Saturday, January 22, 2011


What a store front. Buy a hack. Oh, Utah folks, note y'all are on the sales list.

Hackers Sell Access To Government, Military And University Websites

Why Don't They Eat Shit and Die?

We would probably be better off if they did.  Who are they?  Oh, they are the people who snort, inject or smoke bath salts from Ivory Snow, Red Dove, Vanilla Sky and others. Bath salts! I am sure someone will suggest we make bath salts controlled substances to protect these cretins. Perhaps they would do one decent thing in their lives, eat shit...

Officials fear bath salts are growing drug problem

First Ad for 2012 is on the air!

And who is it for?  Why, it's for the person, per the ad, we should have elected, Hillary Clinton.  The ad is one man's creation; he's a bit pissed off with Obama and the Party.  I wonder, how many other Dems are as pissed off?  Did we buy a pig in a poke two years ago?  Will this catch on?  If she ran, at this moment, I'll say I would work on her campaign in 2012.  I know I will not be a repeat for Obama in terms of any money or any of my time.  If it is Obama in 2012,  he will have my vote since there are no rational Republicans.  I cannot vote for those who have eaten batshit.

Hillary 2012 Ad Released By Chicago Dentist William DeJean (VIDEO)

Palin Pales in Comparison

Who out Palins Palin on the pukeometer?  Why, Michelle Bachmann of course.  If you find the idea of a President Palin gives you serious gas, then try this one out--President Bachmann!  That's  as painful as being totally commode hugging drunk.   Funny how after we worship the porcelain god for a few hours,  we swear never again, but then.  And in our politics, we so swore after Dubya.  The Shrub was hated by Dems and rejected by GOOPERs.  Never again, but damn Palin and Bachmann!   Come on Trogs, after the Shrub, we're all supposed to compete by raising the bar, not by digging a trench.  If you thought Bush was bad...

Bachmann 'encouraged' after Iowa visit


The monied class dumped a giant turd on the nation a couple of years back.  It almost smothered our economy.  Our government officials acted quickly.  They saved the monied class from pauperization.  Pols can be reassured there will be sufficient money for them to run for reelection.  Of course, everyone else got shit.

Oh, that national dump was bad.  We all certainly know that the States are still in bad shape.  Oh, my, at the bottom of the nation's hill are our cities and towns.  Yep, shit runs downhill.  Land tsunami is a coming!  At least wealthy and privileged class were saved, I'm sure we're all so very thankful for that.

Mayors See No End to Hard Choices for Cities

Regulations, like Vampires, are damned hard to kill

Obama is finding that out.  Everybody says red tape sucks the life out of business.  Why then is the highlight of reg reduction getting saccharin off a toxic substance list (it even took seven years to get 'er done)?  When Congress, directly or indirectly, creates a reg, rule or law, they sic vampires on everyone.  Maybe we should stake pols instead?

Obama May Find Useless Regulations Are Scarcer Than Thought

Local Noise Makers

Yesterday, I noted that the Congressional level Trogs have found a new noise maker.  Actually, it's an old one, the Trogs are quite predictable.  Of course, as go the  national Trogs, so will go the local Trogs.

Expect your local batshit crazy crowd to take up abortion, again.   How long until we have a return to gay noise makers?  To gun noise makers?  And of course to god's noise maker?  Ah, those Trogs are a bitter people.  In good times or bad, they cling to their god justifying guns so they can kill gay abortionists.   Makes you wonder about folks in that party.

Lawmakers in Many States Pushing for Abortion Curbs

Suck Up Watch

Gee, is Obama running for reelection?  What will he give away next?  What ever it is, I'm sure he will tell us that as with all his other accomplishments,  something has to be better than nothing.  The guy is every bit as true a Demican as is Bill Clinton.

Obama taps GE chief Immelt for jobs role, continuing outreach to big business

Congress, Do I Hear Any Bids?

Some things never change.  Business and other assorted interests, give money to Congresstypes.  Congresstypes just happen to legislate and vote in ways that by accident are congruent with donors hope and dreams.  The money, according to the recipients, never influences a single vote or law.  Welcome to the 112th edition of the Republicrat's Sleaze-O-Rama!

Does anyone still think that either party really gives a rat's about governing of, by and for the people? Well, they do, if it's the people who are loaded and donate that reelection greenery. Why does normal person support either Republicrats or Demicans? New parties?

Adios Obermann

Keith Olbermann and MSNBC have parted ways.  Last night's show ended Olbermann's run on MSNBC. I have a feeling whomever they replace him with, if they do,  will be a caricature of Olbermann.  MSNBC has become the FOX News of the kinda sorta left.

I know some leftish folk think FOX and MSNBC are  different and will cite reasons for thinking so.  Myself, I think Keith became a stereotype of himself about two years into his eight year run as a sportscaster doing news/commentary/entertainment.  I quit watching much of his show about  four years ago, I won't miss his absence.  

It's funny, when it's real news about some pressing current catastrophe, people do not turn to FOX or MSNBC, they still turn to CNN.  For entertainment, where the Emcee tells you what you want to hear, folks tune into  FOX and MSNBC (unless MSNBC is running a canned report on prison food).  CNN tries to do Entertainment Tonight,  but come on Parker/Spitzer.

All three cable news networks, in prime time, are not news at all.  They are entertainment and not all that much different from Inside Edition.   The numbers put FOX first, MSNBC second and CNN third, fourth or fifth (after Headline News and the Test Pattern Network).

The new schedule for MSNBC is  the vastly self overrated Lawrence O'Donnell at 8, Rachel Maddow at 9, Ed Schultz at 10, and prison gang shows from 11 pm to 5 am or so.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Where will you put your money?

Given his track record will you bet on Hersh or his detractors?

New Yorker's Hersh sparks anger, puzzlement with remarks on military 'crusaders'

My money is on Hersh.

Utah Makes the News

Dateline Ogden--Possibly,maybe, perhaps excessive nefarious doings might occur in Ogden, but the powers that be cannot know unless they watch everybody all the time.  Got Blimp, Will Observe!  Oh, my god, the Prophet picked his nose.

Utah Mayor Hopes To Use Unmanned Blimp To Fight Crime

Critical Supplies

What happens when a critical supply of some kind is not produced domestically?  Well, whatever vastly important national matter dependent upon that supply will then be interrupted to derailed.   It's happening today.  Is it in defense?  Is it some secret aspect of national security?  Nah, it's just state sanctioned murder, okay, state executions.

U.S. drug maker discontinues key death penalty drug

If states want to insure their capability to kill convicted felons, then they had best secure a means of death that is not dependent on foreign manufacturers.  May I suggest beheading axes or guillotines. Today it's executions, tomorrow it will be our machines of war. Yep, it's a global market out there and do not expect American capitalists to give a damn about anything except making cash. Hm, that might a reason to have a modicum of regulation on business or keep government in selected businesses.

They are liars or not qualified to be members of Congress

Give this Politifact anaylsis a read.  The health care law a "job killer"? The evidence falls short

Read the piece?  Okay, using Cantor as but one example, he is either a liar or too damn dumb to be in Congress. Politifact appears to have nailed Cantor's claims as being flat assed false. Since they are false, Cantor now knows they are false,  and yet he persists in asserting his false claims, that then makes him a bona fide liar.  It's that simple. Of course it might be the case that he cannot tell the difference between truth and falsity, if so, then he's too damn dumb to be a member of the House. Since Rep.Cantor was recently reelected, can we assume he is truly representative of the folks in his District.  Strange place, Virginia's 7th District.  

Trogs at play

The Trogs need issues for the 2012 election, after all, opposing everything the Democrats and Obama have done over the last two years is not enough and could be dangerous.  As the House began the 112th Congress, the Trogs whooped and hollered about the Job Killing Health Care Act.  They had a time and resource wasting symbolic vote to repeal the health insurance reforms.   Since no one really understands everything that's in the law, opposition and repeal could wind up biting them in their butts.  Voters might not vote for people who take away things that the voters discover they like.  IN that case, I'd encourage the Trogs to continue to mount strong opposition to health care reform.

What will the Trogs make into a two year issue?  Trogs have limited interests.  Trogs oppose abortion.  So, abortion it is!  They never quit, because their base is full of mind numbingly dull evangefundies.   In the Trogdom, it's safe to be against abortion, in fact, if you are not, you cannot have a Trog decoder ring or be admitted to the cave.  Yep, abortion is back---

House GOP reopens abortion debate on health care

Uh, oh. The GOP may have to wreck the economy for votes

Our national economy was sent into the septic tank by the monied class.   We've moved from the tank to the gutter, onto the curb and have now taken a step onto the sidewalk.  The monied class could flush us back into the tank again, but that does not appear likely.  Nah, they need the rest of us for awhile longer before they do it to us again (five years or so from now).

As we begin to put the recession behind us, what does this mean for the 2012 election?  Well, if the economy does grow and jobs begin to return, then the GOP can kiss off the White House, the Senate and maybe the House in 2012.  As Democratic and Presidential actions are increasingly seen to have led the nation to a solid recovery, folks will quit listening to the Jeremiahs of the right.  When folks are economically down and out, a one word policy of "no" works.  When folks have a bit of extra cash, they begin to say "no way jerk" to the gloom and doom thralls of the monied class.

The servants of money will try to tank the economy and imperil jobs in their quest for power.  Let's hope sufficient numbers of voters become tone deaf to GOP defeatism as we move nearer and nearer to Nov., 2012.

With more jobs coming in 2011, it may finally feel like recovery


Did you support the Shrub's optional, unneeded, invasion and occupation of Iraq?  Were you a warmonger back then?  If so, you own a piece of the Shrub's legacy.  He left it to you.  You received shares from his IPO of war.  The Shrub, along with every one of his supporters, created contemporary Iraq.  What do you own today?  Three bomb blasts kill 50 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq.

What happens when Trogs speak or send e-mail?

Well, if it's about the health care reform act, which is law, their noses get very, very long.  Welcome to the fact free zone of those opposed to health care reform--

A judge's letter on health care and an email gone viral

Want to cut federal spending?

If you do, then what, how, why, when and with what effect?  If you address the cuts this way, you will have to pose and answer several questions.  Or you could be like the House members who budget by machete (see the prior post on the narcissistic approach to spending cuts).

How do we take on an area of federal spending and seriously propose the elimination of that spending?  It's a bit of a daunting task.  Fortunately there are people who do a lot thinking and try to tell  us the what, how, why, when, and effects of eliminating energy sector subsidies (that's corporate welfare).    Here's a piece from the current issue of the "Washington Monthly"  by Jeffery Leonard--Get the Energy Sector off the Dole

It's a tad long, bookmark it, read the whole piece, then argue with Mr. Leonard. If you wind up accepting his argument, drop your Senator and Rep a line suggesting they enact Mr. Leonard's suggestion. If you disagree with Mr. Leonard drop him a line at the "Monthly."

Oh, please take some time and browse the Monthly online. Better yet, buy a copy if you can still find a newsstand. I've been a Monthly reader/subscriber almost from the first issue back in 1969. It's circulation is small, but it's content has always been spectacular. Well, that's an exaggeration, all magazines have their ups and downs. Fortunately the Monthly has had more ups than downs.  It consistently presents a perspective on our government in Washington--bureaucracy and politics--you will not find anywhere else; that is not an overstatement.  Give it a read, it's gem!

Please Notice Me, I Want to be On TV

As the 112th Congress gets underway, newer members, and some who've been around a while, have a new noise maker.   They use their noise makers to attract attention to themselves as they each pursue job number 1 -- fund raising and reelection in November, 2012.  What is their noise maker?

Why it's eye-popping, makes you gasp, but ultimately so much dumber than a box of rocks, demands to drastically cut federal spending and employment.   The magnitude of the requested cuts will get them spots on cable news and the Sunday bobblehead shows.  If their demands were met, we'd have to spend 100 times what they cut to repair the damage they did to the nation.

Attention grabbing rhetoric is dangerous, especially when it is ill informed, naive, ahistorical and fact free.  Sometimes people will listen to childish prattle, but then take vary adult actions.  Then we all pay the price.  Damn,  it's all because pols have an abnormally massive need to be noticed.  Yep, please notice me.  Pathetic, but dangerous.

House GOP group proposes deep spending cuts over next decade

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who could have ever guessed?

Is Obama going to run for reelection? Well, he's been running since the day he was sworn and took over the lease on Air Force One. He did say if we didn't like what he does in office, then we ought to vote for someone else in 2012.  Okay, can we have another Democrat run for the nomination?  If not, we're stuck with him since the Republican candidates, taken all together, aren't even worth a bucket of spit.  Hm, Hillary?

Obama shifts political staff, will launch campaign in March or April

Gun Control--Register Saxons Not Swords Agian

As the Shot Show gets under way in Vegas, I think we need to think a bit more about Saxons and their swords.  The 2nd Amendment gives every Saxon the right to strap on a Sword.  It looks like bans, permits an such are on the wane.  Besworded Saxons have won the debate.   About the only control we might have is one that finds Saxons who should never own a swords.  We need to register Saxons, not their swords.

Since we all know that swords are used to hunt bunnies, toss at targets, and defend manors against evil knights, lets get tough on sword crimes.  If you use a sword, in any way, or it is on your person, in the commission of a major or minor crime, then you will do minimum time since your execution will be expedited.  You will have your head chopped off.  You may choose axe or guillotine.  Let's give it a try and see if sword crimes decline.  If they don't then we can revisit the issue and try registering Saxons and swords.  

Gun Front--Virginia Parks

Gov. McDonnell of Virginia is pandering for votes in whatever is next for him.  He has secured the campsite defenders of Virginia vote.  Now, anyone can pack in the park!  Had you given up on camping because you feared that rabid chipmunks or rogue yams would assault you on the trail or even when you were in your tent?  Well, fear no more, go to any park and openly carry in your cannons.  Let those pesky dangerous critters see that you are armed.  It will send them packing.  Hell it might scare off some featherless bipeds so you can have the woods to yourself and other weaponized nature buffs.

McDonnell order OKs openly carrying firearms in state parks

Which Trog in 2012?

The presidential election is just around the corner.  Come on, November 2012 is not that far off and folks have been campaigning for two years already.  So, in Trog World, who's got the most attractive drool?  One poll puts the Jesus Freak on top, then the Whiny Victim, followed by Mr. No Principles.  That's Huckabee, Palin and Romney.  That sure is an exciting field isn't it?  Gee if the people in a party are known by their candidates I guess that makes Republicans into unprincipled, whiny,  freaks.  Yeah, eat batshit and...

A three-way pileup atop 2012 GOP presidential race

Religion Is Weird

Gov. Robert Bentley, first asshole of Alabama has apologized for bifurcating the world into good and decent people,  those who are just like himself, and everyone else, those who are not just like the good governor.  He still believes it's his kind of Jesus freaks versus everyone else; he won't talk in public about it anymore.  In his heart you know he will always be a religious bigot.  He apologized, not for being an asshole, but for exposing his ass in public.  Oh, don't forget, this is Alabama, so it's normal.

Ala. governor apologizes for remarks on Christians

School Days

How long should children, of what age, be in school, in a day, in a year?  Some folks think children would learn more if the school day was longer and the school year went way beyond 185 days.  What is optimal? Well, as usual in education, no one really knows.  We can find oodles of profound pseudo scientific research though.   As we propose plans, adopt or reject them, stay the same or follow a new course, one thing remains true.  Children and teachers need times and places to come together so one can teach and the other learn.   Over the Bush and Obama years, I'm not sure we all really want children to learn--pass tests yes, but learn?

What's the best school day?  If you have really good teachers, the days can be short or long, it doesn't matter.  If you have mediocre  teachers, then long days are more like a prison sentence than much else.  Have you forgotten your crummy teachers?  I'd suggest we get a bit more serious about teacher quality before we make that many changes.  Hm, Bush screwed this one up too.  He gave us the "No Child Left Behind" thing.  He was wrong.  It should have been the "No Teacher Left Behind Act."  Oh, well what did I really expect from  a plant.

In Alexandria, fight over additional class time mirrors national debate

Trogs Do What Trogs Do Best!

And what is it they do best?  Why, nothing of course.  The House voted to repeal, the still named "job killing," health care act.  They offered no alternatives.  They did not fix anything.  They performed like petty little kids.  They have not put forward a  health care plan of their own ever, especially since 1994.  Lacking a plan, with the absence of positive action, the Trogs plan can only be the status quo before health care reform passed and became law.  Oh, the Dems are not all that much better, they failed to give us health care reform, it's really health insurance reform.  Their idea, as always, is something is better than nothing.   We need to be rid of political parties.

House votes to repeal health-care law

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gun Control

As we all know the 2nd Amendment, in Saxon terms,  says everybody can own a sword.  However, we all agree there are some Saxons who should remain swordless.  They're ones who think they're living in  Valhalla.  The public seems to agree we have a problem in our attempts to register Saxons instead of swords.  The mental health system just doesn't let us find the Saxons to sick to wield a sword.

Americans fault mental health system in rampage

Attention Teabaggers and other batshit crazy folks

The always evil, ever Constitution busting, always on your back government of yours is getting into the product endorsement business, again.  Government will tell us what products are bio-based and really green.  The products will be be able to display a "USDA Certified Biobased Product" seal.  That should seems like government overreach to any self respecting American trogger.  I'm sure the nation's premier whiner, Sarah Palin, will challenge this.  After all, she knows we don't need no USDA tellin' us what's green and not green.  Mama cows have eyes and have been seein' green since forever.  You betcha!   Oh, this seal has been brought to our backs by the 2002 Farm Bill.  Yes, 2002--who was in charge then?

USDA's new labels for green products to debut this spring

Is Your Fob Shielded?

It's not?  Well, a thief can use your key fob to open and start your car while you shop.  You won't even know that your fob has communicated with your vehicle.   Remember, it's all computerized and it's about as secure as Windows.  Ouch!

Car Theft by Antenna

 Is there a market for fob guards?

U.S. Budget and Deficit Woes--SOLVED!

As I watched the Chi-Comm Hu give a speech on the White House lawn, it dawned on me how we can balance the budget, eliminate the deficit, and make taxes trivial. I noticed Obama, standing next to who? No, next to Hu. Obama was about as useful as a singer in a rock band during the instrumental part of a song. He stood there. Hu spoke. He just stood there. After the speech the camera provided a beautiful panoramic shot of the White House and grounds.  It just stood there.

Then it hit me, there’s no difference between Obama standing there and the White House building and grounds standing there. Both are space. Both do nothing. Here it comes, why isn’t that space available? We can sell ads.

Think of a NASCAR driver, now think of Obama just standing there, doing nothing. Think of the race car, now think of the White House. Ads, gazillions of ads, more ads and significant eyeballs than Google ever dreamed existed, and the revenue stream goes straight into the U.S. Treasury!

As a favorable feature, with today’s technology, we let computers do all the work. Obama can continue to do nothing. He can just stand there, but to the viewer, he’s got more ads on his jumpsuit than Floyd Petty wore in his whole career. Jumpsuit? Yes, it’s a virtual jumpsuit.

Come on, you’ve seen those yellow and blue lines on TV during an NFL game, it’s the same technology. We deck Obama out in ads. We deck everyone out in ads. We cover the White House in ads. We cover the lawn in ads. We can finance our government through ads. Mover over google there’s a new 800 pound gorilla in town.

There even more space available. Capitol Hill! The House! The Senate! The Supremes!  If it's on TV or the Internet, it can all be sponsored! The proceeds will go the Treasury. Bye-bye taxes, so long deficit, hello low to no taxes!  We can be true capitalist state. I can hardly wait to see Charley Rangel decked out like Evel Knievel on C-Span.

Good News

The U.S. Senate will lose one of its USDA certified 100% prime public assholes.  Joe, Torah always on my shoulder, Lieberman will not seek reelection in 2012!   Senator Lieberman will finally serve the public. What's wrong with serving today, why wait?

Sen. Joe Lieberman will retire in 2012

Our Government in Action--Health Care

Okay, let's play a different kind of float.  Let's float everyone into national health care system of some kind.   Myself, I'm partial to having all the Docs, RNs, Hospitals, etc. in one big federal socialized system.  Make health care public without any private side at all.

Insurers profit on Medicare float

Mr. Stewart Discusses Pretty Woman

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Petty Woman
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Numbers are down

The nation's premier whiner, Sarah Palin is, once again, whining.  She's a victim of someone who said something that hurt her.  Her negatives have gone up.  That someone must  be an evil liberal, socialist hellbent on destroying America.  That someone must hate freedom.   That someone must want to get rid of our sacred Constitution.  Ooops, that someone is Sarah Palin herself.  Is it "Three Faces of Sarah" time yet?

Spanxy Sara Palin's poll numbers get even worse

Yesterday Tikrit, Today Baquba

Heckuv a job George!  You built one mighty fine, liberty loving, democratic nation out of all that shock and awe in Iraq.  You came, you saw, you fucked it up.

Iraq's security forces targeted in two attacks

Burning Question Answered!

Is is Reince R. Preibus or is is Reinhold R. Priebus?  The real question is--

How many Reince Priebuses are there?

And in Kansas--

Kansas, the national repository of creationist cretins, now provides proof that evolution is real.  Of course, it's a negative proof.  Yes, the good people of Kansas are devolving.  Kansans are becoming gibbering Globsnockkers.   Globsnockkers spend their time, resources and treasure proudly solving problems that don't exist and do so in the most untenable, least effective, and most useless ways.

Proposals to fight voter fraud in Kansas

Hope Change Front

If you voted for Obama becuse you hoped there would not be much change in the way our government goes about its business, then you are a happy voter indeed.  Mr. Obama has fulfilled your dreams.  Oh, there is still time to purchase an ambassadorship in his first term.   The pickings are slim, don't wait until 2012.  Open your wallet, find $1 million (you are worth it), help Mr. Obama keep the status very quo, and buy your a post in Barbados.

Embassy openings for open wallets

Myths about Health Care Reform Act

The Trogs, as usual, make shit up, spew it, over and over again.  Repetition does not make truth, made up shit is still made up shit.  Here are a few bits of GOP fictitious fecal waste cleaned up by the Post's fact checker--

Debunking common myths about health-care reform

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gun Control--Register Saxons Not Swords

I think we will see battling polls in the near future as we continue to deal with what occurred in Tucson.  Guns and gun control will be an issue this year.  The anti crowd will demand controls.  The gun crowd will yak about defending themselves and the 2nd Amendment.  I go back to swords.  If you weren't an able bodied Saxon, then you could not wield a sword.  They had a kind of sword control, those damn things were heavy and hard to use.  How do we make sure only able boded Saxons can wield today's swords?  Maybe we have to make 40 pound Glocks?


Attention Catholics: Ya'll Are On The Road To The 12th Century

Are you  still a member of the church?  Still think it's a good organization and will save your mystical butt?  Have you minimized and marginalized all those pedophiles?  Okay, the church knew what was occurring and tried to coverup crimes.

A 1997 letter from the Vatican warned Ireland's Catholic bishops not to report all suspected child-abuse cases to police - a disclosure that victims' groups described as "the smoking gun" needed to show that the church enforced a worldwide culture of covering up crimes by pedophile priests.

The letter undermines persistent Vatican claims, particularly when seeking to defend itself in U.S. lawsuits, that Rome never instructed local bishops to withhold evidence or suspicion of crimes from police. It instead emphasizes the church's right to handle all child-abuse allegations and determine punishments in house rather than give that power to civil authorities.

So if everything still okey-dokey?  Where's Martin Luther when you need him?

Attention Old Farts

A Democrat, Obama, may tamper with Social Security.  Let the gentleman know, he will be a one term wonder if he even thinks about messing with  Social Security.  Hillary in 2012?  I'm less and less sure that the guy is a Democrat.

Exclusive: Obama may cut Social Security, Sen. Sanders tells Raw

We need more atheists

Here's an example of theistic bullshit.  It may be well intentioned, but it's the kind of rhetoric that can lead to killing for Christ or killing for a flavor of Christ or killing for whomever happens to be the god of the month.

New Alabama Governor: Only Christians Are My Brothers And Sisters

Let the Bullshit begin

As the House Trogs move to pass their job destroying repeal of the Health Insurance Reform Act, Act, the data and counter data will begin to really fly.  Here's a piece on pre-existing condition numbers?  Who has the facts and who has the bullshit?  We're in a bind, who believes a politician about anything?  Who believes a health insurance exec about anything?  I figure they are all lying dogs, so there is only one real solution.  Yep, it's National Health Care for the rest of us.

Government finds up to half of Americans under 65 have preexisting conditions


Pope Stuff

Did you know--

Benedict put John Paul on the fast track to possible sainthood just weeks after he died, waiving the typical five-year waiting period before the process could begin. But he insisted that the investigation into John Paul's life be thorough to avoid any doubts about his virtues.

The beatification will nonetheless be the fastest on record, coming a little more than six years after his death and beating out Mother Teresa's then-record beatification in 2003 by a few days.

And the miracle?

Sister Marie Simon-Pierre, who works at a Paris maternity clinic, told reporters in a rare appearance Monday that she felt "reborn" on waking June 3, 2005 after she had prayed for healing to John Paul.

Relics will go on sale soon.

Does the world need a 31 ounce cup of Joe?

If Starbucks new 31 ounce cup of coffee succeeds, will McDonalds counter with a 310 ounce tanker of, not just coffee but the tasty beverage of your choice?  Portion sizes have gotten a bit silly and conducive to our increasing girth.

Starbucks expanding rollout of 31-ounce drink size

Investors take note

The FCC appears ready to approve the Comcast-NBC merger.  Comcast trades at $22.72, will it go up?  If so, how high?  This deal creates a new dynamic in entertainment land.  Comcast will now own both the delivery side and the content side.   Will the deal be fantastic for investors and lousy for everyone else?  Will the way companies price and deliver content of all kinds change?  For the better or for the worse?  If Comcast succeeds, regardless of the effect on consumers, will it them become the model for other mergers leaving us with just a few giants that generate and deliver the vast majority of content?  If the naysayers are right, so what?  How'd our pols and regulators do on cable rates and regulation?   Ouch!

Comcast-NBC joint venture approval expected Tuesday

Life's a bitch

3,000 job openings.  Thousands show up to become Iraqi cops.  One of the applicants offs himself with a bang and 60 fellow Iraqis join him in 72 virgin valhalla.  Hundreds are maimed, mangled and hurt.  The recruiment closed.   It's just another normal day in the Shrub's legacy to Iraq, the U.S. and the world.  That guy had some really warped ideas about nation building.

Suicide bomber kills dozens in Tikrit

Investers would you buy Apple now?

Steve Jobs is on medical leave.  Apple shares are at $348.  Will they tumble, stay flat or rise?  If there is no Jobs is there really an Apple, Inc.?  If Jobs does not return to Apple will their products decline?  I use a Mac, I'd hate to the line stop where it is or worse, become a PC.  Buy?  Sell?  Hold?

Apple's Jobs takes another medical leave, raising questions about firm's future

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Rose is a Rose

A turd is a turd is a turd no matter what you call it.  Job killing?  Job Crushing?  Job Destroying?  Come on the bill is still the same.  No matter how you refer to H.R. 2, if it looks like a turd, smells like shit, and just lies there like a pile of puckey, then by any name it's just another GOP fecal loaf.

Rhetoric, toned-down

It's still called job killing on the Thomas site.

Slivers of the true cross

If we rounded up all the slivers of true cross we could restore the cedars to Lebanon.  The relic business used to boom.   It's been on the skids for some time.  Relic fans, don't despair, as Pope Ratzy's marches the church back to the 12th Century he will also restore relic sales to their former glory, you won't need to rely on grilled cheese sandwiches much longer.

In conjunction with Pope John Paul's beatification show, the good folks at Vatican HQ have located vials of the late Pope's blood.   Let's see the average body contains about 5 liters of blood.  I bet with 5 years there will at least 50 barrels of papal blood relics in homes and churches around the world.  Will there be infomercials too?

Polish church to install vial of Pope John Paul II's blood as holy relic

It's MLK day, and it's a DDE moment too

50 years ago, Ike gave a speech.  We ignored his warning.  We pay the price today for fifty years of  collective stupidity.  Give it a read--

Ike warned of 'military-industrial complex' 50 years ago

Great Monks Afire

I do not understand suicide bombers.  They kill themselves and take out, purportedly, enemies around them as they blow themselves to kingdom come.  It makes little sense.  This kind of weapon may be cheap, but it can only be used once and it's not all that effective.

If suicide bombers make no sense, what about self-immolaters?   Think back, do you remember Buddhist monks, en flambe?  They toasted themselves to protest a government, gee it might have been Vietnam.  The monks were suicide weapons, assuming they affected hearts and minds in a PR war. I have a feeling they were as ineffective as today's more deadly variant.  Lack of effectiveness has never deterred deployment of a weapon anywhere.  The en flambes are back.

If you were a baker, would you protest your government's sale of cheap subsidized bread by burning yourself to death? There's a piece of logic missing there.  I wonder, if you are a suicide protester baker are you then a good government jihadist?  If so, will you get 72 virgins or will it be 72 loaves of very good bread in the afterlife?

Copycat self-immolations erupt in Arab countries in wake of Tunisia uprising



His column is worth reading today, even if reading makes his dinner out more expensive.  That makes no sense until you read his piece--

The War on Logic

Checks and Balances

When Larry, Moe, Curley and Shemp, our four fathers, drew up the rules for our government, they included checks and balances.  They wanted to prevent one branch of government from getting too much power.  They included ways for Congress to poke the President in the eye.  The President was given ways to give Congress wedgies.  And both could put whoopie cushions on the Supreme's court seats.

They also made sure that when government wants to act, on anything, it will take lots of time.  The idea was if we delay we may get over it before we do anything about it.  They did a bang up job.  The system works.  What they designed contains and controls positive acts that otherwise might get out of hand,  turn to crap and bring down the nation.

However,  we all know within everything good built by men or stooges,  there lurks something that will unexpectedly bite us in the ass.  The founding four did not let us down.  Power is controlled by checks and balance, but they also  make it damn hard to deal with the crooks in office.  Voters in some jurisdictions love to send them to Washington.  I guess that gets them out of the District.  Did you ever notice that Californians wouldn't accept Dick Nixon as Governor but loved him as President?  

Did the founders assume all pols are honest?

Martin Luther King

Take a bit of time and listen to a couple of Dr. King's speeches.   Truth is timeless.

Demcracy Now  

Today is the federal holiday that honors Dr. Martin Luther King. He was born January 15th, 1929. He was assassinated April 4, 1968, at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was just thirty-nine years old. While Dr. King is primarily remembered as a civil rights leader, he also championed the cause of the poor and organized the Poor People’s Campaign to address issues of economic justice. Dr. King was also a fierce critic of US foreign policy and the Vietnam War. We play his “Beyond Vietnam” speech, which he delivered at New York’s Riverside Church on April 4, 1967, as well as his last speech, “I Have Been to the Mountain Top,” that he gave on April 3, 1968, the night before he was assassinated. [includes rush transcript]

Copycats In State Houses

Have you ever noticed how one successful TV show leads to oodles of imitators?  If an inane comedy is a hit this year, then next season, there won't be anything to watch but more inane comedies.  Speaking of inane comedies, how about  Congress and the White House?  Now that is a premier inane comedy, it's called "American Bullshiters?"

We've all laughed at how they spend and spend!  I've laughed so hard I cried.  We've  chortled in every episode as deficits rise and rise.  There's nothing funnier than promises made that we know will never be kept.  Who'd have ever thought that contradictions could be the foundation of a continuing show?  Oh, don't worry, there are more  laugh packed moments ahead, 'American Bullhsit" has been renewed!  It's the longest running farce we've ever had.  It's in it 112th season.

And now when you scan the political TV shows, you will see that "American Bullshit" has spawned scads of copycats.  It looks like we'll have 40-50 imitators this season.  If you like farce, then this is going to be your season.  We've seen previews--"California's Drained,"  "Texas Tanks," "Mississippi Gurgling," and "Michigan Rusts"  are just a few.  What will be your fav this season?  If you thought national bankruptcy is a side splitter, well, remember states have rights too!

Year ahead looms as toughest yet for state budgets

Yes indeed, this will be the season of slapstick!  

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alaska, Land of the Frozen Pad

Alaska my be way up in the frozen north, but they know their pork, especially the kind they don't pay for.  They are masters at building bridges to nowhere.  Even when the bridge was stopped, the tax dollars still went into the Alaskan till so we still footed the bill for a phantom bridge!  They've been on the pad so long, it doesn't phase them when a governor quits mid-term just to make a bit of money.  The pork doesn't end.  Alaskans seem to be able to not build docks too.  Again, it's not on their dime.  Alaska, a porker's pad paradise

Port of Anchorage: billion dollar dock to nowhere

We Need More Science

I don't mean we all need to become working scientists.  No, but we all need to read about science.  We all need to learn how science works.  I mean science as how people do science and as a  body of knowledge.  We have very little good science reporting on TV news.  We have a bit more, but not much better show up in newspapers and magazines.  I don't know the circulation figures, but I doubt that publications such as "Scientific American" or "Science News" even come close to "People."  A journal such as "Science"  shows up in American mail boxes even less.

To the extent we do not understand how scientists science and produce science, we are prone to be snookered by lousy reporting, junk science and crackpots on the Internet.  Then there is also plain old fraud.  Even the white coat guys make shit up every now and then.  Does it matter?  It certainly does.  If you were one of the folks who did not get your children vaccinated because you were sure the shot would cause autism, you were conned and deceived and put your child at risk.  We all need to learn a lot more about science and fraud.

Here's a book review on the vaccine/autism fraud, it's a start to get one thinking about science--

Seth Mnookin's 'The Panic Virus,' on the debate over vaccine use

Now about global warming and climate change....

Defense Spending--Myths

As the 112th Congress gets past the GOP's Health Care Repeal nonsense, members of both parities will have to come to terms with our spending, taxing, and borrowing mess.  We spend more than we tax.  We run our government on several thousand Visa cards.  I would not be surprized to see Treasury Secretary Geithner showing up at a payday loan counter.  Right now, our federal debt is about $43,500 per capita.  Talk about credit card abuse!

There are three huge areas lawmakers and citizens will have to confront together.  One, Social Security, has it's own revenue stream, so it does not need immediate attention.   It should be handled last.   We do need to examine the other two entitlement areas--Medicare/Medicaid Care and Defense Spending--and come balance income and outgo.  If we don't, well, let me put it this way,  go read the history of Greece since 2007.

Here's a nice piece to get you thinking about Defense spending.  We all have to arm ourselves with data and ideas since the political bullshit season is underway.

Five myths about defense spending

Closure in Arizona

It's been a week since a nutjob killed six people and wounded fourteen others in Tuscon.  Much has been written.  Much has been said.  President Obama gave an eloquent and moving speech at the Tucson memorial service.  The dead have been buried.  Is it over?

Yes, it's over.  The people of Pima County and Tuscon  must have attained closure on this tragedy already.

Thousands Attend Pima County Gun Show

Obama's Bungled War

In the U.S., when the Winter is mild, we don't have to turn up the heat.  We save energy.  In Afghanistan, when the Winter is mild they turn up the heat.  They expend bullets.  A mild Winter just brings out a little Taliban in everyone, except for the guys who are, after 10 years, still trying to make Afghanistan into new  Taliban free nation.

Will it work?  Well, to put it simply, no.  We can counterinsurge all we want.  The curve will not break.  At the end of the year, when it ought to break, we'll be treated to a new line of the same old analytic nonsense from the fabled commanders in the ground and the Commander in Chief.

Here's a thought, the cost of this war is a far greater threat to our national security than continuing to pursue pipe dreams of stalemate in Afghanistan.    The war is very expensive.   It adds to and aggravates our budget and debt.  If we are not a fiscally sound nation we become an easy prey.  A nation is only as strong as its economy.  If a nation's fiscal house is shaky, then it really does not matter how may guns, soldiers and weapons it possesses.      

In Afghanistan, uptick in violence this winter coincides with less snow