Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just a normal family values kind of guy,

Sen. Ensign is quitting.  He thinks it will shut down the Ethics Committee investigation.  He's the guy who was diddling a friend's wife both of whom  worked for him.  His mother tried to buy their silence, but it didn't work.  The world got out and Sen. Ensign was revealed to be just one more idiot with a zipper problem.  Oh, if wasn't for him, most of us would not have read "The Family."  Sen Ensign is a Jesus junkie too.   Why do voters elect this kind of schmuck?

Ensign out but Senate panel probe goes on

Let them know

Is your Representative a Republican?  Unless he is Ron Paul, Dennis Rehberg, David McKinley or Walter Jones your Rep voted for the Ryan Budget (vote number 277, April 15, 2011).   235 Republicans voted for the GOP 2012 Budget Plan,  193 Reps voted against the bill.  The "No" votes included the four Repubs above.

The Republican party voted to end Medicare as we know it today.  They voted to keep Defense spending as is.  They voted for more tax cuts for the rich.   Your Rep voted against a decent life and human dignity for 98% of our people.  Your Rep voted for more death in war.  Your Rep voted to make the rich, richer.  Your Rep does not value ordinary people.  Your Rep likes rich defense contractors.  Why not drop your Rep a line and express your displeasure with his or her vote.  It's time to vote all of the bums who voted for the Ryan Budget out of office in 2012.  I'd rather have Medicare and Social Security than more war, wouldn't you?


I hope the Iraqis do the right thing and not request that we linger in their land.  The time to leave is at hand.  We have spent about $1 trillion on liberty chips that we've spread all over Iraq.  They can run their own country without us.  The Iraq war, Bush's legacy, has to end.  We cannot afford to fight these presidentially declared wars financed with tax cuts.  Imagine if Bush had not cut taxes and had not declared war in Afghanistan and Iraq, I bet he would have been succeeded by a Republican.

Iraq must decide on lasting U.S. troop presence ‘within weeks,’ Mullen says

Always Tell the Truth, Never Kyle

I think parents try to raise honest children.  We value honesty.  So why do folks in Arizona value John Kyle?  I guess they like liars instead.  Kyle, on the Senate floor claimed, Planned Parenthood's business was 90% abortions.  He stated it without quibble or qualification.  His claim is false.  When asked about his assertion, the response was that his statement was not intended to be a factual statement.  Wow, that's a  pretty good definition of consciously, with intent, of telling a lie.

Oh, he's been ridiculed for his initial statement and his correction, but now he's now let out his inner Joe Stalin.   In the USSR, when a person fell out of favor with Joe, he'd have historical records, especially photographs edited to remove the offending person.  Kyle and his peers do the same, they edit the Congressional Record.  Today, the record does not show what Kyle said, instead it says, "If you want an abortion you go to Planned Parenthood and that is what Planned Parenthood does." Hmm, John Kyle, U.S. Senator, Liar, and Commie bastard. The voters in Arizona have very questionable taste, oh shit, forgot, McNasty is from there too.

When you get caught in a lie, tell them you're sorry to have commited a Kyle.

When you're spinning a tall tale, you can make sure folks understand it was all BS, by closing with the statement,  "the foregoing was not intended to be a factual statement."

Our Future

I read that Warren Buffet is spending dollars to hedge against the coming day when the dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency. He seems to think that day is not far off.  He thinks Congress will not do what it should to deal with budgets, deficits, and debt.  Lacking a storm of innovation, he's probably right.  As our pols and businessmen persist in following their instincts, the rest of us will drift into a slow, gentle economic decay.  If you have a newborn, look at your baby and realize, business as usual and politics as usual almost guarantee that your child will not live as well as you live today.

I don't think business types, left to their own devices, will do anything other than maximize profits.  Business has a one, simple, inherent rule--make as much as you can.  Business follows that rule unless other restraints alter how that business rule is played out.  The restraints that limit business come from government.  The restraints check an undesirable human toll that otherwise would be caused by businesses as they compete to follow the rule and succeed.

Without imposed restraint, business, as with so many human endeavors, is a race to the bottom.  If one firm gains an edge, and more profit, through a repugnant practice, then before long, the repugnant becomes a widespread common practice.  Think about factories and child labor for a minute and I think you will see what I mean.  As with a vile labor practice, business cannot restrain itself.  It can only be corralled by government regulation.   Given the relation between the restrainers and the retrained, should we even think abut seeking the advice of business when we address our government's fiscal mess?  If we do, that will be a major error.   Remember, business will follow its rule.  It will provide assistance and guidance that conforms with their simple imperative of profit.  

Can we turn to elected politicians and feel comfortable that they will repair the damage they helped create?  If our elected officials were merely elected, perhaps we would have a chance at a better future.  However, we all know, elections are financed by donations, big donations.  Where do the donations come from?  Yes, from business.  I'll be polite and not call the elected a bunch of whores for now, but they seem to behave as though money talks.  As they serve their donors they seem to render the simple, complex, as they create mazes of acceptable restraint for business.  Reelection takes precedence over concerns for our national well being and heath.  The end result is the 2008 recession and it's feeble recovery which will persist unless business is restrained and weaned from government dependence.

I fear as business and politics have merged, we will more and more gains for 5% of our people.  The other 95% will wither.  The other 95% will see a new serfdom arise as we drift into a two class society of the owners and the owned.  Life will go on, but it won't be quite the same.  We need  to change our politics.  As the restraint on business is government, the restraint on government is the voter.  We have not been voting well.  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tubes problems today

The Internets is acting up. My router is going out.  So, no posts for now.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Book to Read

I don't know about you, but it pisses me off when I see 50% of the world's population getting the shaft just becuase they share a trait.  In this case gender.  Was it always this way?  Well, to an extent yes, but not as expansive as we might think.  Here's a book to put on your Summer reading list--

When Women Were Priests: Women's Leadership in the Early Church and the Scandal of Their Subordination in the Rise of Christianity by Karen J. Torjesen

Want to cut spending?

Here's a good place to begin.  Do not reelect anyone to Congress, ever.  Why?  Well, once in office, the schmucks keep on appropriating money to those who return a donation in kind.  These days the only way to end a pet appropriation is through the death of a Congressman.  Let's make 2102 the start of our own fiscal sanity program, term limit the bums.  One term and out!  Votes matter, let's make them count.

Even in an era of budget cuts, these government programs won’t die

Elected public office-Congress-was not meant to be a career in a democracy such as ours.

The Libyan Not a War, War

When the folks in charge can screw up, they do.  It's a law of some kind.  Take Libya, it's not a war.  I'm not sure what we're calling it.  I think it's still called "Odyssey Dawn," maybe it an armed dishwashing operation.  Oh, it's soap alright.  Once again, because he can, a president has taken us into another war.  That sucks.

The United States and its allies have entered a new stage of involvement in Libya, sending assistance and advisers directly to opposition military forces, which have been unable to break Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi’s stranglehold over much of the country despite help from NATO airstrikes.

Wouldn't it be starnge if Dems refused to vote for Obama, but Repbulicans begin to see he's just an articulate George W. Bush.  GOOPERS vote for him rather than a batshit crazy nominee like Palin or Trump. Obama wins as the first "Democrat" elected by Republicans.  Of course Dems vote, but for none of the above, who comes in second.  

Same old, same old, Reelection is Job #1!

Check out the new kids in the Congressional Playschool of 112.  Did you help send one of them to our national daycare center on Capitol Hill?  If so, did you think they'd make a diff, reform the joint and make you proud to be whatever you are?  Well, dream on.  They pandered to you.  You bought their bullshit.  They won and now job number one, well, it's the same as all the other ones you think are worthless turds.  Did you elect a turn in a teabag?  Yep--

The Influence Industry: New Republicans play an old fundraising game

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We are blessed with loons

Remember the Teabaggers last Fall?  We weren't to tread on them because they were going to take our country back or some bullshit like that.  You could see the fear of Obama, socialism and big government in their eyes.  Sometimes you could almost understand the bilge they pumped out upon the airwaves.  Oh, please note these deficit hawks, these small government zealots, the Teabaggers also don't want anyone messing with their Medicare and Medicaid.  I guess these programs must not be part of our federal government.  Yep, 70% of them say "Don't Tread on My Entitlements.  They really are loons.  How loon blessed can one nation be?

Poll: 70% Of Tea Partiers Oppose Cuts To Medicare, Medicaid

We're in sad, sad shape, we are doomed

People support candidates such as Trump and Palin because they see themselves in the candidates public personnas.  Have folks forgotten these people are politicians, that makes them professional liars, streetwalkers.  There is nothing there to admire or identify with.  If you are on the bottom of the pile of life, it's likely you identify with them.  The less education you have the higher the admiration you have for both.  If I had anything nice to say about either, I'd be embarrassed for what it says about me.  What do these folks know and what might do if they were elected to high office?  We usually elect the ones we think will do the least damage, not the most good.  We elected one putz because a lot of folks thought he would be fun to get drunk with, that's Dubya.  Look what he did to us.  Two wars financed on tax cuts?  That's damn stupid but fits in with his faux cowboy schtick.   I hope the GOP will trash their dolts and find someone decent, perhaps Daniels or Huntsman.

Why Trump and Palin are natural allies

It's Springtime for Debilitators

When the kids go off to Florida to get laid and wasted, we know it's Spring Break!  It's a convenient way to keep track of the seasons.  I wonder is there is an App for that?  Gee, I wonder where the old farts go?  If they are Congresstypes, then they go on junkets (informational trips).

Welcome to the Senior Senators Road Trip to China!  I'm sure they will learn a great deal.  I do think we need an app to track our elected officials, not their physical location, but how much we're spending on their learning opportunities.

Senators’ Chinese junket is shrouded in secrecy

Perhaps another oops

Female?  Concerned about your bones?  Take calcium?  Got a proactive warm and fuzzy feeling?  Belay that feeling, here comes the big one!  Not quite, but I got your attention.  A large study suggests calcium supplements may increase the risk for heart attacks and strokes.  I am not sure about the study population and the research methods, but if this was not a randomly assigned double blind study, then don't panic.  This is the kind of study that can lead to more definitive research.  This is one study--how many times has coffee gone from bad for you to good for you.  Do follow the research, but don't change your life.

Calcium intake, higher heart risks are linked in study

Another Vietnam Again--Libya

Didn't Vietnam begin with a few advisers?  We kept adding a few here and a few more there, and before long it wasn't a military advisory group any longer.  It became a military advisory command.   The undeclared war was on.  The commander in chief lied for our support.   We believed the liar.  How long before we add a few more advisers, some guys with guns, a bit of special combat aid?  How long before Obama loins his wartime predecessors and lies his ass off for war support?  Three non-declared wars, financed with tax cuts?  We keep on electing complete assholes to Congress and the White House.  Well, you get what you vote for...

Britain to send military advisers to aid Libyan rebels

Fix It Time--The Fiscal Mess

We elected the boys and girls to office who made the fiscal disaster we now enjoy.  There are two solutions advanced by these schmucks.  Both are undergird by the same desire, please their base, please their donors, and hope the advertising works so that they get reelected.  Needless to say there is a GOP plan, the Ryan Nonsense and a Democratic plan, the Obama Offense.

Why should we listen to these bums?  They or their kindred souls created and maintained the mess.  We do have to bear some blame, we elected them.  Now, however, the mess has gotten serious.  There is too much red ink.  We've over borrowed.  We've also under-taxed ourselves as we've allowed the focus of government to become rendering services for campaign  donations.  Government has become "vote for me spots" on TV.  Isn't it time for us to tell the elected drones what to do?

Write your Senator and Representative with a simple message.  Ryan's wrong.  Obama's wrong.  The fix begins with tax increases and defense spending cuts.  Repeal the Bush tax cuts and add a bit more.  Leave programs that actually help people alone, that means do no damage to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.   Let them know this is not an area for scoring political points.  Let them know unless this get real bipartisan real fast heads will roll.  Oh, add a bit on regulation--more of it with teeth for little things like banking, mortgages, oil spills, wars, etc.

Poll shows Americans oppose entitlement cuts to deal with debt problem

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GOP 2012

I've long held that Dubya so lowered the bar that a dead gerbil was qualified to  become president of the United States.  I was wrong.  I did not think a party could amass a field of inanimate rodents all of whom are worse than Bush.  The GOP has managed this feat.  If you were a middle of the road Republican, not a primary crazy Republican, is there any major candidate that you think is the same as or better than Bush?  I think not.  That's a lot of sleaze.  Good luck in 2012.  Oh, you could vote for Obama since he has morphed into the Shrub since he took office.

GOP presidential hopefuls try to defuse their 'fatal flaws'

Living up to expectations

What happens when you mix religion and politics?  It usually get ugly real fast.  Especially so if the electorate is partial to machetes, matches and settling differences permanently.  Nigeria has more than lived up to standard African political practices.

Charred corpses line road after Nigeria vote riots

Better Idea for all our bungled wars

Now we're sending the soldiers Kevlar undies.  IEDs remain a nasty bit of business.  If we're really all that concerned about our cannon fodder being mangled, I have better idea.  End the damn wars and bring all of our military forces back to the U.S.  We won't have to spend money on new undies unless there are bombs on the domestic parade grounds.

Pentagon rushes underwear armor to Afghanistan

Gee, I hadn't noticed, had you?

Obama ran against Bush, but now governs like him

800 Numbers

If you mis-dial an 800 number there's a one in four chance your call will be redirected to a phone sex number.  That's 1.7 million numbers dedicated to selling giggling women who talk dirty, if you have a credit card.

Records obtained by The Associated Press show that over the past 13 years, a little-known Philadelphia company called PrimeTel Communications has quietly gained control over nearly a quarter of all the 1-800 numbers in the U.S. and Canada, often by grabbing them the moment they are relinquished by previous users. As of March, it administered more 800 numbers than any other company, including Verizon and AT&T.

Palin Basher

An imprint of Simon & Schuster announced Monday that it had signed up “Blind Allegiance,” a long-rumored tell-all by former Palin aide Frank Bailey. The imprint, Howard Books, will release Bailey’s book May 24. Excerpts from an early draft were leaked to reporters earlier this year.

Will is sell well? Will it affect Palin's celebirty? Will Palin people quit being idiots as a result? Nah, it's will be just one more ghost written bullshit book.

Pat downs for kiddies?

Fear is nasty bit of business.  We have institutionalized fear.  We're so fearful of terrorists, we know a toddler could be a suicide bomber--I hear jihadi two year olds get 72 virgin Binkys as a reward for martyrdom.  TSA our national office of fear abatement, pats 'em down and sends them through the porn-o-scan machines.   I wonder, have Catholic priests considered working for TSA?

Bill requires TSA seek parental OK before patting-down a child


In case you feared peace might have broken out in Baghdad, don't fret.  The Iraqis have opted for suicide car bombers in the Green Zone.   Heckuv a legacy Dubya.

Rare suicide blasts near Baghdad’s Green Zone kill 11

Have you started your office pool on when we really leave Iraq? It's a long term wager, the Korean war boards are still in play.  Come on, do you think the war profiteers, generals, and medal seekers will really allow us to leave per the SOFA schedule? We will remain in force well after 12/31/11.

Republicans achieve their bond rating

As the GOP politicized the debt ceiling, S&P took note.  S&P lowered the U.S. bond rating.  The GOP and the voters who sent them to office must be proud of sending the nation to hell in a fiscal hand-basket.  Bankrupting the nation--remember the Bush budgets, two wars, and those tax cuts--is a very perverted way to end domestic spending.  I wonder if the voters really understood what they were electing?

S&P lowers its outlook on U.S. debt; stocks decline

As the nation fritters

Unfortunately, since all of our elected officials pursue job number one, getting themselves reelected, the economy fritters away as unemployment remains high as more and more people become certain tomorrow is not going to get any better for them.  For the pols and their rich masters, the good times still roll.  The upper class has done a number on most of us--checked out gas and food prices lately?

What kind of grade would you give Obama, the Dems, the GOP?  C's and D's?  I'd give them all Fs myself, that includes the military too.

The Role of Government Survey

Monday, April 18, 2011

Yep we elected Bush for a third term

White House: Obama's Signing Statements Are Legit -- Unlike Bush's

Putz!  No money, no free labor, no vote.

There is a way to end the nation's red ink!

We do not collect sufficient revenue so we borrow to spend.  We borrow too much.  We're in hock over our eyeballs.  What can we do?  Well, we could take in more revenue.  Okay, we can increase taxes.  Oops, that will cause a GOP firestorm of paralytic proportions.  Hmm, let's just fix the current tax code.  Hell we can even lover the tax brackets a bit while we're at it.  Oh, along the way we eliminate every loophole, deduction, credit and deduction.  Will it make a difference and yield more revenue?  It might, since 45% of households pay no taxes.   

How much tax would you pay if all your income was dividend based from stock?  It's a lot less than you may think.  What is a qualified dividend anyway?

Ruling Class Failure

E. J. Dionne points out the vacuity of the wealthy these days in --

America’s elites have a duty to the rest of us

I think he should have pointed out that the 98% who are less and less well off, less happy, and less able to do much about their economic lot,  are better armed than they have ever been. The elites have supported the GOP. The GOP was adopted the NRA. The NRA has guided us into becoming a well armed and well ammoed nation.

The elites, the upper class, may have forgotten that continued successful rule requires an unarmed population or an armed one that is sufficiently satisfied with life so that domestic shots are only fired at empty beer bottles.   How much unemployment and economic decay will folks take before any member of the upper class begins to look more and more like an empty bottle of Bud?  Would you really be all that bothered if the CEO of Goldmans or any large bank was used for target practice?  I fear the answer to that question is, increasingly, no not all.

Obama's Bungled War

Okay, who trained the Afghan Defese Minirtry in little mattets such as security?  Oh, we did.  How'd we do?  Well--

Attacker penetrates Afghan Defense Ministry, kills 2

It's okay. The "war" is not really a war. It's just a tax policy. Via the logic of hostile armed conflict in a foreign land our elected officials can sustain a prolonged tax revenue transfer from the U.S. Treasury directly to the accounts of several domestic arms merchants who in turn re-direct a portion of the revenue to various PACs and elected officials campaign accounts.  Can we afford to end the war?  Gee, it might cause domestic unemployment.      


Where can you find a loon who may affect the way you will live?  Look no further than Congress.  Find the teabaggers in the House.  Your search is over.  The loons question raising the nation's debt ceiling.  They just know it's not as important as cutting spending--they're concerned about their unborn grandchildren paying taxes.  If they have their way, they won't have to worry about their grandchildren paying taxes because the nation will no longer exist--the debtors will have collected us as we default our way into a sustained decay of disintegration.  

As debt ceiling vote nears, the pressure’s on House Republican freshmen

When it comes to matters such as the debt ceiling, who do you listen to?  I prefer to listen to folks like Geithner and his peers.  I do not listen to Congresstypes.  They should be listening, instead they chat at us demonstrating their faux expertise.  Don't forget an elected official's job number one is getting reelected at any cost.

Bless My Nobel Prize Winner

A year ago we were all paying attention to the disater is the Gulf.  BP's oil spill was killing the Gulf.  Then they capped it.  The oil quit spilling.  They spent a lot of money to buy off folks.  It worked.  There's been no change in our regulatory system for drilling in the Gulf.  Our goverment decided the Gulf would be safe.  They declared it safe.  The echo chamber resonated.  It's not that way, but we'll believe anything.  Thank the ecologist in chief.

A year after BP oil spill, fate of gulf ecosystem remains murky

I will not knowingly eat anything taken from Gulf waters for at least  a decade.  If you think that's a bit extreme, then I think you will find any brand of 10w-30 to be a very tasty barbecue sauce.  

Obama's A Chowderhead

The guy must be Bush.  Bush wanted to be a wartime president to achieve greatness.  He did, his presidency was the greatest failure since Buchanan.  Obama shares the same aspiration.  Obama has his new war in Libya.  Note, Qadaffi is still in power.  Obama is competing with Bush for placement vis a vis Buchanan.

Gaddafi’s son: We will deal with terrorists first and then talk reform

Will the chowderhead in chief obtain war number four?  It would not surprize me at all.  Where?  Oh, in Syria.   We, that is the majority of people who voted, elected the guy and he's been secretly assisting the revolting Syrians.  How far off is the next "No fill in the blank Zone?"

U.S. secretly backed Syrian opposition groups, cables released by WikiLeaks show

It's time to take him up on his campaign bullshit.  He told us to not reelect him if we think he fails to meet our expectations.  To me, he's done so, amply.  If you share my view, then there is one course of action for us.  We must not vote for Obama in 2012--no money, no free labor, no vote.  He's not a Democrat.  He's the Chicago version of Bush--all hat and not cattle--he talks well but cannot walk.

Oh, how about term limiting all of the bums.  As we cast a no vote for Obama, also reject anyone who is an incumbent.  I think I have a new rule of thumb, if the idiot running for office has "written" a book about themselves--their life and ideas--then never vote for the schmuck.    

Book Review: Idiot America

I've just gotten around to reading Charles Pierce's "Idiot America, How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free."  Pierce is witty, funny, and sadly on target about much of the nation these days.  We revel in ignorance.  We luxuriate in stupidity.  We promote and admire chowderheads as though they knew of what they speak.  In our land everyone is an expert which means no one is an expert.  Unfortunately we need experts.  How did we arrive at our current state of decay?

Piece provides an explanatory  framework of three great premises.  The premises are abundantly illustrated from the lives and times of idiot America.   The first premise is that any theory is valid if it sells books, soaks up ratings or otherwise moves units.  The second premise is that fact it that which enough people believe.  Truth is determined by how fervently they believe it.  And the third premise is anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough.

Using those premises we can see the logic and success of talk radio, FOX news, and the Republican Party.   While the originators of idiocy make money, the flock just gets dumber and dumber.  If you occasionally become depressed by the state of our public discourse, don't despair.  Give Pierce's book a read, the laughs will make you feel a bit better--momentarily.  Idiot America is, I fear,  here to stay.  I wonder how big it is?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Debt Ceiling

Every federal dollar spent today comes from two sources.  60 cents comes from tax revenues.  40 cents comes from selling T-bills.  We borrow 40 cents of every dollar.  We can borrow this amount because investors see T-bills as a safe, secure long term investment.  T-bills may not return that  much, but the principal is seen as secure.  T-bills are low risk.  A bit over half of the nation's publicly held debt is owned within the U.S. the rest is owned outside the U.S.

Part of all government spending that we like is financed with borrowed money.  Part of all government spending we despise is also done on a mountain of borrowed dimes.  We've borrowed so much that we half to raise the debt ceiling, again.  Right now we cannot borrow more than $14.7 trillion.  Our debt is about $14.3 trillion.  We borrow a couple million or more every hour of every day.  Even with our robust borrowing, we pay our debts--T-bills are redeemed, the interest is paid--the world still buys T-bills. It’s the world’s fiscal backup plan.

Today we have some people who do not want the debt ceiling to be raised.  They think we have to live within our means now--that's the 60 cents of the dollar.  They think this will solve all our problems, manna will fall from the heavens, and everything will be hunky dory by the end of the year.  They are also fools.

Oh, if we did quit borrowing, we would not have 60 cents to spend.  We would still have to pay our debt service.  Assume it 10 cents of that original federal dollar, it’s actually a bit more.  We're left with 50 cents to pay for everything the federal government pays for today.  Remember federal spending amounts to twenty some percent of our gross domestic product.  As fed expenditures go down, so goes the GDP.  It's not a good thing to have our GDP collapse into negative numbers.

Assume the fools win the battle and we do not raise the debt ceiling. The only equitable way to cut federal spending and live immediately within our means would require that all federal expenditures would have to take a 50% cut.   We'd have to cut social security payments by 50%.  We'd have to put all of the military on half pay.  All federal contracts would be required to accept 50% payment or be terminated.  Congress and the President would be put on half pay.  All civil servants would only make one half of what they make now.  The federal dollar would a 50 cent piece that by law would have to be treated as though it was actually a dollar. Inflation would be rampant. Or we could have interminable unending fights over what to cut and not pay for as our economy collapses into the United States of Greece.

It would even take a long time to pay off the existing debt.   50% would become the new normal.  Oh, forgot, the health care industry would have to accept 50% of fees for care and drugs too.  Is this the world you want?  This is not a don't tread on me issue. This is a serious undertaking and requires expertise, not pols. Pols made the mess for their own gain.

If we want a chance as a better future, then I’d suggest we raise taxes, set targets, cut some spending and over time we can solve the problem.  If we choose to be draconian patriots of the right we will solve the problem, but we will throw the baby out with the bathwater--our nation will drown in a flood of fiscal chaos.