Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Quitter Didn't Even Like the Job


Ex-Palin aide rips her in leaked manuscript

Anti Union Bullshit

State workers unions are under fire in Wisconsin.  Of course, it's not all the unions.  What, not all of them? Yep, that should tell you something about any idea of principled opposition to unions--Police and fire unions, which have some of the most expensive benefits but who supported Mr. Walker’s campaign for governor, are exempted.  

There are a lot working people must prefer serfdom to a decent life.  As they continue to vote for Trogs, they will be part of the restoration of yesterday.  Their children and grand children will live poverty as their betters get even richer and enjoy liberty.  Look, it's simple, when a rich bastard talks about freedom and liberty, you may think he's includes you, but unless you are his economic and social peer, you are trust usable trash.   The GOP and the Teabaggers, yep, that's a lot of white trash helping others to restore an aristocracy for the liberty loving rich.    

MIddle East--Egypt

It's one thing to get rid of an 82 year old dictator, but it's another to be rid of the power that kept him in power for 30 years.  Make your bets, will it be free Egyptian people or more of the military? Which do you think Obama and his sucessors will support? Do we really like democracy all that much?

Demonstrators fill Tahrir Square in Egypt to press military for more reforms

Middle East--Libya

What the Tunisians started, spread to Egypt and has touched Libya.  Amazing.  Another one of our dictators may go down.  Have you forgotten how the Shrub used the Libyan dictator, Gahdafi,  in his PR game of WMDs and the Iraq invasion?   Even there, people have decided, enough.  Of course that means they get killed, 84 killed in Libya protests.

MIddle East--Bahrain

It appears our elected and appointed officials just did not want to see (admit) the rottonness in our bought and paid for ally, the U.S. Offered Rosy View Before Bahrain Crackdown.  Of course after the people assembled and the military took some shots, Obamba did an oops and all that.  It this pulling an Egypt?  

How many of the dictatorships in the Middle East are we responsible for?

The House has voted

The House has cut spending by $61 billion.  Wow, that's about 1.5%.  It was a bit of contentious battle.  Without knowing the contents of the cuts, if you had to bet on the nature of the cut, would you guess defense or social cuts.  The Trogs are in charge, so it's mostly bye-bye social funds.  I have always found it so damned strange that the Trogs proclaim a love of life--they wallow in the protection of fetuses--yet retain  the death penalty and keep us at war.  Oh, sorry, I get it. If we reduced population a bit, there'd be less cannon fodder.  The Trogs save babies so they can kill them as adults.  Now that is weird.  The Trogs are a strange group.  Will the Senate goes along with the House bullshit?

At any rate, if you like or dislike the bill, it is in a sense America speaking.  If it sounds vile, just remember voters all across the land elected these folks.  The GOP took the House, they now speak for all of us.  If we don't like the sound of the House, it's our own damned fault and we can change it in 2012.   However, this may be the voice of modern America.  Which is it?

House approves dramatic cuts in federal spending in 235-189 vote

Friday, February 18, 2011

How long could you last

Assume you have a credit card and a job.  Every time you go shopping, you buy lots of stuff.  Here's the deal, for every $6 you have from your job, you charge another $4 on your credit card.  If you spend every dime you make, how long could you go before you would be broke--the minimum payment would be larger than your take home pay.  Well, that's about what we've done to ourselves in the federal budget.  40 cents out of every dollar spent is borrowed.

The United states is "borrowing more than 40 cents of every dollar we spend."

Don't forget, this has been building for a long time, both parties are responsible.  Oops, the people who did not bother to vote and the people who voted for Congressional victors are really responsible for the mess.  If your candidates always lost, then you get a pass, unless you have accepted any federal assistance of any kind.  We have become morbidly obese in fiscal terms.

Recipe for a galaxy popovers

Pre-heat the universe to very, very hot

In a 428 solar mass mixing bowl--

1.  Add 22 solar mass size bowls of stuff you can see, touch taste, if you can sense it, it's good for making galaxies.

2.   Add 300 solar mass bowls of the dark stuff  you cannot sense in any way at all, yeah, it's in the really big bag marked "dark matter."

3.  Stir well, use the universe hook in your God-Aid universal mixer, on a low speed.

4.  Finally,  fill the bowl to the with the other stuff you cannot sense, dark energy.  Of course it's in the carton labeled, "dark energy"  fold it in very gently, it might explode.

5.  From a godly vantage point dump the contents of the bowl in the nearest convenient empty space.  Cook for a gazillion years,  Voila, a galaxy popover will emerge.

Well, not quite, but do go read about the dark matter--

Scientists weigh out ingredients for the perfect galaxy

The Kill Switch has been killed

At least that's what holy Joe, the Torahs still on my shoulder, Lieberman says.  They've re-written the bill.   The kill switch has been taken out.  Since this is one of Joe's bills, I bet it's still in there under another name.  Hm, has anyone looked for an "off" thingiepoo?  I do not trust that smarmy bastard one iota.

New Cyber Security Bill Kills the ‘Kill Switch’

Yours may be bigger and it may get cut off

Members of the GOP are trying to see who has the biggest budget cutter.   Yeah they compare them.   They propose a cut here, a lop there, an elimination, anything to cut spending--they think it will get them reelected in 2012.  Well, if the Social Security checks do not go out because the elected Congressional assholes shut down the government, then those assholes will not be reelected.  One thing about old farts, they do vote, year after year after year.  So, Boehner, please go ahead and shut it down.  Please GOP shut it down.

Social Security agency warns of workers' furloughs

Let them eat dirt

This morning as I was walking I heard a bit on the radio about ethanol.  It's in our gas.  The Feds say it has to be in our gas.  Gas companies get a tax credit for including it in our gas.  The manufacturers get a subsidy too.

Ethanol is made from corn.  Corn is a food.  The cost of food is going up, especially those that involve corn.  Why?  There's more money in ethanol than corn bread.  Our government officials think this is good for us.  Our government is screwing with the market. Why?

Oh, it's a national security matter.  It reduces our dependence on foreign oil.  Not by much, and it's really a flaky argument.  It makes more sense to use their oil and keep ours for an emergency.   Ethanol is just one more bullshit argument used to defend transfer tax dollars to the private sector.

If you want a real national security matter that involves dependence on foreign nations, then ask about the component parts in all of our defense weapons systems.  What proportion of the parts and the processes used to make the parts are not made in the USA?  What cannot be made in the USA?  Now, if there's a war and we begin using all those systems and a part's source is now our enemy.  Well?  Think about it.

Oh, if we're all that concerned with the oil money going overseas, okay, but first give a thought to where all the interest payments on our $14 trillion dollar debt are going.  That money is huge and gets ever bigger.  I'd worry about the interest drain before I'd give myself a wedgie over oil.

Miracles of modern medicine

You can go the hospital.  Check in.  Have your healthy kidney replaced.  Yep, massive screwup and I bet no medical person--doctor--will be fired or defrocked.  Hell, even if the patient had died it would be just another day at the office for the docs.

Wrong patient got kidney at USC

Old crazies wane as new crazies wax

Mainline Christian church membership continues to decline as Pentecostal and Mega churches boom.  I guess they just swap members.  I hope unaffiliated is still the real growth sector.  Hmm, it would be nice to the crazies decline to some minimum.  I'd love to find a town that brags about having no churches.  Know any?

Growth stalls, falls for largest U.S. churches


The Egyptian military make let a little democracy and freedom take hold, but they won't let free market economics through the door.  They not only defend Egyptian means of production, they own them too.  Kind of puts the "revolution" in a different perspective.

Egyptians Say Military Discourages an Open Economy

Don't gore my ox

The GOP wants to gore the Dems, the Dems want to gore the GOP.  They cannot agree, as they argue the rest of us are getting nicked in the ass.  Why do we expect solutions from the very people who created the mess?  As the budget battle continues, there's the little matter of a Continuing Resolution that's needed or the feds will shutdown.

Boehner says any stopgap spending bill must trim federal budget further

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nothing but the best

Oops, the mast falls off a new destroyer.  Virginia's IT shop, VITA, didn't work for a week or so some months back.  What do these have in common?  The same set of ace government contractors--Northrup Grumman, can't run a PC and can't attach a mast to ship, but they get well paid for failure, they're a military industrial complex member and contribute generously to pols of both parties.

Oops! Mast of almost new U.S. Navy destroyer breaks off

One More Time

Obesity is a killer.  Especially for males.  Everytime a guy shoves an extra Big Mac down his obese craw, he's in essence killing himself.  I guess obesity is a kind of suicide by food.  Sad.

Obesity alone raises risk of fatal heart attack, study finds

Don't forget

In business, even those small business the GOP drools over, there is only one rule.  That rule is maximize profits.   If you think there are other rules, they are not,  they're really tools used to maximize profits.   Businesses are in the profit business, not the jobs business.   Businesses are ethical to the extent such behavior contributes to profit.  Businesses will have a social conscious to the extent that it contributes to profits.  Businesses contribute to our democracy to the extent such activities generate profit.  Business supports anything to the extent that anything generates profit.   Think not?  Okay, give this a read, it's an example--

Firms throw up new hurdle: Unemployed need not apply

There's nothing wrond with this, it's the nature of the beast.  The problem comes in, when we think business is other than a profit making endeavor.  That's when we then deceive ourselves and proceed to shoot, draw and aim and wonder why our foot hurts.

Deficit Hope?

There might be a chance for modicum of reason to surface in coming budget debates.  The House voted to kill a defense project--the F-35 Jet Engine replacement.  Actually, this is a great example of our mess.   There is only one customer for this engine, when it quits buying, jobs go bye-bye.  Hmm, I guess the jobs ought to be included as government jobs.   These are ghost employees.   They are on the pad.   We have too many of them.  It's going to be hard to correct the mess we've made for ourselves.   That's the price of pork,  When we have to go on a diet--we're obese--there are going to be losers.  It will hurt.  It will be hard to change our habits.  If we keep on as we have, we will go from fiscal obesity to morbid fiscal obesity.

House Votes to End Alternate Jet Engine Program


I guess this is the Shrub's idea of democracy. Great nation building there sport.

Police Fire on Protesters in Iraq

Did you ever hear of this guy?

Maybe more of us should have.

Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution

Deja thing again

Do you recollect LBJ's guns and butter bull?  We did Vietnam while we built the Great Society, then the we had to pay for it.  Ouch that hurt.  Hey, it's going to be 1975 all over again as we finally have to pay for the 2001 tax cuts, two wars we're still waging, and the economic crash of 2008.  Yep, guns and butter financed by debt.  We've borrowed so much money that the deficit monster is no longer created by spending, now it's nurtured by interest on the debt we've already incurred and seem hellbent on incurring even more of.

Unless we quit spending so much more than we take in, we will be economically sunk by interest payments alone.  Before too long, about 80% of what we borrow will be borrowed just to cover interest on old debts.  That is a losing proposition.

We have to cut spending and raise taxes.

Obama budget plan shows interest owed on national debt quadrupling in next decade

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now this is amazing!

Yep, it took some heavy duty research to figure this one out.  If you sit on your ass all day, eat fried chicken and Twinkies all day and evening, then you will get obese.  If you get obese you will have a better chance of coming down with diabetes.  Damn, in the South more folks sink on their butts and cram food into their gullet than other areas.  There's a powerful lot of inactivity going on below that Mason-Dixon line.  Yep that's some kind of heavy duty research.  Gee, I never would have expected these findings at all, would you?  

Inactivity linked to obesity, diabetes; highest in South


I'm very biased, but here's who should have won Best in Show!  My Cav, Beauregard, agrees!

Ch Pinecrest Rock The Boat
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



The Devil is in the details, especially when it comes to taxes, spending and debt.

Obama says he'd stop adding to debt, but that's not true


Did you watch the show?  The Scottish Deerhound  won best in show.  Here's some of the best of breed winners!  Enjoy!!

Best of Breed

Sign of the times

Borders files bankruptcy as job, expense cuts don't stem losses

Federal Budget

Have you been listening to pols rant and rave about deficits and spending?  Have you paid attention to them?  Did you remember that these are the same assholes who made the mess they now decry?  If we want this mess fixed, we have to do a few things.

First, we have to quit listening to elected bozos--their interests are in collecting donor money for their reelection.  Their ideas on the budget, cuts, and spending are about as biased as they can get.

Second, read your economic tush off.  Read about federal spending.  Read about taxation.  Develop some knowledge of government's economic history.  Don't listen to anyone, go read.  No TV,  No Radio,  just pursue the printed word in decent magazines, solid journals and the best books.   Watch out for bias, but if you pursue facts, use reason and logic it will make sense.  What one idiot can do, any other idiot can do.  Read!

Third, after we have read,  informed ourselves, added to our economic knowledge,  then we  need to discuss what we have learned with reasonable people.  Don't talk with elected people, or  wannbe elected people, or party people.  Chat with your peers, tell folks we usually see in the front of the room to shut up and sit down.    As we discuss our economy and our government, solutions will emerge.  They may not be perfect but they will be better than the crap coming out of both parties today.  The mess is complex and needs more than single syllable solutions.

And Fourth, as our reasoned ideas come together, then it's time to tell our elected bozos what we want done.  It's what we voters want that matters.  If our elected assholes do not comply, then we have to vote them out of office and replace them with an asshole that has ears.   We need to put the service back in public service.  What we do with revenue and spending is too damned important to leave it to a bunch of elected deviants.  Yeah, deviants, they all suffer from debilitative narcissism.

As a start, here's a piece to read from Mr. Pearlstein--

Histrionics will only cloud budget debate

The Next Tech Revolution?

It might be 3D printing.  What's that?  Well, it's print a Stradivarius or a glove or a clock.  Yep, print.   It's additive manufacturing, not subtractive.  In our present world, we typically subtract materials to fabricate pieces.  We cut, grind, sand and so on.  Manufacturing takes a lot of time and has oodles of waste.  In additive processes, an item is "printed" a tiny piece at a time under computer control.  Add enough dots of material and you create substantive three dimensional objects of all kinds.  Got an idea for something?  Hm, use a design software package, send the design to the printer and in a few hours you will have your new widget.  Or you could take to your local shop, give them specs, and come back in a few weeks?  Will 3D printing be the next tech revolution?  Okay print me a car!

The printed world The glove below was "printed."

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Here's the cure

Are you feeling sad?  Do you feel really stupid because you voted for Bush both times?  Can't kick the habit of listening to Trogs and beginning to think that they actually can think?  Did you catch yourself almost ready to opine that Sarah Palin made a serious point on Facebook?  Did you start to think the Teabaggers history is the real true story?  Did you turn on Glenn Beck the other night?

Hmm, if so, your smarts are getting rusty, clogged, and somewhat inoperable.  You need to smarten up now.  All those evil thoughts can lead to evil deeds.  You need to quit screwing up your life (and everyone else's).  How can you do this?  That's easy, you need to Meditate your tush off!   Sit down, relax, close your eyes, and think "Democrats."


And on the trust and confidence front--

Science Review Casts Doubt on Some Evidence in FBI’s Anthrax Investigation


Are you old enough to fear becoming a zombie in a nursing home?  Does the idea of ending your days on psycho-tropics  make you cringe?  Can you imagine being bed ridden and not really knowing who your are?  It all can happen to any of us.  We're going to see more and more of these kinds of problems as the baby boom ages.   Some of the possible outcomes make me want to stock some painless, lethal drug just in case. I plan on living, long and in good health.  I'd be satisfied to tap out at 105 in a rage because I was so damned mad at whatever the GOP was trying to do.  However we all know about plans, don't we?

I wonder is it time to face legalization of suicide?  Should Medicare pay for suicide as a treatment?  Would you rather off yourself or spend a decade in a mindless fog?  Myself, well....

Clearing the Fog in Nursing Homes

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Fact-checking Doonesbury

We've said from the start that PolitiFact would check anyone who speaks up in American politics. We've checked Obama GirlSpike the Romney Attack Dog and a bumper sticker on a Volkswagen VR6. We haven't checked comic strips before, but when a reader asked us to check a claim from Sunday's Doonesbury, we were up for it.
The claim, from character Mark Slackmeyer, is that since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, "270,000 Americans were killed by gunfire at home." We checked with Garry Trudeau, verified the stats, and ended up rating it Mostly True.
We're also checking plenty of three-dimensional characters. We've got new items on Vice President Joe BidenMitt Romney andGlenn Beck.
But we have a found an important new source of political claims and we need to put other comic strip characters on notice. That means you, Zippy the Pinhead, Hagar the Horrible and Rex Morgan, M.D. We're watching what you say.

My budget cut is bigger than yours

The GOP, never averse to politicizing anything, will try to prove how tough they are on budget cuts by slicing away at money that maintains Capitol infrastructure and auditing capacity.   After all, who cares if the buildings fall down, there won't be any accounting.  Yep, brave little boys and girls, except they will add more cops since they are afraid of armed constituents.  If they are serious about budgets, I have a suggestion.  End Congressional pensions!  Shut it down today.  The savings will be small this year but will increase every year thereafter and we might even get a higher class of narcissists running for office.

Congress turns budget-cutting knife on itself

More on Anonymous

Anonymous hacked HBGary Federal after HBG announced they were going to tell the world the names of the Anonymous hackers.  Ooops.  One of the items hacked from HGB revealed a plan that the Chamber of Commerce was ready to engage in--dirty tricks and cyber-attacks on anyone who said anything negative about the Chamber.  I guess the Chamber is a tad sensitive.  Needless to say the Chamber denies everything, which probably means everything is quite true.  Gee, this reminds of a country song  "Mamas don't let your children grow up to be businessmen... "

Hacked e-mails reveal plans for dirty-tricks campaign against U.S. Chamber foes

And in holy grilled cheese news--

Grab your rosary and flagellate, flagellate, Pope Razty has confirmed that Adele Brise of Champion, Wisconsin has seen the Virgin Mary, not once, not twice, but thrince!  Yep, it's gonna be holy site heavan for the burg.  Yep, in 1859 she saw....

Wisconsin site deemed 'holy' by Catholic leaders


Egypt--Tantawi Blues?

The military, commanded by Field Marshall Tantawi, will run the show for six months or until elections can be held.  Workers are out in the street demanding higher wages and better working conditions.  Tourism has not quite bounced back yet.  Hmm, they won't rescind the state-of-emergency law that Murbarak used for his 30 years of rule. Bets on elections?  How does President Tantawi sound?

Egypt's generals try to quell strikes; talks with protest organizers begin

Monday, February 14, 2011


Okay, would Jesus pack heat in church?   Did he use a .357 magnum to clear the money changers out of the Temple?  Well...

Churches wrestle with guns in the pews


I finally got around to seeing another newer film, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  It's a gas.  I enjoyed this flick.  It's like a comic book with actors.  There's a story line but the graphic effects dominate.  Is this art?  Hell no, it's just a good flick to watch at home with popcorn.   Do you remember Batman on TV?  Well,  it's akin but so, so much better.  It's funny and offbeat, so you're warned.  

Energy Drinks?

Kids are having strokes because of the their crappy diet and soda pops. Kids are being set up for lots of otherwise preventable diseases, when they become adults, because they eat their way to morbid obesity. Basically kids are being abused by their parents. Yeah it's dietary abuse. Hm, is a happy meal the same as hitting a child?

Okay, who would even think of giving a kid an energy drink? Folks do and the results can be devastating. It's just dumb, but hey, parents own their children, right?  Gee, do husbands still own their wives?  Oops we ended that some time back, now about the kids....

Report Finds Energy Drinks Risky for Kids

Egyptified Iran?

No way.  In Egypt, the power behind the throne stayed out of the fray.  They sat around in their tanks and APCs.  It was the people versus the government--more peaceful than not.  The police did try to suppress the people, they failed.  In Iran, it's the people versus everyone else in government. Unless they are willing to suffer lots of death, they will lose.  A non-theorctic Iran is a nice idea, but it's a pipe dream for the foreseeable future.

Iranian Police Fire Tear Gas at Protesters

It's just another war normal day for Afghanis

Life's gotta suck over there.  How much have we helped?

Kabul shopping mall hit by suicide attack

State budget woe

Gee, states are going to have trouble covering employee and retiree health costs.  Hmm, who made this mess?  Why the employer--state legislatures that's who.  If public sector employees had been compensated at parity with the private sector over the last 40-50 years, this problem would be no different than what exists in the private sector.  Over the decades, to avoid raising taxes, states gave other benefits in lieu of pay.  Health care was one of those in lieu ofs, especially if the benefit did not accrue until into the future.  Legislatures are very good at kicking the fiscal can down the road.   Now that the bills are coming in, the same set of liars say they can't afford it (again).

State employees, it just goes to show you, you cannot trust anyone.  If a legislator comes bearing gifts, organize a union and demand cash today.

States Aim Ax at Health Cost of Retirement

If you are a state employee, how much more would you have made if, at least, your pay had stayed apace with inflation?   With parity private sector parity too, over the last 40 years?


The Stuxnet worm took down Iran's nuclear program.  Wiki-leaks embarrassed the hell out of public and private sector hotshots.  They reacted and attacked Wili-leaks and we learned about a group of hackers called Anonymous.  Anonymous hacked the anti-Wiki folks.  Then some idiots decided to attack Anonymous, well, Anonymous hacked them first.  That hack also gave Anonymous the Stuxnet worm.  Can Anonymous use it for good or ill or is their copy of Stuxnet more a hackers trophy than much else?

Anonymous claims to have Stuxnet access

Egypt--Place your bets!

It's one way to rid yourselves of a corrupt government, but will the temporary fix become permanent?

Egypt's generals imposed martial law on Sunday, dissolving parliament and suspending the constitution, moves that many of the protesters who helped topple President Hosni Mubarak said were necessary to excise a rotten form of government.

At the end of September will it be democractic or military rule? Start your office pool today!

Nothing New Budget Cutting

Obama has his budget.  It's about $3.7 trillion.  Of course, $1.1 trillion is borrowed money.  ObamaCo's plan cuts otherwise anticipated borrowing by $100.1 billion a year.   Of course the Trogs will drool in rage, since the proposal proposes raising taxes on the more affluent.  It's going to become Grand Kabuki soon, and will remain so, until voters decide it's time to balance the books a bit--without the current set of Dems and Republicans and their hanger ons.

This mess has been created by lazy voters and crooked pols.  The voters elected the guys and gals who sold government to the highest bidders.  Why do we have such huge deficits?  Well, the money goes from taxpayers, to the Treasury, and on into corporate wallets.  How many people really work for government anyway?  We can fix the mess.  But, we have to vote every damn one of them out of office. Replace them with rational people who use facts, reason and logic,

Let  all the Bush tax cuts expire and add a couple percent of new tax on the top end.  Do cut the capital gains tax to a token 5%.  Do cut corporate taxes to say 15% but clobber every tax dodge and loophole in the damned code.  Do increase the Social Security maximum from the current $106,000 to $175,000.  Do finally bring all employees under Social Security.   Do increase payroll Medicare funding--1% on employee, 1% on employer.  Those are some simple starts that will make a major difference.

On the cut spending side, over 10 years, reduce Defense spending to what we were spending in 2000--that means we have to end both idiotic wars today and pull back our military from everywhere.  There's no reason we need to spend 7 times what the Chinese currently spend on defense.  For every other Department, well, cut it by 1.2% every year for 10 successive years which means everything besides Defense and Medicare will be stuck with Obama's budget for 10 years, better yet use last year's instead.  

Let's also end pensions for politicians.  If you are elected to office, so what.  NO PENSIONS.  Once you leave office, you leave office, period. Oh, we can give presidents a Social Security payment, but no more.  While we're at it, close down the revolving door--no lobbying until office holders and staff have been out of office for 10 years.  At the Federal level,  elective office should not be fiscally lucrative at all.   It's should not be a career option.  We would be better served if there were financial disincentives for serving more than a term or two.   States can do whatever they want.  

Congress cannot create new programs or increase spending on anything for 10 years.  If we cannot cope with that then we are in far worse shape than we imagine.  Oh, one exception--if the deficit drops to less than  $3 Trillion and we have a surplus then we can add new stuff but otherwise nothing new.

Obama to offer $3.7 trillion budget blueprint

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This sucks

0 - No Religion, No Representation

While 16% of Americans are unaffiliated with any particular religion, not a single member of Congress lists his or her religion as atheist, agnostic or "nothing in particular."

Atheists are in the same boat as the Hindus, Pietists, Anabaptists, Pentecostals, and Jehovah's Witnesses.

I predict

If you tell me your birthday, then I can make pretty good guesses about the tech stuff you own.  So can you--

Generations and Gadgets

Push-Shove, Rock-Hard Place

Our federal and state finances will drive us all crazy. Pew's research shows what most of us already know. We don't want to spend more, unless it's in certain programs, then we need to spend more. Oh, as we talk about balanced budgets and such we also want to make sure we don't cut anything either, except foreign aid. We all will go crazy, sans batshit.

Rethinking Budget Cutting


The New York Times now includes e-books in their bestsellers lists--

NYT Best Sellers

What will this year's hot topic be?

At the Federal level, there are two related items.  First it the budget and related deficit.  Second, is the impending government shutdown over the budget and the deficit if a Continuing Resolution is not passed before March 4th.   It's getting ugly and irrational as every pol figures out what to cut by looking at their donor list.

Will any pol cut Defense if it means job losses at a defense plant back home?  No.  Will any pol flip off the 65 and over crowd if they comprise the bulk of his votes?  No.  We have created this mess by inattention to whom we elect.  We keep reelecting them.  They want to be reelected.  Donors see profit in assisting them.  The joint result is the mess we have today.  This mess has been created by decades of lazy voters and sleazy pols equally in both parties.  It was easy to create but will be damned hard to get out of.

As we look at the budget and proposed cuts, all I see are about 308,000,000 oxen who all fear they will get gored if politician X has his or her way, so they turn to politician Y.  However Y is despised by those who supported X, after all he was not going to gore them.  It's a budget version of not in my backyard.  Hence little of substance will change and it will get even worse.

What can we do? What would you give up?

Obama to propose spending cuts in budget plan aimed at countering conservatives

Place your bets

In Egypt, the military has dissolved parliament and suspended the Constitution.    They will kind of be in charge until such time as elections can be held to elect other folks to take over.  Okay, what are the odds that democracy and freedom will actually be flourishing in Egypt at this time next year?  What are the odds that someone, with military backing, will, in the interest of order, law, and prevention of chaos, take over and usher in the next 30 years of Egyptian dictatorship?  It will be new and improved of course.  Oh, if it's a dictatorship, how long will it take ObamaCo to become BFF (that means buy them)?

Egypt's military rulers dissolve parliament


With the collapse of the Egyptian government, where will the people who comprise our government send people to be tortured?  Will they all be sent to Syria? If we asked Obama do you think he'd tell us?  Is this a business opportunity for the Cheneys?  Hey they could open "Cheney's Place" somewhere and do the governments's illegal work.