Saturday, November 13, 2010

Does Obama Matter Anymore?

He may have when he ran for office and when he was inaugurated. I swear he has spent two years doing his best to become a Republican. It must be all that opaque self-imposed compromise he decided to eat. Do you expect him to be a Democrat on the Bush tax cuts or carry water for Mitch McConnell (he'll call it compromise)? I think the White House not only ordered a truck load of buckets but they stocked up on knee pads too.

Postelection White House meeting underscored Obama's diminished sway

Hey, Granny May Really Die

Let the Bush tax cuts expire. That will pay for the Medicare fix needed now. If Congress does not act on Medicare, reimbursement rates will go down 23+%. If rates go down, then Docs won't see Granny. If Granny doesn't get medical treatment, then she will die. See, no death panel needed, all we have are greedy ideologues of the GOP and drooling Tea Party serfs. What happened to all that concern about Granny back when the Dems were trying to provide health care for all?

The Bush Bungled War Was Passed to Obama

Ater nine years and god know how many hundreds of billions of dollars, what can we say about the Afghan War?  Well, this kind of sums it up--

Violence is at its worst across Afghanistan since the Taliban were overthrown by U.S.-backed Afghan forces on November 13, 2001, with military and civilian casualties at record levels and support for the war sagging in Washington and European capitals.

Heck of a war. Where'd all the money actually go?

We may be next

As we continue to shit in our nests, all our piled up crap composts away and heats up the planet.  Some folks noticed that the Polar Bears were losing their frosty homes as the ice melts aways.  Oh,my god, a world without Polar Bears is at hand!  That bothers the moonbeam sucking socialist crowd, but does not faze the batshit for lunch bunch Republicans.  Okay let's try another species.  We're crapping the penguins out of existence.  Damn, extermination by shit filled nests.  Can I hear it for household sanitation before we shit on our own heads?

Campaign Finance

Is there any way to reduce the damage money does to our politics?  I'm not sure we can limit all that green colored speech at all.  When the Supremes decided Corporations have voices and must be able to pay others to speak for them, then any new attempt may be moot.

Here goes anyway.  There can be no limit placed on money given to anyone for a House race or a Senate race.  Yep, unlimited giving by people and companies too is okay.  Well, okay with a couple of provisos.  First, all money for a campaign has to be given to the candidate.  The candidates have to advertise themselves.  Second,  all the donated money has to come from the District of the House candidate or from the the State of the aspiring Senatorial bloviator.  If the money  comes from outside the state or district, then that's not legit, that include organizations.  And third, all that giving has to public, on the web, as it's given it's posted for all to see.   If all politics are local, then all political cash needs to be local too.

Would something along these lines affect races?  Well, let's put it this way, were these modest limits in place, then Rand Paul would be unknown today.

Facebook Mail?

When you have 500,000,000 users, why not add e-mail to the repetoire?  Maybe.  Stay tuned--

Facebook to Start an E-Mail Service

And in Alaska

Lawyers are like rats. When a ship is on it's way down, rats flee the ship. When a case's potential for billable hours wanes, the rats leave and board other causes. The attorneys are leaving Alaska. Does this mean Miller lost?

Grubbing for cash

The 2102 race is well underway.  The groveling for money is heating up.  It seems kind of strange that we elect a person who has one skill--getting others to give him or her lots of money to advertise him or herself.  It's a tad on the strange side, isn't it.  It gives new meaning to the "best and brightest," doesn't it?  Yeah, we have to become a bit more concerned with "at what?"  Come on, using money you con out of some rich prick so you can advertise yourself like a "Sham Wow" makes you qualified to administer USA, Inc.?

Hey it's Operation Dragon Strike

Yeah, the battle for Kandahar is still on.  It's been a great success I'm sure.   I bet the mighty Surgers have secured a lasting stalemate.  Of course the locals might have a different take--They seem to fear the Americans and the Taliban equally. Hey did we really create an environment for more of a new and improved terrorism?  What a war, it's so Bush league.

Jesus was a Vampire?

Got your attention with that one didn't I?  What's the link between Vamps and religion.  Come on, drink my blood?  Well, as the inverted cross symbolizes the Devil loving crowd, vamps may be a long running version of the anti-Christ, so to speak.  Even Mormon missionaries are part of Dracula's crowd, I'd missed that one entirely.  If God was a 45 rpm record, then the A side is "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" and the B side is "Doing The Dracula Stomp."

I have a feeling

Yeah, it's just more of the same old, same old in Iraq.  Iraq has a government.  The White House helped them out.  Maybe ObamaCo was relevant--As Iraqis forged agreement, U.S. remained influential, administration says.  Will this allow us to leave that place on schedule? Maybe, if the sects aren't too pissed with the deal. If they are, then watch out for the return to the good old days of exacerbating sectarian tensions.  Oh, my, some Iraqis have bitter beer mouth over the deal.   Gee, Iraq still feels very Bushie to me.  How about you?


Friday, November 12, 2010

Pelosi=Democrat, Obama=Demican at Best

About time a Democrat spoke up--

Pelosi Gives Bush Tax Cut Compromise The Big N-O

Need a laugh?

I caught this headline and had to chuckle--

Catholic Bishops: More Exorcists Needed

Gee, is there a future for a chain of stores "Boogyman Be Gone!" Maybe Walmart would lease me some space in every one of their stores.   Know any venture capitalists?

State's Rights Right Now!

Hey there state's rights fans, it's time to stand up and demand your right to be wrong.   Basically, that's about sums up all the BS on state's rights.  I can't quite pull a Voltaire out of my hat in their defense, but hell, lets allow the batshit crazy states to go it alone.  For that matter let's make all the states enjoy the right to be wrong together, after all this is the United States.  Hmm, is there a test area we could use?  Yes, we'll assist them a tad, no need for blue ribbon committees and endless reviews.  Let's just end all Medicaid!

Yep, the states can rev up their fantastic solutions machines and provide whatever level of health care they wish to their poor population, after all, the GOP keeps telling us poverty is a choice, an option, right?  Do they really need all that much care?  Gee health may encourage poverty!   So end it all, end 100% of Medicaid.  The Feds keep the name, the states have to come up with a new name of their own, unless they'd like to pay a fee to use the name.

Hell, get going and  fire all the federal and state workers whose paychecks come from federal Medicaid dollars.  Close all  CMS offices that are Medicaid based.  Oh, make sure all that matching money and support for non-medicaid staff, computer systems, contractors,  trade associations, professional groups and such related to Medicaid lose 100% of federal funds immediately.  Cancel anything that depends on future Medicaid dollars going to the states.   The feds have to erase all evidence that Medicaid ever existed.  The states can have it all. Oh, there won't be any tax reduction, so don't ask.   For that matter, let's end all health care programs send any money to the states.  End those programs too.  No more partnerships in health care at all.   We do have a $14 trillion deficit to pay off.

Battle Lines Drawn Over Medicaid in Texas

Simple Test

If you say the words "Democratic Party" what image comes to mind?  Do you see Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi?  How about that.  My guess is the overwhelming majority of people thought of Pelosi.  Now everyone should understand why Ms. Pelosi needs to stay on as Minority Leader in the House. I'm not sure what Obama is, but I'm very confident that Ms. Pelosi is a Democrat.

What do you think of her?  Here's a "Post" on our top Democrat.

Pelosi for House minority leader: A bad idea or just what the Democrats need?

Why bother with Obama?

His eloquence over bi-partisanship is made of so many nice sounding words.  His actions, however, over and over again, are quite Republican.  Get ready for our Demican in Chief to do as the GOP bids--it's all just compromise, right?   Where did he hide the public option anyway?   Maybe the liberal and progressive wings of the Democratic party need to withdraw support for Obama in 2012 today.  He will not be reelected without us.  Mr. Obama, do you want to be reelected?  Well, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way and earn it.  Today my 2012 vote is going to be a write in for "None of the Above (NOTA)."  

Liberals plan to push Obama not to compromise with GOP

Legacyland--Making a government update

After eight months, on full pay, Iraq's members of parliament met and proceeded to form a new government.  There was a spat.  The Sunnis walked out.  The rest stayed behind and continued to form a government.

Will the Sunnis decide, having nothing left to lose, to resume killing Shiites?  Will Shiites ask Iran or the U.S. for military assistance?  Why are we still there?  We need to leave that place 100%, in toto.   I think Bush summed it up well in his new memoirs, "Deciding is Hard Work."   Bush said of Iraq,  "Iraq?  It's like Sid Cesar said, I came, I saw, I fucked it up."   Can we leave now?

Sunnis' walkout mars political talks in Iraq

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Gee, the Iraqi courts couldn't appoint a president, the Shrub screwed up that lesson on them.  However, they could force the folks elected to Parliament last March to meet and form a government!  If they follow the Shrub's book, "Decidering for Dummies,"  they will meet, form a government and then have to ask our assorted armed people to hang around after the SOFA exit date at the end of 2011.  I'm not sure how many Americans under arms are actually soldiers anymore, much less the number in Iraq.  We seem predisposed to use Mercs these days.  It makes me wonder why we even bother with Veteran's Day anymore.

At any rate, as the new government is formed,  the Shiite's will stick it to the Sunnis.  The Kurds will try to take what they can from both the Shiites and Sunni.  The Sadrists will get pissed and start acting up about the time the Sunni resume the sectarian violence.  Iran will help someone.  Yep, it will be more Bush league government.  Expect lots of death and destruction, it's Iraq.  Can anyone tell me how this crap protects my freedom or makes me safer?  It does help my portfolio, to the extent my holdings are in Military Industrial Congressional Complex companies.

Iraqi parliament convenes in first steps to new govt.

Hustling the 2012 nod

Obama wants to run for office again.  He's spent two years lining up big donors, especially in the health industry complex.  Will that be sufficient?  Maybe he'll write another  book about himself to raise even more money.  Oh, if he thinks the mood of the money and votes is all about tax cuts, then he'll let his inner Republican out and give us a fine speech--

Obama may consider extension of all Bush tax cuts

Best move for the nation is to let ALL of the cuts expire and cap spending at the current or preceding year's level.

Technology and Change

As we embrace the tubes and Internets, abandon landlines, and immerse ourselves in social networks some things will disappear.  Yep, say adios to the phone directory.  When is the last time you the residential white pages anyway?

Companies yank cord on residential phone books

What else has already disappeared(and we haven't noticed it's missing yet)? What else will be gone soon?

112th Senate

Unless Harry Reid is willing to change a lot of Senate rules the Senate will remain the world's most famous debilitative body.  If there are no changes, then I suggest Mr. Reid follow the GOP's lead.  He can show some bipartisanship and say "no" to everything except appropriations bills.  Fund the government, but don't do any other damn thing.  Say "no" to all House bills and don't allow any bills to go from the Senate to the House.  Hell, other than keeping the current level of money flowing votes, meet for five minutes a day, once a week or whatever the minimum is.  The nation would be better served.  Help the GOP filibuster whatever they want to.  Don't oppose 'em, just make them talk for two years on one lousy bill.

One Battle Won, Many Others Face Reid in Senate

Change Ahead?

Will we see different candidates in the future or will it just be the same old loons?  Parties have handed over the nomination process to fringe dwellers in both parties.  To even be considered for nomination candidates have to certify they are either a batshit crazy trog or moonbeam eating socialist.  Both parties are so far off the mainstream, it's no wonder that even fringier types show up offering the voter bewitched meatballs.

Californians have opted for open primaries.  Alaska might have a Senator elected by write in votes.  Will we change or keep the loons we know?  God, if a few sane people were elected we could balance the budget, trim the deficit, end the wars, have national health care, full employment and a prosperous middle class.   Will it change by 2012?

Alaska May Offer a View to Future Elections

E-Tail Alert

Let the games begin!  What games?  Oh, the competition for your Internet shopping dollars.  WalMart has decided to offer free shipping without any minimum.  Will Amazon counter?  Will other e-tailers have to eat the cost of shipping or go under?  Merry Christmas.

Wal-Mart Says ‘Try This On’: Free Shipping

Does the guy know how to manage much at all?

Our cool campaigner in chief is out of country doing whatever it is he's doing to avoid the election fallout and now his deficit commission's "report."   It's not really a report.  It's stuff from the two guys in charge.

They decided to mouth off yesterday.  Funny how it's being talked about as if it is the official report.  There's a lot in their draft, a lot of hooey.  It pretty much shafts the average American while insuring that the rich will continue to get a whole lot richer and own more.  Then again what should we expect from a Commission loaded with ringers.  Over 25% of its staff are paid by folks who are ideologically predisposed to impoverish to sick old Granny in the first place.   Cool commission, worthy of President Barack W. Bush.

Many deficit commission staffers paid by outside groups

Don't Ask Don't Tell

The survey that opponents of DADT repeal have been using as their final cover to avoid the matter is out.  Not officially, but it was let out of the bureaucratic closet (leaked).   Guess what?  The troops don't care if DADT is repealed!  Wow.  The troops reflect the larger population.  When will we get it?  The opposition to repealing DADT (and gay marriage) comes from a very politically active minority of crazy religious folks?  They distort the politics because most of us are not active (including taking the time to vote).  I guess the only way to neutralize the zealots are for a whole lot more normal people to start getting involved in politics.  I have a feeling if more normal folks showed up, then even the nature of the quid pro quo money would change too.

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gulf Seafood

I think the seafood from the Gulf is still of the self cooking kind.  Flick your Bic near a crab and it will go up in flames.  It will be cooked, but would you eat leftover Sterno?  The FDA and NOAA appear to be too anxious to say it's all good to scarf--donations and votes might be lost for 2012 if they didn't.  How about an NIH, AAAS, NAS directed bit of research.  If it's coming out of ObamaCo it's, just like the shrimp, tainted.

Exclusive: Multiple independent lab tests confirm oil in Gulf shrimp

Back a bit earlier than expected and...

I could not pass this one up.  Palin is such a joke.   If you are an employer, here's a question to ask prospective hires:  "Would you vote for Sarah Palin for president?"  If they say "yes," well...

Palin scrubs Facebook page over Wall Street Journal correction

Jake Today

Today we're off to thumb surgery follow up.  Therefore, I doubt there will be any posts.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And What Will the Warrior in Chief Do?

I bet Obama is ready to say "Ah, shucks, you want us to stay past the exit deadline?  It's a hardship but we'll stay and help y'all build a really nice democratic nation."  It's time to puke.

Did anyone really expect a president to end an un-won war?  Come on.  We're going to have troops on the Tigris for decades.   The Shrub gave us an endless legacy of debt and disaster.  Will you vote for Obama in 2012 is we don't leave?

US may break promise to leave Iraq

Uh, waterboarding is torture and always has been

What a dick and he was president.  Damn, in comparison that means Palin must be over-qualified.

Former British intelligence chairman all but calls Bush liar, says waterboarding didn’t stop terror plots

Get Ready, Get Set, It's Time To Be Scared


As boomers age, 1 in 5 drivers will be oldsters

Their parents were scared of the many teenageres on the highway over the course of the baby boom. They're gotten old, they're still driving. Fear might be prudent.  God, traffic is going to get very, very slow.

Obama's Bungled War

Oops!  I guess the A team, B team, and all the way on through the Z team now in charge, sort of stepped on it in Afghanistan.  The idea was to remove the Taliban, kill off al Qaeda and then build a democracy out of the rubble.  Along the way, we'd win all those hearts and minds.  Hell, the natives would  be so delighted with what we did to them, they'd try and become the 51st state.  How've done thus far?

The idea was win the hearts and minds, not alienate them. There must have been a typo or five in their copy of "Nation Building for Dummies."

Where oh, where are the mighty Teabags?

Funny, I didn't hear them taking on Agriculture.  Now Xmas tree growers want a piece of the Department of Agricultures' advertising oversight programs.  The industry taxes itself, the USDA, gets out the ads to promote whatever industry it's for.  All industry members are taxed.  Their taxes fund speech whether they want it or not.  This is government on someone's back isn't it?  It's an abuse of government power, pure and simple.  It's a restraint of trade too.  If one tax dollar is consumed, directly or indirectly,  by any of the ad programs, it is one dollar too much.  Can anyone find ad programs in the Constitution?  Will Teabags take on Big Agriculture or will they just keep on trying to kill poor old Granny when they end Social Security and Medicare?

Christmas tree growers seek federal nod for common ad campaign

Who voted for whom?

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is finished for at least two years.  Look, GOOPERS and their teabag cohorts hate gays, it's that simple.  Why?  I guess they think Jesus wants them to hate gays.  It's bizarre.

More GOOPERS than Jackasses were elected to the House this year.  Statehouses and Legislatures went troggy too.  The Trogs now have a two year lease on the House.  Obama did fail to end DADT in his first two years.  He pulled a Bush--it's hard work and complicated.  Now, the courts have begun to decide, but with the return of a bit of Trog power, we will watch judges discover it just takes time to make those hard decisions.  The courts are a branch of government folks.  Damn.

Even more bizarre than the previously noted bit of Jesus logic is this.   I read somewhere that more gays voted for GOOPERS this time around than in 2008 or 2006.  If that is true, then they voted for batshit crazy people who hate gays and did so because they were upset with Obama.  I guess no one pointed out that Obama was not running for office.   If gays did vote Republican, they must really want to be put back in the closet, because that 's what the least onerous action the folks in the House majority will try to take.  I think DADT won't be decided until after the 2012 election.  So who how will gays vote then?

Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Faces Struggle in Congress

Scary thought

When the 112th Congress begins, John Boehner will be next in line after Biden to assume the presidency.

Is the Government we want?

At first, UPS said the package [of passports] was lost. On Friday, hours before the group was scheduled to depart from Dulles International Airport, the group learned that the package had been seized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

I bet the GOOPERS and teabags are tickled over this.  After all, if you're not  a middle aged white guy who loves Jesus, you're just not quite a human being.  What idiot made the decision?  What moron gave the approval?  Who was involved in each step of the way?  Should the government employess involved be fined about $34,000?

Travel delays for Northern Virginia Muslims heading to Mecca

What is wrong with good old #1?

US rejects UN call to abolish death penalty

Maybe we can restore slavery, torture, and take away the vote from women too.  What is with the damn death penalty?  It makes no sense at all.  

And now we close the barn door?

The Homeland Dept. has, after nine years, decided they need to tighten up air cargo security.  Wow, that's really out of the box, ahead of the curve, and shrewd thinking.  Funny no one ever suggested it before.

What do you think?  Should we spend even more money on airline security?  Or should we just say screw it and let the bombs blow as they may?  Oh, with a little proviso, "don't piss off the 800 pound gorilla--he'll rip your head off and shit down your throat."  Of course, the gorilla would have to back up the words.  For example, one Islamic terrorist blows up a bomb in the USA and the USA then immediately nukes every damn Islamic country on the planet.  That's extreme, but what do you want us, our government to do?

Homeland Security tightens rules for air cargo

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ratzy is concerned, calls meeting

This headline could be read a couple of ways--

Pope calls meeting of cardinals on sex abuse

As in stop it, or do it better. Let's see in the 12th century....

Change the Mission

Today it's broadband, yesterday it was electricity.  Back in the 1930s FDR and Congress gave us the REA.  They electrified the hinterland (there was no profit in the dark rurals of the country).  It did not take long.  They did their job.  The agency still exists.  So, give them a new mission, fund them, and get out of the way.  If the U.S. wants a strong economic future, we have to return ourselves to the top tier of nations in high speed Internet access for all our people.

Broadband usage growing even as gaps persist

What do you think?

If you are a citizen of the United States, do you think the government, i.e., elected and appointed officials, have the right to put out a contract on your life?  Do you think, for "national security" it's okay for our government to just kill people without due process?  Do you think any discussion of the matter is also precluded by "state secrets" concerns?  I don't.  Every step we take towards the arbitrary execution of anyone, takes us that much closer to a future of real death panels.  The rule of law is clear.  There is only one law.  The end does not ever justify the means to that end.

Can US kill American-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki? Judge to hear case.

This makes so little sense

The state cannot use drugs to kill people unless they can certify its provenance?  Bizarre.  Look, all the problems with executions would be solved if either we ended the barbarism or used the guillotine instead.

State has enough sodium thiopental to execute four

She Is That Good

If Eric Cantor thinks the Dems err if they keep Nancy Pelosi on as Minority Leader, then  that is but one more piece of evidence that she is the right person for the job.  She is that good. She scares the crap out of GOOPERS (and Blue Dogs).

Eric Cantor rips Nancy Pelosi's bid for minority leader

Now about the Orange-American guy Cantor wants as Speaker...

Bullshit Alert

As the calendar moves towards December our ace elected, appointed and assorted government employees  jockey to present an image of Afghanistan.  Why?  Oh, the big war review comes then.  In December ObamaCo will decide what's next and when.  He might also decide a who or two.  So, expect lots and lots of "good war news."  We're routing the bad guys.  They are losing their sorry asses.  Hm, the Taliban is the current enemy, not al Qaeda.  The Taliban was the legitimate government.  Damn, the Taliban just wants to take its country back.  Where have I heard that line before?

Some Skeptics Questioning Rosy Reports on War Zone

The Anti-Fox Will Be Back

Wow.  MSNBC discovered that Keith draws a big chunk of what little audience they do against FOX.  He'll be back on the air in a couple days.  Gee, who'd a guessed that one.  The money, well, when is in not about the money?

Maybe NBC needs to make a three tier rule.  First, is the NBC company--they can donate (purchase) to pols at will.  After all, it's a corporation's right to speak.  Second, are all people in the entertainment news area--they can donate too, but need to be identified as entertainers.  And third, as if anyone cares, are the handful of real journalists and reporters left at NBC--they cannot make political donations of any kind.  They too need to be identified, but as reporters.   If FOX won't do this, then just remember they are all entertainers at FOX.      

Olbermann is, as are his counterparts on FOX and MSNBC, a verbal pimp.  They all try to sell us a distorted version of partisan reality.  Olbermann's is liberal.  FOX's is reactionary.  It's great entertainment, if the audience always bears that in mind.  These folks are all doing a strange type of Ed Sullivan show.  At least "The Daily Show" calls itself fake news.

MSNBC ends suspension of host Keith Olbermann

And What Did We Get?

The Midterm election expenditures will run about $4 billion.  There were lots of advertising companies, caterers, credit card companies, and scads of advisers, strategists, and operatives who made a bundle.  It's expensive to push a product that's about as exciting as a bucket of spit.  Was it worth it?  Hm, cash for clunkers cost us $3 billion and gave us scrap metal.  At least we goosed the auto industry.  Damn, the midterms gave us even less.  Guess it was all just cash for clodpates.  We are blessed.

For many businesses, 2010 midterm election campaign was a winner

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Say what?

Does anyone think our federal government makes much sense at all?  It's no wonder we're $14 trillion in debt and no one can figure out what to do about it.  Here's an example on a very simple level.

While Warning About Fat, U.S. Pushes Cheese Sales

Where on earth is Number One's Foreign Policy?

It must be in hiding.  There was an election last Tuesday and no one could find any discussion of our two wars or anything else that dealt with the rest of the world.  The rest of the world stuff is costing us a real shitload of cash and all we voted about was domestic crap?  Well, GOOPERs and moron independents (who voted for them) will finance the wars but cut Medicare and Social Security and watch dear old Granny die because she cannot afford food or health care.   In GOOPER minds, that's okay.  After all, Granny decided to become old and dependent.  It's her fault (gotta love Rand Paul logic).

Analysis: Election campaign ignored foreign policy

Horticultural Book Alert

The Shrub's memoir of being the nation's first and most incompetent plant has been published.  It's about $35.  It's about $40 over-priced.  Come on, just because he's had someone write a bunch of words down, does not make him a nice guy.  He's still the same plant who started two wars, legitimated torture, massively increased the debt well into the future, and wrecked the economy.  He should be paying us as penance.  However, you may like plants more than I do, so here's review--

George W. Bush's 'Decision Points'

Of the postwar presidents who lived long enough to assemble their autobiographies, not a single one produced a book of any real merit. It's not so much that they're bad books as that they're dull ones, reducing flesh-and-blood presidents -- all of them interesting men, no matter how one may feel about them politically or ideologically -- to cardboard figures representing Virtue in various forms, described in prose that for the most part appears to have been put together by committee, or a computer on autopilot. "Decision Points" is no exception. It's competent, readable and flat. The voice in which it is written is occasionally recognizable as that of George W. Bush -- informal, homespun, jokey -- but more often it's the voice of a state paper, impersonal and dutiful.    

Save your money or buy a real book instead.

What's over there?

Oh, do you mean in the corner? Ooops, it's that grundle of votes we misplaced. Glad you found them for us. We'll add them to the vote totals, but they won't change a damn thing. Why? Well, that's simple, we learned how to deal with votes from America's Shrub. Oh, who are we? We're the puppet government y'all created and maintain in Rubbleistan. Ain't nation building grand!

Afghan commission finds tens of thousands of uncounted ballots from September parliamentary vote

And ye shall know them as they build nations. Damn the Shrub is piss poor. Now about that Obama character...