irrationality of fear foisted on the nation by the champions of paranoia.  It will be an interesting 112th Congress.   What kind of tea are these folks?  Gunshot?  Orange pekoe?

For tea party, victories may trigger identity crisis

Extremism in the name of liberty is a vice when it destroys that which sustains its existence. But, then again, no one ever accused the GOP and its kindred of analytic brilliance (Bill Buckley excepted).

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


And in that great state of Shrub, also known as Iraq, we have to ask, how'd all the GOOPER nation building go?  We shocked, we awed, we liberated, we occupied, and we finally were asked to leave, so we timetabled. Gee, unlike as predicted by the ace nation builders, the terrorists have not followed us home.  So, what did they create--

Baghdad Multiple-Bombing Toll Rises to 64 Dead; 360 Injured

Note, the American voter just reelected the schmucks who gave us this war, the other war, and the worst economy since the Great Depression. There' no accounting for taste or poor judgment.

What will stupid do to us?

Oh, that's easy.  Stupid will intensify the ideological nonsense we commonly refer to as gridlock.  Expect much huffing and puffing over the next two years, but little else.  I think the batshit crazy will be puffing and the wimpy losers will be huffing.  Yep, it will be about the same with even less to show for all that advertising cash.

Likely gridlock in Congress could threaten economy

Obama's Bungled War

If you give a thought to our war in Afghanistan, you might wonder about all those elected officials who beat the drums of war and sent us into this debacle.   So how are we doing during the 10th year of what is now our quest for a semi-honorable stalemate?

Just a month before President Obama will review the state of the Afghan war, top U.S. commander Gen. David Petraeus and other military officers are making their case that the influx of American troops has pushed the Taliban out of key parts of Kandahar. But the Afghan government that U.S. officials hoped could step in to provide basic services remains a skeleton staff of unskilled bureaucrats that is incapable of functioning on its own, according to U.S. officials.

Did anyone notice that Iraq and Afghanistan were not election issues at all? Amazing.

Why did stupid win?

Well, that's what happens when we live in a two location world.  There are the voters who live outside the Washington Beltway and there are the elected pols who live inside the Beltway.  The people we elect tell us voters what we want to hear.  They run ads begging for our votes.  We elect someone.  We're then surprized when the elected don't do what we elected them to do.  We voters have not caught on yet, the only job of every elected official in to win reelection, that's all.  Have you made your  contributions for the 2012 election yet?

Once again, the electorate demanded a new start

Stupid Won the House

Some of the voters turned out.  They voted.  Stupid won.  Amazing.  At least the wrecking crew only took the House.  Is there anything good about this?  No, not at all.  Get ready for wealth to become more concentrated, government services (but not War) to be savaged, and human decency to wither as the winners flagellate themselves and the rest of us to conform with their self despising worldview.  If you want to get an understanding of sharia type law then just listen to what the stupids say they want to do over the next two years.  Fortunately the Dems retain the Senate and the White House.    Maybe voters will get fed up with stupid in 2012 and vote for dumb instead.  We need a new party.

Rand Paul and Marco Rubio win, as early returns signal Republican gains

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why are there so many shitholes?

I'm not sure about all the reasons, but one of them is summed up in this report on bombings--

Taliban Bombs Girls School In Pakistan

When assholes, the guys,  decide that god does not like 50%+ of his creatures, the gals, it's not good for much other than stagnation and decay. Hmm, that about sums up the world of Islam since the 9th or 10th century. Now, why are we conducting a war in a shithole? Well, who cares about shitholes?

Wow, Maybe It's Time To Bag An Urchin or Two

More states add youth-only hunting seasons

So, is it for both sexes? Age limit? Why only in the Fall?  Will teachers avail themselves of the season?

Fear Fans Take Note

Wow, it's only taken a decade, but we might be up as high as 20% airport secure.  I bet my duct tape against your plastic sheeting that we've benefited more from dumb luck than we have from all our tax dollars spent on spooks and intelligence on that make us safe Homeland thingie department.  How much have we spent anyway?  For what?  Who has received what benefit?

Only 20% of cargo to U.S. checked for bombs

What a difference a day makes...

Clowns know that timing is everything. If you have good timing, even bad jokes get a yuk or three. Speaking of clowns and timing, let's look at the GOP and the election--

Winners Tuesday May Benefit From Economic Cycle

Shake your head, headline

Schwarzenegger bans welfare cards at psychics

Psychics? Maybe our best days never were.


Our beloved Republican Shrub created the nation of Iraq in his image.  He gave them everything he knows.  He gave them his book.  They devoured the liberty chips he distributed by converted manure spreaders and cluster bombs.  As the Shrub and his batshit crazy conservatives have shown the world, there is no place for Islamic centers and Muslims in good old number one, so have the Iraqis have learned a lesson.

Iraqi police commander held in church attack

They have no place for Christians.  Gee, who'd have thought that one through?

Election Day

Folks will head to the polls today.  When we look at likely voters, more of them prefer the GOP than the other guys.  This makes no sense, unless the other guys have decided to not vote.  Why would likely voters prefer to give power back to the imbeciles who created the mess we're trying to fix?  Bush and the Republicans made the mess the Dems are now trying to repair.  Why would anyone give power back to the wrecking crew?  That is stupid.  Will you vote for stupid?  The only thing dumber is not voting.  Please vote, but not for stupid.

GOP Likely to Capture Control of House


Toady is election day.  Well, it's national pick either dumb or dumber.  Pundits think the nation will have a massive brain fart and vote for the GOP, that's votes for dumber.   If voters are dumb and dumber, who are all those folks who do not vote?

We all know that in a very,very good year, for example 2008, we see over half (63%) of possible voters turnout.  Today, if we see 40% vote, it will be a huge for an off-year.  If it is 40%, then remember this exercise in minority rule will be brought to us by the non-voter.  Come on, one half of 40% is 20% of the total possible.  Gee it's a repudiation of Obama and a mandate for stupidity?

Who are the stupids, the non-voters?  Well, they are mostly younger (18-35) unmarried, white, female, protestant Democrats,  who like Obama and Obamacare and make under $30,000 a year since they barely finished high school.    Pew has a piece on the non-voter--

The Party of Nonvoters

Do you shut down your computer?

Here's a decent piece on to shutdown or not to shutdown.  I know it's the burning question across the nation, right after or maybe more important than "where was Obama born?"

Should You Shut Down Your Computer or Put It to Sleep?

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I doubt there will be any posts on Monday.  We are off to surgery.  Mrs. Jake is having her right thumb repaired.  It's arthritis and it sucks.  Can anyone tell me about the evolutionary advantage of arthritis?  It's one more item to ask the design committee about after I die.  All knowing, well, I'm inclined to say my ass, but that might start hurting.  Can you get arthritis of the butt?

Gee, It Wasn't Supposed to Be Like This

Have you forgotten Operation Moshtaruk?  That's the mess that is still going on in Marja.  The good guys can't quite get rid of the bad guys, they keep insurging.  And the good guys have taken the mess into greater Kandahar.  Can't we have a unilateral stalemate, come home and do nothing else.

Afghan district holds lessons

Sanity beats Honor Thingie

CBS esitmated Beck and Palin drew 87,000.  CBS estimates the Rally to Restore Sanity drew over 215,000.  Nice.

CBS' Estimate of 215,000 at Stewart/Colbert Rally is Wildly Low

Of course Colbert was probably more accurate, he thinks there were at least 10,000,000 in attendance.

Government at Work

How can you reduce fraud? Well, if fraud exists only becuase we've found it, then make it harder to find. And that is what the good folks in the Department of War are doing--

DOD auditors raise the limit on what they'll examine

I guess this is part of Obama's transparency thing. Hey, is it world class management or just more of living better on the pad?

No shit!

Afghanistan: Despite Challenges Ahead, War Is Missing From Campaigns

Got Suicide?

Here it is, just another day on planet earth.  And what do find here and there? Why suicide bombings of course.

In Turkey--Suicide Bomber Injures 22 in Istanbul

In Iraq--Suicide bombing kills 25 in Iraq's Diyala province

Of course there's more, there's always more. Stay tuned.

Hey Kids, What Time Is It?

Why it's Willard the Clown time!  Willard is out and about.  He's headed to the GOOPER batshit crazy convention.  He wants to be their nominee and get that four year lease on Air Force One.  Last time out he had to prove that a Mormon was just as loopy as the evangefundies who vote in primaries,  He almost made it.   However, at the last minute the evangefundies could not accept his christian bona fides and nominated McOldGuyWhoBecameABaptistIn2008 instead.

Now Willard has to once again perform for the evangefundies and make a drooling fool out of himself.  But, wait!  There's more!  He has to also prove that he's dumber than that knuckle dragging quitter Lady Spanx Palin.  If she is dumb can he morph into the party's dumber?  Maybe not, it's too bad Dubya can't run again, he's dumber than anyone on the planet.

Romney gets ready for 2012

I have a feeling...

Yeah, I have a feeling the good morons of McKee, Kentucky did not feel quite as they do today during the Bush years.  Yeah, I guess America only turned to shit in 2008 and then slid down the razor blade of life thereafter.  Two wars, a massive expansion of government, soaring deficits and and the destruction of the economy from 2000 through 2008 did not mean we had climbed into the hand-basket headed to hell.  Nope, it only turned to shit when the Dems happened to elect a black guy president.   I guess the lord loves morons, he made a lot of them and blessed the state of Kentucky abundantly.

In Ky. town, fear that United States is being destroyed