Saturday, March 12, 2011

How do you feel?

Where do you live?  How do you and those around you feel about life, the universe and everything else, especially work?   Where do folks feel pretty good?  Where do they feel like shit?  Check it out--

2010 Well-Being Index Findings

Cost of Health Insurance Reform

I bet there are some Californians are tickled pink over the Dems  Health Insurance Reform.  Who needs any of that Canadian type health care!  They  are delighted to pay 86% more for assuredly less in health insurance.  When will we get the industry out of health care?  Health care should not be delivered by profit centers.

Blue Shield's cumulative rate hikes could reach 86.5%

Tennesseans Defend Their Turf

Tennessee legislators won't have any truck with Sharia law in the Volunteer State.  They're going to ban it. I wonder what they will do when they notice a big Vishna display in Nashville?

Hindu deity Vishnu gets pioneering exhibit in Nashville

It's the Dork Squad, a.k.a., TSA!

They screw up when they feel you up.  They can't find hidden guns in plain sight.  They can't distinguish between safe and dangerous fluids.  I'm still waiting for their defense against butt bombs.  Hell they can't even get the porn shots right.

Guess what else they can't do?  They can't add.  Oops, math errors were made in calculating the porn-o-scan's X-ray dosage.  Yep, TSA says the machines are safe, but errors were made--1+1=3.  TSA may get a good picture, but they may have given you a good dose of radiation.  Better check, have any body parts fallen off?  Has a traveling companion recently mutated into a Brussels sprout?

This is pathetic.  Why is the government still in this business at all?  It's no one we're $14 trillion in the hole.

TSA to retest airport body scanners for radiation

Obama and 2012

Have you noticed that Obama does domestic stuff the way Bush did foreign stuff--poorly.   Want high speed rail?  Well, Obama tired and it's fared about as well as Health Care Insurance Reform.

How Flaws Undid Obama’s Hope for High-Speed Rail in Florida

Colbert on Gingrich

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Newt Gingrich Wants to Screw America
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Nonsense Time Again

Don't forget to spring forward tonight.  Daylight Savings Time is back.  It will be with us until we fall back on Nov. 6th.

Hmm,  more daylight, more time to eat, does DST cause obesity?  Write your Congressman, demand that we end daylight savings time in the name of public health.  If we quit mucking with the clocks our kids would not be mucked up butterballs.

End DST!  Do it for the children, especially all those unborn grandchildren!  Give them a svelte life!

Time to skip an hour and spring your clock forward


Here's a recipe for you

1. Locate your nuclear reactors.

2. Take one offshore 8.9 earthquake and really move things around a bit.

3.  Fold in a generous amount of  Tsunami.

4.  Raise the temperature to the exploding point

5.  Watch pressures build and  radioactivity levels go up.

Keep it all very hot.

That's how you make Japanese Chernobyl Cakes!

Explosion rocks Japanese nuclear power plant; 5 reactors in peril


Who is that Moammar Gaddafi guy? How much does the average slob in the good old numberonedom know about the dictator? Hell, what's a Libya anyway?

Five myths about Moammar Gaddafi


Gee, the owners and players in the NFL are at an impasse.  They cannot agree how to split up $9 billion a year.  The players are locked out.  The union is decertified to pursue antitrust litigation.  If there is no season, so what?  I do not understand the popularity of football or other professional sports.  It would be nice if folks paid just 10% of the time spent on sports on politics instead.  Why do people like football?  It makes little sense to me.

The only reason for sports place in our society that I've found that makes sense centers on spontaneity, i.e., the lack thereof.   Most of our lives are predictable, routine and well known, perhaps considered dull.  Nothing is spontaneous.  Hence pro sports, who knows who will win?  That  explanation, from Boorstein's "The Image", makes sense.  However I'm sure it's incomplete at best.  Why sports?

NFL lockout is now in effect; pro football enters first work stoppage since 1987

Friday, March 11, 2011

A bit of libertarianism

I have to agree with Rand Paul.  The feds have no business in the light bulb or toilet business.   To the extent the Dems keep pushing busybody nanny state type of regulation such as these,  they will lose people--voters and donors.

Toilets join light bulbs on Sen. Rand Paul's list of necessities burdened by 'busybody' rules

Maybe we ought to get rid of Dept of Energy?  Has it been cost effective?   Has it paid back to taxpayers more than all of tax money spent on DOE?  If not, why not?


The nation's full of fat kids.  They're everywhere.  Here's the question--

Should government play a major role in reducing the number of fat kids?

Oh come on.  If parents can't get their own lard off and their spawn's lard off, then maybe it is time for government to get involved.  Not in reducing obesity, but in licensing who can breed.


Okay, I say "Islam" and you think what?  Today, a large number of us will think "violent."  The more conservative you are, the more likely you are to put the two together.

Continuing Divide in Views of Islam and Violence

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Checking Michael Moore and Mike Huckabee

PolitiFact has done lots of fact-checking on Michael Moore over the years (you can see his PolitiFact report card here), so when he spoke in Madison the other day,  PolitiFact Wisconsin decided to put him to the Truth-O-Meter once again. His claim that 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all Americans combined earned a True.

PolitiFact National checked a claim by another Michael -- Huckabee -- who has been criticized for his comments about actress Natalie Portman, who is single and pregnant.  In explaining his remarks, he said,  it’s a "statistical reality that most single moms are very poor, under-educated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death." We found not much truth in that claim.

We've got several other interesting items we have published this week:
  • We checked Rick Santorum's claim that "Any child born prematurely, according to the president, in his own words, can be killed." We rated that Pants on Fire.
  • We updated our Obameter rating on President Obama's promise to close the detention center in Guantanamo Bay. We're now rating it Promise Broken.
  • PolitiFact Virginia checked a claim by Rep. Morgan Griffith that spilled milk is now regulated the same as spilled oil. They rated it "udderly absurd."

If the truth hurts, then fire the speaker if you can

I'm not a James Clapper fan, but damn the guy was correct about Libya.  In a tribal land, the guy with the most guns, most money, and effectively the biggest tribe is probably going to survive.  I think that means Qadaffi will suppress the revolt and stay in power, at least in part of Libya.  Clapper said as much.  It's not the party line so he's in political trouble.

Then he said the biggest mortal threats to the U.S. are China and Russia.  Again, he's correct.  Come on, Iran and North Korea are gnats in comparison.  And again, Clapper didn't ralph the party line, so folks are demanding he step down.  Too bad.

Intelligence chief James Clapper causes a stir with remarks on Moammar Kadafi and threats to U.S.

Willard Alert

Willard is running, not officially yet, but he's spending donated money to buy support for him from Congress.

Romney Gives Big Bucks to Freshmen, Rehberg

I'm losing track of how many ways Congresstypes can be bought and paid for?

The Nation's Debilitators, Debilitate

I'm sure the only reason GOP Senators were elected or will be reelected is over government spending.  Now they say they won't deal with anything except fiscal matters unless they get their way on spending.  This is latest version of GOP compromise and bipartisanship.

Actually it might be good for the nation.  If the Senate did nothing but continuing resolutions at today's levels, no more,  for the next six or so years, spending would go down, the deficit would come under control, and we'd begin to pay our bills all without Congress doing much at all.  Could they pass a six year CR tomorrow?

I hope the GOOPERS follow through on their threat. How many new laws do we really need?  Let's take a break from Congress for a good six years.  I do wonder what cable TV news would do though.  

Republicans Threaten Senate Blockade if Reid Doesn't Deal With Debt, Spending

Gasoline Users Take Note

A day of rage in Saudi Arabia?  Okay, how does $8 a gallon gas sound?

Saudi Police Open Fire to Break Up a Protest

There goes the team

How many players have to quit the team so that you no longer have a team and cannot play ball?  I guess Bob Gates is worried that too many players on his team have quit drinking the U.S. Kool-Aid.  After 10 years of a bullshit war, it does get a bit old.   Will Obama run on the Kool-Aid ticket in 2012?

I'm still curious about something, where are all the war protesters these days?  Did they get jobs in the Obama administration?

Gates Faults U.S. Allies on Afghan War

Lowered the bar

The Post's headline on Rep. King's hearings is--

Rep. Peter King's Muslim hearing: Plenty of drama, less substance

I watched most of the hearing yesterday.  I think they are almost 50% correct.  There was no substance at all.  As to the drama, well, it was just more of the everyday normal that passes for legislative branch government activity.

GOOPERs were being GOOPERs and Jackasses were being Jackasses.  It was obvious their thoughts were of  2012.  There was no drama.  There were no revelations.  It was a normal, scripted, committee hearing conducted by the current majority party.  It's been this way for decades.

As with almost every hearing,  it was held to help the majority, the GOP, House members get reelected.   GOP members reassured their fearful voters that it's okay to be batshit crazy.  There really are evil non-Christian Muslims living in the USA!  They spend a lot of time radicalizing their youth.  There might Jihadis in every Mosque.  And we all know there are too many mosques in America.  Party faithful know that if a Congressman says something is true, it's gotta be true.   As GOP batshit eaters were administered a  dose of self-righteousness, I'm confident it increased both donations and votes in 2012.

Slow learners

Wow.  After a couple thousand years Pope Ratzy thinks doing the "Jews for Jesus" routine is not all that cool, since he's just learned that the Jews who are alive today didn't kill Jesus.  It takes time to gather, assess, and go "oops, my bad."  Similarly over the same 2,000 years, all those good folks who were killed and did Vatican sanctioned, if not directed, killing for Christ must now be seen as wrong, because he's discovered that Jesus wasn't all that keen on violence.  Horse shit, how does that go, you can take the boy out of the country, but you cannot take the country out of the boy.  The same goes for organizations.  If Ratzy had an army...

Pope's new book: Violence never in God's name

If you don't invoke god's name then all is cool.  It's the escape clause.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Winning those hearts and minds is hard work.

NATO troops kill Karzai's cousin in botched raid, Afghans say

A NATO special operations team mistakenly killed a relative of President Hamid Karzai during a raid late Wednesday in southernAfghanistan, Afghan officials said Thursday, the latest incident in recent days to trigger an angry reaction from the president.
Yaar Mohammad Khan, 65, was fatally shot when he exited his home in the Dand district of Kandahar province as soldiers approached, the president's half brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, and other local leaders said.

Buy inland, it'll become beach front sooner than you think.

Some new research indicates the Greenland ice sheets are melting a tad faster than expected.   It now appears to be reasonable to see at least a six inch increase in sea level by 2050.  If the rate of acceleration is also accelerating, I wonder how high the seas will really go by mid-century?

Ice sheets melting faster than earlier estimates

King Hearings

As Rep. King holds his hearings on radicalizing Muslims both parties politicize the event.  GOOPERS are concerned, they have told us so whenever the mic was on.  Dems think it's all cheap political theater which misses the mark as well as infringing on something or other.    What will the outcome be for day one?  Well, all the committee members will have some good sound bites for their home district local news to run tonight.

Along the way of looking into Muslim jihadi kooks, I hope some adults get involved, will we take a peek at the more home grown violent nut jobs?  The MLK bomber is a white supremacist.   Will Rep. King have hearings?  Well, if his donors suggest it will attract voters, then yes.

Suspect Is Arrested in Spokane Bomb Case

Attention Unemployed Veterinarians

Ohio has opened new employment opportunities for you.  If you don't mind putting down people you can look for openings as an executioner.  Vets have the drug experience.   Ohio has switched from a three drug cocktail to the one drug Vets use.

Ohio executes inmate using single drug

This drug business is inane.  If states are going to kill people it should be done publicly, be open to TV coverage, and be done efficiently--the guillotine, it's cost effective and it kills without  screw-ups.  Preferably the killings should occur at either a state's capitol building or at its supreme court building.  The executioner should be the top elected official in the state.

Oil Prices

Crude went down as folks worried about the increasing prices effects on fragile economies.  Hmm talk, ears, price down 3%.  That suggests someone was listening.  Okay, gas has gone up too much.  I have an idea.  Lets make oil profiteering a capital crime.  Gouge on on oil and you will be killed.  We will also be testing the deterrence theory of crime while we're doing this.  Make it a federal crime and bring back the guillotine (it costs less and won't add to the deficit).

Oil tumbles as economists warn on high prices

Light Bulbs--Nanny State?

Is it the province of the Feds to tell us what kind of light bulbs will be made and sold?  Come January 1, 2012 the feds will require manufacturers to produce bulbs that use 25% to 30% less energy than standard incandescents, starting Jan. 1. That means, for all practical purposes, we will have the choice of CFLs. Incandescents will become history. It's being done to us, with past bipartisan support in the name of energy savings and cutting pollution.

Okay, is the kind of light bulb something our government should regulate? Should federal time and money be spent dictating what can and cannot be made and sold in the name of light bulbs?  Hm, maybe they need to ban candles too.  It's a bit excessive. I can understand the whack jobs on this one. Sometimes the market speaks quite well without any Nanny needed. I hope the damn thing is repealed.

Light bulb law faces challenge in Congress

Get the Feds out of Public Education

The Shrub gave us No Child Left Behind.  Both parties have supported it ever since in a variety of ways.   It's a nifty law, it's got a built in fear inducing "spend more on education" structures.  Oh my, 80% of our schools will be certified to suck this year.  Whatever can we do?  Oh, we spend more money and change the law a bit here and there.  Slick.

In education, I'm less worried about teacher unions and much more worried about all the other folks in the education industry complex.  They never see a classroom but receive education money.  Shut down the Dept of Education!  It was a mistake to create it.  It's been a travesty since it began.  It does more harm than good.  It's enough to make you gag and heave.  Education belongs to states and localities.

Most Public Schools May Miss Targets, Education Secretary Says

Pols and Facts

Those two things just do not go together at all.  When a pol speaks, facts, reason and logic flee elsewhere.  If a pol's mouthings are covered by cable TV newsreaders and pundits, the factless forays become established as truth.  TV folks enables vast fact free zones.

As the TV blares on, the viewer joins then joins a factless factions and does battle over "facts."  Oh, I forget to mention the print reporters, they still live in the land of facts.   If you think Gov. Christie is truthful, blunt, straight talk, then you've been reading excessive amounts of GOP fiction or listening to any of the cable news outlets.  He's a fact free pol like all of them--remember job number one is reelection.  Read a paper or three every day and keep the pols in their place.

Christie’s Talk Is Blunt, but Not Always Straight

Egyptian Brotherhood

What a difference a millennia or two make.  Back long ago Egypt was a major player in the Mediterranean Christian conference.  Then along came an expansion league led by Mohammed.  Now it's much more Islamic and much less Christian.  Of course it didn't help matters that the locals went Coptic, but that's from today's perspective.  However, some things never change.

The dominant group, those that have power, keep their power by minimizing the minority's power, possessions, and lives.  Freedom loving Egyptians?  Absolutely, to the majority of Egyptians, "Egyptian" means those people who both live in Egypt and are Islamic.  See, freedom for Egyptians.   It's kind of like Rep. King and his hearings.  In his heart he knows Americans are white Christians.  Definitions matter.  What words have you passed on to your kids?

Sectarian clashes in Egypt challenge revolutionary idealism

Why is anyone still a Catholic?

The priests are pervs.  However, they do protect their own.  As they continute to be exposed, they continue to say they're sorry and they continue to contend they will fix their mess.  How do want to fix their the mess?  They ask the faithful to pray!

Of course if the prayers go unanswered, then that must mean their god is down with the current setup.  Perv on!  This is the road to salvation?  Come on.  It just sad, very sad.  

Philly cardinal asks faithful to pray for healing

Rep. King's Hearings Today

The ass will begin his inquiry into Muslims in good old number one land.  He already knows there are too many radicals out there in this country.  I assume his manifest lack of knowledge will permeate the committee room atmosphere and establish the foundation for a Kingly evidence to buttress his already well determined conclusions.

Rep. Peter King's Muslim hearings: A key moment in an angry conversation

Will the hearings give King PR points or will they hurt him?

Wisconsin Trogs at Play in the Voters Fields of Curds

The Wisconsin Trogs copied the the budget bill, stripped out the finances and kept only the end of collective bargaining by public unions.  The Dems were not needed for passage.  It passed.  Now it's on it's way to the Assembly.  The Gov. will sign it.  See, it's not about finances or deficits.

It never was, it's always been about unions, period.   Does it matter?  Sure to voters in Wisconsin, because that is who is affected.  It's their state.  Now it's up to now to them.  Unfortunately, voters will have to remember these events all the way to the next election--Nov. 2012--to vote against the Trogs or in their support.  I guess that makes the issue moot since long term planning stretches out about three months for most folks.

It's been a class war since 1972.  The rich and their minions, serfs, and well paid thralls have been attacking working people across the nation.  Their wealth has increased every year as all other's has declined.  Before long there will be two classes--the aristocracy and the owned.   What the hell, it's a democracy (republic) so as long as no huge constitutional issue is trampled upon it's okay.  Hm, votes do matter.  Oh, the constitution can be tromped on--it's judges who make decisions within a culture--Plessy v. Ferguson, Dred Scott, etc.

Republican Wisconsin senators bypass Democrats in vote on collective bargaining

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heart and Soul of the GOP

Intense patriotism led him into adultery, a couple of times.  That is a strange defense for shabby behavior.  I wonder what he's doing to whom these days? Or has age tempered his patriotism?  Gee, the body may fail him but he may have adultery in his heart if he's still a super patriot.

Note to GOP Governors

Medicaid is health care for the poor.  It is welfare.  50-75% of state costs are paid with federal dollars.  The balance is paid with state dollars.  Yes, costs are going up.  Yes, state budgets are tight, especially since you won't raise taxes.   I have a suggestion for GOP states.  Why not end Medicaid in your states?  Cut 'em off and cut state taxes even more.  As a matter of fact why not cut off all federal health care dollars that are used to fund a variety of state programs?  You'll have to tolerate Medicare and the VA for now.  As you cut health care for the poor, you can cut taxes for the affluent even more.

Will health care law raise states' Medicaid costs?

Hey, why not get rid of public education K-12 and sell off state owned colleges and universities?  Even more tax cuts there.  The GOP can act and debase the quality of life if they have the will to fund tax cuts.  Is there nay reason elected officials should be paid?  See, more tax cuts.

Hey There Number One Fans!

Get your chant going--USA, USA!  Let's hear it for good old Number 1.  We're tops in everything.  Oops, sometimes you really don't want to be the leader--Americans More Likely To Have Bipolar Disorder Than Anybody Else In The World

Yep, we're all nucking futs!  Depressing isn't it?

Gee, It's Another Tough Slog

Wow, the Afghan war, after 10 years, is going to be a bitch this summer, Petraeus says tough summer ahead.  It's time for a change.

I think we have two options.  One option is to end the damn war.  Quit spending a dime on Afghanistan.  Leave the country--bring all troops, contractors, everybody home.  Along the way destroy all equipment we have to leave.  Turn everything into rubble.  That will save us some cash and let the military rest up for the next idiotic unneeded war.

The other option is turn it into a real war.  Bring back the draft.  We need at least one million sets of boots on the ground over there.  Then, we can fight a real deadly war.  That means kill all of the enemy.  All Taliban or affiliated folks will be--no trials, no detention, just shot on site.  We do not need any prisons over there.  If the people will not be pacified and obey, then they will be sent to enjoy a better life in heaven.   Of course we'd have to raise taxes to pay for war, let's go back to WWII levels.  

Which option do you want? Let your Congresstypes know your desires.

Religion Sucks

It does.  Too many of the faithful too often become overly frothful.  When foamy faith dominates thought people die for otherwise trivial, insignificant actions.  I was going to say "reasons," but reason and religion do not go together.  Hmm, is faith a code for "mad as a hatter?"  It might be.

In Egypt, home of revolting Arabs looking or either democracy or theocracy, a Muslim and a Christian wed.  Then families started to feud.  It went beyond the families with bombs.  Yesterday, mobbing Muslims attacked crusading Christians.  13 died, 140 were wounded.

Yep, Egypt is ready for something, I'm just not sure what.  Oh, hold it, they are as ready as any other people for whatever they want.  Come on we have Rep. King and more than our fair share of evangefundie wingnuts.

Christian-Muslim clashes in Egypt kill 13

I wonder, if we started an all volunteer, privately funded, crusade to defend Egyptian Christians, would it be a good way to rid ourselves of our crazy Christians? I hope someone gets it organized. Our red states would lose 90% of their population if we included a children's crusade component.  Sign up, Jesus wants you to go to Egypt, kill Muslims for Christ, and then go defend Israel to insure a timely End of Days .

Rep. King is an Ass

Here 'tis

For Representative Peter T. King, as he seizes the national spotlight this week with a hearing on the radicalization of American Muslims, it is the most awkward of résumé entries. Long before he became an outspoken voice in Congress about the threat from terrorism, he was a fervent supporter of a terrorist group, the Irish Republican Army.

Enough said about him and his hearings. Fear is a great politial tool, that's why terroists, like the IRA and their supporters use it.

Lawmaker Examining Terror

At least it's not the U.S. Dept of Education

Florida is mucking with its public education system.  Well, it's the elected government officials who received the majority of votes in the last few elections from  Florida's voting population who voted who are futzing it up.

That means the only folks who should be party to the contest are those who bothered to vote.  Everybody else needs to be silent,  bend themselves and their kids over and accept what comes their way.   Will it work?  Who knows.  Obviously most don't care.

It's funny, but these public education battles seem to be less and less over what and how children learn and more and more over the cares of woes of adults who use education as a surrogate for everything else they've managed to fuck up in their lives.  I wonder if all the non-classroom education employees get the same treatment as the classroom based employees?

Trog on, it's other people's kids, so who gives a rats, right?  If a lot of kids don't pass tests should school board members be removed from office and barred from being a board member for ten years?  Likewise for Principals, secretaries, etc.?  Maybe the governor should resign his office if some proportion of kids do not  pass tests?  If education is that important then why not?

In Florida, Push to Link Teacher Pay to Student Performance

Too much of a good thing?

Over exercise?  It takes a lot, but as in most aspects of life, excess tend to blow back.

When Exercise Is Too Much of a Good Thing

Want a Shutdown?

Most folks don't, from there we disagree on what to cut, how much, and whether or not taxes should be raised or cut.  We mis-governed our way into this mess and it appears we will not be able to fix it with more mis-governing.  It's pretty much the same crew in Congress who created, nurtured and sustained our national wreck.  Maybe we need to bag both parties and replace every incumbent up for reelection in 2012.  As long as parties and cash dominate our politics, we're secrewed.

Government shutdown opposed by Americans in poll faulting cuts

Whither Willard?

Willard wants to be president.  He's trying again.  After his last attempt I have a few questions.  If you are a Republican and vote  in primaries, would you vote for Willard?  If you are a Republican and don't vote in primaries would you vote for Willard if he was the GOP nominee? My guess is Willard might get the nod--he's still a candidate for all factions.  Then hard core GOOPERs would vote for him.

Dems won't vote for him, so it's up to the Indies.  Independents would you vote for Willard over Obama?  My guess is Obama wins.    Did Willard lose his credibility as flip flopped on issue after issue merely to succor praise and votes from the batshit crazy on his way from primary to primary.   If he sounded like he'd eaten batshit, eventually it's reasonable to assume he ate batshit.  Willard has eaten batshit.  Does the GOP have any batshit free candidates left?

For Romney, a different campaign but old obstacles

NPR Guy Quits

Okay, the guy bailed after being conned by James O'Keefe.  I can see him bailing after being conned and not doing any verification of who and what the folks he met with.  That's dumb.  Now, what does that say about his new employer, The Aspen Institute?  Oh, what he said about NPR funds and the Tea Party were no reason for him to leave or the Trogs to mount a crusade to defund all public media.  It's a heck of a way to find and remove the dumbbells from NPR.

NPR exec calls tea party members racist, xenophobic in secretly recorded video

But wait, there's more--

Now the head of NPR is bailing.

Who hires these people in the first place?

More Bachmann Normal

Yep, she's full of bullshit.  What's wrong with the people who elect this nutzoid?  Her district has to be a very strange place.

Michele Bachmann's 'bombshell' on a 'hidden' $105 billion

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pensions II

Something tells me that if what ObamaCo proposed had been what the Chamber now wants, then the Chamber would have objected about something else.  Let's face it, the big business types really don't want to spend a damn dime on retired former employees.  The class war has been raging for several decades, too bad the victims don't realize it.

Business fights Obama's fix for sick corporate pensions


If you are ready to rag on government employees and their defined benefit pensions because you know they will send everybody into the poor house, then think about a couple of things.  First, how much of your thinking is really bitter envy because you bought into some defined contribution bullshit from your employer and now realize you will  probably be fucked in the future.  Second, the pensions ain't gonna break anyone's bank--Why employee pensions aren't bankrupting states.

Another Sting

When will people quit shooting off their mouths to any jackass that shoves a mic in their face?  Maybe this is okay though.  How can it be a sting if what the stingee says is true?  After all, the tea party is pretty much, older white, middle class racist gun toting guys who love Jesus isn't it.  I bet if they are unemployed they might even be bitter too.  That kind of statement doesn't seem to merit ending funding for NPR.  I still contend, no Obama, no Tea Party even if everything was the same except Obama in the White House.

NPR 'appalled' by its executive's 'tea party' remarks in video

President George W. Obama

Here's a column from the RTD that has some fun with Obama and the Dems.  Enjoy.

To protect civil liberties, vote Republican

Posting Today

I'm off to stimulate the economy.  Maybe more posts later.  Enjoy!

It Will Get Interesting In Florida

The Gov. of  Florida bought his office.  He's a billionaire.  He's a teabagger type too.  The legislature is pretty much a clump of traditional Republicans.  It looks like a war is coming.  Not quite that bad, but it will be fun to watch.

Florida Republicans at Odds With Their Leader

Who's in the pocket?

If the Dems are in the pocket of big labor, then the GOOPS are in the pocket of big business.  As they argue it out and behave like elected morons, the real losers are the folks who live in Wisconsin.  Unfortunately, there, as in most places, not all of them vote in elections.  I wonder if that will change?  Of those who do bother to vote in the next election, will they remember the Dems or the GOP?  Will they be recalled as good guys or as idiots?

Wisconsin's Walker accuses Senate Democrats of blocking negotiations

Did LBJ Know About This?

Now we find out why we were in Vietnam.  Yep, we were there to protect the people's sacred turtle.  Hell, that makes more sense than that domino bullshit.   I never saw one of them when I was over there, did you?

Rescuers work to net Vietnam's sacred turtle

President George W. Obama

He's keeping the legacy alive.  I'm sure he was elected because he said he would be sure to provide 100% continuity with his predecessor's policies, practices and administration.  He's a fine Demican too!

President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who continue to pose a significant threat to national security. The administration also said it will start new military commission trials for detainees there.

Is he walking double talk or talking and double walking? If the economy didn't suck the way it does, do you think one or two of the Dems might express some displeasure with the putz?  Nah, they just want to be reelected too.

Obama creates indefinite detention system

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Peeps Time Again!

Feeling creative? Enter the 2011 Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest

Ensign is quitting

Sen. Ensign won't run for reelction.  I wonder if he consulted with the Family?  He was a great debilitator and will not be missed by one and all.  Will Sharon Angle try again?

John Ensign to retire in 2012

Pesky Little Brats

Damn they get old enough to go to college and then they want to vote too. All those brats do is vote for liberals! They can screw up an otherwise well rigged election. What ever can we do about them?

In states, parties clash over voting laws that call for IDs, limits on where college students can cast ballots

Here's another blog

Will you vote NOTA?

Muslims in America

If you are religious, if you live in the United States, and if you happen to be Mulsim, how are you feeling these days? Given Representative Peter King's Homeland Security Committee upcoming series of hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, are you looking over your shoulder a bit more than in the past?

White House Seeks to Allay Muslims’ Fears on Terror Hearings

Will the Dems Return?

Will the Wisconsin Dems, who've set up an exile shop in Illinois, return to their Senate seats and watch public union's collective bargaining right go bye-bye?  They might.  They've made their point and now the GOP has to decide if Republican anti-union actions will be remembered in the next election or not.  Ditto the Gov.  If Democrats cannot use this as a rallying point to throw the Republicans out, then they might as well just quit.  If the GOP anti-union assessment holds sway, then it's hard to argue with a population which wants to return to the good old days of serfdom.  It's just hard to imagine it being so in the land of LaFollette.

Talks to Resolve Wisconsin Battle Falter

Where's Senator Hatch?

Oh my god, drug company's blockbuster drug patents will expire soon.  Orrin the Pious a champ at adding a line here and a clause there to legislation that extends drug patents is silent.  He's been well paid in the past.  I guess he's exhausted or doesn't need the cash anymore.  Is he running for another term?

Back to the drugs, Lipitor is one example of a big drug on the generic road.  Drug companies don't have any new drugs (that people desperately need) with which they can  fleece the public.  Gee, I thought they said the drugs cost a lot because they had to pay for high development costs and to to more R&D to bring new drugs to market.  Maybe they just charged a lot and pocketed the cash.

Patent Woes Threaten Drug Firms

Good News

He may go back to being just one of the crazy guys on AM radio--

Since last August, when he summoned more than 100,000 followers to the Washington mall for the “Restoring Honor” rally, Mr. Beck has lost over a third of his audience on Fox — a greater percentage drop than other hosts at Fox. True, he fell from the great heights of the health care debate in January 2010, but there has been worrisome erosion — more than one million viewers — especially in the younger demographic.

He still has numbers that just about any cable news host would envy and, with about two million viewers a night, outdraws all his competition combined. But the erosion is significant enough that Fox News officials are willing to say — anonymously, of course; they don’t want to be identified as criticizing the talent — that they are looking at the end of his contract in December and contemplating life without Mr. Beck.

The Fading Power of Beck’s Alarms

Ooops, they kept records

One thing you can say about vile, evil types, is that they tend to write down what they do.  The Germans were most helpful after WWII.  They documented the Holocaust, death by death, horror by horror.  Now  another cache of documents that paints, fact after fact, one more chapter in man's fundamental inhumanity may be opened.  It's not more about WWII and Nazis, it's about Egypt and the U.S. government.  Since it's our government, it's about all of us too.  Remember extraordinary rendition (thank Bill Clinton for this one)?  We abducted suspects--no due process, just a guess.  We bagged 'em.  We rendered them to Egypt where Egyptians did the torture for us (we even outsource torture, but I bet CIA agents pleasurably watched the show).

Hundreds of protesters stormed the headquarters of Egypt's widely feared State Security Investigations agency in Cairo on Saturday and began sifting through thousands of potentially inflammatory documents, marking another step toward dismantling the administration of ousted President Hosni Mubarak.

State Security also collaborated with the United States on counterterrorism and was likely to have kept files on the rendition program under which terrorism suspects from around the world were relocated to Egypt by U.S. agents, Zarwan said.

On an upper floor, the protesters found a whirlpool and a gym in the luxurious quarters used by the service's officers.

State Security HQ overrun in Cairo

Civilization is hard to maintain, it's too easy to unleash the beast.


We have lots of money to help the revolutionary Arabs in Egypt as they push towards a constitutional democracy of some kind.  Of course, many of them remember, as if it was yesterday, what our aid purchased in Egypt.  Oops it was yesterday wasn't it?   When we buy despots the dumped upon do remember who enabled their demise, year after year and decade after decade.  What will be wind up supporting?  I expect our aces in D.C. will find a friendly military type concerned about establishing order in Egypt and back him.  After all, arms sales are down.

Egyptians are deeply ambivalent about help from America. State-run media have encouraged anti-foreign feelings, and most U.S. aid in the past has gone to the military, which many Egyptians have interpreted as unambivalent U.S. support for a regime that oppressed them.

Egyptians Desperate for democracy, but wary of U.S. assistance

Want to cut the deficit a bit?

If you do, then I suggest we end the Afghan War.  How many examples of a cluster fuck do we need to realize it's not a war, it's a way of spending lives and money.  Write your Congresstypes.  Some lose their lives so others can keep on making massive profits.

I don't know what comes after a racket, but this war is beyond a racket.  We're even insure that captive bad guys hang out and train more bad guys.  Damn, if there is a steady supply of bad guys then the pols who appropriate the cash will be able to be conned again into fighting a war that has little to with our defense.  This war is not the road to safety,  it's the road to poorhouse.   It's a fiscal disgrace.  It's a moral disgrace.  It's a human disgrace.

Afghan prison an insurgent breeding ground

Building a new prison does not get rid of the old one.  Not in Cuba nor in Afghanistan.   The only way to get rid of bad guys is to kill them all.  If we are trying to establish ourselves as Rome did, then we better get a bit more brutal.  Should we  stock up on crosses?  Is crucifixion a military occupation specialty?  Of course it might be a better idea to end the damn war before we wind up like Rome--invaded and dead.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is it time to tap?

Gas prices are going up, to much too fast.  Not that oil companies are above using revolting Arabs to gouge us a bit here and there, but damn, it's not good for our recovering economy at all. I'd forgotten about the strategic petroleum reserve. Is it time to tap it?

Obama Said to Consider Tapping Oil Reserves

Okay, it we do tap it, then we can refill it via a tax on millionaires.  Tax 'em for gas.


Foreign aid is what proportion of the Federal Budget?  Take a guess?   Then read--

The Fact Checker

Depending on how you view the budget, if you guessed more than 3% you are way out to lunch.

Obama and 2012

As it stands today, Obama will get my vote in 2012.  Come on, there are no progressives, populists, liberals or democrats in the GOP.  As I have mentioned before Obama will not receive any free labor from me.  He will not receive any donations either.

In the 2008 campaign he cranked up his talking machine.  The talk was good.  Those who voted for him, assumed, since he had no real experience with much that Obama would walk his talk.  Instead, I watched him amble, stroll, and dawdle along to someone else's rhetoric.  Now Obama is ramping up to talk at us again.

He will begin to talk at us for his 2012 run.  Do you believe he'll walk his talk if he wins in 2012?  I think he will win, but it will be SSDD* for four more years--actually six years, two more in this term and four in the next.  Granted his shit is far superior to anything the GOP would sling.  Can't we have a real Democrat in the White House anymore?   Or maybe its the case that no matter who wins, they all become Gerry Ford so it does not matter who wins.

Obama's 2012 reelection team gets moving

*Same Shit, Different Day


Content, to stream, over the air, cable or what

Will our entertainment be based mostly on cable/satellite distribution ten years from now?  Or will it be entertainment on demand over the Internet?  Which companies are fighting it out now?  Which will win?  Anyone want to place a bet on Netflix and the future?

As telecom industry evolves, success of Netflix is its biggest threat

Women's Rights

After 10 years,  over a gazillion tax dollars, over 1,000 dead troops, and unknown dead civilians, all our ace warmongers in charge can say is "sorry, back to the Burka?"  Kind of makes me wonder about Bush, Obama and all the other elected and appointed schmucks who have been such Afghan War zealots.  Oh, well, what did anyone expect?  To the guys in charge, I'm afraid it's just one more case of "it's just women, so who gives a shit.":

In Afghanistan, U.S. shifts strategy on women's rights as it eyes wider priorities

Book Reviews

Here are two more reviews--

Dominic Sandbrook's "Mad as Hell," on rise of populist right

Bing West's "The Wrong War," on Afghanistan strategy

Revolting Arabs

In the Arab world, revolt against the old order rages on.  Despot's dream worlds crumble under the people's demands for freedom, democracy, and such.  It's the "and such" we might need to consider.  Here's a piece to get us thinking a bit more about possible outcomes Arabic revolts.  There are other possibilities, but this is a good starting point for a bit of pondering.

Why the Mideast revolts will help al-Qaeda

One thought, despots are overthrown by revolutionaries, but democracies are built by citizens.  Does Egypt, for instance, have a sufficient base of citizens who can and will create a democratic state?  Or will the revolutionaries merely assume control?  How do you think all the Arab states rank on each?

Memory Hole

In the hi-tech age of gizmos and gadgets, what's gone down the memory hole?  Well, it just might be our memories.  How much do we retain or assume we can "look it up" as we need a bit of info?  Here's book review of interest.  I assume we all remember what books are, don't we?

Joshua Foer's 'Moonwalking With Einstein,' on the nature of memory

Unions and most of us

I have never understood why so many people appear to hate unions.   I may have read a bit more labor history than most, but so much of what we take for granted in our lives was obviously gained in good measure by unions.  The folks who despise unions had to share their wealth a bit.

The upper class has been at war with unions since 1972, they have clobbered them.  It's sad, since the middle class most of us enjoy is the joint product of unions and government.  Yeah government, back when we wanted it to be of, by and for the people in our everyday lives.  Sadly, we have been handing back our gains.  In another decade or so, life in these United States will return to the good old days before WWII.  I just hope the before where we alight is not 1854.

Here's piece on unions.  Read and argue as you are wont.

The Wisconsin union fight isn't about benefits. It's about labor's influence.

Supremes and Have You Bought Your Health Insurance Yet

The Dems created an individual  mandate in their health care reform sop to the health industry complex.  Congress bailed on the people and Obama backed 'em, there was no national health care reform, there was just health insurance changes.

Now some folks appear to foam at the mouth over the feds forcing people to  purchase health insurance.  That's odd, since the political foamers, who set the noise agenda,  get paid by the health insurance complex.  The health insurance complex should be absolutely giddy with the Dems and Obama--they have insured that insurance will be how the U.S. delivers health care for several decades--no Canadian system on the horizon for at least 40 years is my guess.

States have challenged the mandate.  Federal courts have split on the mandate.  Three courts judged the mandate legit.  Two have sent it packing.  Now it will be up to the Supremes.  Will Roberts and Robes find the mandate Constitutional or not?

Actually on this one it's pretty much up to the Troggiest of the Robes.  It's going to come down to how  Scalia votes.  As he consults with George, James, Ben and Tom on health insurance (I think he has regualr conference calls with them, he is a bit odd) will he determine that the founding fathers favor the commerce clause's use to force the purchase of health insurance or he send it into some legal netherworld?  It's a rough call.

Here's a piece to get y'all going on this issue--Why Obamacare will survive in the Supreme Court