Saturday, February 12, 2011


What a difference a day makes.  That seems trite, but with respect to Egypt, so true.  Yesterday began with more stalemate and ended with Mubarak gone.  He resigned after the military withdrew their support from his dictatorship.

A giant party broke out on Tahrir Square.  Now the hard part begins.  Since there have been no political parties, no elections, just 30 years of emergency rule political suppression by the Mubarak dictatorship it will be damned hard to quickly create a democratic government .  Time can erode the gains.  It will be easy for the military to support another dictator for any reasons they choose.  Tanks pack a lot of political theory in their turrets and can determine the role of government.  What will the next 30 years be like?

Folks apparently won't leave the square until the army rescinds the emergency rule and a democratic government is elected and in operation.  Good luck.  It was a nice 18 days.

Elated protesters 'staying put' in Tahrir Square until demands for democracy are met

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