Saturday, December 31, 2011

Des Moines Register Poll

The poll is out and it's Romney, Paul and Santorum.  However don't be surprized if in the end, it's Romney, Santorum and then Paul.

Romney leads Paul in Des Moines Register Iowa Poll; Santorum surges

Live by the drone, it's okay, no one is paying attention anyway

Unaccountable Killing Machines

This sloppiness with life and death decisions is a substantial moral failing, and should be a huge scandal for President Obama. But, he has decided to both distance himself from it while also taking credit for its successes, even as it focuses on ever less important and marginal figures within the terrorist milieu.

I Think it May Give a New Meaning to Come for Jesus

The times are changing, but are you ready for Kosher Dildos?

Willard Blows Chunks

He needs to show us his tax returns.  That he won't really suggests that he fears how folks will react to a rich fuck paying the lowest rate on the highest income.  The guy just wants power and the opportunity to make even more money.  Does anyone really want this kind of sleaze in the White House?  He gives me the creeps.  I'd say I don't trust him, but that goes without saying since he's a pol.  

What’s the Deal with Romney’s Taxes?

Just As You Think He Might Be Sane

Yeah, just about then, he whaps you up aside the head with his crazy club.  Who's that?  Oh, crazy old Ron Paul that's who.  As I was thinking about the Iraq War this morning, I drifted to thoughts about Iran.  Those thoughts sent me off wondering if we need a dose of Ron Paul.  Well, it's not Ron Paul per se, it's the Libertarian politics that we need.  Ron Paul is just a crazy old coot from Texas.  Ready to be hit with Paul's crazy cudgel?  Whap, whap take that--

With Mixed Results, Ron Paul Tries To Terrify Small Town Iowa

I bet the guy subscribes to "Popular Conspiracies."


In case you didn't notice, the Iraq War is over.  Today is the last day we can be in their country, per the SOFA Bush negotiated with the Iraqi government.  Seen much review and thoughts about that war on the tube?  I hadn't until this morning.

"Up with Chris Hayes" covered Iraq for both hours.  It was worth watching.  If you've got the time, witch it via the Internet when it becomes available.  Get the podcast or whatever, get your memory fired up, and then get pissed at what was done to us and the Iraqi people.  I don't know how long it takes for their programs to become available on-line, but if you want to re-visit the rathole of Iraq, find his show from today and watch it.

It's a good rathole to visit, this is an election year.   We really forget that who we elect does matter.  We elected Bush in 2000.  That was a huge mistake.  Can you imagine what it would have been like if McCain had won in 2008?  Now, imagine either Romney or Gingrich in the White House.  Okay time to visit the Iraq war.

Up with Chris Hayes

Cook book

Here's a different kind of cook book, it's all about what flavors go with what food.  It's about food affinities.  Say someone gives a rutabaga.  It's strange to suddenly be holding a rutabaga, but now you have a rutabaga, what can you do with it?  On pg. 295 of "The Flavor Bible"  I see I can boil, braise, deep-fry, roast or steam my gift rutabaga.  But what can I flavor this sucker with?  Well I can make a dish  with Gruyere or add lemon juice before serving or  flavor it with butter and thyme. There's more, go find copy and then buy a copy.  I have a feeling this will become my second most used cookbook.

My cook books include "Professional Cooking" by Wayne Gisslen.  I use the "Joy of Cooking," both editions.  I have a feeling "The Flavor Bible" will get the most use.   When I first started cooking I wore out a paperback copy of "Fannie Farmer Cookbook".  I still have it, it's taped together and some pages have fallen out, but what do you expect after forty years.  Oh, one cookbook that really opened up a world of cooking for me is the multi volume "The Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cooking." I got that one book a t a time in the grocery store along with my first Funk and Wagnall's.  Fanny Farmer is still a pretty good general get to cooking book.  I never wanted to be a chef, I just wanted to make stuff I liked to eat.  I do.    

"The Flavor Bible" by Karen Page and Andrew Dorenburg  is a delight.  It's rounds up what you remember as you cook and cook the same stuff, what enhances and goes well with the underlying, major component.   Yeah and with age, you begin to forget as cookheimer's sets in.  I have notes I've made over the years on flavors, but this book covers everything for me and besides I've forgotten where I put my notebook.

Oh, I have to confess, the Internets is a pretty handy cookbook these days.  Google the food and see what pops up.  The Internet is a huge cookbook.

Wow, what an idea on pg. 176, Grits and mascarpone.  

There's Something Wrong With This

Let's see we want to drill, baby, drill for energy independence and lower prices at the pump.  Okay, how have the Capitalists (faux partriots folks) helped us out.   Well--

U.S. refineries exported a record amount of refined fuels in 2011 to markets in South America, Central America and Europe. It was one reason why Americans spent a record amount on gasoline this year: Supplies that might have helped lower prices here had been shipped abroad.

U.S. exports record amount of refined fuels

Before anyone gets too huffy, don't forget that there is only one rule in capitalism.  That rule is maximize profits, period.

Chalk up one more for Penn State

It keeps getting worse--

The Pennsylvania attorney general is investigating a teenager's allegation that Jerry Sandusky raped him in the Penn State football building in 2004, two years after the former assistant coach was a banned from bringing children into the facility.

More Sandusky Charges

Merchant of Death Update

The U.S. is the world's premier merchant of death.  If it goes bang, zap or boom we'll sell it to you, wholesale.   If the U.S. government got out of the arms biz, how many jobs would be lost?  How many folks in the private sector would lose their incomes?  That  won't happen, there's too much campaign cash that comes from the manufacturers of death.

US seals deal on $3.48 billion sale of missiles, technology to UAE, a close ally in Mideast

Global Warming

Last Winter no one thought about global warming.  Snow was all over the nation and it was too damn cold.   This year it's been very warm.  It was 50 this morning.  What kind of extreme weather does this unexpected mild weather foretell for the rest of Winter?  Next Summer?

Mild weather redefines winter landscape


As political campaigns become more and more costly, where does all the money go?  How many people's incomes depend on the permanent campaign?  How much is spent every year, election or no election on politics?   This cycle, the Prez race will cost a couple billion.  How many folks are on political welfare?  If we took the money out of politics, would we see unemployment go up?  

Cornhole Watch -- Santorum!

The cornholes have broken for Santorum.  Of course his surge is to a very strong third.  Wow. The evagecrazies must be opting for  him instead of the others who commingle god and Cesar to gain power, status and wealth.  The Crazy Lady has lost Jesus and her staff.  The Asshole from El Paso has proven himself too dumb even for the pious primitives in Iowa.  And the Gasbag, well, they've passed on his redemption, he adulterated all too well.  That leaves them with santourum

Santorum hopes for breakout in Iowa caucuses

If Santorum finishes in the top three, so what?

Anonymous Hack

I can't say that I understand the hack of Stratfor.  Can anyone explain in more detail why Stratfor?  If you could target for Anonymous, who or what would you like to see have a bit of transparency descended upon them?

Anonymous exposes 75,000 credit card numbers

Friday, December 30, 2011

Oh Come On

Sen. Ass Juice is surging.  Now he's trying to goose himself by asking the "You Betcha" droolers to vote for him.  Will it help him?  I don't know, when even Ann Colter thinks you're a prig, you're pretty worthless.  Oops, forgot, it's Iowa.

On Iowa Radio, Rick Santorum Touts Praise From Sarah Palin

Will he get a gig at FOX?

The Year

We began 2011 with an eye towards the 2012 presidential race.  We saw one GOP candidate as the strongest and most likely to oppose Obama.  We began 2011 with Obama vs.  Willard.  Damn, we're ending 2011 with what we began with, Obama vs. Willard.  What happened over the past 12 months?  We've enjoyed one prolonged clown show.  In other words, nothing happened, except for a lot of laughs and a resounding affirmation that the GOP is truly the batshit eatingist party on the planet.

Is everybody happy?

It's Okay to Put Lipstick on that Pig

The lipstick is immunity for telecoms in warrantless wiretapping.  The pig is George Bush.  The courts have okayed his program. It's crap like this that makes me think we do need Ron Paul for a few years to force us to get out heads out of our asses for a while.  The part that really eats at me is the idea government will sue to not go to go to court since the court action might affect national securiyt and reveal state secrets.  My trust of government is less than that of Congress, so I assume that really means avoid exposure of corrupt asses.  It's all CYA.

Court OKs Immunity for Telecoms in Wiretap Case

Arab Winter Results Are In!

Oh, this is about future Israeli actions.  Yep, in conformance with Arabic desires to be free and enjoy liberty and democracy, Israel is willing to blow the crap out of Gaza.  They see it a kind of like giving motivational speeches.   I guess they think bombs will impel the residents to overthrow their rulers in Gaza and have an Arab Spring in 2012.

Israeli general hints at another Gaza campaign


Coming soon to a Tubes portal near you--Internet Gambling!  Legit, governemnt approved and ready to take your cash (and lunch money).   It's an Obama gift to the nation. It came out during the Xmas newshole.

Obama's new tax on the poor: Internet gambling by states

In effect, President Obama and his appointed Justice officials have bowed to political pressure from states that seek a new source of revenue in Internet gambling rather than taking the difficult decisions to raise taxes or cut spending.

The timing of the memo’s release is telling about its politics. It was dated last September but was quietly made public just before the long Christmas weekend, perhaps to prevent political waves. And it came a day after Nevada officials approved in-state online gaming.

I wonder who contributed how much to Obama's reelection campaign?

How about it, yes or no to Internet gambling?  Myself, I'm all for it. If it pauperizes folks, that's fine with me.  If kiddies get some action and lose their parent's farm, that's okay by me too.  How about you?  Gee, do you really want government on your back?  I'll bet you $5 you don't.

No Shit!

Paul and His Newsletters

It's funny how pols love to pretend they really wrote their ghost written books.  Love to until, someone reads them and starts asking questions about whether or not they're a racist.  Then the distancing begins.  Then it's not mine.  Then it's I didn't know what was written.  Then it's, you get the picture.  Ron Paul still  has to deal with his newsletters issues.

One aspect of his racsim, it you wish to see him as the "author" is the money.  He made some money on these newsletters.  Paul tries to minimize the money.  He needs to account for every dime.  If he made a dime, then he really owns what was written until he sheds the cash.

Here's a review (no money accounting though) of Paul's newsletters.  Do you accept Paul's version or see him as the "author" and part of a larger problem?

'Racist newsletter' timeline: What Ron Paul has said

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Eight years ago all the terrorists had been killed or run out of Dodge.  Eight years ago all the Taliban had been removed from power--dead or run out of town.  Well, some hid in caves and hung out in rural villages. And some crossed the border into Pakistan.  I thought, as the Shrub once said, "mission accomplished."  However, we kept warring.

For the past eight years  I'm not sure who we've really been fighting for what reasons.  Sure it's Taliban, but why?  For a war that was supposed to kill terrorists, make us safe, and defend our freedom, I doubt that much has been accomplished in those areas in the last eight years.  It's more like a war that's been on auto-pilot than much else.  Now, we're chatting with the Taliban about ending the war.  Who's gave us this mess?  I know I don't trust pols in any office.  Now, I think I trust the military about as much as I do George Bush, Barack Obama and all those dolts in Congress.

US wants 2012 talks for Taliban political office

If you were part of the Taliban would you trust anything about the Karzai government?  The U.S.?  NATO?

New Poll

NBC/Marist poll puts Gasbag at 5th.  It's Willard, Cranky Old Guy and Ass Juice!

NBC poll: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul neck-and-neck in Iowa

Worth a read

Are there more ways Republican logic can be enforced to their detriment, as Mr. Klein notes, "Virginia is just an odd case where restrictive ballot-access laws are hurting Republican politicians." Can we find and even create more odd cases so that they become an effective way to poke the Trogs in the eye.

Virginia’s ballot-access laws turn tables on GOP

Zombie Lovers Take Note

Here's a new way to create Zombies, sinkholes that eat graveyards.  Yep, sinkholes suck in graves and then out come Zomibes.  Play with it and write the script.

Allentown graves may be exhumed amid water main break, sinkhole; about 25 residents evacuated

I Don't Care, They're All Cornholes

Five myths about the Iowa caucuses

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Va Primary Follies

Now that  Newt and Rick have demonstrated their complete lack of organizational skills by failing to follow the rules and qualify for the Va. GOP primary ballot,  what more inanity can be sent our way?  No not the Newt's pompous remarks.  No, not Perry's moronic federal law suit (his rights were stepped on so he needs an activist federal judge to help him out).

Here's the next hoot.  The GOP has decided to require voter loyalty oaths!  Idiotic?  Yes.  Childish?  Yes!    Very Republican?  Yes.  I encourage folks to sign the loyalty pledge, vote for Ron Paul and then in the general election vote for Obama!

Va. GOP will require loyalty oath in presidential primary

Lying to a Republican merely returns years of favors to them.

Children of the Corn Watch -- Ron Paul and Gays

Ron Paul has a bit of problem with gays.  He does not like them.  We can see evidence of this in his newsletters, what former staffers have said, and a hilarious video encounter with Bruno.  It's one thing to not like and it's another to follow through on that dislike with action (in Paul's case it would be constitutional action for sure).  Where is the Dr. No?  Would he take anti-gay action or is is more a product of his times (he's 76 and from Texas)?

What I don't get it how you can accept and even boast a bit about having an endorsement from someone who wants to kill gays in the first place.  The endorsement reference has now disappeared from Pauls' website.  The real question is why was it there in the first place?  Oh, I know, he didn't know anything about the guy, did not write any of it, he's disavowed it.  Oops, I mixed up my embarrassing Paul moments there.  You get the idea.

The hate--Death Penalty For Gays: Ron Paul Courts The Religious Fringe In Iowa

The retraction--Paul Sends Pastor Down Memory Hole

Capitalism at work

Well, if taking business away from a company because they behaved badly counts as capitalism at work, then let's hear it for capitalism.  If digging up dirt on pols who behave badly prevents capitalists from continuing to purchase votes and legislation from these pols, then again let's hear it for capitalism.

SOPA Opponents Seek to Punish Lawmakers,

Poll Details

If you saw the PPP poll, Paul was on top followed by Romney. Then the Time CNN poll came out.  It put Romney on top followed by Paul with Santorum third.  I find it most odd how the TV chatter went with the CNN poll and pretty much ignored the PPP poll.  The CNN poll fits better with the pundit's standard narrative--Romney is steady and will win the nomination.  Oh, they also were waiting for the last candidate to surge,  I guess Santorum is surging.  The CNN poll as seen on TV is the stuff lousy campaign books will be written from.

I'd suggest when you see a poll, before you accept the TV BS go take a peek at Nate Silver's blog at the NYT to see if he can assist in your understanding.  For example--

New Iowa Poll May Understate Paul’s Support

Folks do listen

The GOP has pretty much trashed folks from Mexico and further South.  They huff and puff about illegal immigrants, but it does seem that they prefer that there be no Latinos in the USA at all.   If the GOP and the current crop of candidates talked about the Irish the way they do Hispanics, lets put it this way.  You'd never see a Republican in a St. Pat's Day parade (even in Salt Lake City, Utah).

So how are the GOOPERs doing with the Irish vote?  Well, of course I mean Latino vote?  Take a guess.  I'm surprized they get double digit support.  Politics is strange, I expected single digits at best.  There's still time to lose the little support they have.  I'm confident they will get back to proposing lethal electric fences soon.  How about mass deportations?  Come on GOOPERS get trashing!

Obama would trounce Romney, Perry among Latino voters, survey finds

Obama's a Liberal?

Come on, he's not a liberal or a progressive.  I think he'd have made a good Republican back in the 50s and early 60s.  Obama has continued all of the Bush policies that made me fantasize a Bush impeachment.  He's a center right kind of guy.  Bush fans really should love Obama, unless it's the black thing is what really bugs them.  That's just me, apparently others think he's liberal.  Amazing--

Poll: U.S. sees Obama as liberal

Uh, How Will It Be Enforced?

Will this ballot referendum, if passed, create a new labor category, public health voyeur?  Would they carry Pez like condom dispensers?  Only in California, folks.

Condom law for porn actors qualifies for L.A. ballot

Children of the Corn Watch -- Ron Paul

If Paul's opponents are sure there is no way he can win the nomination, then it makes sense to let him yammer away, win Iowa and be reduced to so many liberty chips in South Carolina.  Why should they spend a dime going negative on the cranky one?  Okay, what if they are wrong? What if Paul wins in Iowa, takes second in New Hampshire and goes on to win South Carolina?  It's an extreme long shot, but voter dissatisfaction levels might incline them to say yes to Dr. No, especially if he starts being seen as a winner by the voters.

Ron Paul's rivals give him a free pass in Iowa ads

Our Politics

Want to know who will win an election?  Bag all that issue crap.  Don't even think about policy.  It's all about ad money.  He who spends the most on effective ads wins!  Here's  where you can follow the real core of our politics, the ads and ad money.

Tracking TV ads in the presidential campaign

Funny how the FTC doesn't monitor the accuracy of political ads but does insure that soup is advertised fairly.  It's sad that pols engage in the ads, but it's even sadder that it works.

Children of the Corn Watch -- Bachmann

The Crazy Lady has lost a senior campaign official.  The guy has bagged Bachmann and sidled up to the nation's old cranky uncle Paul.  Will this help Paul?  Not much.  Will this hurt Bachmann?  Nah, her engines have already flamed out.  She's just waiting to crash.  I bet it gives Iowans something to talk about though.  Come on, have you ever been to Iowa.

Kent Sorenson, Bachmann’s Iowa chair, defects to Paul

Spreading that true Spirit of Christmas

This is the kind of story I have to post. People are people first, then they can try to be whatever they'd like to be.  We're aren't too successful at the latter.

Priests brawl in Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity

Xmas Sales

This Christmas seems to have been good for our economy. Sales have been up. Retailers are smiling. That should make it easier for Obama to get reelected in Nov. Obama caused an increase in one retailing sector. Well, his presence in the White House is all it's taken to periodically increase sales.

Christmas has been a boon for all retatailers, especially the guns and ammo crowd. It's kind of neat that fear driven gun purchases will insure four more years of the guy they know is coming to take their guns away.  Thanks to the gun nuts, we'll all have Obama for four years.

Yeah, buy more guns!  It's nice that these folks pack heat for Obama and the Dems.  If they buy enough guns it will goose the economy.  Obama will win in 2012 and the Dems will keep the White House in 2016.  I'm feeling a bit better about gun nuts, not much, but a bit.  After all it is the Holiday season.

Gun sales at record levels, according to FBI background checks

What can you say about TSA?

I am one of those folks who have never wanted TSA in our airports. It's not a federal job. It's an airline company's task. Given that, how have the good folks at TSA done? Have they made flying safer? Do they stop bad guys before we know they are bad guys? Or does TSA front for spending a lot of money on gizmos they use to encourage us to pretend we feel safer? I'm glad we never had a denture bomber. I'll leave it to you to figure how TSA would handle that one. Here's a piece on our security rathole. I think all we do is spend money so pols can impress us with their faux patriotic efforts to keep us safe. Feeling safe? How about free?

Smoke Screening

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maybe We Do Need Ron Paul After All

Attract Government Spies By Tweeting These Words

On line incongruity

I went to the Guardian's UK site scrolled down a bit and expericenced a momentary brain fart.  My left eye saw this headline --  PM presses for cheap alcohol limit.

My right saw this -- Cheap Cocktails

Yep, We're Were Given Dominion Over the Earth

If we are created in god's image, then we're really screwed.

Court Orders Egypt's Military To Stop 'Virginity Tests'

GOP and Women's Issues

Rick Perry comes out as the least worst of the lot.  Gingrich, as expected, is worst on on five central issues for women and families according to Emily's List. I still have a hard time understanding how a woman could be part of the GOP or vote for Republican.

GOP Scorecard

Headline fantasy

I saw this headline--Jogging gives Perry a boost in Iowa race--and imagined Perry loping along.  As he came upon a Democrat he'd pull out his .45 and drop him a Texas coyote.  Hell, if he asked a passerby for support and they told him they were voting for someone else, he'd drop them too.  Talk about a campaign trail of dead Iowans.   Things from Texas must have hallucinogenic properties.  Gee, maybe that explains how Bush got elected.    

Post Xmas Poll

PPP has published the first post Xmas Iowa poll.  Ron Paul remains leader of  the pack (how's that for an image).  Willard is number two with his usual percentage.  The Gasbag has deflated and has fallen to  number three.   The evangelical three are all about the same.  You may sequence them as you wish or ask Jesus for advice.  Oh, Huntsman did not exceed the margin of error,  He could go into the negative zone (I don't have a clue what that might mean but it sounds weird to have less than zero voting for you).

If this poll reflects Iowa, then expect Paul to win, Willard to come in second, and I'll go with Santorum for number three (he's like an Almond Joy, sometime you feel like a nut, only in his case it's a prig).  Unless Gingrich's attack ads succeed, I think he'll place fifth.  However, this is Iowa it is possible that Buddy Roemer might win.

Enjoy the PPP poll--- Paul maintains his lead

And enjoy Nate Silver's analysis -- Polling Gridlock in Iowa Could Produce Last-Minute Momentum
Yeah, the Jesus jockeys have over a third of the backing amongst them.  If Iowans decided that Jesus would vote for one of them, then one of them could win the caucus.  Are you ready for a Crazy Lady victory?  Iowans are strange.

Annals of Health Insurance Scum

Oh, well it's what the nation wants.  The alternative is, of course, socialized medicine.

Preventive care: It's free, except when it's not

The Old Fart MIght Win Iowa?

Yep, cranky old Ron Paul appears on track to win the ever unimportant Iowa caucus.  Wow.  Of course, his opponents have taken note of Mr. Paul's presence.  Now they are asking Iowans to consider how batshit crazy the guy really is.  It's hilarious.  A group of inconsistent pandering whackjobs are calling one consistent straight talker a nut?

Paul's surge prompting a new look from GOP voters

Even Mr. Positive, that foul gasbag Newton Leroy Punches Hard at Ron Paul

Is this your government?

Yes, the U.S. Senate is the world's greatest debilitating body.

Senate politics shut down some federal agencies

Pissant from Paint Creek Update

Rick Perry is still in the race.  In his case he seems to walk around in boots three sizes too small.  As he flags in the polls, he's looking for votes that hide in dark corners and under rocks.  He's become an extreme Troggist.   He's shifted on abortion, now it's no exception for rape, incest.  I wonder when it will become a capital crime?  (That will be his postion on Jan 2nd).

Of course, Perry proclaims himself the most organized of the evangefundie's in the race.  At least he submitted signatures to Virginia's GOP and then failed to make the cut.  Now as a strong defender of states rights he is suing Virginia's GOP over his failure.  Gee, Virginia law violates his rights?   Of course he's suing in a federal court so an activist judge can write Virginia law and force the Virginia Republican Party to put him on the March ballot.  He's a man that stands for what he believes, yep, he really is an asshole from El Paso.

Did you get a piece of the action?

Have you benefitted from the F-35?  You may have.  The plane is still in production.  It cannot be scrubbed, cancelled or ended.  It's not needed, but so many people in so many states incomes are linked to making the plane, no one will kill it--it might cost pols donations and votes.   The F-35 makes you proud to be an American, right?  It's also a poster child for defense procurement.

F-35 production a troubling example of Pentagon spending

Remember the Defense Department's mission #1 is to transfer as many tax dollars to defense contractors as possible every year.  Remember our freedom rests on Lockheed Martin's profits.

The Zoo

Did you ever go to a zoo?  Okay, did you ever go the primate building?  Was there a chimp there caged behind a glass front?  Did you discover why the chimp's cage was behind glass?  Yeah, the chimp was  literally a shit slinger.  He'd grab a loaf and throw it at folks looking at him.  I wonder how long it took the zookeeper to figure it out and install the glass?  Why do I go on about shit slinging chimps in zoos?  Oh, I was thinking about Iowa, the coming caucus and all the chimps candidates slinging shit ads at people Iowans.

Gingrich fights back, aiming at Romney as Iowa caucuses heat up
I wonder how much money there is in drones?  Officials in our government attack people with them every day.  Some drones snoop on our "enemies."  Some shoot missiles at people who are on various kill lists.  Sometimes the drone launched missiles kill innocent people, who, by chance, were in the kill zone of the kill listee.

The Defense Dept. operates drones.  The CIA operates drones.  It's all very secret.  Congressmen applaud.  They are patriots who want to be reelected.  The White House staff and its chief occupant feel good about doing drones.  I cannot help wonder, is Mr. Bush still president?

I'd like to see the portfolio's of all our elected officials, their appointees and immediate family members.  I'm sure there's money in drones.   Don't forget, insider trading is legal for Congressman.   Are you glad the nation has invested in drones?  Are you also tickled pink that you decided to blow the crap out of people with drone fired missiles.

You?  Yes, you, all of us.  The use of drones is paid for--money is appropriated and the program thereby authorized by elected officials--by us.  We are still a representative democracy.  The use of drones is executed and administered by the president.  The president is the chief administrator of the executive branch--we elected him.  The president appoints people to implement his administration.  Oh, the president also runs the military.  We the people created, pay for, and use our drone program.

If gives me goosebumps, not the kind you get at a fourth of July parade when the flag goes by, no the kind you get in an old graveyard at night.  Yeah, on a dark and stormy night a missile appeared out of nowheree...

Under Obama, an emerging global apparatus for drone killing

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Could I have some ketchup with my shower shoes?

Flip and flop, Willard must be in he hall.  Oops. It's Newton Leroy.  He's wearing Willard's shoes.

Gingrich 'agreed entirely' with Romney healthcare reform goal in 2006

I wonder are these guys synchronized liars?  When Willard flips does the foul gasbag also flip?  Or are they asynchronous liars?  Yeah when Willard flips, then Farthead flops.  At least they are entertaining, unless one imagines either of them sitting in the Oval Office.

Annals of Religion Sucks

Israeli girl's plight highlights Jewish extremism

I have always been amazed at how adults treat children, all in the name of god of course.  I was amazed as a kid and remain even more amazed as an adult.  I have a feeling it's really a bunch of losers who can get away with pushing kids and women around.   God's law?  My ass, it's guys trying to preserve power and income.  Yep, religion sucks.  Sometimes it even blows.  If you can dream it up, someone has probably done it.

He should have Cheney'd King

Santorum would have been better off shooting King in the face.  All he got for his time was four dead birds instead.

Santorum fails to bag endorsement from Iowa's King

Attention K Mart Shoppers

There's a blue light special out in the parking lot.  Oh, it's only for employees.  What's the special?  Oh, it's really a pink slip special, you're fired!

Sears to close 100 to 120 Kmart, Sears stores

Back in the 1970s Sears and Kmart were the #1 and #2 retailers. Over time both companies lived up to their respective management's abilities. They tanked. I'm surprized that either is still in the retail business at all.  They would not be if they had depended just on retail sales.

It's More Like the Gong Show than Much Else

This campaign season we've been treated to the GOP's Political Idol show.  Every week, people mounted podiums, spoke and hope they would be voted to the central podium.  Every 30 seconds of profundity mattered.  If you said "oops" you'd be relegated to the end with Santorum.  If you were dull you'd join the other end with Jon Huntsman.  One has fallen, not because of his his debate performance.  No he was killed by a grope.  Welcome to national politics, 2012!

There are lots of debates yet to go.   I don't think anyone really knows when any candidate will drop out.  With free TV the rules are bent.

Campaign 2012: A political version of 'American Idol'?

Here's something to think about. Assume Obama wins in 2012. In 2016 both parties will have to go through the nomination process as they did in 2008. Assume 2016 will be 2012 on steroids (audience share has been up on the debates). Now take that assumption and multiply it by two. Whatever comes after a clown show is what it will be. How many possible nominees will each party field in 2016? I'm thinking a dozen, with only one realistic nominee each.

Strategic Victory Watch -- We Won (kinda) #2, but...

The Legacy is a pain in the ass.  It's beginning to look like Biden was right.  We'll get three legacies for the price of one.  This legacy will cost us over $1 trillion over time.   Get ready for Sunni Iraq, Shiite Iraq and Kurdistan.   I'm fairly sure the U.S. will not get any of the oil, will be quite unwelcome, and will go down in history as responsible for kicking off a new golden age of Arabic theocracies.  Dubya did it to them and us.  All hat and no cattle? Nah, no hat, no cattle, no head, no brain.  Did you vote for the putz?

Sadr followers call for new elections in Iraq

Someone better review our policy

Should the U.S. take in the dictator of Yemen?  Hmm, why does the Shah of Iran come to mind?  We, that is, the elected and appointed officials in positions in our government organizations made some really bad decisions for us on the Shah.  There is no way the schmuck should be admitted into the U.S.  Let Egypt have him.

Obama administration weighing ex-Yemen president Saleh’s request to enter U.S.

What will Obama do?  Well, ask yourself what would Dubya do?  Now you know what Obama will do.

Dear Students, Politics is Relevant

If you are going to college, why do you have to come out with a 30 year mortgage on your  sheepskin?  Well, pretty much because the folks who decide how much students have to pay, state legislatures, have other things they'd rather do with state tax dollars.

Besides, with loans, the cost is passed on to the customer.  Oh, that bit of logic sucks.  Private schools can do whatever they wish, but public schools represent one generation's investment in the next to insure everybody will have a better life in the future.

Instead of investing, state legislatures have cut funding to state schools for years.  Now we see the effect.  How'd they get away with it? Well, come on, who voted?  State elections have even worse participation rates than national elections.   Votes matter, politics is relevant.  Why does it cost so much to go to a state funded university your state?  Want it to cost less?  Well, elect a better caliber of state legislators.

While this is on the classy schools, the situation is the same in the rest of public schools.  The logic is the same.

UC-Berkeley and other ‘public Ivies’ in fiscal peril

As a free market option, note the education game is biased by federal and state money and government backed loans.  If government cut off all funds to all schools, the competition might heat up and student costs might fall.  Of course it might revert to post secondary education being for about 5% of H.S. grads.

Education is political.  What do you want?  What is the role of government in education?  Whatever it is, votes matter.  We have but to look at college education today and we know what the 1% wants.  Do you share the 1%'s ideas?  Votes matter, how do we occupy the voting booth so we can occupy fifty statehouses?

Ron Paul Must be Bothering Someone

When Ron Paul makes the front page both online and in print and the story is not about polls and Iowa it must mean some power brokers in D.C. are getting antsy.    Paul seems to have become the primary rival to Willard, unless you think the gasbag will surge again.

Paul will probably win Iowa.  There's a good chance he will take second in New Hampshrie. His polling is strong.  He has an army of small donors who donate on demand.  Paul scares the GOP.  As they become scared, any newspaper will begin to cover the source of the fear, hence the piece about Ron Paul's record in Congress in today's paper.  The question is how much of the coverage will be directed to showing Pail is just not presidential material?  I think the affluent in Washington are more fearful of a Paul presidency than another term for Obama.  

Ron Paul’s House record marked by bold strokes, and futility

It's for sale

What?  Oh, Congress and the federal government.  Money is how folks get elected.  The 1% knows politics is relevant.  The 1% drove up the cost of campaigns and have been willing to finance them.  Why?  In return they get a friendlier Congress and government.  As Congress becomes more affluent it becomes even easier to buy them.  Have you noticed that over the past four decades Congress has become a bit more and more conservative?  Did you also notice that Congresstypes net worth has gone up faster than the average Joe's.  See, buy them and they will service you?

Growing wealth widens distance between lawmakers and constituents

Politics is relevant.  The 99% have one thing that matters more than money.  Yep, they have 99% of the votes. Now how do we occupy the voting booths so we can occupy Congress.  Want to make the 1% behave?  Okay, then let's talk politics.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Gingrich is a real piece of work

I do not understand how anyone can want this guy as president or admire him in the least.  He's kind of foul gasbag.  Hey that makes him a farthead.  If you think Leroy blows chunks, here are a couple of pieces you'll enjoy. If you like Gringich, well, read them anyway.  You might change your mind.

Newly recovered court files cast doubt on Gingrich version of first divorce

Gingrich: First Wife Not "Young and Pretty Enough" to Be First Lady

Ron Paul Fans this is for y'all

CNN does appear to have done an editor's hit on Mr. Paul.  I saw the edited copy on CNN.  The edited version does not convey Mr. Paul's complete statements or his actual demnenor.  Gloria Borger just tried to score a gotcha point.  I'll add her to the list of crappy TV "reporters."

Ron Paul supporters: Uncut video shows he didn’t ‘storm out’ of CNN interview

GOP's Delightful Mess

Let's face it there are only three serious candidates in the GOP race.  Willard has been running since 2008.  He's piled up stashes of cash from secret sources all over the country.  Ron Paul has charmed the kiddies with straight, consistent, simplistic blather wrapped in liberty foil.  They donate on demand.  They're little ATMs for Mr. Paul.  Then there is Leroy Gingrich.  He is a serious candidate only because he's been around so long and refuses to go away.  He has no money and no organization.  He's all mouth.  He has big ideas, they're just big, not good, just big.

All three do share one similar characteristic.  Each of them stinks.  That's stinks as in voters not being able to hold their noses and vote for any of them in Nov.  How many GOOPERs would say they just can't vote for Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie? If any of the three get the nod, I figure at least one third of GOP voters will stay home, they won't vote for Obama, but they vote for Willard, Paul or Newtiepoo.

Maybe folks will change their minds, it depends on how much they really despise Obama.  Then again, we may see a slug of third party candidates emerge.  I'd say 2012 is looking better and better for Obama, is it?  Oh, what would happen if Hillary Clinton ran as a third party candidate?

War on Drugs

Isn't it time for government, at all levels, to get out of the war on drugs biz?  Frankly, if someones life is such that they want to it waste on drugs, I encourage them to do so and along the way to have the decency to off themselves.

It's bad enough that we have the illicit types, such as heroin and cocaine, but now the users have opted for prescription drugs.  It would be cheaper to run drug emporiums than to continue the war on drugs.  If they were legal we'd have a modicum of control over usage so the users minimized harm to others.

Maximize liberty by ending the war on drugs.  Legalize all drugs.  End the prescription drug biz.  Grit your teeth for some deaths (just hope they have not bred yet) and in time there will be less and less drug use and abuse.

How bad are the prescription drugs?  The Champion of Painkillers

Headline We'd Like to be True

I saw this one, Woman accused of punching Walmart greeter and smiled internally.  There have been times I'd like to have decked a greeter--excessively happy, overly vigorous with cheer, pudgy granddad types.  I hoped the story would unfold to show a customer was greeted, reacted, and decked the greeter on the way into the store.

Unfortunately, the decking occurred on the way out.  That's when the greeter morphs into  a receipt cop.  One greeting to a customer going in, now on the way out, show me what's in that bag...  

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

They even kill each other at funerals to gain a bit of power and money.   Why are we still there?  With each passing day, this war makes less and less sense.  It's now attained status as the Gibberish War.  What comes after gibberish?

Suicide bomber attacks Afghanistan funeral, kills parliament member

Strategic Victory Watch -- Old War #2

The Shrub left the world a legacy commensurate with his abilities as a leader and statesman.  Yes, he gave us Iraq.  So, how's that legacy faring?

Iraq arrests four security officials following Baghdad bombings

Have you started your office pool on when the Old War #2, regains its status as an active War #2 yet?

Gasbag Revals Self As That, Just Hot Air

Newtiepoo did not meet the requirements to get on the Va. ballot.  The requirements were well known and published months ago.  The State even advised candidates about how to insure they collect enough legit signatures.

In addition to making sure that all Virginia voters want a candidate to be their parties possible nominee, Virginia makes sure there is no fraud in petition signatures.  It's like voter ID, but for primary petitions.  Unlike other states, being a nominee is not a purchasable fund raiser for the party.  The Old Dominion takes primaries seriously.

The Virginia primary requirements do insure that only well organized, efficient, and effective candidates can make the cut.   In Newtiepoo's case it really shows him for what he is, a pompous gasbag.  Would you want this guy's finger on the nuclear button?  He can't even organize himself enough to qualify for Virginia's primary.  I guess rules are beneath him (unless they work in his favor).

Gingrich faces long odds to compete in Virginia presidential primary

Obama's Job #1

The guy has been running for reelection ever since he was inaugurated.  He's a pol.  He's a narcissist.  Everything he's done has been driven by his lust for future votes and that second term.  His actions were always designed around job #1.  Some will surely help him, other's, well, not that much.  He provided his 2012 opponent a stinking pile to throw back at him next Fall.  Obama really laid a loaf with Solyndra.

Meant to create jobs and cut reliance on foreign oil, Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level, The Washington Post found in an analysis of thousands of memos, company records and internal ­e-mails. Political considerations were raised repeatedly by company investors, Energy Department bureaucrats and White House officials.

You can bet the GOP nominee will hammer Obama with this one, especially since ObamaCo has fought and delayed responding to Congressional request for documents that explain how the taxpayer lost several hundred million dollars just to rake in green votes.

Solyndra: Politics infused Obama energy programs

Willard, Bought and Paid For!

Willard does not want voters to know who owns his soul or how little he actually pays in taxes from what income sources.  Money is speech, but if it's not in public it's little more than vile whispers in some dank fiscal alleyway on Wall Street.  If you give Willard lots money, you should be proud and eagerly proclaim, "I maxed out to Willard."  Oh, I forget, theres' not much there to be proud of, it would be embarrassing to have one's name associated with Willard's plan for the nation.  I wonder how much return on the dollar Willard is promising investors if he is able to Bain the USA?

Mitt Romney’s secret money

Saturday, December 24, 2011

See Below

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Bah Humbug!

Take your pick.  Enjoy the day however  you may.


The Best Fake Ads of 2012: Bachmann, Gingrich's Next Wife Wish You a Merry Christmas -- VIDEO

I Agree

So enough with the whining. If a campaign can’t put the boots on the ground to clear the petition goal — or even read the forms issued months in advance by the State Board of Elections — then we have to seriously question the campaign’s viability. 

If anything, Virginia’s petition process has done a national service, exposing the weak and trivial campaigns and advancing the rest.

Let the whining begin!

GOP observation

Given that Romney and Paul are the only two GOP candidates who qualified for the the Va. primary ballot, I say, they are the only real candidates now and from the outset.  The rest are but grovelers who billow for book deals, sales, and a gig on Fox.  Okay, Romney or Paul?

Come on 9,9,9?  I'm a serious candidate?  Big ideas on child labor?  Ooops? Ass Juice?  Who's Huntsman anyway?

Yep, it will be the Vulture of Capitalism  vs. the Closet Racist for Liberty!  This is the new GOP?  


Pity the poor gasbag

Newtiepoo failed to make it onto the Va. primary ballot.  Is it his fault?  Never!  No way!  Au contraire, too!  Naturally it's not his fault.   Nothing he dislikes, disdains or demeans is his fault.  His bailiwick is disastrously big ideas!  Leroy cannot deal with petty inconsequential matters such as following the Virginia GOP's ballot qualification rules.  

Yep, it's the fault of a failed system not the lack of organization, staff and money.  Damn those Va. GOP party types they caused Newtiepoo to blow it.  How can they live with themselves.  Of course each state setting its own rules for elections is rather 10th Amendmentish.  I guess Newtiepoo can't live by his own rhetoric.  In essence, Gringich is an ass, a huge, blowhard, gasbag who brays at the world.  God, he even inflates himself (not a pretty sight).

Newt Gingrich fails to qualify for primary ballot in Virginia


Chris Hayes's show, Up, is on MSNBC Sat. and Sun mornings.  So far it's a reasonable show.  It's lefty, liberal and progressive punditry.   I like it when Mr. Hayes goes to a commercial break and says "we'll make fun of the GOP candidates after the break."  The guests cheer.  It's nice.  I doubt if any FOX viewers tune in.

Today I learned that herpes is more popular than Congress. That's bad.

I also learned why Sarah Palin is so popular.  She's a female Ann Coulter.  Now it makes sense.

If you're not a Trog, tune in to "Up."  Over the course of two hours you will find parts of interest.  The panels are not always up to the task, but overall, they're pretty good.  Mr. Hayes does include some conservative types on his panels.  I have enjoyed the show when an informed politician, like Jerry Nadler, is on and can correct the pundits.  Up is a bit more informative than the screed's you get from Olbermann (he's become a caricature of himself) or the expected expositions you can predict and recite beforehand from Rachel Maddow (she will become a caricature soon).   Mr.s Hayes may have two years before he becomes set in cartoon mode, until then, enjoy.      

Strategic Victroy Watch -- War #3

If you'd like a non-ally, ally to actually be an ally, then one thing one can do is to unilaterally end the non-war, war, that is not being waged, while being waged against them.  In other words, quit blowing the crap out of one's allies. It's a simple concept.  Maybe it's too simple for Obama and his Defense Department's intelligence branch, the CIA, to understand.  Maybe they have.

CIA has suspended drone attacks in Pakistan, U.S. officials say

I doubt the simple lesson sunk in.  I bet they're out of drones instead.  At any rate, never forget, drones are just the latest high tech way to occupy a country.   Occupation matters.  Think not?  Then just take a peek at our Southern states and all that heritage baggage still left over from being the losers.


Congress should stuff travel into their earmarks.  With all the  hoohaa over budget, deficits, and debt the clods of Capitol HIll should not enjoy any perks until the books are balanced, all of our people are cared for, everyone has a job, and the cloture rule is striken from the Senate rule book.

Besides,  we all know that un-American ideas creep into legislation after Congressmen travel to un-American places.  They can't help it, it's in the water.  Therefore we must demand, isolationism for Congress!  It's the least we can do save our elected jugheads from themselves.

Lawmakers spend millions on foreign travel to more than 120 countries

Remember, travel leads to isms!  

What's Under the Tree?

I had to open a present early.  It was too attractive to wait another moment.  Oh, what a nice present--tax fight leaves Hill Republicans divided and angry. The holidays will be a bit more festive knowing the GOP shafted itself. I hope this is a gift that keeps on giving all the way to Nov. 6, 2012.  If the Dems can restrain themselves from snatching defeat from victrory it will.  

To Democrats, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that!

To Republicans, Here's Some Bah to Go With Y'all's Humbug!

GOP Gives Its Members Lumps of Coal, Nice!

Arab Spring, Summer, Fall, and now Winter Update

I asked the Sphinx "how about that democracy thing?"  I don't think he's ready to answer.  Maybe the fat lady doesn't sing in Egypt, yeah, it's when the Sphinx trills.  Will 2012 see a skosh of democracy, freedom and liberty in Egypt?  Well, when the Sphinx trills....

Egypt divided after a week of violence

Syria doesn't have a fat lady or a Sphinx.  It just has an Assad.  It won't be Spring until Assad can't ever sing again.

Attacks on Syrian government buildings seem to strike the heart of state security apparatus

Thsi makes no sense at all

Have you ever camped out at a store to be the first to be able to buy a pair of tennis shoes?  Or or that matter anything else?  This is a an aspect of behavior I do not understand.

Air Jordan release causes uproar at stores

GOP Va. Ballot

The GOP has spoken.  Let the ballot contain Willard and the old coot from Texas.

Gingrich, Perry disqualified from Va. primary ballot

Friday, December 23, 2011

Ron Paul, Another Texas POS

Deny! Deny! Deny!

Who will be on Va. GOP ballot?

The State of Virgina sets a standard and the GOP sets a standard for candidates to qualify to be on the primary ballot.  One would assume they are the same.  They are not.

If I read the article correctly, Romney, Paul, Perry, and Gingrich met the State requirement to be in the primary.  However, the GOP has to validate those who meet the state requirements and dertermine if they meet the GOP requirements.  Oops, only one makes the cut!  Will Willard be the only candidate on the GOP primary ballot.  It appears to be so.  Will the others be listed but not as part of the GOP?  Will there be a lot of write in?  Will the GOP go oops?  Stay tuned.

Bachmann, Huntsman, Santorum not on Va. primary ballot


Here's a you may find of interest.


Voting Blocs

Attributes that people share sometimes become a basis for them to vote similarly.  For example, blacks  more often than not vote for today's Democratic party candidates.

Strangely, we're seeing an Hispanic/Latino voting block emerge.  It's being built by the GOP to support Democratic candidates.  That's odd, but the GOP is odd and remarkably noninclusive.  I'm surprized that any women vote for Republicans, they might think about voting for their interests and form a bloc.  I'm sure the GOP can keep at it and produce a women's bloc for the Dems by 2016.

The GOP is also hell bent on creating another bloc for the Democrats.   You could say they are on a bloc crusade.  Will the GOP create a GLBT bloc?  Before long the GOP will be left with but one bloc--ROWGS--rich old white guys.

Ron Paul Makes A Discovery

Yep, if you take the lead, then you are it in the game of bash the leader!  Ron's histroy is catching up with him.  It seems to boil down to he's either a liar or he presents fiction as fact for his own amusement and profit.  He's never declared himself a novelist.  He appears to be less and less a libertarian and more and more just one another dotty old Asshole from El Paso.

Ron Paul Direct Mail Warned Of ‘Race War,’ ‘Federal-Homosexual Cover-up On AIDS’

All those Ron Paul fans might be better served if they told the old coot to bugger off and shifted their  support to the Libertarians.  I bet any Libertarian could do a lot with a $4 million money bomb.  

No One Objected

Speaker Limp Dick did the unanimous consent thing on H.R. 3765, the new counterpart to the bill Senate's sent back to the house on payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, and Medicare reimbursement rates.  Only Rep Hoyer rose to "reserve the right to object."  Hoyer is the Dems minority leader, he had to thank the Limp one for moving the new bill to the floor.  Hoyer didn't object.   Basically, Hoyer stuck a wet finger in Limpy's ear.  It's been a while.

Fortunately none of the teabaggers objected.  So it's passed and assuming the Senate has done it's consensus thing it's on it's way to Obama's desk.  I'm sure Obama will make a speech.

Now everybody can go home and celebrate Capitalism, er, Chi$tma$.  Just wait for round two, remember it's only a two month extension.

It's a good idea

Stephen Colbert offered to sponsor the South Carolina GOP primary, if he could name it.  The GOP says they rejected Mr. Colbert's offer.  Mr. Colbert disagrees.  It's a good idea, political parties should auction their primary naming rights every election.

Since money is speech, we'd be advancing the 1st Amendment.  Also, it would be more than appropriate to see trade associations bid and win. that way we could have the Big Oil primary, the Big Health primary, the Big Bank primary, and so on.  Voters would feel better, the political process would be a bit less ambiguous.

South Carolina GOP rebuts Stephen Colbert on primary naming rights


An "oops" in science is not a plus.  It means a lot of people, acting like any other human beings, really screwed up, usually to advance themselves.  Scientists are quite human, not everybody is a saint.  At least science has a built in corrective process--replication and shared results.  Did you ever wonder where "Trust sure, but always verify" came from?

Study linking virus to chronic fatigue syndrome retracted amid controversy

Good News?

Unemployment fell last month to about 8.6%.  That's good news.  The number of claims for unemployment insurance has dropped.  That's good news.  However, when you get inside the numbers, there's a simple message--if you have a job that's fantastic, if you don't, well, there is no polite way to put it,  you're fucked.  Life in the 99% lane t'ain't improving.  Hell, I've heard its even going to become a toll road soon.

The job market is frozen in place. Employers aren’t slashing jobs, but they also aren’t adding them on any large scale. Workers who have jobs are holding onto them, so that there are fewer openings for the young and unemployed to fill. The ratio of working-age people with a job has been unchanged basically for two straight years.

Happy Holidays

Okay, here's Five Myths About Christmas that Religous HOLIDAY.  It's hard to wage war on Christmas, but we must to keep us safe.  Damn elves don't like our freedoms.

Monty Python?

I know this is serious but when I read this headline, "France Asks Women to Remove Breast Implants" I had a vision of a Monty Python sketch, perhaps even a movie.  The state wants them out  for valid health reasons.  The state will pay for removal, but not for replacement.  The state health law pays for medically necessary implants.  Esthetics is not a medical condition.  Movie time?  The Life of Barbie?

France recommends ‘preventive’ removal of risky breast implants used by women worldwide

Strategic Victory Watch -- War #1

Questions:  Do we have a clue about why we are at war with Afghanistan?  Do we really have an enemy?  How long has this war been on auto-pilot?  Answers" We don't know why, we don't have an enemy, and about eight years.

U.S. deal with Taliban breaks down

About the payroll tax mess

I do not know if it matters or not, but I have a feeling it does.  What's it?  Oh, sending a note to the pols involved in the mess of the day.  I think, at a minimum, on the payroll tax mess, everyone should have e-mailed their own Rep, the Speaker,  and that bit of foulness Eric Cantor.

Likewise, an email to Pelosi and Hoyer would be nice too.  

Email should be short, clear, and to the point. It may not help, but we'll all feel better.

House GOP Caves

The payroll tax break, unemployment insurance, and the Medicare doc fix are back on.  Speaker Limp Dick has decided it's now okay to accept the Senate bill.  This mess was brought to the nation by the teabaggers in the House.  Is this what their constituents wanted?  I doubt it, but then again sanity is not a dominant trait among the tea suckers.

House GOP agrees to 2-month extension of payroll tax cut

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Still Trust the Military?

They can't even keep track of their dead. Didn't some bemedaled thing say the problems were minor and had all been fixed. After all, it was a software error that put the remains in the creek. Where do they find these well medaled cretins?

Problems possible at nearly 65,000 Arlington National Cemetery graves, review finds

Ron, the reporter is not the reason your "words" suck

Gee, blaming the reporter, that's so novel.  I guess Ron is a true GOOPER after all.  Now about the money, how much did he make?

Ron Paul gets testy, walks out over talk of racist newsletters

What's the free market solution? Oh, buy an honest candidate?  Good luck.

Oh Humbug!

The next thing you know they'll meet on Sundays to discuss why others believe in god.

Atheists aim to change image of penny-pinching Scrooges

Ron Paul--Feeling the Heat

Racist?  Well that or he's just uses the politicians standard of truth (whatever he can get away with).  The newsletters bore his name, he owns them.  If he can't take the heat of an interview on CNN then perhaps he should not even think about being in the White House kitchen.  Oh what a wicked web....

Paul's story changes on racial comments 

Is honest politician an oxymoron?

Aw They're Starting to Pick on Crazy Old Ron

There's nothing like a looming election, end of free airtime, and an unexpected surge in the polls to get what a candidate his heart's desire, to be noticed.  Ron Paul has gotten his wish.

Ron Paul: Rivals say he hates Republicans

Truth in Toons

Texas Opts for Honesty?

Beer is now beer and ale is ale.  A court has decided that government cannot define products based on their definitional whims.  Uh, oh.  Rick Perry better watch out.  Texans have have used government standards to call him a governor.  Now, the courts have decided, we have to use nature's standards.  Rick Perry, well, he's just an asshole.

Court finds Texas beer rule violates First Amendment

Vulture Capitalists

If Willard succeeds in becoming the GOP's nominee, then we'd best begin to learn a bit about private equity firms since that's Willard's area of expertise.  I'm not sure if having a vulture in the White House is quite what this nation needs.  If the U.S. is seen as a business,  then Willard will gut the nation and sell off  the carcass to the Chinese as he and his cronies bank billions in processing fees.

Mitt Romney’s private-equity past puts ‘creative destruction’ in spotlight

It's Winter

The Winter Solstice has arrived.  Today is the shortest day of the year.  It's Winter.  Well, astromonically speaking it is.  Yesterday was in the high 60s.  Last night it was in the mid 50s.  It's been a very warm Winter (climtologically, it began on Dec. 1) thus far.

Winter solstice – and other interesting sun facts – explained

The War is Over, Long Live the War

Get ready for the American Idiot to demand we immediately return to Iraq.  After all we don't want to have wasted $2 trillion in hard borrowed unborn taxpayer's future dollars on sectarian violence that will drift back to dictatorial rule.  Maybe this time we'll just seize the oil first....

Baghdad explosions kill at least 63 in first major violence since U.S. departure

From Righteous to Fucked Up

The aces in the DOD PR section have lived up to expectations.  When Pakistan complained about the U.S. (NATO) blasting them and killing 24 of their guys, the PR dorks went into the expected denial mode.  Now it's "oops,"  we did kinda, sorta, make a mistake.  At least they are consistent liars.  I trust these guys about as much as most of us trust Congress.  The PR guys just follow orders, so who is in charge...

U.S.: Poor coordination, mapping data led to Pakistani deaths in cross-border raid

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who Says the House Sucks on the Payroll Tax?

Gee, about everybody.  Even the "Wall Street Journal"--

The GOP's Payroll Tax Fiasco

At least Newt is honest about one thing...

Too bad the rest of the GOP is not as straight forward.  Newt says what the rest think.

Newt To Gay Voter: Support Obama

I do not understand how anyone who is gay can be associated with the GOP.  Ditto for women.  Ditto for blacks.  Ditto for Latinos.  Ditto for anyone who is not a rich old white guy.

This gives him a shot?

Going from a barely noticed GOP candidate to one opting to be the nominee of the Libertarians is progress?

Gary Johnson to seek Libertarian Party nod

Have you ever been to the Libertarian Party website?


I love it when one certified liar talks about another liar's lies.  Bill Clinton takes issue with Newt Gingrich! You have to love it.  The country would have been better off without either of them ever having been elected to any federal office.

Bill Clinton: Gingrich opposed bill that led to balanced budgets

I like the question

Is Newt Gingrich the Christine O'Donnell of Election 2012?

Will he take out an ad that says "I'm not a gasbag?"

Are you ready for a sideshow in the Fall?

How many third parties would it take to make us wake up to the clown show we currently enjoy in D.C.?  It does appear there will be at least one third party candidate.  How many more do we need to cause voters to realize politics is too serious to leave to Bozos as we have since, at least,  1980?

Why 2012 could be the year of the third-party candidate

This is all they can be

Back in Oct. the NYT reported a questionable death in Afghanistan. Did his fellow soldiers kill him over his race? There's been an investigation.

Now we see 8 U.S. Soldiers charged in death of comrade in Afghanistan.  Ain't war fun?

How Many Arab Springs Will It Take?

The Arab Spring, which we decided would immediately yield Western (that's USA) style democratic governments, has not yielded much except an Arab Winter.  Well, it has overturned a few dictators and others are on the way out.  We forget that progress is more incremental than not.  Arabic nations will have to deal with the lack of democratic institutions, Islam, and power brokers who don't want to lose their power and incomes.  It's going to take a number of Springs before there is a stable, Arabic, democracy that is not a theocracy like Iran.  Will it happen? Flip a coin.

Arab Spring yields different outcomes in Bahrain, Egypt and Libya

Braveheart them all

If it's elected it should have a choice, resign its office or be drawn and quartered on the Mall.  Either would be a fitting end to the clowns who made the current mess and keep it far from any reasonable solution.

Braveheart Republicans? Or false-hearted?

No Way! (Right?)

If you are a political junkie, they you know that Nate Silver gives Ron Paul a 52% chance of winning the Iowa Caucus.  A Paul win will rattle the GOP cage a bit.  Paul could surge in NH and then do well in SC and FL.  Paul, for Prez?

Ron Paul becoming serious contender in Republican presidential race

If Ron Paul, becoming the GOP's nominee, is a bit of a stretch, how about the Dems.  There are folks out there suggesting that Obama do the right thing and stand aside so Hillary Clinton can become the Dems nominee.

Mystery calls again bring Hillary Clinton’s name into 2012 election conversation

Clinton vs. Paul?  No way.  Well, just for fun, who are the VP nominees?

No Spin, The GOP Despises the 99%

The leaderless House has shafted the nation.  I assume the John Birch wing of the GOP (teabaggers) want a tax increase for workers.  I assume they want the unemployed to starve.  I assume they want the elderly to go without medicare care.  Why do I assume such things?  Because that is what they have done.  This is what happens when voters elect idiots.  Is this governance?  If you do not like what the GOP has done send an e-mail to your Rep.

Congress leaves town with an uneasy stalemate and looming payroll tax hike

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Truth in Politics?

What does the GOP really stand for and value?  Perhaps the easiest way is to listen to Mr. Paul and watch the reaction of Republicans to his statements.

Ron Paul calls out uncomfortable truth in GOP politics

Well I'll Be!

As the Gasbag deflates, do these endorsements means the next anti-Willard will be fomer Senator Ass Juice?  Come on, the guy is too much of prig.  It used to be everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame on TV, now everyone gets to be an anti-Willard.  The GOP is very strange, but no stranger than the Democrats.

Iowa Social Conservative Leaders Endorse Santorum

House, Votes for Tax Increase and Sticks it To Seniors

In Gamed Vote, GOP ‘Rejects’ Senate Payroll Tax Cut Compromise

I guess we can thank the morons in the Teabagger movement for this.  

Who Will Bell the Cat?

Well, it's actually who checks the fact checkers.  I post from Politifact a bit.  I was surprized at their lie of the year.  I think the writer at TPM is more accurate than Politifact.  Voting on lies?  Odd.

Ryan’s Plan Still Ends Medicare Even If PolitiFact Rates That As A Lie

Now that Ron Paul is being considered a bit more,

Give this piece a read.

News Bulletin: Ron Paul Is a Huge Racist

And this one--

New Focus on Incendiary Words in Paul’s Newsletters

I guess Mr. Paul shares Mr. Gingrich's logic of self justification, should we should accept both of them at face value only as they appear in 2011. If so, then why not Mr. Gingrich instead of Mr. Paul?  Is Mr. Paul then a kind of serial hypocrite?

Ron Paul's Shaggy Defense

Where does responsibility begin and end?  I guess it's just a matter of personal convenience.

Stating the Obvious

Poll: Americans don't like what they see in 2012 race

What the hell, why not Ron Paul? If Mr. Paul won the nomination, who should be his VP?

I can't wait for the reaction

I wonder if American and European Christians will find a new faith instead of continuing to belong to one  dominated by non-Europeans.  I will not be surprized at all.  Is the counterpart to racism, in faith, faithism? Hmm, are evangefundies the first wave of faithers?

Christianity has become less European over past century, study says

Start Your Office Pool Now!

The game is on.  The "Originalism Rocks" tour has decided to visit the Obamacare Arena in March!  Roberts and the Robes will rock for 5 1/2 hours!  Who will sing what parts?  What song will they sing?
Will there be an encore?

Supreme Court to hear arguments in March on healthcare law

Will Roberts lead a nonet or a septet?
The course correction has begun.  Newt may not longer be the anti-Willard.  Today,Gingrich, Romney are in dead heat nationally

However what will happen if Gringich finds some cash and counterattacks his foes’ onslaught?

Will the gasbag reflate?  Maybe, but could this be Santorum's chance to hit double digits?

Would Ron Paul Live By The Drone?

I doubt he would at all.  However, drone warfare fits well in the Obama admin where the president thinks it's his prerogative to indefinitely detain people without due process.  Drones are hidden.  Drones just drone on and drown out the rule of law.

The administration has said that its covert, targeted killings with remote-controlled aircraft in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and potentially beyond are proper under both domestic and international law. It has said that the targets are chosen under strict criteria, with rigorous internal oversight. It has parried reports of collateral damage and the alleged killing of innocents by saying that drones, with their surveillance capabilities and precision missiles, result in far fewer mistakes than less sophisticated weapons.


Yet in carrying out hundreds of strikes over three years — resulting in an estimated 1,350 to 2,250 deaths in Pakistan — it has provided virtually no details to support those assertions.

Obama’s drone war

Still want George W. Obama for four more years?

This Nothing To Do With "Braveheart"

I can see the GOP caucus telling each other they're just like the characters in that movie as they munch on chicken sandwiches.   Yep they're making a stand, but I'm more reminded of "The Ship of Fools" or "Animal House."  The Senate  did it's job, now the House is poised to, once again, fail the nation.

The only reason the House has failed is that there is a sufficient number of GOP caucus members who think this kind of antic is what the voters in their districts desire.  This action, rather an obstruction, will increase taxes  In their minds they must believe it will garner them reelection in Nov. of next year.  There is not a single member of the House who acts in the interest of the nation and only then their reelection.

If your Rep, is from the GOP and you voted for him, is this the behavior you expected?

House Republicans intent on killing Senate payroll tax cut deal 

Have you dropped you Rep an e-mail on this?

Monday, December 19, 2011

It didn't take long

Are you ready for some sectarian exacerbation?  Look no further than Iraq.  We just left and the games have begun!

Iraqi authorities seek arrest of Sunni VP on terrorism charges, escalating sectarian tensions

PIck a Candidate

Is trust important to voters in a political race for office? Do voters question how much they can rely on the integrity, ability and strength of a candidate to fulfill whatever office they might be elected to? Do voters, especially in party primaries, compare their options on some dimension of trust? Are candidates scaled in terms of believability? Do voters look for indications that a candidate will be tomorrow as they present themselves today? Do voters try to minimize fears of the consequences of electing the person? Do voters look as candidates as a guardian to whom they will entrust themselves for a term of office?

Isn’t trust today’s evaluation of what may come tomorrow? Voters cast ballots for a person and trust that the candidate will live up to their expectations. Thinking about trust, what about the current GOP candidates seeking their party’s nomination? If you discount their ideological differences, whom do you think is the most trustable? Whom is the least trustable?

Now add in the politics and ideology. Which candidate do you like most because of what they say they “believe” in and “promise” to do when they are elected? Did you select the same most trusted person? If not, why not?

Now repeat the exercise and this time add Obama to the field. Is he your most trusted candidate? Now again, add in politics and ideology, where does Obama fall? Who would you vote for? Who will you vote for? Does trust matter?

Nate Silver

In Iowa, right now, it's Ron Paul.

Paul Moves Into Lead in Iowa Forecast

Still Flying?

If you aren't killed by the x-ray porn machines you'll be busted for sweating bullets.  One machine turns us into dirty mutants, the other transforms sweat into ammo.  How much have we spent on this crap?  Airline and airport security should be the business of the airlines, not the federal government.

Body Scanners Can See Perspiration as a Potential Weapon

Ron Paul Wins Iowa?

Don't reject that idea.  Mr. Paul is now ahead in the latest PPP poll.  Paul is at 23% and the Gasbag has fallen to 14%.  Willard is at 20%.

I doubt that it can happen, but what if Ron Paul pulls it off and wins the GOP nomination?  Would you vote for Mr. Paul or Mr. Obama?  Of the two, whom do you trust?

Paul leads in Iowa

Hey, forget Iowa and New Hampshire

The race comes down to Florida.  Right?  Well, it is a bit more important than Iowa cornholes and those most odd New Englanders in New Hampshire (do they really exist, I've never met one).   So, who will win Florida?   Isn't Florida just populated by millions of retired New Yorkers and some Cuban exiles?   Other than oranges, why think about Florida?

 Why the 2012 election could all come down to Florida

Attention Double Dippers

These folks, the ones who "retire" from a government job and then continue to work for the same government as they draw a new salary now have a leader worthy of their fetid being.  Double dippers,  are just Pissants from Paint Creek.  It may be legit, but it is so very, very wrong.  Gordon Gekko thrives in government circles, at least these Gordons are just cheap bastards.

Rick Perry draws Texas retirement plus his salary 

How many double dippers does your state or locality support?

Theoretically, War #2 is over

Since the Iraq War is over, I need to sum it up.  We still don't have a clue why the Shrub et. al. decided to invade Iraq.  The stated reasons were bullshit and most sadly they knew it too.  If it had anything to do with the audacity of establishing democracy in the Middle East, we witnessed it as a tragic show of arrogance to instill a clone of American democracy in Iraq.

As we went from shock to awe,  from liberation to occupation, we wasted a Nation as we killed Iraqis.  The world watched.  The world turned from us.  We frittered away the  last vestiges of admiration and trust  of the American way.  It will be a long hard slog to regain what we lost.  That is the legacy.

Within our nation we, as a people, we abdicated our Constitutional power.  We gave it to politicians and begged to be ruled lest we be unsafe, afraid and deterred from shopping.  To justify our cowardice, today we ask "isn't the world better off without Saddam?"  We assume the question is valid.  We assume an affirmative answer.  We use the answer to justify two decades of war with Iraq.

Now, as our machines of liberty leave Iraq, we see a new Hussein rising, only this time around, Shia will kill Sunni.  For ourselves, we leave 5,000 dead,  tens of thousands mangled in mind and body, all at a cost of $2 trillion.  Does anyone here at home have any reason to trust the people we elect to office?  Does anyone in the world have any reason to trust those same officials we refer to as our government?  Nah, all we're left with is fear.  

Heck of legacy, Georgie.