Saturday, December 18, 2010

About Time

Senate Repeals Don't Ask, Don't Tell

What Happened?

The world's greatest debilitative body may accidentally do something worthwhile.  They have voted to end debate on DADT repeal.  In about an hour or so, the final vote will occur.  51 votes for and DADT is rescinded.  Will it finally end?  I hope so, it was bad from day one, but then Clinton never did understand the military.   I bet homophobes like McNasty will try something to derail the end of DADT.   I still do not understand how anyone who is gay, could have been, is, or will be in the future, a Republican.

Repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Advances

Seems like a good idea

Make Julian Assange irrelevant


The FCC is going to figure out what to do about net neutrality and the proposed NBC/Comcast merger.  Regardless of what it decides, I know what how it will evaluate its action.  The PR piece has already been written.   The FCC will tell us it's actions are better than sliced bread for Internet users, TV viewers and consumers everywhere.  All of their decisions are, as always, from their perspective, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for American consumers.  Note consumers do not donate to campaigns, much less vote.  Consumers seem hellbent on performing unnatural acts on themselves, as they persist in occasionally thinking government remains of, by and for the people.  

What will the FCC do?  It won't be a staunch defense of net neutrality.  Their actions will benefit the media giants and the telecom bigs.  Who will take it in the shorts?  Oh, all of the consumers out there in the audience.   Obama, in hot pursuit of his job number 1, reelection, will boast and brag about his FCC's insightful decisions as he panders for votes.  The lies and duplicity will abound as one more piece of our government is sold to the highest bidder.  Cable news will report about the FCC's fantastic work.  Better hope newspapers continue to exist.

TV's future: FCC decisions on Internet access, Comcast-NBC merger approaching

Bless my hope and change, is it a Comeback?

Adding another $1 trillion to the deficit over two years with stuff that will not perk up employment or jobs is a comeback?  Come on, Obama has had his eye on job number 1, getting reelected, and that's all.  Most of the items in the bill will not do much other than buy independent voters.  He won't be able to buy Republican votes, they're already committed to any batshit crazy nominee the GOP puts in play.  If this compromise/comeback turns off Democrats, can will he have bought sufficient numbers of Independents to offset losses from his base?  

Now let's pretend, all this bill does accomplish is to borrow money.  Now, it's October 2012, unemployment is 9%, the economy is still growing, but very slowly say 2% a year as we have to extend unemployment benefits again.  Think it's still a comeback?

For President Obama, signing tax-cut bill makes for a good day after a bad election

End the Kabuki, We Need More Wikileaks

Maybe more leaks would end the nonsense of secrecy.  Now an ally's spook shop has outed the name of one of our CIA spooks in retaliation for drone attacks.  Apparently the CIA guy was not all that undercover anyway.  About the only place he's not named in in this country.  It took me about one minute with Google to find the guy's name.  Give it a try yourself.   How long do you think it would take someone who knows what they are doing?  Does this paragraph make any sense?

The CIA requested that the recalled station chief, who is still undercover despite being named in multiple overseas media reports, not be identified. The officer, 43, was described by current and former colleagues as a case officer who had previously served in Stockholm and Baghdad and was regarded as a rising talent in the agency's clandestine service.

It seems like we're living the logic of the Pentagon Papers all the time these days and have been for too damned long.

Is an ally who rats out an ally or really an enemy?  Hm, we ought to ask ourselves about this.  Why do we still have these little boy's clubs?

Top CIA spy in Pakistan pulled amid threats after public accusation over attack


Friday, December 17, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Don't forget the IRS will not send paper tax packages out this year.  Don't forget to go to the IRS site ( and download what you will need to file your return.

It's still the same old GM

They should have been put out of business when we had the chance.  The federal bailout appeared to have altered GM's management style.  Well it didn't, it's the same old crap.  Come on, seatbelts that don't restrain passengers?

G.M. Recall Is Latest in a Busy Week of Auto Safety Issues

 Would you buy GM products?

Lie of the Year!
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Lie of the Year: "the government takeover of health care"

If you followed the health care debate or the 2010 campaign, I'm sure you heard the claim that the new health care law is a "government takeover" of health care.

We've named it our Lie of the Year because it was not only the most pervasive falsehood of 2010, but it worked. A majority of Americans believe the new law is a federal takeover.

It also won top honors in our Readers' Choice poll, beating out the second-place falsehood (Rep. Michele Bachmann's claim about President Obama's India trip) by a substantial margin.

Check out our story to see why the health care claim is false and how it illustrates the Democrats' difficulties in messaging.

We've also posted excerpts from our interviewwith former DNC chief Howard Dean and your comments from our Lie of the Year survey.

If you have comments about our choice, we welcome them at

Ready, Set, Have Some Google Fun!

Google has a new tool (or toy) out!

Here's the article--In 500 Billion Words, New Window on Culture

Or go straight to the simple tool--Books NGram Viewer


Here's a sentence I saw this morning in a Post piece on the Senate and the spending bill.

After a day of backroom negotiations, Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) announced that he could not overcome a Republican filibuster after GOP senators turned away from billions of dollars of so-called earmarks they had sought in the bill.

What I want to know is why the author used the expression, "so-called" to modify "earmarks?"  They are, rather, were, now that the bill's killed, earmarks.  Earmarks do mean Congressionally Directed Spending.  There is nothing "so-called" about them.  Why has this expression become so popular and over used these days.  I hear in on cable news every day.  I see it in the papers every day.  Doesn't it usually mean that the object, to the author or speaker, is not quite really what the the reader or listener might otherwise accept on it's own?  If the term is expression is over-used, do we then have a case of the the so-called so called?Hmm,  I guess it might actually be appropriate to refer to cable TV's so-called news programs.

Is the over use of "so-called" just today's replacement for an overused "alleged?"

I like the idea, tax soda pop!

I like the idea, but don't think it would do much about fat kids and even fatter adults.  Without the soda, folks of all ages would just eat another 400 calorie slider or wolf down the mother of super-sized fries.  We eat too much.  This is a problem of overeating and under working.

We sit on our asses and eat too much sugar, fat, and salt--they're the goodies that transform otherwise  barely edible dreck into very tasty fast food.  Actually we have fast and faster food.  Fast food now comes primarily from the grocery store--the real work has been done in a factory, it's all that nuke, heat and eat stuff.  Faster food is fast food the comes hot from machines at places like Burger King, McDonalds, etc.

I'd also tax the crap out of pastries.  While we're at it, lets add a convenience tax to all food.  After the harvest, we tax every bit of convenience, that's the work part, added and tax it.  Fresh produce would be tax free, but from there on, the taxes would increase as more and more convenience is added.  It's a food only version of the value added tax.  Yeah, the Big Mac might still only cost a couple of bucks, but the tax,well, you'd start thinking of doing all the work for yourself.  How much is a pound of ground chuck these days?  

Is that right? Soda taxes would help fight obesity?

I hope I'm wrong

The Bush Legacy Tax Cut Preservation  Bill has passed the House and Senate.  Now it heads to the desk of the Compromiser in Chief to become the law that finally wrecks our economy and our government.  I hope that's not too catastrophic, I may have stretched it a bit, but this law will do more harm than good.   If you have $1, here's a prediction you add to it and buy a pretty good 50 cent cup of Joe.  Obama will not be reelected in 2012 because of this bill--it will not create jobs, it will not improve the economy, it will not generate additional tax revenue, and it will not do a damn thing its advocates tout it will.  2012 will see the beginning of the end of Social Security and Medicare--the seeds are in this bill.

That's just me, here's a story on the bill, and begin following the 2012 race for the 4 year lease on Air Force One--

Congress passes extension of Bush-era tax cuts

What to do?  Save every dime you can, pay off all your debt, build the biggest cash cushion you can, take up gardening, canning, spinning, weaving, but splurge on one item, a really good pitchfork!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'll be blunt

If the House de-rails the Republican/ Obama Bush Tax Cut Legacy Preservation and it costs the guy reelection  that's okay, he's not a Democrat anyway.   Clinton screwed the nation with one blow job,  Obama just screwed us with all that hopey changey stuff.  Damn,was Sarah Palin right?

Liberal concerns delay House vote on tax-cut deal

It's taken some time

After  a couple millennium being the top persecutor of others, Pope Ratzy is now pissed.  Yep, his band is on the the wane and tends to be those persecuted by those fomerly persecuted by good Catholics.  Oh, it's gotta hurt.  Once you could torture and kill for god and be assured of a slot in heaven, now you have to suffer and risk hell.  I wonder Ratzy has vile thoughts about god?

Pope calls Christians the most persecuted

Jake's Town Creek Kitchen

Today, since it's snowing and too damn cold, I decided to to cook over a hot stove and stay warm. Look, I don't like snow. It sucks. So does the cold. So, to stay warm and not see all the damn white stuff I cooked, kept the fire going and fed the birds too.

I have been wanting some fried mush for breakfast of late. Okay, mush fans, it's just polenta. So, I made a batch of polenta. It's ready to be sliced, fried, and served like a pancake--a touch of butter, maple syrup, and some bacon on the side (I'm only a semi-veghead). Tomorrow will be good delicious morning.

I also love Risotto. I made a batch of saffron risotto. It is very tasty. Hell it' way good! We'll have a bit of it for dinner, along with the fresh baked focaccia. Good risotto demands a decent bread doesn't it? Yeah, I had to bake too. Focaccia--oil and salt version--is so damn good with a bit of cheese, caramelized onions, and chopped reduced tomatoes. Dinner is going to be simple but so very yummy tonight.

What'd you cook today?

Big Macs

Not the burger, but the computer.  I used a PC for years.  I wanted to get a Mac, but never did for a variety of reasons.   After my last HP PC quit, I bought a Mac.  It is fantastic.  It behaves the way I expected home computers to behave.  Software works.   Funny, it's UNIX based instead of whatever Gates dreamed up.  If you don't have a Mac, think about it when you have to replace your PC, you will be glad you did.  If you do have a Mac, get ready, here it comes--

Apple's app store for Macs to open January 6

Ireland Really Sucks

If Ireland won't allow abortion, then maybe it would be a good place to send all the pedophile priests that have piled up around the world.  Hell, since they think god runs the damn world, especially their little island, then we can send all the sex offenders over there and let god fix them.  Gee,  would we be sending the snakes back to Ireland?  They can be all the theocracy they want to be.

European Court Rules Against Ireland’s Anti-Abortion Law

DADT won't pass

The House put DADT repeal in the Department of War's appropriation bill.  The Senate struck the DADT provision from the bill.  Now, the War Department's appropriation is back in the House.  The House has created a bill to match the Senate's on funding war.  The House has also passed a new DADT repeal bill that will be sent to the Senate.

The Senate will not pass the DADT bill.  Too many of them are owned by godly homophobic groups.  The groups are typically Christian churchy organizations who are dedicated to helping god out.  They know God may have made 'em, but they also know he really hates 'em.  Everybody makes mistakes, even god, hence the helping hand.  They are very weird.

DADT will be with us until people quit electing homophobes.  For the most part they are old white guys, i.e., Republicans.  Maybe we'll have to wait for them to all die off (how long can someone like McCain last?).

House votes again to end 'don't ask, don't tell'

Myself, I'd leave the DADT repeal in the bill, if the Senate would not go along, then there would be no funds for the Department of War.  That would make for a very good 2011.  

Tet Again?

Afghanistan is remarkably similar to the Vietnam mess.  When I saw this headline from George Will's column, I had to post it--Could there be a Tet Offensive in Afghanistan?

It may take a Tet to get our people roused enough to end what should have never started or at least ended eight years ago.  War makes great Christmases for all the people in the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, it's so damn profitable.  War makes for a real shitty Christmas if you happen to be one of the 1% of us who actually have some skin in this horrible game, it's so damn deadly.  

Report's In!

The much awaited positive report about progress in the WAR is out!  Yep, adding the 30,000 troops, putting some new commanders in the ground, and changing strategery just changed everything.  Medals for everyone!  Bless my cheese and crackers, we've made a whole lot of progress.  Towards what I'm not sure, but progress.

As expected, the troop withdrawal schedule has not changed.  Obama may achieve stalemate!  Damn, we're going to have us a responsible reduction in a fragile environment where the Taliban has had losses and gains and the terrorists are hanging out anywhere but Afghanistan.

Congrats to all that primo, super-duper leadership we've seen over the past 10 years.  Can we give out even more medals?   In other words it remains,  as it has always been,  FUBAR.  After 10 years it's just time to say "no more war."  I think this how Banana Republics wage war.  Does that make us an 800 pound banana?  Plantain?    

July troop withdrawal on track, review of Afghan war strategy indicates

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Good Old Days Weren't

I saw this piece on dress codes--Bank brings dress code to a new level with 43-page guide and started to think that the worst of the past will be resurrected to control and demean as many people as possible.  That was a tad extreme, but then I remembered "Mad Men."   I don't watch the show, I tried, it just pissed me off.  The show is doing a fashion number on us.  Ladies, if you love the 60s, then here comes the next round of deja vu again dress codes, let's start from the bottom up--Mad Men Lingerie.  Which Amendment do the teabaggers really want to repeal?

The Cost of Dicking Around

With respect to cribs, the cost of dicking around is about 30 deaths so far.   Of course that is a concern only to those folks who want government on our backs so when we buy a crib, we don't have to worry about  whether it's a crib that kills or a crib that lets babes sleep safe and secure.  Regulation done right, keeps the excesses of capitalism at bay, it doesn't turn us into evil Socialists.  No, it just stops the evil people who make crappy products that kill kids out of the market (or they go to the joint).  Would you kill a kid just to make a profit?  Would you kill a kid to improve your companies dividends?  We have people who would, that's why we have government regulation.  Or would you rather defend kid killers?

After dozens of deaths, drop-side cribs outlawed

Afghanistan's Future

Okay, don't believe me, I just blog about the mess.  Don't believe any politician, they're owned by the MIC.  Hell, the White House, believe them and we'll be blasting Iran and N. Korea.  So who can you listen to and go "oh, shit, it's worse than I thought?"  How about the Red Cross--

"We are entering a new, rather murky phase in the conflict in which the proliferation of armed groups threatens the ability of humanitarian organizations to reach the people who need their help.  The conflict is now in its 10th year. It is spreading. There is no end in sight."

Get ready for oodles of "good news" about the war from Obama. 

ICRC official offers bleak assessment of Afghan war

Shopping Wal-Mart this Xmas

The Grinch sent out a memo.  Raise prices now to have a better yuletide balance sheet.  The low price leader is rolling back the low prices.  I wonder if any retailer has ever made it by being the consistently lowest price store?  I bet not.  If it's not on sale, then Wal-Mart may not be the place to shop.  Oh, if your only store is Wal-Mart, then try shopping the Web too.

Wal-Mart raising prices on toys, squeezing more out of holidays

Legacy Time

The world's greatest debilitative body has shafted the nation one more time in the 111th Congress.  By a vote of 89-19, Senators passed the Bush Legacy Preservation Tax Cut Bill.  The bill goes to the house, and they may flip off all those Republicans in the Senate and White House who cobbled this mess together.  The House may modify it, that will probably kill it in for this Congress.  Why do so many pols want to preserve Bush legacies.   That's dumb, but we elect 'em.

Senate approves tax cut deal; House Dems weigh amending estate tax


Zuckerberg over Assange?  I think Time blew the call.  What is Facebook anyway?   Maybe it should have  been a picture of a Teabag?   Christine O'Donnell might have been nice too.

Mark Zuckerberg beats Julian Assange for Time's 2010 Person of the Year


Gun Stuff

This nation is loaded with guns.  We love 'em.  We buy 'em.  We sell 'em.  We shoot 'em (target and hunting only).  We have an organization dedicated to keeping our gun trade vigorous, it's the U.S. Congress!  Oops, sorry, Congress only deals in international really big gun sales.  Domestically we turn to  the NRA for defense of the individual's 2nd Amendment right to buy guns and ammo.

We're in a a bit of a bind.  Sometimes guns can be excessive--submachine guns--so we just say no and limit who can own them.  However, our Constitution is clear, we're all supposed to subscribe to own Guns and Ammo of all kinds.  The Supremes have recently made it clear, we all have a right to lock and load, anything.

Along the way of defending the right to buy guns, the NRA really assists the folks who make and sell all those guns we buy.  The NRA is a pretty slick business lobbying group.  I wonder how much of the 2nd Amendment defense really protects business rather then the individual.  They aren't quite the ACLU of guns.  At any rate, we should not need the NRA.   It's clear guns are here to stay.

I'd suggest that the gun control advocates shut up until they can shut down the "Gun R Us" run by the U.S. Congress and Department of Defense.  When the USA is no longer the arms merchant to the world, then they can begin to try and control guns domestically.  Until then, they need to quit opposing domestic gun sales.

Here's a piece on the NRA--

NRA-led gun lobby wields powerful influence over ATF, U.S. politics

Oink, oink, welcome to the Senatorial Sty!

After agreeing to borrow and spend $1 trillion to preserve a Bush legacy--tax cuts for the rich, the boys and girls in Club Senate have finally gotten around to this year's budget.   The kids stacked a bunch of spending bills on top of each other, had them bound together and slapped on a new cover.  Now it's one really big appropriations bill and they only need to vote once.  It's an impressive way to hide earmarks.

Yeah, earmarks.  The bill has more pork in it than Smithfield has hams.  Talk about hypocrisy--gee, they've already forgotten last November's election, then again with the Republican/Obama Bush Legacy Tax Cut Preservation Bill, they showed us that they had already forgotten about the deficit too.  I guess we can forget and ignore them and start planning to unseat them all in 2012.   Teabaggers get busy.  Libs get your folks organized and act.

Senate spending bill contains thousands of earmarks

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Turn About is Fair Play

Unfortunately, in the process, the atheists wind up behaving like the theists.  The only good thing is, it may, but I doubt that it will, let the churchy crowd know what atheists have felt for years.  It gets real old real fast to be assaulted by sanctimonious factless poopery.  If the godly would keep their poop to themselves, I'm sure the atheists would quit running the ads. Until then,  keep on bussing the messages of godlessness.  We need more buses on all sides though.  Any Odin fans? Thor? Can we have a Zeus bus?  Would a Muslim bus work?   I'd like to find a city that is proud of the small number of churches in their burg.  Is there a town without any churches?  

Atheist Ads on Buses Rattle Fort Worth

Vegheads take note

Can kids be vegheads and not be hurt in the process?  It's an interesting question.  I had not given it much thought since I'm an old fart and there aren't any little future old farts at the table these days.  If you have children, does the vegetarian route have problems?  Yeah, but the dominant route most folks seem to waddle down is worse.  Have you noticed the number of really, really, lard butted kids these days?  All those butterballs are on the road towards an adulthood of morbid obesity.  Does this mean most folks want a chance to be on "The Biggest Loser?"  Here's a piece on kids and vegheadedness, break out the tofu snacks and read on--

Kids can thrive on a vegetarian diet, but parents need to pay close attention

Now we find out

Let's see oil was going to pay for a short, swift liberation of Iraq. It didn't. It's been long and convoluted. Iraq is not liberated yet. The American taxpayer took it in the shorts, but then voted to be taken in the shorts. How about Afghanistan?

Afghanistan was also to be short and swift but partly paid for by an international coalition dedicated to ending terrorism, al Qaeda and bin Laden. We're still paying. Terrorism still thrives. Al Qaeda adds new recruits every day. And bin Laden had a new lazy boy delivered by Fed Ex to his Pakistan cave. As a bonus, the government we removed from power, the Taliban, has returned and is an additional source of enemy combatants in the war.

What about the oil? Oh, there's oil and minerals out there in the rubble. Now we have a rationale to fight on for several decades more. We're there to protect the oil and minerals so that the Afghan people can liberate themselves and do their own nation building where we have failed.

Afghan government awards oil contract in first phase of revenue-generation plan

Bless my expanding deficit

Who could have imagined the U.S. Senate would effectively pass a tax cut bill?  It did, the Bush tax cuts, including those for millionaires are safe for two more years!  The world's most debilitative body came through again and added another almost $1 trillion to the national debt!  Now that is fiscal discipline from both parties.

Only 15 Senators thought it's a crock.  The rest are ready to keep on buying votes by borrowing and spending.   I guess this is Democratic power in action.  It really sucks.  It will do more damage than good to our economy and our government.

Oh, the tax cuts will be made permanent by Obama to get reelected in 2012 and he will oversee the initial dismantling of Social Security--the tax reduction is just step one.  As a last note, this bill will also encourage the rich to take even more over the next two years, they will.  The rest of us will be poorer as we go the polls in November, 2012.

Tax-cut package clears procedural hurdle in Senate

Have you bought a pitchfork yet?

What's Your Take?

How do evaluate Wikileaks and its director, Mr. Assange?  If you think he did something wrong, as in they have had a negative effect on the public interest or national security, why?  Can you define either public interest or national security?  If you can define them, can you operationalize them, so they are more measurable than just being rhetorical bullshit?

I was amazed at the results of the Pew poll on Wikileaks.   I guess this old fart is more of a Internet age young fart than I realized.  I have no problems with either Wilileaks or Assange.  I look forward to the Congress document, the White House documents, the Supremes documents, etc.   As the corporate world has killed personal privacy in the name of profit, well, the public world better get used to also being open books.  I think Obama wanted transparency, he's got some, but needs a whole lot more.  Gee, maybe we should try no secrets for a while.  Oh, while we're at it, declassify everything.  The need for secrecy is personal, as in needing to cover one's ass after really screwing up.

Poll: Americans say WikiLeaks harmed public interest; most want Assange arrested

Monday, December 13, 2010

How do you feel about Obama Republican Tax Dodge?

If you live inside the beltway, then you love it or at least you find folks who want to fawn all over the bums who will finally pauperize the nation.  I'm a bit biased.  However there is another poll that is not quite as supportive of the first putz and his trogs.

Here's glowing--Washington Post-ABC News poll finds broad bipartisan support for tax package

Here's not so glowing--Poll: 49% support tax cut deal

Myself, I'd let the Bush tax errors correct themselves by expiring. Do not do anything with Social Security, don't mess with the estate tax unless it made stronger, larger percentage.  Unless the component will help the economy and not do too much deficit destruction, okay.   $550 billion a year for two years is how we got into this mess under the GOP. Gee, who did Obama cave in to, why the GOP. Who'd a thunk it.  It will not be good for the nation, period.

Democrats Health Care Thing Is Doomed

The overly praised, something is better than nothing, Obama led Democratic Health Insurance Reform Act, may cost us much more than we ever dreamed it would (but in our hearts knew it would).   It's the Obama Democrat's version of the Bush Republican's Medicare Part D Prescription Drug sinkhole.  Why do I say the costs will go up?  Well, a Virginia federal judge says the feds cannot force folks to buy health insurance.  As a sanctimonious purist liberal progressive whiner, I can safely say  that Obama blew it when he failed to help the Pelosi Democrats force Medicare for All as the the reform.  The guy is not a Democrat, but he's good at bargaining with folks who take hostages. He's got a degree in caving.

Virginia health-care ruling strikes down key provision of Obama's plan

Not News or Politics

It's snowing today.  It's also cold.  It sucks.  It's Winter.  This is when nature reminds me everything is gonna die, for some reason it's when I start thinking about next years garden and home grown tomatoes.  Winter retreats a bit then.

I made my last pizza Margherita on Saturday.  It used the end of this year's fresh garden tomatoes-- we have one left, now we'll have to buy them until next Summer.  Maybe it's not really Winter that depresses me, but the end of those home grown tomatoes and pizza made with sliced tomatoes.  

This year we made a chopped tomato reduction.  We ate a lot of it  and froze even more in 1/4 and 1/2 pint jars.  During last Summer and Fall we'd spread the reduction on toasted bread and great meals--add olive oil, Basil, goat cheese--of Bruschetta.  The tomatoes we froze are also tasty--the fresh flavor lasts.  The reduction also makes a very good tomato base for pizza  and if mixed with tomato juice it's the start of a great pasta sauce, soup, or bean dish.  I've done all of them to see if the stuff froze well or not.  It's a repeat for next year.

The reduction is tomatoes, all kinds, chopped into small chunks (larger than crushed but smaller than diced), the food processor makes easy work out of the job.  When chopped the tomatoes are cooked down on the stove top until they are almost dry.  You'll be surprized at how much it reduces.   Most of the water will evaporate and the flavors will concentrate.   I use a 12 inch saute pan, medium heat, and stir often to prevent burning.  A full pan full might yield a couple of pints, maybe be a bit more.   It's just tomatoes, nothing else.   If you want, before chopping them up, de-seed and de-jelly them.  It's a matter of taste,  some folks find the seeds add a bitterness, ditto with the jelly.  Try it both ways next year.  It's a great way to use up the excess crop when you have too many to cope with.  Oh, it takes time, so start with a few tomatoes to get a feel for how it cooks down and how dry you want them.   Low and slow is a better way to go than hot and fast.

The juice was made from from Roma style tomatoes.  I only go part way toward making a sauce, it just thickish juice.   Cut 'em up, throw in a huge pot and turn on the heat.  The Romas will cook down and  release their juices.  When they are mushy, run them through a food mill.   I sort of assume everybody owns a Foley Food Mill.  The mill will remove the seeds and skins.  Return the juice  and pulp to the pot and reduce by about 1/2-2/3s , cool and freeze (or can).   It can be used as the base for lots of sauces and soups and if reduce more, as a tomato sauce for pizza.  When I want a quick pasta sauce I saute some onion and garlic in olive oil, add the juice and reduce it for about 20-30 minutes.  If I want more texture, then in goes a jar of the chopped tomato reduction and this Winter I'll be adding fresh basil at the end.

WE froze basil and other herbs.  Freezing fresh basil leaves works well, not for a chiffonade of fresh basil, but good enough for a Pizza Margherita  (Saturday's pizza used frozen leaves).   The frozen leaves have lots of flavor--better than dried and cheaper than buying fresh leaves in mid-Winter.

Before you  know it, the garden catalogs will arrive and we'll have to plan next year's garden.  I have a feeling there will be lots of tomatoes of all kinds,  several Roma plants and more  basil than this year.

It's time to do a bit of  virtual gardening.   Oops, I forgot about the slow roasted Romas halves, have to add more Romas to the plan.

Aw, come on...

Golly, U.S. strategorators are concerned about Karzai.  Commanders in the ground are concerned too.  Hell, everybody is concerned.  Why?  Oh, after nine years of FUBAR war we have to have a patsy to blame for every damn thing that's gone wrong and is still wrong in Rubbleistan.  Oops, we made him, set him up and have kept him in power all these years.  So, who really screwed the Afghan pooch?

Stating the Obvious     

I bet Mexico just loves good old number 1!

The U.S. is number one in drug users.  Our drug users create a huge demand for junk.  The crap flows in across the Mexican border.  Drug cartels have so much cash they can hire their own armies to counter actions of the Mexican government.  Do we stop the drugs?  Make them legal?  Nah, there's too damn much money to be made on both sides of the border.

Did I say the drug bad guys have armies?  Okay where do they get their guns?  Guess who's number one in guns?  It's good old number one, USA, USA, we are the world's merchant of death.  Guns are flowing into Mexico.  I bet our efforts to stop the gun trade are about effective as our war on drugs.  We can't even stop gun sales to bad guys in Mexico.  Once again, there's money to be made and don't forget the NRA and campaign cash and votes.  Yep  Mexico has to be our best friend forever.

As Mexico drug violence runs rampant, U.S. guns tied to crime south of border

Sunday, December 12, 2010


To hear Obama talk, he's really regulated those pesky bankers.  He's given us the best set of regs since the 30s.  Of course it does not match or best those regs.  Regulation remains weaker, it's a compromiser's approach--1/16 loaf is better than none?  Banks are still running a derivatives casino.  Get ready, in about seven years, the same house of financial cards will collapse again.  Yep, same firms, same people, and the same bailout will happen again.   Our elected officials will not regulate banks--they need access to oodles of cash for campaigns to get reelected.   What can any of us ordinary folks do?  Well, we can pay off all our debts, save our money, and pray that I'm wrong.  Of course you might prefer to believe we're all going to live on the Big Rock Candy Mountain and if that's the case then get our your plastic and buy, buy, buy.

A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives


I bet the folks in Iraq love the Shrub.  He gave them the normalcy they enjoy today, it's their legacy--

Suicide Attacks Ring Baghdad

Our legacy?  Oh, we're still there and one way or another will be for decades and we will spend many, many  billions of taxpayer dollars.  Now that's a legacy!

Cyberwar Continues

The hacktivists continue to disrupt the electronic lives of the corporate rich and powerful.   They are on the side of Wikileaks and an open Internet.  Do you want an anything goes wide open free Internet or do you  prefer more control by benevolent pols like, say, a Jesse Helms type?  There's more to the war than cables telling us things we already know.   War's on--

WikiLeaks' advocates are wreaking 'hacktivism'

Can we heal the nation?

Sure we can, first we kill all the lawyers.  Oh, maybe we should kill all the pols instead.  Damn, we'd still have bankers, clergy, and Glenn Beck.  What can we do to put our governmental house in order?  Here's an interesting suggestion--

To cut the deficit, get rid of our surplus of laws

Adding Gunpowder to the Tech Endangered List

It's nice to learn that the aces in the Pentagon and especially the Navy are hard at work on the electric cannon.   All you need is a projectile, an electromagnetic track, some juice and an on/off switch, then it's Bang!  The projectile can go very far, very fast.  No gunpowder needed to send it on its way.  No explosives needed to make the projectile blow that crap out its target--now that is fast.   It will make our ships safer--no explosives on board.  Of course the ship will have to become a power plant--nuclear?

Futuristic weapon undergoes Navy tests

I wonder when Smith and Wesson will have a handgun available? Will it become so simple, anyone with limited skills will be able to make an electric zip gun? The future of guns will be limited only by the projectiles we can devise if all we'll need is electricity to make them go boom.  I wonder how the NRA feels about this kind of gun?

A Typical Republican

Who's that? Why Dick Nixon that's who. Did anyone really vote for the schmuck? If so, why?

In new tapes, Nixon makes remarks against Irish, Italians, blacks, Jews

I doubt that the majority of today's GOOPERs will see anything out of line or wrong with Nixon's remarks at all. They will see them as timeless truths. Strange group, those rich old white guys.

Obama's Bungled War

We have lots of troops in Afghanistan.  Troops die.  Troops get mangled and are removed from able bodied cannon fodder status.  We have even more contractors than soldiers there too.  It costs a lot of money, hundreds of billions a year.  We've expanded the war, but have the CIA do that job--drones in Pakistan.  We've gone from victory, to winning, to not losing, to stalemate as the hoped for outcome.  After 10 years hows the latest round of strategery going?  Well, some might see modest success, others a continuation of a messed up Bush policy that's now our legacy.  Here's a piece you might find of interest--

Nawa turns into proving ground for U.S. strategy in Afghan war

I have a feeling that once we quit buying "peace" all hell will break loose.