Saturday, May 21, 2011

Why Run for Office?

The pay off is grand if you win and the office is something like the Presidency.  There's gold in speechifying.  The Shrub's cleared $15 million.  Not bad for a dipshit from Texas.  I wonder less about the Shrub and more about people who'd pay money to listen to him "talk."  They have to be taking something. Then again, I don't understand why anyone would voluntarily sit and listen to any former pol.  Oh that includes reading their "memoirs."  Come on think about it,  two huge tax cuts, two unfunded wars, oodles of financial deregulation and deficits up the kazoo.  Now why would anyone go an listen to such as ass.  Oh, those in the audience must also be asses.  Okay, now about Clinton,  remember the blowjob, so everyone in the audience must want to....

George W. Bush Reaps $15 Million Post-Presidency

Bets on Obama take after he hits the circuit. How much will he have raked in after two years out? Will he beat Bush, will he beat Clinton?

Attention High School Losers

You've graduated High School, can't find a job and want to get out the the rural shithole where you've lived your whole life.  You've always had a way out.  It's the be all you can be option.  Yep, enlist in the Army, don't get killed, and you don't ever have to go back.  That was a sure bet until the economy tanked.

High School degrees for enlisting?  Yes, but only until so many unemployed college grads start enlisting that the Army inflates the education requirement.  Bets on when we will see a Masters needed to become cannon fodder?

Campus to boot camp: more college grads enlisting

Note to Willard

The trogs in South Carolina will be polite.  However, as they will tell anyone, they know you are not a Christian.  Have a nice visit.  By the way, where do you think the folks you see protesting your faith on  SLC's Temple Square sidewalks come from, Michigan? Massachusetts?

Romney returning to SC

I wonder what the Carolinians will make him say and do for their votes this round?

Oh, my how the world changes

Latest Gallup poll

1996-2011 Trend: Do you think marriages between same-sex couples should or should not be recognized by the law as valid, with the same rights as traditional marriages?

NO problem

Got an ugly Pope statue?  No problem, give it a makeover.  Hold a beautification ceremony.  That's the clean up that comes before the beatification and sainthood.

Sculpture of Pope John Paul II decried as 'ugly'

Obama's Humanitarian War Front

All the various No this and that  Zones are still in effect.  NATO continues to save lives by blowing the crap out of anything that moves.  What is NATO's mission?  These non-war wars are very odd and a bit disturbing.

NATO pounds pro-Gadhafi forces' command centers


We were told that Iraqi oil would pay for the Shrub's pursuit of historical greatness in Iraq.  That, as we all should have expected, was bullshit.  Come on, the guy's from Texas.  Well, if Iraquis didn't give us the oil money what'd they do with it?  Bless my liberty chips and democracy dip--

They've Built A Hussein shrine

Obama's War Remains FUBAR

The bad guys, no not the international Islamic jihadi terrorists, but the other bad guys, the Taliban, will end the war by ending the supply of gas to the not bad guys.  It's a confusing war.

Official: 15 people killed when NATO oil tanker explodes in northwest Pakistan

War Number Four on Hold

Will we no zone Syria?  Nah, we can't afford to, besides, Assad would be able to fight back.  That dictator is not going to tumble.

At least 32 killed as Syrian troops open fire

There's something wrong with this--

Want to take a course in violence? Okay, then sign up for the Extreme SEAL Experience. It's a week-long course that offers civilians a rare taste of what it takes to be a Navy SEAL.

Wannabe SEALs pay for a taste of special ops

Yep, we're an odd species.  We kill off our own and shit in our nests. If we are made in god's image, then oh, shit, maybe we do need an end of days after all.

Today's Weather

Toay will be a glorious Spring day.  Mild sunny all day, a great day for gardening.  However, we may all  want to cancel this evening's barbecue, the Apocalypase come at 6:00.

Signs of the apocalypse

Oh, I can still have my cookout, god just sent me an e-mail--I'm on the not to ever be raptured list.  How do you want your steak?

Second Race

The Kentucky Derby is over.  Today's question is, will Animal Kingdom win and be closer to the Triple Crown or not.  It's the Preakness! Post Time: Saturday, May 21, 6:18 p.m., NBC.

What's your drink for the Preakness?  Maybe it should be beer?  Will the infield crowd get hammered this year?  Last year they lost attendance over booze.  This year Pimlico offers $20 bottomless mugs of beer.  If there is no bottom, what does it mean when you say "bottoms up?"

About the race:

Preakness Stakes 2011: Kegasus leads the pack in drawing attention

About the field:

2011 Preakness preview

Obama and Israel

One thing about Obama's speech on the Middle East that everyone should have expected, regardless of what he said, is that the GOOPERs would be against it.  GOP policy is easy.  Find out what Obama is for and then just say "No."  It doesn't matter if Obama then pulls a 180, reverses himself, and changes his mind, GOOPERS will still just say "No" to that too.  It's almost too easy.  Of course if the time comes when GOOPERs have to actually explain themselves they may be struck since they don't have a clue of what they were opposing.  There's no there there between N and O.

On Israel, our little GOOPERs were given an assist by Israel, they said no too.  Can we arm both sides and let them slaughter each other for their respective  god's glory?  Our end of days fans would love that policy until they finally figure it out, there is no second coming, no end of time, and no rapture.  Oh, don't forget.  Today the world ends, about 6 pm.  See you here tomorrow morning.

In meeting with Obama, Netanyahu rules out Israeli withdrawal to 1967 boundaries

Friday, May 20, 2011

Batshit Eaters Update

Who's eating batshit for '12--

Newt Gingrich
Tim Pawlenty
Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Gary Johnson
Herman Cain

Who've quit eating batshit for '12

MIke Huckabee
Haley Barbour
John Thune
Mike Pence
Donald Trump

Who may eat batshit for '12
Mitt Romney
Sarah Palin
Mitch Daniels
Jon Huntsman
Jeb Bush
Chris Christie

Any others?
This is the kind of list that insures Obama will win.  Is there anyone on the above list you'd vote for instead of Obama?

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Can you tell the difference between 'ObamaCare' and 'RomneyCare'?

Last week, Mitt Romney gave a speech to try to differentiate between the health care law he signed in Massachusetts and the federal law that Republicans refer to as ObamaCare. But the truth is, the plans are pretty similar.

Can you tell them apart? To test your skill, PolitiFact health care writer Angie Holan has come up with a special PolitiFact quiz. Take it and see how you stack up!

Meanwhile, it's been a difficult week for the PolitiFact staff because of the departure of Donald Trump, who gave us lots of interesting factual claims to check. As a friend of mine said, there were two groups that were crushed when Trump got out of the presidential race: fact-checkers and comedians.

Still, we're managing to do some interesting fact-checks. Check out our recent items on onNewt GingrichPresident Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

Also, make sure you check out our new featureBeyond the Meter, which highlights the work of other fact-checkers.

Congressional Normal

Uh, we weren't going to leave any of them behind.  However, the law needs to be tweaked to assure that the kids keep moving on down the educational  assembly line.  Oops, we're going to leave them waiting on line instead.  Stop the line!  See, if there is no movement, then there is no behind.  I love Congress, don't you.

No Child Left Behind fix lagging in Congress

Oh God, the world will end

I saw this headline, Reid rejects Boehner proposal for $2 trillion in spending cuts and became depressed. Yeah the world will end. Not because god is taking his toys back, but because the Dems are putting their foot down on the debt ceiling. You can't do that if you don't have a spine.  Harry Reid gave his away long ago.  Yep, in the end, it won't be $2 trillion in cuts, it will be a compromise $4.6 trillion, entitlements will end, and Defense will double in size. Dems scare the crap out of me when they "...rearrange tax stuff."  Let's face it, all of them are more concerned with reelection than anything else.  It's been fun, banana republic here we come.  Will Obama set two records?  First black president and be the last president too.

Attacks on Big Macs!

Should McDonald's be able to advertise their burgers to kids?  Is Ronald McDonald evil?  To some the answers are No and Yes.  They are believers in corporate responsibility.  Thus, they are idiots.  Business, in our capitalist world, has only one responsibility.  It is to make as much money as possible, period.

Business operates within a legal environment.  They comply with whatever laws they have to.  For example, if the law says  they cannot employ children in sweat shops, violations of the law will result in the loss of significant profits and executive jail time,  then they don't hire children in sweatshops.  Well, they don't here at home, but the law does not pertain offshore.

McDonald's is in the business of selling junk food.  If folks don't want kids eating that shit, then pass stringent laws that covers all junk food or, better yet, make the kids eat veggies instead.   If sales decline, then we'll see Broccoli burgers pop up on the Menu.

McDonald's defends its right to advertise to children

If folks cannot control their children's diet, why'd did they have the little urchins in the first place?

Oh Crap!

Unless the world does end on Saturday, May 21st, this coming Summer will be less than pleasant.  Have you forgotten the upcoming Hurricane Season?  I haven't, neither has the weather crowd.

Fierce forecast: Feds predict up to 10 hurricanes in 2011

If I make to Sunday, I plan to, then I figure it might be a good time for god to go ahead and rapture off a lot of crazy people and leave the rest of us to deal with hurricanes, tornados, flooding, and scorching temperatures.  Yep, for those of us left, it will be more of the same globally warmed days.  Hope all of the faithful of all flavors are sucked up by the lord's holy Hoover.   Gee, could this be a divine spring cleaning?

Rich Get Richer, The Rest Get the Shaft

How fares the nation on the job front?  Nothing new here.  Unemployment remains high.  Oh, we have 5% fewer jobs today that we did in 2007.

Job creation limps along after recession

How can we fix this mess? Oh, how about a tax cut? Oh, I forgot to mention that the mess I'm referring to is that the non-rich still own a few things and have some income. We can remedy this, we can tax cut our way to greater prosperity for the rich.

Bullshit Still Rules

Where is the BS always knee deep?  Why, in the United States Senate, of course.  You know, the Senate, it's the world's greatest debilitative body.  Have we forgotten all the huffing, puffing, and self congratulations Senators sent our way some months back?  Between appearances on cable news, Senators were reforming their rules.  The Senate would get back to helping govern the nation.   I hope no one held their breath over that bit of new and improved PR BS.  The Senate remains necessary, it's in the Constitution, but tradition rules.  It's as dysfunctional as ever.

GOP filibuster blocks federal appeals court nominee Liu

Need evidence that advertising works?  Then look no further than the U.S. Senate.  Take away their "vote for me" ads, and who would give any of them the time of day?  Would anyone,voluntarily have coffee with Jeff Sessions?  Dinner with Orrin Hatch.  You can give yourself the willies thinking about that kind of stuff.  Oh god, even the thought being on a street corner waiting at a bus stop with Inhofe is downright scary.

FBI Success?

Some stories will never end.  They won't.  It's not because some people are paranoid about the FBI.  No, they won't go away because the FBI has developed an ability to never get the job done quite right.   Did you expect to see more on the FBI and anthrax?  I didn't, but here 'tis--

FBI lab reports on anthrax attacks suggest another miscue

If trust were a grade letter, what grade to you give the FBI?  I give them a C.  They are so average, but at least if they don't get better, they don't get worse.

Gee, Obama Made Another Speech

Obama spoke about the Middle East.  This one won't go down as well as the one in 2009 appeared to be lapped up.  This time he spoke amidst revolting Arabs, toppled dictators, wavering warlords, and very secure rulers.   Obama suggests that Israel and Palestine make nice based on borders from 1949.   Let's see, since he  is not eradicating Israel, Arabs will flip him off.  Israel will not return to anything pre -1967, Obama gets another bird from them.  Oh, Congress will praise or protest  the speech as campaign donations dictate.  It was a nice speech but come on, it's just more articulate, but  Bush league noise.  Arms merchants don't fear, religion and the politics of Middle East peace will remain status quo and thus maintain sales.

Obama prods Mideast allies to embrace reform, make peace


No Shit Sherlock!

Gee, really?

AAA survey: Fewer car trips planned for Memorial Day weekend

A Bit of Ends and Means Again

Funny how one guy can make good rules after a disaster.  He can follow them for a while.  Then, over time, it gets personal as he is affected by his own rules.  Damn, he asks for an exception to his rule since he knows he is mission critical to the moment.  Who can tell us what the hell national security really means, so if it is invoked, rules are trumped.  After all, he knows sauce is really just for the goose.  The gander, well, he also knows the true rule of our current government--all animals are created equal, some are just more equal than others.  So much for ends never justifying means.  Is that Jedgar smiling from the grave?

Some FBI agents are angered by plan to extend tenure of Director Robert Mueller

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today's Posts

We had severe storms last night.  My WISP company had a number of towers knocked out of service.  I had no Tubes this morning.   Then between dentist. shopping and discovering a drainage ditch the hard way, with my left front tire, it's been a full day with no posting.  My truck's wheel was damaged, it sucks.  They are expensive.  Oh well, I hadn't changed a tire in 20 years until today.  Maybe some posts later, but more likely tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Opinion Piece

Why's it good?  Simple, I agree with Mr. Myerson.   The South or seniors?  Seniors of course.

Welfare-queen states

Chinese Ag

Heavy metal cadmium in rice, check. Toxic melamine in milk, check. Arsenic in soy sauce, check. Bleach in mushrooms, check. Borax in pork, check. Now add exploding watermelons to their list of crops.

Chinese farming practices

Gee, it we laced the GOP batshit with a bit of forchlorfenuron we could have exploding wingnuts.

He is right!

Referring to Republican demands for deep budget cuts in exchange for an increase in the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, Geithner said last night: "If Republicans try to impose that plan on this country as a condition for raising the debt limit, then they will own the responsibility for the first default in our history, with devastating damage to the nation."

If it happens, please remember this in Nov., 2012. We can no longer afford to have a GOP as a major party in this nation. They need to go the way of the Whigs.

Your Guy is also a piece of shit

Yes, while 63% of us think incumbents do not deserve to be reelected.  However, on average, 57% of us think our particular Rep merits return to Congress.  That is very contradictory.  Why can't we admit our guy is a turd too?  Then again advertising may really work well  on us.  Well, that and an unwillingness to admit that we voters have elected exactly what we want.  Incumbents all suck and our behavior has really sucked.  Will it change?  Nah, in politics, despite the noise, it's just more of the same shit on different days.  Unless...

Poll: Americans as unhappy as ever with Congress

Make the poor pay for heath insurance!

That's what Florida is about to do.  Pay up or die!  If that is what folks in Florida desire, then why don't they just end the damn program and be done with it.  They can let folks die or buy health insurance on their own.  What business is health care of the state?  I guess Floridians think people are poor by choice.

Florida pushing new fees for most Medicaid recipients

Maybe we should end Medicare too, but I doubt if most Floridians would go that far.  After all, they paid for their bit of welfare.   National Health Care would be so much simpler, cheaper, and healthful.

Obama's War Still On

Oh, I should have been more specific.  I'm referring to his third and most recent war, Libya.  It's still on and  Qadaffi is still in power.  War on!

After 2 months, no end in sight to Libyan air campaign

She's Right

I agree with Ruth Marcus about Power Point.  I always felt as though Power Point presenters were trying to transform me into an organizational zombie.  Power Point can be your way to a living death.  Now, a Power Point president? Why does Willard like zombies?

Romney, you can’t govern by bullet point

Enjoy it while you can

Do you Netlflix?  Lots of folks do.  So many do that it scares the crap out of cable and satellite providers.  Do kill Netflix they will all proabaly start charging Internet users for how much data they consume instead of offering flat-rate monthly fees. Greed can wreck the Internet. Too bad.

Video viewing on Netflix accounts for up to 30 percent of online traffic

I have a feeling that it would be a lot more profitable to encourage more usage rather than throttle it back.   Caps, to use retailing as an example, would save a crappy dime store, but would preclude a Wal-Mart from ever being developed.  Stupid.

Funny What You Can Buy

Gee, it wasn't our fault.  Nah, it was all those hippies and dope.  Oh, I'm referring to a report about priests who abused kids.  Yep, it was just rogue priests doing what society told them to do.  Who knew?  Bullshit.

Priest sex abuse scandal was temporary problem, study finds

Did Ratzy get his money's worth?

We invented PR and Advertising, So Why Can't We Win Those Hearts and Minds?

The War began on Oct., 7, 2001.  The U.S. government still has troops in Afghanistan.  It's still war.  If you were an average Afghani, do you think you'd have had enough of 800 pound gorillas?  Hell, you might even want the Taliban back.  More collateral damage, that's dead Afghans.

Protesters accuse NATO of killing civilians in night raid; 11 killed in clash with security

Do you still want our troops there?  Do you really think this is making us safe?  Do you think this is very profitable for the war biz?   Will you vote for more war?

Who Needs Allies Like This?

War remains so damned depressing. The title question above can of course be asked of us about Pakistan or it can be asked of Pakistan about us.  Either way it's sad and it sucks.

Pakistani troops, NATO helicopters engage in firefight

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN — Pakistani paramilitary troops shot at NATO helicopters that crossed from Afghanistan into Pakistan early Tuesday, triggering a firefight that left two soldiers wounded, military officials here said.

Hail Caesar?

It's getting harder and harder to have a decent thing to say about Obama.

Death of the War Powers Act?

This week, the War Powers Act confronts its moment of truth. Friday will mark the 60th day since President Obama told Congress of his Libyan campaign. According to the act, that declaration started a 60-day clock: If Obama fails to obtain congressional support for his decision within this time limit, he has only one option — end American involvement within the following 30 days.

If nothing happens, history will say that the War Powers Act was condemned to a quiet death by a president who had solemnly pledged, on the campaign trail, to put an end to indiscriminate warmaking.

Too bad the GOP does not have even one reasonable alternative.  Is this your United States?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Revolving Door

It's so damn convenient and so typical of how we conduct public affairs--our government is of business, by business and for business (provided they donate generously) and financed by citizen tax dollars.  Makes you proud to be an American

FCC commissioner Meredith Baker to join Comcast-NBC

Can anyone figure out how much her vote was worth over say the next 10-20 years?  Quid pro quo!

Will Palin be the last candidate standing and thus make it by default

One after another the batshit crazy GOOPERs either quit the race or drop out.  The latest loser may be the Newt.  He has an open mouth problem (as well as a history of zipper issues).

GOP to Newt: Leave Paul Ryan Alone!

Uh, is "misspeak" a noun?

Only in Washington

Historic Spending Cut = Small Budget Increase!

If it's in office, it's time to make them all former employees of the U.S. Government.

The Pure Essence of the GOP

In an older cartoon, Tom Tole's nailed the GOP and Paul Ryan--


We may be making more than porn to keep us free

Been porn-o-scanned yet?  What's big deal?  A porn shot for freedom and our way of life is worth it,right?  Okay, but what if the camera kills you?

The Transportation Security Administration says its full-body X-ray scanners are safe and that radiation from a scan is equivalent to what's received in about two minutes of flying. The company that makes them says it's safer than eating a banana.

But some scientists with expertise in imaging and cancer say the evidence made public to support those claims is unreliable. And in a new letter sent to White House science adviser John Holdren, they question why the TSA won't make the scanners available for independent testing by outside scientists.

Scientists Cast Doubt on TSA Tests of Full-Body Scanners

Have you been fracked?

If you turn on the cold water in your kitchen and it becomes a flame thrower, then you've been fracked.

Scientific Study Links Flammable Drinking Water to Fracking

Why is anyone still a Catholic?

Wow.  Pope Ratzy is concerned about priests abusing kids.  He's so concerned he encourages  Bishops to get concerned.  He's also encouraged the Bishops to come up with a policy within a year or so.  That's concern?  The Catholic Church is a social organization that has more to do with the success of the officials running the the organization than is does with the aims (saving souls) of the organization.  I don't think god would mind if folks flipped off the Pope and started over.

Vatican Tells Bishops to Set Clear Strategy Against Abuse

Get out your Sci-Fi books

Now that everyone has quit cheering about killing bin Laden, consider this--

"A wider implication is that the killing may be seen as a precedent for targeted killings of individuals by any state, across international boundaries, at least where terrorism is involved..The more states act in this way, the more likely it is to become accepted, at least politically if not as a matter of international law."

As we wander into the future, what will it be like? Since we have decided ends can be used to justify our means, get ready for international mayhem.  Who will be next?

More Death

More soldiers died in Afghanistan.

4 U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan

Does anyone care?  Nah, at most, only 1% of us have any reason to care.  For the rest, four from 308,000,000 people is still 308,000,000.  Now you  know why Bush and Obama did not and will not revive the draft much less raise taxes to pay for the war as we go.  

Stating the obvious

Here's the poll result--

7 in 10 Americans say high gas prices hurt

70% of us feel the pinch.  30% do not.  Now, let me ask you this, do you think the GOP tax cuts are directed at helping the 70% or the 30%.  Perhaps that will give you  a clue about how and why both parties have put our nation in distress and why it will stay there.

Maybe it's time to fight back.  The upper class and it's servants have been at war with the rest of us for decades.  They have been winning the war as we watch "American Idol."  The battle field is the ballot box.    Shall we take the field?

In Case You Did Not Notice

The U.S. has taken it's first step to becoming the largest banana republic in the world.  This is courtesy of the GOP.  The GOP wants to gain more power in the next election.  Winning elections is more important than anything else.  After all, ruling a third rate nation is better than not ruling a first rate one.  Sadly, that logic is what has guided both parties to bring about today's fiscal mess.  Even more sadly, half of the public share this perspective since they keep on electing the same power seekers to office.

U.S. government hits debt ceiling, lighting 11-week fuse

The Vision of Our Pols

The people we elect to offices across the land have a shared vision.  Since we elect them over and over again, their vision must be our vision.  Well, at least it's the vision of those people who vote.  I have no idea about non-voters and vision.

What is our vision?  Oh, that's easy.  Look about you.  Look at what's called infrastructure.  It's in bad shape.  We have not paid to maintain, much less improve, it.  Why?  Oh, yeah it's our vision.  We want to transform the entire country into the United States of Detroit.

Study: $2 trillion needed for U.S. infrastructure

Eddie Munster is back

Rep. Ryan has revisited and defends his Medicare plan after he discovered voters in his district were pissed with him.  He still wants to privatize it.  He's sure the private sector will do a better job.  Of what, I'm not certain.  However I am certain if Medicare is privatized it will not cost less, but it will be very profitable for health insurance companies.

Instead of health insurance, let's create a national health care system instead.  No insurance, just care.  No profits, just salaried employees working in government owned facilities.  Gee that sounds like Walter Reed.  If socialized medicine is good enough for treating wounded soldiers, why not try it for everyone else?  Or we could try Medicare as it is today, but make it available for all.  Premiums might then fund the cost.

Ryan defends Medicare overhaul, argues that GOP plan would grow economy


Al Qaeda killed over 3,000 Americans in NYC, Pennsylvania and Virgina in 2001.  Al Qaeda had safe harbor in Afghanistan.  The Taliban government would not surrender bin Laden and Al Qaeda cadre to us.  We, under Bush, invaded in 2001.  It was revenge.  We had world wide support for our action.  Nobody likes terrorists that blow up big buildings and kill so many people.  We shocked.  We awed.  We made rubble.  We rousted the Taliban.  The ones that were not dead, fled to Pakistan. We pursued bin Laden but didn't get him in Tora Bora because Bush decided he'd rather make history by invading Iraq.  We didn't leave, we frittered away the Afghan War.

The Taliban regrouped.  They came back.  The "war" in Afghanistan has not been about terrorism for a very long time.  We've been fighting a formerly defeated enemy.  Basically, the Shrub fucked up the war in Afghanistan.  We're still there.   Our commanders in  the ground assure us that we are making qualified progress.  Victory, winning, coming out on top, stalemate, something will be achieved sooner or later.

Oh that something is giving it all back to the Taliban.

U.S. speeds up direct talks with Taliban

Why do we elect folks like Bush and Obama?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Moron Watch

If Newt is the best the GOP has to offer, then Obama will become a saint before John Paul II.   The man is a complete dolt.  But, then again, he does know how Republicans think.  That's scary.  Not Newt, he's just another narcissist.  That there are people out there who listen to this turd, that's scary.

Newt Ditches Mandates Today After Defending Them ... Yesterday

Yep, Willard Gingrich is running for Prez.

There Goes a 100% Probable Victory for Obama in '12

Now, he's just 90% sure to win against the batshit crazy field that remains.

Donald Trump not running for president

What's a memristor?

I didn't know what one is either, but they are on the way from HP and we'll all be using them in a couple of years in one gizmo or another.  Find out more--

HP advances next-gen 'memristor' memory technology

Good News--Facebook Improves the Gene Pool

Man Dies As a Result of New Facebook Craze, 'Planking'

Plank on and please don't breed.

Japan Nuke Disaster

I hope you don't have stock in Tepco.  The nukes are Fukushima are worse than we were lead to believe.  One reactor's core melted down.  Now it appears that two more may have also gone into meltdown.  The mess will not be cleaned up, covered yes, but not cleaned and put back in any kind of service.  Shit really happens when all managers do is attend to short term profit. How's management doing in your back yard?

Tepco Says Fuel in 2 Reactors May Have Melted


Do you think there is more to come?  Or, do we only go round once, period?

Physicist Stephen Hawking rejects heaven or afterlife as a 'fairy story'

So far, more folks agree that you gotta grab the gusto today, because when the beer is gone, all that's left is an empty can.

FBI Deja Vu Again, in the Army

Do you remember a few years back when the FBI finally had to admit that its ace crime lab had made up evidence?  The affected cases are still being resolved.  The FBI got bad guys, it just didn't matter if they  they were bad or not.  Justice shifted from facts to fantasy all due to politicized management of the lab under who?  Take a guess.  Yep, it's another one of those Shrub legacies.

The folks in the military crime lab have emulated the FBI.  When you need a fact, just make shit up--it's easy and cheap too.  They got bad guys.  And as was with the FBI, the military used lies to try the innocent, convict them, imprison them, and possibly kill them.  Can you have a justice system that is based on conveniently made up shit?

More errors surface at military crime lab as Senate seeks inquiry

Will this be one more little legacy?

What Happens When You Lie Down With Dogs?

Why, you get fleas!  Yep, the kind you can quite never be rid of.  President Shrub decided to bed down with a dog named Erik Prince.  Prince in turn rounded up mercenaries, formed a company named Blackwater and leased his mercs to the Shrub (he didn't want to revive the draft).  Blackwater did such a poor job, what should anyone expect from hired thugs, that they had to change their name to Xe.  Feeling an itch yet? Now the fleabags have formed another company of thuggery--Reflex Responses.   Thugs will train other thugs and call the result an army.  Mercs help, for a fee, their own kind.  Flea powder won't work.  The Shrub left us so many legacies.

UAE prince hires Blackwater founder to set up foreign force

McCain v. Mukasey on Torture

McCain, a victim of torture, has absolutely trashed torturers.  Mukasey, a former chief spook,  has defended torture--through torture there may have been a lead to bin Laden's lair.  This is an idiotic exchange.  Torture is flat assed wrong in every way you can imagine.  There is no greater good that justifies the use of torture.  In our Republic, if we wish to preserve our way of life, the ends can never be used to justify the means.

If you disagree then I think you think little of life, progress and our aspirations.  You can choose to define the human species and how it lives as a social animal as one who preys on itself and uses torture as a means of obtaining answers to questions.  If so, eventually, then answers will never be trusted unless they are obtained by torture.   If you define the species this way, so be it, but think about the society you create for the future--your unborn grand children will be far more pained by a nation that tortures for justice than it will be over the national debt IOU.

Volitional, mortal sinners have two choices to assuage their guilt.  First, they can withdraw from the world to spend the remainder of their days in atonement.  Or second, they can try to convince themselves and those around them that what they did was in fact not sin,  but was the opposite, the good.  In our hearts we all know and will always know, torture is a very mortal sin.  Are we really ready to hop in the collective handbasket just to allow folks like Bush and Cheney to pretend they are not going to wind up in a hot spot?

McCain vs. Mukasey on CIA tactics and the trail to Osama bin Laden

Evidence of a lousy school system

I now have to admit our schools have failed us.  They have failed us for decades.  I have condirmed this.  I have listened to and read from Republicans.  There is no way an educated person could be a Republican.   Here's the latest stupidity from the GOP--

Avoid Taxing the Rich, Sell off the Interstate System

I guess if points to Darwin, the GOP suggests that devolution does occur.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Class War Notes

Did anyone expect otherwise?

The credit rating bureaus, whose reports influence everything from credit cards to mortgages to job offers, have a two-tiered system for resolving errors — one for the rich, the well-connected, the well-known and the powerful, and the other for everyone else.

Credit Error? It Pays to Be on V.I.P. List

People of the Book

Christians, Muslims and Jews all use the Bible in one form or another.  They are the people of the book.  One thing that seems to stand out about these bookish folks, they are pretty damned violent.  Each claims to be a religion of peace.  That just gives them time to reload.

Sectarian Violence in Egypt Injures 55

Gun Fans Take Note

As always we have to remember, guns don't kill people.  No, it's the 10-19 years old males living in urban areas who kill people.

CDC: U.S. murder toll from guns highest in big cities

Which Side Would Cry the Loudest

Would the shrieks of offended GOOPERS rise above loud braying of pissed off Jackasses if Rep. idea became law?  Hard to say.  Is this a good idea?

Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas wants Congress to just say no to all energy subsidies: wind, solar, ethanol, natural gas and, yes, oil, too.

Don't Blink

Man, every time you blink some new bit of mayhem pops up in the Middle East. Hm, the place is full of Arabs, is death and destruction their way of life?  I have trouble believing all of the people are really that pissed off at a bunch of Jews.  Envious, yes, but full of murderous rage?  Oh, well, this time  folks from the Syrian border decided to march into Israel to celebrate their loss in 1948.  I cannot understand how a group of people who have consistently had their asses handed to them by Israel can think they will obtain much more but more death.  The Middle East is a good place to be far from.

Israeli troops clash with protesters on hostile borders as Palestinians mark 1948 uprooting

Willard is finished

After his speech on Romneycare in Mass., what can anyone say about Willard?  Toles captures the essence of Willard:

Bets on  his being the nominee?

GOP Field

Mike $chmcukabee has decided gold is worth more than all the aggravation of running or president.  He announced it's a no go for him.  Of course this will allow him to keep his gig at FOX.  It's a good loss for Dems, it narrows the field of possibles more and more to just the batshit crazy GOOPERS.

Mike Huckabee won’t run for president in 2012

Debt Ceiling

When I worked for a state government, one of the things I found odd and quite frustrating was that my office was not permitted to enter into a long term lease.  Long term was anything over a year.  I thought it was idiotic.  Then I was told why.  A lease by an executive agency is a commitment to spend money in the future.  Unless you had a multiple year amount of money appropriated in one year, then a multi year lease was a legal commitment  which bound future legislatures to pay for the actions of a past legislature.  Money was appropriated one year at a time and budgets had to be balanced.  It kind of made sense, but it's still a tad idiotic.

Now, what about the national debt?  Who created the budget that the executive branch, by law,  had to spend?  That's a no-brainer, the U.S. Congress.  Every time they passed a budget that assumed the nation would borrow money to pay it's bills, the sitting Congress encumbered the acts of a future Congress.  Past legislatures, of both parties, have bound the 112th Congress to carry a $14.3 trillion debt and follow a policy of borrow and spend.

Today one party pretends they have just discovered debt.  The GOP is playing political budgetary blackmail games over the national debt.  If they do not get their way, they will not raise the debt ceiling and are willing to crash the U.S. economy and hope they can blame Obama and thereby gain more power.  However,  the 112th Congress is just one Congress bound by the actions of past Congresses.  The past has assumed massive borrowing and built massive debt.  The current Congress cannot ignore their own past, many of them enabled the mess over the past decades.

The GOP cannot ignore what they and the Dems sent forward to today.  The current Congress has to deal with both debt and a set of practices that finance our government.  Playing chicken with the debt ceiling is not the way to fix the mess.  But, note that the real fix might affect who gets reelected and that really scares all of them.  

What can we do?  Well, write a few letters and send some e-mail to folks in D.C.  Then get ready to not reelect anyone.  Do not vote for an incumbent.  If you cannot stomach voting for someone in the opposite party, then vote, but vote for  "None of The Above."