Saturday, May 28, 2011

Premier Pandering

Willard is in Iowa.  Iowa grows a lot of corn.  Corn is used to produce ethanol.  Tax payers subsidize the crap out of ethanol.   Will Willard be for or against ethanol?  Surprize, Willard says, "I support the subsidy of ethanol. I believe it’s an important part of our energy solution in this country.”  Will Iowa support Willard?

Willard's in Iowa

More Crazy Possible

If the GOP field is not sufficiently batshit crazy for you yet, then hang on unbattil Summer's end.

Bolton to Announce By Summer's End

Now about your sewage...

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Founder and Animal Butcher

I can't wait for the pics.

What the Bushes have Done

The Shrub's dad took us to war.  He preserved the Kuwaiti "democratic" dictatorship in '91 so it could enjoy this years' days of rage.

KUWAIT: 2,000 rally to demand resignation of embattled prime minister

Our nation would have been so much better off without the Bushes.

Global Warming

As the planet heats up, courtesy of all us nest foulers, the heat has to be dissipated some how.  We see it as extreme weather.  Heat has lots of energy.  The storms, tornadoes and such that have hit this Spring are just the beginning of lots of really nasty weather.  Oh, another way to get rid of the heat, at higher elevations, is snow.  It's still with us in the Rockies.

Heavy snows spoil weekend holiday plans in West

As the earthquake unleashes an avalanche on your now underwater tornado devastated town, thank the GOP and all their Jesus freaks for doing nothing about this man made mess. God may provide, yeah, he's providing himself with a way to start over. How much bad weather would it take to make us extinct?

Debt Ceiling

The GOP continues to play chicken with the nation's ability to borrow money.  It's stupid and very dangerous--

Defaulting on U.S. debt dangerous even to consider

If the pols are that serious about future debt, then lets see some action that affects them first. How about ending pensions for pols? How about ending benefits, such as health care, just because they are in Congress? Take away the perks and we might see a bit more of the citizen legislator and the self term limited in office.


If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.  In politics, if you were elected by being an asshole, there's always another asshole who will defeat you.

GOP freshmen get a tough lesson in politics

Military Industrial Complex at Play

Your hard earned tax dollars went from your pocket to the Treasury and then straight on the MIC.  What did you get for your money?  How about a flying pig?  A unicorn?  You got zip!  With this kind of defense, it's good we don't have really well armed enemies.  Death panels won't kill Granny, nah, we can't afford them.  The money all goes to pay for Defense Department pipe dreams.

Army report: Military has spent $32 billion since ’95 on abandoned weapons programs

Batshit Eaters Update

Yep, another one has drooled his way to the guano pile.  Actually he was there, left, and has now returned.  Once you've eaten batshit, you can't quit.   He's not smart.  He's not serious.  And he definitely does not use facts, reason or logic.  Who is this Republican perfect candidate?

Rick Perry opens the door to 2012 bid

Political Donations

Do you give money to national candidates?  Are you thinking about the 2012 races?  Unless you give the big bucks, you really don't count.  Candidates need lots of money.  Obama is talking about a $1 billion campaign.  Do you think a $100 donation will matter to him at all?

If you give small amounts to a candidate all you do is save money for their real owners, big business.  Both sides get their serious cash from the various industry complexes that feed at the federal trough.  Why help them at all?  They will give and they will get their way, so why not put your money to better use?

Instead of giving it to narcissists running for office, give your money to charity instead.  Give your cash in your favorite pols name.  The money will do more good and you will still show your support for the idiot you want elected.  Can you imagine if 10,000,000 people gave $10 to one charity, say the Humane Society, in Obama's name?  The Humane Society would put the money to good use.  Obama would just buy more "dig me, I'm so cool" ads.  Give it a thought.  Give but don't give.

The Anti-Palin?

It's getting strange in the batshit eaters cafeteria.  Palin's stomach is on fire.  As she burns and belches her way across the hinterlands, she may empower the other crazies in their quest to a nominee.  Who in particular?  Uh, try Michelle Bachmann--

Basically: If Bachmann can come off as a more serious, more reasoned and smarter politician than Palin, she could help herself immensely in the actual presidential race, not the fantasy sweepstakes currently occuring among Republican candidates. And Palin’s bus tour gives Bachmann a chance to effectively draw that contrast.

Oh, boy.  Serious?  Smarter?  Reasoned?  The GOP is deep shit.  I'd be embarrassed to be a Republican.  If they want serious, smarts and reason (yet still batshit crazy) why not Ron Paul?

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Have the auto companies fully repaid taxpayers?

Talk about a comeback! Detroit automakers say they are back on their feet. This week Chrysler executives became the latest to boast that they had fully repaid the federal government for financial help they received two years ago.

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler Group LLC, said the company had "made good" on a promise to repay taxpayers "in full."

But have they? PolitiFact reporter Rob Farley looked into the details and found that wasn't the full story.

We've also been busy checking claims about Paul Ryan's budget plan, including an ad attacking the plan from the liberal group The Agenda Project. Make sure you watch the ad, in which a Ryan look-alike pushes an old lady over a cliff, and then read our fact-checks.

Some other things to check out:
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  • Our fact-check of Evan Longoria's claim that his barehanded catch on YouTube was real.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Avocados will become more expensive

Do you like avocados?   Be prepared for them to cost more.  Why?  Well, the avocado has hit the big time, it's made into one of the rings in the junk food circus.  If Subway succeeds, then you can bet all the other vendors of obesity will add them in too.  As they buy in bulk, there won't be as many left for you.  Supply and demand you know.  Get ready--

Subway jumps on avocado bandwagon

Nanny State and Health Care Costs

Folks who don't take their meds can add billions to our health care costs.  It's obvious we must counsel them about their meds.

Missed meds could cost more than $250B a year

Got Gaga?

Amazon is ready for a second round of Gaga for 99 cents.  Got cloud?  Got Gaga?  Get both for 99 cents.

'This time we're ready.' Amazon offers Lady Gaga album for 99 cents, again.

Let's just leave the damn place now

I'm so glad we have a Commanderator in Chiefiness in the Shrubbery--

Reporting from Washington— In a clear sign of Pakistan's deepening mistrust of the United States, Islamabad has told the Obama administration to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country and has moved to close three military intelligence liaison centers, setting back American efforts to eliminate insurgent sanctuaries in largely lawless areas bordering Afghanistan, U.S. officials said.

The liaison centers, also known as intelligence fusion cells, in Quetta and Peshawar are the main conduits for the United States to share satellite imagery, target data and other intelligence with Pakistani ground forces conducting operations against militants, including Taliban fighters who slip into Afghanistan to attack U.S. and allied forces.

Better Late than Never

House Democrats clamor for U.S. to speed withdrawal from Afghanistan

Democrats in House of Representatives sent President Barack Obama a strong message Thursday — speed up U.S. troop withdrawals from Afghanistan. Though the House's bid to push Obama to expedite the U.S. exit failed, it lost by a surprisingly close 215-204 vote. The outcome, and the fiery debate that preceded it, made it clear that the president's party, as well as a growing number of Republicans, is growing impatient with the almost 10-year-old war as the 2012 election campaign approaches. In all, 178 Democrats and 26 Republicans voted to pressure Obama.

Another Good Idea Turns to Shit

If you thought there's a drug that would increase your HDLs and it would be coming your way soon, it won't.  A big trial showed no effect,  except maybe a little increase in one type of stroke.

Boosting ‘good’ cholesterol fails to prevent heart attacks in study

Isn't it more effective to change our diets?  If we all became vegheads...

It's going to get a whole lot deeper

As GOOPERs try to out crazy each other and nab the nomination, they'd better take note.  The mistress of madness, Sarah Palin,  is going on the road to promote herself.  Her stomach is on fire.  If you don't know who you are and you don't know where you live, don't despair.  Sister You Betcha will come visit and remind our about who you are and where you are standing.  America is truly the land of P.T. Barnum.

Sarah Palin readies bus tour amid 2012 speculation

Supremes--Commerce v. Whiting

Roberts and the Robes, still on their "Unleashing the Kagan" tour sang for state's rights.  States, such as Arizona, can stick it to illegals via shafting the sleazeballs who hire them.   The Trog majority opted to allow each state to enforce federal law.  I guess this may force the Feds to get around to doing their job.  If the feds don't, then expect immigration to wind up a responsibility for each state.   My guess is that employers will use e-verify and find a new way to hire the illegals.  Maybe they should look into bringing  back indentured servitude for illegals?

Supreme Court upholds Ariz. law punishing companies that hire illegal immigrants


The worlds greatest debilitative body has come through again.  They have insured fear will remain alive and well in good old number one land.  Actually, they insured the people who make their living in the fear industry will be able to remain employed and keep on receiving a lot of those hard earned tax dollars.  Our Senate aces, once again, put donations and reelection first; the nation's well being ranks about fortieth in priority.

Congress approves extension of USA Patriot Act provisions


This is amazing.

Rinderpest, or ‘cattle plague,’ becomes only second disease to be eradicated

Gee, what's next?  How about evangefundies?  GOOPERS?

Announcing the announcements

I guess this is a post covering announcements by wingnuts who will be making future announcements about themselves and their future.  That kind of egotistic bullshit can mean only one thing.  Yep, the narcissists are out and about.  They are running for president.  Willard, Santorum, and Bachmann will state the obvious next month.  Now that is so damned exciting I'll just go lay a loaf.

2012 announcement plans

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It still sucks

What still sucks?  Oh, our economy still sucks, if you are middle class or lower, work for a living, and have to pay for your own gas.    Yep, unemployment is 9%, the economy didn't grow and more folks filed for unemployment benefits.  Yep, it sucks.

U.S. Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Climbed Last Week

As we continue to tank, note the Bush tax cuts, which were never paid for are still in effect, will remain one the boat anchors on our government's revenues and national economic growth.  And don't forget, a decade of two wars which were never paid for.  We borrowed the money to give the Shrub a shot at greatness.  Talk about stupid investing.  That must be okay since no one made a sound about our third unfunded war in Libya.  I do not understand how anyone can listen to Republicans or Democrats on fiscal matters.  We have heard them talk and now see the results of their deeds.  Isn't it time to tell all them all to just leave?  Can we start over?

Mac Users take note

Apple working on Mac OS X update to combat 'Mac Defender' malware

Ready for the wreckage?

As man continues to warm the planet, the planet gets even with man.

Extreme weather's frequency to increase

Gas Costs

Damn, even the Saudi's know the spike in oil costs is not from oil companies.  It's from speculators and commodity traders.  However, our pols only go after the oil industry.  I guess that means there are more donations from hedge fund managers, energy traders and bankers than oil barons.  Oh, well, as always, via our voting habits, we all remain screwed.  As we keep on performing the anatomically impossible act upon ourselves, soon all we'll have left to do is watch tax payer fueled limos drive past us to Capitol Hill.

WikiLeaks: Saudis often warned U.S. about oil speculators

White House Stocks Up on Cat Litter

Obama is expected to waste a billion dollars to renew his lease on Air Force One.  That's a lot "dig me" ads.  Campaigns cost more every cycle.  I guess that's how people who place, sell, make and display ads get raises.  I guess the professional political operatives also have needs to secure a sound fiscal future.  The first O'billion will not raised from the five and dime hope and change crowd.  I'm sure he will make appeals to the little guy, but the money lies with the fat cats, the really obese cats.  The White House has stocked up on cat litter--it may not stink, but cat shit is still cat shit.

Obama campaign visits shunned NYC home in search of Clinton’s Wall Street cash

If you were a five and dime donor to Obama in 2012, are not really all that enthused over four more years, but know he's better than and will win against any GOOPER who's stepped up to the microphone so far, here's a suggestion about your future donations.  Do not give them to Obama.  Give him your vote, sure, but give your money to a charity.  Give it in Obama's name.  Can you imagine the message it might send to pols if 10 million people gave $5 to the same charity in Obama's name.  Need a charity?  Here's one, Best Friends.  Don't waste your money on politicians and parties.  Do some good with it, give it some folks who backs up their words with deeds.

First Law Breaker

Obama broke the law.  What law?  Oh, a little thing called the War Powers Resolution.  Congress may be concerned.  Congress, however,  will not do anything about the law.  If Congress acted it means they might have to take responsility for our wars.  And that might get in the way of reelection (GOP and Dems).  Obama has, by breaking the law, expanded the war making power of all future presidents.  I hope that was a change we all wanted.

Lawmakers question whether Obama is adhering to War Powers Resolution in Libya

Obama Yaks

Obama orated in London.   Gee, he made a speech.  I bet no one expected that.  He's such a shy, unassuming,  kind of guy.  Oh, horseshit.  He made a speech.  It probably sounded fantastic.  However, two minutes after he finished, I'm sure no one can remember what the hell he said or was even talking about.   The guy is the Chinese food of speeches.

Obama urges Britain, U.S. ‘to meet the demands of a new era’


The day is coming, 12/31/11.  That's when, under the Shrub's grand strategery and his SOFA, our troops are supposed to finally leave Iraq.  Iraq is, of course, the Shrub's attempt to go down in the history books as a great president.  How many died for his vanity and stupidity?

Oh, well, some Iraqis really want us out.  The black turbaned evil looking guy, Sadr, made the point with a big parade.  The parade featured flag burning and anti-U.S. ranting.  I hope our current commanderataor sticks to the SOFA.  Get out and get over it.  Our military industrial complex will just have to reduce it's 2012 first quarter expectations.

Thousands of Sadr supporters rally against U.S. in Baghdad

GOP Unity

The House showed us.  Now the Senate has as well.  The Republican party stands for fiscal soundness on the backs of the old and the poor.  There's no mention of paying for our three wars, but so much noise over programs such as Medicare.  The GOP will balance the budget but only through future pauperization of the old and less well off.  Voters remember when you vote GOP, you vote for yesterday.   Yeah, bring back the good days of 1850!  Or perhaps they'd be happier in 850.

Senate Republicans stand by plan to overhaul Medicare

Will voters finally say "enough" to the GOP?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama's Bungled War--Afghanistan

It's just another day in the rubble pile.  More death.  More destrution.   More rubble.  War on.  When will we leave?

Roadside bomb kills 10 in Afghanistan

Religion Affect Your Brain

I have to post this one--Study suggests 'born-again' believers have smaller brains.  Maybe this explains why evangefundies are such puny people.

Self Cooking Shrimp Update

Do you remember all the oil BP shot into the Gulf?  It's never been accounted for.  The dispersant has not been adequately assesseed.  Oil and degreaser were consumed by the sea life.  The sea life that did not die is being hauled up for people to eat.  Some people must like Shrimp flambe and 10w-30 marinated oysters.  Would you eat anything that came out of the Gulf? It's still very questionable.  I wouldn't touch anything for 5 to 10 years.  Eat your veggies instead (but bag gulf seaweed).

Gulf seafood safety concerns consumers

Netanyahu Addressed Congress

Netanyahu spoke to Congress on Tuesday. He didn't have a lot of nice things to say. I'm inclined to agree with him, but with a simple substitution, it's not Islam that threatens the world, it's all religionists of all flavors.

Militant Islam threatening world

Grimsvotn Update

The ash is in the air.  More planes are on the ground.  Gee, maybe Obama will have to stay in Europe.  Is this part of man made global climate change or is the end really coming on Oct. 21st?  Then again it might just be a volcano doing what volcanos do, blow their top every now and then.

Volcano ash cloud returns to Europe

Why do Presidents go to war?

Presidents go to war because they can.  Hell, the Shrub thought war would give himself a better shot at historical greatness, so he took us off to war, especially so  in Iraq.  Congress abdicated its Constitutional war making power and responsibility long ago.  It will not take it back.  As a result we now have three unfunded wars.  Funny how pols never rail against laying the costs of war a upon the unborn taxpayer.  It won't change until more voters decide to be like Chief Joseph and opt to  war no more forever with their votes. Until then the War Powers Resolution will be weakly, if that,  enforced and war will continue as part of every generation's lives as presidential egos pursue death and destruction.

Here's an opinion piece on the War Powers--Congress and the myth of the 60-day clock

Where in the world is Obama?

He's in England.  He's going to make a speech.  Yawn.

LONDON — President Obama will outline in a speech Wednesday how much the world has changed since the U.S.-British partnership emerged victorious from World War II, but also argue that the relationship remains the cornerstone of global security.

Gee will his speech do for U.S. Anglophiles what his Israel speech did for the domestic Jewish donor/voter?

Dems Win Kemp's old seat

The Dems, for a change, did not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.   They let the GOP defeat themselves instead.  As Obamacare became a rallying cry for teabag infused voters in 2010,  Medicare did  the same for the Dems in a special election.  The vote was not for Democrats.  It was against an idiotic GOP policy.  It's not a great victory for Dems.  It was an easy victory, the opponents were too damn stupid to see, don't mess with Medicare.  They messed, they got their asses caned in New York's 26th District.

Democrat Hochul wins N.Y. special House election

You'd think he'd learn

When the First Chatterer screwed up health care reform, a big chunk of the hate came because of  "death panels."  He couldn't talk his way out of that one.  So we received health insurance reform instead of health care.  Now, his mouth has the GOP, some Dems, and all the Jews ragging on his foreign policy.  Obama got verbally cute.  He was not simple and direct.  It backfired.  All people heard was "1967 borders," period.  The "mutually agreed swaps" shit does not mean anything over in that neck of the desert.

I think the Dems who are now siding up with the GOP just got the word.  They've heard,  follow Obama and you will not receive any donations from us.  Fewer donations means fewer votes.  Fewer votes mean they may fail at job number one, getting reelected.  Of course the Jewish voters will do as they are told by their religious leaders.  Do they have Imams too?  Religion as usual sucks and is harmful to living things.

By the way, his speech on Israel made sense and would be a good beginning.  Of course, his staff failed to tell him that neither side wants peace.  They each want the other gone for good.  So much for the 9 point shooting bin Laden in the face bump.

Democrats join Republicans in questioning Obama’s policy on Israel

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rapture Deja Vu All Over Again

What can I say.  There's still time to repent.  Or if you know you won't make the cut, then go sin like mad and enjoy life.

California preacher Harold Camping said Monday his prophecy that the world would end was off by five months because Judgment Day actually will come on Oct. 21.

Where in the world is Obama?

Obamas arrive in London to restore special to 'special relationship'

Will he give a really cool speech?  If so, so what?

Obama and 2012

As any reader of this blog knows, I'm not a big Obama fan.  I will be hard pressed to vote for him in 2012, but cannot vote for a Republican. I think there are more disgruntled Dems than ObamaCo realizes.  However, Obama will win the 2012 race.  Why?  The best thing he has going for him is the GOP.

The GOP, given all the possible bozos and bozoettes candidates, they all  assure an Obama win.  There is no one who can get nominated in  the GOP without becoming a certified batshit crazy wingnut.  Most disaffected Dems and Independents won't vote for crazy people.  In 2008, how many Obama votes were really, votes against McAncient?   If the GOP could nominate a sane person, Obama would lose.  They won't.  Obama will win.

Got Major?

What a Degree Worth?


Grimsvotn Update

Grimsvotn is not Eyjafjallajokull, yet. But--

Europe air traffic agency says volcanic ash may prompt cancellation of up to 500 flights

Will Grimsvotn be the little volcano that could?

Breaking News!!!!!!!

After ten slogging long years, NATO forces have captured an al Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan!  Praise the Shrub!  Now we can leave and take on the Libyans or Syrians or Iranians or the French.

GOP: The Road to Air Farce One

Now that another asshole, Pawlenty, has entered the GOOPER race for a the lease to Air Farce One, does this mean Willard will have competition?  It looks that way.  Tea-Paw, yeah, he's calling himself Tea-Paw,  Hmm, can Tea-Paw change his positions faster than Willard?  Will the Pawmeister seek the unborn tax-payer vote?  Does he look good enough to be the guy you see on the top of a wedding cake?  Willard better worry.  Now, if Pawlenty is not as crazy as Santorum or Bachmann, loves guns and Jesus,  hates abortion and Obama, then he may topple Willard if he's bitter enough.  Will he beat Willard?  Of course.   Why?  Oh, it's the most important factor, Pawlenty is not Mormon.  The GOP primary voters will not vote for a Mormon.

Tim Pawlenty announces presidential bid, offers himself as alternative to Romney


I had this vision of a Gingrich/Limbaugh ticket.  I had to take a lot of Pepto.  They're quite similar aren't they, especially when it comes to little things like facts and truth.  Here's one more bit of fact checking on the Newt and his Tifffany's debt.

Newt Gingrich’s dubious claim of a ‘normal’ no-interest charge account at Tiffany

If Newt is the brightest bulb in the GOP lamp shop, the Dems should win every election.  I guess that means the half of the half who bother to vote usually prefer to vote for the low wattage candidate.  Does that mean a Palin /Bachmann ticket could win?  Between them, at best, we're talking a one watt bulb.  Where's my Pepcid?  

Obama's War--Libya

I know he says it's not his any more.  He gave command over to NATO.  Bullshit.  He started the war.  He's committed U.S. resources.  It's all his.   Hell, the U.S. is part of NATO.  It's his war, period.  Oh, Obama and his friends in NATO have now defined civilians and humans.  Humans do not support or fight on Qadaffi's side.  Civilians are, by definition, never within the kill zone of any bomb the good guys drop.   It's just another war folks.  Aren't we glad our tax dollars are used to kill non-human combatant Libyans?  Did Obama ever bother to notify Congress about his war?  The War Powers Act requires he do so within 60 days.  I bet he didn't.  If not, then he's gutted the law.  Not bad for a Constitutional Law prof.

NATO launches largest airstrike against Gaddafi

Monday, May 23, 2011

Idiot Voters

Voters elected a bunch of teabag loons because the loons told them what they wanted to hear.  "Cut the Spending,"  "Protect the Unborm Taxpayer,"  "No to Earmarks."  Sufficient numbers of idiots, listened, salvivated, and elected them.  Now the new kids are incumbents and they pursue their job number 1.  No, that's not cutting spending or fighting the deficit.  No, it's buying votes and donations for the 2012 election.  Yep, they're all spending like Republicans when the Shrub was Prez.  Voters, if you voted for these guys, let's face it, you have to look in the mirror and call yourself an idiot.  Hope you do better in '12, but I'm betting you won't.  So much for the Teabaggers, they're just the newest members in the same old, same old club of conservative chowderheads.  Score remians the same, Congress-1, Voters-0.

GOP frosh take care of districts in defense bill

Catch 22

I read somewhere about an Artisan yogurt maker in Calif.  I should say former yogurt maker.  They used pasteurized milk to make their yogurt.  However, state law assumes all milk used in yogurt to be non-pasturized, so makers have to set a state approved and regulated pasteurization process.  It's expensive.  The yogurt maker was going to set up a small plant to pasteurize the already pasteurized milk.  Then they discovered there's another law that makes pasteurizing already pasteurized milk illegal.  So much for the yogurt.  It's hard to be a yogurt artisan in Calif.


What's that song, "Monday, Monday?"  Well bless my Mamas and Papas, it's Monday in Kirkuk.

Officials: Bombs target Iraqi security forces


Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how yould cou leave and not take me.

Obama's Bungled War--Afghanistan

Has the Taliban's one-eyed commander of the faithful closed his eye forever?  The Taliban says no, but the Tweets indicate yes.   Has the world become an Omar free zone?  Is Afghanistan down one Mullah?  Who knows and who really cares.

Taliban denies reports of Mullah Omar's death

Salt Lake City is 15th

Damn, SLC ranks at 15.  Shouldn't it at least be in the top 5?  It must be the lime Jell-o.  It's the state food.  It's not a fruit and it's not a veggie.  I guess they lost nutrition points.  Oh, well, there's always next year.

Twin Cities deemed healthiest in USA

Census Results

Did your state gain or lose population?  How about your county?  Virginia may have increased 13%, but there are fewer folks living in my neck of the woods (I should really say water).

Census Data 2010

New Sport?

Are you ready for a new sport to bet on?  Get ready for NCAA Competitive Cheerleading.  It's just a flip away.  It may be time to add companies that make and sell pompoms to your portfolio.

Born on Sideline, Cheering Clamors to Be Sport

Oratory Alert

Have you been hankering for some fine speechinfying?  Do your ears need a powerful verbal fix?  Well, your oratorical longings will be fulfilled.  Yep, Obama is taking a road trip.

Obama heads for Ireland, first leg of a six day European trip

Good News for Dems

The GOP has truly eaten batshit.  If a GOOPER disses Paul Ryan's budget plan, he or she will be kicked out of the conservative outhouse (it's their clubhouse).  They won't be allowed to dump in the Republican nest.  Look at Newt, he's so constipated it shows in his face.

Here's the problem.  The pols, talking heads and the small number of crazy people who vote in primaries back Ryan--they hate Medicare and Obama.  It they nominate a Ryanite, the bulk of Republican voters will not vote, they don't like Ryan's budget plan.  They can't bring themselves to vote for a black guy, so they just won't show up.  And when the GOP does not vote, Democrats win big.  Expect the House, Senate and White House to all be packed with Dems after the '12 election.  Keep pushing the Ryan product, it's the right thing to do.

Warning to Republican presidential hopefuls: Support Ryan plan — or else

Post End of Days News

With names like these I have to post them--

Grimsvotn volcano erupts just a year after Eyjafjallajokull disrupted global travel and trade.

End of days bullshit:

Will there be more by Oct. 1?  Will the world really end then?  Just because god did not suck up any souls does not mean the rapture did not occur and that the world will be destroyed in Oct.   Think about it.

Batshit Eaters Update

A book about the former Queen of Batshit, Sarah Palin, will be out on Tuesday.

AP Exclusive: Former Palin aide pens tell-all, paints unflattering picture of ex-AK governor

Why former?  Remember, she abdicated.  Michelle Bachmann stepped in and grabbed the guano.

Health Insurance Reform News

This just in, health care is for the healthy.  Insurance is an organized way to give companies a lot of money.  If you do get sick, better be securely employed, and better not be gay.  What begins with states, will make it to the private sector as soon as the various insurance commissions can be purchased.

States cut back efforts to provide drugs for HIV, AIDS

Isn't it fantastic the way that Obama guaranteed our health system will be insurance based for another 50 years. Send him a thank you note.

Wingnut News

As Daniels bows out before bowing in, Willard becomes Obama's most probable opponent.  If nominated, Willard will lose election.  After all, who votes for a guy who looks like he belongs on the top of a wedding cake, not to mention he has this position of the hour problem.

With Daniels out, GOP presidential field takes clearer shape

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Slow Learner?

Roger Ailes has disocoved what rest of world has known since McCain picked her or VP.

Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin Is 'Stupid': New York Magazine

Arab Spring?

Okay, Mubarak may be gone, but the Military is still in charge in Egypt.  At least the dying has more ended there than not.  However, in Syria--

Shootings in Syria push death toll above 900

I wonder what an Arab Summer will be like?

Good Question

Here's a piece that asks and kind of answers the question.

Is compromise dead, or does Congress just need a deadline?

Is Congress broken? You can bet your shards on that one, yes!  How can we fix it? It does take a we, we voters have to elect better people to office and never reelect them. No careers should be built on being an elected Congresstype. That's voter driven term limits.

We also need to eliminate the two parties too.

Oh, here's a first step, eliminate pensions for House and Senate members.  I have no problem with no pension for ex-presidents too.  

Obama's Humanitarian Mess

Obama sent in the planes.  The planes dropped bombs.  The bombs, in theory, prevented the ruling bad guy from killing lots of revolting Arabs.  Obama told us it was the humanitarian thing to do.  Okay, will someone now ask our ace commanderator in chief what he's going to do when the people he saved start slaughtering people? I guess he'll have to impose a No Libya Zone and kill them all in the name of humanitarianism, liberty, freedom, democracy and oil.

Libyan rebels accused of reprisal attacks

Early October

If god is going to zap us via bad weather, post rapture of course, has he/she/it taken a test drive with Grimsvotn? Or maybe it's just another volcano in Iceland spewing stuff that shuts down air travel. It's not too bad, yet.

Iceland closes main airport as powerful volcanic eruption sends ash 12 miles (20 km) into air

Sunday Morning in Legacyland

Sunday is just another day in Iraq.  It's not their holy day.  Sunday has been normal in Legacyland--Across Baghdad, wave of at least 7 bombings leaves trail of dead, injured

Do you think Iraqis will ever erect statues of Bush or Cheney?

Five Myths

Five myths about America’s schools

Wingnut News

A non-starter has decided to remain a non-starter.  Yep, Mitch Daniels will not run for Prez.

Mitch Daniels won’t run for president in 2012

However, a pizza guy has delivered himself to wingnuts across the land.  No it's not Domino. It's Herman Cain.

Herman Cain runs for GOP presidential nomination

If Herm has a bit too much oregano for mainstream wingnuts, they may have a voice in Jon Boy.

Huntsman tests the waters carefully

Who will become the craziest of the crazy?  How about Michelle Bachmann?  Hold it, on Monday the Trogs may have another winger to think about--

Pawlenty to make Republican presidential bid official

Have you started your office pool on when the Newtster will drop out?

Still There?

If you are reading this post then one of two things has occurred.

First it may be the case that -- Rapture passes - It's a Dud, believers downcast, pastor silent.  The guy blew the call and we all just have to muddle along.   Life just goes on as usual.

Or it may be the case, that god showed up at 6:00pm EDT yesterday.  He/She/It flew around the globe, but could not find a single soul worth saving.  The rapture did happen, but we were all left behind.  If so, then we will have to await the real end that will come in October when really bad weather zaps the planet.

Now we'll have to wait and see if anyone makes it through October.  Maybe global climate change is god's way of telling us that we all really suck and it's time for a planetary makeover.