Saturday, March 26, 2011


Have you forgotten about the Sudan and Darfur?  The Sudanese government has sponsored and participated in killings it's own people.  I think this have been going on for years and years hasn't it?   Hey, now the government is adding in another twist, starvation.  Given all the  bullshit Obama gave us over Libya, why hasn't he started another war in the Sudan.  Oh, forgot, the Sudan does not sit on 2% of the world's oil reserves.  Splitting the country in half has been a cool way to avoid facing the deaths in Darfur, since we all know that will end when partition takes effect.

Sudan preventing food, health care from reaching Darfur, aid group says

Libya and the nut in charge

Okay, NATO is taking command of the Libyan War.  Operation Odyssey Dawn is all their's!  It's no longer Obama's war, right?  If you believe that, then listen carefully, Bullshit!  Is NATO in command in Afghanistan?  Okay, moving on...

NATO reaches deal to take over Libya operation; allied planes hit ground forces

As a bonus to the No Fly Zone, Obama added a No Gadaffi Army Zone too.  Sure seems like a whole lot  of war going on.  When will our government sponsored merchants of death be allowed to arm the revolting Libyans?  Oh, they have no money, so Uncle Sam will pay for the guns.  Bought your stock in Guns R Us yet?

After guns come boots.  Will we send boots into the desert?  Yeah, but to prevent a potential 2012 campaign problem, our troops will be all civilian and all merc.   I bet there are already Americans on the ground in Libya, and I don't mean the press, tourists, or diplomats.

Oh, don't forget 40 cents of every dollar spent on Obama's third war is borrowed.


Energy--Gas Fracks

I think the guy is a bit too self serving for his industry's profits--

An all-out push for domestic oil and natural gas production could create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and provide much-needed fiscal relief to budget-pinched states, the head of an energy trade group said Thursday.

The shill is right about energy though. If we pushed to create massive amounts of cheap, super abundant energy, our economy would more than recover, it would boom.   Can't we find a better way  to produce electricity than drilling holes in the ground?

Gas and fracking, for example,  may cause more expensive problems down the road--like no drinking water left at all.   The energy industry promotes traditional sources and their profits at everyone else's expense.  It's another case of private profit with the public taking the risks.   Good idea, but wrong technology.   Too bad we've become so dependent on federal dollars no one will put their own capital at risk.  Life on the pad is really going to suck much worse sooner than we expect.

Japan, The Nukes Are Still Hot

I cannot help but wonder how much of the nuke plant disaster will wind up being attributed to failure to spend money on safety.  I'm sure the Japanese government accommodated the Tokyo Electric Power Company's requests along the way.  Granted it was a twofer--quake and tsunami--but.  It's that "but" that eventually surfaces and it's usually a nasty bit of collusion between business and government.

At any rate, the nukes are still very radioactive and not under control.  Water from the plants have caused burns.  The salts in the salt water may have crusted over the fuel rods.  Salt water may not have been that great an idea.  Now runoff water is a concern as the evacuation zone expands from 12 miles to 19 miles.  It's still quite dangerous.

Japan urges more evacuations as fears grow about reactor leak


It's really a war, and it's really all Obama's.

West Wing briefing: White House avoids ‘war’ and plays down Obama role in Libya

Friday, March 25, 2011

What is Job Number One?

Oh, I'm asking about #1 for  Obama, your Representative and your Senator, what is their job #1?  We all know the answer to that one, it's getting reelected.  Not much else matters to an elected putz other than  keeping their job.  The  perks are worth it.  To get elected requires lots of money to buy TV and radio ads.  So, job #2 is fund raising.  I guess governing is number 3 at best.

Over the years  I've wondered why so many pols appear to like sports.  When they are on the boob tube, they do mention a variety of games.  Now I can see why they are drawn to sports.  They could care less about the games, but are very keen on using them to pursue job #2.  Yep, pols only appear to be sports fans.  They are, however,  money fans.

Congress has devised its own form of March Madness, using the NCAA men's basketball tournament and other spring sports events as popular fundraisers.

This weekend and over the next few weeks lawmakers will host donors at a Sweet 16 basketball doubleheader, at baseball's spring training and Opening Day games, and at pro hockey and basketball games.

Price of admission: Often $1,000 and up.

Ethics watchdogs say such events give lobbyists lengthy access to lawmakers and a chance to bond in an informal, entertaining setting that other citizens can't match. Lobbyists counter that they're just doing their jobs, the fundraisers are legal and contributions fully disclosed, and they get to know legislators in a casual setting.

Saturday Mail

Are you ready for the Post Office to abandon Saturday delivery? The USPS made a case for ending Saturday delivery to save oodles of money. Turns out they lied, the savings don't even add up to a full oodle.

The USPS is going to run in the red under current rules. Should we return it totally to government operation and with full tax subsidization, keep it as it is with some tax help, or amend the Constitution and disband it?

Oh, as we debate the USPS, expect all the problems, as addressed by the GOP,  to be laid at  the feet of the  employees.  After all, if the mailman was not paid, the Post Office would be in the black and stamps might cost only 2 cents.  Hmm, the GOP may tend towards servitude and slavery, but that's another issue.  Labor costs are always the biggest part of government, it's not labor that is the problem. Government and the private sector are not the same kind of beast.  Who made the rules?

Five-day mail service wouldn't save much money after all

How Dumb Are We?

Okay, How Dumb are We?

As it turns out, we're about as dumb as we've always been.  Here's a quiz that gives you an idea of what we know and don't know about our political life.

Take the Quiz: What We Don't Know

The question is, can we afford to enjoy this level of ignorance in our very global world and keep our liberty, our freedom, our democracy?

Now consider How to Get Smart Again.


Here's an opinion piece on how we're wrecking public education in the name of saving it.  Ravitch used to be a mainstream education team member.  Something happened along the way, she saw the carnage being wrought.  She changed.  Will others?  I hope so or we will have a two class system locked in for a very long time.

Obama’s War on Schools

I think we should get the Feds out of education period. It's a state and local matter. A good starting point is to abolish and disband the Dept of Ed.

LIbya and the nut in charge

The U.S. has been pullng a quarter shock and awe on Libya.  The UN mandate didn't permit a full S&A.  Obama, being a multilateralist conforms to the mandate.  Funny how it remains a unilateral show.  At any rate, it has to mystify him and his rather bellicose staff why Qadaffi has not fallen.   The revolting Libyans have not dominated much of anything except Benghazi.  Many Libyans still admire and support their leader.  This has to really bug our powerful folks, how can this entail more than a government office?

Qadaffi hangs on, and will hang on because Libya is tribes.  Why Benghazi?  Well, it was a separate area, politically and tribally until into the 1920s or so.  Qadaffi is not of that area's tribes.   After some interesting BS a Post piece gets to the point at it' end--

... the powerful tribal structure that forms the backbone of the government has remained behind Gaddafi, despite initial reports in the early days of the uprising that powerful tribal leaders had defected. Gaddafi has apparently been helped in this regard by making good on a pledge to distribute weapons.

“There are two kinds of people: those who believe in the regime itself and just don’t care too much about freedom, and then there is the tribal structure, which is behind him,” he said. “The support of the tribes goes beyond Gaddafi to his tribe, and to their relationship with his tribe, which predates Gaddafi. It’s nothing to do with Gaddafi.”

To some in Libya, ‘Brother Leader’ Gaddafi still a hero

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Polls and Political Strategy?

If polls can provide election ideas that will help the Dems, then the Dems should start screaming about how to put our fiscal affairs in order.  They should demand that we cut spending and raise taxes.  As they do so, they will have to ignore the Trogs totally--don't talk to them at all.  All Trogs do is chant "Tax Cuts, Tax Cuts."  If the Dems do this they will will be receive the Democratic vote, the Independent vote, and about half of the GOP vote.

Poll: Deficit best closed by cuts and taxes


Genetically engineered crops are all the rage.  They are very, very profitable.  However, if you eat them, your left foot might fall off.  It you are afraid of GE crops you can eat organically grown crops instead.  Oops, the GE crops grown near organic fields may modify the organics.  Now you can  lose your right foot too.

There's been a battle raging between the Ag Industry and organic growers.  Guess who's losing?  Well, it's not Monsanto.  Obviously the organic crowd has not been able to purchase a sufficient number of elected officials to redress their grievances.  Say good bye to domestically grown organics.  Yep, it's government of, by, for the people, that is, those people who can afford to own officials in the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court.  What is it we're number one at?

Genetically modified crops get boost over organics with recent USDA rulings

Libya, it's a war for sure

How do we know it's really a war?  Planes, bombs and missiles help, but what really makes it a modern war, is when we are warned about an ensuing "humanitarian crisis. "  The crisis, we are told, is on the way, but the aid crowd is ready.

At times like the MIC, I think we must have a humanitarian aid industry complex.  I wonder how much the aid costs us?   Is aid contingent upon having a war?  If there was no war, would there be no aid?  Maybe the humanitarian aid folks are the ones who keep us at war?

How many people work in this industry?  How many of their incomes depend, directly or indirectly, upon federal tax dollars? The war is financed on credit--40 cents of every dollar is borrowed.  Guess what, the aid is too, we borrow to pay for all the humanitarian aid we provide.  Funny way to run a war much less a government.

Fears grow of humanitarian crisis in besieged Libyan city

Japan Nuke Disaster & Government Failure

I've been waiting for this, it's kinda the other shoe dropping--

Japanese nuclear plant’s safety analysts brushed off risk of tsunami

A Japanese government agency that spent several years evaluating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant declared the facility safe after dismissing concerns from a member of its own expert panel that a tsunami could jeopardize its reactors.

But in the discussion about Daiichi, Okamura was rebuffed by an executive from the Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the plant, because the utility and the government believed that earthquakes posed a greater threat.

That conclusion left Daiichi vulnerable to what unfolded on March 11, when a 9.0-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan’s northeast coast. Experts now say that Daiichi, as designed, withstood the quake. It was the ensuing tsunami, with waves more than 20 feet high, that knocked out the facility’s critical backup power supply and triggered a nuclear emergency, resulting in widespread releases of radiation.

I guess all we can do is trust government to act in this manner. When corporate interests mesh with political, I'm afraid profit indirectly becomes what government's govern for. As we listen to assessments of our aging reactors, it's going to be a stretch to believe anyone from the companies that own the plants or the government regulators owned by the same companies. It's getting old. Hope y'all live quite a ways from the day-glo generating machines.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lard and Safety

Do you ever read those elevator capacity notices that are posted somewhere on a car wall?  They say stuff like this car can carry 22 people.  As we become a nation of lard butts have the elevator folks reduced the number of people permitted in a car at one time.  They better because we have moved from fat to obese to "oh my god we're whales?"  I hope they do, otherwise, one of these days, the last one who waddles on may send the car plummeting down the shaft into a giant splat of fat.  How about buses?  Planes?  Boats?

Overweight Americans throwing off safety standards


Detroit is shrinking.  Other cities are too.  Where did all the people move to?   If, where I live now lost a person every 22 minutes, in six months the county would be empty.  The last time I was in Detroit Cobo Hall had been open for just a year or two.  What a difference an industry makes.  Can cities like Detroit find a future?  In what, other than the public dole?

Motor City population declines 25%

Supremes Screw Up

Roberts and the Robes must have picked up the wrong fake book when they played a couple of tunes.  Business lost two cases.  Of course the decisions were very narrow in scope and not anti-business  precedent setters.   I guess everybody has an off day, except Thomas, he's always off, way off.

Supreme Court sides with investors, workers in two business-related cases

Religious Liberty or Pandering?

If an American Indian teacher had been on the job for nine months in Arizona and requested three weeks off in December for religious reasons, would the school district let the person go on vacation to visit the sacred grounds or whatever it is in their religion?  If the district told the American Indian "no way," would the U.S. Justice Department come to the person's defense claiming the person's civil rights had been violated?  I think most of us would be inclined to think the DOJ would not even cross the Potomac River on this one.

Okay, now change the locale to Illinois, make it a Muslim math teacher, and make it a pilgrimage to Mecca.   Now about the DOJ, would they show up in court to protect the person's religious liberty at the expense of the employer.  Before you even think "no way," give it a read--

Pandering or Not?

Vacation Health Rules

If you visit Tokyo, don't drink the water.  If you do, you won't get the Tokyo trots, no, you'll just start glowing like a Toyota dashboard at night.   Also, don't drink the milk or eat eat the broccoli, cabbage, turnips, parsley, spinach or other green leaf vegetables.  What will they do when rice can be used to power a nuclear reactor?  Yeah, tech bites back.

Japan issues radiation warning on tap water and vegetables

Obama and Bush

I picked up a bit of Obama bashing on the Tube.  FOX and the GOP are having a field day with Obama.  He's on vacation when going to war.  He's more interested in basketball than doing his job.  There's a lot more.  Of course Dems are getting a bit testy over the GOP's attacks on their Mr. Cool.  It's funny how short their memories are, when Bush was in office, the Dems had a field day bashing him in exactly the same manner.  I swear the GOP, lacking creativity, merely changed "Bush" to "Obama" and read  Democratic scripts from 2000-2008.  Actually, the pols all remember quite will, it's their normal.  I'm tried of both parties normal, it's all 100% bullshit.  Are you tired?  If so, then how about having some fun-- NOTAVoter?

Trump in 2012

How about the Donald for Prez?  Here's one booster's take--

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Back in Black - Trump 2012
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogThe Daily Show on Facebook

Libya--Change of Command?

Let's see, Obama's making the No Fly Zone to make somebody free, spread liberty chips or some bullshit like that.  Hell, it's even got a name--Odyssey Dawn.  Huh?  What that hell that means beats me.  We're in the lead, but Obama's assured us he will turn the show over to someone else.  Who?  Oh, NATO.  Note we are a member of NATO too.  Funny how the Arab states are as vastly under-present as the European states are abundant.  It's almost like a horror film, "Revenge of the Deposed Colonialists."  I think it was a Zombie flick.   I'm still working on the saving lives, didn't we used to save villages through total destruction.  Wow, it's got a religious foundation too--we saved lots of souls by burning their bodies at the stake after torturing them into a purified existence.

U.S. appears to be closer to turning over command of Libya operation


Please note, we still don't quite know why Obama took us into a third war, much less what the mission really is.  I'm not sure how life is defined, as in we're saving civilian lives, but that is what is claimed.  I think we have used lots of cruise missiles and destroyed a lot of structures and made piles of rubble.  I think Qadaffi is still in power and his troops are engaging their enemy.  How will a No Fly Zone deter artillery,  tanks, and infantry from obliterating the rebels?

Allied strikes pummel Libya’s air force but do little to stop attacks on civilians

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Good To Pass Up

The Trogs are hard at work--

Top 6 things Republicans consider more important than job creation

What's Next, A No Qadaffi Zone?

We, under commaderator in chief, Obama, blew the crap out of a third world shitholes air defense system.  We're very adept at taking war to the little guy--then we boast about how superiority of our military.  It's always rung very hollow.

Qadaffi has tanks, artillery, and troops.  The rebels have AK-47s.   Qadaffi can attack them on the ground, no planes needed.  Will the UN, will the commanderator, decide to take the next logical step--ground war in Libya.  We will step ashore, kill Qadaffi's troops to save lives.  This military logic gets warped beyond it's normal loopiness.

Defiant Gaddafi forces go on the offensive

I sure hoped for this kind of change, didn't you?

Good Idea

Dennis Kucinich pointed out that Obama's war on Linba is an impeachable offense.   Today he has another good idea--Defund Libya attack


Here's a good question--

A new uncertainty in Libya operation: Who's in charge?

Them Dems, Them Dems

All pols are lying dogs as well as being indistinguishable from streetwalkers, that's a bi-partisan assessment.  The Dems are blowing big chunks our way on their Health Insurance Reform law.  Hey, I know they call it the Affordable Health Care Act, but it will always be about Health Insurance--it guarantees the insurance model for decades to come.  At any rate, after one year, we need waders to make it through their self praising puckey.  Here's a tidy review.

Gifts of bogus statistics for the health-care law’s birthday


On women's rights, how's it going these days, especially in religion?  Well, let's put it this way, baby, you’ve still got a long way to go to full equality.

100 years of International Women’s Day doesn’t mean women have achieved equality

The book, "When Women Were Priests" sounds of interest.

Libya II

I have a nasty feeling that all the No Fly Zone (NFZ) action that sure does resemble a war will have one effect.  It will insure that Qadaffi remains in power for many more years.  If his health holds out, he and his sons could run the place for another 40 years.  Oops I feel a bit of mission creep coming on, the NFZ will soon develop a regime change component.   Will we change the mission or remain in Libya for 40 years?


As I write this and as you subsequently read this, how many bits of technology have we assumed would always just be there?  What happens when they disappear?  The disaster in Japan can give us some insight into our relationship with technology.   Have you ever thought about how you would you live without electricity?

In Ishinomaki, news comes old-fashioned way: Via paper

Be careful what you ask for

The feds, responding to crazy anti-immingrant fools across the land are going to establish an identity system.  Fear is a wonderful tool that's always in the political toolbox.  Today we'll block a few illegals from getting a job or opening a bank account.  Tomorrow, well, it's funny how these kind of things usually wind up taking a piece out of our asses.  Like what liberty you have left?  If so, then say goodbye to it, as E-Verify takes hold we will all have to carry identity papers.  I wonder what we'll wind up calling the thing?  Suggestions?  How about Protecting Immigration Standards System?  Other suggestions?

U.S. may strengthen identity verification system for workers

McCaskill: Fire Her? Censure Her?

It's funny how our Congress types have trouble paying taxes.  I know I lost track of  my private plane too.  I bet you forgot about yours.  It's not our fault, we're just like Claire, we forgot to pay $275,000 on our planes.  Come on.

She's just another sleaze-ball.  She's up for reelection so we will find out in Nov. 2012 if she if voters see her as a beloved slime-wad or send her packing.  My money is on the slime.

Claire McCaskill admits to $287,000 in unpaid taxes on private plane


The war hawkers are in print and on the air.  Libya is not a war.  It's protection.  It's enabling.   It's action to prevent genocide.   Genocide?  How do I know that?  Oh the ever so honest dictator of Libya said he was going to kill all the rebels.  With truth like that, what can you say?  Oh, that easy, bullshit!  It's a war.  War number three and the mission creep has begun before anyone really knows what the existing mission is.   Oh, forgot the U.S. is not in charge, we just happen to supply all the planes, ships, and bombs.

U.S. jet crashes in Libya, pilots survive, as Gaddafi’s forces dig in

By the end of the year instead of borrowing 40 cents of every dollar our government spends we'll be borrowing 55 cents.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blood Money Update

Do you remember Raymond Davis?  He's the guy who killed some Pakistanis whom ObamaCo then tried to play a diplomatic immunity card for.  That didn't work to well, so they tried calling him a CIA ace but that gambit turned to shit when we learned the guy's really a merc, a hired thug employed by the CIA.  He settled his case, blood money was paid, but of course no one is owning up to the payments.  Now, it turns out that U.S. green cards may have been part of the deal too.  Sleazy, very sleazy.  Did you vote for Obama?  Why?  Will you really vote for him in 2012?

Apparently, “Blood Money” Now Includes “Green Cards”

Go for it Dennis!

Obama's Libya Attack An Impeachable Offense

Non Governable Governments

When Obama was elected, the U.S. Senate Republicans led us to new lows of not getting anything done.  We finally became a fully non-governable nation.  When the Dems are in the same position as today's GOP we can expect them to behave like GOOPERS but even more so.  Sadly the national experience has been learned at the state level.  They too are becoming ungovernable--

Indiana Republicans at a loss without Democrats

It's time for new people and no parties.

And in other dictatorships

In Yemen the Dictator, of course he's our Dictator, killed scores of his own people.  No one has asked for a No Fly Zone. Needless to say, Obama and Clinton are concerned.

Here's a couple of accoounts--

Yemen declares 'state of emergency'

Top army commanders defect in Yemen

It's pretty much a ditto in Syria.  The dictator kills his people.  Obama is concerned.  Nary a No Fly Zone has been requested.

Middle East unrest: Three killed at protest in Syria

And in Bahrain, one dictator has come to help the dictato.  The Saudis, Sunnis, are very concerned that Iran may be leading the locals Shiites to revolt.  Net result, the dictators kill their own people and all are silent about No Fly Zones.  Obama is concerned.

Saudi Shi'ite protests simmer as Bahrain conflict rages

Defense Audits: Only the best, kinda, sorta, maybe

If you don't keep track of what you are buying, how much you are paying for stuff, and the quality of the work done for you, then don't be suprized if the contractor slips some shit into the cans of Shinola.  You won't notice because you can no longer distinguish between the two.  Yep, $41 billion in contracts and who knows what we've bought for how much.  I wonder if anyone has told the GOP about this, it seems like an area to save lots of money and decrease the future tax burden on all those unborn grandchildren.

Report criticizes defense agency’s auditing


The Army runs Arlington.  The Army runs our wars.  The Army cares for able bodied cannon fodder.  If you were able bodied but were injured, they will try to repair you.  If they cannot repair you, you  will be cast aside and be sent to the dismal part of Walter Reed and on to the VA to fend for yourself.

Remember is it able bodied that matters.  Oh, what happens if you happen to die?  You  might be able to be buried at Arlington.  Of course, once you are planted, the Army will lose track of where your grave is located.  Oh, if you didn't die today, but decided to make a future reservation because you qualify as a mangled medal winning troop, it's going to be about the same when you do die--FUBAR.  No one quote knows who can be buried where.  It's a god damned Abbot and Costello comedy routine--"who's under first?"  Oh, don't forget these are the same folks who manage our three wars.

Arlington Cemetery struggles with old reservations

Abu Gharib II

The Army hires guys to be all they can be.  They send them into war again and again.  The boys become all they ever wanted to be.  Sometimes what some want to be is pretty damned sick. When that occurs, the military trys to cover up their products.  Remember Abu Ghraib?

The photos got out and the rest became history.  That was Iraq.  Now it's Afghanistan.  Now it's pics of troops murdering Afghans and then messing around with the bodies.  Yep, sick.  The brass managed to get a court order prohibiting public release.  Oops,  they forgot not all of the world's press can be controlled by the Pentaon and the White House.   "Der Spiegel" has published a couple of shots.  There are more, as many as 4,000?  Here's one article on the debacle.

Der Spiegel publishes photos of U.S. soldiers posing with dead Afghan civilian

Here's some additional info--US soldiers posed with dead Afghan

Obama and 2012

Obama has led the nation into a third war.  It this the change you hoped for?  In past posts, I have indicated I will not donate a dime to him.  I will not work on his campaign as I did in 2008.  However, I said I would vote for him.  Now, I'm afraid that vote just disappeared too.  I know there will not be a decent Republican alternative, so my vote will be a useless write in protest vote.  I will vote for NOTA--None of the Above.   No matter how this war goes, it could end today, my vote is gone forever.

The prominent role played by the United States in carrying out and commanding the initial coalition attacks on Libya appeared to extend far beyond President Obama’s description of a narrow mission in which U.S. forces would play only a supporting part.

Obama's Brand New War

Obama, despite all the bullshit about this being a UN action and this being an Arab led mess has opened a third U.S. war.   This war uses our technology, planes and guns.  It's staffed by U.S. mercs and military personnel, a few Europeans to make it look coalitionish, two Arab cheerleaders and a goat.

With a mandate and the War Powers Act Obama has opened Afghanistan II.  It's odd how the GOP cannot even back the guy on war.  They like war but despise Obama.  So they cheer on the action while carping about not knowing the mission goals.  I guess that is not all that odd after all.  It reminds me of the Dems back in the Bush days.  They endorsed both wars, but then complained about insufficient details.  We went to war and are still in those two idiotic wars.  Today we're added one more idiotic war.

To save lives, the UN endorsed the No Fly Zone.  To establish the NFZ we have blown the crap out of missile and radar sites.  Now we have blown the crap out of one of Qadaddi's compounds--he might have been there and he could have issued an order to fly, so it's okay.  We have also blown the crap out of ground troops since they could really be techs on the way to repair the missile sites.  Again that makes it all kosher. In war anything goes.

I guess anyone who was killed by all the bombs actually intended to commit suicide. They knew the UN was going to bomb them.  They hung around.  They tried to catch the bombs.  That is suicide.   See, no combat losses, just suicides by war.  The NFZ saves lives?

What's will we do when we route Qadaffi as successfully as routed the Taliban?  Oh that's a no brainer, in 2031 we'll be in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  Bets on when we send in troops?

U.S. jets strike Gaddafi’s forces; coalition continues hitting Libyan air defenses

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dana Milbank

I enjoyed this piece on NPR, the GOP and budget cuts.

The NPR ‘emergency’

So much for protecting all those unborn tax paying grandchildren.


If you think you don't like unions, you  might want to read this piece.  It's a bit of labor history.  If you don't understand why unions ever came to be, then likewise.  It's taken time to build the body of labor law that we have today.  Sadly, those laws have been under assault for some time.

We're people.  We have not learned any lessons about how to treat each other at all.  We have learned one lesson though, even if we don't stick to it all the time.  We have learned the rule of law is pretty damn good.

Despite the law, we're the same beast we've always been.  We made a few laws, rules and regs.  If we allow rules to be taken back, or regs to be re-written, or laws repealed then expect labor  history to be repeated.   Of course if you have always wanted to own a sweatshop, there's nothing we can do about you.  However the rest of us can organize, organize, organize.

What the Triangle Shirtwaist fire means for workers now

Gee another ally that's pissed

The Arab League, no-fly zone boosters yesterday, have decided the non-Arab produced no-fly zone is not quite what they envisioned.  Gee, one day into the "war" and Obama and Company have already lost the Arabs.  Well, they are fickle, they haven't figured out if it's a win for Sunnis or Shiites.   When one requests that swords be rattled one should not be upset at the noise they make.

Arab League condemns broad bombing campaign in Libya

Dictators and bombs away

It's okay to bomb Libya because the UN has indicated it's okay with them.  Wow, all our pols always listen to the UN, don't they?  Qadaffi is a bad mother.  I guess it's taken the UN 40 years to figure out the guy is a nasty bit of work.  What about all the other vile, loathsome Arab rulers in the world?

How about Yemen?  Can't we spare a dozen missiles there?  Couldn't  we flyover Bahrain and drop a few 500 pound bombs?  I guess it must be a difference in freedom loving people.  Why Libya?  Oh, the people there are now our freedom loving peoples.  Whereas, the dictators ruling Yemen and Bahrain are still remain our dictators; their people are not quite the right kind of freedom lovers.

Libya, Bush and Obama

As I listened to all the bullshit about no-fly zones, Libya, dictators, freedom loving people's and such that culminated in a U.S. air strike on Libya, I was amazed at the lack of protest.  No one stood up and said "NO!"   If they did, they certainly didn't get any TV coverage.

If all that was said and done had been said and done by George Bush, there would have been all kinds of screaming and shouting.  The acts, logic and results are about the same for both of these presidents.  I must conclude that the war protests, when Bush was in office,  had little to do with opposition to war per se, and much much more to do with the opposition to the party in power.

The war protests against Bush's wars must have been organized by the Democratic National Committee at the request of the Military Industrial Complex.  We all know that the GOP loves war.  The GOP backs all wars and rally around all military budget requests.  The GOP loves spilt blood.  However, the Democrats are a bit pickier about war.

Democrats love wars only when a Democrat occupies the White House.  Today, since Obama is a Democrat and in the White House, all Democrats join with the GOP in championing our national blood sport of war.

The MIC has noted this, in other words, war is fine as long as the CEO is a Democrat.  Expect the MIC to back Obama in 2012 and Democrats in 2016, 2020, 2024...  War on America!  When it comes to war, do votes really matter?


By now we all know that the U.S. hit Libya with 100 cruise missiles.   Of course, no ground troops are intended to be committed.  Want to make a bet about how long it takes for a pair of boots to stand on Libyan soil, do watch for very creative definitions of "ground troops."

Bless my striped pants, it's a UN thing--Iraq was too--that makes it all good, noble and crap like that.  Hey, we have another genuine mandate, so bombs away.   Oh, Obama can commit our forces because of that damned War Powers Act.  This is an error.  We do not need any more wars.  If folks want to take on Qadaffi, then volunteer and go fight the good fight without the U.S. military.  Arabs will of course get preferential admission.

However, if we persist in this new mess, then we need to bring back the draft and impose a massive war tax.  Three wars! Amazing!

U.S. strikes on Gaddafi’s forces in Libya from sea and air