Saturday, February 5, 2011


I have heard on more than one occasion people express concerns over the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt, and Israel.   Folks seem to think the Brotherhood will use their religious base to eliminate Israel and kill all the Jews.  Eventually in their discussion,  folks get around to saying the U.S. should do something which eliminates the Brotherhood.

That may or may not be extreme.  However, before we get so agitated I think we need to look amongst our own people and see if we have a domestic Muslim Brotherhood which threatens our way of life and deal with them first.  Lo and behold, we do!  They are not Muslims and they are not a Brotherhood.  They are all those batshit crazy true believing, evangelical, fundamentalist, born again Jesus freaks who proliferate across this land.  Today we need to contain/eliminate the evangefundies from public life, then tomorrow we'll deal with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Relic Alert

Catholics will not let anyone infringe on their papal relic biz.  The pope belongs to the Church now and forever.  It there's to be any profit in papal parts, they will accrue to the Holy See.  Don't even think about re-cycling any of Pope Ratzy's parts.  Nope, and it's offiical too--

Vatican: Popes can't be organ donors


I know Republicans, and their newest subsidiary, the Teabaggers,  despise government.  They would like to be rid of government, especially all of the the social service and regulatory components.  They don't want anything on their backs except plain cloth shirts they purchase with their hard earned minimally taxed money.   Given their mouthiness on the Constitution, government, and taxes, I assume no Republican or Teabagger now participates or has ever participated in any government funded college assistance program.  I also assume I am quite wrong on that, but it's fun to say.  However, I am not wrong when I use the word "hypocritical" to modify the word "Republican."  Or I could be equally correct and just call them "assholes" instead.

For kids set for college, it's time to fill out FAFSA

Oh, get the applications in, the money will run out soon!

What Happened to Fuel Cells?

Longer ago than I wish to remember, about 1958, I was introduced to fuel cells.  My Dad had a couple of them he let me "play" with.  I loved the solar powered self contained cell.  The cell contained water, which  an attached solar cell that electrolyzed into oxygen and hydrogen.  After the water "disappeared," the cell was connected to a small motor.  As the motor ran, the water reappeared.  The cell converted chemical energy into electrical energy. The cell's waste product was water.  It was a small, expensive (platinum was the catalyst that made it work) demonstration of a fuel cell.  I read a lot about fuel cells.

Back then I thought about the future--life in the 21st Century.  I thought our houses, cars, and all other electric power needs would be met by cheap abundant fuel cells.  I now live in the 21st Century.  Damn.  We still generate power from coal and oil.  We still have distribution lines everywhere.  There's a lot more waste products from power production than just plain old water.  Then there are our cars.  When I read this type of piece I really wonder why we did not find a better catalyst and fuel cell the nation--

Gas prices climbing despite hefty supply

A Bit Much!

There is something very wrong with this:

Super Bowl Ads Live On at YouTube and Facebook

Raw Milk?

I do not understand why anyone would favor taste buds over pasteurized milk and cheese.  Then again, I've never been all that big on living to eat.  Food safety matters.  I think it trumps taste every time.  However, I don't want to get in the way of someone who lives to eat and prefers raw milk cheese.

Here's the deal, all such products have to be clearly and unambiguously labeled as dangerous.   Then we need to alter a few health laws.  Health insurers will not have to cover any costs of treating anyone who's gotten ill from eating raw milk products.   No federal dollars can be used to cover their treatment either.  ERs can demand cash in advance or refuse to admit them.  Okay foodies, you are on your  own, still want to suck raw cheese?  Now, lets talk about motorcycle helmets...

Raw Milk Cheesemakers Fret Over Possible New Rules

And in the cloakrooms

It does not make much sense.  Republicans get all 4th of Julyee all the time. If someone says "America" on the floor of the House, Speaker Boehner cries so much his orange face runs.  Republicans have 472 bullet points, all committed to memory, that feature one or more of the words "freedom," "patriot," "liberty," "democracy," "rights," and "The Constitution."  So why does this group salivate over an act that negates every one of their key terms and bullet points?  Oops, my bad, I figured it out.  If you put a key term in the name of the act, it makes it okay.  It's not what it does that matters, but if the name gives 'em goosebumps they vote Yea!  Yep, it's Patriot Act renewal time.

House to take up Patriot Act extension next week

Let's see, I've been told that Republicans love chocolate as much as they do liberty.  So, I've made a gift for them, a large box of handcrafted  "Chocolate Covered Road Apples."  I hope the name helps them go down.  Bon Appetit!  

Martin Luther, Deja Vu Again?

I wonder what they nailed to the door this time?

German theologians call for end to celibacy


It appears Egyptians may be close to settling their differences.  If Mubarak kinda steps aside as one of his ace assistants takes over (until elections are held), then protesters may go home.  Government thugs and goons never really go home, but they will return to their offices and police stations.  Yep, I'll bet it gets real peaceful soon.  I'll also bet the elections never quite get held this year.  Egyptians will settle for what they must really want,  a younger despot to guide them through another 30 years of dictatorship.  Gee, will they make it a date, same time, same place, in 2041?

After days of violence, anti-government protesters bolstered by 'Day of Departure' rallies

Who is this guy?

Who was an the unpopular, tax increasing, peacenik, who grew the size of government as he insured abortion would remain legal?  That's easy, it's every GOOPER's saint, Ronald Reagan.  The current worship of Reagan demonstrates how barren the GOP is of good ideas, much less small matters such as  reason, logic and truth.  They remain a fact free zone.  They had to falsify and negate Reagan's life to make it appear that he talked and walked GOP bullshit when he was in office.  I bet Reagan knew that when you lie down with bullshit, you'll get covered in corn, shit-bits, and you will stink for years.  Did the real Reagan stink or did he just suck?

5 Bonzo Myths       

Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl, Again

The damn thing comes around, year after year after year.  Now that I've been retired for a while and do not have an opera to attend on Super Bowl Sunday, the game appears year after year on our TV.  I'm not the fan, it's Mrs. Jake.  I tried watching the commercials.  They are almost as boring as the game.  I usually wind up hitting my head against a wall, go to the ER, recover and come home and the game is still on!  It never ends.  My head still hurts from last year! Arrrrgh!

I watch part of one football game a year by choice.  That game is usually televised.  It's on the third Sat. of October--Tennessee v. Alabama.  Even then it's a challenge to sit through more than a quarter.  This year I've decided to avoid the ER.  I have recorded movies, DVDs, and Netflix Instant Play set up on a TV.  Super Bore for Mrs. Jake and maybe "Spartacus," a "Bourne" marathon, or National Geographic documentaries for me.

We do agree the food associated with the Boredom is fun.  I will make a pizza on Sunday for our indoor tailgate party.  Hmm, Pizza Margarite and a couple bottles of Chianti sounds good....

Five myths about the Super Bowl

Unemployed Hackers Take Note--

If you can hack Google's Chrome, you win cash and a laptop.  Other systems will also be available for hacking success awards --

Google Bets $20,000 You Can't Hack Chrome

We must have threatened the Military aid!

The Pakistani army has moved on bad guys on the Af-Pak border.  Of course Pakistanis that just want to grow their rice, sorry rice is a memory from our previous quagmire, Vietnam,  make it whatever they grow in the Pakistan mountains, have been displaced.  War is so much fun.  At any rate, I bet our commanders in the ground are happy.

22,000 Pakistanis flee fighting near Afghan border

What's with all this Reagan stuff?

I remember Reagan.  To me, he was an ass as president.  Nothing since his presidency has changed my evaluation of him.  That's just me, here's how others seem to glump together when they ponder the past and  President Bonzo.

Reagan's legacy at 100, from 3 very different perspectives


It's down to 9%.  Jobs did not grow quite as fast as hoped.  There was a net gain of 36,000.  Government employment declined by 14,000 jobs.  Private sector jobs increased by 49,000 jobs.  I guess that's a positive move.  However, before all those anti-government Republicans cheer, I have a question.  How many of the new private sector jobs are really government ghost jobs? How many of the jobs do not rely to any degree on government funds?  If government contracts out jobs, it's a shell game.  Now, which shell has the pea under it?

U.S. Jobless Rate Falls to 9% in January; Payrolls Rise 36,000


Did the nation's spook shops do their normal mediocre job on Egypt or did they get it right?  ObamaCo appears to have lit an exploding Egyptian cigar.  Okay if the spooks had it wrong, then Obama was given the cigar, the match, and a spook lit it for him.  However, if Obama selected the cigar himself, then he's not much good at the intell game.  Gee, given the many ways Obama emulates his predecessors behavior, I'll bet he ignored intell just like Bush did on 9/11.   Dubya Obama?

Senators question intelligence agencies' anticipation of Egypt uprising

World Fat

Is this the result of globalizaion of junk food?

Report on global cardiac risks: World gets fatter, but blood pressure goes down


Yesterday, Mubarak, as violence continued to spread, in an effort to control news, had his government agents and hired thugs target journalists.  Not much live TV came out.  Mubarak's trolls, having failed to attach blame for preceding day's violence on the anti-Mubarak protesters, blamed Israeli secret agents, the Muslim Brotherhood, and radical out of state agitators.  So far, no one outside of Egypt believes any of Mubarak's or his government's bullshit.  Egyptians who only have access to state controlled media may believe him. It's good to have a 1st Amendment, Arabs might take it for test implementation and see if they like it.

Today appears to be a reversal of yesterday.  Journalists have been released from state custody, TV cameras are back, and the state thugs have checked their criminal ways.  Will Mubarak go today?  Will this be a Day of Departure or Day of Rage II?  Who knows.  After seeing Egypt in action, who would ever want to visit that place?  Egypt is, despite the pyramids,  just another Arabic shithole.

Protesters again fill Tahrir Square for 'Day of Departure' rally

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Attention Old Farts

Well, old, and those approaching old, fartdom, if you're not careful you might lose your marbles or at least forget where you keep them.  I'm not talking about Al Heimers disease, no it's just good old cognitive decline.  Al's disease is worse and there not much anyone can do about it.  However, if you'd like to remember where you put your marbles and your undies, then listen--you can stave off decline if you get the lard off and take a walk.

Yep, two simple actions, under your control, will probably lower your Blood Pressure,  get rid of excess belly fat, lower your triglycerides, lower your blood sugar, and get the HDLs up.   So, eat a decent diet, lose lard, and take a brisk 40 minute hike at least every other day.  You'll feel better, look better and your mind will remember where you pit your shorts.

High blood pressure, obesity linked to memory loss in elderly

Oh, young farts, you will become an old farts. So, get ahead of the game, as you age, eat decently, keep the lard off, and exercise.

Capitalism Watch

Okay gloibalization, greed and maximized profits at all costs fans, hope you don't need surgery soon.  Why?  Well, the knock out drops are in short supply.  Why?  Oh, domestic companies have better things to do to make a buck here at home.  We sowed and now we get to reap and enjoy (without surgery, of course).  Regulation anybody?

Drug shortages forcing some risky alternatives

The Family Still Rules

Not the institution, no, "The Family," as in the evangefundie's theistic whack jobs in Washington.  It's National Prayer Breakfast Day.  Yep, Obama is there.  How long before he writes a book about how his faith has made him so cool and made him very audacious as he prays and he squints his eyes?  Enough with the prayer breakfast crap.  I'd just like government officials to quietly render efficient, effective government unto Cesar and let god worry about the god stuff.  We need a tad more separation of church from politicians.

Controversy looms again for National Prayer Breakfast

Moron Watch--Congress

Here is what minority rule yields.  Minority?  In this our democratic republic?  Yeah, remember usually less than half of us bother to vote.  So, the winner wins by obtaining 51% of 50%.  26% of us pretty well sets our political agenda.  Hell, winning is even called crap like a mandate or we're told the people have spoken.  Bullshit, the people have been silent for decades.  In this land of minority rule how will the elected morons entertain us soon?  We're going to watch them argue about shutting down our government over spending disagreements that both sides have created over a very long time.  Amazing. What's most amazing is that there are dolts who do vote who think this is very patriotic and defines good government.

Early Maneuvering on Possible Shutdown

Arab Street?

Folks look at events in Tunisia and now Egypt and wonder how much farther it will spread?  Of course we're not really asking exactly what it is that is spreading. If we did, we'd see the it is same old shit, re-packaged and labeled freedom and democracy.  Hell, they might even call it all the new and improved "Liberty."  Didn't the Soviet Union always have "free and democratic" elections?  After 30 years or more of rule by the last set of guys who liberated their lands from despots, the Arab street is revolting.  Folks seek new, younger despots to establish the next 30 years of dictatorships.  We, of course, await the outcome and the winners.  In these hard economic times we don't want to waste our ever hard earned tax dollars on giving aid to possible losers.  Dictators are good for arms sales.

Street Battle Over the Arab Future

Until the Arab street bags its sectarian ways, the street will never experience democracy, much less any freedom or liberty.

Good Question

Can a Mormon now be president?

Why not, they're no crazier than any other group of factless, irrational followers who believe in totally made up shit.    

Gee, another memoir

An asshole, well known for being an asshole has written his memoirs.  In it, he assures us, he's not an asshole, it's everyone who was around him that are assholes.  Come on, he's still an asshole.  That about sums up this or any other political memoir.   Oh, the asshole?  Why this time it's Don Rumsfeld.  And the other assholes?  Oh, Bush, Cheney and every other member of the Shrub's administration who did not suck up to  the Rumpot.  Who buys these books?

Rumsfeld remains largely unapologetic in memoir


Yesterday, Mubarak's thugs spontaneously appeared to show support for Mubarak.  They were better armed and organized than the anti-Mubarak protesters.  His goons rode horses in Tahrir Square.  They threw rocks.  The threw Molotov cocktails.  The anti-Mubarak forces, surprised by the assault contracted into the square, re-grouped, and responded in kind.  By nightfall, the thugs had mostly dissipated and anti-Mubarak forces had retaken control of the Square.  At least one person died and hundreds were injured.  Last night, as we listened to coverage from the Square gunfire seemed to be a constant background noise.

As dawn broke, Mubarak's goons returned.  This time guns were a blazing.  At least 5 anti-Mubarak protesters were killed, and again hundreds were injured.  Finally, the Army must have received orders.  They have placed themselves between the anti-Mubarak protesters and Mubarak's goons.  Had they not, well, it would have turned into civil war.

Mubarak is a dictator who will not let go of power.   It's sad but typical.  Equally sad, but equally typical are the thugs who will work for a dictator and inflict harm and kill their fellow folk just for a couple of bucks and drugs.  Peaceful protest has now become yesterday's news in Egypt.  Mubarak's thugs also targeted the press.

Mubarak does not want the press to tell an independent story of events in Egypt.   There is only one storyline, his.  He created violent chaos via his thugs.  The chaos he created then is justification for him to suppress the violence by getting rid of the forces who oppose him.  If he can control the message, then his message becomes the message for most Egyptians, hence, his attack on the press.  As I listened to reporters accounts of attacks on them, I could not help but be reminded of our domestic pols and their minions who attack our press, I wonder what message they are trying to control?

Here's the Post--

Five fatally shot in second day of bloody clashes in Tahrir Square

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Groundhog's Day

Yep, it's that time again.  With the traditional total lack of predictive efficacy the little rodent's handlers told the world, that Punxsutawney Phil says Spring is at hand!

No shadow for groundhog Phil: Winter to end?

Legacyland--Dork's Contribution

The Shrub has his ace assistant, Dork Cheney, handle teaching Iraqis how young democracies should handle information collection.  He taught them well.  They have implemented his design.

Maliki's security forces torture detainees at secret sites


I just went and took a look at CNN.  Tahir Square is getting ugly.  Pro and anti-Mubarak crowds are having a snowball fight with rocks.  The Army is on the sidelines.  I have a feeling the pro forces are full of of state police and other people hired by Mubarak to preserve his power.  It will probably get much worse.

I switched to MSNBC, they too were covering the mess in Egypt.  Just for the hell of it, I tried the Today show.  They were covering how to get the Kate Middleton look.

Using Science

Well bless my Gulf seafood, a shill from Texas A&M says the Gulf will be good to go much sooner than expected.  Hell, that's good news for BP and the Obama flunky shelling out damages for BP.   He might be right or he might be very wrong.   I have a feeling when the time frames specified in the report do roll around in our near future, they will have flat assed wrong, but BP and Obama's aces will be long gone and off the hook.

Report Foresees Quick Gulf of Mexico Recovery

Government on your green back

Oops.  Our beloved tree hugger in chief loves to say BS like "1,000,000 electric cars by 2015."  He can give a good speech.  Sadly he thinks people do more than listen to his blather.  They, of course, do not. What he says does not always have much to do with everyday reality for most folks.  He's just another pol whose job number 1 is getting reelected so he can write another book about himself.

Electric cars may or may not be a good idea.  Like it or not, consumers decide it they will buy 'em or leave 'em on the showroom floor.  Obama does not build or purchase electric cars.   All he can do is orchestrate tax credits.  If folks do not want to buy electric cars, manufacturers know it and will go slow or even abandon the product line.  It's hard enough to anticipate demand; government assistance does not help.  Remember "the Newton?"  You never know when a product will crash and burn or soar to new heights.

U.S. unlikely to reach goal of 1 million electrics on the road by 2015, report says


The Dictator, now that it's obvious he's lost, was advised by Obama to step down.  Mubarak, announced he won't run for reelection this Fall, but would remian in office to insure an orderly transition to whatever is next.   The Army thinks protestors should go home.  Unfortunately Mubarak sent supporters out and about.  Protesters want Mubarak to go now.  Folks are getting violent and the Army is in between them.  It might get very ugly today.

Pro- and anti-government supporters clash in Cairo

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I wonder who will blink first--

Hosni Mubarak vows to stand down at next election – but not now

Utah--Get Er Done Act

SALT LAKE CITY (JCJ News)--The Utah Handcart Chamber passed legislation Tuesday that will streamline the process for timely completion of death sentences.  Pointing to the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner last year, Rep. Killem McIffy, R-Zilchfield, argued that it shouldn’t take so long kill a convicted con. His bill will expedite the process and ensure the condemned are executed with 72 hours of sentencing.

“[HB202, The Get Er Done Act, is] recognizes that even 25 hours much less 25 years are too long to wait for blood atonement. It took 25 years to kill that Gardner guy, dead,” said McIffy, a retired judge. “There were too many post-conviction appeals filed by liberal socialist do-gooders in the Gardner case, each one of ‘em sucked and did not have merit, but each one took too damned long and cost us too damned much money before the state could finally kill the guilty and please our Lord and the prophet too.”

Under McIffy’s bill, the condemned would get one timely post-conviction appeal. The appeal has to be filed within 24 hours of condemnation. The soon to die can only put forward one terse, succinct, argument to try and save his or her sorry ass. The appeal has to be argued within the next 24 hours of the appeal. No taxpayer dollars can used by the condemned. If the con does not have the cash, then there will be no appeal.

After the appeal and argument phase, the condemned inmate must be executed within the next 24 hours. That way, if any new evidence emerges, it can never be an issue that would embarrass anyone in Utah’s criminal justice system.

Rep. Lian Kingbutt , D-Salt Lake City, a shylock said. “What we’re doing is really accelerating the process of killing people who have killed people. It’s called a state execution.”
Kingbutt said he’s kinda okay with the death penalty and believes McIffy’s bill is a good effort to achieve blood atonement today. Kingbutt was one of five Democrats who voted against the bill largely because it did neither restored hanging nor included use of the headsman axe as get ‘er done options, which passed 67-5.

McIffy said he dreamed the bill up over a few minutes on Temple Square last night. The Judicial Conference and the Constitutional Revision Commission think it’s cool and really reflects Utah values.
The measure now goes to the other guys in the Seagull chamber.

Thank God for Primaries

It's a good thing the GOP has two major divisions.  They split into a primary base and a general election base.  The primary group is small in size but huge in effect compared to the general election crowd.  Fortunately for Democrats, the GOP primary population consists of certified loons.  The loons have issues with modernity.  They have taken possession of the GOP. They despise how our society has developed since the 17th century.  It's all been for the worse.   Their idea of progress is retrogression to days of imagined fictive former glory.

In primaries, the nutjobs promote crazy people willing to certify, publically, that they too are loons.  Nominees cannot win unless they read aloud from some damned strange deranged scripts.  There are many cells in the GOP loony bin.  That's good for Dems.  It makes it easier for them to win, the Dems need all the help they can muster.

Today, I'm delighted the GOP promotes crazy people because they do have one person who would win against Obama.  However, the GOP would have to nominate him as he is without forcing him to eat batshit and spew GOP primary dreck.  Fortunately, Obama is safe.  Jon Huntsman cannot be nominated unless he eats batsthit and then lines up with the rest of GOP's crazy white trash candidates.

Look at what happened to Willard in 2008.  If Huntsman runs, he'll have to prove he's really a certified,  100%, prime, USDA batshit eating crazy Trog.   Like I said, it's a good thing the GOP has a primary base.

How Huntsman's affiliation with Obama could help him


Deaths are up in Legacyland.  Thank the Shrub for their demise.  How many would be alive today if the Shrub had not decided that becoming a historically great president was his job number one?  He figured he had to be a wartime commander to be great, so off to war he went.  At least he attained the great part. yep, he's the greatest waste to ever live in the White House.  Still thinking about voting Republican?

Iraq war casualties rise in January

Background on Egypt

If you are interested in more than current events on Egypt, here's a Speical Report form "The Economist" last July.  Note, go to various sections of the report via the link box--In this Special Report.  Enjoy.

Is the long wait over?

Egyptian Wannabes

The Dictator is almost toast.  Who's in the wings hoping to replace him?  Well--

Who are potential players in Egyptian reform?

Can Obama Find a New Dictator?

Foreign policy is easier when we purchase foreign heads of state to do our bidding.  Unfortunately, despots age and ultimately die.  Unless our dictators have made arrangements for a new tyrant, people can try to revolt.  Then we have to give lip service to freedom until we find the new "winner."  I wonder how much ObamaCo  will have to pay Mubarak's replacement?  Who will sign the contract?

U.S. Scrambles to Size Up ElBaradei

Another one of our dictators may be toast

We love to buy 'em by the gross.  Too bad the victims of our purchased Pashas don't always behave per our contract.  Sometimes people decide to quit serfing and start revolting.  As Egyptians continue to interfere with our despot's continued reign, it appears another of our hired "friends" may have to head to Club Used to Be A Bid Deal.   Where has Arabic unrest popped up now?  Why, in Jordon--Jordan’s King Dismisses Cabinet After Protests  

Egypt and the Media

This morning I turned on CNN about 8:20 am EST.  I assumed I would see coverage of the mass rally in Tahir Square.  The protesters hoped to move towards a million people in the streets.  Instead I saw very important coverage by Don Lemon of a Whoopie pie in Maine and found out "large" was it's first ingredient. Large makes Mr. Lemon think twice about eating a Maine Whoopie pie.  Arrrgh!

I guess the Egypt story has just gotten too old for CNN, but damn, they did 7/24 Anna Nicole Smith for weeks.   Too bad a people's pursuit for rights, civil liberty, freedom and democracy aren't as exciting as a dead bimbo.  Oops, I forgot, they canned so many reporters, to meet Wall St. analysts demands, about all they can do these days is cover desserts and dead celebs.  Maximizing profits, as defined by Wall St. rules the day.  

At any rate, the on-line newspapers still report the news.  Egypt, and the entire Arabic world, is in civil flux.  Massive numbers did turn out.  The police have not taken to killing for Mubarak.  I have a feeling they don't want to be shot by the Army.  It seems Mubarak is finished.  Maybe the rest of his tyrannical days are but details.  It is an amazing story.  Why last week and not some other?  Who knows, it's the kind of thing that keeps us all on our toes.

It will be of interest to see how ideas such as democracy, freedom, liberty, civil rights, human rights, and  others become defined and realized in a new Egyptian government.  I think it's reasonable to assume the new Egypt will more resemble the soon to be toppled Egypt than much else.  The long arm of culture reaches forward quite far, almost forever.

Here's two reports on Egypt today--

Huge, peaceful crowd in Cairo's Tahrir Square proclaims Mubarak's rule is ending

Mubarak’s Grip on Power Is Shaken

Monday, January 31, 2011

Moron Watch--Utah Edition

Utah hopes its state sport will become a Summer Olympics event.  It's so very state's rightish.  Utahans use Browning M1911 semi-automatic pistols to shoot honey bees off of blue spruce trees.  As the prophet, seer, and has said, "We may not win, but hey, place is darn okay too, Utah."  Yep, Utah, A Pretty Great State Where Gun Love is Elevated.

Utah may make Browning handgun an official state symbol

Oh, a man's guns are his for time and eternity.  Saints are a packing, so watch out!

Legacyland--Banking in Kabul

The Shrub loaned them a copy of "Little George's Guide to Banking Rules and Regulations."  The Afghanis read the book and implemented its suggestions.  They hope the section on bailouts from Congress will apply to them.

Losses at Afghan Bank Could Be $900 Million

What's New?

Apparently Wikipedia authorship has a gender disparity.  It's about 85% male to female writers.  Needless to say, this also affects the entries available in the on-line resource.  Wiki developed naturally, it's all voluntary.  The ratio must be common, why?   How is is corrected/altered?  I don't know why, but the fix is easier--ladies go forth and Wiki, please.

Define Gender Gap? Look Up Wikipedia’s Contributor List

Government on your back watch

Look, by it's very nature, in some way, government is on everybody's back all the time.  What varies, from rule to reg, is one's perception of various dorsal additions.   Some people feel clawed talons of a multi legged sci-fi monster digging in as it attaches itself to their butts.  Yeah, these folks think government is a pain in the ass.  Others feel gentle relief as the perceive their impossible to reach itchy areas getting scratched.  These folks think life can get better every day.   Unfortunately, those who fantasize monsters make more noise and receive a disproportionate share of attention.  Are you ready for the next new front in the battle over our perception of government, vis a vis, back or butt?  I hope so, welcome to the Battle of the Lumen!

Pakistan and Nukes

One of the little matters we all need to think about as we ponder on Pakistan, is it's stockpile of nukes. They have a bunch. It's a bit scary. Not that many years ago,  Pakistan did sell their "Nukes for Dummies" guide book. They may once again.

I'm tired of the war shit, aren't you? Guns and bombs do too much damage to people and things. Why aren't we being capitalists over there? Why don't we own Pakistan economically? We need to quit funding DOD and beef up the Dept of Commerce, so to speak. Instead of commanders in the ground, how about CEOs instead?

New estimates put Pakistan's nuclear arsenal at more than 100

Oh, don't forget we cannot wage our war in Afghanistan without Pakistan.


We can watch events on the tube.  We can read news accounts.  We only scratch the surface in our stab at understanding the apparent push by Egyptians to have a modicum of democracy in their political lives.  However, we need to always bear in mind that our ideas of democracy, freedom, and liberty are filtered through an Egyptian set of values to become theirs.  Hence, we should not be surprized at what may come out in the end.  Domestically, imagine if our Evangefundies were in charge in good old number onedom.

The Egyptina police are back.  The Army appears to remain out and about.  If the cops resume being nasty to the people, that might make the Army decide if they are with the people or the dictator.   I have a feeling we will see a major event today.

All of the Arab world is watching Egypt.  Put yourself in the shoes of any traditional ruling elite.  Your feet  might be shaking a bit.  Will the Arab rage spread?  Who knows.  What will the U.S. do?  Oh, that one is  easy to answer, we'll equivocate in the name of our national interests.

Egyptian police reappear alongside army as anti-Mubarak demonstrations continue

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting a tad silly here folks

If you support gay marriage, advocate gay rights, and in general think all people really should be treated equally since the rule of law suggest it's a good idea, then you should never shove a first or another  Chick-fil-A sandwich in your mouth.  However, if you know gays are an abomination, evil, and just plain suck, because either Jesus told you so personally or one of his reps gave you the poop on gays, then you should suck down at least three of those buttered bun wonders.  Yep, a sandwich shop is in the middle of the gay rights issue.  Myself, I've never had one or had the desire to have one.  I think I had trouble with the cute name.  To Chick-fil-A or not Chick-fil-a is the question?

A Chicken Chain’s Corporate Ethos Is Questioned by Gay Rights Advocates


Iraq needs cops and soldiers to keep the peace.  Well, to keep bombs, assassinations, and mayhem at least within normal bounds.  U.S., or should I say Coalition of the Willing (COW) forces used to do the job, but most have left and the remainder will vacate their tents by 12/21/11.  We, the major COW,  bought at least $20 billion worth of Iraqi security personnel.  How have we done on Mr. Bush's investment?  Well, if we include incompetence, corruption, ineffectiveness, lack of planning, lack of logistics, and criminality then the forces are adequate to deal with anything except sectarian violence, suicide attacks, car bombings, snipers, insurgents, slingshots, and father rapers.  Now that's a real legacy, the kind we can always count on from Republican bumblers who think they know more than Democratic klutzes. And we keep on voting for these schmucks. Amazing!

Iraqi security forces facing serious problems, U.S. oversight official reports


Egyptians are still in the streets.   I guess you could say Arabs  are revolting.  Mubarak is still in power, he has not stepped aside.  The police have split.  The Army is out and about, but are not killing anyone, yet.   Obama has straddled this fence so hard his crack is now a crevice.   One thing to remember,  we contributed cash for decades to maintain our dictators in Egypt, but none could have stayed in power without the Army.  We paid them well too.

Democracy?  Freedom?  In Egypt?  Come on, only as these ideas are filtered through an Army command that will maintain its pay, perks and power.  I hope the boobs in Washington don't do anything rash.  The previous asshole in the White House, decided Arabs needed a skosh of liberty, freedom,  and democracy.  That's an easy thought.  However, the since the putz  was president, he could act.  He did.   He  kicked off two wars, screwed both up so bad, that after eight years, all he could do was kick the can down the road to the next asshole in chief.  Ant the next guy, what's he done?  How about jack!

Egyptian soldiers show solidarity with protesters as Mubarak appoints VP