Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year!

And in the land of Seagulls

Utah has a bunch of big crosses along their highways.  They mark spots where state police died.   The courts have decided the crosses cross  the line between church and state.  An appellate court won't reconsider the case, the crosses have to go.

I guess the judges saw the crosses as expressing Christian stuff a bit too much.  Hm, I wonder if it would have changed the outcome to have used a "Mormons aren't Christians"  as part of the original defense?    See, Christians and Mormons both just happen to use crosses a lot, so in Utah, they're quite ecumenical.  I bet other religions use crosses now and then.  Hell, an atheist or two might too.   The line between church and state would then not be crossed.  Of course, in Utah, there has never been a line, it's always been a pretty, theocratic state.

Appeals court won't reconsider highway cross case

Why scanners?

Do scanners do much beyond giving everybody who flies their 15 seconds as a porn star?  What if we found out that's about all they do?  Would we quit buying them?  Has anyone done a good really analysis yet?  How about a half-assed one?   Or have DHS and TSA just bought the damn things because.

Because?  Yeah because, the scanner industry, an arm of the Security Industry Complex, knows how to lobby better than most and they get their grievances redressed fast  (and spread around some cash).  There's an army of professional scannerites on Capital Hill, so we had best expect scanners at every airport, regardless of size,  in the country by the end of 2012.

Look, terror  and terrorists are the new Communists.  Were you soft on Commies?  The Red menace was everywhere, now they make all our cheap shit.  Hey, are you soft on Terror?  Hm, if you oppose scanners, then maybe we need to hold some hearings, is HUAC still out there?

When scanners are everywhere,  they'll come up with something "better."  It's not about terror and safety, it's about  keeping fear alive so we won't bat an eye at what people in government jobs purchase to keep us safe.  Folks need to start screaming "Bullshit!"  Welcome to the DHS/TSA safety through fear pad,  Merry Christmas y'all.

Firms' lobbying push comes amid rancor on TSA use of airport full-body scanners

We're really going to win those hearts and minds...

Why is the CIA sending drones into Pakistan and blowing the crap out the place?  I've tried to put myself on the ground over there and I cannot but help see us as their terrorists.  That's not a good way to win the war on terror is it?  The CIA should not be doing the military's job, this program will backfire on us within the next couple of years.  Merry Christmas.

As drone strikes have increased, so have assassinations, Pakistanis say

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Tonight I made different kind of omelete.  Instead of a tri-fold which I normally make, I did a bi-fold.  It's easier and eats almost as well.  I never mastered the rolled omelette.  I did a different mix of fillings also.  I added minced onion, a chiffonade of  baby spinach and finely shredded Gruyere cheese.   Once plated I hit them with a bit of coarse ground salt and fresh ground pepper.  They were cooked properly, no brown tinges of overcooking to speak of.  They were good!  With some bread and wine, a very good meal.  If you  can eat eggs, add omelets to your monthly menus.

Now I feel a crepe compulsion coming on....

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Reaction to our 2010 Lie of the Year

Our choice of "government takeover of health care" as our 2010 Lie of the Year prompted a flood of emails, blog posts, columns and editorials.

As you'll see in today's special Mailbag, much of the reaction has been from readers who disagreed with our conclusion. Some said we overlooked the huge government mandates in the health care law, while others said we were "communist and anti-American leftists."

The websites Reason and Hot Air were critical of the choice, as was an editorial today in theWall Street Journal. But others, includingWashington Post blogger Greg Sargent and newspapers in Pennsylvania andMassachusetts, cited our work.

We appreciate the feedback, even from our critics. We're thrilled to see fact-checking being discussed so prominently.
We're now hard at work finishing up GOP Pledge-O-Meter, our new feature tracking the 2010 campaign promises of the Republican leaders. It will be launching very soon.

Have a great holiday. Watch for the Pledge-O-Meter and some other exciting new features in the new year.


Will Legacyland be Balkanized?  It might, those oil dollars and greed can cause very strange things to happen.   Hell, they might invade a sovereign state for not reason, shock and awe them,  then, oops, they cannot do that.  You have to be an 800 pound gorilla in a world of 100 pound monkeys to do that.

Southern Iraqi city eyes break from Baghdad

Pipe Dream?

It would be a good change, but it probably ain't gonna happen.  Senators get uppity, they moralize, they yammer away, and then usually go to recess before changing the rules.  Tradition is a bitch.   Probability?  Better than it's been in a while, but at best 50/50.

End of the Filibuster?

Tax Cut Bullshit

Still feeling good about the Republican/Obama tax cut mess?  If you are, then you must be tickled pink that banks get about $9 billion tax cut out of the deal.  I guess that's how we build jobs and get Americans back to work.  Oh, don't forget the whole mess is done on borrowed dimes.  Yep, about  $1 trillion worth of dimes will have to be borrowed from somebody over the next two years.   It was a bad bit of compromising.  It will cost us dearly.  I hope I am wrong, but....

'Active financing' exemption for some businesses to cost taxpayers $9 billion

Dear TSA

The good folks at Homeland and TSA are missing the boat.  Every time they bring a new piece of "makin' us safe" nonsense on line,  citizens get a bit pissed, the press has a field day, and after a few modifications and apologies life goes on eventually.  Instead, they could get good, even proactive, PR with one little change.   The one change might even have the average Jane and Joe  demanding even more intrusive security procedures!

For example, on the security feel-up, all they had to do was make a simple announcement just prior to implementation.  It would go like this "we're sorry if Muslims don't like being felt up, but the safety of air travel comes first."  Hell, if the body scanners had been introduced by TSA telling us that "unfortunately, scanners may make planes Muslim free zones" (due to Muslims religiously rooted "modesty" over porn shots)  Americans would have been lining up to be scanned.  Folks would even fly more.  By now we'd see body scanners at every store entrance.  There'd even be an app for that too!

TSA scanners, pat-downs particularly vexing for Muslims, other religious groups


How do you measure success?  If you are a pol?  If you are Obama?  If you are a voter?  If you are a liberal Democrat?  If you are a GOP trog?  I bet the answers to these questions are remarkably different.  I see the lame duck "success" as more of the "hey, a quarter loaf of good Republican bread if better than a Democratic loaf."  How about you?  If you  worked in the Obama 2008 campaign, will you do the same in 2012?  By the way, what was in the three quarters loaf foregone?  Oh, got Gitmo?

Obama hails 'progress' despite forecasts of gridlock

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fat Lady Has Not Quite Sung Yet

She's on stage, the band is in place, but no one has told her to sing yet.  Oh, I'm talking about DADT.  Congress has repealed it, Obama has signed it, it's law.  Now what can old bemedaled white guys do?  Well, they can have oodles of studies on how best to implement the repeal, after all we don't want to affect our straight able bodied cannon fodder effectiveness.  Geez, it takes a simple order from the Commander in Chief and it's done.    That's what we have all those high ranking officers for, to follow orders and get the job done without behaving like a bunch of management MBAs.  If they don't do the job, then can 'em and promote a few hungry Lt. Colonels right past the full birds and you will see the birds really hustle and the remaining Brigadiers bustle their brass off.

Why will it take so long to lift 'don't ask, don't tell'?

Remember the Group W Bench?

Okay, that was from Alice's Restaurant.  Now, how about the Z bench?  Z for zero as in too damn dumb to  serve in the Army.  If you can't pass the test, you're not qualified to kill bad guys. Wow, 17% of Utahns are too dumb to serve.  Hold it, don't start saying disparaging words about the Great Basin folks, they're not as dumb as the nation as a whole.  25% of the young are too stupid to become G.I. Joe.  Heckuv of thing to be number one at, but we're working on it, that and obesity.

Pay attention to how pollers poll

As we head into the 2012 election season, yeah, it's underway and has been for some time, pay attention to who gets called and how.  More and more people do not have landlines, especially the younger crowd.  If they are not represented in a sample, then the poll will be bunk.  Pollsters will have to tell us how they are sure they tap the cellphone only segment of the population.  Pay attention to their methods.  Remember if the sample is not random in a meaningful way and not representative then there can be no inferences, it's just answers to questions by x number of people.  If a poll didn't tap 50%+ of the 25-29 olds, it misses a bit reality that may be meaningful, they may be inclined to vote differently from the landline based members of the their cohort.

More Than Half Age 25-29 Only Have Cell Phones

Communications keep on a changing

I still use a VCR and listen to some music on vinyl.  I don't own a camera--film or digital--rather I have no idea where the film one is so it's about the same as not having one.  I guess I've been an old fart for decades and I'm only 64.  I'm not a Luddite, just a slow adopter.  Now I learn that e-mail is lame, passe and out of date.   Hmm, guess I'll just stay an old fart as I become one for real (based on age).

E-Mail Gets an Instant Makeover

It's in the record book!

Wow, 89 consecutive wins.  Now that's a basketball team!  Oh, no one noticed.  Why?  Well it was set buy the University of Connecticut women's basketball team.   If you want to watch good basketball, forgo the pros, turn off the men's college game and tune in to the women's teams like UConn and Tennessee (plus about all the other teams too).  What's the glass ceiling in women's sports? Whatever it is, it's still there.

UConn Women Own the Longest Streak

The Unintended Consequences of Electing Nincompoops

As usual Congress could not quite get around to appropriating money for the current federal fiscal year.  Since Oct. 1, 2010 the feds have been running on continuing resolutions.  We are again, but I bet the earmarks from last year carry over, those guys may be ninnies, but they are crafty.  What will be the outcome of the CR?  Well, costs have gone up, but cash is flat.  Something will give.  The GOP still thinks voters voted for them.  They didn't.  They voted against the Democrats.  As we can expect, the GOP will thus act in a manner that pisses off  the voters over the next two years.  The Dems will then re-gain in '12 what they lost in '10.  When will voters decide to boot both parties?

Stopgap Bill Hamstrings Government Programs

What happened to California?

There wasn't an earthquake, Calif. didn't break off and float out to sea, so where is it?  Oh, after all the rain, it has sort of melted and eroded itself into the Pacific.  Hey, it's really still there, but they've had a lot of rain and more is on the way--

LA evacuations ordered; Calif braces for more rain

Less Blue and More Red

Congress will be redder as blue states lose seats in Congress per the 2010 Census.   Hmm, I wonder if Obama banked on this change for 2012?  He's flipped off the professional whiners in the liberal wing of the party, pissed off most others and the blue states will have fewer votes in the Electoral College.  Damn that's why he's trying so damned hard to be a Republican.   Job number one is  a lot of work, it's a full time job, I wonder when he has had time to manage USA, Inc.?

Seat changes

Legacyland Scenario

Here comes Dec. 31, 2011.  Iraq reminds us, "everybody out."  They mean everybody.  We pull all our troops out.   Then on Jan. 1, 2012 they tell us this means all the mercs, contractors State Dept. nation builders, and assorted do-gooders too.  We are given two weeks to leave.  We comply.  On Jan. 15, 2012 the Iraqi government suggests we downsize our embassy to a token presence.  Hillary comes home.  By the end of January 2012, the U.S. has an ambassador, two aides and his dog Spot in the billion dollar palace we built.  His budget is cut.  He leases the embassy to the Iraqis.

On February 1, 2012 Maliki dedicates a statue to the nation's champion of liberty and democracy, himself, as he begins a purge of all Sunni Iraqis.  By March 2012, Maliki has shut down parliament, re-opened the torture chambers and announced an alliance with Iran to eliminate Israel and the great Satan-the U.S.  On May 1, 2012 we pull the ambassador out and sever diplomatic ties and announce a boycott of Iraq.  Now that's a legacy worthy of George W. Bush.

The probability of the above is quite, quite low, but it's something to consider--

Maliki's governing style raises questions about future of Iraq's fragile democracy

It's Gonna Be A Slam Dunk, For Sure

The CIA, known for exploding cigars, weapons of mass destruction detection, moles, and really accurate assessments of Soviet military capability, is going to analyze the damage done by Wikileaks.   They have even formed the "Wikileaks Task Force"  (WTF).  Yep, I bet no one even noticed that the acronym can be read somewhat differently than they may desire,  but what the fuck, we already know what they will find.  The damage is worse than bad, it is so bad we have to classify how bad, so "trust me."  It will require billions an billions of tax dollars to be spent on making government secrets more secure (from U.S. citizens of course).  The exact amount will be classified.  The actions taken will be classified.  The results of the fix will be classified.  Why did Truman do this to us?

CIA launches task force to assess impact of U.S. cables' exposure by WikiLeaks

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ratzy Misspoke about condoms

The Vatican has informed the world that the Church's position on the use of condoms is as specified by Pope Ratzy.  A spokescardinal noted, the use of condoms does not matter in those cases since the people involved are already eternally damned and are going straight to hell anyway.  And the march to the 12th century continues.

Vatican clarifies pope's condom comments

Net Neutality

Here's a piece on the FCC's new Net Neutrality action.

Why everyone hates new net neutrality rules—even NN supporters

In your heart you know he's just a good old boy*

Remember as I posted earlier,  sheet over your head is Klan attire.  If you drape it over your shoulders, it's the Citizens Council look.

Barbour: Segregationist Citizens Councils That I Praised Were 'Totally Indefensible

*racist cracker

Make the House Bigger

If you are a member of a group of 708,045 people, do you think the leader of the group knows all the members?  Isn't that a little large to have one person represent all members.  It's way too large.  The Census put the 2010 population at about 308,000,000.  That means each Representative represents a District of 708,000 people.  It's time to expand the House.  How big?  Let's try 60,000 member groups.  The House would become a body of about 5,133 members.  Before you react, "that's too large" we have computers, we already vote electronically, we can build big buildings, and who says the entire House has to meet in one place at the same time?   Hell, let's move Washington to the middle of the nation.   I think we'd all have better representation and see a diminution of party power.  Now, what do we do about the 100 debilitators in the Senate?

Why did anyone move to Texas?

They did, in large numbers over the last ten years.  So many that Texas picks up four seats in the House.  That sucks, but there's no accounting for the lack of taste.  As Texas picks up four that means other  states lose four seats.

It's official: The U.S. population is 308,745,538; Texas gets 4 new seats


The folks of South Carolina still want to own, buy and sell people, provided the people are not white.    They can say slavery was not part of the Civil War,  but anyone can say "look a flying pig."  Saying it does not mean that pork is actually aloft.  Slavery was the root cause of that war, it informed every reason given for secession.  That war was an insurrection.  It was an act of treason.  The good folks of S.C. are celebrating their heritage, today we call also call it human trafficking.  S. Carolina is a very strange place.

150 years on, Civil War still stirs South Carolina passions

He's a Republican Candidate for President?

Hold the macacca!  Haley Barbour,  an old white guy form Mississippi, did not have that bad a life during the Civil Rights era.   Wow.

He was with the folks who opposed the Klan.  Hm, if the boys in town wear bedsheets to cover their heads and deny Blacks their rights, especially the right to live,  then they are the Klan.  Now, if the same boys uncover their heads,  deny Blacks their rights, but let them live (except as lynched via public acclamation) then they are a Citizens Council.  Haley enjoyed the good old days.  Haley loved the Citizens Councils.  He thinks everyone felt likewise.  I bet he longs for the good old days.  I bet most of the GOP does too.  Kind of explains the red states, no?

Discussing Civil Rights Era, a Governor Is Criticized

We're not making quota

Damn, executions are down.  Juries are getting all wussy and putting 'em away for life without parole instead.  This has to be un-American or some BS like that.  What can we do to keep our  number one status in state directed murder?  Hey, let's have more capital crimes!   Let' make everything a capital crime.  Volume always works.

Oops, sorry, state murders are down because there's a shortage of the chemicals used to kill the cons.   Global tech keeps on biting us in the ass.  Bring back the guillotine.  Whoosh, whoosh,  it works all the time.  Juries, get cracking and demand that the  convicted lose their heads instead.

Death Penalty Down in U.S., Figures Show

Bungle On!

Our compromiser in chief, also the current strategerator in chief, has found a way to stay on schedule in Rubbleistan.  Yep, we'll be out of Afghanistan in 2014.  Before y'all get too excited, note our troops will not exit to the West and home.  Nope, as we did in Iraq, they'll just exit East to the next front.  The War on Terror will never end even if don't call a WOT a WOT anymore.  A peace here is only as secure as the next war there or some BS like that.   I bet this plays well in 2012.

U.S. Military Seeks to Expand Raids in Pakistan


Bless the brush cutter, Iraq has a government!  It's only taken nine months or so, but they finally formed a new government--the election was last February.   Iraq is truly Bush league.  Is T-Ball their national sport yet?

Iraqi lawmakers approve new government

The MIC is global!

As so much economic activity has been globalized over the past couple of decades, it's no surprize to see our Military Industrial Congressional Complex has also been globalized.  Does it make you feel safer and  more secure to know we buy our war fuel from some firms in Russia and Kyrgyzstan?  I bet the Russians laugh all the way to the bank as we flail away in Afghanistan.  Did they pay us as they failed back then?  Can a military be effective if its war machine is global and dependent on possible future enemies?  Maybe we need to end war instead.  Yeah, right.

Pentagon, State Dept. criticized over Kyrgyz jet fuel deals

Bullshit Lives On

Public servants are under attack because they make to much.  Yep, some folks are pissed because government workers take home more than the average taxpayer.  Hmm, average?  Okay, who pays most of the tax dollars?  Why it's the same crowd who have been screwing the American worker by lowering wages, eliminating benefits, scrapping pension programs, and transforming work into a series of temporary jobs so that they can have even more cash to invest at Goldmans.  Now, the rich see another money pot to attack and steal.  The they have egged on their thralls to lead the charge and demand that public servants everywhere be made to live like they work in Shithole, Ohio.  Class war?  You bet, it's time for the real bad guys to pay.

Public servants feel sting of budget rancor

Net Neutrality

The FCC is ready to enact some new rules for the Tubes.  In theory, they will enforce net neutrality.  The Post piece makes it sound reasonable.  However,  since this is Obama's FCC, get ready to discover he's compromised the Internet away.  After all, who needs a whole loaf when a quarter loaf will do?  Damn, there I go again, acting like a whining, sanctimonious, purist, professional liberal.  I've quit hoping for change, how about you?

FCC set to enact new rules affecting Internet access

There go our taxes

Were you ever puffed prior to boarding an aircraft?  If so, that experience is just a memory now.  The $20 million plus worth of machines are now stored in warehouses.  Puffers didn't quite work like the manufacturer thought they might.  How much have we spent on full body scanners?  How much more will we spend.  Yeah, it is us, the taxpayers who pay for this junk.  Will scanners be warehoused when bad guys find a cheap, easy way to beat the detection of whatever it is TSA is looking for.   What will be the next bit of Rube Goldberg machinery that DHS buys to make us safe?   The puffer exemplifies the TSA and DHS, they receive appropriations, the appropriations are puffed, they go up in the air and come down in the wallets of the Security Industry Complex buddies.  9/11 changed everything all right, including how fast pols and cronies can create a new tax dollar transfer industry complex.  Feeling safer?

Auditors question TSA's use of and spending on technology

Monday, December 20, 2010

Jib Jab

So Long to Ya, 2010

Food That Kills, Your Dog or Cat. Brought to you by Kroger's

Yep, Kroger's has some special cheap dog and cat food made just for them.  As they profit from sales, pets are dying.   Gee, if Kroger will kill your pet to make a buck, do you think they give a rat's about anything that has their name on it?  They won't even let us know who makes the crap for them. I wonder how many other brands the manufacturer of Old Yeller makes? Does anyone make a decent safe product any more, or is it only profit maximization that matters?  Don't forget, Greed is a deadly sin.

Pet Food Recall - Kroger Dog and Cat Foods

Who benfits?

Well I'll be damned the boss is now going to hire more temps.  Not just for the season, but as a new way of doing business.  He says it's due to the recession, tough economy, weak markets, etc.  If I didn't know better I'd day this is just management's new way to make subsistence wages the norm.

Funny how the board still makes more, top management makes more, stockholders make more, and investors make more.  Where did all that more come from?  Where's organized labor when we need them?  Oh, they're off playing with their hemorrhoids.

Happy New Year,  but don't expect more, get used to expecting less, a lot less.  I think we need more than a passle of class tussle.  I hope no one still believes in corporate ethics and the social responsibility of business.  Unless they get kicked in the balls, on a regular basis, they do what they exist to do, maximize profits today, period.   Where'd I put my steel tipped boots?  

Weighing Costs, Companies Favor Temporary Help

Cost of Credit

Here's an informative site.  How much does the bank, the credit card company, and the processing company make on a $1.50 pack of gum bought on plastic at a convenient mart?  You'll be surprized.

True Cost of Credit

Good Question

For gay rights, is repeal of 'don't ask' military ban the end or the beginning?

Pardon my bluntness

Obama's first two years are a series of cave ins.  He calls it all compromise.  Now he's discovered that as he has become more a Republican than not, the liberal part of the base is pissed.  He's must have counted the votes for him in 2012.  My, my, Obama is now trying to make nice.  I do hope the liberal/progressive leaders in the party will tell him, as VP Cheney said to Senator Leahy in the Senate Chamber,  "go fuck yourself."  Hope and change can win an election, but it takes deeds grounded in those hopes to obtain change to get reelected.  Obama remains talk but no walk.    

Obama reaches out to liberal groups to shore up Democratic base after tax deal

What Would Jesus Tell Ratzy?

Pope Ratzy wants to know how the Catholic Church has pretty much derailed itself.  He wants to know what's wrong with its message and Christian life in general.  He really wants to know how they  allowed the widespread sexual abuse of children by priests.  He's musing away in his palace looking for an out that saves his Church but minimizes salvation.  

Hmm, I wonder if it ever crosses his mind to ask how Jesus would answer his questions?  Probably not,  for as Christ answered, he'd have to give away his red Prado slippers, cool hats,  and sell off the Vatican as the Popemobile became a rusty hulk.  The eye of needle is not any larger today than it was 2,000 years ago.  Ratzy seems to have forgotten the Lord does not want us to co-mingle the things that are God's with the things that belong to Caesar's.   

People in the church's organization made the mess.  They did things.  They said things.  Their criminality was abetted by others to preserve the organization.   Who really believes that the Pope sees his job number one as guiding all of God's children towards deciding to live for salvation?  Free will is a bitch.   That's the bitch that is at the core of good, evil, and morality.    

When priestly vanity, pride, and greed diminishes and minimizes the Sermon on the Mount then church which grew out of the pain and misery of widows, orphans, and the poor will flail and fail.  How has the Vatican done lately on that "least amongst us" thing?    I wonder how Jesus would evaluate Ratzy and the Vicars of Rome these days?  

Pope: Church must reflect on what allowed abuse

Are You Ready for a Brave New World?

Is suspicion a crime?

After 9/11, which we all know just changed everything, elected and appointed officials decided to make us safe.  The question is, did they, or did they just create a massive foundation for a police state?  The terrorist threat will abate, but will the data collection infrastructure be turned off or will it be turned towards us?  Dana Priest has an unsettling piece in today's Post.  Give it a read, then if you are old enough, imagine what Richard Nixon would have done if such a system had been in place when Tricky was in power?  Scary isn't it?  Now consider this,  imagine this system in place and Dick Cheney is in the White House.  That can scare your hair white.  How would Saul Alinsky counter all this data collection?  It kind of makes me hope for several more Julian Assanges and more Wikileaks.  Break out the authoritarian state Sci-Fi, which future will we be living, when?

Monitoring America

I wonder, would DHS, FBI, CIA, et al, discover threats just to prove their work is necessary?  Hmm, what is a self-fulfilling prophecy?  We've had missile gaps, how about a terrorism gap?  

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Every once in a while we need to remind ourselves of why we must be vigilant about our government.   Vile people do take charge as folks go along to get along and allow ends to justify means.   It can happen here.  Here's a book that reminds us about what happens when folks lose control of their government and accept rule by subhumans.

Caught between two killers

Kids and Food

I have trouble getting my head around hungry children in this country.  It's not right, but it exists.  I have a feeling, every hungry child has been created by some rich prick somewhere so he can have even more money in the bank.   It's great that billionaire assholes like Gates and Buffet have decided to give their money away, but maybe they could build a factory, a farm, a store, so that everyone who wants a job could have one, today and tomorrow.  They'd be able to take care of their kids.  Here's the piece that got me thinking about kids and food.

5 myths about school food

Every dollar spent on food for children by our government reflects at least $10 removed from the system by the rich to feed their greed and buy their toys.  We're subsidizing the rich.  Think about it.

Legacyland in peril?

The time is coming soon, well, in about a year, when the SOFA says all of our military is supposed to leave Legacyland.  Lots of folks sort of assumed "all" really meant "most" and "most" would be defined over the coming decades.

Unfortunately as we gave the Iraqis, lots of shock, oodles of awe, a two minute liberation, and years of a bone headed, mind numbingly inept occupation the Iraqis withdrew their hearts, minds, and kept their flowers and chocolates for themselves.

Now, the Iraqis are saying"all" means "all."  Well, all military.  The American taxpayer will support a new an improved civilianized war as the State Department takes command of thousands of mercs and  consultants who just want to help, for a fee, the poor beleaguered American hating Iraqis.  I guess the liberty chip spreaders didn't work quite as planned, sometimes they can create an elected Hamas.    

The administration has already drawn up plans for an extensive expansion of the American Embassy and its operations, bolstered by thousands of security contractors. The embassy in Baghdad, two satellite offices in Mosul and Kirkuk, and two consulates in Erbil and Baghdad are scheduled to take over most of more than 1,000 tasks now carried out by the American military.

Politics in Iraq Casts Doubt on a U.S. Presence After 2011

Is this the beginning of a State Department Industry Complex within the MIC?


Did he or didn't he?  Did Assange fail to use a condom during consensual sex which then became non-consensual because the condom broke or what?  Sweden has some interesting sex laws.  It even reads a bit like one of those Swedish art films of yesterday.  Two women, comparing notes I guess, say he was the same rotter to each of them.  He says "bullshit" in return to each of them.  Here's more then you want to know about sex, lies, and secret documents.

Swedish Police Report Details Case Against Assange

Somewhere lurking in all this mess I think we'll find the boys and girls who make exploding cigars at the CIA at work to conform with White House requests.    

USA, Inc.

Congress has been owned by corporate American for a very long time.  Business learned how to redress grievances quite well.  For every dollar "donated" they obtain at least a $29 return.  The White House has also become a subsidiary of a confederation of Industry Complexes.  Come on, who's the real beneficiary of the Health Insurance Reform Act?  With two down, the Chamber of Commerce is making it a trifecta as they absorb the Supremes.  Roberts and the Robes love to play at Chamber venues.  All three branches of government are now of, by, and for the good folks at USA, Inc. who sponsor all the clowns we elect and the appointees.

Justices Offer Receptive Ear to Business Interests