Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just nuke the whole damn place

If true, why the hell are we there at all? The good guys and the bad guys are all Afghanis and are all about the same, not worth a damn. Nuke the rubble and never let anything grow there again. If we are Rome, then let's make Afghanistan our Carthage. Pass the salt.

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The orders from their religious teacher were clear: Go to Afghanistan, strap on a suicide vest and kill foreign forces.

With that, 9-year-old Ghulam Farooq left his home in Pakistan with three other would-be boy bombers and headed into eastern Afghanistan.

They were told there would be two members of the Taliban waiting for them at the Torkham border crossing in Nangarhar province. Instead, members of the Afghan intelligence service who had been tipped to the boys' plans arrested them at the border.

"Our mullah told us that when we carried out our suicide attacks, all the people around us would die, but we would stay alive," Farooq said Saturday, sitting inside a juvenile detention facility in the Afghan capital.

Then again I'm confident our domestic evangefundies would do the same. Belay the nukes, let's just leave the shithole and deal with our own crazy people and drive home the message, ends cannot be used to justify means.

Get Government off our backs front

I'm sure the Reagan/GOP/Teabagger/Libertarians do not want any regulation that insures food safety.   Government should not be on any food producers back.   After all, enforced sanitation, in addition to being expensive, prevents the market from reacting to a few deaths here and some agony there.  

As the European E. coli makes its way into the USA, I bet conservatives will want to shut down the FDA and the  USDA to give the market a chance and cut more taxes.  After all food safety is not mentioned in the Constitution.

Once again, if you've ever voted for a Republican, did you even think about what you were really voting for?  If you did, did you start growing all of your own food?  We all may have to do that sooner than we think.  The GOP stands for food that kills in corrective free markets.    

4 in U.S. sickened by German E. coli outbreak

What's a smartphone?

I wouldn't know a smart phone from an average one.  However, a lot of them are sold these days.  Which type is the best seller?  Who's moving up?  It's strange.

Apple's iPhone passes RIM's BlackBerry for second place in U.S. smartphone market

Should I think about replacing my rotary dial phones?

Osmotic Education

Going to college?  Having trouble learning?  Maybe you need a nap?  Okay rest your head on your books and catch a few Zs.  The words and ideas will flow from the printed page into your brain by osmosis.   Well, I'm not sure about the effectiveness of the osmosis, but a nap is a good thing anytime.

Napping for a better GPA

It seems longer

30 years after first AIDS cases, hope for a cure


Has Wiener's wiener tweeter proved he's really a twit?

Ambitious Weiner sees media strategy backfire

Can't categorically deny it's not a picture of him in his undies?  That's a hoot.  Of course it's his junk.  If you or someone else took a shot of your junk, you'd remember it, right?  If you didn't then there's something else really wrong.  With Wiener, he probably didn't tweet the pic, but the guy's future has shriveled up.

God's Crazy Folks

One wing of crazies is trying to win over another set of crazies.  Will Mormons gain the acceptance of America's evangefundies?  The GOP nomination may ride on their  answer to a simple question, "are Mormons Christian?"

Can a Mormon presidential candidate win over the Republicans’ evangelical base?

To most folks, the answer is sure they are, who really gives a shit.  However, the batshit crazy bible thumpers have answered the question with a resounding "no" ever since Joe had his vision.  I think they've accepted Catholics and don't want to burn them at the stake any more.  Mormons on the the other hand may remain the evangefundie's infidels.  Maybe change is in the ozone?  Is it?  Will America's primitive Christians admit the Mormons as peers?  Or will they keep protesting on Salt Lake City's Temple Square sidewalks?   Religion and politics really don't mix all that well, but at least it's entertaining.

In Washington this Summer?

If you are, then give the Folger Library a visit--

Through Sept. 3. Free to the public. Folger Shakespeare Library, 201 East Capitol St. SE. 202-544-6000. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Sunday and federal holidays.

Why? Oh, apparently, they have put together quite an exhibit--

“Fame, Fortune, and Theft: The Shakespeare First Folio” is the Folger’s summer-long offering of its birthright: the world’s largest assembly of the 1623 book that was the first collection of Shakespeare’s plays. The exhibition, which began Friday and runs through Sept. 3, explores the history of the First Folio, explaining in the words of editors, owners, collectors, scholars and others how the collection’s significance grew throughout the world.


The GOP, ostensibly the business party, has failed at business.   The economy sucks.  What do they spend their time yakking about besides tax cuts?  Oh, everything reeks of decay because of immorality.  When a party's leaders spend their time filling the air with fact free fantasies you know they are clueless about life, the universe and everything.

Jon Huntsman, Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney talk ‘moral crises’ at conference

It would be nice to have a faith free, but fact rich,  presidential campaign. It will not happen. Too many people really believe their ancestors put saddles on dinosaurs.

Now about that lease renewal on Air Farce One...

A couple weeks ago Obama began to look like a winner.  Jobs were up, a terrorist was down, even gas prices started down.  Then, then the economy went south.  Ouch.  Yeah, the rebound was missed, jobs and industry really have not improved.  It's bad for Obama, especially when the White House suggests "that the economy may present greater challenges than they had thought."

If you were an investor type, would you put your money in anything in the U.S.? Well, those odd securitized debt type things and commodities are still making cash, but would you expect to make out of  U.S. plant, equipment and labor? Even T-bills may become risky if Congress keeps farting on the nation over debt. Obama, the Dems, and GOP can't fix the economy. It's not a government fix it kind of thing.

Until people with money decide there is lots of money to be made in the USA, they will hang onto their cash or invest it in China or India. Taxes, regulation and all the other crap pols (the GOP) wail and gnash teeth over have nothing to do with investment and economic recovery.  There's just not much there there. Want more jobs? Then hope some entrepreneur has a really bright idea, soon.

Economic news is bad for Obama’s reelection bid

Sectarians Exacerbating in the Legacy

With the news focused on Wiener's wiener tweeter, it's easy to overlook life in Legacyland.  Normal continues to break out all over Iraq.  Sectarians everywhere are back in the game.  Mutual slaughter is that that nation's pastime, I think it's a religious requirement.  Yeah, make a pilgrimage, kill a heretic, you know how it goes.  Oh, in Tikrit--

TIKRIT, Iraq — As many as 34 people may have died Friday in the home town of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein when a mosque was partially leveled in a midday explosion and a suicide bomber later blew himself up inside a hospital where the wounded were being treated, officials said.

The attacks, which also left scores wounded, came amid a wave of deadly bombings across Iraq in recent days apparently aimed at Sunni political and tribal leaders.

Ain't religion grand, especially when it mixes with political power?

Gee, Obama is on notice

Congress is peeved with the Prez.  Obama made war without asking Congress for its blessing.  He missed the 60 day window.  The mighty legislators passed a bill that gives him 14 more days to tell them that he sent the U.S. to war in Libya.  They did not pass a bill that would have put some spine in their anger, the leave Libya now bill failed.

Let's face it, Congress likes the War Powers number, they can duck all responsibility if wars go wrong and share in the glory when wars go right.  House members really do pursue one job--getting reelected.  Can we help them all fail at their job in 2012?  I hope so.  (Ditto for the Senate too.)

Libya was a flat-assed mistake from the first no fly zone foray to today's no whatever zones.  Obama made war on his own, so much for peace.  Obama broke the law by not notifying Congress, so much for a new way of working in D.C.  Obama told us the truth when he ran for office, we were too damn dumb to realize what he was really saying.  He wanted us to hope for change.   Yeah hope and $1 will get you a pretty watered down fifty cent cup of coffee.  Change, come on from a buck?  No change.  Not his fault, it's ours.  Is the guy really Nixon in a Jackass suit?   Damn thing is, he's better than anyone in the GOP field for 2012.  Get prepared to vote against the GOP, because it won't be for ObamaCo.

House rebukes Obama on Libya mission, but does not demand withdrawal

No money, no free labor, just a vote against Willard, or Sarah, or Michelle, or Jon boy....

Friday, June 3, 2011

More Batshit

Michelle Bachmann is in the Sanatorium!

Cloud Battle Coming

I don't get the cloud, but then I'm an old fart.  At any rate, Apple is ready to send it's cloud to do battle with Google's vapor and Amazon's powder puffs.  Ready, set, buy and store somewhere.

Major labels, music publishers lining up behind Apple's iCloud

Where are all the kids?

Uh, Utah?

U.S. Counties--kids under 18 

America's Con Artist May Be in the Doo-Doo

Who's the slimeball in trouble?  Oh, remember John Edwards?  He ran for prez.  He lost his bid.  It's good that he did.  Can you imagine having president who lies about porking some babe while his wife battles breast cancer?  Not only lies to his supporters, but also pays hush money to the bimbo.  Geez, his zipper problem even gave the world another little bastard.  Oh, damn I forgot we had one of those a few years back.  No little bastard came forth, all we got was a stained blue dress.  Should Edwards be prosecuted for violating election laws?  Sure why not,  he can check with Bill on how to win the case, write a book, make millions and regain popularity.  Maybe we ought to just ignore Edwards instead.

Did John Edwards break the law?

U.S. Junk Bonds On Sale Soon

When this occurs--

Moody’s Investors Service warned Thursday that it may soon downgrade the U.S. credit rating because of mounting concerns that the government will default, adding new urgency to negotiations between President Obama and congressional Republicans over the nation’s debt.

--thank a Republican. They put reelection first, do you?  Vote them all out of office.  One term and adios sounds good to me.

Wiener's Junk Shot

More from the Daily Show on Wiener's Tweeter--

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Circumcision 2011 - Between a C*#k and a Hard Place
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Palin has this problem

The woman is strange.  She must have a condition, factitis or something.  She opens her mouth and says whatever comes out.  It doesn't matter if it's true, false or incomprehensible.  She gurgles noise.  She's sad and in herself is just one more ill informed, or willing to appear massively ill-informed, American.  The real problem lies with all the seriously stupid folks who listen to her dreck and think she's spewing the gospel truth.  Sorry, Palin is like a box of fancy road apples.  You you can dip a turd in chocolate, but when you take a bite of the road apple confection, you will just be a dumb dung eating clod.  Oh, forgot.  You betcha.

Sarah Palin collects a bushel of Pinocchios on her bus tour

Obama, the Constitution and War

Congress gave away it's war declaration authority in the 1973 War Powers Resolution.  Now Obama has flipped off the Resolution, after all he's the President.  He sent U.S. soldiers into harm's way in Libya.  That's legit but he has 60 days to inform Congress of what he's done and receive their approval.  He did not inform Congress.

Dennis Kucinich and others in both parties decided Obama had broken the law.  Kucinich tried to get a bill on the House floor that would have told Obama to shove it and withdraw from Libya within a couple of weeks.  The GOP leadership blocked Kucinich.  Speaker Boner Boehner has come to the aid of our mighty first commanderator with a new resolution.

There must be more money and votes in war than peace.  Aw hell, let's impeach them all and start over. Impeach is a might strong, so let's not reelect a damn one of them.

Boehner introduces alternative resolution on Libya

GOP Flocks to Faithful

The evangefundies may, once more,  become a bloc to contend with in 2012.  The Jesus crowd may try to snatch what his Cesar's for Jesus once again.  The GOP is desperate--they don''t have a decent candidate to oppose Obama.  So, just when they may have been able to put the zealots behind them, it's back into the pews and pander to the religious crazies in a hope some god will smile on them.   That's sick, but it's the GOP.   I don't think too highly of religion mixing with politics, if I did then I'd move to Iran.

Republicans hope to spark political revival among evangelicals for 2012 race

I wonder how the re-Jesused GOP will deal with the Mormons?   Watch out Willard.  Be careful Jon Boy. It may get real ugly.

Food Producers that Kill

Europe's current food borne killer, E. coli 0104, would be shipped along with the produce here in good old number one land.  Our producers only do what they have too, and no more (more cuts into profits, corporate profits).  Since the regs here focus on one other strain, when 0104 hits here, well some of us will go together when we go as we eat cucumbers, or radishes or lettuce.   Bear in mind the Teabaggers and GOP oppose all that evil government regulation. When folks die from pathogens that came along with the food, it's a gift from GOP.  They prefer death to life.  Those folks really loathe themselves.    Remember what you vote for when you bother to vote.

U.S. farmers, processors not required to test for deadly E. coli strain

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Job Security

The graphics crowd has spent years trying to get the food pyramid right.  The finally nailed it.  Then someone asked, "if we don't have to design pyramids, we'll be unemployed, right?"  The bosses listened to their fears and in these hard economic times they kept the pyramid designers employed.  Of course it required a change, now they have to design food plates.  Pass the Twinkies please.

At USDA, a plate usurps the food pyramid

Sorry Barry, NO Dough

Yesterday, some guy named Messina hit me up for a donation to Obama's 2012 campaign.  The come on was someone else would match my $50 (that must be the smallest amount they want).  I decided to donate, but not to Obama, I gave an extra $25 to a charity instead--they can cut their losses and go straight to the fat cats now instead of a year from now.  

Today I received a follow up.  This time it's from some guy named Barack.  He noted I had not sent him any money.  He noted that the offer is still open.  I can double my, oh bullshit.  No money, no free labor, but you've got my vote.  This e-mail featured the line "tap on the shoulder. "  If someone taps my shoulder and asks me for money, I'll turn around and kick them in the groin.  Barack can hope I'll change my mind, but I'm pretty transparent on this, no money, no labor, just one vote (push the money thing and maybe no vote).

If Obama needs that much, surely he can write another book about himself.

Get Ready, Get Set, Die

Well, not quite, but be prepared for a nasty e. coli bug to hit the U.S.  It's new.  It's deadly.  It's killing people in Europe.  It's just a matter of time since no one really will shut down agricultural trade over a few deaths.   Given our sloppy mass food handling procedures, I wonder how many people our food manufacturers and processors will kill in good old number land?  Got a garden?  If not, you might think about starting one, now!

WHO says E. coli strain responsible for European outbreak is new strain never detected before

Stupids In Government

Oops, the Chinese went phising and caught lots of fish, even a U.S. Cabinet level lunker.  Did they crack some secure internal system.  Nah, they hacked Gmail.  Lots of stupids in governemnt service (it's not different in the private sector).  How'd this happen?  Oh, some assholes decided to punch their tickets by "cutting costs."

Google says hackers based in China accessed U.S. officials’ Gmail accounts

Instead of relying on expensive in-house computer servers that require pricey upgrades, U.S. chief information officer Vivek Kundra has been pushing agencies toward “cloud” services, so-called because they are hosted on a vast network of computers in many locations. Such services offer workers greater flexibility and interfaces similar to what they use in their personal lives.

If it's no big deal, then governmet must not be doing much and the workers are just browsing the web a bit too much. If it is significant, then why on earth would someone suggest and implement a way to make a system less secure? Will this change? Nah, ticket punching is job number one for a lot of folks. Is this the kind of government you want?  How's your state and local government doing these days?


All the news you need from The Daily Show--

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boehner is an idiot

Given their Rep., the folks in Ohio's 8th District, must really be lulus.  The Speaker has decided this year is the time to deal with the deficit.  What the hell did this moron do in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010?

He helped make the mess.  Only folks like the voters in 8th District can believe he'll fix the mess.  Hell, it's obvious he's been successful at only one job--getting reelected.  Thanks Ohio.

Obama, House GOP debate debt ceiling at White House

Don't forget there are 434 other Boehners in the House.  Who'd you elect?

Assholes at play in our wallets

House votes down debt-limit increase with no budget cuts

Long term spending cuts?  Okay, let's begin with the elimination of pensions for Congressmen.   For that matter, former Presidents should be able to make do with the average Social Security payment.  Ditto with appointees.  


Thinking about buying and e-reader?  Okay, how about the Nook?  There's a new one out--

Hands-on review: All-new B&N Nook e-book reader


Apple hasn't quite got it right yet.  The patch agianst MacDefender isn't.  Oh, well, Apple can become the next Microsoft.

Apple's MacDefender Malware Patch Bypassed Already

Will Obama Win in 2012?

The GOP cannot win on smarts, intregrity, ability or anything else that matters, but they can win if the economy has not improved by Sept. 2012.  Then folks will vote against whomever is in office.  Will they vote agiainst Mr. Cool?  You bet it the faltering recovery does not improve.

U.S. economic recovery is faltering

Can you imagine a President Santorum?  Herminator? Palin?  Bachmann?  Or any of the others.   Keep on remembering what came from voting for dumb in 2000 and 2004.

The Hurricane Season, 2011, is underway!

National Hurricane Center Predicts Above Average 2011 Season

Fund raising for Obama

I just received an e-mail fund raising pitch from some dork name Messina.  He wants me to give money to Obama because I did so in 2008.  And as a bonus my donation will be matched by someone--not named and no indication of how much this person will give anyway.  I thank the dork for the e-mail.  I  hope he won't mind that I've changed my mind about financial support for Obama.  He'll get my vote, all of the alternatives are nuts, but my political money will go to charity.  I think I will send the Humane Society an extra $25 this month.   No free labor either.

Cellphone Bullshit

From Bob Park on cellphones and cancer--

 Here's the conversation I have several times a day with total strangers: Caller: do you use a wired earphone? BP: No. Caller: would it be too much trouble? BP: No. Caller: Wouldnt you be safer? BP: No. Caller: How do you know? BP: Quantum physics; all cancers are caused by mutant strands of DNA. Electromagnetic radiation can't create mutant strands of DNA unless the frequency is at or higher than the blue limit of the visible spectrum the near-ultraviolet. The frequency of cell phone radiation is about 1 million times too low. Caller: Wow! When did this news break? BP: Albert Einstein let it out in 1905. Robert Millikan, considered to be the world's top physics experimentalist, spent a decade constructing an experiment to test it. It confirmed Einstein's theory perfectly. Caller: I'm shocked! Are you sure this is right? BP: Virtually the entire modern world rests on it. Caller: Why am I just hearing about this? BP: Because Sanjay didn't tell you. We all depend on the news media to keep us informed, and the news media all over the world let us down on this one. And we scientists should have been screaming louder.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The radiation from a cellphone cannot cause cancer.  The link WHO has made must come from chance association of cell phone users who happen to have cancer.  The physics of the spectrum involved cannot cause cancer.  Yes , sore ears from talking too much, but not brain cancer.

Cellphones ‘possibly carcinogenic,’ WHO says

Sick Fuckers

Let's hear it for Egypt and all that bullshit about freedom and democracy in the Arabic Islamic world.  They have a bit of problem over there. Too much heat and sand I guess.  Come on, who even thinks about virginity, much less testing for it by cops and soldiers.

The revolting Arabs may protest, but damn they are also part of the culture that produce this kind of shit.  I wonder what they would do if they were in power.   I have little confidence in the ability of a 3,000 year old shithole to lose its stink over night.  I assume the virginity thing is part of the dominant relgious groups fulfillment of their god's will on earth.  Weird god.  Like I said above, sick fuckers.

Egyptians decry ‘virginity tests’ on detained protesters, urge military rulers to investigate

Is ObamaCo Clueless?

When your puppet in your puppet government flips you off, it's time to rethink your war.  There's dumb and dumber.  In Afghanistan, we had seven years of  dumb.  Now, we're in our third year of dumber.   Damn there must be a lot of money being made in that war.  Perhaps ending it might be a better idea and remediate the dumbs.  How long before we will have a memorial day without an active war?

President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday issued an ultimatum to NATO forces to stop airstrikes on Afghan homes and warned that if they don’t, the Afghan people would drive them out as they have occupying armies in the past.

The demand was the most serious warning to the coalition that Karzai has issued to date. The immediate provocation was a coalition airstrike on Saturday in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province that killed nine civilians, including children. But Karzai’s statement also was the culmination of years of complaints about civilian casualties and aggressive NATO military operations.

How many people think this is really good way to defend and protect our freedom?

Obama in 2012

If you supported Obama in 2008, it's a fair guess you will in 2012.  However, he may not have quite lived up to your expectations.  You might even be thinking about  a vote for his to be named opponent, except the GOP's candidates get crazier and crazier every year.  It's hard to vote for a bastshit crazy wingnut, isn't it?

Obama will get your vote, but it won't be a vote for him as much as it it a vote to keep a sane person in the White House.  That does matter.  Look what happened when we rejected sanity in 2000 and let a dolt in--two huge tax breaks for the rich, two unfunded wars we're still fighting, and a solid foundation for our current economic collapse. Yeah, give Obama your vote, but let him know it's not for him, it's against GOP insanity.

How can you tell Obama?  Well, in addition to e-mails, cards and letters, don't give your time or money to him or the Dems.  They'll take in enough from special interests to pay for a lot of ads.  Give your money to charity.  Make it local.  Give your money in Obama's name.   In addition, if you were inclined to give Obama free labor, give that labor to a local charity too.

Instead of a few months knocking on doors, help a worthy organization in your own backyard.  Vote, but that's all.  Oh, yeah, don't attend any of those damn rallies either and do not participate in any polls.  Stay informed, vote but screw the rest of it.  Let's face it, $10 from Joe Sixpack has no meaning to a pols.  It costs a whole lot more to buy  a pet pol.

Ready to say bye-bye to your 401(k)

If the GOP has its way the average slob won't have a retirement instrument left.  Business canceled the defined benefit pension to increase profits and pay higher executive salaries.  Now the business crowd wants to zap the 401k in the name of fixing the tax code.  As usual Joe Average gets screwed.   The worker, white, blue and all color collars, takes it in the shorts.  I don't understand how any worker can support Republicans or be anti-union.

Study: Closing tax breaks for retirement would do little to help budget

Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember Paperbacks?

Do you remember when paperbacks hit the bookstores?  Cheap books just kept coming and coming.  They drove the cost of hardbacks down a bit.  I'd wait for paper versions.  I'm patient.  Then, publishers did something, they highjacked the paperback, called them soft covers and drove the prices up.  Greedy bastards.  Now along comes the e-book.  Why does an e-book go for $9.99 or more?  Come on, there's not a single forest chopped down for an e-book.  Why?  Oh, the publishers are at it again.  Okay, the time is right for someone to become the Woolworth's of e-book publishing.  Why not publish and sell books for a buck or two?  Are there any major publishers left that are not part of some giant conglomerate?

E-Book prices fuel outrage -- and innovation

Cyber Stuff

Use IE?  Are you ready to be cookiejacked?  Huh?  Cookiejacked?  Yep, it's a new one and IE is vulnerable.

Internet Explorer Flaw Lets Hackers Into the Cookie Jar

Hackers hit PBS?

For a while, Tupac, according to PBS's website was alive and well. PBS was hacked.  What I don't quite understand is why hack at all?  Is hacking similar to crop circles or the Piltdown Man?   I think I understand crooks and cybercrime, but posting a bit of fake news?  If hackers were more akin to the crop ciricle crowd, then they would be creating internet stuff for others to discover and believe to be true.  Maybe they have and we don't know it, yet.

Tupac Shakur is alive!

Attention Younger Farts

If you have more Summers ahead of you than behind you, you might want to start paying attention to Nanotechnology.  What effects will nano stuff have on you body and mind?  Where will you find nano tech?  Here's a piece, not great, but it's a start, get thinking about the nano world.

A world without nanotechnology? Soon hard to imagine

Got Soul?

If you are inclined to think  of soul as a special particle, force or bit of nature, hence there is life after death, then I have a piece for y'all to read.

Physics and the Immortality of the Soul

We live, we die, we decompose. We go round once, period.

Capitalists Take Note

If drugs aren't readily available what's the big deal?  If the market does not lead producers to produce, then there is no need for the product, right?  Capitalism is a great theory.  How would you react if a drug was not available and it was you kid that died as a result?   Would it put you in the mood to modify a rule or two?  If you are a Republican, I hope you are in perfect health, because you may obtain what you desire.

Hospitals hunt substitutes as drug shortages rise

Memorial Day II

War, death and destruction will be on my mind a lot today.  As I revisit my own experiences and think of what others have done for this nation, it's easy for me to feel bittersweet.  The death side is depressing.  It may be that becoming an old fart is taking a hold.  At any rate, as I read and think about people, war, death and destruction, I don't become depressed, just pained.  However, I find the course of history for us ordinary folks to be more positive than not.  It may just be hope.  At any rate, I have the singer and a number for y'all on this memorial day.  I'm sure you've heard him sing his song, but can you pronounce his name?  "Over the rainbow."  There's a 30 second clip on the wiki page.

This song has become my Memorial Day song.  Listen to it, think about the past, and think about the future.  Persevere and enjoy, but do not go backwards into the future.

Memorial Day

Flags an speeches will dominate the day.  As we go about our annual bit of patriotic excess, I have a couple of suggestions for y'all to read

Bonus Army

War is a Racket

Faux Thunder

Yep, the Palin got on a motorcycle, passenger of course, rode into the parking lot and made Memorial Day all about her.  She's a Mama Hog?  You betcha!

Palin makes ride in Rolling Thunder in D.C. her kickoff to Northeast tour

Wiki for Grades

No, don't cite Wikipedia in your term paper, the teacher might trash your paper.  Profs disdain Wiki.  It's not accurate or something along those lines.  Instead, some now use Wiki as part of their class, as in write a Wiki article.  Yep, have students write Wiki articles.  It's hard work.  Do we really tap technology in our classrooms?

Wikipedia goes to school

Do you  use Wiki?  I do, usually everyday.  It's up to 18 million entries.  Most entries are accurate enough. I find it a great way to tap into something new.  I find key ideas, terms, references, and links.  Then, a bit armed I am off to other sites.  If I persist in following an idea, I can return and assess the accuracy of the Wiki pieces.  So far Wiki has been a wonderful learning tool.  It's just one of many.  If profs don't like Wiki, they might consider becoming Wiki editors an improve the entries in their field.

Oh, don't overlook Wiki and pop culture.  It replaces all those movie, TV, song, and performers books we used to buy and throw away.  For example, I taped a few episodes of "Glee" the other day.  I really enjoy the music and performances.  I wondered who performed a particular number.  I answered my question by Wikiing "Glee."

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Universe fans take note

For some time now, universe watchers have been concerned about mass.  As in where is it?  It's been lost.  So much of it has been so lost, we've been calling it dark matter.  It's been so dark, it's been like looking at a black painting in  blacked out gallery.   Well, some light may has been let into the room, it's not dark matter anymore.  Nah, it's filaments of matter detectable by x-ray scopes.  I guess, the astro game is about like everything else, it helps to have the right people and the right tools to get the job done.  If this is true, does dark matter enter the phlogiston hall of fame?  

Australian Student Astronomer Finds Universe's Missing Mass

Now about dark energy...

Defending Something

Why are we still playing war in Afghanistan?

KABUL, Afghanistan — A Taliban suicide bomber on Saturday infiltrated a heavily guarded governor’s compound in northern Afghanistan where top NATO and Afghan officials from the region were meeting, killing several people there, including the highly regarded police commander Gen. Daoud Daoud, Afghan officials said.

Warriors at work

Defending our freedom?

A NATO airstrike targeting insurgents inadvertently hit two civilian homes in the volatile southwestern Helmand province, killing 14 women and children, an Afghan government official said Sunday.

I'm sure they kids were all in the al Qaeda Scouts too.

Shit, shit, shit, shit!


After bad tornado season, time to worry about hurricanes

Wicked GOOPERs

Attack Medicare and defenders of the attacked strike back.  I hope the GOP persists with Ryan's plan.  It will be good for living things and the Dems.


This in one subject  I really reversed myself on.  When I was much younger and before I did a few years in the Army I was certain woman should not be allowed in combat.  After my hitch, which included a one year all expenses paid to a Southeast Asian tropical paradise, I had changed my mind.  How about you?  Women in combat?  There is no reason to say no.  If we ever draft soldiers again, we can all go together when we go.

Five myths about women in combat


If we ever end our current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, what kind of a memorial will we build?  If our wars do not end, should we build a memorial anyway?  Since these wars have not involved most Americans maybe a memorial is not needed.  Or maybe we should build an active wars site.  It can feature the war(s) of the year.  Yeah, an Empire Arch, how about it?

What will our Iraq War Memorial look like?

For Iraq, how about a simple bust of Bush with an endless tape loop that features him saying "Is our children learning?"