Saturday, January 1, 2011

From Jake Today's Intergalatic Wire Service

Rome (JCJ) -- Pope Ratzy’s New Year message, condemned attacks against Christians in the Middle East.
Pope Ratzy indicated he will hold a Peace Crusade Summit somewhere, in October.  This summit will come 25 years after Pope John Paul organised a similar event which ended liberation politics.
Ratzy’s announcement came hours after a bomb went off at a church in Egypt.
Several Coptic Christians were killed.  Ratzy did not indicate whether or not  Rome has ever accepted Copts as decent Christians.  However, he noted if they are the enemy of Muslins and Jews, then they are friends of Rome, theologically and politically speaking.
As Pope Ratzy spoke, he indicated it is time for Catholics to renew their effort to live the one true faith, serve a Roman Peace, donate money and their sons to serve in the Jesuit Vatican Christian Coalition Army of the Apocalypse. 
He noted that Christians face threatening tensions of the moment, especially discrimination, injustices and religious intolerance, which today strike Christians in a particular way, that is usually called death.  He once again made a pressing appeal to crusade against the infidel and free Jerusalem from the heathens or be excommunicated, damned and spend eternity in hell!  
He said the summit would also "honour the memory of the historical events promoted by my 12th century predecessors".
Pope Benedict has repeatedly denounced attacks on Christians in Iraq, including an assault on a Baghdad cathedral in October which killed at least 50 people. The Vatican fears that the violence is driving many Christians out of the region, hence the need to redress their grievances with divine godly force and wash the heretics in the blood of the lamb.  It has yet to be determined if the Vatican will continue to use the old sequence numbers for Crusades or start a new series.  

New Year's Resolution

Moderate drinking is probably good for our health.  Excess is not.  In addition to being to hammered to even dial the phone,  too much brings on disease and lardbuttitis.  So this year resolve to quit drinking.  That's right, quit drinking cheap wine!  Life's short enough, why waste it on cheap wine!  Drink less, but drink well!

Ditto on cheap booze!

Happy New Year

Bag the celebrations.  We need a crisis to kick off the New Year!  Where can we find one?  Oh, over there in Africa.  Yep, check out the Ivory Coast.  Happy Normal Year!

Ivory Coast moves towards civil war as crisis over disputed election deepens

The Burkas are Coming!

In Legacyland it was the case that women had some rights--

For decades, Iraq led the region in promoting women's rights, beginning in 1959 with the passage of an extremely progressive civil liberties law and the appointment of the first female minister in the Arab world. Even Saddam was a friend to women in the 1970s and 1980s, passing strong legislation against sexual harassment and bringing huge numbers of women into the workforce as part of a drive to industrialize Iraq.

Then came the Republicans, they shocked, awed, and occupied to create a Legacy for the Shrub.

Now, however, Iraqi women are finding their hard-won freedoms limited by a society increasingly governed by religious conservatives. Many Iraqis say that politicians at the local and provincial levels, whether they hail from Islamist parties or merely take cues from them, are putting pressure on women to circumscribe their public role.

It's getting worse--2011 looks grim for progress on women's rights in Iraq

Blasphemy Laws?

I wonder if our evangefundies would like to have blasphemy laws in good old number onedom?  Sadly, I think think they do.   If we implemented such laws, I also doubt if they realize how quickly the quality of all our lives would deteriorate, as we become just one more Pakistan or worse on the planet.   It's odd how folks forget that freedom and liberty are forged in and preserved by tolerance, mutual respect, and law.

Pakistanis Rally in Support of Blasphemy Law

Math Education Follows the Palin Model

As Sarah Palin trashed Michelle Obama over deserts and every American's right to raise their kids as they see fit, without any evil socialistic government intrusion, she showed us what has been achieved through incompetence and ignorance.  Look about you, how many little porkers and porkettes do you see at the mall, at the grocery store or waddling down the street?  Every third child is beyond chunky!   It's simple, if you eat too much, there will be more of you.  However, if Mom and Dad never learned that,  then if you are a child, your parent's behavior will become your deadly normal as you obese your way into adulthood. It's amazing, attack knowledge, facts, reason and logic in the name of liberty?

Palin's logic, and others of her ilk, seems to underlie American student's miserable showing in math (and I suspect all the other areas too).   Is little Janie or Johnny having trouble with math?  What can a parent do?  Well, a parent can help their urchin spawn.  But, who needs expertise--knowledge, facts, reason, logic-- when parents just know they can do it themselves!  Parents help/tutor/teach and viola, in emulation of themselves, they create more poorly, but well fed, educated children.

Are math scores lagging because U.S. parents are clueless?

New Year, Same Old Shit, Religion Not Conducive to Life

With all the god inspired mayhem committed by various -ites and -ists,  you would think folks would wake up and decide either god (pick your flavor) is one sadistic bastard, most unworthy of adoration,  or they would note that the folks who speak for god are deranged and in need of a vary long vacation, perhaps permanent,  in happy hollow.  Until the flock decides that the Shepard is out to kill them, we'll keep on seeing shit like this--

Here's the piece--Bomb hits Egypt church at New Year's Mass, 21 dead

Here's what is at the end of the article.  Ain't belief grand!

Al-Qaida in Iraq says it is attacking Christians there in the name of two Egyptian Christian women who reportedly converted to Islam in order to get divorces, prohibited by the Orthodox Coptic Church.

The women have since been secluded by the church, prompting Islamic hard-liners to hold frequent protests in past months, accusing the Church of imprisoning the women and forcing them to renounce Islam.

Al-Qaida in Iraq says its attacks on Christians would continue until Egyptian Church officials release the two women. The Church denies holding the women against their will.

Egypt faced a wave of Islamic militant violence in the 1990s, that peaked with a 1997 massacre of nearly 60 tourists at a pharoanic temple in Luxor. But the government suppressed the insurgency with a fierce crackdown, and militant violence all but stopped until the bombings in the Sinai reports of Dahab, Taba and Sharm el-Sheikh in the mid-2000s. 

Strange, very strange

We are at war.  However, our Army does not fight all the war.  They cannot since we have to blow the crap out of an allies turf.  That might be seen as an act of war.  Instead, the Army outsources attacks on pals to the CIA.  That's not seen as an act of war, just run of the mill terrorism.  The CIA uses remote controlled drones to attack Pakistanis.  Naturally, the CIA program is all hush-hush and covert, despite that fact that we know about it.   One little problem, if the CIA is as effective in Pakistan as it has been in so many of its other operations, I think two things will occur.  First, the program will fail but be copiously praised--it will receive the George Tenet medal of Slam Dunkery.  Second, the effects of the program will pop up in the near future and take a chunk out of our national ass, in the same way as Afghanistan has made our butts smaller ever since we poked the Russkies in the eye.

US missiles kill 14 in northwest Pakistan

CNN and New Year's on TV

Kathy Griffin and New Year's (with or without swearing) go quite well together.  I have no problems with her language, I wish CNN would lighten up a bit (it might help their ever tanking ratings).   I hope they have her back with Anderson Cooper next year.  They are an odd match up, but it works.  But note, ever since Guy Lombardo died New Year's Eve on TV hasn't been the same. Funny, for that matter, ever since the Royal Canadians last New Year's appearance on TV,  if feels like we've been on a downhill slide.

CNN might do better by bagging the live ball drop from Times Square at midnight and going with a live Shushi drop from Key West.  A drag queen descending 10-20 feet in a giant high heeled shoe seems to be a better way to bring in the New Year than New York's mob at Times Square.  CNN could then show video of New York.  Drag Queens in Key West, a giant stiletto shoe, New Year's Eve, lots of bubbly, what better way and more appropriate way to start another strange and sure to be interesting year in this delightful nation of ours.  

Celebrating the new year with Sushi

Friday, December 31, 2010

And on the Pak side of Af-Pak

It certainly seems that the Taliban has more sway in Western Pakistan than does the Pakistani government.  We, the US, don't count at all, we lost their hearts and minds amongst all the bodies produced by the CIA drone attacks in Western Pakistan.  It's a normal day in the neighborhood.

Bombs kill 1, wound 3 in western Pakistan

There Goes the War

Homeland Security chief arrives in Afghanistan

She's going to give them advice on securing borders and preventing drug smuggling?  Oh, boy, with help like that....

Eco Fight!

When I saw this headline," E.P.A. Limit on Gases to Pose Risk to Obama and Congress," I became a bit concerned.    Would the EPA actually have the balls to do what no one else has dared to do?  Will the EPA stem all the hot air, belches and farts that emanate from the Capital and the White House?  My god, this will be a case of government getting on its own back!  How will the Supremes decide what we must do?  Oh, my god, 2011 will be an interesting year.  Then I realized it was about global warming, greenhouse gases and tree hugging stuff.

Maybe the EPA could spend a little bit time and money to regulate excess political gas?


I still do not get Facebook, I must have a modestly sized amygdala.  Facebook is a social networking site.  A lot of folks use it.  Apparently it now gets more usage than Google.  If potential voters use something, you can bet your digme that your favorite pol uses it too.  I bet they also twitter,but then they are all twits to begin with.  Who's good?  Who's bad?  I don't care, but here's a piece on pols who use the tubes to grub for votes.

Palin, Republicans get high marks from Facebook users

I love Rep. Amish, a GOOPER, using Facebook to explain his votes.  How many times does he have to say "I'm a Republican, so if the Dems are for it, I'm not.  I just say No." 

It was an amazing run...

And it was an incredible game last night.

Stanford ends Connecticut women's historic winning streak at 90 games with 71-59 upset


As Iraqis continue to exchange holiday gifts, they have not forgotten their Christian friends.  Now, I wonder will our Christians here at home demand that we enter into the Iraqi spirt of giving and give the Muslims a gift of a Crusade for Jesus?  Didn't the Magi come bearing Frankincense, Shock and Awe?

Series of Baghdad bombings target Christians, police say

A Good Move, But...

TSA has been and will be replaced at some airports across the nation.  Private security personnel are apparently as good as TSA, which does not say much, and may even be better, which is good if "better" does not cost more tax dollars.  If there is a movement afoot to transform TSA into an administrative regulatory safety enforcement agency only,  then that's a great way to start a new year.

Oh, there's a but, there's always a but, but if we pay for TSA as regulators and also pay private contractors to do what TSA currently does at airports, what have we done?  About all we will accomplish is to make the national pad even bigger than it is today.  We will not reduce government cost.  We will not really make government smaller.  TSA employees are replaced by private contractor employees, but remember it's not the employer that matters.  What matters is who provides the money for the paychecks that matters.  Public or private, if the money comes from tax dollars, it's still government and the ones receiving paychecks are really government employees.  So what can we do?

Well, we can get government out of the "safety is job number one" business.  We can establish a national baseline of airport/airline safety.  We can administer and enforce a set of laws and regs.  We do not have to pay for the implementation of the rules and regs.  Being safe is a cost of doing business.  If you want to fly you pay for security.  If you run an airport, you pay for security.  If you  run an airline you pay for security.  Safe skies have to become a cost of business.  It cannot be subsidized by tax dollars.

We will not solve our budget and deficit problems until we take on the pad.  It's not the number of actual federal employees that is the problem, instead it is all the other jobs which depend upon tax dollars that we need to discuss.    As an end note, with respect to private security at airports at least two things will occur over the next five years.  First, the cost of paying the contractors will go way, way, beyond the amount we would otherwise pay for just TSA.  Second, the quality of the private contractors work will decline, remember the private sector has one goal--maximize profit.

As frustration grows, airports consider ditching TSA

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Give this a read and then read the next post

If your amygdala is huge, then you're reallly into Facebook!

Study: More Friends on Facebook Equals A Bigger Amygdala In Your Brain

Oops, it may also mean those folks are trogs and have eaten batshit (see next post).

Which comes first, the coward or the conservative?

Too good to pass by.  I know what wrecks human brains and turns otherwise decent folks into conservatives.  Yep, they ate batshit and we know what happens then.  

Study: Conservatives have larger "fear center"


I don't understand why Bush has not retired to Baghdad.  He toppled Hussein, spread liberty, and established a democracy in the Middle East.   He should be proud, move there, and run for president of Iraq.

The former dictator who controlled all means of destruction is gone.  Now everyone is free to wield a weapon of personnel destruction.  It's a democracy alright, shaped by our former fearless leader's thoughts on life, the universe and everything.  Iraqis are expressing their democratic right to annihilate each other.

Iraqi police commander killed in triple suicide attack

What did we expect when we elected a shrub as leader?

Wanna Bet?

The EPA has a plan.  Their plan will lead to a clean Chesapeake Bay by 2025!  The EPA even has some new law on its side.   With an eye to the history of Bay cleanup efforts in the past,  an economy that is not really recovering,  where unemployment remains high and will for years to come, and with the  "small government / no taxes" crowd on the rise, would you like to place a wager on EPA success?   I pick February 2013 for failure if Obama is personally shellacked.  If not then, then my second pick is February 2017 when the GOP has once again assumed the lease on Air Force One.  When the GOP takes the White House, they will derail the EPA Bay project over state's rights and cost issues.

EPA unveils massive restoration plan for Chesapeake Bay

New Year BS

It's that time of year, old or new, for lists.  We will see lists of what was in that is now out.  What is out?  What is the new in?  I half to admit, sometimes I haven't a clue about what an "out" refers to, then I am baffled by it's replacement "in."   Enjoy these lists from the Post--

The List: what’s out, what’s in as 2011 dawns

She's Back

How could we ever forget Christine O'Donnell?  Her campaign was last Fall's election humor revue.  She may not be a witch, but see may be a crook?  Witch is she?  Stay tuned.

Christine O'Donnell, ex-Senate candidate, subject of federal campaign funds probe

Her reference to Biden reflects her own lack of integrity and the politics of the Teabaggers in general. I still do not understand why anyone in Delaware voted for her, but then who can fathom the batshit crazy mind?

Green Schmean!

Are the highways full of small fuel efficient cars?  When gas was hitting $4+ a gallon, folks started  looking for better mpg.  They started to bag their Hummers and opt for small cars and trucks.  Then gas went down, stayed down, and the little cars became litter on auto sales highway.   Trucks sell well.  SUVs with a tad better mileage sell well.  Hybrids and such sell, but how many do you see outside of the urban markets?  Yep, we went greenish.  When gas hits $5 a gallon, unemployment is still at 10%, wages for workers are flat to going down, what will happen then?

SUVs lead U.S. auto sales growth despite efforts to improve fuel efficiency

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's a contest!

The GOP is running scared.  They've been out trogged by teabaggers.   If the GOP can't be the biggest patriot in the room, they've run out of sabers to rattle and they've waved the flag into tatters what can they do?  Uh, they will read!  Yep, they're going to open the 112th Congress with a reading of the Constitution.   Then they will, on every bill, give a Good Constitution Seal of Approval Citation.  Yep, I can hear Boehner now, "Hey Nancy, see, my Constitution is bigger than yours."

Two new rules will give Constitution a starring role in GOP-controlled House

Christmas in Legacyland

The Shrub must be proud of what he did in Iraq.  Liberty abounds!  Folks are free to exchange holiday gifts no matter if they are Christian, Muslim or Jew.  Season's greetings were exchanged in Mosul today--

Suicide Bombers in Iraq Kill Police Commander

I'm feeling safer everyday

I wish our government would get out of the "safety is job number one" business.  The do safety about as well as the Senate debilitates and legislates.   Our government officials seem to have the notion that all the bad guys have agreed, with respect to airplanes, that acts of terrorism  will only be committed by paying passengers who board an airplane.  If that were true, then the wands, puffs, and porn shots might be a bit, not much, but a bit effective.  Unfortunately, the bad guys never got that memo---

Critics contend failure to screen ground workers risks airport security

Obama's Bungled War

Bless my weapons of mass destruction, is Obama pulling a Bush on us?

Aid groups in Afghanistan question U.S. claim of Taliban setbacks

Aw, hell, let's give the man the TASS award for accuracy in reporting!

The Winner of the Glenn Beck History Award Goes To--

The winner is the State of Virginia for it's approach to U.S. History in public school textbooks.  Authors make it up,  call it true, it's easy, and the books are cheaper too.  The Standards of Learning really helped, so kids, remember you really are SOL when it comes to the content of your education.  Hell, it doesn't matter does it?  The teachers obviously don't know the difference between fact and fiction, the kids can't know that's why they are in school,  and the parents don't give a damn.

Some Va. history texts filled with errors, review finds

And the Joe Stalin Historiography Award Goes To---

And the winner is the U.S. Army!  In so many ways we keep on becoming our former Soviet enemy long after their demise.   Hey,  it's less risky, medalwise, to completely erase the battle from the history books.   Once again, I'm getting that deju vu Vietnam feeling again.

Army edits its history of the deadly battle of Wanat

Did they ever come clean about Pat Tillman?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Future Wars

The needed prequel--Rescind the War Powers Act.  Only Congress can declare war and send soldiers off to die for their country.

Now for future wars.

1.  Before any U.S. troops can do anything, Congress has to declare war.  No declaration, then no war.  The White House and the four year temp who administers the Executive Branch cannot send troops off to war without Congress.  It's simple.  It's also Constitutional.

2.  Upon a Declaration of War, the Selective Service Administration will begin to draft able bodied men and women to serve in the armed forces for the duration of the war.  Once you are in, via draft or enlistment, you will be in until the war ends, you are maimed or you are killed.

3.  Income tax rates, upon a Declaration of War, will immediately be raised to the levels they were at the end of WWII--top bracket was 90%.  A national 2% sales tax will also be immediately imposed.   In other words we will pay as we go into the next war.  If it's worth a Declaration of War, it's worth putting all of our resources into the war.  War is a sin so let's be sure we don't pass anymore sins onto the next generation.  Oh, we'll have to be sure to bring back controls and regs to minimize war profiteers too.   During war, there is no gain, just breaking even.  When at war, it's has to be a 100% war effort.

That's it.  Put 'em in place.  Now imagine they had been in place after WWII.  Okay, would we have fought any of the wars we've fought since WWII?  I think not.  I think we'd have a better and smaller military.  War is horrible, it is hell.  Unless every damn one of us loses something to war,  we should not fight 'em.  There is no honor.  There is no glory.  There is just death and destruction.  Let's make certain that we, all of us, not just 1% of us,  fight the next one.  

Whither goes war?

We citizens of the United States remain at war in Afghanistan.  We have lost over 700 soldiers in that bollixed bit of bellicose wastage.  It began in 2001.  In a few days it will be 2010.  The only folks putting a positive spin on the recent war assessment are Obama, his staff, and his generals.  The rest of the world sees an endless deteriorating mess.  Afghanistan's future is more rubble, more death, and more despair.

Diplomacy has no place over there, since is no national government in Afghanistan.  What is called the Karzai government is a corrupt sinkhole of venality.  There are no local governments either, except those which emulate the national model.  However, there are warlords.  The Taliban is everywhere.  There are no terrorists.  Al Qaeda is not in Afghanistan.  The opium crop has been up every year since we "liberated" the damn rubble heap.   Our CIA kills Pakistanis via drones to avoid a war with an "ally" over whose army can invade what sovereign space.  We effectively now have an AF-Pak war.   We have added troops.  Their efforts have been modestly successful here and there, but mostly not so successful.  Overall,  there's been no real difference.  The war remains stagnant, but more deadly.

No one has found a solution.  It costs us billions every week.  Our war, our deficit?  Did you want this war?  This war will not end for decades unless we decide to end it now.  That's all it takes, one simple decision, end the war today.  

There was a time when I actually believed our elected officials would not frivolously send our soldiers into harms way, but that ended a long time ago.  Today, face saving, campaigns contributions, reelection and war profits send our soldiers to their deaths.  End the damn war.      

The weather is getting strange

We had snow on Christmas Day.  It started to snow early Saturday afternoon.  It snowed the rest of the day and night.  Sunday was lots of snow, all day, all night.   The East Coast was blanketed.  I tried to measure the snow depth, but it was a challenge,  the snow was accompanied  by a fierce wind that blew the snow from here to there.  It was a challenge to walk into the wind too.    It had to be between 8-10 inches by late Sunday.

Sunday night and all day Monday was below freezing with howling winds.  My house is not airtight, it really howls and whistles as it  becomes one with the wind.  The sun was out though.  I think the wind stayed steady between 20-30 mph with sustained gusts of 40 mph.  Since the day after the day after Christmas sucked there was only one thing I could think of doing.  Yep, it was time for a  "Scary Movie" marathon!  They are so bad, they are good!  I've put them away for next Winter.

Today, there's not as much snow in most places around my yard, not because of melt-off, no, the wind blew it all into the bay in front of the house.   The sun is out.  The temperature will rise into mid to high 30s.  The snow will melt as 10-15 mph winds continue to blow.   This is Winter in Tidewater Virginia?  It seems more like Utah, except, we will bring in the New Year with bright sun, 60 degree temps, and lots of rain!  May everyone have had a White Christmas and  a Muddy New Year!

Hmm, New Years looks like it's going to blow chunks.  What will I do?  Yeah, I feel a "Bring It On"  movie marathon in the offing.  Again, so bad, so good, especially with hot buttered popcorn and a Coke!

Do you buy Kosher food?

Okay, how about halal food?  Halal is the counterpart for Muslims,  to Kosher for the Jews.   Will you be seeing halal food in your grocery store soon?  I'd bet on it, there's money to made hawking religiously pure food to religious foodies.  And there are other products too!  I think both religions got it all wrong.  I bet god loves a good pork barbecue, hell, he created us, the grill, the charcoal, the pigs, and all those fine sauces.

Is marketing a measure of our society's level of tolerance?  In 1950 how wide a distribution did Kosher foods have?  In 2010, where can't you find Kosher foods?  Okay, what other types of products, availability, and advertising for what groups  do you know about?  Can a history of  our nation be shown via marketing and product distribution?

US Muslims: a new consumer niche

Does the niche emerge because the nation is ready to be tolerant so we then market.  Or,  does the niche exist so we market to it  with a side effect of increased toleration?  Does the hand of the market kind of slap us up side the head and remind us to be nice (and make a buck or two along the way)?

Now we find out why the cops killed him...

The cops didn't bag the guy's ass because he had shotgun on Temple grounds.  No sir, the perp also had a machete and a sword!  That makes all the difference I guess.

Man killed outside Utah temple had machete

Obama and Vick

Redemption and second chances are part of our culture.  It's the kind of thing we see as normal and right.  However, along the way, there are some lines that should not be crossed.  Michael Vick did far more than enable and finance a dog-fighting ring.  What I read during his trial was pretty damn bad.  He was a direct, willing, and active participant in brutalizing dogs and killing dogs.  To be succinct, when it comes to animals, he a sick bastard,  a sadist.  I doubt that some time in the joint re-habilitated him all that much.     Obama is giving praise for the multi-million dollar second chance to Vick.  Hell, Vick's even got advertising gigs again.  Is this redemption or just football owners greed?  Did Obama cross a line? Does the NFL give that much to politics?  Boycott the Eagles?  Vick?  Obama?  Or is all okay?  What's your take?

Obama weighs in on Michael Vick, and other cultural issues

Merry Christmas from Legacyland

And in Iraq, the Muslims are exchanging Christmas gifts--

2 suicide bombings kill 19, wound 45 in western Iraq


Deadbeat banks?  Yep, community banks have not re-paid any of the money they borrowed from us to save their sorry asses.  They're being prudent (greedy).   Hey, if these are small banks, are they also small businesses?  Gee, I thought small businesses were the engine of everything in the good old number onedom.   Hm, marginal to begin with, make lousy financial decisions, borrow tax money to bail them out, welsh on the debt and still pay the CEO and board decent salaries.  If that's the kind of engine we expect to generate all those needed jobs and rebuild the old savaged econ with, then we have a far more serious problem than we imagine.  Could be have a tad more big factories instead?

Obama administration steps up monitoring of banks that miss TARP payments

Monday, December 27, 2010

Murkowski wins!

The 112th Congress, Senate side, now has a full complement of 100 Twits! The write-in pick will be certified as the winner.

The asshole who lost has decided to quit talking out of his ass and has accepted the butt plug of defeat.   He won't contest Murkowski's write-in victory.  She will have six years of rights to dump on Alaskans.  After this election, we all know that she'll lay loads of tax dollar loaves all over that last frontier!  2016 and reelection is just around the corner.   Maybe she'll get that bridge to nowhere going again.

Miller won't block Murkowski Senate certification

Bullshit Lives On

Here's a short piece on the recent ramblings Janet Neapolitan on TSA and safety.  Using her standard of objectivity, I'd say she's about 85% full of pure Donkey dung.   Does that mean she might know or doesn't know jackshit?  Give it a read, then ask yourself, "now,  do I feel more secure?"   It's nice to know that someone named after an ice cream is protecting the homeland?  

Homeland Security chief defends airport security

Feeling Safe? Belay that thought!

Just because you've been wanded, swabbed, puffed, felt up, and pornified, you think those skies have gotta be safe by now?  Oh, my, on your last flight, did you see anyone making a list of cargo put on your plane?  Did anyone check the list even once, much less twice, for things that are naughty and damned dangerous?  Oops!  What can anyone do?

Well, don't fly.  At least you won't be blown higher and higher.  Oh, look up.  See that ting speck?  Yeah, it's a cargo plane of bananas from Honduras headed to Toronto, Canada.  Guess what, it's an over flight, as in, it's flying over your ass and none of those bananas have been inspected for stuff that blows up.  Guess what's coming to your back yard soon?  Get ready for free bananas and assorted cargo jet parts.   Have a safe holiday!

Cargo that flies over the United States doesn't get screened to federal standards

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Momma don't let your kids grow up to be shotgun toting, Mormon Temple loving kind of guys (or gals).    In S. Jordan, Utah they get killed by the police.  I wonder if the departed was a gentile, a plain old Mormon,  or a Mormon who had Temple admission permission?  Then again, it is hunting season.

Armed man at Mormon temple killed in Utah shootout



If you missed any of the WaPo's 5 myths columns this year, that's a shame.  Here are some of the best ones from 2012--

The busted myths of 2010


As I contemplate doing a food/cooking blog, like there aren't enough of them, I thought I'd pass on a dish I made the other night.  I made some risotto with Parmesan added.  I did a chiffonade of baby spinach leaves.  Then I made a cream/cognac/butter sauce with a bit of nutmeg.  The three went together on a warmed plate by making a 6-8" ring of risotto, then filling the ring with a mound of spinach, and finally drizzling the very hot sauce over the spinach. The spinach warmed and slightly wilted.  The risotto absorbed any extra sauce.  With a bit of bread, some fruit, and some wine, it made a very pleasant meal.

I bet this would work quite well with any kind of thin sauce you like.  I bet heated balsamic would be quite tasty too.

Do you trust a politician?

I don't. They are narcissistic truth challenged bastards and bastardettes. When they say money does not influence how they write bills and how they vote, I have to say BULLSHIT or better yet, pull a Joe Wilson and declaim "You Lie."

Look at all that money businesses spend on Congresstypes. Unless every businessman who hires lobbyists just loves spending money and getting no return, then Congress is and has been for sale for a very long time. If the market works, then all that cash to Congress has to buying laws and regulations that do conform to what the purchasers wants.

Bless my spirit of capitalism,  "the paying customer comes first" must be Congress's motto. Voters just have to hope the effects of laws and regs trickle down something other than legislated piss.

Today,  Congressional greed and avarice has just gotten bigger, slicker and slimier than in the past. With each passing Congress more and more Congresstypes, their aides and staff are singing "Laws for Sale" every damn hour of every day.

Lawmakers seek cash during key votes

Christmas Surprize

The good folks in the White House, in Congress, at DHS, and the TSA have a present for all American taxpayers.   Bless our rising deficit, they may have to find something better than the porn-o-matic body scanners!  Don't despair, the money borrowed from China to pay for the scanners will be fully spent!  No one wants the lobbyists and the folks on the Security Industry pad to suffer just because they make cheaper shit than cheap shit from China--not in cost, but in ineffectiveness.  Come on, how long do you think Wal-mart would sell this crap?  So get ready for the next round.  Fly the naked skys?  After a full body cavity search?

Exactly What is Being Detected?

But the machines could miss something far more deadly: explosive material taped to someone's abdomen or hidden inside a cavity. Researchers and security experts question the technology's ability to detect chemical explosives that are odorless, far smaller than previous incarnations, and easily molded to fool machines and security screeners into thinking they are part of the human body.

Why not give every passenger of bit of Second Amendment action, and make flying into the new Wild, Wild West?

Christmas Technology

I am amazed at our electric gadgetry.   My Internet connection is wireless.   Cable will never make it to my neck of the rurals.  It beats the hell out of dial up and costs less than satellite.   I have a router that allows me to make Ethernet or wireless connections to the blessed Tubes.  It would be nice to have a bigger pipe, but the way our pols think, rural means suburbs of D.C.

I may be a bit web isolated, but I can shop the world from home!  E-tail works,  I did all my shopping via the Internets!   I click, enable my plastic, and a few days later a very nice UPS guy shows up with my stuff.  When I first moved here, he even showed up during a tropical storm that was worse than the a hurricane the prior year.    I heard that e-tail was up at least 15% over last year.  I did my best to help send those numbers up.  So far, e-tailing is better than retailing.

If I have a problem with a click based order, it's fixed, fast.  I stay happy.  I cannot say that for brick based sales.  It's usually a pain in the ass.  When I had more stores to choose from, I quit shopping at stores for varying periods of time--depending on how pissed I had become.  There are a couple I never returned to.

Maybe that's why e-tail is better--more competition, customers can shop anywhere in the world, customers can shop anytime,  very lean profit margins,  and no one has to shop at the one e-tailer in town.   Plus, I assume, fear may play a role.  A PO'd customer can craft a blistering  post to  a blog, on Facebook, on on  Twitter, etc., and have it, just by dumb luck, resonate with millions of other folks and actually affect one e-store's e-sales.

I digressed a bit.  I bought a ROKU box this year.  I wanted to access NetFlix and do the Instant Play thing.  Last night, I gave it a try.  It was easy to hook up.  The ROKU display came up.  I connected to my wireless router.  The box updated itself.  The box told me to go to my PC, go to ROKU and type in an account number displayed on my TV set.  I did.  The box took off, changed it's display, said "Thank You." I then added Netflix to my ROKU account.  The box told me to activate whatever it is that needed to be activated at Netflix,  It gave me a number.  I went back to the PC, went to Netflix, activated ROKU and came back to NetFlix on my TV.  We selected a BBC documentary to watch, "Monarchy: Series 1."  We watched the first two episodes.  We went to sleep.  It snowed (see prior post).

It took all of 5-10 minutes. It worked without any problems at all.  To me, that's how all the electronic stuff is supposed to work.  Somebody has some very good programmers at work.  As I am in my early days of old fartness,  this in retrospect, is like sci-fi.  Yeah, every movie, ever made, on tap.  Well, not every, but a monster passel of them.  Technology is fun.  Hell, if we didn't have the tech toys imagine how we might wind up entertaining ourselves--don't think to positively on that, Roman games, goat polo, ritual slaughter just for the hell of it, etc.  We really do need to wire the world!    


It started to snow yesterday, Christmas Day.  By sundown, we had a white Christmas.  Now it's an even whiter day after Christmas.  The white is deeper, much deeper.  All I can say is "Bah!  Humbug!"  It snowed all night.  To make it even better, the major storm is supposed to hit today and leave a nine inch residue.   And this was supposed to be a warmer and drier Winter!  Come on, this is Tidewater Virginia.  Snow?  At least it will hit near 60 degrees by week's end.  Snow sucks, I didn't bring my snowblower with me when I moved here, I needed it in Utah, but on the bay in Virginia?  

Hope y'all's Christmas was merry, bright, silver-belled, decked with holly and anything but white.