Saturday, May 14, 2011

Facing this kind of logic,

There's only one thing left we can do, first we kill all the Health Insurance Executives--

Many defend proposed double-digit increases in the rates they charge, citing a need for protection against any sudden uptick in demand once people have more money to spend on their health, as well as the rising price of care.

Health Insurers Making Record Profits as Many Postpone Care

I'm just tickled pink that Obama insured that the our health care system will be insurance based for at least another 40 or more years.   We won't be able to do a damn thing differently until the insurance side chokes on it's own profits as larger and larger segments of our society are pauperized, not by lack of health care, but by premiums.  Would you borrow money to pay for health insurance?  Get ready....


Since only 1% of us have any real skin in all three of our wars, it time to remind ourselves of a few things.  War sucks.  War is hell.  War is death and destruction.  No honor, no glory, just death and mangled bodies.




Docs and Guns

Should Docs be able to ask patients about gun ownership?  Nah,  gun safety is the province of the gun nut. Of course if the child of a gun nut uses the gun nut's improperly stored guns to kill other kids or adults, then the gun nut and offspring should be imprisoned for life.

Doctors, groups clash over asking patients about firearms

Elephant Shit

Uh, is will this kick off a round of Czech jokes?

Stinky souvenirs! Prague Zoo sells elephant dung

If this was happening in Poland...

Now that he's a commanderator

Full of himself and his success killing bin Laden, the Prez now returns to his war, war number three, Libya.  Bets on the outcome?

Obama re-focuses on war in Libya

Circus, Circus--And in the center ring!

Tonight.  On Fox.  On the Mike Schmuckabee news show, "Jesus Loves Me, but Hates You,"  Mike will make a big announcement.  Yes, tonight we will find our if the nation's most lovable schmuck will run for president in 2012.  I can hardly wait.  Pass the Kool-Aid.

Mike Huckabee’s ‘very important announcement’

Oil Industry Welfare

The GOP, a partially owned subsidiary of Big Oil, Inc., has been pitching the idea that domestic drilling needs to be opened up now to make us energy independent from those pesky A-rabs.  The GOP demands that restrictions on domestic drilling be lifted.  Of course, we don't have enough oil to make a dent in our imports, but when you're dealing in fiction, the con works, so it's drill, baby, drill. Too bad we're a nation of fiction lovers.  Oops, Obama reads novels too and wants those cheap voters on his team in '12.

Obama seeks to promote more oil drilling in Alaska, offshore

Note:  please notice that neither the GOP nor Obama are willing to pursue the folks who are actually responsible for the increase in oil and gasoline costs.  We all know that Wall Street investors and speculators contribute more than Big Oil to both parties.  Why?  That's a no brainer, their donations  prevent efficient and effective securities and commodities regulation.


Newt is back.   He's decided to run for Prez.  Wow.  The guy is a very well educated and articulate, but he just makes shit up as he goes.  He's an intellectual con artist.  Gee, in a sense both he and Obama share some attributes.  That might be an interesting race Obama v. Gingrich.   After six months the nation would  be drowning in bullshit.  Oh, unlike Obama in 2008, Gingrich has a record so his crap can be fact checked-

Newt Gingrich’s Pinocchio-laden debut

Gee, They Must Love Us

And in Legacyland, the dominant, and affluent, Shiite faction is ready to bitch slap the poor Shiite faction to keep the U.S., or is it the coalition of one, in Iraq after 12/31/11.   And you thought we were really going to end the damn war in Iraq?  Come on, our tax money is free for the military and the Iraqis.  Hell, let's finance our continued presence with another tax cut!  Remember deficits don't matter.  Will we see Shiite killing Shiite over U.S. tax dollars?  You betcha.  And you can bet we'll be there for another 50 years (or more).

In Iraq, an internal Shiite battle may be key to U.S. troop extension

Friday, May 13, 2011

Bend Over

Have you been feeling like someone's been telling you to bend over at the pump for a while?  Gas prices e too high?  Feel like you've been taking it in the shorts?  Why?  Go ahead take a guess.  If you answered speculators, then you win the right to go find one of those Wall St pricks, put on your steel tipped boots and kick them in their crotch until they cough up nuts.  If won't lower you gas cost, but the speculator won't be asking anyone to bend over any time soon.

I think we need some re-regualtion and a slug of new ones to shut these predatory bastards down.  They do not make anything or add to the value of our economy.  They are scum.

Okay, What's a Slutwalk?

I'm not quite sure how I feel about the idea of a slutwalk.  What do y'all think about this?

These 'slut walk' women are simply fighting for their right to be dirty

Gee, I Had no Idea

Ron Paul will run for the GOOPER nomination.  Who'd a thunk that?

From Dr. No to tea party godfather: Ron Paul says he’s running for president a third time


Power is the ability to have others comply with your wishes even in the face of their opposition.  All around the world we're seeing violent power contests.  Today, folks aren't complying and that's when we use words like war, civil unrest, or some other term that means there are at least two groups who want to able to successfully push others around.  Parties in these power contests will use any means to alter the course of who wields power.  In Pakistan, the local Taliban, out of power, want to be in power.  Now, they blow shit up and say its revenge for bin Laden's death.  It sounds righteous, but it's bullshit.  It's just the out group trying to be the in group that shoves everybody else around.

‘Revenge’ bombings in Pakistan kill 80


Note to Readers

Blogger has been unavailable, the part I use, for a day.  I don't know if what I posted yesterday morning, the 12th, will show up or not.  They had a bug in a some update code.  Reminds me of AT&T in NYC some years back.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Note To GOP

Obama's approval has hit 60%.  Not just for foreign policy, but for domestic too.  His numbers on specific issues are in the 60s.  Hmm, if the GOP keeps acting like teaparty trogs, they will discover that 2012 gives it all back, as in super majorities to the Dems.  However, I am confident the Dems can shoot, draw and aim between now and Nov. 2012.  Hell they could do it between now and next Tuesday.   At any rate, the numbers are the best Obama's had for a long time.

AP-GfK poll: Obama approval hits 60 percent

Who Needs Enemies When You Have Ryan

The "Path To Prosperity" is a way for rich old white male GOOPERs to profit and keep more of it by sticking it to the poor and the sick.  I hope folks realize what they support when they back the GOP.

Study: 44 million could lose Medicaid coverage under GOP plan

End of Days?

In the U.S., we're assured by local crazy folks that the world will end on May 21st.  We'll have to wait and see if we all wake up on the 22nd or not.  If we all died would anyone know the prediction came true?  In Rome, the home team crowd of crazies know Rome is not eternal, it's semi-eternal, because an earthquake is going to destroy god's Capitol on earth today.

Earthquake fever hits Rome as some fear "the big one"

Gourmet Cracker Snacks

The Cicadas are coming.  A huge 13-year hatch of the bugs is on the way.  They are the traditional Southern  snack that goes well with southern fried coffee.

Good News--the dollar sucks

The value of the dollar is down.  That't good news for American companies.  Yes, the world can now buy cheap shit from the USA!  Watch out Chinese consumers, the dollar will keep on declining.  Now about those minimum wage and child labor laws....

Weak dollar helping U.S. profits

Get Ready

Get Set!  Go!  It's time for war number four!  Team Obama has it's eye on Syria.  Hey, the troops in Iraq could just step across the border and create a No Assad Zone.  Bush started two idiotic wars,  Obama can match him and go for more.  Five wars by Nov. 2012?

Syrian military sends tanks into areas of unrest, as Obama weighs calling for regime change

How Do You Define No Fly Zone

NATO is blowing the crap out of bad guys.  It's okay.  It's humanitarian.  If NATO did not kill them, they might kill some revolting Arabs.  It's not a war, it's just a bit of assistance.  Obama kicked it off, passed the command buck, but still runs the show.  Well, he's providing the munitions.  Humanitarian assistance is profitable for the Military Industrial Complex too.  Will Libya fill in for Iraq if we actually leave that shithole in Dec of this year?

NATO steps up bombing in Libya; rebels report gains

Good Points on GOP Economic Views

Ruth Marcus does a good job summarizing why the GOP are boneheads when it comes to economics.  Speaker Boehner is especially dense.  I guess the mainstream GOP must be quite afraid of the Teabagger element and 2012.  To an extent, I can understand the Teabaggers,  but they are uninformed and angry.  After all this crowd does visit the creationist museum.  From that you can understand the GOP today-they've always been closet Teabaggers.  It's time for them to go back in the closet.

Boehner’s unreality check on the deficit


Gee, kill one terrorist master mind who's been living in urban Pakistan for years and Congress decides the war's over.  Is it?  Is the War on Terror over?  We do need a new strategy, but it's an old idea.  Let's try making war no more forever.

With bin Laden dead, some escalate push for new Afghan strategy

Willard's Going Green

Green, that is, as in cash.  As his Trog Party competitors woo batshit eaters who vote in primaries, Willard is raising money on Wall St.  Bankers and financiers love Willard, that should tell us something, but I'm not sure what.  However,  the crazies don't really give a shit about cash unless it's used to feed them more batshit.  Can Willard win without proving he's really a gun toting, god loves white folk, abortion doc killing kind of guy?  Will he put a saddle on a dinosaur just to nominated?  If he does, will anyone vote for him.  He seems like the John Kerry of the GOP.

Romney focused on outraising — by far — Republican presidential competitors

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They lost in 1865

Slavery ended in this country in 1865. The Confederate States fought hard to keep it alive.   Look, they were about as right in their cause as the Nazis were were in theirs in WWII.  Both lost for good reason.  In both cases, there is nothing there to admire or promote on a license plate, unless they, in their hearts, really love slavery or hate Jews and want the world it.  The war ended in 1865. They lost. They need to admit their ancestors guilt and realize what that Confederate/Southern heritage really points towards in 2011.

Confederate group fights for state specialty plates

Insurance Mandate

Should the feds make everybody buy health insurance? I'd rather have a national health care program, but that's another issue to discuss. If folks aren't insured and receive treatment, who winds up paying how much to cover their attempt to get by on someone else's dime? Taxes cover most of the health care deadbeats expense; premium go up a bit too. So, mandate or no mandate? If no mandate, then do we implement a policy that says "health care treatment requires a health insurance policy--no policy, no doc?"

Up to $49 billion unpaid by uninsured for hospitalizations

Crazy People Central

Welcome to the nation's political zoo.  Once again we will be entertained and amazed at the human ignorance, stupidity and depravity that passes for normal down there.  Talk about reality TV.  They've been at it for a couple hundred years.

Bedlam, USA*

*Go read about the historical Bedlam

Springtime for Insurgents

The poppies are coming up.  It looks like a good year for dope.  Well, if will be if the good guys and bad guys don't blow the crap out of the fields.  It's gotta be hard being a hard scrabble dirt poppy farmer when the Taliban kicks off  it's 10th annual Spring Offensive.  Once again they are back on the attack taking on the invasive 800 pound American gorillas.   At times I think we're less gorilla and more just too fat to waddle home on our own.  Damn this is the first war that can't end because one of the combatants is obese.

Oh, well, it's Springtime for the Taliban

What is this?

There's a little town out in the middle of nowhere, it's Plato, Missouri.  It's in the news today?  Why?  It's the center of something.  What?

Plato, MO

GOP Presidential Candidate

Rick Santorum wants to be president.  Want to find out more about him?  All you need to know you can find by Googling him.  Oh, here I've done it for you--


Thanks to last night's "Daily Show" for reminding the nation about Santorum.


The Shrub took over Iraq.  He even wrote a book for them to use, "Govment for Dummies."  They've read the book, they figured that was the only way to get us out of their country.  Of course they had to implement the Shrubs's guidelines.  Health care is just one example of how our beloved Shrub improved the lives of liberty loving Iraqis.  If they get cut from a liberty chip, they can go to a modern hospital for help. Once there it's a crap shot if they will live or die.  Yep, they really did read the book--

As security has improved and a semblance of calm has settled over Iraq, doctors say the biggest menace to patients these days is not so much a lack of money, basic training or even supplies. Rather, they say, it is the skewed priorities of a corrupt, often indifferent Health Ministry that has gone on spending sprees in certain realms while leaving basic health care to flounder.

Oh god, I can't wait until they implement the chapter on fiscal policy, taxes and spending. Will the Chinese buy Iraqi T-Bills?  The Iraqis are living the legacy and we'll be paying for it for decades.  Did you vote for Bush?  Why?

The Budget and Debt

Speaker Boehner is going to hold the debt ceiling hostage.  He will direct the House GOP majority to approve an increase in the debt limit only if Obama and the Dems agree to spending cuts equal to the increase in the debt limit increase.  If not, then no increase and we'll see if Geithner is right or not.

I think Geithner is right, the debt ceiling is nothing to play political games with.  Raise it, then play games.  The damages the GOP is hellbent on pursuing will eliminate them as a party.  So there is a part of me that encourages Boehner to continue to lead the House idiots.  His interest is not the nation's, no his interest is purely his reelection and his parties majorityship.  And there, for both sides, is the problem--we've allowed too many elective offices to become careers rather than temporary service slots.

You know, if he had come out and demanded repeal of the Bush tax cuts now, then he'd be starting down the right track.  I might even think he's willing to put the nation's interests before merely keeping his job.  Our government does need to cut spending, yes, but it needs to increase revenue first.  Remember, when pols like Boehner harp on spending, they want to eliminate social programs that area conducive to life and human dignity.  They don't seem to be much of a people party.

Boehner demands ‘trillions’ in spending cuts in exchange for lifting debt ceiling

Monday, May 9, 2011

What in the world is this doing?

Here's the process--a pad within your phone vibrates when sound waves hit it.  That makes zinc oxide wires set between electrodes compress and release.

Okay, so what?  What does that do? Well, how about charging your phone while you yak! Yep, sound is transformed into an electrical current. It's not here yet, but just wait for the next iPhone (maybe).

Nano-tech applications

My Head Hurts

27 million servers world wide!  These  servers crunched 9.57 ZB of data last year!  ZB?  Oh, that's a Zetabyte as in 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000. I can't quite get my head around these numbers.

UC San Diego research report estimates that average worker processes about 3TB of data annually

How much data did you process today?

Obviously, God Does Not Like Good Old Number 1

How do I come to that conclusion?  Oh, I use the Pat Robertson world events analytic system.  When bad shit happens it's because god is sending us hidden messages about our evil behaviors.  God must really hate Alabama and the other Southern states  hit by extreme weather last month.  He's not too keen on folks who live along the Mississippi either.  I wonder what they did?  This has to be god teaching us to behave.  It couldn't be something as simple as man made global warming could it?  Nah we're all sinners in the hand of an angry weatherman.  Ready sinners, there's more anger a coming--

More severe weather due after a brief lull


Let's see if I have this down.  As a professional education improver person, I want to become famous so I blame teachers for all that ails education.  They are shitty and must improve.  I will know how they are doing by making the students take lots of standardized tests.  Along the way I will implement lots of teacher training.  I am sure my ideas are just fantastic.  We test and test and lo the students test scores go up.  The teachers learned how to teach because I threatened to fire them.  Well, maybe they are teaching to test, but there's an easier way for me and my teachers to shine, just correct the answers on the tests.   Did that happen?  If so will it matter to the Education Industry Complex?  Funny how children and learning never quite takes center stage when we talk about education.

Inquiry sought into D.C. test scores

Sometimes you get what you ask for

And in Texas, Gov. Perry, who used to talk about seceding from the Union, now, effectively, has a bit of what he asked for.  Yep, the feds are letting Texas go it alone.  Oh,my, Texans instead of being proud of their independence,  are pissed.  Perry and Texas want federal assistance!   The feds are not responding.  Can we give Texas back to Mexico?

Grumpy Republicans await Obama in visit to Texas

Defense Welfare Cuts Opposed

Pols desire reelection more than deficit cuts or paying down the debt, so they are scurrying around to make sure the Department of Defense does not have it's budget slashed and or see spending cut.  As more and more voters have become dependent upon tax dollars for their working incomes it's harder and harder to cut that white collar welfare.  These people donate and these people vote.  When is the last time you saw a Medicaid voting block?  Did anyone really expect serious budget discussions and actions from clowns who sole reason for living is to be reelected so they can pretend that people like them?  We need to change our politics.

Lawmakers moving to block defense cuts


The dictator is still dictating.  The revolters are still revolting.  The dictator has tanks.  The revolters have slingshots.  Any bets on the outcome?

Syria crackdown escalates, spreads

The Bump

Obama has gotten an Osama bump.  Yep, 9% more Old Dominionites now think he's cool than did a couple weeks ago.  His approval is going up coast to coast.  It's simple, a terrorist is killed on your watch and your numbers go up.  It something occurs when a president is in office, the president gets the credit or blame.  It's a big odd.   Will this be what voters base their votes upon?  We vote for "killers" but cannot ever seem to elect someone who can actually manage and administer a massively large corporation--the USA.  I guess this puts Va. back in the purple column for now, but then again the Macaca man is running for the Senate.

Bin Laden death helps Obama reposition in Virginia, but big challenges remain

It's getting closer

It appears that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" will finally be eliminated soon.  Now, troops are being trained on how to behave when the rule is fully repealed.  Part of me can understand the need for training--institutionalized gay hate and bashing is difficult to eradicate from everyday behavior.  But, part of me doesn't get it--we're all god's creatures so who really needs training?  Then again, maybe that's the problem, it's god's spokesmen who have created the mess, so train on!

Troops get training on end of ‘don’t ask’

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Cajun batshit curry?

Bobby Jindal releases birth certificate

Know an energy trader?

Something happened to check the greed.  I guess the traders in oil figured if they kept it up, pols might be forced to actually regulate energy trading.  Gas is expected to go down 50 cents by June.   Eventually, pols are faced with a dilemma, go for the money or go for the votes.   Gas may have become a votes issue.  Oh, if you know anyone in the energy trading business, go shake their hand and while have a firm grip on them, kick them in the balls as hard as you can.  It will be good for them.  You'll be doing god's work.

Gas prices expected to drop 50 cents by summer

Bad Guy Update

Note, dictators stand fast in the face of revolting Arabs-

Syrian tanks storm key northern protest town of Baniyas

In Libya, Gaddafi’s forces bomb fuel depots in Misurata

While Bahrain demolishes mosques, U.S. stays silent

Got a Book?

Have you been rejected by publishers?  Did they suggest your text might make good compost?  Oh, they warned you, it would kill your garden.  Ouch.  What can an aspiring author do?  Why, it's DIY publishing theses days.  Yep, put it together, do all the stuff publishers did, and sell it as a e-book.  With Kindle, those who can't write all that well can find an audience who can't read all that well.  Well, that's a bit overstated, but self-published e-books are hot and making money for their authors.   So, got a book cooking?

Novel rejected? There’s an e-book gold rush!

Five Myths

Five myths about Osama bin Laden

What it?

What if we had captured bin Laden instead of wasting his ass?  How would that play out?  Here's one answer--An alternate history.

Gee, it's a reverse fantasy for evangefundies

In good old number one land, all the good evangefundies know god it not partial to anyone who sucks up to a "false" god.  It's like the line "Jesus loves me, but he can't stand you."  Evangefundies would love to burn Mosques, toast Muslims and eradicate all the Imams in Jesus land (their USA).   Ah the fantasies they have.  I bet it pisses them off when the object of the their hate pulls off what they want to do, but in reverse.

Hundreds of Christians, Muslims clash in downtown Cairo after mobs burn church

I wonder, what are non-believers fantasies?

Obama and 2012

Will Obama win in 2012?  Of course he will, just look at the GOP field.  Well, he will unless the GOP can muster a batshit free candidate, and that is very unlikely.  Obama is going to tie his "Got Osama" into the "Let's Do Big Things Together" as the cornerstone of his campaign.  He can do big things?  Well it depends upon whom he does them for.   How'd he do with heath care insurance reform?

Bin Laden raid fits into Obama’s ‘big things’ message

Note if Jon Boy Huntsman can avoid drinking the batshit laced Kool-Aid and become the GOP nominee, then it's not a shoo-in for the first orator.