Saturday, May 7, 2011


The GOP gave their party away to batshit eaters, that's their version of Kool-Aid, just to get a couple of extra putzs elected.  However, the batshit crazy folks took over--they show up and vote in primaries--they own nomination process.  Right now, for 2012, the GOP has certified loons, or those on the way to batshit certification.  There's only one GOOPER left who has not mixed batshit with his coffee.  Come to think of it, he wouldn't mix it with coffee because he's Mormon.  I guess Willard must have used real Kool-Aid.   Who's left in the sane sector of the GOP?  It's Jon Boy Huntsman!  Will he stay a batshit free course? Well, it he does and sane Republicans  show up in primaries, he could give Obama a run for his money and even reclaim the GOP from the batshit eaters.  Will he?  It all depends how many sane Republicans still exist.  Ooops, both of have decided to bypass the 2012 elections.  Sorry Jon Boy, where would you like the guano delivered?

2012 Hopeful Jon Huntsman Addresses His Obama Connection Head On In His First Speech

Medicaid and Managed Care

Florida's Medicaid program will become a managed care operation.  At least that's the proposal.  The state will pay $X a head for health care and be done with the poor unhealthy saps.  The companies will take care of the patients at a fixed profit level. The folks in Florida, attracted by potential cost savings, appear to be acting like this is a new type of program.  It's not.  Other states have been playing variations on this gambit for years.  I don't think any state has proved its fiscal point yet.

If you want to cut the cost of Medicaid, then end Medicaid or maybe it's time for a Canadian type of heath care system.  Funny how all the cost savings approaches we try are basically the same, they are just variations on government giving money to the private sector.  I wonder how much of health care cost increases have been driven by government partnering with business?  It might be time to kick the business side in the ass and socialize them.

Fla. Senate: Medicaid overhaul could save money

I'm fairly certain the only winners in Florida's Medicaid experiment will be the consultants who get the $2 million set aside to assist the state in dealing with CMS.   Oh, it's $2 mil today, but it will be closer to $12 million before they bag the program in six or seven years.  Government is very profitable.

If a drone flew over your house

If out of nowhere a small aircraft suddenly appeared and fired a missile at you and yours, blew the crap out of your village and killed your goat, would you think it's just a bit of war or would you be scared shitless?  I have a a feeling most of us would be scared shitless, that's what terrorism is like isn't it?  Funny how which side you are on determines how you define little things like life, the universe and everything else.

Drones in Pakistan

Drones in Yemen

Obama's Bungled War

In a moment of national unthinking rage, Bush and the rest of us, decided to invade Afghanistan in 2001.  We did.  We, with oodles of international support, toppled the Taliban and then screwed up in Tora Bora.  because Bush told the troops to shove their thumbs up their ass.  He ordered them to sit and pivot and do little else.  We have spent the subsequent years at play in war-strewn rubble.  Bush had decided his future, for the history books, lay in Iraq.  

Bush has returned to Dallas (not Crawford).  We're still in the Rubble.  We finally  found and killed bin Laden a few days back.  Oh, the Taliban, they were never vanquished.   We spent so much time perching and rotating in Kabul, that the Taliban were able to regroup and come back stronger than they ever were.  Did you note last week the Taliban announced their Spring Offensive Season?  Well, the season has begun--

Taliban gunmen attack Afghan government offices


The bad guy is still in charge.  The revolting Libyans are still revolting, but concerned humanitarians have sent them lots of cash.  And what will the revolting ones do with the cash?   Why they will buy guns and ammo from arms merchants.  Wars, even hostile armed humanitarian corrections, are quite profitable.

Libya opposition says it will use aid to buy arms

I wonder how much of that trade will be with the world's biggest arms merchant (USA)?

The Summer Slosh Season Begin Today!

It's Derby Day!  The hot weather is on the way.  Break out the ice, pick some mint, and make sure you have lots of bourbon.  It's been a while since I made my last Mint Julep.  I better practice so I have a perfect one for the race.    Enjoy the day, enjoy the race, and enjoy the slosh.  Is it hammer time?

Kentucky Derby 2011: Uncle Mo is scratched, leaving race wide open and lacking star power

Same Old, Same old

Pols love to say things they think we want to hear.  If they are right, then we vote for them.  It's an odd system.  The narcissist tells us how cool he is and will be.  The narcissist tells us that he has a plan to fix our hemorrhoids.   The narcissist tells us that we need to give him a chance.  We fall for the narcissist's snake oil.  We elect one more self-centered egotistical jerk and look forward to a "Preparation H" free future.  Time passes and our ass, well it's like the energizer bunny, it keeps on hurting.  Of course, the narcissist will tell us it wasn't his fault, after all it's complicated and hard work too.

So, how's your butt these days?  Remember when the national narcissist was running for offices and told us  "...that most Americans were in the midst of a long economic slide that he said he would reverse if he were elected."  Too bad there's not really alternative to our current First Narcissist in 2012.

Obama’s prosperity pledge not squaring with reality

Friday, May 6, 2011

Got iPad?

The rise of tablet computers

Tech usually finds a way to bite us in the ass, how will the tablet bite us?
Well are we?


Deathers Take Note

Al Qaeda confirms bin Laden death: monitoring group

I bet this will piss Trump and all the other batshit crazy Republicans off.  Trump was ready to start his "Show Me the Photos" tour.

May 21st is coming soon

May 21st will be here soon.  When it comes, thereafter, we'll all be gone.  Yep, god's gonna zap creation.  Some folks think salvation is just one little rapture away.  Oh, man are they going to be surprized.  God is really one mean mother.  Let me put it this way the Old Testament vastly understates the nature of one angry god who is quite partial to extreme vengeance.    Okay, that's all bullshit, except there is a crowd of loons who do think the end will come on May 21st.

This time, it’s for real, believers say: Doomsday coming this month.

If you're not too partial to the end of days nonsense, then it's a good time to wander down to the library and check out a copy of Festinger's "When Prophecy Fails."

Gas Prices

Gas is up.  When we hit $4+ a gallon in a weak economy we can expect a substantive increase in middle class malaise.  The rich, well, they're doing okay.  Hell they own oil company stock and invest in petroleum securities.  As the rest of us pay, they play.

Well, the rich win, but it's only up to a point.  Then the whole damn thing can collapse.  I wonder what that price per gallon might be?   Who's to blame?  I'd begin with the investor class and go from there.  I don't think we added all that much regulation on commodity trading in the oil sector.  We added in a skosh of rules on real estate, but not much more.

Americans blame oil companies, politics, others for rising gasoline prices

Remember there is only one rule in American business--maximize profits now!


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Deficits, Debt and Blowhards

Why on earth do we keep listening to people who's sole reason for existence is to be reelected to office is beyond me.  Especially so when they are the very people who created the mess that endangers our well being.   They will fix it? Right.

We seem to be stuck with the proverbial fox standing guard over very tasty chickens.

We have a federal revenue/spending problem created by pols who pandered our fiscal future just so we would satisfy their narcissistic needs and allow them to be on stage for 2, 4, or 6 years.   Do you expect reasoned, factual approaches to solving our problem?  Or do you expect the blowhards to contribute to global warming?

For example, when we listen to Paul Ryan, we are sure he's going to pounce on the problem now.  He's not going to waste time.  He's going to cut our debt now.  Not next year or wait for a decade or so.  No, it's such a huge problem, we have to act today.  Well, he blowing smoke all over the place.  I have a feeing he's just pandering tax cuts to the affluent (his donor owners) and making the noises his voters like to hear.

Former Reagan budget director says Ryan's plan saves debt reduction for later

Funny, when you defer the pain, someone else can change the plan.  Gee, win for Ryan and an win for whomever deep sixes his shit.  Of course along the way the problem just gets worse, but that's never deterred a pol who yearns to be TV.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oops, found it

I have found what the birthers have been looking for (see preceding post) since the birth cert put htem out of business.  They can now become deathers.  What do you bet Trump is getting his Deather act ready to go?

'Deathers' take over where 'birthers' left off

Where was Obama Born?

Birthers were sure he was born in Kenya or someplace other than the U.S.  Oops, here comes the long form birth certificate.  Now only 3% think he was born elsewhere.   Of course they will find other aspects of Obama's being to harp upon and try to prove he cannot be the legitimate president of the U.S.  It remains racial.  I'm sure they are hard at work in their Klaverns.

Washington Post Poll

Before We Cheer for GOP Torture

Torture did not yield squat folks.  Just pain.  The GOP is out there proclaiming that torture gave us the road to bin Laden.  Bullshit.  They know they were wrong.  They cannot redeem themselves, so they will make us all guilty by having us wallow with them in their immoral filth.

Former Military Interrogator Matthew Alexander: Despite GOP Claims, "Immoral" Torture "Slowed Down" Effort to Find Osama bin Laden

If any reader is inclined to give Bush and Company a pass on torture, then I hope they think real hard about what they are approving. They will set a precedent which makes torture okay, moral, and legit. Is that the world they wish to create and live within? If so, they better hope none of their future kin are caught by an enemy which uses torture. Morality and war are hard to put together, but what one force does with captives of another force is one area where morality rules, if we let it.

Palin and others explained

How can one explain the appeal of a Palin, Bachmann, or a Beck to name but a few of the crazies who make things up as they go?  It's one thing to do in a church, but it's another matter when falsehood abounds in the public square.  Well, research has caught up with what some of us have known for some time.  Long ago, we quit teaching history, government and civics.   The failure is rampant today.  Does it matter?  Well, why do we have teabaggers?  They happen when we quit teaching history, government, and civics.  Idle minds are the devil's workshop or something like that.

A third of high school seniors lack basic grasp of civics, US government

Other News

Along the way from a long form birth certificate to a dead bin Laden, one might wonder if life has changed in Legacyland.  Nah, have no fear, all's well in Iraq.  That means life remains normal--

Suicide car bomber kills 18 Iraqi policemen

Praise the Shrub for that!

Surprize, surprize

As we waddle our fat asses into the future, researchers have made a profound discovery.  We cannot count!  That's right, we cannot count calories.  We can count everything else in the entire universe except calories. Hmm, I wonder what's really in all those Happy Meals?  Pass the Twinkies!

Few Americans accurately monitor calories

Attention Winos!

Winos, do you feel you are being systematically deceived by vintners?  Do you feel that imprecisely defined terms on the label detracts from your getting hammered esperience?  If so, have no fear, the Treasury Department will defend your right to honest labels on your slosh.  Is Alcohpop estate boxed?

Stricter wine labeling rules? Makers say put a cork in it


Should photos of one dead bin Laden be made public?  Obama thinks no.  He thinks the gory pictures of a dead bin Laden might lead to a backlash in the Islamic world.   Come on, the Arabic and Islamic world does not need one picture of bin Laden to see the deaths we cause. Nah, they just have to look out the window our tune in to their evening news.  Make 'em public.  We, some of our SEALS that is, did the deed for us.  Be proud, be published or just quit making war, but knock off the bullshit about sensitivity.

White House goes silent on bin Laden raid

Oh, who do you really think BushCo did not want seeing the Abu Ghraib pics? Iraqis? Come on.  Or was it voters here at home? So about bin Laden...

First Batshit Lovers Debate Upcoming

Batshit fans will have tons of it spewed their way as the GOP's first presidential debate gets underway.  Well, at least a few hundred pounds will be distributed.  Oops. most of the major crazies won't attend, they are pulling a Cheney, they have better things to do, so they won't appear on a stage with Pawlenty, Santorum, Cain and Paul.  Oh, damn, make it just 2.3 pounds of pretty old guano.

A near-empty debate stage and an unsettled presidential field for Republicans

GOP Twits

In the 2010 election voters flipped off the Democrats.  Voters did not vote for the GOP, they voted against the Dems.  Since there are only two parties, the GOP benefited from voter anger.  Unfortunately, the GOP decided the votes were for them.  That is 100% USDA Grade A Prime Bullshit.

The GOP decided the votes meant cut spending by stinking it to the middle class as a means to enhance the wealth of the rich.  The GOP put out a budget idea, it's not really a plan.  One feature was saving Medicare for those over 55 (they vote today), but shaft those under 55 (they won't realize what it means until it's too late).  The GOP expected the Dems to have a hissy fit.  They did  The GOP expected to be cheered at town hall meetings.  They were not.

The GOP discovered voters want to preserve Medicare and Social Security and the Middle Class.  They have backed off and are now willing to stick it to Agriculture.  Oops, there's a lot of campaign cash there.  Oh, well, it's a first step.  Now, let's get serious.  First raise taxes, repeal the Bush tax cuts!  Then get real about what and how deep to cut.   There is no doubt that we have to deal with Medicaid and Medicare, but let's start with the Department of War and move on from there.  It needs to be de-politicized or it will fail.

Why do we have government?  Answer that and then we can begin to work towards agreement on what to spend tax dollars upon and how much to spend.  Right now the assumption of flowing federal dollars is too pervasive and I'm not talking about old fart programs at all.

Budget talks: Republicans offer to seek common ground with Democrats

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take a quiz

Political Typology

What did you come out to be? I'm a solid liberal, how about you?

To nuke or not to nuke?

If we had built lots of nuclear energy plants in the past, could we have avoided the mess we have today that centers on oil?

Is nuclear energy different than other energy sources?

Do you need a chuckle?

If so, then click here.

Pat Robertson Logic

Given all the death and destruction the recent tornados caused throughout the South, I have to conclude that god is not too partial to crackers, grits, and rednecks.  Hmm, maybe he's a bit pissed with all that  Southern heritage bullshit too.  

Ladies take note

What are you worth in India?  A bit more than in the Arabic states, but not much more.   In India, a woman's lot is to be married off.  Women are just an expense.  That about sums it up.  Oh, the GOP likes doing business with  India.  The GOP likes doing business with Arabs (with oil).  Which party opposes the ERA?  I do not understand this kind of behavior at all, it's idiotic, immoral, and such an inhumane waste.

Despite rapid growth, India lets its girls die

This is bizarre

New execution team?  $365 million for a death facility?  Cruel?  Humane?  Oh, come on, it's state sanctioned murder, so what's the BFD?  The Supremes might find fault, after the deed is done?  We're worried about lethal injection, pain, and the Constitution?  Oh, bite me!  Quit playing games with the killing.  If a state seeks collective vengeance on someone who has been tried and convicted of one of a set of crimes, then just kill the bastard and be done with it.  Executions should be public, put them on TV.  Executions should be performed by the  elected governor of a state.   What does it take to pull the lanyard on a guillotine?  Off with their heads is a lot more humane than death by needles.  

California backs off on plan to resume executions this year

Our future?

Today it's rental cars, tomorrow it will be our cars.

Rental car gas prices

Who should we thank?  How about Congress, they de-regulated just about everything to secure campaign cash for reelection.  We believed TV ads and reelected them.  I guess we should look in the mirror and say "thank you."

People are nuts

Wow, U.S. forces kill bin Laden and folks start feeling better about the War on Terror?  Let me point out a couple of things, the WOT is like the WOD.  The WOD?  Yeah the War on Drugs, how we doing on that one?  Enough said there.

Okay, now let me remind everyone, Bush should get credit, not for success in the WOT, but for causing the War in the first place.  If Gore had been elected, do you really think we'd have seen the Twin Towers go down, seen the surplus turned into a massive deficit through moronic tax cuts and two wasted bungled wars?   No way!  When we elect dolts, we reap what we sow.  It's been a long, long harvest.   Too bad Bill couldn't have kept his pants zipped, but that's another matter to think about.

Poll: Bin Laden's death boosts confidence in war on terror, Obama sow

They are pathetic

People who willingly engage in morally repugnant acts because they think their actions will be justified since they were done for the greater good are sinners of a special kind.  They know they were wrong.  However, they will do anything they can to silence their guilty conscience.  They cannot.  Torture is torture.  Torture causes pain in another person.  The torturer's soul blackens indelibly with each turn of the screw.   They cannot find redemption.  The morally corrupt folks from the Bush Administration are now trying to show they got bin Laden by torturing some folks years ago.  They did not get bin Laden.  They tortured people.  All they accomplished was a guaranteed place in hell.  They are pathetic.  The ends do not justify the means, free will is bitch.

Bin Laden Raid Revives Debate on Value of Torture


The operation and or bin Laden were given the code name, Geronimo.  That's upset some folks.  Why do we have code names in the first place?  If we have to have them, then why not use insulting code names?  Instead of Geronimo, we could have called it operation Shithead.  Then again the world's shitheads would probably object.  I guess we should have called it operation Kill bin Laden. Bin Laden might object, but he's dead so who going to give a shit?

American Indians object to ‘Geronimo’ as code for bin Laden raid

They'll All Be Dead

As our actions warm the planet, ice melts.  As ice melts, sea levels rise.  Of course this is no big deal, because it's either not true or if true we don't have to worry since Jesus will take care of us.  Wow that is bullshit, but there are lots of pols who pitch those treacle coated turds.  And there are lots of weak minded voters who will eat anything covered with a sweet coating.  Of course today's pols will be dead when the yet unborn grand kids start to look for who fucked up their planet.

Arctic warming to boost rise of sea levels

Kool-Aid Time?

It looks like Jon Boy is getting ready to run.   Will he drink GOP primary Kool-Aid (eat batshit) to garner the crazy vote?  If he passes on the batshit could he win?  Oh, I wonder if all the folks who worked in Utah's Community Development Office before Jon Boy summarily fired them all, because he could, think he'd make a great commanderartor?  Gee, Jon Boy could even ask that creep from Utah's Third District to return to his tent and be his prime adviser again.  Slime is slime, even if it speaks Mandarin and works for Dems.   In his heart you know he's just another GOOPER hellbent on restoring the good old days of 1850 or was it 1650.

Huntsman steps forward, forms PAC

I bet I know who will be asked for cash, do you?

The revolting Arabs of Libya asked for our help.  They did not know how to be revolting.  In a humanitarian gesture we dropped bombs and books* on Libya.  Humanitarianism is a tricky subject.  We created lots of no zones, including an attempt at one no Qaddaffi or kin zone, but all we got was one son and a bunch of rug rats.

The bombs are good for our economy.  We borrow money, contract with U.S. bomb makers, pay them, and then drop the bombs on whomever is willing to receive them.  Imagine the damage to our economy if we quite paying our merchants of death--that's a lot of jobs.  Don't forget unemployment is still too high.  Now the revolting people of Libya are suggesting we quit funding our bomb makers and just send them the cash instead.   They have discovered they have no money.  It all used to come from the guy we're dropping bombs on.  Humanitarian war is very strange.

Libya’s rebel government asks for $3 billion in international loans

*Dummies Guide to Being Revolting

Pictures are too gruesome?

Oh, come on, we're worried about pictures?  That makes no sense at all.  The world knows bin Laden is dead.  No picture makes him any more or less martyr.  Myself, I would have put his head on pike and quartered his body and left it for the Pakistani allies to deal with.  Make the pics available, make any video available.  If that bothers folks in the Islamic community, then maybe they need to do a bit of self reflection before they pitch a public bitch about mistreatment of a corpse.

Bin Laden photos: Editors debate showing graphic images of dead body

Loudmouths are just noisy

The blowhard gets in the first word, but unless he's a stickler for accuracy, he's usually just a noisy liar that does damage.  They tend to be frustrated narcissists.  Take John Brennan for example.  He had the stage, he made shit up.  Reporters ran with what he spewed.  He spewed misstatements (lies).

Now, as the extent of the corrections will determine, tarnish appears here and there on the accomplishment of killing Obama.  The extent of the tarnish will depend on the extent of his lies.  I think public folks might have learned a lesson by now.  Until you have your facts, make the shyest guy in the room responsible for making the initial reports and let him know he will have to defend them as time goes by.  It's not anywhere near the Jessica Lynch or Pat Tilmann PR jokes, but just wait, there is time.  After all, first and foremost, Obama is a pol surrounded by advisers to pols.

Osama bin Laden ‘resisted’ assault but was unarmed, U.S. officials say

We all know that a pols job number one is to get reelected. Maybe job number two is being able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Will ObamaCo be successful at job number two?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who won what?

We killed bin Laden.  Okay, that means we're the winner, right?  Well, maybe bin Laden's done more permanent damage to us than we'd like to admit.  Who's really won?

A world without bin Laden already a world long gone

Bin Laden's Death and the War

U.S. forces killed bin Laden.  We're stuck in an idiotic war that would have ended by now if Bush has not screwed up in Tora Bora--he wanted a better shot at historical greatness and heard there were WMDs in Iraq.  Both of Bush's war are still on.  In 100 years, Bush will still be competing with Buchanan for the bottom.

We're broke, in terms of money and morals.  Why not use killing bin Laden as a reason to announce victory and come home and begin to get out of the Bush league?   Oh, no one really wants the war to end do they, it's too profitable?  Hell, these wars have gone on long enough for folks to have Afghan war careers.  How long until we see the first retirees?

Afghans worry bin Laden’s death could weaken U.S. resolve


If Assad's government is overthrown by Syrian revolting Arabs, all hell might break loose in another Middle Eastern shithole.  In terms of stability, Syria would become part of Lebanon and become another  competitor in the region's pastime, Arabic sectarian killing.   Ain't religion grand?

‘Doomsday scenario’ if Syria fails

Myself, I'm glad we have a wall separating church and state.  Bet there are a lot of Arabs who'd be willing be build such a wall if they were given half a chance.

Let's Play Chicken

Effectively, the legislators who won't raise the debt ceiling, unless they get their way, are playing chicken with the nation's economic future.  For the most they are Republicans, but there are some idiotic Dems involved.

Congress created the spending and borrowing mess particularly since 2000.   Now, Congress has to undo what they did to serve, not the nation, but their own sorry needs.  Congress can undo their mess, but of course if they do, some constituents somewhere will have to have their fiscal government tax revenue transfer ox gored.  When constituents are upset and vote, some Congress types don't get reelected.

And there in a nutshell is why we have the mess and cannot fix it without making an even bigger mess.  There is not a damn member of Congress who puts the nation before their own pathetic self serving ass.  Other than Jim Webb, job number one, two, and three is getting reelected.  Don't forget, we voters lapped up their self serving nonsense, we elected and reelected them.

Deadline to raise U.S. debt ceiling pushed to Aug. 2, Geithner says

Monday, May 2, 2011

What to do with radishes?

Why not make a hot pickle?  I found this in Fine Cooking as an accompniement to skirt steak, but it goes quite well with sautéed tofu or whatever you like.  Vary the vinegars, add any root veggie you have.  If you have not tried sherry vinegar, find some, it's worth it.

Pan-Seared Skirt Steak with Warm Radish & Red Onion Pickle

Debt Limit Deniers?

These folks are nuts.  If we default on bond payments, welcome to the United States of Greece.  If you had  a million dollars to invest would you seek out Jim DeMint for advice or Tim Geithner?  That's a no brainer.  I may have issues with Geithner, but his skill set does include large scale banking, trading, and finance.  DeMint has two skills, getting other people to give him money for future services and getting people in South Carolina to vote for him. Whom are you going to trust? When it comes to the national debt, I'll go with the Treasury Secretary and leave the crazy narcissist to help the Palmetto State remain status quo.

Debt-Limit Deniers Say Geithner Tries to Stampede Republicans Into Vote


The Universe

When you look up at night and see stars, you see all of god's creation, right?  Well, you see, at best, about 5% of his stuff.  HeSheIt hid the rest.  Now we know it's there, but damn, we have a sneaky deity.  What is the universe made of anyway?

In the dark

Sign of the Times?

Stanford to invite ROTC back to campus for first time in 40 years

What if all god wants is steeples?

Steeples and bell towers, those signposts of old-time religion, are so costly to renovate and maintain, many churches can't afford them...

I guess modern religionists have better things to do with their cash--themeparks--but if god is really an old fashioned kind of god then sinners get ready for some angry god hands.

Qadaffi was not the target?

Oh, come on, this is bullshit. NATO must be using the same playbook Bush used in Iraq.  Did they hire Cheney as an adviser?   Where is Rumpot, in Europe?  

NATO insists Gadhafi not target of airstrikes

NRA, Who's that?

Do you remember the gun nuts when Obama was elected?  They responded to a sales pitch based on the assumption that Obama would take away their guns.  Sales of guns and ammo sky-rocketed as Obama opened national parks to heat packers.   Gun nuts are an odd lot.

Oh, what about oddness central, the NRA?  Whatever will they do now that heat packing is not being fought much at all?  Didn't the Supremes say carrying is an unalienable right?  Will the NRA demand that RPGs be protected by the 2nd Amendment?  When you win your fight, can you afford to fold your tent and lose donors if you really want to stay employed?  How many issue advocacy organizations are really just sources of income for the advocates?

NRA tries to keep gun issues in presidential politics

GOP Problem

The GOP has sold itself to two major factions.  First, money.  The GOP is owned by fat cats like the Koch brothers.  Unfortunately, GOP masters tend to be unhinged.  Second, crazy people.   The GOP welcomed them as their guests, especially in the South.  Unfortunately, the guests overstayed their welcome and became permanent residents. The GOP has to please two rather extreme sets of people who finance, show up and  vote in primaries.  This results in a bizarre collection of candidates for offices such as President of the United States.  The latest example is Michelle Bachmann.   Who in their right mind would ever want her in the White House? And that is the problem with the GOP, the majority of the their primary voters are not in their right minds.

Bachmann excels at attracting controversy but wields little influence on Hill

Along the way, otherwise able people voluntarily eat batshit, establish their crazy creds, and vie for voters in primary elections.  Jim Jones did Kool-Aid, the GOP does batshit.  So far, the only GOP candidate who has not munched on batshit is Huntsman.  When will he have to eat a GOP snack?  It's too bad, since once you get away from the stench of GOP primary voters, they tend to be reasonable folks.  Too bad they have to put up with the Bachmanns, Palins, Santorums, and Gingriches along the way.   One of these days they may get a crazy elected, oops they did, now didn't they.  Damn, as usual, we remain screwed.

Wanted Dead or Alive

Received, dead, one bin Laden.  It's taken a long time since Tora Bora, but it's now done.

Osama bin Laden is killed by U.S. forces in Pakistan

Bets on how long it will take the GOP to attack Obama over this? When will McCain begin to complain about something Obama should have done? Who will pitch the first bitch--McCain, Lieberman or Graham?  What aspect of Obama will the birthers and those of their ilk begin to revile us with?  Will Trumpo demand to see the body?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Universe

Was there anything out there before the Big Bang?

Pre-Bang branes and bubbles

The problem with batshit

Batshit is addictive.  However, at time goes by, a user needs more and more batshit to elicit the desired crazy feelings.

GOP prospects don't light much fire in New Hampshire

I guess that explains the recent rise of Trump among the batshit crazy crowd.

The Lies Our Leaders Tell

It's statistical cosmetic surgery.

Botox and beancounting

By the way--

Paul Ryan is so full of shit.  Do you really want him to "fix" Medicare?  If so, then I have some beachfront property in Florida I'd love to sell you--

Fact Checker: GOP Medicare plan ‘just like’ Congress’s coverage?

How did we go from surplus to debt?

The simple answer is we elected George Bush.

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

Given that it was the GOP that put us in hock, why is anyone listening to them, for even one second, about getting out of debt? They have one fiscal skill. If it's fiscal, then the GOP will fuck it up beyond all recognition.  Now about the Ryan joke....


If the humanitarians wind up doing to the bad guys what the bad guys only said they might do in the future, then are the humanitarians, humanitarians any longer?  Once again, we let the ends determine our means, unzipped, and have proceeded to step on it.   It's a bit confusing.

Gaddafi’s youngest son and grand children killed in NATO airstrike

I think the United States is not much admired or respected around the world much these days. Hell, we're not even feared. Libya exemplifies a whole lot of flawed thinking about us and who we are, what we aspire to and so on. Is this the road to greatness or are we just a number one bully?