Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Bit of Public Service

Are you concerned that your cell phone will kill you.  Do you dread an assault by the EMF?  Okay you're nuts and heading towards membership in Conspiracies R Us.  Here's bit of a corrective from Bob Park--

Identifying the cause of disease is the first step in its treatment.  
Epidemiology, the branch of medicine concerned with causation, seeks to 
establish correlation between exposure to a possible cause and actual 
occurance of the disease.   Data must be taken over a period of years to 
allow for latency; if no effect is seen, a longer latency period is 
assumed.  Since there is no record of individual usage, people are asked to 
recall what they did years earlier.  Exposure to electromagnetic fields 
(EMF) in modern society is ubiquitous, but with the exception of a few 
crackpots it was not thought to be a problem until 1989 when the New Yorker 
ran a series of hopelessly misinformed articles by Paul Brodeur linking EMF 
to cancer. The articles were turned into a series of books with lurid 
titles like Currents of Death.  Brodeur had zero background in science but 
he managed to arouse the anti-science monster that had been in hiding since 
World War II. The media, trained to give both sides of the story, even if 
one side is the babbling of an idiot, was no help.  It did not end until 
1996 when the National Academy of Sciences, persuaded that the public would 
not accept an argument based on quantum mechanics, released a three-year 
study that found no effect of EMF on the human body. Almost overnight power 
lines stopped causing cancer. The anti-science monster had been chained, 
but it was still alive.

With the abrupt emergence of cell-phone technology a decade ago, the anti-
science monster talked its way out of bondage.  Devra Davis, who is not 
quite a scientist, but has a PhD in something called Science Studies, has 
donned the mantle of Paul Brodeur to write Disconnect: The Truth About Cell 
Phone Radiation, What Industry Has Done to Hide It, and How to Protect Your 
Family.  What's missing is what was missing from Paul Brodeur: the universe 
is governed by quantum physics.  Einstein pointed out a century ago that 
electromagnetic radiation behaves like units of energy called photons equal 
to Planck's constant times the frequency. They don't cause any trouble 
unless their energy matches some natural excitation. There isn't much to 
excite until they reach the energy of molecular vibrations in the microwave 
region.   This is the part of the spectrum used in cell phones, so in 
principle your cell phone might cook your goose, but it would take a very 
long time. At even higher frequencies you reach the red end of the visible 
spectrum, then yellow, green and finally blue. Not until you reach the 
extreme blue end of the visible spectrum is there a problem.  At that 
energy, photons can eject photoelectrons, creating mutant strands of DNA 
that can become a cancer. This is the lowest energy at which an incident 
photon can induce cancer.  Photons of this energy are about a million times 
more energetic than a microwave photon, but cannot penetrate very deeply 
and therefore induce only skin cancers. However, in the last few days there 
have been reports that children exposed to cell phones radiation while in 
the womb have an increased risk of behavior problems several years after 
birth. At this point we can expect a wilder and wilder claims of effects 
from cell phone radiation.

I like Government on my back

I do, particularly when it comes to food.  It's a real plus to buy eggs that won't kill me.  If I could send the deadly eggs to all those Republicans who think government is the problem, I would, especially if all the remaining eggs were safe and wholesome.  Just think our government already regulates food and that includes eggs.  Oh, I forgot regulation includes all those folks we elect to Congress and the White House.  How can so few people screw it up so bad?  I guess their failures belong to us, we voted for 'em over and over again.  Here's a piece on eggs, enjoy, and think about not reelecting anyone for a change.

Salmonella-tainted eggs linked to U.S. government's failure to act

Self Interest?

Obama is worth millions today, he'll be worth more than Bill Clinton in a few years.  After all, he's gotten pointers on how to use that Rolodex from Bill.  So, what's in the GOP/Obama tax bill for himself?  Hey take a peek at the estate tax.  His kids will inherit so much more under this than otherwise.  I'm so glad our pols want the rich to be able to insure their offspring remain not just rich but richer.  After all, shouldn't we be sure we the Walton family (Wal-Mart) has an additional $30 billion, beyond current the law's $50 billion,   to pass on the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids who had nothing to do with Sam Walton's business (except own shares).  Concentration of wealth is good, right?  It's good to have all the money in the hands of as few people as possible, we wouldn't want the masses to get all democraticky would we?  Whatever would we do without an aristocracy of wealth?  We wouldn't know how to spend our money would we?

Estate tax could be more generous to wealthy under Obama-GOP deal

And the loser is the American Taxpayer

How much do we owe?  Too much.  How much will be borrow just this year alone?  Way too much.  Will the GOP/Obama tax package accomplish much?  Nah, unless you want more debt, more government, a less secure future and richer rich people.   Why is the bill backed by most of the Senate?  Well, it's a giant box of ooey-gooey tasty tax cut chocolate truffles that will attract chocolate loving voters and donors.  Oh, don't forget, the last American chocolate factory closed a couple years back, this box is imported from China.

Senate leaders pack tax bill with narrow credits and perks

Bill Likes Barry

The former first narcissist thinks the current first narcissist has put together a really spiffy tax package.  It was easy to craft too, all he did was dial 1-800-GOP.Plan.  He did.  They sent him a bill,then sent him the other Bill.  The GOP is happy.  He's happy. Clinton is happy.  The only folks not happy are the Democrats.  Oh,  don't forget that Clinton shafted his party for a second term.  Any guesses what's coming down the pike over the next two years?  I wonder if Bill gave him advice about interns?

Bill Clinton takes the White House stage, again

Before anyone hearkens to Bill's bullshit, remember it only took one blow job to give us George W. Bush. Does that mean that Obama will give us Rick Santorum?

Ditto on failure

Come on, peace in the Mid-East?  I guess every administration has to give it a shot or two.  Hell, one of these days the Jews and Arabs might actually decide life is preferable to death.  When that happens, whomever is president will get a Nobel prize.  See, it's not really peace that is being pursued, but rather it's the prize in the bottom of the box.  Obama's shot at peace, yeah, it's headed off to Mecca and Medina, expect more war.  There's always next year or maybe a next term.

Hillary Clinton signals failure of direct talks on Mideast peace

Don't Forget This Has Become Their Normal

It's a heckuv a legacy, but hell, they're just a bunch of illiterate, tribal, Islamic bumpkins, so who cares.  And we're still at it because it's so damned profitable for our companies and will be for decades to come, unless USA, Inc. goes Chapter 7 first.

Roadside bomb kills 15 civilians in Afghanistan

Aren't you glad George W. Obama is in the White House?

The Spirit of Jedgar Lives On

The annals of government, corruption, overreach and illegality have a number of chapters filled by our FBI and Justice Department.  They are always sure they are right, well, at least they think they engage in legal behavior.  Then more as info emerges and we see a bunch of ticket punching true believing bureaucrats hell bent on impressing the boss by over zealous pursuit of folks who really cannot defend themselves.  It's one thing to observe potential bad guys, but it's quite another to find the weakest one and give him a loaded gun, teach him how to shoot it, provide him the target, assist him in pulling the trigger and then bust his ass before he can holster the gun.  Yeah you  get your bad guy, but who is the bad guy, the entrapped, the entrapper or both?

Attorney General Eric Holder defends legality of FBI stings against Muslim groups

Hey, don't forget, the Justice Dept. was 100% politicized by the Shrub.  It has not reverted to being a mere 60% politicized.  How's your trust level of Justice and the FBI?

A Decent Senator

Bernie Sanders spoke against the GOP/Obama tax cut cave-in for about eight and a half hours yesterday.  I listened to him for a number of those hours.  If you missed him, go to C-Span and listen to him, his comments on the tax cut mess and other matters are worth a bit of your time.  Sanders is an independent.  He spoke more to clear the air than stop the bill, it will pass on Monday.  I think we need a whole more of Bernie Sanders types and a lot less of Obama, Clinton, Republican Senators and most of the Democrats.  Our government would be better, our nation would be better, and the lives of all of our people would definitely be better.  If Sanders is owned and operated by business, I'm not sure which ones own him, hey trust only goes so far with any pol.

Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks for 8 hours against tax cuts, while Congressional Black Caucus joins opposition

Friday, December 10, 2010

Still an Obama Fan?

I'm not a fan.  He was the Democratic candidate in 2008.  Now he now calls many of us Democrats the sanctimonious purist progressive/liberals.  But in 2008 we did provide grass roots support, work and donations.  There will be none of that from this purist in 2012.   If he keeps on losing Democrats all he'll be left with are some independents.  I'm not sure if he can get libs on his side again.  The Dems need to regroup.  Other than age, why not a real Democrat like Nancy Pelosi?

Will Obama's rift with the left matter?

Annals of the Pad--Why our government is going broke

We're broke largely due to the pad.  The pad consists of a lot of private sector employees who are paid by Uncle Sam to do something.  However, the same something is rarely shared by the payor, Uncle Sam, and the payee, the person on the pad.  Uncle Sam wants a service, say IT hardware and software.  The payee says he can deliver, but his job number one is to get maximize the tax dollars he receives--it's 90% profit and about 10% work.  What do the taxpayers get?  Not much and there's no one to fire, they're not federal employees.  The damn thing is, the contracts keep on getting renewed, that's part of the pad.  The IT pad is particularly wasteful--

Second IT program canceled amid review

Don't forget the schnooks behind the pad are all those dedicated public servants we elect to Congress.   I'm not sure what that says about us.

Cyberwar Continues

As Wilileaks remains the target of Holy Joe Lieberman, the hackvist community continues to make corporate life problematic for the companies who have done Joe's and the government's bidding.  War's on--

Amazon, PayPal fend off hacker attacks over WikiLeaks

2012 Brings Out Strange Creatures

The four year lease on Air Force One is really attractive.  It inspires so many to run for the presidency.  This time around, the Dems have their guy, kind of.  The GOP is still assembling it's cast of narcissistic dimwits, several are employed on FOX News.   Here's a batshit crazy guy I did not really expect to see coming back.  I hope he runs,  he assures Democratic victory.

Santorum: A long-shot tests the presidential waters

Annals of the Pad--Why We Will Not Recover This Time

We've crawled out of the economic septic tank, at least most of us have.  There's still several million left behind, about 10% of us.  We're in the gutter and trying to grasp the curb.  It's been a while since we stood and walked.  But, it's hard to hang on when our fingers keep getting stepped on by folks already striding down the sidewalk.

We expect the financiers and bankers to be stepping out.  They wreck it, get bailed out, and are back on the boulevard before most of us even realized we were headed into the tank.   Government might be able to help, except it's strapped for cash.  We've been spending more than we take in for decades.   Where's all the money go that might have helped ordinary folks?  Well, it's gone to members of the pad.  You know, these are folks in the private sector who derive their incomes from Uncle Sam.  Talk about welfare queens, they are in Brooks Brothers three piece suits.

Now we see the pad has expanded--industry complexes that depend on tax dollar transfers have merged.  Yep,  you can combine the Military Industrial Complex with the Private For-Profit College Industry Complex.  Don't forget, the pad complexes are all created, supported, and maintained by Congress.  And don't forget we elect them.  It's all alive and doing well.  The pad sucks the life blood out of government.  It's of, by, and for those who can pay the admission fee.  How many private sector jobs do your tax dollars support?

It might be a better start to quit worrying about Social Security and Medicare and begin worrying about all those contracts and complexes.  When all a person knows how to do is get paid by Uncle Sam, why would anyone expect them to create any new industries, factories or jobs?  Did you really believe a green revolution in energy was going to happen by itself without oodles of tax dollars?  How's it doing anyway?

For-profit colleges getting millions in federal aid for military, Harkin says

Virginia Democrats

The other day I received an e-mail from Brian Moran.  It was a form e-mail. I've never met the man.  He sought and obtained appointment to head the Virginia Democratic Party.  The e-mail was a typical bit of party boiler plate.  He's "grateful and humbled" at getting the job.  The e-mail went downhill from there, since my reaction to the first sentence was bullshit.  I thought "humbled," my ass.  It's convention, like saying "good morning" and means squat.  That was not a great way to kick off the 2011 and 2012 elections.

After reacting to the putz's opening lines, I was then bothered by the less substantive content.   From this letter, the Democratic Party of Va. is concerned with only one thing, fielding Dems who win.  That's it.  No more.  Just win.  If I even thought "why" then the chairman's note told me naught.  I have trouble believing a similar note from the chief Teabags or even the GOP boss would focus only on winning offices.    Will Virginia Dems win in 2011 and 2102?  They won't if this note is indicative of their approach,  why anyone should vote for a Democrat when they have Republicans available.  Come on, this is still a red state.  I had to fill in the blank, why do I want Dems to win?  Lacking any help from Mr. Moran, I want them to win because "D" comes before "R" in the alphabet.  I hope no one founds an Asshole Party....


If anyone is a member of the LGBT community, I do not understand how they could ever vote for a Republican much less be a member of the Republican Party.  The GOP makes a consistent stand against gay and gay rights.  It's simple if you hate gays, then the GOP is your kind of place.  If the 18th century appeals to you it's your place.  The GOP did it again--

Senate delivers potentially fatal blow to 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal efforts

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where are the Democrats?

They are not in the White House.  They are not in the Senate.  They are, however, in the House.

Dems Square Off With White House Over Tax Cut Compromise

Obama loves himself, the poor can suck cheese

The guy caves into the GOP.  We know which party will dictate core policy over the next two years.  It's not the Democrats.  Democrats tend to seek social justice.  A tax compromise package that makes the poor pay more is not just but it is so very Republican.  Obama is a closet Republican, can be become their nominee?  He is not a Democrat.  Gee, I guess I'm just a sanctimonious purist

Obama-GOP deal raises taxes on poorest earners

Hackers Need a Re-Direct?

In the Cyberwar over Wikileaks, we now know who started the mess.  Ready? It may have been that useless asshole from Connecticut, Joe Lieberman.  Yep, he calls Amazon and they do his bidding.  Now Amazon is being hacked all because of the the acts of an asshole in the Senate and an asshole who makes decisions at Amazon.  Hm, if they attack Amazon, lots of innocent folks might be damaged--depending on the nature of the attack.  Why not focus on Joe and the Amazon executive instead.  Hell, if they need a larger target, there's Connecticut--he is their  elected turd.  Make it a very personal, since that's what they do.  I wonder how many odd things could be done?

Latest Updates on the WikiLeaks Saga

Making the world a better place, one meal at a time

Have you begun eating a bit more like a Veghead yet?  If not, why not?  You  might feel better, lose some weight, and even stay a tad healthier.  Here's a nice dish to try--

Pasta With Tomatoes and Beans

Government at Work

The head of caving in, in the White House, has decided if he gives potential voters money, then they will vote for him in 2012.  As the payroll tax declines, workers take home pay will go up.  He also hopes the probability of voting for him will also increase--he's sort of lost his base.  Uh, oh, 5.7 million state and local employees as well as 600,000 federal employees will not receive the "vote for me" bribe.   Why?  Oh, they are still not paying into Social Security.

In Tax Deal, Many Public Employees Will Pay More

Note to Deficit Commission, to secure the future of Social Security, make sure all employees of all kinds are paying into Social Security.

Here's the future of cookbooks

It's an app, it's interactive, it adjusts the recipe to meet your tastes.  Of course it also assumes you have contemporary appliances.  Can you set your oven to exactly 260 degrees?

Cookies, app-ily ever after  

It's Going to get uglier out there in hyperspace...

Wikileaks took a leak on the State Dept.  It dumped in the White House.  The top bureaucrats in both,  cried "foul!"  They declaimed an affront to "national security" too.  Obama and Clinton, have given speeches on free speech and the tubes in the past.  They think it's really cool when free speech skewers the other guy.  However when they are the ones being threaded on a splintery kabob, then it's obviously not free speech, it's just evil ramblings of demented creeps who must die.  In their hearts you know both Obama and Clinton would prefer to rule as a divinely right King or Queen (you decide who is the queen).

I have a feeling, being unable to defend themselves, they had others attack Wikileaks for them.  Yep, it may be a Cyberwar.  Someone went after both  Assange and Wikileaks.  The problem is, there are opponents out there in cyberspace and they will attack back.  Oh, this is like the terrorist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where is the enemy exactly?  Who is the enemy?  Another Strange Endless War may be on--

Hackers Give Web Companies a Test of Free Speech

What comes after drunken sailor?

Whatever it is, it's in the White House and it' spending beyond expectations.  Yep, Obama's deal with hostage takers, the GOP, is going to add another $1 trillion over two years to our debt.  Hell, over half of ti is income tax cuts--they do not stimulate squat in an economy in the gutter, especially when we have pawned the nation.  Far better to eliminate the Bush tax cuts,  we need to take in more revenue.  Do keep the items that target business, they might help.  Oh, do not reduce SSA payments--this is just dumb.  What's your take on the Republican/Obama plan?

Breaking down the tentative tax deal

Obama is rich, so....

Is it any wonder he's really a GOOPER---

The tax deal's big winners

Sanctimonious Purist Front

As one of those liberal progressive types which Obama and his cohorts love to bash, now we're sanctimonious purists, I object to his tax deal.  He has not compromised he has caved, rolled and become a GOOPER.  There was a better way, he failed, as he has for two years.  May he be a one term office holder.    As I was thinking about the tax deal yesterday, I read  Pearlstein's piece.  Most of it is is good.  Give it a read.

Now that ice is broken, maybe next Obama deal with Republicans will come easier

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Today's Postings

Once again, it's off to the Docs for followup on the thumb .  It takes most of the day.   So, maybe more posts later.

Have you defined liberty yet?  Can you provide a metric for small businesses?  Okay, here's another question, why do we have a government?  What's it for?

Get Ready To Get The Shaft

If you don't know what net neutrality is, then you need to start learning about it now.  Our pols, wholly owned subsidiaries of Corporate America will alter the ground rules of the Internet.  Would you buy a novel by the word?  Well, the aces in D.C. are inclined to think that's how we should pay for net usage, by the byte!  Cable companies have purchased concern from the FCC, the White House and Congress.  Watch out, you will be asked to bend over soon.

FCC's pay-as-you-go Internet plan raises video, access questions

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Our finalists for PolitiFact's Lie of the Year

Time has Person of the Year, the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering hasFacility of the Year and PolitiFact has the Lie of the Year.

Every December (since last year!), the editors and reporters of PolitiFact select the most important falsehood, the one that had the biggest impact on political discourse.

We've selected eight finalists and will be naming our winner soon. (Winning Lie of the Year is like winning a Nobel Prize, except a little different.) We'd also like to hear your choices for our Readers' Choice award. So check outour story on the finalists and then vote for your choice.

Meanwhile, we're continuing to fact-check lots of claims from the lame-duck session and update our Obameter on President Obama's campaign promises. Yesterday we checked claims by Sen. Harry Reid and retired Gen. Wesley Clark about the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy and we fact-checked a claim by that the DREAM act "would give amnesty to over 2 million immigrants."

And looking ahead, we'll soon be launching the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, our new feature tracking the campaign promises of Republican leaders. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Take a break

The economy sucks.  Too many people are unemployed.  The rich are investing in anything but plant  and equipment, they make more money on debt instruments.  The U.S. is about 36th in health worldwide.  We're not so hot on education either.  Oh, I almost forget we still have those two wars that Bush started.  His legacy to us  also sucks.

Sometimes the world wears too heavily.  What can one do to quit thinking about the life in these times?  
There's always booze and drugs.  Is there nothing else?  Well, yes, there is, it's the nano world of carbon.  Want your understanding of how things work to be challenged?  Then here's one strange reality.  Read on-

Tiny tubes, big riddles


Let's just call it 310,000,000 and move on--

U.S. population up 30 million, plus or minus several million

E-Book War?

Amazon's Kindle is the largest e-book in this growing sector of electronic based info dipersal.  A new player has jumped into the e-ink pot, it's Google.  Kindle watch out, Google wants your action.

Google enters e-book market, with a few hiccups

Good News, Too Bad it's Not Great News

1.  The Treasury Department plans to sell the rest of its stake in Citigroup, a move that would allow the government to end its ownership in the bailed-out banking giant while turning a $12 billion total profit for taxpayers.

2.  Although many smaller banks have yet to pay back money they received, the recent Citigroup, AIG and GM deals have helped to bring the estimated cost of the widely despised $700 billion federal bank bailout program to a mere $25 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office - far less than estimates just months ago.

3.  Too bad they did not provide any similar assitance to Main Street and the Suburbs--unemployment remains at 9.8%.    Then again, the average Joe does not donate big bucks to  pols.  How much did Obama receive from Goldmans anyway?  Maybe Joe ought to quit voting or Dems and Republicans.  New parties needed?

Law or Justice?

It's funny when ordinary folks show up before the Supremes, we can expect the majority, all Trogs, to take an originalist law reading approach.  However, when money and power are involved they just make stuff up and call it law.  Have you forgotten Bush's appointment to the presidency already?

The minority, all Libs,  adhere to the idea of justice.  Which to you prefer, Justice or law?  Here's a case, give the piece a read, how would you decide?

Justices juggle sympathy, past vote

Health Hustle

Gee, would you let little things, like accuracy, efficacy and effectiveness get in the way of disease diagnosis?  The FDA thinks accuracy in testing is more important than hyping and selling health products.  The FDA is suggesting that the newer diabetes testing technique is flawed.   Damn, that pesky FDA is getting on the backs of snake oil salesmen again.  Whatever happened to the right of every American to be misdiagnosed, mistreated, and needlessly spend money on a disease they don't have?  Who needs truth when you can have fear instead.  We are a strange people.

Quick tests for diabetes raise concerns

Obama Changes First Name to Bill

As Clinton shafted Democrats in Congress as he flipped off Liberals and Progressives,  President Whathisname, has also done so.  I'm a liberal, my support for Obama left some time back.  He is not leading a bipartisan compromise, he's rolling over, caving, and gotten down on his knees.  This is just me, you may see him in a different light.  At this point, in 2012, barring a new candidate, the schmuck will still get my vote only because there are no Republicans worthy of  the office.  However, I will not work for the bum's campaign as I did in 2008.   He's not a liberal, he's not a progressive, and now he's shown us he is not  a Democrat.  I think Sen. McConnell is enjoying himself.

Obama's tax cut extension part of strategy to show bipartisanship

Hey, Y'all That Love to Scream "Number One," Take Note

Screaming, "USA" and "Number One," only over exercises the vocal cords, particularly so when the topic's assessment via patriotic fervor is in error.   If, pick your topic,  the U.S. led the world, that was decades in the past. We no longer lead, we just cheer.  We run on vapors.   Phantasms from the past do not embody our present. For example, in education--

International test score data show U.S. firmly mid-pack

Shall we scream on or shall we quietly resume running decent schools for all?


Assange has given himself up to the cops in London.  He'll fight being sent to Sweden.  He still claims to have a huge un-redacted file that will be dumped if things go too awry.  I cannot help but think he turned himself in to the Brits to get off the streets and thus out of the gunsights of our CIA or State Dept.  Mercs.  I have very little trust in our government officials.  How's your trust level?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested on Swedish warrant

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Posts Later

We are off to the big city today.  We will do our part to jump start the economy.  We, Mrs. Jake and I, will  shop 'til we drop, have lunch, and do another round of shop 'n drop.  It's hard work, but someone has to do it.  Now if the rich would get off their duffs and show us what they've ripped off, they could spend us out the mess they made.

This means no more posts for now and probably none today.  Enjoy!

Oh, one question.  Yesterday I asked what is liberty?  Did you come up with an answer?  Okay, now today, can you tell what is a small business?  If you have definition, can you find data that supports your definition, can you operationalize, i.e., measure it with existent data?  Have fun with that one.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Did you try a Frisco yet?

As the weather turns a bit colder.  Unfortunately, Winter has arrived in Virginia.  It's cold.  The wind is blowing.  It snowed.  It is quite less than desirable, but then I couldn't live in Miami.  Miami is too close to hurricane central.  The Chesapeake Bay is about as close as I can tolerate, unless I have a good drink.

What's a good drink for Winter's onset?  There are at least two to try.  First, the Sidecar and then the Frisco.

A sidecar is 2 oz. of decent brandy, 1 oz. Cointreau and 1/2 oz. lemon juice (try lime also).   Shake it with ice.  Pour into your favorite glass and get your warm on.

Then there is the Frisco.  This drink will take away your shivers and frostbite.  It's 1.5 oz. of Rye, 1 oz. Benedictine, and 1/2 oz. lemon juice.   Shake with ice, pour and enjoy!  It's sweet, so adjust to your palate. Trail and error is fun, the errors are always quaffable.   Oh, these drinks are also a good way to celebrate an end to this years hurricane season.

As Winter proceeds, we'll take up the Hot Buttered Rum and Hot Mulled beverages.

Will you be executed?

If a non-Texan, visits Texas and proceeds to mess with Texas and disses the Alamo, they will probably be incarcerated in a hospital.  An affronted Texan can become quite violent.  If the same visitor merely forgets the Alamo, they will never leave Texas alive.   It's a hanging offense,

Okay, what if it is a Texan who forgets the real Alamo, as it forgets to repair the damn thing and uses the maintenance money to build a library and salad bar instead.  Is that both messing with Texas and forgetting the Alamo?  Will that Texan be long for this world, or is it okay for Texans to mess and forget?

Critics Accuse Group of a Serious Texas Sin: Forgetting the Alamo

The non-Texan visiting Texas is, of course,  purely hypothetical.  After all, no one would actually choose to visit Texas.

Register Saxons not Swords Front

Guns fans are close to being able to pack any kind of heat anywhere, anytime.  The 2nd Amendment, a troggish court, and lots of NRA campaign cash have pretty much killed gun control.   I think the cash did more than much else.   We're a nation awash in guns.  We must have at least three dozen guns for every man, woman and child across the land.  You never know when the state will decide to create a well ordered militia and to do that they lots of arms a baring.  We await the states call.  Amidst the joy of gun rights, however, there is a sadness a building.

2nd Amendment fans assumed, arms means guns, projectile things.  Well what about knives, swords, battle axes and maces too?  Fear not well armed fans, there is a knife, and I assume other pointed objects, rights movement stirring out in militia land.  When life goes South, starts to really suck, people don't get bitter and turn to god and guns.  No they just get pissed and demonstrate their right to bear all kinds of arms.  An irked, well armed, populace ought to scare the crap out of the aces in both parties in Congress and the White House.  Who wants to control 'em?  Who can?  

Pushing a Right to Bear Arms, the Sharp Kind

Are catapults projectile things?  Are they legal?  Does the 2nd protect my right to bear a catapult?

Deja Vu All Over Again

Damn, the FBI did not throw away its playbook from the 60s.  They covered themselves with eggs back then as folks learned how they kept track of student groups at odds with Washington over getting drafted, going to Vietnam and getting killed.  Looks like, as they did back then, they are doing the same today.  Then it was pesky students, not it's sneaky Muslims.

Tension grows between Calif. Muslims, FBI after informant infiltrates mosque

I would have not expected less from them, after all, the feds were run by a famous drag queen, Jedger, for 50 years.  That does leave some odd institutional practices, it's a culture thing.

Will Assange be tried, convicted and hung?

Funny, most of the folks screaming for Assange's demise are pols, incumbents, who think they will score a vote getting point with every condemnation of Wikileaks.  After all, the next election is less than two years off.  Myself, I think the guy has not done anything all that wrong at all.  If government aces have secrets then they ought to protect them.  Our aces are inept, they cannot keep secrets.  We need to either find folks higher on the eptness scale or just quit piling up so many secrets in the first place.   Recall the classification stamps?  It's amusing but sad when the overwhelming majority of the secrets merely classify information in the public domain.   It's not a full blown, just a half maybe, Pentagon Papers.

Why prosecuting WikiLeaks' Julian Assange won't be easy

Pass it on...

If you have a friend or acquaintance who thinks attacking federal employees--their number, wages, and benefits--is a great way to balance the budget and shrink the deficit, then here's a small piece you may wish to share with them.   Not that it will alter their thought patterns, since once one has eaten of batshit, one will thence forever be crazy.

Five myths about federal workers

Oh, why bother sharing?  It's just a hoot to tweak trogs with facts.  All they can do is sputter, drool and make very amusing faces as they huff off to read their copy of "My Pet Goat."   Tweak 'em, it's the right thing to do and damned fun to boot.

What the?

If you listened to any political news coverage this past year, you could not help but hear many candidates, if not all of them, use the word "liberty."  Whenever a speaker said liberty, the audience often gave full throated, but serious cheers.  Liberty must be a very, very important concept.  Okay, here's a simple question, what does "liberty" mean to you?  Is there more than one meaning?

Over the years as I listened to campaign bullshit I have noticed that most pols avoid defining the word.  they just use it, a lot.  That way the listeners bring their own definition and assume it means the same for the speaker and everyone else in the audience, if not the world.    Sneaky bastards those pols, but we must love 'em since we keep on electing them.  Okay what does liberty mean?   How many variants did you stumble through to get to one you  accept?