Saturday, April 2, 2011

Arizona is a strange place

Medicaid is health insurance for the poor.  You have to fall at the poverty level or lower to get a policy.  Medicaid serves mostly children, pregnant women and the disabled.  There aren't many males over 21 on Medicaid until they hit about 50.  It's a very expensive way to deliver health care.

Arizona has a new plan, they will make the poor pay for it.  They will fine sick poor people.  I'll grant you, if a poor person still smokes, making them pay a bit here and there might make them quit smoking, but I doubt it.

Arizona Asks to Set Fines for Health Risks

Given the amount of money Medicaid spends on pregnancies, we'd be better off if we gave more money to agencies like Planned Parenthood, not less.  Fewer pregnancies means a lot tax dollar savings.  I think for every dollar we spent on planning pregnancies, we'd probably save $10 in health care costs and that doesn't count the savings on then unneeded abortions.  Planned Parenthood should be the pet program of Republicans.  

GOP Money Race

If fund raising was voting, then we'd be looking at Michelle Bachmann as the GOOPER nominee.  She raked in more cash than Willard.

Michele Bachmann collects $2 million in first fundraising quarter

Continuing The National Lard Begone Festival

I don't get it.  When I was a kid we didn't have copious amount of nutritional information on food labels.  Come on all the can of corn told me about was what was in the can.  Now we have food info.  Pretty soon, if food is served in any way, any place at any time, a label will be federally required. Surely this has to be a 10th Amendment issue.

I can't wait to be served a huge plate of spaghetti  and meatballs.  Yep, it will be served under a huge nutrition label.  I hope it's made of edible paper so I'll know what I'm eating.  Oregano flavored would be nice.  If it's not edible, then  the backside of those 8" x 11" labels draped over the pasta will become covered with rich marinara sauce and will be a bit messy.  God, I see a new restaurant occupation--food label servers.   Actually they'll be collectors, but servers sounds nicer.

A big concern is calories.  After all, if we eat more calories than we need, they hang around as lard.  It's like a nutritional rainy day savings account.   We are blessed with savings.  How much lard potential does that Grand Canyon sized tub of buttered popcorn I buy at the movies contain?  Oh, I won't know about that one, theaters will be exempt.

Oh, yeah, what don't I get? Look back in the pre-label days, we were not a nation of rolly-polly assholes. We were still assholes, but more of the svelte type of asshole.  Oh, my!  That's it!  Nutrition labels cause obesity. It's not my fault, the label made we eat that entire case of Twinkies.  We better think about the proposed labels.  If we add more labels we will get lardier.  Can our mass tilt the earth?  

FDA proposal would require chain restaurants to display calorie information

March Madness 2011

The final match is on.  Lady Gaga did not make it into the final game!  I was sure Gaga's fug would win out.  Who's in the final round?

Fug Madness 2011: Final Game Preview

I was sure the meat dress would carry Gaga all the way. Oh, well.

Obama's War Number One

The crazy guy who was going to host burn a Koran day with a bonfire of Islamic bibles last Fall got around to buring a book on March 20th.

Quran burned at Rev. Terry Jones' tiny church

It takes a bit of time for electrons to carry the news from Florida all the way to Kandahar. The news of their bible being burned arrived. The news upset some of the locals. Needless to say, our bad guys, the Taliban, have assisted the pissed off peasants in public display of their concerns. They are a tad revolting and are protesting in the streets.

Taliban attack NATO base in Kabul; Koran protests spread

Obama's War Number Three

It's already deju vu Iraq.  Remember we were going to get in, fix the mess, and get out.  Hell, we were going to pay for it all with their oil.  I swear Dork Cheney even said we'd make a profit.  Needless to say, that didn't work.  What did the Shrub do that he called planning.  I bet in involved a Crazy 8 ball.  We're still in Iraq.  Obama opened our third war.

We blew the crap out of stuff.  If anyone died, it's okay.  It's a humanitarian non-war, war.  Air power can deliver a bodacious amount of destruction.  We were going to see that rat bastard Qadaffi do down--fast.  Well, it hasn't gone quite as planned.  What are we looking at now? How about a stalemate?  Yep, East Libya and West Libya.  Guess who'll patrol the border and keep on trying to establish a new Libya with freedoms, democracies and loads of free liberty chips?  Yep, we will.  Why do we keep electing war dorks?  Guesses on the annual cost of Obama's Libyan fiasco?

Stalemate in Libya increasingly viewed as a likely outcome

Japan Nuke Screw Up Continues

And in the center ring we have the clowns.  Government officials!  Tepco officials!  But nary a glowing worker.  The workers are all at Fukushima site.  The clowns provide laughter as they imitate explosions!  Everyone chuckled at their ability to find humor in mis-information. The audience roared as the clowns tried to fill a tub with water (it had an eight inch crack in it). How do these clowns find their routines?  Oh, that's easy, they just read the foreign press reports.

Hydrogen gas is still a problem.  If it accumulates.  It blows it will be far worse than today.  As the workers hired by the clowns try to shut it all down, they have a new problem.  A 20 centimeter crack has appeared.  Water now leaks into the sea.  Tepco struggles.  The government founders.  The workers will soon glow and die.  The rest of us will find a new delicacy from the sea--frankenfish.

Radioactive water from Japan plant found leaking into sea

Friday, April 1, 2011

Libertarians Take Note

This should be an inspiration to anyone who is concerned about Big Brother's intrusion on our lives.  

Bowl victory: Oak Ridge man cleared in planter tiff

Japan Nuke Screw Up Continues

If we had a nuke disaster such as Japan has had, do you think our government, regulatory agencies and the power company involved would behave better, the same or worse?  I'm of the mind we be worse off since voters, from 1980 on, have elected and reelected Reps. and Sens., in both parties, who have sold our government to the highest bidder for campaign funds.

The radioactivity is getting worse.  It almost seems as though officials are taking an approach of "if you can't see it, it can't hurt you."

Japan pressed to expand evacuation zone; new safety questions for workers at plant

The Tillman Story

Have you seen "The Tillman Story" yet?  It's a 2010 documentary by Amir Bar-Lev on the life and death of Pat Tillman.   Pat Tillman was a football player, a very good player.  He quit ball and went to war.   He served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He died in Afghanistan.

Government officials turned Pat Tillman into a hero.  We were told he died taking the battle to the Taliban.  He was given the Silver Star posthumously.   He was lauded from coast to coast.  However, our government lied about the way he died.  They fabricated the facts of his death.  He was killed by friendly fire.  Friendly fire does not revive waning support for war.  Pat Tillman's life and death became war propaganda checked by the persistence of one person who wanted to know how her son really died.  

The film is quite well made.  We learn about Pat Tillman, his life,  his family and friends.  We learn about his death and how his death was abuse by our government.  It's a compelling story made even more griping by what we learn about Pat Tillman's character.  It's worth seeing.

Obama's Bungled Wars

On the Eastern Front, six more GIs died.

Six U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan operation near Pakistan border


Old Farts and Health

Old farts are defined as those 65 and older.   Why 65?  Oh, that's because at 65 Medicare becomes their government provided health insurance system.  Changes are coming.  Ready for an ACO?  It's like an HMO without the health insurance company doing the profit taking.  I guess the ACO cuts out the middle man and put the cash more directly in the docs hands.  Will it work?  Sure.  Will it get fucked up, like HMOs did?  You bet, after all, in a few years, profits will become dominant and rule ACOs.  Maybe we'd have better health care at lower cost if we quit farting around and socialized all of our health care and actually made it into a system.

Obama administration offers rules for delivering care to older Americans


Wow, not only is war godly and very Christian, it's humanitarian too (that attracts the secular atheists). It's a lot of work. We can't lose focus. If we do then we'll just kill people instead of killing people to save lives.

Libya: war blurs humanitarian focus

The White House, DoD, Congress still don't understand Libya. I hope the CIA reads this piece and passes it on to the mighty warriors in our government. It might give them a clue about the easiest way to topple Qadaffi. Does the Pentagon employ anthropolgists, sociologists and ethnologists?

Gadhafi's rule relying on wavering tribal support

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hell, George got 40 for Iraq, How's Our Man Barry Doing?

It looks like he's amassed less a coalition and more a gaggle of the moderately concerned.  Yep, he's found 15 others who don't like Qadaffi all that much.

U.S. wants other nations to pitch in on Libya


That's a lot of folks--

India adds 181 million people in a decade

Elected Assholes

The boobs we elected to Congress are having a pissing contest.  They're trying to see who can cut this year's budget the most.  Along the way, they imperil our credit rating amongst investors, but hey, mine's bigger than yours.

Oh, the magnitude of the quibble is $33 billion in a $3.5 trillion budget.   They're pissing all over themselves, each other and us over a . 0.94% reduction.  The current budget is not the problem.   Cutting budgets today, tomorrow, or next year will not fix our fiscal failures.  All the din does is impress doltish voters.  Oh, the dolts elected themselves, no wonder....

Republicans and Democrats begin negotiating possible budget agreement

The Clubhouse is open!

Uncle Barry has opened his clubhouse to war lovers of all stripes.  He's created lots of zones in Libya.  Why has he done this?  Well, it's for the same reason Bill Clinton got a blow job from that Lewinsky intern, as he said I did it "because I could."  Yep, we're in a third war, because he could do it.  Hell of a reason, but it makes more sense than invoking national security or national interest as reasons.

Oh, our spooks are in Libya.  I count them as troops.  So much for only air power.  In a month we'll invade the shithole.

In Libya, CIA is gathering intelligence on rebels

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shutdown Blame Game

Ezra Klein has a good piece on a possible government shutdown--

What a shutdown could cost us

USPS Saturday Mail Savings

The USPS is running in the red.  Congress won't give them more cash or change some benefits funding rules.  So, the PO crowd suggested bagging Saturday delivery.  I note Congress is not inclined to do things like shell out cash on the PO, after all, the PO users don't contribute enough for reelection campaigns.

The PO top bag men determined it could save a bundle without Saturdays.   The their regulators couldn't find as much cash as the bosses claimed.  It looked safe for Saturdays.  Now the GAO has taken a peek into the collection bin and found huge savings.  Who know how much can be saved?  Will Saturday stay or go?  Stay tuned.

Ending Saturday mail could save billions, GAO says

Good Luck

President What's His Name is going to give an energy speech today.  He thinks we need to cut back on imported oil.  He thinks energy indepedence is a pretty nifty idea.  Given the energy track record, going back to Nixon, I wish him well and assume it will be more of the same.  We will hear a wonderful talk, but he will not motivate anyone to walk.  In short, who cares what he says?  He'd be better off figuring out how to end all three of his wars.

President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports

Government Employees

If you work for the FDA and have access to information on drug development and testing, it's not a good idea, much less legal, to buy and sell stock in those same companies.  It's called insider trading.  Gee, would a government employee to that?  Yes.  They are no different than any other category of employees.  I bet the GOP will use this to tar all government employees.  Funny how when it's a hedge manager they don't become quite as categorical in their condemnation of all hedge fund managers.  Shall we be categorical?  All members of the House are crooks, after all Duke Cuningham was convicted and sent to prison.  He was a House member, he committed his crimes--bribery--he, resigned, was convicted and sent up.  All members of the House must be just like this one individual.  Wait and see what happens.

FDA chemist charged with insider trading

Hold That Story

NBC did not cover this story, GE did not pay any taxes on it's $14 billion in profit.  NBC is owned by Comcast and GE, Comcast has 51% GE the balance.  Technically, Comcast it the villain.   Is the message one that news organizations should not be owned by any other organization?  If news is owned can there really be independent factual journalism?  Does it matter?   Oops, forgot, it's TV so it's not news anyway, it's entertainment.

On NBC, the missing story about parent company General Electric

Very Strange Way to Defend Our Interests

As we partner with the revolting Libyans to defend our national interest in 2% of the world's oil reserves, we provide air and sea power for them and the oil refineries.  We are surely advising them too and will be openly arming them in the coming days.  Oops, some of the revolting Libyans we aid, teach and arm are al Qaeda.  I guess they must have all left Afghanistan.

Libyan opposition includes al-Qaeda fighters, U.S. officials say


And in our third Obama war, we continue to maintain a variety of No XYZ Zones we created under the UN authorized No Fly Zone.  The revolting Libyans have lost ground.  It's a war, what did you expect.  Now, it appears we will add a Here's Some Guns Zone soon.  Of course, only rebels will be admitted.  Our merchants of death are ready, willing and able to deliver all the pre-paid armaments the revolting Arabs desire.  Our guy in charge has the national credit card and will open a Revolting Libyan's Gun-Mart soon.

If Libya is that important to our national interest, then I assume the overwhelming majority of people who voted in the last election would send their children, themselves,  off to die in the war as they voluntarily increase their taxes to pay for the war.  If we are unwilling to die and finance our deaths, then I doubt this third war is any different that the other two, none are in our national interest at all, but are very profitable for the war industry.

Gaddafi’s forces push back rebels in key town; world leaders call for his ouster

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ready for some shutdown?

The Feds may have a gone out of money vacation soon.  Shutdown is on the way.  If it comes to that point whom will you blame?  Myself, I blame the Republicans, the Democrats and the guy in the White House, in that order.  All of our elected officials share in this mess.

Oops, how'd they get their jobs?  Oh, it was due to voters.  Damn those pesky voters.   I have to revise my list.  First come voters, people who voted in 2010, 2008 or 2006 and cast a ballot for anyone who won a race.  Voters gave us the C team in office.  Second come the C team Republicans in the House and Senate.  Then come the C team Democrats in the same houses.  Don't forget what's his name in the White House, he's a C- team player and is at fault too.  That's the order.  Will it change?  Nah, not until the voters make it so.  

Democrats And Republicans Prep For Government Shutdown Fallout

What Kind of Folks Listen to This Crap?

Here's Gingrich on the future:

"I have two grandchildren -- Maggie is 11, Robert is 9," Gingrich said at a church in Texas, according to Politico. "I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over the nature of America, by the time they're my age they will be in a secular atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists and with no understanding of what it once meant to be an American."

And who will save the day? Who is Captain America rising to win the struggle? I guess it's must be our white salamander, the Newt. Who is his audience? Are there that many loopy people in this country? I doubt that radical Islamist will dominate much of anything ever in this land. However, I'd love to give that secular atheism a shot. It's got to better than what all the sectarian theists have done to us for the last couple hundred years.

Japan Nuke Screw Up Continues

Just in case you may have thought that the Japanese government and the power company have fixed their mess, let me tell you they have not and it is getting a tad worse.  Yesterday it was iodine and cesium, today, it's plutonium.

Toxic plutonium seeping from Japan's nuclear plant

One No Zone Deserves Another

We, on 40% borrowed money, created a No Fly Zone (NFZ) in Libya, rebels were encouraged.  We took out planes and runways.  Qadaffi cannot fly his planes.  To maintain our NFZ we had to add a No Weapons That Shoot At Planes Zone (NWTSAPZ).  We took out the missiles banks.  Since we are in it, to save lives, it's a humanitarian war, we had to add a No Tanks Zone (NTZ).  Then we added a No Artillery Zone (NAZ).  The rebels still couldn't be quite as revolting as needed, so we added in a No Movement by Libyan Military Zone (NMLMZ).  And now we've added a NCGZ, No Coast Guard Zone.

U.S. aircraft engage Libyan coastguard vessel

I guess it's not a war, it's just a militarily policed zone enforcement which prevents a less than desirable government from from exercising its zoning options.  Damn it's really a zoning war.  Is any of the place zoned residential or is is all zoned for free fire?

What, The Voters Did it To Themselves?

Is it possible that the GOP's tax cuts, to stimulate the economy and make jobs, were a stimulus, but stimulated poverty instead?  If so, then what you see in several states is exactly what the GOP wants to do to the nation.  Why does anyone vote for a Trog?

States broke? Maybe they cut taxes too much

Bet this does not slow the flow one cent

The Supremes said, when it comes to buying elections, corporations are just folks.  Folks can pay for lots of speech.  It's odd, advertising is considered free speech.  In Citizens United v. FEC, the Supremes decided that companies should be able to buy elections just like any featherless biped can.  However, they didn't provide a lot of guidance on how to enable the purchase, that's been left to the FEC.  The FEC is having trouble--

FEC still hasn’t issued new campaign finance rules

The issue comes down to companies not wanting to tell us who donated what to whom. They want to be able to buy elections anonymously. If companies bundle cash for candidates, they don't want to have to detail the sources of the cash. To me, give as much as you want, but id the source of the cash in detail.  If I give $1,000 to the some corporate funds, say the  Slimewad For Congress fund, then the corporate source of the donation better have my name and amount in the donor list.  Nothing hidden--it's simple and would ultimately be a source of even more free speech.

Supremes and Elections

Roberts and the Robes have another chance to enable their masters to buy even more elections.  The Supremes are going to sing about public finance of elections.   Arizona has a case in the music hall.  How will they sing?  Oh, a quintet will croon the system into oblivion.

Supreme Court skeptical about Arizona’s campaign finance law

Drugs are very, very profitable--Makena

If you still think drug companies are concerned about health, you are right.  They are very, very concerned about the health of their bottom line.  As a pols job number one is getting reelected, a drug companies job number one is to make as much profit as humanly or inhumanely possible.

Critics slam cost of FDA-approved drug to prevent preterm births

On this drug, expect lots of noise and political huffpuffery, but do not expect any change, the fees will persist.  Insurance will pick up the tab and spread the extorted fees amongst us all.  And you wondered why health costs go up and up?  They go up because the folks charging the fees can get away with charging as much as they please.  So much for health care reform, it never happened.  We did reform health insurance, we made sure it will dominate our lives for many more decades.    

Obama and War

Just call in Barack Flipflop.

On Libya, where you stand depends on where you sit

George W. Obama and His War Speech

Obama didn't call it a war.  He talked all around that word.  It's really humanitarian and by damn so needed now.  Hell it might even be audacious.  Bullshit.   His speech was not that great.  The ideas were not that great.  It was a sad attempt to justify another unneeded, unnecessary, military incursion by the U.S.   This will not work out well.  It will be one more waste of money (for all but the MIC).  We are in our third war.

Here are three reports on the speech.

'Obama doctrine'? In Libya decision, there isn't one

Obama Cites Limits of U.S. Role in Libya

Obama: U.S. had responsibility to act in Libya

In the future, let's make sure all military actions are declared by Congress, staffed via a draft and paid for by bringing back 90% bracket. We, through our elected representatives, say we want war, we say our children will die for the cause, and we agree to pay for it as we fight and our children die.

Oh, what do you think of this, no more elected or appointed leaders who have not served in the military, preferably in a combat theater. Good idea or moron thought?

Monday, March 28, 2011

Elite 8 -- Fug Madness

Here are the elite  8.  Whose fug will win out?

Fug Madness 2011

They really are assholes

Yep the GOP is blessed.  Take a peek, folks might be coming to their senses, but I doubt it, after all, the average GOOPER plans on visiting the Creationist Theme Park.

Prominent GOP Prez Hopefuls Have Grown More Unpopular

Oops or just normal?

Mix one part Pentagon, one part bureaucracy, 435 parts Congress,  one slab of State Department, and $1 trillion worth of minerals and what do you get?  Not much, the value of the rocks get lost in political machinery.

Defense task force on Afghanistan development unravels

The Afganis, it they want to make a buck, better end the Taliban thing, get peaceful, rid themselves of us, and then sell mineral leases to whomever wants to develop the mines. If they rely on our government to do it for them, well, let's put it this way, they have not really been screwed yet. Why do you think the Iraqis have been trying to get us out of Dodge?

E-Stuff and the Law

I have a question about electronic files.  We all have electronic files all over the place.  We have e-books, e-zines, e-music, e-data, e-you name it.  Given all the electronic files we own, what happens when we die?  Are they inheritable?  What are the limits?  When does e-mail become public domain?  How are they valued?  If I have a library, die, and leave it to someone, they see the books, box them up and trundle them off to wherever.  There's not much to see in an  e-library.  What happens, especially with the e-sources like e-books and Amazon or iTunes and Apple?  How does the court deal will passwords and decedents?  What is the law on electronic files and an estate?

Headlines--Japan, Nukes and the World

Come on, no one expects to see a headline like this--

Nuclear industry claims new reactors not safe at all.

NO, we expect and do see--

Nuclear industry touts safety of new reactors in shadow of Japan crisis

Did you ever wonder who this industry guy is?  He really gets around.

Japan Nuke Screw Up Continues

As we continue to learn about the company that owns and operates the Nukes in Japan, we find they are not all that competent or honest.  Now they have  hot water seeking ground.  Water has this funny property, it seeks the lowest possible area that it can find, it prefers to flow.  I think it's a gravity thing.

Let's see, lots of water was dumped and pumped from the sky down onto radioactive stuff.  The water  picked up some hot particles as it seeks the lowest point it can find.  It there is a hole, a crack, any path down to ground, water, along with it's new hot riders, will go down.  Of course once on ground, it keeps on going down.  It's a journey to the the center of the earth.  Along the way the some of hot particles get stuck in the dirt and distributed here and there.  The hot stuff likes sunlight so it awaits a return to the air via plants, oceans, or even geysers.  Water down, hot stuff spreads, then particles take a return trip and it's day-glow nights.   The food and ground become unfit for living things such as human beings (roaches and spiders do quite well though).

Contaminated water found in underground tunnels at Japan nuclear plant

Hot Damn, it's not a war!

The Libyan War is not a war.  It's an Internationally Authorized Humanitarian Intervention (IHAI).  I was wondering how we got involved.  When the international authorizes we have to act!  If the international authorizes then Congress is not needed.  I guess the international trumps the Constitution.  Hell, the citizens of the U.S. are not needed, except as able bodied cannon fodder.  Oh, I think the international is the UN.  Why aren't the Trogs screaming about the One World Order and the UN taking over everything?  Maybe oil is a factor.  Oh, well, here's piece that covers yesterday's bobble-head shows on Obama's Libyan IAHI.

The Libyan Job

LIbya--Big Speech Tonight

Our Commanderator in Chief, no, not Bush, the other guy, will give a speech tonight.  He will inform us about his latest war.  The speech will be well written, well delivered, and amount to a bucket of spit.  It's a war.  We have no business being in a third war.  We should not be in the other two, but that's another story.  What will the commderator guy tell us?  Oh, here's a preview, tune in at 7:30 pm tonight.

Obama's speech on Libya: We're making progress


Roberts and the Robes will sing a new song this week, well, they will write it down, practice it, and sing it for us in the near future.  The song is called Wal-Mart v. Dukes.  It's a ballad about a bunch of guys treating women like they think women need and even deserve to be treated, the law better leave them along.  According to the good old boys down at Wal-Mat,  everybody knows that women want to work for half pay.  Women don't want promotions.  Women want to hear lewd dirty jokes all the time.  Women want to be felt up and have their butts pinched at work.  Women love that sexual harassment thing. That's the tune as written by Billy Joe Tom Bob Wal-Mart.  The Dukes sing a very different song, I think their version begins with something about lying dog shitheads and castration.

Will the Supremes allow, what will become the mother of all class action lawsuits, the suit to go forward or not?  This can become a huge case. I'm betting on the Supremes to decide the case the way their business masters dictate. After all, Roberts, Scalia, Alito and Thomas are wholly owned subsidiaries of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Wal-Mart asks Supreme Court to deny class-action suit by female workers


It appears that the revolting Arabs in Libya have made some progress, courtesy of lots of cruise missiles and other assorted air power devices provided by unborn American taxpayers, in our latest non-declared, non-war, war.  As rebels secure areas, Qadaffi may weaken if he loses control of all of the oil.  All is the key word.

What happens if the rebels win, Qadaffi and sons are killed, and a new government is established, but along the way, the victors do to Qadaffi's tribe what Quadaffi said he was going to do to them?  How many can the rebels kill and get away with it?  My expectations are we will see lots of death no matter who wins.  

Libyan rebels capture key oil towns

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trogs and the Budget

Trogs want to balance the books.  They want to cut spending.  They want to address Social Security and Medicare.  Defense is usually left alone.  Of course federal spending in one's home district is above cutting and reproach.  All I can say is "Assholes."

GOP appears poised to take on entitlements

Our fiscal health will require cutting Defense, making changes to Social Security and Medicare, cutting other spending and INCREASING TAXES.

Attention Old Farts

Good news, if you receive Social Security, there will probably be a COLA next year.  Belay that cheering because there is also some bad news.  Medicare costs will equal or exceed the COLA so your income will remain the same for another year.  If you like this mess, don't forget to drop your Rep and Senator a line commending them on how they govern things for us.  After all we reelect most of them, so the mess is just what the majority of people who take the time to vote want, right?

Medicare rise could mean no Social Security COLA

Japan Nuke Disaster

It almost appeared that the nuke mess in Japan was coming under control.  Oops, radiocative levels are up all over the place.  If the reactor gets too hot, how will anyone be able to fix it or bring it under control?  If hot water is leaking into the ocean, what happens when all the sealife is affected?  Guess we'll be eating dayglo sashimi and sushi soon.   I like candle lit dinners, but food lit dinners crosses the line.

Higher Levels of Radiation Found at Japan Reactor Plant

War Profits

IEDs kill and mangle our troops. Aces in Congress and DOD decided to do something about it.  The military industrial complex accomodated their concerns.  The MIC got busy to make some anit-IED stuff.  After several years spending tax dollars, how's it going?  How much have we spent for what--remember 40% is borrowed.

In February 2006, with roadside bombs killing more and more American soldiers in Iraq, the Pentagon created an agency to defeat the deadly threat and tasked a retired four-star general to run it.

Five years later, the agency has ballooned into a 1,900-employee behemoth and has spent nearly $17 billion on hundreds of initiatives. Yet the technologies it's developed have failed to significantly improve U.S. soldiers' ability to detect unexploded roadside bombs and have never been able to find them at long distances. Indeed, the best detectors remain the low-tech methods: trained dogs, local handlers and soldiers themselves.

Tell me war is not a profitable business. Keep the cannon fodder coming and we can keep on spending money to make us real safe from something or other.  Ready to shut down the Defense pad?


As we, under or soon to be under NATO command continue to maintain the Libyan No Fly Zone we also  persist in a No Libyan Military Zone operation.  Hmm, when will we, outside the UN mandate, decide to have a bit of regime change?  I think it is coming, without it, there is no resolution to Obama's mess in Libya.  The mess is now ours, we broke it, we own it.  Ready for more war?  It's on the way unless Qadaffi and his family are killed.  Gee, is this going to be Iraq Lite or turn into one more Iraq?

Airstrikes help Libya rebels advance; rebels say they have taken Ras Lanuf

What we have done so far is going to cost us about $1,000,000,000.  That's one billion bucks.  We will cover the bill with $600,000,000 in tax collections and we will borrow $400,000,000 for unborn tax payers to deal with.  If you think this war is appropriate, would you have voted to tax yourself to pay for this bit of war?  If the majority of taxpayers were unwilling to pay for it, then the President has no business taking us off into his third war.  If the majority want to pay for it up front, then given a Declaration of War, we can war on.

All wars need to be declared, funded, and staffed by the draft.  Absent one of the three than no war.  When will we listen to Chief Joseph?