Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cantor's concern

Wow, he's only concerned about a vote on the repeal of health care (and advancing his own sorry ass).

Cantor Statement: I Am 'Deeply Horrified' By Giffords Shooting


Have you noticed how the GOP prefers to use terms of violence and death?  How about the "job killing health care....?  They have attained their desire, a Democratic Rep has been shot, a federal judge has been killed and a nine year old girl has been killed and more have died.  Send thank you notes to Speaker Boehner and every  Republican member of Congress.  

Trogs this is your world

Will people wake up, if you praise violence and death, you will obtain violence and death.  The Republicans, Tea Party people and their associates have fulfilled their mission, death.  Is this your politics?
They spoke, they acted, folks are dead.   Their apologies are meaningless.

Ariz. tea party activists voice shock at shooting

Have you listened to the rhetoric of the GOP in the 112th Congress?  More violence is on the way.

It's only words?

Sorry, it's time to indict Sarah Palin for conspiricy to commit murder and as a conspirator in murders. Along the way, identify every Republican who spoke similarly and indict them also.

Hospital: Rep. Giffords expected to recover from Tucson shooting that killed six including a child and federal judge

Old Farts Take Note

Take 50 years of recorded music, add a laptop, bring in a former biomedical engineer and MASH IT UP! It's "Girl Talk." Oh, the laptop is the instrument. Give the piece a read. Give it a listen too.

The 373-Hit Wonder

What did Barry say?

Oh, yeah, he said, "extremism in the defense of rich old white Republicans is no vice, it's the god damned law in Arizona."  Or it was something along those lines.   Assuming the Mexican-American ethnic studies program is exactly as, or worse, than the Trogs in Arizona say, so what?  God, the GOP has FOX News and the U.S. House of Representatives.  Come on, if the GOP can entitle H.R. 2 "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act" maybe the kids can call Ben a racist (I doubt that he'd really mind). At any rate any vile bile taught by ethnic studies teachers to the kids, will just wind up hurting the kids as they   become misinformed adults and proudly stand next to their misinformed young adult Republicans in Arizona.  Let's face it, nothing done in Arizona classrooms can meet or exceed the factless fantasies foisted on idiots everyday by Glenn, Sean, and Rushbo.  I guess it's every American's right to be stupid.  They just seem to work overtime at in Arizona.

Rift in Arizona as Latino Class Is Found Illegal

It won't make you live longer

Hey there fellow old farts.
Dylan Thomas becomes more and more meaningful every year doesn't he?

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Can we rage?  Damned straight we can.  Let's start by walking our asses off as fast as we can.  Walk, so stride through everyday and remember, when you slow down, you die.

Survival in older adults linked to walking speed

Over Time and Space, Government's Converge

I have to admit, when I began reading this piece, I saw, in my mind's eye, the letters, "FBI" appear.  Then as they faded away a curtain opened and I saw a drag queen dancing down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.   It would not surprise me to discover that our dear JEdgar consulted on this burning matter of state.

Heil Hound: Nazis dogged by Hitler-mocking mutt

Bush Legacy in Pakistan

Pakistan is an ally, kinda, sorta.  They, per our military and intelligence wunderkinds, behave less an ally than we desire.  Pakistan continues to resist our desire to shock and awe their nation at will.  How unreasonable of them.  It's obvious that only Pakistan stands between us and a huge triumphal parade of  victory in Afghanistan!  Of course, we also refuse to assist them in meeting their singular sovereign goal, which is, the complete and utter annihilation of India and all things Indian.  We cannot abide such an act taken against India.  After all, it is well known that a modern nation cannot survive without its call center.  What ever can we do to remediate the situation in Pakistan?

Oh my god, we can send in the Biden.  Joe will cajole!  He will ask what they want from us.  He will ask them to articulate themselves!   Of course, he will bring a big blank check.  How much will it cost us to return to the Bush league of yesteryear?

U.S. to offer more support to Pakistan

Is this your government in action?

This is a cheap shot by government employees who fear having their pimpled asses exposed to the light of day.  They are ugly.  Perhaps they should have sat in the House Gallery when the Constitution was read.  Of course,  they crow their patriotism, but their deeds do not support their words.  They hide in prosecutorial shadows.  What a wicked web they weave when they first began to cover their asses.  It's tawdry, but I'm sure it's quite legal given how Congress striped us of our freedom and liberty after the 9/11 wallow in self pity and fear.  Face it, life is now 100% open.  There are no secrets any more.  This applies to people and governments too.  I guess this means government officials should Wikileak on themselves, if they don't someone else will.  

WikiLeaks: US demanding our Twitter account info

Ah, LIfe in Legacyland Is Getting Back to Normal

The Moqtada guy has spoken.   He sent a message to all, "get your occupier asses out of my country, or..." The "or" is not quite clear at this point.  It's also uncertain if he consider Sunnis to be Iraqis.   I'm sure our contractors/commanders in the ground will dismiss al-Sadr.  They will do their best to convince our Generalissimo in Chiefo that Sadr is not a big deal and can be totally ignored.  After all, we were never occupiers and besides, there remains several grundles of tax dollars to transfer to family, friends and donors.

Al-Sadr --

"Let the whole world hear that we reject America. No, no to the occupier," al-Sadr said during his 35-minute speech in Najaf, a holy Shiite city about 100 miles (160 kilometers) south of Baghdad. "We don't kill Iraqis - our hands do not kill Iraqis. But we target only the occupier with all the means of resistance," he added.

"We are still resisters and we are still resisting the occupier militarily and culturally and by all the means of resistance."

Iraqi cleric says followers still resisting US

To defend against impending cuts to the DOD budget, all we need do is re-start the shooting war in Iraq.  Would the MIC hire al-Sadr to instigate such action?   Maybe they already have.  Bets?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow, Some Iowans Are Represented by this Clown

Note mendacity means the tendency to be untruthful or a falsehood. It's synonyms are deception, lie, untruth, deceit.  I would be embarrassed to voluntarily be represented by this moron.

Rep. Steve King Boasts Of GOP Leaders' 'Mendacity'

Then again, Rep. King may have decided to take honesty for a test drive.  I've always thought Republicans to all be lying toadies.

At least they are entertaining

Conservatives, after eating batshit, go crazy, and then eat their young.  It's a good day.

CPAC infiltrated by radical gays, radical Muslims

The Pad

Okay, one more time.  Government employees are not the problem, if by government employees we mean folks who get paid directly by the U.S. government.  These folks are civil servants, USPS employees, and the military.  If we only count civil service workers, their numbers are down.

Yet, government costs us more and more each year.  Where's does all the money go?  Aren't wages always about  80% of government expenses?  Or is it the case that we've bought a hell of a lot more $700 hammers?  No, we are paying wages, but we pay for more and more people in the private sector,  they are contractors.  Damn, it's a Private Wage Industry Complex.  This is the real government pad.  Government growth and dependence comes from the private sector leeches, not the public sector.   We, through our government, transfer a lot of money to fund private sector paychecks.

If you are upset with the cost of government, get pissed at your neighbor who is on the pad, not the civil servant.  Demand that we terminate contracts and thus shrink government.  Oops, that sounds serious so I am certain the GOP will continue to bitch about the non-existent increase in civil servants.  Once again the GOP will be good thralls, obey their private sector donor owners and do their best to damage the nation.  


Depressing Number

What's the number?  It's 26, as in what percentage of us know it takes 60 votes to end a filibuster.  I won't even ask how many can tell me what cloture means.  How about secret hold too?

26% - Filibuster Reform?

It's no wonder the debilitators in the Senate can keep the filibuster alive.  Their constituents don't know just how rotten the Senate has become.

Here's What is Wrong With Congress

There are too damn many fantasists on board!

Faith on the Hill

 A tad less faith and a skosh more fact, reason, and logic would go a long way.  Might even balance the budget, reduce the deficit and give every person life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness not to mention establishing justice for all, insuring domestic tranquility for all, promoting everyone's general welfare, providing a common defense and passing liberty on to every child in this land.

Where do you get your news?

As the Tubes rise in importance, TV declines, newswise.  Print newspapers just decline.  I hope the Internets increase reflects increased readership of on-line newspapers, otherwise, we but substitute televised cable jabberwocky for even more e-jabberwocky.  Where do you go for news?

Internet Gains on Television as Public's Main News Source

Will they listen?

I've never thought too highly of Secretary Geithner.  Not because he's a dolt or blows smoke.  His actions did prevent the recession from becoming a repeat or worse than the 1929 Great Depression.  Had his course of action not been followed, well, let me put it this way, would you enjoy long term  28%+ unemployment.  My issues with him are twofold.  First, he did not do much for Main St. or the side streets, but he generously saved Wall Street, a bit too well.  Second, he has the presentation skills of fresh turd, he needs someone to speak for him.  If his stink turns us off, then it's hard for us to listen, if we don't listen, then we won't hear and we won't learn.

I hope the Trogs and Teabaggers will listen to Geithner this time around, and not play political games, on the debt ceiling.  This is not something to mess with.  The Trogs can take on debt and deficits in other contexts, but just raise the damn ceiling and be silent about it.  Geithner speaks truth here.  If the ceiling is not raised, it's as good as going into default.  Default is not a plus, can you imagine the U.S. heading for Chapter 11?

Raise debt limit to avoid national catastrophe, Geithner warns Congress

There are times, in moments of bizarre fantasy, when I want the GOP to refuse to raise the debt ceiling.  We will then watch the U.S. economy collapse.  We will watch great human suffering and death,  all caused by a set of very warped, contradictory GOP principles.  Why would I want that?  I then see, rising from the wreckage,  a GOP free America which will become stronger and better than it's ever been.  However, it's too high a price to pay just to get rid of the batshit crazy amongst us.  After all, some  future asshole will find some shit, eat it, not die, but go stark raving mad and reestablish the GOP.  Screwed again.  I need to re-work my fantasy.

And in the cross contest...

Dateline Utah.

The Christian wannabes,  Mormons, in order to show that they really are Jesus types,  had the State Police put up some really huge crosses to commemorate all the cops who died in action.   The local Atheists decided that the crosses  crossed the church/state line and had to go.  They sued.  It's hard to find that line in Utah, it really doesn't exist,  Utah is a constitutional theocracy.  However, Utah is still part of the U.S., so federal courts do have jurisdiction.  Note:  I think the cannons are still in storage at Fort Douglas which overlooks Salt Lake City.

The court found the line and sided with the atheists.  The godless cheered.  The godly moped but hired more lawyers.  The sacred attorneys appealed the "crosses gotta go" decision.   The wannabes hired good ambulance chasers, they won a 90 day stay to have time to send it on to Roberts and the Robes in D.C.    The Atheists will not  demand that crosses be removed as long as the wannabes don't erect any more of them.   The Supremes may sing on this during their "Unleashing the Kagan" tour, but you never know about folks who run abound in robes, come on, it is 2011 folks.  

Court blocks removal of Utah highway crosses

Legacyland West

He's come back,  He's going to make a speech to his fellow Iraqis.  Cool, right?  Uh, it all depends.  No one is quite sure how Moqtada al-Sadr defines "fellow Iraqis," much less what he might prefer his fellows to do those who are not his fellows.

Once again, after seven years and $1 trillion, the best we can do is cross our fingers and pray for minimal sectarian violence.  But don't despair,  after all, it's a young democracy.  They are just becoming familiar with liberty.  I have a feeling in 50 years it will still be called a young, fragile, Sunni free, democracy dependent upon U.S. support.  Praise the Shrub, what a legacy, it's multi-generational!    

In Iraq, apprehension ahead of speech by cleric Moqtada al-Sadr

And in Legacyland East

Okay, it's time to take off those Obama provided rose tinted glasses and take a peek at his wasted war in Afghanistan.  After 10 years the natives can't even take a shit in safety.  You can put your glasses back on now.

Suicide attack kills 17 in southern Afghanistan

If you are a Trog, don't read this. Everyone else enjoy!

Pearlstein's column today is quite nice--

'Job-killing' regulation? 'Job-killing' spending? Let's kill this GOP canard.

I like the ring of "genocidal" deregulation or the "murderous" repeal of health-care reform. Dems may have to start countering every bit of GOP tit with a counterpart tat. Cable TV would have a ball--Welcome to "Tit for Tat," it's all bull all the time. Are you ready for six hours of 100% American vile bile from the two greatest parties in the universe? Let's get going. Here are your co-hosts Keith Olbermann and Rush Limbaugh.

And He Believes Pigs Fly Too!

It's funny how pols of both flavors when faced with facts, decide that facts are just opinions.  The GOP, so hell bent on rescinding the Health Insurance Reform Act, cannot accept the recent CBO data.  CBO says it will cost billions to take the act back.  That is when pigs start flying for Boehner et al.  What formerly, when facts were on his side, was the most respected forecasting group in government, is now a political inconvenience, so CBO is blowing smoke.   Oh, well, the minority spoke they wanted schmucks like Boehner in power.  If there are Republicans out there who would like to own their flying pig, I'll be glad to find one for you, deposit required, no guarantees of delivery.

CBO says health care repeal would deepen deficit

I still don't quite understand the opposition to the Health Reform Act.  It guarantees for probably 50+ years  that health care will be remain built on a foundation of insurance rather than a national health care system.  The GOP's masters from the health industry complex need to tell their thralls to quit drooling and direct their bile to other matters.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I don't know quite what to say...

This is just a bit much, but then in a populatiom of 300,000,000 there is always a sufficiently large  paying audience for--

Ted Haggard To Star In Reality Special On TLC

Now can anyone tell me what is the minimum audience size?

Attention Mac Users

The Mac App Store is Open!

Apologies Slceddie

I missed your comment on Pope Ratzy on 12/20.  Blogger's auto spam thing spammed your comment.  Hell, I didn't realize they had this feature.  Sorry I did not respond to you.  What can I add, your conclusion summed it all up better than I can--

Hell sakes pope, chop off some heads already and stop protecting these pervert priests.

Well said Ed!


With all the attention to the rules, and making sure all legislation in the House comports with the rules,  will the batshit crazy members be able to fund Obama's wars?  Neither war was declared by Congress.  From today's reading every member must realize War belongs to Congress.   Congress tried to give away its Constitutional responsibility to the Chief Executive via the War Powers Act.  I don't think they can do that.   Will the the Supremes ever have a chance to tell us what our originalist foredudes thought about that?  If you cannot give the farm away, break the law and do it anyway, then promise to be good and play by the rules but pay the farmer for sowing more seed in sterile fields, that's gotta be a tad bit illegal and damned stupid.   Okay Trogs are you going to play by all the rules or just the ones you like?  

Trog Watch

House members read the Constitution to each other this morning and into the afternoon.  Several members read a line or two each.  Although the camera did not pan the chamber, it appeared to me, that as each member proved the size of his patriotism, he retired to a cloakroom or bar somewhere on the hill.  Only a couple of readers seemed already on their way toward blitzdom.  I was surprized it only took about 1 1/2 hours.   They did not read all of the original sections.  They omitted sections which have been amended over the years.   I wish they had read the original completely as written, it would remind us all of where we have been and where we are today.  In a similar vein, it would give us pause to ponder other improvements we need to make in our body politic.

For the most part the participants read decently.  A few added words, such as "a" or "the" here and there.  There were a couple of word sequence reversals.  A couple of times the reader used a term that was not in the original Constitution.  Sadly, they did manage to omit a few sentences here and there, I guess the readers and script got out of sync.  Once a member read part of an deleted section.  All in all, the members who  remained in the Chamber at the end of the reading were at least knee deep in symbolic droppings.

After the reading, an exercise in "mine is bigger than yours," the Trogs reversed the competition,  They went straight to budget issues.  They will battle each other to see whose budget is the smallest.  Actually it's a bigger than yours competition, they do compare the magnitude of each others cuts.   They are going to cut House member and committee budgets by 5%.  Some committees have decided to do with even less.

That being done, it will be business as usual.  I think they are having a special on grievance redressing this week.  Yep, donors get two grievances for the price of one using last Congress's rates.  But donors have to act fast.  This offer expires on Sunday.  But wait, if donors go ahead and purchase two redressings, which is the same as buying four in the 111th Congress, today the GOP will also throw in a tax loophole of your choice for free!  Act fast donors, America is not on sale this often, this cheap.  Regular Quo Pro Quid rates resume on Monday.  Buy now!  

Bye their acts....

The good folks of Arizona know how to deal with poor sick people.  They don't need a death panel.  They  just don't treat them.  The poor die.  Yep, they tried it out in a pilot program.  It's a success.  Think of all that money they will save as they end Medicaid in Az.  I guess extremism in the defense of greed is no sin.

2nd person denied Ariz. transplant coverage dies

Oh, don't overlook the medical folks either, they taught the pols the business of the health business.   National Health Care anyone?

Trog Rules

The Trogs took the gavel from the Jackasses.  In the spirit of returning past favors, the Trogs poked the Jackasses in both eyes.  New rules, same old bullshit, expect a mess, get ready to vote the Trogs out in 2012. Unfortunately, that will mean the Jackasses will be back only to be voted out in 2104. We need new people and new parties.

House Republicans adopt new rules for tax and spending legislation

Green Arks?

This piece is probably worth reading if you can get past the idea of a Creationism park with an Ark.  I guess the evangefundies are evolving.  Are they becoming tree huggers for Jesus?

Noah's Ark replica shows conservative Christians are embracing green building

Building a refuge in the House

Today the House Trogs open the new 112th Congress with a group reading of the Constitution.  If every member, normal and batshit crazy, participate, then each member will get about 20 words or so.  If 435 members read, it will take more than an estimated two hours, I'm thinking more on the order of four plus.  I wonder who will read the sentences about blacks and women?  Will they read the sentences that empower the federal government to do about any damn thing it desires?   Why are the Trogs doing this?

That's simple, the GOP is scared shitless of the Teabaggers!  The Teabags have proven they ate more batshit than the average Republican.  They are super Trogs and there are a bunch of them.   The GOP is trying to prove that they are just as batshit crazy as the Teabags.  Yep, it's contest to show who has the biggest patriotic schtick.

Oh, don't forget, patriotism is the refuge of scoundrels.   At least we'll find out who, in the refuge,  can read.

Constitution Day: House to hold first-ever floor reading of founding document


Everybody hop into the somewhat small version of the back machine and let's revisit BP, the Gulf, oil spills and your original thoughts about the mess.  Before BP's and the White House's spin machines tried to re-write current events you might have thought BP and it's corporate pals managed for maximized profits only, flipped off safety, and found the spill to be an inconvenience.  You haven't forgotten Tony Hayward have you?  It was a small spill that got bigger and bigger as the facts emerged.  Oh, don't bypass the Obama BS along the way, his Nobelist helped, NOAA helped, while the White House orchestrated the spin.  Now, back to the present.

Your original thoughts about BP were accurate--the report is out!

BP, Transocean, Halliburton blamed by presidential Gulf oil spill commission

I wonder if the Commission will finish the job and do a detailed analysis of how ObamaCo also failed to regulate both before and after the spill. Bets?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have to agree

This is a bit too much time.  We need to simplify it, but how?

Americans spend 6.1 billion hours on their taxes

You are what you eat

Do you need proof about the effects of eating batshit?  Okay, read this--

Right-Wingers Claim Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated CPAC

Go ahead take a peek...

Virginia DMV Revokes World's Greatest License Plate


He's back.  No it's not Dork Cheney.  It's not the Shrub either.  Who's returned to help govern that liberty loving nation of purple fingered democrats now that they kinda, sorta of have a government?  It's that Moqtada guy!  Get ready, sectarians prepare to exacerbate your tensions.  Do we really have to wait until Dec. 31, 2011 to leave Legacyland?

Cleric returns to Iraq after self-imposed exile

What happens to good idea?

Well, good ideas, when rendered political, become distorted, sordid, negated, and obfuscated.  A simple example, Medicare end of life planning.  The GOP, for political points,  called them death panels--it may be a great sound bite, but it's 100% grade A lying bullshit.  The Dems couldn't quite explain what they meant, they couldn't find a counter sound bite.   The net result, a massive tempest of falsehood in Granny's teapot.  The end of life planning remained in the Health Insurance Reform Act, but in the Medicare section.   It's safe for now, right?  Wrong.

Obama, running for re-election in 2012 has removed the reference to end of life planning from the Medicare rule changes.  Obama thinks it needs more discussion.  That means the GOP has the House, are still trying to get rid of health insurance reform, Granny is still a great sound bite and Obama values his reelection far more than sound medical practice.

I'm old enough, not on Medicare quite yet, to want to be able to discuss end of life issues with my Doc.   I want Docs to bring it up in case I forget.  Hey, when you know there are fewer Summers ahead of you than behind you, it's gets easier and easier to avoid talking about death.  It should be part of standard practice.

End of life planning is good medicine.  Would you put your life in the hands of anyone in the House of Representatives?  I'm tired of both parties.  Can't we have a simpler solution like universal health care!

U.S. Alters Rule on Paying for End-of-Life Planning

Scarlett O'Hara Politics

Maybe it's time once again to politicize poverty.  Maybe.  Jobs are scarce, the economy still sucks, Congress is adrift and in two years we'll have another big election.  Thankfully the Census Bureau has given us a new (old) issue to make speeches about.

The time may be right to rediscover Poverty!    As with many other issues, we never quite solve the problem.  We rant.  We rave.  We write profound analyses.  We propose solutions.  We half enable one here and another there.  We quickly modify the solutions.  We pat ourselves on our backs.  We did it.  We move on.  Of course we forgot what is was that we were doing, but  that's okay, it will be back.

Officially, 14.3% of us are at poverty or below.  The Census Bureau tried out some other definitions.  It may be that only 12.8% of us or fewer are poor.  Then again, another definition has 17.1% of us in the poorhouse.

Gee, I can hardly wait, the GOP will opt for the lower number--after all a nation this great can't have poor people, irresponsible people yes, poor no.  Poverty is tool of the Democrats to tax and spend your hard earned money.  Y'all know the GOP's bullshit, make it up for yourselves.  The GOP will try, as did Earl Butz and the small farmer long ago, solve the problem by defining it away.

Ah, the Dems, those champions of the downtrodden masses yearning to win the lottery. They will  use the largest number possible.   They will demand vast new programs.   Hold it,  they can have a war they'd love, a War on Poverty!  Democrats will use poverty to reveal the inner villain of  every Republican.    After all the Dems know who is really responsible for all that trodding down.  Y'all know their BS too, so make some up for them.

Along the way folks will remain poor, not have decent jobs, and lose more dignity, but the rest of us will feel better as we re-discover poverty, talk a bit, and then bag it.  After all, we know tomorrow is another day.  

Census Bureau releases alternative measures of poverty


New Mark Twain edition removes 'offensive' words

Okay, good or bad idea?

A new edition of "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer" will try to find out if that holds true by replacing the N-word with "slave" in an effort not to offend readers.

Is this censorship?  Bad words?  I think we need a George Carlin routine here.  Okay, I'm offended by the word "gay."  I want every book with the word "gay" in it, removed from libraries and burned!  My god, how dare someone write about when their "Hearts Were Young and Gay!"

Should Twain be edited or not?  How about Shakespeare, after all Romeo and Juliet are....

The 112th oozes into session

The House of Twaddle is back in action today.   Wow, I'm so excited, 435 dork and dorkettes will listen to an Orange guy prove to the nation that he can read.  This may be a good idea, after all he is second in line for the top job and reading is fundamental.

After asserting that their Constitution is bigger than the Dem's, they will move on to new matters of state!  The GOP will begin the 112th with a health care reform repeal vote.  Now that is progress, and dynamic too!  God it sucks!

We had eight years of these guys, then the other guys gave it a shot, now the eight year disaster is back in the House.  Both sides have missed the target for so long.  Both sides think voters voted for them when the other guy loses.  No, voters these days are not voting for anyone, they vote against the latest screw up in office.  Too bad neither side listens to voters, they might try governing for a change.  However, voters don't donate  big bucks to campaign coffers, so who cares about them.  After all voters only get two choices, dumb and dumber.  There's only a two letter difference there.  Unfortunately, voters do get what they elect.

In House, new Republican majority plans to act fast to undo Obama's agenda

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Workers of the world, you continue to be screwed

I have always been amazed at anyone who works for a living and is a Republican.  Talk about a contradiction of interests.  The GOP is a subsidiary of the Chamber of Commerce and Big Incorporated, Inc.  This past election was baffling.  The wrecked economy and high unemployment are not a products of government action (both parties did facilitate though).  The guilty parties, the ones who put most of us in the septic tank, are the overlords of the elected GOP thralls.   If you think the business bosses give a shit about jobs and workers, then why are they spending on everything except jobs?  If you listen to and support GOP BS on government and jobs, get ready for 15+% unemployment and a massive increase in no benefits  temporary jobs.  But profits will soar.  Serf on!

Companies stash more cash as profits increase

End of the World, Corrected Date

Here comes Doom!,  round 2.  1994's came and went.  If you hadn't noticed, the world did not end in 1994 or 200 for that matter.  When predictions fail, what do interpreters of the bible do?  They re-interpret!  He did.  Yep,  the world will end on May 21, 2011.

Hell I thought it was going to end in 2012 when the Aztec clocks freeze up.    Oh, well, get ready for the end of days (again).  Oh, if this prediction fails, then, yep, expect a third round.  Bible thumpers are so predictable.  The amazing thing is, followers will still follow.  I guess that's why they are called followers.   Being a Doomsayer is a heck of a job, but I guess someone has to do it.

Doomsday Preacher Goes for Round Two

If you are interested in what happens when predictions go quite awry, then give When Prophecy Fails a read.

Times Are Tough

If you are an elected state official,  political appointee, or a senior manager in government, times are tough. Tax collections are down.  Your salary and benefits are safe, but you don't have money to play with.  Travel and training are becoming harder and harder to pay for.   Contracts for your family, friends, and generous supporters are riskier than ever--audits seem to go with tough times.  What can you do?  Well, take a look at all those government workers.  They get paid.  They have benefits.  They could pay for all the stuff you want.  Hell, go take it from them, call it your patriotic duty, and the idiots who vote for you  will call it good government too (they get their news from TV).  And so the assault on public workers begins.

Strained States Turning to Laws to Curb Labor Unions

Now to all workers, public and private.  The war on unions began in 1972.  This may be the last battle.   Public sector workers are all that stand between a nation of well paid labor and a return to sweat shops and serfdom.  As goes the future of  public workers, so will go the future of private sector workers.   Whom will you support?   If you are out of a job it's not because of a public employee.  Civil servants did not drive jobs to China?  If you want a job, decent wages and benefits, then you better organize and get busy defending the public sector.  Now take a moment and guess who finances the current assault on public sector employees?  Think about it as you read a list of Fortune 500 company names.

How to stalemate

The Afghan War is FUBAR.  We will not win, lose or even draw.  At best we might achieve a truce.  Think North Korea here.   Bless my medals, the Marines have a truce underway in Helmand Province.   The well armed 800 pound gorilla is buying a temporary peace (truce).  I wonder what happens when they miss a payment?

Under the agreement, American and Afghan leaders are supposed to pump more money into the area.

In exchange, the tribal leaders vowed to expel foreign fighters, allow Afghan and U.S. forces to patrol the area, contain Taliban attacks and help identify deadly roadside bombs, which have taken a heavy toll on U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Do we have to get permission from our creditors to buy truces?  After all, we have to borrow the bribe money.

Originalist Bilge

The troggiest member of the Roberts and the Robes says the Constitution only protects property owning protestant white guys from themselves and each other.  Everyone else is fair game for depredation by the white guys since they wrote the rule book.  And we all know, there can be no changes in the rules according to the current crop of white guys.  Hold it, by the originalist intent, none of the Robes should be on the Court, they're Catholics and Jewish.  Catholics were not too popular back in 1776, and the Jews, well when have they ever been popular?  I guess some changes without legislation are okay.

Scalia: Constitution does not protect women against discrimination

It's good to have stable allies in the War on Terror

I know we're don't call it the WOT anymore, but a WOT by any other name is still a WOT.  Come on, we never changed the name of the "War on Drugs" to the "War on Stuff that People Really Like" just because it's a fucked up failure.  The eastern front of the WOT is now the Af-Pak WOT.  Pakistan is an ally.  They have nukes too.  They also have blasphemy laws.  If you oppose the laws, the WOT gets up close and personal and they nuke your ass.   With Pakistan as an ally, are you more confident we will the WOT?  

Salman Taseer, outspoken Pakistani governor, assassinated

Let the Two Year Witch Hunt Begin!

House Republicans have the power in the 112th Congress.  What power?  Oh, the only one that matters, the power to subpoena.  All of the committee investigations will have less to do with improving government today and much more to do with who wins the 2012 election cycle.   Rep Issa, for example, knows that ObamaCo is the most corrupt ever, I heard him say it on  FOX and CNN.  As he investigates, he creates controversy and that surrogate violence gets him on TV.  See, free PR and here comes 2012.  Let the witch hunt begin...

Incoming House GOP chairmen have a long list of issues to investigate

Just because the money is there and you can....

Cash money, Congress and no accounting seem to blend together like peanut butter and jelly.  Did you ever try to get just the jelly out of a PB&J sandwich?   If a Congressman has access to cash and can spend it on himself, whether or not it's quite legit, he will.  We don't elect people who have the highest integrity, most honor, and highest ethical standards.  Nah, we elect people who need to yell "dig me," who need to run for office, who need to be in front of crowds, and who need constant adulation.  Our system elevates  very damaged people.  God, they are even admired.

Our political process elicits the worst  narcissists to come forward and satisfy their needs in public.  That's why they run and keep on running election after election.  I'm not sure who is worse these days, the candidates or the voters. Elections have become a very warped reality show, which means cable news has become pure entertainment.  Gee, we're going to have two years of  "The Real Candidates of Delaware or Nevada or Alaska."  It should be no surprize to find--

House panel won't investigate six lawmakers' use of travel stipends

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a New Year in Legacyland

The new year is underway.  It's looking normal as the Shrub's legacy keeps on giving our troops opportunities to die for something--U.S. military announces first deaths of 2011 in Iraq, 2 killed

Iraqis have not let the New Year deter them from their normalcy.  They keep on killing each other off--Suicide Bomber Kills 1, Wounds 28 in Iraq

It's still a war over there.  Wonder why Obama hasn't ended it yet?  Guess he's still counting on donations form the MIC for 2012.

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Announcing our newest meter: the GOP Pledge-O-Meter

Today we unveil the GOP Pledge-O-Meter, our latest feature to hold public officials accountable for what they say.

The Pledge-O-Meter is a Republican version of our Obameter, our award-winning feature that tracks President Obama's campaign promises. To create the Pledge-O-Meter, our writers Rob Farley and Lou Jacobson dug through the Republican leaders' speeches and written materials and came up with 57 promises. We'll be following them the same way we do with the Obameter, rating them on our six-level Promise Broken-Promise Kept scale.

Like the Obameter, I find the Pledge-O-Meter fascinating because it shows both trees and forest. You not only learn about individual promises such as "Require bills to include a clause citing its authority in the Constitution,"but you get a broad picture of the Republican approach to governing -- just as the Obameter reveals the Democrats' approach.

I'd also like to give you a heads-up that three of our eight state sites have just introduced features to track the promises of their new governors. The Walk-O-Meter from PolitiFact Wisconsin, the Linc-O-Meter from PolitiFact Rhode Island and the Scott-O-Meter from PolitiFact Florida will provide the same ratings at the state level that we use for the national features. Our other PolitiFact states will be launching their promise features soon.

If you're a regular PolitiFact reader, you know that we're big on meters. They provide a useful snapshot of the accuracy of a statement or the fulfillment of a promise. And they're all based on the solid, independent journalism that PolitiFact is known for.

Have a happy new year.

Much akin to losers at the gaming table

Who's that dumb?  Why, it's our commanders in the Afghan ground and the first strategerator in the White House.  Look we've failed miserably to win those hearts and minds.  That front is a disaster.  The Afghani folks are just pissed at us for all the bombs, missiles and things that fall out of the sky that kill them.   I think most of us would be a bit peeved too.  So, what do our top-notch tacticians do?  Well, much like a loser at craps, who doubles down for that last losing bet, they send even more bomb droppers in to make even more rubble.  Now that is super shrewd!  I bet they even think more hearts and minds will come our way.  Technically that's true, unfortunately they will all be delivered via airmail.

Air Force doubles manpower for Afghan attacks

Post Office

Did you see that the USPS will pretty much quit hawking denominated first class stamps?  They will all become Forever stamps.  The USPS is in financial trouble.  As mail volume declines, well, so does the PO.

Unfortunately, as their future is imperiled, their employees seem to quit while working.  For the first in my life I'm looking a minimizing my use of the mail due to crappy service.  The nice part is that with the Internet, I can avoid the PO almost totally.

My local PO does not deliver my mail on time.  My magazines arrive whenever they get around to it.   I receive some issues as much as a month late.  I have missed some too.  My carrier acknowledge the problem and blamed it on a new (now old) distribution center created to improve delivery and cut costs in Central Virginia.

Now, I fear they are not delivering first class mail.  At least one invoice sent to me has not been delivered.   It was sent in November, I'm still waiting for its delivery.   I also fear they hold fruit until it's convenient to deliver.  Gee, the boxes are large, awkward and a bit heavy, so don't deliver it?  Now I have to find out if the fruit company I deal with uses UPS or Fed Ex.  It they do not, then I will have to find a new fruit company.

I formerly was impressed by and supported the USPS.  I have been patient, it's been a couple of years now.  The USPS has exhausted my patience.  All it takes is for USPS employees to do their jobs--managers, staff, and carriers.  Both government employees and contract employees have to deliver the all the mail on time.  If they cannot, then it's time for us to find a better way and put them out of business.

Is it time to end the USPS?  It will be hard, it's mandated in the Constitution.   My trust of the PO has gone way South, how's yours?  It it time to amend the Constitution?

Buy These Stamps, and Forget About Rate Increases

Question: Why do we have a State Department?

Answer:  To sell airplanes for Boeing.

Diplomats Help Push Sales of Jetliners on the Global Market

Is this in the Constitution?   Where's the teabagger outrage?  Where are Scalia and the Originalist Supremes?   Is this welfare?  So much for capitalism and the free market....

Let the games begin!

The GOP has the House in the 112th Congress.  That really sucks.  It blows chunks too!  Why, oh, because everyone knows that all Republicans drool acid, eat batshit, and sold their souls to the Devil ever since Goldwater taught them how when he ran for President.  Oops, I think I let my partisanship show a smidge there.  Well, maybe a bit more than a smidge, but not much more.  After all, the GOP will mis-rule the  House for two long, destructive, debilitating, corrupting unleashing the end of time years.  Arrrrrrgh!

In the spirit of bipartisanship, for today only, let me expend a hand to the incoming House Republicans.    The voters did not vote for y'all.  They voted against the Dems.  The saving grace from the election is that y'all are so damn dumb you will legislate as though the voters want you in  power.  2012 will be a good year.   Nancy Pelosi, the best Speaker of the House ever, will be replaced buy a GOOPER dork.  The new Speaker will be the cry baby, John Boner.  Damn another oops.  It's John Boehner.  Sorry about that (not really but I'm trying to be polite).

I wonder, as Speaker Boehner opens the House side of the 112th, as he reads the Constitution, will he pull a namesake, a boner, and cry all over the damn document?  It will be appropriate, Boehner will begin his Speakership with an act of desecration, he will destroy of a sacred document.  What can I say, oh, being nice is over, screw 'em.  It's time for political scorched earth or something like that.

Austerity is first order for Boehner's installation as House speaker

Even loons try to be all they can be,

But, in this case it's a Navy loon.   When Navy Captains make moron movies of themselves, show them to the crew, and then wonder what's the big deal, it's time to ask, who hired and promoted the guy?  It's just another example of bad behavior in the military.  Can we use this bit of lunacy, it's as good as any other reason,  to shut  down the Pentagon?  Can we shutter the service academies and support only a minimal military?  It's most odd--

Navy to investigate lewd videos shown on carrier

Gee, Republicans Don't Think Much of Obama

Wow, that's an insight.  Rep. Issa thinks the Obama Admin is really corrupt.  Darn, if Darrell says that, it must be true.  Come on, would a pol lie?  Make shit up?  Use his office to run for reelection or for higher office?  Would an elected Congressman use his official duties to advance the power of this party?

Now, before the Jackass Party supporters get all pissy faced and give themselves wedgies over what the GOP is saying about ObamaCo, they need to hop into their not so way back machine and replay the Shrub years.

With the changes wrought by the 2010 election, we see that today's  a re-run!  This time it's GOP pitching  political fits, frothing at the mouth and drooling for victory in 2012.  It's the same as when the Dems savaged Bush and the always evil Dork Cheney.  AG Holder is bad?  Come on what did you say about Ashcroft (remember how the putz was embarrassed by a statue)?  How about that joke, Gonzalez?  Our politics gets worse as each election cycle is played out in two year increments of vitriol and ever debilitating actions.  Cable news will cover it all!

Can it change?  Sure, but only if a new minority of voters decide that enough enough is enough.  Voters have to decide to quit electing assholes like all the ones in office today.  Let's elect jerks and see if it gets any better.

Issa says Obama administration is 'one of most corrupt'

And you want to know why we're going broke?

Hey, before y'all do a knee jerk it's Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, take a peek at CERP.  CERP?    It's small potatoes but amply illustrates what is wrong with our public sector.  How about a $5 billion slush fund the military has spent.  They, commanders in the ground, spent it.  What did they accomplish?  They managed to transfer money from the Treasury into private bank accounts of contractors and themselves.  Yes embezzlement does occur in the military.  The projects, well, they were idiotic to begin with, and they are still pipe dreams.  Who's behind this?  Thank Bush.  Thank Obama.  Thank Republicans.  Thank Democrats.  And thank the minority of voters who maintain this system by electing Bush, Obama, Republicans and Democrats.  I'm sure y'all are tired of this, but this is the pad at work.  Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Congressional Complex, so let's start cleaning house there.  We can take it one complex at a time.

Demise of Iraqi water park illustrates limitations, abuse of U.S. funding program

Oh, as you read and think about CERP, give a thought to WikiLeaks and why the aces in charge are so concerned (afraid) of leaks. Whose security do they see placed in peril, ours or their own sorry asses?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who's Going To Be On First?

What do Barbor, Thune, Daniels, Huckabee, Gingrich, Romney and Pawlenty all have in comon.  Oops, almost forgot Huntsman.  It's not that they want to be president, that's obvious, they do.  No, it's that they are all scared shitless of Sarah Palin and her reactionary populists.  None of the boys will make a move until she does.  This is good for Dems.  Most of the guys are far less nominatable than Palin, but all of them are far more electable.  It's a nice bind for the GOP.    

The Coming Food Fight

When Congress returns and Obama says aloha to Hawaii, we can expect a two year food fight.  If Obama thinks the GOP will help him govern, he is clueless. There are only two agendas in D.C.  One is Obama's, his is to get reelected in 2012. The other is the GOP's, their's is to make sure Obama is not reelected. Will the GOP help Obama govern? No way! The trogs will try their best to undo and repeal everything the Democrats and Obama have done in the last two years.  The GOP will attack all enacted legislation.  They will attack all initiatives that have been accomplished through administrative law.  They will try to undo two years of government.   The GOP will justify their actions by placing them in the context of job creation, balanced budgets, and liberty (sop to the teabags).  Not much will actually be repealed.  Likewise  not much new will be done.  One little problem that is a bit scary coming up in March is the debt ceiling.

The trogs, especially the new ones, seem to think it's okay to not raise the debt ceiling. If we cannot borrow, then, to them, it merely says we have to stay within our means. What they are forgetting is that if they do not raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. will be perceived, if not actually,  to be in default on it's bonds and one step from Chapter 7. Investors are very insecure and skittish.  Can you imagine a run on the U.S Treasury to cut losses and cash in bonds?  Can you imagine how low the value of the dollar can go?  The deficit hawks can put us back in the septic tank, but this time we'll all be under it for decades.

5 Myths


Automating ourselves to hell in a Computer

Looking back we can see that, once again, the leaders of finance, went with personal greed rather than sound business sense as they gave the rest of us the mortgage crisis that drove our economy into the septic tank.   Our economy has suffered massively.  The rich and greedy who raped the nation have not felt any pain, they are still making money.  However, millions of folks who make much less than $250,000 a year have lost their homes, jobs, savings, and  dignity to the bankers, investors and financiers on Wall St.  Wall St. pulled a "legal" Ponzi scheme  on us.  Our elected officials, now so outraged, were the ones who enabled, aided and abetted the scheme (for generous donations to reelection campaign coffers).

Instead of being fined and incarcerated, financiers and bankers were given tax dollars to keep it up, and kept on screwing everybody else.  How'd these bozos pull it off?  Oh, a major piece was the automation of the mortgage biz.  The clownish masters of the software, much as the cartoon Sorcerer's Apprentice lost control of proliferating mops and buckets, also lost control of the their electronic mortgage entries.  They multiplied entries without controls to meet investors voracious appetite for more and more securitized debt.  The system belched.  The rest of us then experienced the first crisis, the home mortgage crisis.  We went down.  Then to make it worse as we start to recover, the software moved us from the mortgage mess into the current foreclosure crisis.  I wonder what will be next?

The most damning part of this is that the rich and their thralls are still in their offices, they are still  making money, they are still buying Congress, they are still paying the White House,  and they are having their grievances amply redressed.  Oh, the rest of us, we are still getting screwed as we get ready to believe temp jobs are normal, believe 8% unemployment is normal,  believe a declining quality of life is patriotic, and increasingly admire those who knuckle their foreheads as they tip their hats to the foul fat cats and toady servants in Washington.

At any rate here's a very good piece on the MERS from today's Post, it's worth taking the time to read.

How the mortgage clearinghouse MERS became a villain in the foreclosure mess