Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Conservative Mind

Conservatives prefer an established order, old institutions and traditional customs.  Today's conservatives are no different, they praise the past.  Their deep seated fear of chaos drives them to prefer life in 1776 to 2011.

Okay, here's a thought.  If today's conservatives were alive in 1776, they would have opposed the Revolution.  They would have said "long live the the King, " been run out of town, and wound up migrating to Canada.  It was the conservatives of 1776 who lost the revolution.

You know, as they made their way to Canada I bet they would have expressed a preference for life under Charles II--the last King of England (plug).  Funny though, had they lived under Charles II they would have preferred to live when Queen Elizabeth reigned.

Conservatives will trip the light backtastic until they've restored the Garden of Eden.  Would they be happy then?  Nah, they'd long for that time before God had not gotten around to creating Adam and Eve or anything else.  Fear does funny things to your head.   You see, in their hearts and minds. conservatives just don't like life, the universe or anything else around them whenever they are alive, it's too scary.

Bout Time!

Forty years ago, if you asked be about women in combat, I would have been quite opposed.  Much has changed over the decades, mostly I learned a lot about people and our world.  The lesson's been repeated over and over again for me.  The structure or outline of what I've learned and keep on learning today is real simple.  It amounts to "I was pretty damn dumb to even think that's was true."  2011, women in combat?  Absolutely.

Women should be allowed in combat, report says

For comedy purposes only--We've let the gays into the Army now.  Senator McCain told me women will go into combat too, provided they are not gay.   Sorry couldn't help it.

Dems And Language

The Dems need to re-group and get some better slogans.  I read somewhere they were going to call the GOP job killing health care repeal bill the "killing the patient bill of rights bill."  That doesn't even poke the GOOPERs in the ankle.  Does anybody get excited by the Dem's slogan?  Come on folks, you gotta do better.

I can understand why the FOXborgs thought the Tucson memorial was put toghter by the Dems.  What was it called?  Okay, "Together We Thrive."  That just smacks of a high level Democratic committee working overtime doesn't it?  Have you forgotten Timmie Kaine's response to one of the Shrub's SOTU blubber bumbles?  What line did Kaine monotonously repeat at least 4,374 times?  Yep, it was "Together, We Can."  I knew you remembered.  Kaine's speech made for more than a couple batches of up-chuckey cakes across the land.  Note Kaine is the current DNC Chair and he is every bit as exciting today as he was back then.

What might the Dems call the GOP repeal bill?  I don't know.  How about just "GOP Will Kill 32 million poor people bill"  or "Cutting  Medicaid Costs by Killing Patients Bill."  Or  "No Panels Needed, Just Die Bill"  Or just for the ladies and non-whites out there "Bringing back 1776 Restoration Bill , Health today, Gender and Race Tomorrow."

Dems need to get going with language.  Send ideas to Chairman Kaine of any Democratic member of Congress.  They really need a lot of help.

We Came, We Saw, We Stayed and Stayed

After 10 years this is the new normal we have institutionalized across Afghanistan--

Civilian, insurgent deaths reported in Afghanistan

Send your "Great Job Nation Building--Thank You" notes to:

The Shrub in Dallas Texas


Mr. Obama in the White House

These guys should share a Nobel Prize for something. Do they have one for mind numbing, boneheaded stupidity?


Legacyland West

Why do we have to wait until Dec. 31, 2011 to get out of Dubya's shithole?  He made it, couldn't deal with it, so he stuck us with it.  Man, talk about an eight year failure.  If we had already left Legacyland, then these soldiers would still be among the living.  He didn't they're not.  Send thank you notes to:  The Shrub  Dallas,Texas.

Iraqi soldier kills two U.S. soldiers in Mosul

Attention Astrology Believers

You have been living a lie your entire life.  You are not who or what you thought you are.   And you thought you were  a Capricorn,  bull.   Your are an Aquarius at least.  Hey, maybe you're really a Snake.  There's only one thing the lot of you can do.  Yep, you  all need to gather on a cliff in Canada and jump into the cold deadly sea below.  If you don't know the way, ask a lemming.   After all, your life has no meaning.  It cannot be put back together again.  Well, actually it never was all that together.

Did Your Horoscope Predict This?

Does this mean that President Bonzo received bad intel on what to do from Nancy?  Historians get busy and re-write!

Let's play who donating to whom!

Quick, is Boeing giving cash to ObamaCo or the other guys?  If you said Obama you are wrong.  How do I know this?  It's easy,  SBINet has been shelved.  ObamaCo will buy off the shelf illegal alien detector stuff from the Illegal Stop Shop to protect our southern border.

After getting $1+ billion Boeing gave us 53 fully non-functional miles of detection and then looked to the other party for mega grievance redressing.  Boeing has, as a result, lost it's place at the federal slop trough.

Aw shit.  Get ready, here it comes folks, a new 2012 GOP campaign issue.  It 'll go something like this,  What's Obama got against fences, we know they make good neighbors, so what's he got against neighborly Mexicans?  He just wants to keep our  border open to terrorists.  Damn Socialist!  Yeech!

Administration giving up on full 'virtual fence' on border

Age and the White House

Reagan's son contends his dad had Alzheimer's disease while in the White House.  If we elect old farts we get what we elect, but we don't elect the folks who then wind up running the show.  Damn, does this mean that Dubya has always played with half a deck?  Yeah, that explains "President" Cheney and his buddies at the Department of Darth (DoD) who helped little George run the office.

Seriously, if someone is over 65ish, they have no business running for, much less being the top dog in the White House.  I think the GOP lost some votes in 2008 just over McAncient's age.  It wasn't so much that he'd die and Palin would become top dog, no it was more that he'd turn into McDrool, become a shell, and others would use him  to rule.  

At 50 our downhill slide really gets ramped up, so that in a person's 60s they can really start to deteriorate.  Maybe we all need to read a bit on the biology of human aging.  You may not like it, but face it this shit happens despite the greatest medical care you can buy.

President Reagan suffered from Alzheimer's while in office, according to son

Now what about all those really old farts in the worlds greatest debilitating body, the U.S. Senate?  Maybe it's debilitating because....

Got Gun, Will Speak (for a less than modest fee)

Spanky Sarah Palin, the nation's premier victim, will present her "whine with me about everything" routine to big game blowhards at the end of this month. Feeling bad about your life? Are you sure your condition is somebody else's fault? Own a gun?  Then learn that you are right and go listen to Sarah, she knows who her spanx!

2011 Annual Hunters Convention--We protect today, we can kill more tomorrow!

Where is Kenosha?

I haven't a clue, I'll have to ask the new chairman of the RNC, he's from there.  Preince Rebus, er, Rince Probus, er, the new guy, the Anti-Steele Successor (ASS), yeah, Reince R. Priebus.  I bet that middle name is winner.  He knows how to out Steele Steele since he was Steele's adviser for two years.  Republican's didn't like Steele for some reason.    I guess Steele just didn't have the necessary "I love Jesus" evangefundie creds for the squinty-eyed, rich old white guys in charge.  Will Pribus decide that all Republicans should start wearing while patent leather shoes and belts to complement their pompadours?  Praise the lord and you betcha.      

New RNC chairman ran as the anti-Steele

Friday, January 14, 2011


We really need to get rid of the War Dept.

Pentagon official: Martin Luther King would support Iraq, Afghan wars

RNC Comedy Over On C-Span

It took seven ballots, but the GOOPERS finally found their Priebus!  It was a Reincing ordeal.   Yeah, Reince Priebus is now the new chair of the RNC.  I'm sure that is exciting news, to someone, somewhere, for some reason.  Okay, Dems  get cracking, let's hear those Preibus one-liners!

Mac App Store

I've been to the App store, but I'm not a big consumer of apps.  I have not downloaded anything yet.  If you have, or are thinking about going to the Mac App site, here's a piece you might want to read--

Ten Changes We'd Like to See at the Mac App Store

Did you note the lack of a purchase confirmation warning?  If you are a Mac user, any other changes?


This ad was in Tucson.
It was pulled!

GOOPy Jabberwocky

What's that?  Oh, that's the crap the GOP makes up and oozes out as facts.   The next two years are gong to be loaded with GOOP from GOOPERS.  Since the Dems are out of power in the House, I expect them to join in and sling some prime donkey turds at us too.

Here's a bit of fact-checking from the Post--Is Obama Bad for Business?

RNC Comedy is live on C-Span

The top glops in the goop pile have gathered in Washington to select their new douchebag in chief.  Most think Michal Steele tuned out to be phlegm bag, so he's probably out.  There will probably be several votes.  My money is on Reince Priebus.  Actually I just hope he wins because of his name.  Have you been creative with it?  Hey, did you wash hands after you Priebused?

Four things to watch at the Republican National Committee Chair election


Miracle Wanted: Dead or Alive

Pope Ratzy, in an attempt to win the flagging faithful to his side has fast tracked sainthood for last Pope the faithful flocked to, Pope John Paul II.  Yep.  Ratzy's sure that a nun who said her hangnails were cured by Pope John Paul II, two months after his death, was a miracle.  Obviously it's a miracle, or it could just be fictitious bullshit, but then I'm no longer a flocker of the faith.  

However, the Pope needs another miracle.  It takes two miracles to make one saint.   One miracle just gets you beatified.  Flockers of the world Pope Ratzy needs your help.  Please send the Pope your miracles.  Send him the details of how Pope John Paul II changed your life, when he was living, dead or will at some time in the future.  The person who submits the winning miracle will get a free all expenses paid trip to the Vatican for the John Paul II is a Saint Show.

Note:  all pilgrims are welcome to attend the May 1st beatification ceremony.  Make your reservations now.    Tickets are at a premium.   The Vatican will accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards!  Relics and other blessed trinkets will only be available at the Vatican Saint Shop on Beatification Day.  Go to and make your travel plans to attend today.

Pope John Paul II, to be beatified May 1: Sainthood next


I can hardly wait

The war is coming home.  No, not the troops, we'll keep at it until sanity prevails, which means we're in it for a very long time.  It's a weapon that is going to be deployed stateside.  Local cops are going to start using drones to track bad guys.  I can hardly wait.

First we will see the bad guys begin to shoot down the eyes in the sky.  Drones go up and can come down on suburban houses.  I guess we'll be bringing the rubble back too.  But, hey, in the war on crime, we'll do whatever it takes, right?  We cannot allow our prison construction industry to waste away.

Oh, when the drones are shot down, you know what the cops will do next don't you?  Yep, they'll  get drones that can shoot back.  After all drones are super accurate and only kill bad guys.  Well, that's according to our GI and CIA guys.  According to the folks on the ground in Pakistan, they must have more bad guys than they ever imagined, given all the bodies the drones have racked up.  I guess this is an indirect way of having more of us to have some skin in the game of the Afghan war, we're bringing it home to everybody's home town.

Police turn to drones for domestic surveillance


Would you rather wage needless, immoral, wasted trillion dollar wars or help our physicists in their quest for the god particle?  The people in our government have made that decision for us.  War's on! War won!  Besides, constituents say that looking for god is blasphemy isn't it?  The sad part is I bet there are pols out there who use the Tevatron and the Higgs bosun (god particle) as a wedge issue to gain votes from evangefundies who will always rally to eliminate science from their flat earth.

America to end its search for the 'God particle'

It's obvious isn't it?

Religious whack jobs in Egypt attacked the Copts.  Copts are Christians that the rest of Christianity tends to ignore.  The Pope then decided to practice being a 12th Century Pope.  He demanded nations protect Christians.  His appeal had an effect!  Egypt recalled its ambassador to the Vatican.  That is old time religion in action!  Could we have a round of excommunications too?

Now Iran, about 99.99999999999% Shia flavor Muslims,  is rounding up its Christians.   The Pope is sure to express his displeasure with them.  What can Christians do about this next attack on their brethren?  How many more attacks are planned?

It's simple.  All fundamentalist, evangefundie, true believing, waiting for the rapture folks in the USA and around the world need to form armies to invade, fight, and capture Islamic nations for Christ.  Come on Christians take the battle to the infidel!  Us non-believers will hold down the fort for you.  Remember death on the battlefield will make you a martyr, but sans the 72 virgins (that's just for your enemies).  Please go forth and die for Christ.  

Iran rounds up Christians in crackdown

Where did the donors go?

If big donors are not donating to the RNC, they certainly are not giving it to the DNC.  Both parties are in hock.  They are running in the red as we start the 2012 race to see who will become the next lease holder on Air Force One.

I have a feeling both parties will see a lot less cash coming their way as donors find other ways to buy their shares in our quadrennial IPO of USA, Inc.   Both parties should thank the Supremes for their impending permanent pauperization.   Who needs a party when you can cut out the middleman, do it yourself and get results at wholesale prices.   The 2012 election will become a political buyer's club.  Parties?  Who needs them?

RNC finances suffer from loss of major donors

Obama's Bungled War

Opium poppies grow quite well in Afghanistan.  They sell for seven times the going price for wheat.  Let's see, grow flowers or wheat?  Now that's a tough decision in a country that has more rubble than god ever allocated to them.  Ten years of war and what is one thing that we have accomplished--

"When we started here in 2002, it was hard to find a single drug user on the streets of Kabul. Now there are close to 1 million all over the country," said Tariq Suliman, a doctor and the director of the Nejat Center, a program for addicts in Kabul. "This is a population that is using dangerous drugs, getting thrown out of their jobs and families, and suffering from social stigma."

We're going to "win" the war by turning Afghanistan into NYC or Detroit at their worst?  I think we need a whole new set of commanders in the ground, on the ground, over the ground and in White House.  10 years and we've given them a legacy, a big drug problem.  Damn, along the way of war, did someone transfer folks from the Mexico desk to the Afghan Bureau?

As opium prices soar and allies focus on Taliban, Afghan drug war stumbles

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hey look, it's Tim Pawlenty. What's he doing?

Oh, he's pulling a full Willard with some crazy right wind radio jock.   We have to remember who shows up to vote in those GOP primaries.   So pander on Tim, you may get some of the crazy vote, but I think Willard has you beat already!

Whatever It Takes

Sign of the times

Mrs. Jake has a Kindle.  It was Christmas present.  She's download a bunch of books, free, not so free, and maybe snuck in one of those "they cost that much" files (books).  She loves it.  The e-ink screen is a plus, when it comes to being able to see the screen in bright light or have color, seeing is better.  It does one task quite well.

However, yesterday Kindle didn't do anything.  Well, it did one thing.  No matter what we tired to do, it always did the same thing.  We'd select a book and it went to "My Clippings" and stayed there.  I poked around, could not see anything, and obviously could not read the user guide on the Kindle, so I called Amazon.

It was a quick response.  I waited less than a minute and talked to a nice man named Joseph.  I described the problem.  He had me power it off and then turn it on.  It was the equivalent of a cold boot.  The Kindle had gotten itself lost in a loop.  It took just a couple of minutes and our problem solved.  Thanks to Amazon and Joseph!

When I returned the Kindle to Mrs. Jake I told her what I/we did.  She was surprized.  She didn't see the Kindle as a computer.  I'm not sure what she thought it is, but not even close to a computer like her laptop.  That struck me as interesting.  How many gizmos, gadgets and other electronic things do we use and not even think about as computers of various kinds?   They have software, chips, power supplies, and a clock.  They take input, do something to it, and then output something, but if its not on the the desktop, I guess it's easy to not see a computer.  How many devices do you futz with every day?  Are they all integrated into your own bit of personal cosmic hyperspace?  What happens when we each have 100+ devices all chatting to each other about us and our actions, what will life be like then?  

Cost of Health Insurance Reform

The Jackasses bray that the Health Insurance Reform Act saves the nation some serious bacon.  Well, they assert it will cut the deficit and that's akin to saving.  More than likely they'll spend the "savings" on something else.  Jackasses, as we all know are the tax and spend party.

The ponderous Pachyderms trumpet a message of "no way."  They are certain that the costs of the act will in fact increase the cost of government (and kill jobs too).  They want to repeal the act and make everything come out right.  Right for whom is never specified, but I'm fairly certain the "whoms" will have the savings spent their way.  Hold it,  the Pachyderms are the borrow and spend party.

Aw shit, we are so screwed again.  One taxes, one borrows but both spend like mad.  So what's the truth about the Health Insurance Reform acts savings or no savings?   Here's good piece on the matter.  It's a tad long but well worth your time.

The battle over the health care bill

Gun Control

I'm thinking about guns and gun control.  Guns are here to stay.  The Supremes have seen to that.  You want a gun, if so, then go buy one, it's your right.   It's a waste of time to argue the 2nd Amendment.  It may come up in the future, but that discussion is decades off.  I don't even think we can control much in the way gun purchases, how people pack them, or limit who can buy them.  I'm not sure what effects existing controls have had if any.  So, let's just get everybody packing instead.

Maybe the feds ought to give away Glocks.  Let's arm everybody.  We borrow money for everything else, let's create a Dept. of Guns (DOG).  If you want a gun, DOG will sell or give you one.  There is no reason the poor or lower income Americans should be denied fulfillment of the their right to bear arms.  We could even start an low income tax program, kind of an earned income gun purchase credit redeemable at all gun shops.  For those who don't file, we can have a gun stamps program for them to use to buy guns and ammo!  Hell, let's get the Dept. of Education to get going on a No Child Left Unarmed program too.

There is no reason the feds should not run retail gun outlets.  States can also get a piece of the action.  Look how many states sell booze, why not guns and ammo?  Government outlets will compete with the private sector to insure that no Americans is denied the right to live a Constitutional American Dream.  Besides, with all that fire power we're going to need a lot of new practice ranges.

Now, one thing about gun owners.  If we cannot identify lunatics before they commit crimes, then we can deal with them harshly after they commit a crime.  We can insure that they do some very long and very nasty time.  Any person who commits any crime using a gun, or having a gun on their person will be locked up in really rotten prisons where we do not worry about what's cruel and unusual.  Oh, let's  make the sentences long, very long.  Let's give the people who commit  gun crimes swift, brutal long lasting justice.

Another matter we have to consider is kids with guns.  If a gun is used or present when the tykes commit a crime, well it will  all be considered to be adult crime.  There can be no juvenile crime when it comes to guns.  For example if a 14 year old knocks over a 7-11 at gun point, maybe  they will be able to get out of prison when they are say, broken and 50 years old.

I doubt that any of this will work, but what the hell let's give it a try, it might.  Summary executions might work too.    

A word to public employees

Here's a guy who stuck it to folks over health care reform.  He was part of the special interest group then, now he's telling folks what he did and how.  Okay, he's a total ass, he just made a lot of money along by  screwing people over their health care.  However, his message pertains to the current special interest attacks, especially on civil servants.

Will public employees screw up as did the Medicare for all crowd, or will they get organized and get their side of the argument out.  I hope they do, when we lower the last bar that buttresses the middle class, well, let's put it this way.  If you want to know what your kids and grand kids  will be living like, go watch some movies about life in Dickens London, or watch some periods pieces about life when kings ruled.   Remember the good old days, weren't!  

‘Special interests have kicked your butt:’ Wendell Potter to single-payer group

Will Steele be told to go away?

Tomorrow we'll find out about Mr. Steele.  The RNC picks it's new chairman tomorrow.  Please, let it be Reince Priebus.   I am sure comedy writers everywhere are praying their priebuses off for him to be the pick.  With that name, the jokes will abound.  It's a name worthy of the GOP.  Hell, what do you expect from Republicans, they never reince their priebus anyway.  See?

Will Reince Priebus Surge To The RNC Chairmanship Tomorrow?

Wonder why it won't be toned down?

Conservatives Criticize Free T-Shirts At Tucson Memorial Service

What a putz, his party doesn;t give a rats anyway

Haley Barbour must think folks who are other than rich, old, white, guys will vote for him if he panders properly to them.  Remember last April Mr. Barbour likened the omission of slavery by Virginia's Gov. McDonell as a "nit."  Mr. Barbour must still think that the cause of the civil war, slavery, "doesn't matter for diddly."

In addition Mr. Barbour has let us know, from his perspective,  that life in Mississippi during the Civil Rights era was not all that bad for everyone.  Mr. Barbour has managed to perform an anatomically challenging, though not impossible, act.  We leave description of the the impossible acts to former Vice President, Dick Cheney.

Mr. Barbour has managed to insert both of his feet in his mouth.  Now, prepare for the pander, he wants to build a Civil Rights Museum?  In Mississippi?  Can anyone imagine what a Barbour inspired museum  would be like?  I wonder if he has visited Maya Lin's Civil Right Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama?  I doubt he even knows it exists.

Mr. Barbour reminds me of the comedic stereotype of a Southern Sheriff.   You know the pot belly, a thick drawl, and mirrored sunglasses.  Oh, yeah, as portrayed by Jackie Gleason in the role he played so well in "Smokey and the Bandit."  Then again Rod Steiger captured another aspect in "In the Heat of the Night."   Mr. Barbour is more a Gleason act.  He is hardly presidential.

Oh, damn, no one can make statements about a person's presidential qualifications anymore.  Ever since the nation elected the Shrub president, two times at that, anyone who is a natural born citizen, at least 35 years old, and has been a resident for the preceding 14 years is more than qualified and capable.  We elected a plant.  We lowered the bar.  We should not be surprized as what now ties to step over it.  

Barbour pushes for Mississippi civil rights museum

As expected

A nutjob killed several innocent people at a Safeway in Tucson last Saturday.  What can we predict as an outcome?  Well, we can divine that gun sales will go up.  They have, particularly for the type used in the crime and in the state of the crime.  The loon used 33 bullet magazines for his Glock-19.  Now there is a proposal to re-ban the high capacity magazines, so their sales are also up,  400% up.   I know, guns don't kill people.  Okay.  No argument, but how do we go about the registration of the nutjobs who use guns to kill people?  Of all those folks who now fearfully scurry to buy Glocks, other guns  and 33 bullet magazines there have to be some lunatics arming up to give us the next tragedy.  The only winners in the gun mess are the makers and sellers of guns and ammo and their lobbyists, the NRA.

Gun sales rise sharply in wake of Arizona shooting

Tucson Memorial Service

I watched the service last night.  I did not see it as a pep rally as some have.  It was a very contemporary memorial which reflects the way we live today.  If you are an old fart, or just steeped in old fart ways, you may have been less than satisfied by the service, perhaps even a bit peeved.

The service was for the folks in Tucson.  It worked well.  Obama's talk was tricky to give, but he was successful.  I say tricky because the verbal sea he had to navigate was rife with the reefs, shoals, and sandbars of our politics.  He did so well!  Will our rhetoric be toned down?  Will we conform with Obama's request?  Maybe for a day, then it's back to business as usual.

Oh, I do think one thing did occur last night.  Obama reconnected with supporters who have drifted away over his two under performing frustrating years.  As he has shut his people out, they have responded.  He and his party are now one cheek wonders .  The GOP does enjoy a good rump roast.  The question is, will Obama speak and govern through his people or stay within the beltway over the next two years?  If he rejoins his people, he will win in 2012.  If not, how does President Willard sound to you?

Obama Calls for a New Era of Civility in U.S. Politics

Blood Libel?

I didn't  realize the phrase "blood libel" has quite the history that is does when I posted about the nation's most well known, self declared, professional victim, Sarah Palin.   She has profited from her well politicized victimhood.

I think her use of "blood libel" may have removed her from the possibility of the 2012 nomination.   She seems unable to stop using violent imagery.  Given that so many other potential candidates fear her supporters, this may be their opening to trivialize and neutralize her as but a national nutjob.

Ms. Palin will continue to lead the nation's sadsacks who are convinced that there, but for everyone else who have always been out to get me,  I might have gone and had a decent life.  It's hard work being a victim, sometimes you even have to quit your day job.

Sarah Palin's effort to defuse controversy backfires with 'blood libel' comment

Kentucky v. King?

The Supremes are still on the road.  Their "Unleashing the Kagan" tour continues.  Roberts and the Robes will sing a song about a boy in blues who creates exigent circumstances so that he may complete a bust (or in this case, compensate for a blown bust).  How far can they go?

The 16th century side of the nation's judicial nonet will advocate for busts of any kind, any time, any place.  Somehow or another they will find a note, memo, or musing from a founding dad that says "warrant, schmoreant, knock, smash and grab the putz, he's a crook."  The 21st century members of the group will not accept police who create their own circumstance to cover their otherwise illegal acts.  Which way will they warble on stage?  Hard to say, who can read the mind of a swing singer.

Court reviews when police may enter someone's home without warrant

Wiki is 10!

Time really flies when it's on the Tubes.  The Tubes are only 20 years old, Wiki is 10.   I love Wikipedia, it's a great place to begin an inquiry on just about anything.  I have trouble imagining a world without Wiki.  Can you imagine the Internets, Tubes and Wiki zapped and gone?

It's become almost a daily thing.  I have a question about something.  I will Wiki it. Usually I do get a return.  I read some or all of the entry, then look at the links and I'm off to Internet space.  I wiki then google.  Wiki usually precedes Google since the first entry in Google is usually a ref to Wiki.  Did you note that two nouns were verbified?  I assume Wiki is mostly accurate, but it's not the gospel truth, especially on selected topics.   It helps to have developed a decent Bullshit detector along the way.  I do like Wiki's  breadth and it's linked depth, it's a tidy reference library at my fingertips.

Wikipedia is turning 10, and founder Jimmy Wales has big plans

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Airline Deregulation

Here are a couple paragraphs from a piece on airlines.

Airlines are operating in a mostly deregulated market, but they are using infrastructure that is largely government- owned and heavily regulated. Even as the number of flights and flyers has soared, the airports that must accommodate them have been neglected. Market forces have not been allowed to allocate access to scarce infrastructure more efficiently. A system of peak pricing for landing slots, for example, would ease congestion in good weather and bad.

Instead of market forces, there is massive political interference. Gleaming but empty airports are built in places represented by powerful politicians. Security checks are excessive because no politician wants to be blamed if a terrorist gets through. New technology that would allow more planes to fly but put air-traffic controllers out of work is blocked by unions. “The aviation system is collateral damage to the political problems we are seeing in all mature democracies,” says Michael E. Levine of New York University, a longtime proponent of deregulation.

The misery of flying

The mix of public airports and private airlines in our deregulated world seems odd. Should we de-public the airport? Air traffic control? Why is government in any aspect of the airline business anyway? Let's finish the deregulation and shut down all parts of government that have anything to do with airplanes, air travel, air safety, air ports and so on.  Gee we can get rid of some public employees, lots of contractors, save some money and end an earmarks target too!

Do you remember music videos?

When I used to watch MTV it was all music videos.  As the vids slipped away, I did too, reality TV sucks.  I assumed the videos were dead.  Now I find out they are thriving, at least they're on the way back via, of course, the Tubes!   Have you visited  Is there money if music videos?

From cash cow to cachet

She's whining. Again.

Sarah Palin is defending her gun sights and somewhat violent rhetoric.  Naturally, she and those of her ilk did no wrong.  So, once again, she's the victim.  God, I guess that's why she's popular.  She appeals to whiners who cannot see their own contributions, much less take responsibility for, to the state of their own lives.  Sadly Ms. Palin now decries others, her perceived opponents, for creating a "blood libel."

Blood?  Yep, the violent motif never ends.  She doesn't get it at all.  Oh, when I saw the phrase, "blood libel" I immediately thought "blood atonement."    I think I must have lived amongst the Mormons a tad too long, she may have too.    If libel is a sin, then the only way to atone for the sin is by spilling blood or some such rot.  I'm less afraid of Ms. Palin than I am of all those nameless, faceless, avenging angels of victimhood who will atone you whether you want it or not.

Sarah Palin: 'Pundits should not manufacture a blood libel'

Got Denominalisation?

Don't know what that means, then google it.  Oh, my--


And the Tubes will set you free?

Is the Internet inherently a force for freedom and democracy?  If you have the tubes who needs liberty spreaders?  Is the computer always a tool of social liberation?  You may think so, but I bet you are looking at a rose tinted display.   The bad guys have them to.  So,  consider--

The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom.

It's a normal day in the neighborhood

Where's the neighborhood?  Why it is in sunny downtown Kabul!

Suicide bomber strikes in Kabul; intelligence officers apparent target

Trog Pandering

The Trogs just want to cut spending for us.  That's bullhsit.  They talk about it because they think it's what their voters want to hear.  They don't give a rats about it one way or the other.  Never forget, a pols first job is getting reelected.  What did these same deficit hawks do do from 2001-2008?  

The batshit crazy crowd assumes there are too many federal employees.  If true, they are sure we'll save the nation if we get rid of them.  Who needs any analysis? Facts?  Reason?  Logic?  Nah, just pander to the FOX News drooling dullards audience.

If the federal budget is up, how'd it get that way?  Oh, make sure to not include Social Security in your thoughts, it has it's own revenue stream.   Why do we even have a government,?  Wouldn't anarchy be cheaper?   For analytic purposes, take Medicare and Medicaid off the table and find out where did all that money go over the years.  Who received it?  Don't forget to take a peek at the Department of War too.

How dependent have our friends and neighbors become on federal tax dollars to receive a paycheck?   Oh, remember to throw in the multiplier effect too.  If Mr. Neighbor has a job at Pad, Inc. which is ultimately paid for by tax dollars, where does he spend his cash?  How many jobs in the community are dependent on Mr. Neighbor and that federal contract at Pad, Inc.?

Take some time and review federal employment figures, they have been more flat than not for a very long time.  If government is too expensive, what do we give up?  Remember your fat is someone else's job and community.  Go find some data on your own--The Statistical Abstract of the U.S.  is a great resource, have you ever looked up your burg in the City County Data Handbook?

Arm yourself with facts, then listen to the Bullshit trumpeted by the pandering pachyderms.   God, did you vote for any of them in 2008?  Why?

Bill would propose a 10 percent cut in the federal workforce

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart: I Hate Our Toxic 'Political Environment' -- But Who Knows If It Caused AZ Shooting? (VIDEO)

Gun Control

I get it, the 2nd Amendment says the right to own guns is an individual right.  A person doesn't have to be a member of a militia, the Army, or a Chowder and Marching Society to own gun.  No limits seems to be what  Supremes say.

That's okay, but let me put is this way.  Swords don't kill Normans, Saxons do.  We cannot register, license, or control the sales, manufacture or distribution of swords.  County sword fairs must allow Saxons  unfettered sword swaps.   Every Saxon has the right to own a Sword, well, except for those who really should not carry around a sword.  Some Saxons think everyone is a Norman.  How can we identify Saxons who should remain swordless?  How do limit their sword ownership? Is there any place a Gods fearing Saxon should be precluded from carrying his sword?  Hm, even Stonehenge?    

Why do we all agree no one, except professional Knights, should be permitted to carry ball-on-a-chain bludgeons? Why may Saxons in Wessex carry concealed daggers of any length, but in Anglia they must have an Earl's permit to carry concealed daggers when the blade exceeds four inches in length. Weapon's are very confusing and have been so ever 1066.  Did the Saxons ultimately lose England because they tired to control swords as the Normans were conquering them?  Yep, register Saxons, not swords.  How?  Why?

This Clinton Clone Crap is Getting Out of Hand

Gee, big Bill had "Primary Colors."  Okay, Obama will have "O: A Presidential Novel" by, you guessed it, Anonymous! It will be out on Jan 25th. Joe Klein says he's not Anonymous this time around. It wouldn't surprise me if Obama is the author.

Obama book by Anonymous: 'The truth only fiction can tell'

Pope Ratzy's Wants Tolerance

As Pope Ratzy continues to muster resources for his march back to the 12th Century, he begs other non- Christian governments to protect Christians.   Now that's a hoot!  I wonder if he understands why the term "crusade" still brings out decidedly hostile feelings in the Islamic world?   Did the Church ever really quit  blaming the Jews for killing Christ?  What about all those missionaries!  Okay, ye of lots of faith, take up arms and do the decent thing, off yourselves for a change!  Leave the rest of us with a modest chance for  peace.

Pope: Pakistan, others, must protect Christians

How can we lose?

Yesterday we learned that Willard was in Kabul.  He's sure  to make the world safe, end the war and do nice things.  Now we learn his backup has also arrived, no not her.  Joe Biden is in the war zone!  Between the two of them, oh, shit, I just remembered they are pols up for election in 2012.  Time for a reality check,  I think it means we're screwed.  Like groundhogs and the weather, when pols appear in Kabul, it means at least another 10 years of war.

Biden makes unannounced visit to Afghanistan

Reminder about War

War may kill the combatants and people who live in proximity to the battlefields.  Otherwise,  it can be damned profitable, especially if we can never quite get around to keeping track of where all the money goes.   As the money (tax dollars) disappears, Congress huffs and puffs for assorted home team voters, but note the money keeps on flowing to donors.

Arnold Fields, watchdog over Afghan reconstruction, resigns amid congressional pressure

Good Piece on the Blame Game

It's a decent read, so go ahead--Jared Loughner's alleged shooting rampage blamed on media by commentators.   As facts emerge, remember, the shooting will probably never make that much sense.  About all we'll be able to say is that crazy emerged and crazy will never make sense.  I guess that's why we call it crazy.

One little thing to remember, the TV and radio world is entertainment based on advertising revenues.    If a show or person is successful, that means their is a "paying" audience.  I'm not sure what that says, but I think it is pertinent to our understanding of an aspect of the shooting in Tucson.  

Here it is Tuesday and we're up to our knees

The "explanation" industry has begun to deliver the blurbs.  Experts are oozing onstage for their 5 minutes of fame as pols and pundits seek airtime to stick it to the other guy and promote themselves and their party position.  Oh, my, the rhetoric of why might get hot!  What else can be blame?  Can we cool it off? Hey, that's easy, it's time to blame the music.  Damn, Metal did it!  Besides, who listens to Metal anymore. No more needs be said, case closed, right?  Moving on....

Jared Loughner's music choice, Drowning Pool's 'Bodies,' strikes chilling chord

Uh, what's a chilling chord?

Headlines, outer and inner

Here's a headline from the main page of the Post--

Details emerge about suspect's difficult past

Here's the sub-haedline--

Loughner distanced himself from family, friends, some say

Here's the headline on the story's page--

Arizona shooting suspect Loughner makes first appearance in federal court

Read the piece, what headline would you write?

Monday, January 10, 2011

We do have problems with our government

No, I'm not talking about the tragedy in Tucson or the all the pols reacting (and getting that ever valuable free TV time).  Hell, I'm not even talking about toning it up down or sideways either.  Nah it's this bit here--

President Obama will visit Tucson on Wednesday to attend a memorial service for those killed, a senior administration official said Monday. Details are still being worked out, but it is likely he will deliver public remarks, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because no one has been authorized to announce the trip.

I don't give a rats about Obama going or not going to a service in Tucson.  Nah it's the rest of the lunacy mentioned in the paragraph.  Talking but not talking?  Not authorized but authorized?  So is the trip real or are we all just tripping our way to the state of bedlam.  Shit, it's hush hush?  Everyone in the White House probably knows what he's going to say and when. I guess the PR announcer must be on vacation and the rest of the staff couldn't find the forms or some crap like that.  If ObamaCo cannot even get a simple message out on this without looking addled, confused and leaking on themselves, aw hell, it's just the way they do things, so it's all okay, right?   Hoped it might have changed.  Bet it will be a really good speech.  It might be nice to just say and do for a change, knock off the cute bullshit, it sucks.  You can turn the page now.  

Good Flick

I just finished watching "Agora."  It is very well acted, edited, and follows a reasonable story line for a time we can only imagine, 4th Century Alexandria.  It well illustrates the vacuity of  mindless, aw hell, even mindful, belief.  It's life in the Roman Empire without being a modern day version of a Cecil  B. Demille spectacle.  Rachel Weisz is superb as Hypatia.  Who's Hypatia?  Well, rent the movie "Agora" watch it and find out.  Oh, go ahead, Wiki the movie and the philosopher.  Enjoy!

When do people become nuts?

As we think about what occurred in Arizona and the person who did the shooting, I wonder what really is normal?  Today I encountered one more bit of someone else's normal that's not mine, it's called fox-penning.  If you like dog fights, it might be your  normal.   Cracker normal  is not quite mine, but that doesn't mean I think they are all stark raving mad.  Sick puppies, yes, back country boobs, absolutely yes, but mad no?  What and where are the boundaries?

Here's the piece on fox-penning.  I have to admit, the dogs are being mistreated--they do whatever we ask of them and I now have a fantasy of a fox penner having 900 foxes pursue him and chew his ass off.  Gee, could I hold a fox penner penning?   Hell, it'd be a hit on cable.

Fox penning inspires support, opposition


God Damn, Peace is Gonna Break Out!

Where?  In Afghanistan!  Why?  Uh, Willard is on his way to the front and will

"...train Afghans and share with local leaders his views on issues of leadership, public service, economic opportunity and democratic participation."

Does this mean that Temples will begin to sprout from the Rubble and Afghanis will start to baptize dead people?  Maybe, Willard is on a mission.  However, Willard's mission is to build his foreign policy and commanderator in chiefiness creds.  He's in it to win it, it is the 2012 Trog nomination!  He wants to be Prez.  It's good to have Willard back.

Romney stars in On The Road to Kabul

Looking in Mirrors

As TV news outlets pursue the Giffords shooting, we witness them attack and defend their noise machines which underlay the Arizona killings.  Pundits, analysts, strategists and god knows what else we call them use violent confrontation every day.  Without violence they would be off the air.  Come on, who really watches PBS's "Newshour" all the time.

Pols will use any means available to draw attention to themselves.  They have found an accommodating set of friends at ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN and MSNBC.   And don't forget radio either.   The problem comes when the listeners forget that the TV and radio shows are entertainment.  They have been for a very, very long time.   Oh, don't forget entertainment is quite profitable, it's why folks entertain others.

If we are troubled by the current news rhetoric and want a better class of news readers and pundits, we can realize our dreams.  Yep, all we have to do is quit tuning in.  Leave the radio off.  Do not turn on TV.  If the audience wanes, the ad revenues decline, as cash dries up, stations find new stars.  Oh, damn, the ratings are up.  We have exactly what we want on TV and radio.  I guess decrying the media is just a mandatory part of covering a national story these days.

The next bit of bullshit we hear on "toning" it down should make us all go look in the mirror.  Yep, we have met the enemy, he is us.

After Giffords tragedy, fingers point to the media model of confrontation

If you  think we viewers and listeners are not the problem, I have one question.  Why a Snooki?

On the shooter

Here's a piece from the "Post" on the "troubled," "damaged," "weird," "deranged," and whatever other term we wish to apply to him.  Have you noticed how quickly we apply this kind of language to people who behave in particular ways in particular contexts.  I'm not sure how we decide a line has been crossed, but we do.  The terms we use provide us with an immediate explanation of how and why such an an act occurred.   The possibility that such behavior is normal is perhaps a tad too disconcerting to be acceptable.  Also, as the deviant act of a deviant person, we can "move on" fairly quickly and remain unconcerned with the rest of us, our normalcy, our society and our culture.

Make no mistake about it, Loughner is a murderer.  He needs to tried, convicted, and dealt with.  I think the way we talk about him and his actions, also tells us more about ourselves than we may realize.

Sheriff: 'He specifically targeted the congresswoman'

Sunday, January 9, 2011

And on the Register Saxons not Swords front....

Rand Paul on shooting: ‘Weapons don’t kill people’

It's obvious isn't it?

Officials in Iceland want to know why U.S. investigators want access to the private details of an Icelandic lawmaker's online Tittering.  What will they learn from the Ambassador?  Hell, it's obvious.

First, the U.S. government does not explain its actions.
Second, the U.S. government does as it pleases, when it pleases, wherever it pleases.
Third, the U.S. government is a very well armed 800 pound gorilla and Iceland is a defenseless tiny frozen rock with an odd language.

The Ambassador is sure to thank the Icelanders for their concerns and then very politely tell them to do to themselves what Dick Cheney suggested Sen. Leahy do to himself.

Iceland summons US envoy over WikiLeaks probe

Vacation Planning

Are you still thinking about going to Mexico?  Acapulco  perhaps?  Surely the drug mess hasn't shown up there.  Ooops....

14 beheaded in resort of Acapulco in escalating drug gang feud

Uh, how about sunny Baghdad instead?

It's Bullshit Time on TV!

A tragedy has occurred in Arizona.  TV News staffs are covering the story.  As more details come to light, we will hear of some of them.   One thing is certain, the controversial side will become the focus of the TV reporting.  A reasonable person will follow this story by reading newspapers (the real ones and the virtual ones) and avoid TV for a while.  

As I listened to the bobblehead shows this morning, I  decided to post this about TV.  It was true in 1978 and remains so in 2011 (the parts about TV).  Give it a read.

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

At a Republican Bookstore Near You...

Here 'tis.  It's the Constitution (again)!  This time it's been edited and redacted!  Trogs know it beats the hell our of that older model.   It's time to get slavering, so get out a large bowl of batshit, sit in your favorite chair, chow down and read--

The Conservative Constitution of the United States

Pssst! Southern Heritage Nutzoids

It was all about slavery.

Five myths about why the South seceded