Saturday, February 12, 2011

CPAC Candidates

The Loons have voted.  The winner is Ron Paul, then Willard followed by the Salamander.

2nd Amendment fans take note!

The Wyoming legislature is hard at work to let its folks pack heat without a permit.  If they succeed, Wyoming will join Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont as the fourth state that makes every gun owner always good to go.   All those other states that require permits to carry a hidden heater do so for one reason--taxes.  If you have to pay for a permit then you are being taxed to be able to pack in your pocket.  The State is infringing on your rights.  Hmm, that doesn't sound right.  Better get your legislators to pass a law so you can join Alaskan Arizona, Vermont and Wyoming.  Come on, do not tolerate the tax, protest your ass off.  Will you continue to allow a few dollars to get in the way of baring your arms?

Wyo. House panel backs concealed-carry bill

I Guess Unconstitutional Mandates is in there somewhere...

It was bullshit when it was made up.  Even the GOP members knew it was bullshit.  They can't even follow there own bullshit rules--

House Dems charge GOP with skipping one of its new rules

Where is all the tut-tutting these days?

I've been calling hims George W. Obama for a long time.   In so many ways the Shrub remains in office.   Hell, Biden may just be an affable Cheney.   We're still in two wars, Gitmo is still in business, we've added Bagram, we still render, we still detain indefinitely, we still torture and we still wiretap illegally.  Hey, it's all done to keep us safe, keep fear alive so they can keep the tax dollar flowing to the private sector so dollars will flow back in to accomplish job number 1--getting reelected.

As I have wondered what ever happened to all those war protesters, now I have to ask what ever happened to all those folks who dumped on Bush over rights abuses?  The only thing that's changed is, they are silent these days.  I didn't realize that illegality was determined by who occupies the White House.  I guess it does for a lot of people.

If you're looking for another reason to tell Obama to take a hike, here's one more--

Obama assertion: FBI can get phone records without oversight


It's still ever-loving Shrubbery normal in Legacyland!

Suicide bomber kills 25 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq

It's going to be harder and harder to find a job

Need a job?  I've got a good one for you.  The pay and benefits are exceptional.  You have the skills I need. Oh, is that a pack of cigarettes in your pocket?  You smoke?  You do.  Sorry, I'd fire you if I could, but since I haven't hired you, just pretend you're fired you evil (costly) smoker.

Hospitals Shift Smoking Bans to Smoker Ban

Gee, I wonder what will happen when the cost of obesity are recognized?  Hmm, overweight, then don't bother applying.  Wow, you're left handed, then move on down the road.  How far will it go?

Obama's Bungled War

As all eyes have been focused on Egypt, it's easy to forget, "War's On!"  Afghanistan has not gone away.  Death and destruction remain everyday normal.  And there is still no justification for remaining there at all. We just do.  End the damn thing.  It might help balance the budget and cut the deficit too.

Bombers Attack Afghan Police in Kandahar

Get ready for the shaft

In the name of deficits, workers will get shafted by management.  Hey, what's new?  But this time around it's a two step affair done over a number of years.  The "bad" economy has been a godsend to management.

If sticking it to state employees is okay because it gets them in line with the private sector, then the private sector has already taken it in the shorts.  However, an apples to apples comparison of the public sector versus the private sector still shows that the public side is paid a lot less.  The private sector's shorts have not been violated, but the wearers might get nervous about now.

Damn, the capitalists have gotten private labor (voters) to help screw public labor in the name of good government and budgets.  After the public sector had been thoroughly reamed, in a few years then private labor will be notified that their pay and benefits will be cut to bring them in line with public sector.  Gee, the private sector will be accused of being overpaid.   Maybe folks will catch on to the game.  Until then, unless folks organize they will be screwed as the rich get even richer and the working stiff will be left with his sorry sore ass.

Wisconsin May Take an Ax to State Workers’ Benefits and Their Unions


What a difference a day makes.  That seems trite, but with respect to Egypt, so true.  Yesterday began with more stalemate and ended with Mubarak gone.  He resigned after the military withdrew their support from his dictatorship.

A giant party broke out on Tahrir Square.  Now the hard part begins.  Since there have been no political parties, no elections, just 30 years of emergency rule political suppression by the Mubarak dictatorship it will be damned hard to quickly create a democratic government .  Time can erode the gains.  It will be easy for the military to support another dictator for any reasons they choose.  Tanks pack a lot of political theory in their turrets and can determine the role of government.  What will the next 30 years be like?

Folks apparently won't leave the square until the army rescinds the emergency rule and a democratic government is elected and in operation.  Good luck.  It was a nice 18 days.

Elated protesters 'staying put' in Tahrir Square until demands for democracy are met

Friday, February 11, 2011

Crazy White Trash Math

Makin' it up as she drools--

Michele Bachmann's fuzzy tax math at CPAC

Next Week, The State Howitzer, Then The Torpedo

Utah is gonna get its State Gun!  The Legislature has passage in its sights.  The Gov will sign it.   You betcha!

Utah Legislature Approves Official State Gun Despite Controversy

Hmm, will the Church, in a show of solidarity with the government, modify its statue of Moroni on top of the Temple on Temple Square have the angel pack a pair of holstered six-guns as he ever toots his horn? I think it's Moroni, but it could be Herb Alpert. I was never sure about that.

I don't get it

If you are female, how can you be a Republican? A conservative?  If you are non-white how can you be a Republican?  If you are just a working stiff how can you be a Republican?  The only way I can figure is that these types of folks, who do affiliate with the GOP and kindred organizations, so loathe themselves, that they they feel compelled to associate with folks who also hate them.  It's kind of a political Stockholm syndrome or something like that.  There's gotta be a name for this other than Stockholm syndrome.

Oh, almost forgot, gay conservatives, as in GOProud, y'all can take a hike, they loathe y'all and want y'all gone.  You will be next year.  How can anyone who is gay be a Republican.  Gee, the politics of self-loathing....

New CPAC Head: 'It's Going To Be Difficult To Continue The Relationship' With GOProud

Log Cabin folks, ditto, I think the GOP would just as soon see y'all disappear.

Cheap Sleazebags Avoiding Taxes

This from CQ Roll Call--

CRASH PADS: The government watchdog group known as Crew (for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) says it knows of at least 33 House members whose congressional offices double as their D.C. living quarters — and who are thereby violating House rules, misusing congressional funds and cheating on their taxes.

“House office buildings are not dorms or frat houses,” executive director Melanie Sloan said in announcing that Crew has asked the Office of Congressional Ethics to open an investigation. Living in a House office violates the prohibition on using taxpayer resources for anything other than performing official duties, the complaint says, while House rules say a member may not spend any of his official allowance — and all of the alleged violators are men — on personal expenses. And, since IRS rules say lodging is generally a taxable fringe benefit, members sleeping in Cannon, Longworth or Rayburn should pay taxes for imputed income based on the fair market value of Capitol Hill studio apartments — which generally are renting for between $1,000 and $2,000 a month.

The veteran Republicans on Crew’s list are Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, Jason Chaffetz, Jeff Flake, John Sullivan, Tim Walberg and back-after-two-years Steve Chabot.

The 19 GOP freshmen are Sean Duffy, Stephen Fincher, Chris Gibson, Tim Griffin, Paul Gosar, Trey Gowdy, Morgan Griffith, Richard Hanna, Joe Heck, Bill Huizenga, Bill Johnson, James Lankford, Patrick Meehan, Ben Quayle, Todd Rokita, David Schweikert, Steve Stivers, Joe Walsh and Todd Young.

The seven Democrats are Dan Boren, Luis Gutierrez, Dan Lipinski, Mike Quigley, Bobby Rush and freshmen John Carney and Hansen Clarke.

Any of them yours? If so, drop them a line and let them know what you think about their less their tax dodging ways. Cheaters all, are they representative of their districts?  I bet Chaffetz is.

What's an exabyte?

I didn't know that exas had teeth. Oh, that's bad, sorry. An exabyte is a billion gigabytes. We've quit measuring computer stuff in gigabytes. Now it's done in exabytes. What comes after exa-? I don't know but we'll be there soon. The growth in storage is incredible.

Exabytes: Documenting the 'digital age' and huge growth in computing capacity

CPAC Candidates

CPAC Trogs vote today. The results will be announced tomorrow. Whom do you think most of the batshit crazy, white trash, drooling dolts will opt for?

The candidates are:

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann,
Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour,
former talk show host Herman Cain,
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie,
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels,
former House Speaker Newt Gingrich,
former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee,
U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman,
former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson,
former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin,
Texas Rep. Ron Paul,
former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty,
former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney,
former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum
and South Dakota Sen. John Thune.

Here's my win, place, show about Huckabee, then Palin, then Paul. Who will lose? Why Huntsman of course. Whats your W-P-S? Is there anyone in this list you would vote for? Why?

Will Barbie Take Back Ken?

In 2004, Barbie told Ken to take a hike.  Hell, who bought Ken dolls anyway?  Barbie is a $3 billion a year  doll.  Mattel took a chance on restoring Ken to his former 10%+ of Barbie sales glory after "Toy Story 3" seemed to have revived interest in Barbie's former arm candy.  Mattel has even put "Genuine Ken," a reality TV show, on the air.  Oh, we'll find out about Barbie's future relationship with Ken on Valentine's Day.

Barbie's boy toy Ken is working on a comeback

Whatever happened to growing up Skipper?  How many official Barbies have there been since the line was introduced in 1959?


As we continue to cram more junk food down our gullets, we reap the rewards of our acts.  Sugars, fats, and salt taken to excess adds on lard, increases blood pressure, and gets that cholesterol into record numbers.  It's one thing if it's all adults who choose to abuse their bodies, but when it's kids, that's child abuse.

Yep, stroke is up 51% among 15-35 year old males since 1994.  Older folks incidence is down, but they're probably on a slug of drugs to counter the effects of a lifetime of ill advised dietary habits.  Oh, I forgot to add in couch potatoitis, it's gotta be a factor too.

Stroke Hospitalizations Up in Teens, Young Adults

President George W. Obama

The guy is working hard to get those conservative votes, he knows he's lost a fair chunk of Democratic base and has to make them up.  Instead of cutting Defense an extra billion or three or ending a war or two he's wants to stick it to the poor.  Hell, after one year they'll all freeze to death and can't complain.  Besides the poor don't donate much less vote.  

Obama to propose slashing home heating aid for poor

Kind of makes me wonder what makes a conservative tick.

I wonder

There are a lot of folks who spend a lot of time bitching about government.  The GOP, the Teabags, and others seem to think life was much better in some mythic past.  They would prefer to minimize government and taxes today.  Accomplishing that, they assume life would be better than it is today.   I wonder if any of them have ever stopped to wonder how it is that most of them are in a position to complain in the first place?

So much of what we take for granted today, that defines our normal, is the result of government programs.  Did your Mom or Dad fight in WWII?  Did he go to college under the G.I.Bill?  If he did, then there's a pretty good chance that, absent the G.I. Bill, he'd never have made it to college.   Did he buy a home?  Well, G.I. Bill and FHA may have figured in his purchases.  Oh, don't forget, the two biggies Fannie and Freddie may have made more loan money available for banks and lenders to make more loans (they were not responsible for the idiotic securities the private sector created which gave us the housing bubble). 

Gee, did your parents they have a modicum of financial security in old age because Social Security gave them an assist?  If so, then perhaps Mom and Dad had some financial independence that their parents did not.  Oh don't forget about health care.  Medicare prevented pauperization too.  Gee, did you inherit a house or some cash when they passed on?  Okay, how much of that estate derived from government programs that lifted everyone up?  Think about it a bit.  Go read about everyday life in these  United States prior to WWII.        


Mubarak, once again flipped off the Egyptian people.  He's going to remain in office until September's election.  Until then, folks will have to deal with Sulieman.  Protesters did not like the speech at all.  More showed up to demand Mubarak's departure.  Again, stalemate, with the Army sitting around on their tanks.  What's next?  Who knows, oh, and don't call the CIA they are clueless (see next post).  The outcomes are, I fear are mostly less than pleasant.   Is total chaos next?

Military council backs Mubarak; huge crowds angry but peaceful

Bless My Slam Dunk!

Leon blew the call. His sources, either the CIA or what he saw on CNN, told him that Mubarak would announce his departure. Mubarak announced the opposite. Panetta has accomplished a full Tenet, and in public too. He deserves a Medal of Freedom, doesn't he?

Comments by Panetta stoke unmet expectations

Why do we have a CIA?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Need a laugh?

If you do, then read this.

Repeal, you betcha!

Instead of the EPA, let's repeal Newt instead.  The guy is going from being a Rich White Trash (RWT) candidate and moving into Crazy While Trash Category.  Move over Michelle Bachmann.   By himself he's good for lots of chuckles.  However, when I realize there are lots of folks who listen to him, it gets  downright hilarious.

Newt Gingrich calls for replacing the EPA


The Senate will lose one of it's senior batshit crazy debilitators!  Senator Kyl will not run for reelection.  Younger and crazier Arizona Trogs have a chance to grab his seat.   Arizonans are strange people.    Glad to see him leave, now if all the other incumbents in both parties would just bag it, the country would be so
well served.

Jon Kyl announces retirement

Another CWT candidate?

CWT, that's Crazy White Trash. Who is it, why it's the dean of Senate batshit crazy drooling caucus, Jim DeMint, that's who. He has not thrown his hat in ring, but supporters--those good ole crazy white trash boys and girls--want him to run for Prez.  Gee, how about Bachmann/DeMint ticket?

DeMint supporters hoping he'll run for White House

There are four possible CWTs at this point.  How would you combine Bachmann, DeMint, Perry, and Santorum?

He's Consistent

Who?  Why, Don Rumsfeld, that's who.  Yep, he's an asshole.  He's a liar. He's one of the lying assholes who took the U.S. to war in Iraq.  The Shrub had lots of them around him.  I guess the Shrub is just a  lying asshole magnet. That's an odd kind of charisma, but he attracted voters, of kind?

Rumsfeld's flight of fancy on Iraq

Start the engines, 2012 is ready to go!

And what better way to kick off the race than fear broadcast via a Congressional committee?  Hell, both sides can use it to get out the vote.  Why "the terrorist threat to the United States may be at its most "heightened state" since the Sept. 11, 2001." That assessment if per DHS boss Napolitano.

Then again the terrorist threat may not be at its most heightened. I love how these elected and appointed dorks love to make hedged scary statements. I have a feeling fear deafens listeners to selected words, they don't hear the qualifiers.  The statements become pure, categorical, and certain assertions of doom.  Yep fear works, expect more fear bullshit in coming months, it helps insure that there will be no cuts in defense spending.

Terrorist threat may be at most 'heightened state' since 9/11, Napolitano says

What was he thinking?

That's the problem, he was not thinking at all.

Rep. Chris Lee resigns after reports of Craigslist flirtation

He probably should have stayed in Congress. By Congressional standards, he's quite moral and normal.


Today's lead on-line story in the "Post' is about GOP wannabes and CPAC. The print edition has it as it's main story. Egypt must sell papers but bore browsers.  Egypt may be on crash course to martial law and that's just not as exciting deviant conservatives in the scramble for eyeballs.  Is AOL going to purchase the Post?

If the Egyptian military decides/obeys the dictator and starts killing Egyptians, will civil war follow?  If so, the Post will return Egypt to the lead web story, especially if there are lots of gory pictures. Then again if there's a GOP hopeful who wants to assure us the nation's best days were long, long ago that will lead.

Egypt government warns of military crackdown as pressure on Mubarak grows

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Diet--Not many surpizes here

The USDA has issued Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 (Released 1/31/11).  More grains, less red meat, more fruits and veggies, and hold the salt.  If you love junk food, well, this will be a hard diet to adopt.

If you try  to follow the dietary advice will it be expensive?  Nah,  it's Healthy Eating for $2.50 a Day.

Congrats to Jim Webb

Jim Webb will not run for reelection.  He's doing the right thing.  More Senators should emulate Mr. Webb.  Serve a term and go back to the private sector.  At most, and rarely, should a person serve two terms in the Senate.  One term is enough.  And then they to get as far from government as possible.  I will be disappointed if Mr.Webb becomes a lobbyist, but I will not be surprized.

Webb Won’t Seek Re-Election

What Government Employees Will Be Spared?

As Congressional Trogs pursue the always over paid and excessively benefited civil servants who they know caused the huge deficit, there's one group of employees they will leave alone.  Who's that?  Why it's themselves of course.

Come on, why do we even have pensions for Reps. and Sens.?  That makes no sense at all.  The citizen legislator was what our always dear founding fathers intended.  They did not envision a bunch of old white guys hanging around for decades to get a pension.  It was supposed to be serve a term and move on to other things in life.

If we're serious about trimming civil service costs, let's start with Congress.   Let's save $26 million a year and shut down Congressional Pensions.  End the pensions, period.  When folks do that then I'll entertain discussion of other civil servants.  Trogs prove you are really serious and not just drooling mindless dolts.  

Former Members Get Millions From Pensions

Science versus Incomes?

If data suggests that as much as 20% of your business does no good, causes harm, and wastes your customers money, what would you do?  I bet you'd bag that part of your business and look for new revenue streams.  Yeah, but if your business is surgery and the 20% of your practice if removing lymph nodes, then I'll bet you condemn the researchers, the data and keep on cutting as you flog fear of cancer into your bank account.

Lymph Node Study Shakes Pillar of Breast Cancer Care


Legacyland--Normalcy Booms!

In the Shrub's gift to the world life just keeps returning to normal.  It appeared all we'd see was more exacerbation of sectarian tension.   Shiites blow the crap out of Sunnis, who return the favor as a revived al Qaeda in Iraq assists.  The Kurds were left out!  They've been living abnormal peaceful lives.  Not any more!  Normalcy has broken out all over the Shrub's botched legacy.

Deadly Bombings in Kirkuk Aim at Kurdish Militia

From Pizza to the Presidency?

I doubt it, but here's another GOP hopeful--

Herman Cain officially kicks off 2012 presidential race

Our government in action

It's usually the case, if you are in the military and really fuck up, as in break the law, regardless of rank, you will be court-martialed and probably be cashiered.  You own your actions.  However, in the CIA, if you fuck up and break the law you get a better job and more chances to shit on the law.  In the CIA, you don't own your acts, there is no rule of law.  Why do we have lawlessness in our government? Oh, thank Truman for this one he created the mess and it's been kept around ever since.

At CIA, mistakes by officers are often overlooked


It's sad to see.  A girl in JROTC wants to enlist in the Air Force.  The Air Force wants her.  However she is an undocumented person, her family moved here from Bolivia when she was 11.  I'm sure the teabags are cheering that this girl is blocked from serving in the military.  Miliatry service seems like a great way to become a citizen, especially for folks like Noheli Carrasco.

Undocumented immigrants in JROTC programs wait for the next battle over the DREAM Act

Hmm, I'm not sure but I think all those Philippino buttboy/slaves that Navy Admirals possessed for decades were given citizenship after serving their bemedaled masters.  Then again, they may have just been allowed to live here.  

Sane Teabaggers?

Nah, it's only a temporary lapse into normalcy.  They will soon obey their GOP masters, but it was nice to see them vote with the Dems to not renew the Patriot Act.   I will be very surprized if the Teabags do not grovel at Boehner's feet within the month--money, power, and reelection will win them over.  Too bad.

Patriot Act extension fails in the House by seven votes

Tax cuts raise revenue?

If you think that's true then please read this piece by David Corn--

Reagan: Morning After in America

Egypt? What's That?

Oops, the protesters decided to not go along with the "Post," Mubrak and Obama.  They flipped them off and filled Tahrir Square with even more protesters.   The "Post" put Egypt back as the lead on-line story.  Mubarak and henchmen keep trying to preserve the dictatorship.  Obama "tut-tuts" them, but is really backing a peaceful transition to perpetuation of the current regime.  Gee, how does President Suleiman sound?  Funny, the people in the square just want Mubarak gone, some Constitutional revisions and a skosh of freedom.  Too, bad we won't risk spreading democracy.  Hell even the Shrub had that one down, but screwed it up in Iraq and Afghanistan.  If a people want to give it a shot, we cannot get in their way.  So much for us.  Oh, us is not all of us, it's our elected officials, their appointed thralls and their masters--large donors.  I have more an more difficulty using Obama and democrat in the same sentence.  When did democracy get removed from the Democratic Party?

Opposition: Mubarak must act now or risk 'complete chaos'

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Budget Cutting

Want to cut the federal budget?  Okay, if we cut foreign aid, how much do we save?  If you did not say less than 1% you need to read this piece as a start and then do a lot more reading.

Americans Want To Cut Spending, But Polls Show They Don't Agree How


Checking Obama & Bill O'Reilly - and announcing the PolitiFact Store

That was a great matchup on Sunday, wasn't it? Two bitter rivals who have clashed on and off the field.

I'm speaking of course about Bill O'Reilly and Barack Obama. Their Super Sunday interview gave the Truth-O-Meter plenty to check.
We checked several claims from Obama:
  • He said he "didn't raise taxes once," which earned a False.
  • He also said he "lowered taxes over the last two years," which earned a Mostly True.
  • He said 12 judges had dismissed the health care challenge on constitutional grounds, which earned a False.

We also did two items on statements that O'Reilly made during the interview. He was correct  that Obama wasn't the only president he had asked about being "hated" by people; and he earned a Half True for his claim thatpolls show a majority of people opposed to the health care law.
I'm also happy to announce that we now have an online store that sells PolitiFact swag. You can get shirts, hats, sweatshirts and other items with PolitiFact logos. They even have Pants on Fire Onesies

Life and Diet

Everyone knows if you eat shit, you will die.  Okay, what if it's not really quite shit, but it's pretty damn close?  You know, what if it's all that junk food that so many folks scarf down?  It's really inedible shit made to taste good by coating it in in sugar, fat, and salt.  Hell it's manufactured.

We know one effect of junk food.  It will fatten you up, eat a 100% junk diet, and and you can even can make a blimp look svelte.  As obesity becomes normal, the lard leads to several neat diseases you'd otherwise not even know existed.  That junk diet then gives you another little gift, it kills you.  You will die prematurely, at least earlier than you'd have otherwise died.

If you are an adult, it's your choice.  Eat shit and die, eat junk and die, your call.  But, what about children?  If you have little kids, you might think twice before you let them stuff all that junk down their tiny gullets.  In their case, at no fault of their own, since Mom gives it to them, they eat junk food.  That junk causes loss of mental capacity!  Wow, they will make it to a new junk food adulthood.  They will be dumb and unable to ever be any wiser.  They will keep eating junk and will, just like mom and add,  die early deaths from god only knows what junk food induced disease.

Toddlers' Junk-Food Diet May Lead to Lower IQ

Okay, it's overstated, but no junk food for kids seems to be reasonable practice.

With Planning Like This, It's No Wonder Our Schools Still Suck

I wish the Feds would stay out of education, period.  When then jump in, about all they do is provide students really good, bad examples of boneheaded mediocrity in government service.  With such abundant examples of how things are done, why would any student really want to work for government?  Here's an example of planning, Dept. of Education style--

U.S. Plan to Replace Principals Hits Snag: Who Will Step In?

Miss Keith?

Olbermann and MSNBC parted company.  Lot's of folks miss their daily dose of Olbermann.  If you are one of them, do you receive the Current TV channel?  Check your listings.  If you do and are in need of a bit of Countdown style news and entertainment, then your needs will be met this Spring.  Yep, Current TV, Keith, this Spring.

Olbermann to Host Show and Have Executive Role at Current TV

Back to Grad School

If you did graduate work in a Social Science program, were faculty and students liberal or conservative?  I think it was a given in my first field,  Sociology was 90% liberal.  History on the other hand  was 90% conservative.  It was no big deal, the disciplines attracted folks bent one way or the other.  Students could become a bit confused.

I was in Sociology and switched to Demography, not over politics, but over science and facts.   I did know one grad student in Sociology who was conservative.  Needless to say, I am liberal.  He and I enjoyed battling out the days news and academic topics.   Funny, not many of our peers or faculty joined us in our discussions.  In the faculty, there was one prof who leaned towards conservative.

When I read this piece, I reacted, "what's new?"  I'm not sure what the word "bias" means in his context though.  However, I do remember getting quite pissed at both students and faculty over Wilson's "Sociobiology."  I liked the idea, read his book and spoke positively about the topic.   I quickly discovered others did not read his work,  but still condemned him and his ideas.   If bias means that you can find lots of people who know better acting like dolts, okay.  We are blessed, in all fields, with well educated idiots.  Like I said, what's new? I guess we're touchier these days.

Social Scientist Sees Bias Within

Money and Tests

If we make funding dependent upon graduation rates and passing tests,  I'd predict more students will pass and tests and get diplomas.   Does that mean we've hired better teachers, adopted new methods, or the kids became geniuses overnight?  Nah, we futz with tests and requirements, then Lo--they pass on to the next level of education.  Of course it that next level is college, then they aren't ready.  Did it ever occur to anyone that not every kid is college material in the first place?  Perhaps only about 15% of H.S. grads are really college material.  It's too bad we have not developed an array of equally respectable post secondary educational opportunities for kids.  We seem hell bent on defining all of our children as one uniform square peg which will be forced into one round hole.  That's dumb and counter-productive.   Here's a piece on New York, it's not all that different from the other 49 states.

Most New York Students Are Not College-Ready

Forgotten how to confess?

Hey, there's an app for that.  No shit.  iConfess!  Yep, step one in digitizing the lord is underway and has the Imprintir of the Church.  Hey, today it's just a guide, but tomorrow who knows, why bother with the  confessional.  Is iMass around the corner?  With iTransubstaniate?

App to help sinners confess reconciles 21st century with Catholic faith


Spring!  It's just around the corner.  We anticipate tulips, daffodils and other beautiful spring blooms.  Then as the flowers appear,  they draw us outside and get us going on towards our Summer gardens.  Our Winter sleep will be over soon.

That's Spring in the U.S., how about Springtime in Afghanistan?  Oh, there the Taliban returns from its Winter sleep in Pakistan.  They are rearmed, reinvigorated and ready to assassinate local leaders and collaborators.  They'll be ready for another Summer of war.

Taliban's spring offensive likely to target Afghan leaders cooperating with government

It talks and walks

Yep, bullshit walks from the White House over to the Chamber of Commerce and then it talks.  What does it talk?  Why bullshit of course.  In a massive move to secure a grundle of 2012 campaign money, Obama tired to show the business-boys he's on their side and would love for them to be on his reelection team.

Hell it may work for Obama.  If they give him $200 million all he has to do is give them services in kind worth $8 billion and change (that's the going rate, 38 to 1).  If the services are performed prior to payment, it's legit--put the quo before the quid and no one goes to jail.  Aw, hell who goes to jail even if the money comes first.   It's quite a system.

Two parties, one constituency.   Let's see the GOP blatantly serves business--they lie down, spread their legs and collect payment.   The Dems, not quite as experienced as the GOP, just get on their knees and collect payment.  Two parties, one customer, why do I think of the word whore?  Guess the rest of us are just plain old serfs, with votes.  Too bad we don't use them.

Oh, here's some Obama bullshit fact checking--

Obama's unsubstantiated boosterism

Maybe it doesn't matter whom we elect to any office anymore.  Did it ever?

Egypt? What's That?

Egypt had a good run.  Today, the lead story in the on-line "Post" was not Egypt, it was about judicial appointment problems.  Egypt received second billing with this piece on the Muslim Brotherhood--

Muslim Brotherhood eyes comeback in Egypt

Whatever transition means, it must be under way.  How long before the next dictatorship is enshrined in a new and improve Democratic People's Republic of Egypt?   Funny a Democratic Republic could be more of the Army/Mubarak or an Islamic State.   At any rate, if I were betting on the outcome, I'd bet against the Egyptian people obtaining much democracy or freedoms.   Place your bets...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tech, time and cost

A gadget’s life: From gee-whiz to junk

Web-connected and 3-D TVs are the buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, but it hasn’t even been that long since TV went digital. Here’s a look at which gadgets have gone from obscure to ubiquitous over the past 30 years, and how their prices shrank along the way:

Obama's Bungled War

In case anyone has forgotten, we are still at war in Afghanistan.  This war is FUBAR and no one will admit that it was lost a long time ago.  It went down the tubes when the Shrub decided to build his legacy by invading Iraq.  Since then, it's been a loss.  There is no place for winning left, there's only more losing.  The Taliban will not be removed a second time unless we nuke the damn place.  It's time to leave.

Here's a piece that illustrates why we need to end the military's attempt at the occupation of Iraq.  The only reason our Army has not been blistered by the locals is that unlike the Russians they still like us.  But, that fellow feeling is waning.  Let's fight economic war instead, no troops, no medals, just business and profit for a change.  Hell, the locals might like to have jobs and steady incomes.  Let them buy blue jeans and rock n' roll from a locally owned store and they might just flip off the Islamic crazies all by themselves.  Music today, washing machines tomorrow.   Instead of a commander in chief, how about a CEO in chief?

In Eastern Afghanistan, at War With the Taliban’s Shadowy Rule

Gulf Seafood

I'm not all that sure Gulf Seafood is safe to eat or when it will be, if ever.  I still envision food that cooks itself.  Yep, strike a match near the food and it's going to be instant Shrimp flambe.  There was  a lot of crud flowing into the Gulf for months.

I don't quite trust the ace regulators after their more political than scientific performance during the spill.  The seafood industry is down.  ObamaCo's hacks say the food is safe.  Is this an opportunity for him?  Can he win Gulf state votes in 2012?  Well, he can buy lots of seafood.

Actually he can have the military buy a lot of Gulf seafood.  Okay, what if the seafood is good?  Well, no harm will be done and Gulf will really begin to return to economic normal.  Now, what if it's not really healthy to eat Gulf seafood?  If the troops all come done with some kind of permanent Gulf trots, what will happen?  If it's discovered after Nov. 2012, Obama won't care--he'll either be reelected or off writing another book about himself.  Is the food safe or not?  How do we find out other than using the Army as guinea pigs?

U.S. military purchases Gulf of Mexico seafood, boosting an industry battered by oil spill

Is this part of Obama's pitch to become a business kinda guy?


It's possible to see URLs ending in .tubes in the near future.  It's more likely to see URLs ending in .eco, .music, and .nazi.  Custom domain name fever is here.  Will it improve the Internets or make it into a more chaotic place?  Who knows, we'll have to wait and see how the greed plays out.  What domain would you like to own?

Rush is on for custom domain name suffixes


Did you watch the football game yesterday?  I did not, well, I watched about five minutes of the show,  Mrs. Jake had it on one of our TVs.  I popped into the room to ask her a question.  It was the end of half time, so I saw some musical Peas, took in a couple very poorly crafted commercials and a couple of plays.  Damn, in football time, that five minutes could have been five hours for all I know.  At any rate, as I headed away from the game, Mrs. Jake indicated that whomever sang the National Anthem blew it.  Now I find out singer didn't quite know the lyrics.  Somehow it befits the waste we know as the Super Bowl.

Christina Aguilera botches national anthem at Super Bowl


If you've been following the mess near potamia, Egypt, you know that Mubarak is still in power, protesters are still on the square, thugs remain out there, and no one is really in charge, expect the Army.  In other words, it's stalemate.  What will this week see?  Who knows, it's up to Egyptians to decide what they want to do. I have a feeling we would have been, and would still be, better off, if Obama and his minions had kept quiet.  Every time they assert themselves, Egyptians find a way to flip them off.

If ObamaCo had really desired an outcome, all they had to do was quietly inform the Egyptian military that effective immediately, all military aid will be terminated, unless...  The Egyptian Army would have facilitated the desired result.

Egypt diplomacy: White House races to keep pace with events put in motion by protests

Bite the Dust?

AOL is buying the Huffington Post.  Not bad, from $1 million ventured to $315 million returned after six years.  I'm not are regular reader at Huffington Post, but I'll bet it will go downhill, reach a lower level of acceptable mediocrity and survive in some fashion.  It will not be what it has become today.  Funny, but the payoff, selling the company, seems to end the original business.  Think not?  Then take a peek at book publishing and newspapers in 2011.

Huffington Post agrees to $315 million buyout from AOL

Sunday, February 6, 2011


She may be be the GOP crazy white trash candidate, she's loony enough to alienate the veteran vote. Hold it, she tried hard, but someone on her staff must have clued her in. She's taken it all back. Yep, this is how all our pols solve the budget and deficit problems, put it on someone else's back. Volunteers?

Bachmann Drops Proposal To Cut Veterans' Benefits

One More Time

Credit Card Company to Credit Card Holder---Bend Over!

Credit card companies figure out how to spin straw into gold

Aging--A Bit of Realism is Needed

And Susan Jacoby provides it.

If old age isn't for sissies, then neither is Susan Jacoby's tough-minded, painful-to-read and important book, which demolishes popular myths that we can "cure" the "disease" of aging and knocks the "g" right out of the golden years. Forget about those dreams of dropping dead on the tennis court, or in a lover's arms, at age 95. Such happy endings could happen to us, but the odds are great that they won't, in spite of how frisky we currently feel and in spite of our dedication to a vegetable-eating, non-smoking, moderate-drinking, daily-exercising life style.

I have not read this book, yet. However the review makes sense to me and suggests the book conforms with what I already know about aging. It might be good for most folks to give it a read and think about  their coming or present senior years.  

'Never Say Die,' Susan Jacoby's tough look at the realities of aging

Rumsfeld's Memoirs

If anyone is thinking about  buying Rumpot's book, I think Dana Milbank reviews it quite well.  Of course if you were thinking about buying it, you would not read Milbank or the "Washington Post" anyway.  For everyone else, please read Mr. Milbank, then call Rumpot an ass, and spend your money on a decent book instead.  How about Peter Bergen's latest  "The Longest War?"

Don Rumsfeld, playing a dead-end game in his memoir

Where in the world is the Shrub?

I'm not sure where he is, but I know where he is not.  He's not in Switzerland.  The Shrub wanted to visit Switzerland, but folks told him he better not, unless he wanted to have his ass busted for being America's Torquemada.   The Shrub stayed home.

Bush trip to Switzerland called off amid threats of protests, legal action

Egypt--Democracy Fans

The anti-Mubarak crowd has rattled the dictatorship.  VP Sulieman has met with some protest groups, but a couple were holding out for Mubarak to step down first.  One of the those groups is the Muslin Brotherhood.  However, the holdouts now want to chat.  What will happen as folks begin their dance for power?

The military sits in the wings, uncertain, unsure about foreign aid and the future.  The status quo folks are uncertain about what steps to take.  The various protest groups have begun to step on each other toes as they hear the power waltz begin.  Who will rule and what kind of rule can we expect?.

Okay, here's my question, do you really want to see democracy, one man-one vote,  flourish in Egypt?  Or is democracy only okay depending upon who wins?  I have a feeling the average Egyptian does not see the U.S. as an unconditional supporter of democracy.  Are they right?  Would we back another 30 years of a Mubarak instead of an Islamic democratic ( assuming you can have one) government?

In Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood reverses course, agrees to talks on transition