Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sane Teabaggers?

Nah, it's only a temporary lapse into normalcy.  They will soon obey their GOP masters, but it was nice to see them vote with the Dems to not renew the Patriot Act.   I will be very surprized if the Teabags do not grovel at Boehner's feet within the month--money, power, and reelection will win them over.  Too bad.

Patriot Act extension fails in the House by seven votes

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peacewithoutwar said...

first ,I would like to say props for getting the attention of the project for excellence in journalism, Jake. second, I am as skeptical and cynical of the tea party movement as the next dude; but I would say give them a chance. they are standing up for ideals counter to the published beliefs of those in the party power structure that exploited their virginity in politics better than their counter part. if as a caucus the tea partiers can uniformly make such a move maybe there is a madesonian and hamiltonian hope in these odd ducks of the American political system. maybe they can deliver on a promise and dream that the green party could never find--- maybe the tebaggers have found that kubrickian monolith that the green party and the constitutional party could never jump around clanging their ancient political bones around…perhaps