Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speaking of Pervs III

The nation's latest e-perv(?) won't resign.  Nah, he wants to take a leave of absence and get some help.  That's rich.  The schmuck needs to quit, get some help, and stay away from social networking.   Hell, after he gets help, CNN can hire him to follow the Eliot Spitzer show.  Damn, FOX is the GOP candidate station.  CNN can become the home for fallen and disgraced Dems.  Wonder if Bill would take a gig?

Rep. Weiner seeks temporary leave; Pelosi calls for resignation

Let's Hope It's The Moon



MakerBot 3D Prints Stephen Colbert's Head: Stephen Has Wings and Tentacles--Who Knew?

Ready for another dip?

Fellow shithead, our leaders are doing it again.  They will rake in profits at our expense.  The economy is tanking for a second time.  And we, in desperate need of being told how to live, will turn to the same foul folks who've been sticking it to us for decades.

Don't have a job, well, you may deserve that.  How did you vote for the past 30 years?  Lived your life by going along to get along?  Shit!  Decided unions were evil because your boss or preacher told you what to think?  Did you ever vote for a Republican?  Why do you think the rich old white guys are rich, old,  white and male?  Dumb.  Here's a suggestion, vote for socialists.  You'll have a job, with a roof over your head, and have have health care.  And your kids will get a decent education too.  No Democrat or Republican will deliver that.

Stock markets plunge as losing streak extends to six weeks, longest since 2002

Thinking about Pawlenty?

Oh, come on, he's an ass and boring to boot--


This is normal?

If I lived in any place the U.S. has decided to push democracy and promote liberty of late, I think I'd have become an insurgent by now.  We kill a lot of people.  We create conditions for death and destruction as a way of life.  Over the last 30 or so years, can anyone tell one place where we, through our military actions,  have made life better for the average schmuck who lives in one of our interest areas?  How have we done on that nation building shit?  Has democracy broken out anywhere?

Oh, here's some new normalcy in Afghanistan--

String of bombings kill at least 21 people, including children, in Afghanistan


Usually in war, allies help each other fight a common enemy.  If one ally has some info and gives it to its ally, the former has an expectation that the latter will use the data wisely.  Nominally we'd expect the recipient to assess the intel and then commence to blow the crap out of some bad guys.

Okay, we learn where some bad guys build bombs in Pakistan.  We tell our ally where the bad guys hang out.  Pakistan assessed the intel, tells the bad guys to haul butt, and then they show up to engage an empty building in mortal combat.

It's time to get out of the whole damn region.  Our intrepid aces cannot even get the ally routine down right.  This is policy?  This is strategy?  This is tactics?  Yeah if the first names of the aces in charge are Larry, Moe and Curly.  I'll let you determine which of our commanderators is which stooge.  Makes you proud doesn't it.  Feel freer?  Feel safer?

New challenge for U.S.-Pakistan ties

I guess we have changed

10 years ago, it was a 57-35 split over same sex marriage.  Today it's 46-45.

Ten Years of Changing Attitudes on Gay Marriage

Our Shithole

Why can't we just say the Shrub and his evil VP wrecked the nation?  We're close but can't quite say it. Look two unfunded wars, unfunded tax cuts and we, average slobs, are busted flat.  At least more are gettting closer to saying the Shrub sucks. Half way there is better than nothing...

More Blame Wars than Domestic Spending or Tax Cuts for Nation's Debt

Who really gives a shit about her email

Why anyone would want to read her dreck is beyond me.   But if you do, here's access to her shit.

Quitters e-mail

Thinking about the Herminator?

Well, here's the answer to a burning question--

Did Herman Cain turn around Godfather's Pizza?

If Willard is experienced in business, I'd say Cain has more and  better experience.  What to you think?

Speaking of Pervs II

Newsman:  Rep. Weiner, it true you shared tweets with a minor girl.

Weiner:  Let me say this, I have been a bad boy, I apologize to all the people I've hurt.

Newsman:  What about the girl?

Weiner:  I have made several mistakes and..

Newsman:  Come on, did you tweet the kid or not?

Weiner:  Well, er, uh, yes I did.

Newsman:  Did you send her a shot of your junk?

Weiner:  No.

Newsman:  No?

Weiner:  Correct, trust me.  Would I lie?

Anthony Weiner: Officials Investigate Messages Exchanged With Teen

Speaking of Pervs

No, not the sorry shit from New York, Weiner.  No, do you remember Jack Ryan?  You ought to.  See, if his sexual irregularities had not surfaced when they did, I doubt if Obama would be president today.  If Ryan had not wanted his wife, Jeri Ryan,  to get laid in public, then he would have won the 2004 Senate race.  Obama, well he still be a local pol, professor, lawyer, and such.  Funny.  I wonder how many people succeed because of someone's else's failure.  Gee, Clinton gave us Bush.  And we admire these turds?  

Thinking about Willard in 2012?


Friday, June 10, 2011

Grizzly Barbie Can Type

At least we can make that inference.  We have to assume she typed some of the e-mail, but who knows for sure?  Has anyone ever seen her actually write anything?  A word? A syllable? See, you betcha.  Oh, her mail has been released.  Y'all already know that, but how did the email surface?  Here's the story.

How Sarah Palin's emails were uncovered

Weiner Toon

I don't get the guy.  I agree Mr. Kelly's Toon.  He needs to go.  Surely they can find anothet narcissistic Democrat to replace him with.


It's a bit of stating the obvious

Have you been a smoker?  Did you ever quit?  If so, you probably gained weight.  Anyone who has smoked, quit, resumed, quit again, knows you lard up when you quit smoking up.  Thins closthes for smoking days and fat clothes for when you quit.  Now science has discovered smokers who quit get fat.  Well, it's not quite that bad.  They've determined how it works.  Nicotine is what reduces the smokers appetite.  I guess we'll see some nicotine laced diet candy soon.

Quitting smoking makes you fat, and now scientists know why

Gee, nicotine.  That's amazing.  I always thought I didn't eat because smoking made everything taste like a a baked jockstrap aged in a compost pile for a couple of months.    Then when I quit, I ate more because I could taste food.  Hey it tasted good.   Damn, it was the nicotine and not the smoke that made it all taste like elasticized compost.

Have you forgotten Blago already?

I wonder if the Daily Show will feature a bit on Blago next week?  I bet Stewart will have some fun unless there are more Weiner schticks to wave.  Will Blago be a cock blocked news item?  Cock blocked?  Yeah, if that makes sense, you watched last night's Daily Show.  If it doesn't then scroll down to an earlier post from last night's Daily Show.

Jury begins deliberating on Blagojevich today

What's your position on abortion

When asked about abortion we usually follow the TV and repeat what we've heard there or from some other pulpit.  We're either for it or against it without any middle ground.  It's black and white, no grey.  To the extent we spew that kind of nonsense, panderers from either side have attained a victory of some kind.

However if we are honest most of us are in a bit of a conflict.  We think abortion should be available but think it's more immoral than not. It's all shades of grey.  That's a hell of lot more normal than unreasoned pursuit and adherence to single bit of principled gibberish that has little to do with how people live.  Normalcy is not found in churches.  Are we as a people may be becoming a tad more normal?

Abortion views more subtle than pro-choice, pro-life

An Arguement for Preschool

Actually it's more of an argument for better parenting.  Preschool seems to have a decided benefit for those who were enrolled.  What the kids received was what decent parents should have been providing.  Funny how parents reproduce themselves in so many ways besides biologically. And they do it across generations.  At any rate, if we can't produce better parents, or license child rearing, we might want to expand preschool programs.  If we did, then the kids who benefited would become better parents.  Eventually we might not need the program.  Give it a read and give it some thought.

Preschool benefits last into adulthood, study says

I think we'd be better off bagging marriage licenses but require child licenses to have kids.

War Fans Take Heart

As Obama begins our fourth war in Yemen, we may have to end war number 2.  Damn we might only have three wars by year's end.  Yeah, that wuss Bush signed a Status Of Forces Agreement (SOFA) before he slinked back to Dallas.  He gave us a timetable, did the terrorists follow him home?  Maybe went to the wrong address.  Hey whatever happened to his ranch, brush cutting, and such in Crawford?  The SOFA says we have to get out by 12/21/11.  The end is coming soon, unless we act now.  I guess we must have since the incoming Secretary of War is sure

Iraq will ask us to stay

Military industry complex stocks remain a buy.

The Pros Have Taken on Immigration

Folks in Arizona are crazy, but they are amateurs when it comes to hate, bigotry, and rednecked crackery. The Arizona immigration law was bad, but 'Bama has made it badder.  They have massive amounts of Southern heritage to draw upon.  They have.  Of course Alabamans cannot do what they'd prefer--restore slavery, but this time around, enslave Mexicans (note, most of them after all are Catholic).  Does the nation really need an Alabama?

Alabama passes 'toughest illegal immigration law in US'

How's the price of gas these days?

Want to know who to hang, tar and feather, put in stocks, or draw and quarter for the outrageous gas prices?  It's tempting to go after the oil companies, refiners, and oil industry bozos, but that would not change the price one bit.  Drilling more holes won't change the price either.  It's not supply and demand that has driven what we pay up.  No, it's commodities traders in oil.  So we go after them right?  Yeah, but they are second.  First we go after Congress. Congress changed the rules in 2001.

Up until 2001, financial speculators faced caps on how much they could buy in futures markets. Those caps disappeared in 2001. A McClatchy investigation last month showed that participation ratios have flipped since then, with speculators now accounting for more than 70 percent of the oil futures market. On Thursday, Gensler said that number is up to 88 percent.

Guess who made money on the law change? Congress of course, why do think they've been so damned unwilling to end the commodity trading. Congressmen have decided their only job is to get reelected. To get reelected they need lots of money for ads. Guess who generously donates. Yeah you got it. Oh, as voters we did this to ourselves. Will we ever grow up?

And in this ring....

The crazy ring of the GOP circus appears to be down one clown.  Newt has lost his top aides.  His show might not go on.  If so, that means the crazy ring can accommodate another contender.  Will anyone step up to fill Newts huge Ronald McDonald shoes?  You bet, it Gov. Secession, oops, make that Gov. Perry.  Is the nation ready for more Texas idiocy?

Perry 2012 bid speculation fueled by Gingrich shake-ups

Food That Kills Update

Germany's nasty E. coli vector has returned to bean sprouts.  At first the food sleuths thought, beans, then cucumbers and other veggies.  Now without finding any E. coli on a sprout they are sure bean sprouts did the damage.  Of course, the real cause is piss poor food handling by people who work for food processing companies.  People did the deed, not beans.

German investigators confident that local sprouts caused the deadly E. coli outbreak

At Least Palin is Consistent

Yeah, she's always fact free and lives on some flag filled fantasy island.  Paul Revere?  Now it's recent U.S. -Russian history.  Sadly, her fans think she always speaks truth, but then again they believe the world is only 10,000 years old.  Can anyone really see her sitting in the Oval Office?

Sarah Palin’s garbled history of the Cold War

Slavery is alive and well in Maryland

I do not understand the desire to own another person.  It's pretty damn sick.  These folks should be locked up in a prison for the rest of their lives and all that they own be given to the former slave.  There's no place for any kind of human trafficking.

Prince George’s couple indicted on charges that they held woman in servitude

The Mighty Senate, as in Mighty Awful

We all know that the United States Senate is the world's greatest debilitative body.  Nobody does doucebaggery quite like the U.S. Senate.  We like 'em, we reelect 'em.  I have to ask, who's screws are really looser, them or the voters?

This Congress the Senate has attained new levels of ineptitude, indifference and nincompoopedness.  They don't even bother to do anything, nothing, nada, zip about one third of the time.  Why be merely inept when you can do nothing?  Hell even saying "no" takes a moment of time and a twits worth of effort.  There's not a damn one of them worth sending back to office, there never was.  Why do reelect any of these narcissistic boobs?

Senate legislation may slow, but quorums continue

Review of Faux News Coverage

If you missed any of The Daily Show's coverage of the Weiner Schlong Saga, here's a review from the Post's TV columnist.

The TV Column: Jon Stewart pulls a deft reversal with cutting Weiner satire

All the news blocked by Weiner's wiener

From, of course, the best faux news on television--

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rats and Ships

Maybe Newt should realize he's a sinking ship.  The rats are leaving.  Newt needs to just sink or go quietly moor his ass to some remote pier and then stay there in silence.

Top Gingrich aides resign from presidential campaign

If he persists I wish someone would point out to him that he's well on the way to being the Willard of 2008 but in 2012. He is a joke.  He is pathetic.  He is desperate to be loved by all.  G&H*!

*Gag and Heave!

What will the rich old white guys be watching?

The ROWGs will be watching a cat fight.  Yep, Palin and Bachmann will be going at it in a GOOPER venue near you soon.  Which one is dumber?  Which one is crazier?  Which one reads history?  Oh, well, they both have mastered patriotic pandering and fact free oratory.  The campaign will be both entertaining and depressing.  I cannot see either of these women in the White House, can you?

Palin, Bachmann 2012 feud starts early

Lying Pols, Why?

The mighty Dems, seeing an edge, lied their asses off about the GOP's Ryan Medicare plan.  Now it's the GOOPERs turn to return some comments in kind.  The NRCC is lying it's ass off about the Dems and Medicare.  I'm tired of the damned liars.

A pol lies because he thinks the voters don't know or care about facts, truth and reason.  If it's your guy lying it's the same as when the other guy lies.  In both cases liars tell the listener that he does care or value truth.  The liar thinks the listener is a rube, a dumb cluck, a moron. A pol only cares about reelection and is  sure the best way to win votes is to lie.  I'm tired of being insulted by lying pols. Are you?  So, no money, no free labor, and no votes.  Reject all incumbents, that might be a good way to start a new politics.

A pox on both their ‘Mediscare’ houses

Moms would you let your kids grow up to be Republicans?

This is the face of the GOP--

It seemed like a straightforward question on a second-tier issue: Would Mitt Romney disavow the science behind global warming?

Disavow science? Bless my Galileo, they are dangerous bunch. Hell, we had one dark age, why not two? Oh, Willard didn't. Too bad he's in the GOP.

Romney draws early fire from conservatives over views on climate change

Ready for more costly gas?

Get ready to pay even more.  OPEC is not going to boost production.  This is not a drill, baby drill problem.  It's an energy source problem.  We're barely into electric cars.  Why?  Why haven't we pursued fuel cells?  Simple, the money is in oil.  Until the money is in something else, we'll stay oil dependent and pay, baby pay.

Oil futures edged higher as traders continued to digest the surprise announcement from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries on Wednesday that it had failed to reach consensus on boosting output and on a bigger-than-expected draw in U.S. oil inventories.

The Fed and the Economy

Gee the head of the Fed tells the truth and the market turns to shit.  I guess that confirms his statements.  The investor class doesn't like the truth made public.  There is no there, there in good old number one land these days.   It's bad.  Maybe we need a better class of rich folks.  I fear it will get worse, much worse, think Japan.  

US stock futures fall on Bernanke's sober outlook

War Number 4?

How can we have a covert war if folks report on the war?  It's an odd world.  Now Obama has sent troops to blow the crap out of Yemen.  I guess Congress will give it's okay since it's covert and targets terrorists.   What's one more war?  When will be nuke Damascus?  Tehran?  I hoped for a change that we'd opt for a bit less war and a skosh more peace.   Votes matter.  Can you imagine the world under a McCain admin?  We didn't realize we were voting for more war as opposed to a lot more war.

Report: U.S. steps up air strikes in Yemen

This is getting a bit old

A huge financial firm gets hacked.  Customer data is taken.  The financial firm does not say a word.   It's silent until it has to admit it, their security sucks.  Who't the latest in this cybermire?  It's Citibank.   I guess spending money on security eats into profits.

Now Citibank Hacked, Though Admits Breach One Month Late

Budget Solution #1

If we don't raise the debt limit, then something has to go.  Here's a suggestion.  End the war on drugs.  Yep fire everybody who is fighting the war.  No budget.  No more narcs.  No more prisoners.  No more illegal drugs.  Why? Well, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, we've spent billions and gotten zip results.

U.S. can't justify its drug war spending, reports say

If we did end the War on Drugs, being a government program, we'd just end it, and then relabel everything.  Same budget, same staff, new war.  Yep the Feds will declare a War on Litter!  

Come to think of it, if we legalized drugs and taxed them,  the tax revenue would more than offset the costs of all the narcs who lose their jobs.  Hell, we'd probably pay of the national debt in six months.

Got Employment?

When you add up the unemployed looking for work, the ones who have quit looking and the ones in part time jobs who want full time work, we're looking at 20-30 million or so folks.  Our official rate is 9,1% or so.   As the economy just kind of sits there, the unemployment problem is handled by calling it normal.  Yep, no job, it's okay, you are normal.  It's an odd way of dealing with a nation no one wants to invest in.   This problem was not created by high taxes, regulation or anything else government has done.  It exists because the rich do not think there's all that much worth investing in, in good old number one land.  The rate of return is just not there.  Come on, make something or buy a Collateralized Debt Obligation?

Is high unemployment the 'new normal' even in a recovery?

Bless my hope and change

Congress wants to know why we're in Libya.  Obama still hasn't complied with the War Powers Resolution.  The House passed a resolution asking the Commanderator to explain his actions.  Are you impressed with the House?  If so, then get ready to be super impressed.  The world's greatest debilitative body has also decided that Obama needs to tell them why he sent troops to blow the crap out of Libya.  So far Obama is flipping off the House and the Senate.

Webb rebukes president on Libya, demands justification

Of course these yahoos still borrow money to fund two idiotic wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while refusing to raise taxes on the affluent, but they are concerned. We elect some real aces don't we.

National Debt Stupids

Apparently most people are a tad pissed at the size of our government, that is,  in how much it spends and has borrowed.  We have a $15 trillion marker out there.  That's a huge IOU.  As people express their concern, a growing number of GOOPERS, all of them,  and Jackasses do not want the debt ceiling raised.  Somehow or another they think we can muddle our way out of this bipartisan created mess by immediately going from borrowing 40 cents on every dollar spent to a whole lot less, only 60 cents.  That is just dumb.  Then again most people think foreign aid is one of the biggest budget items (it's <1%). We can't even agree on what government should and should not do, but are sure we need not less of it, but to borrow less  and do so without raising taxes.  Funny how the less is always a program some other guys needs, unless it's Medicare.   God has blessed this nation with Stupid.

Washington Post-ABC News poll shows Americans torn over raising debt limit

Weiner Coverage

The best comes from Faux News at the Daily Show--


The Weiner That Keeps on Giving

If you thought Weiner's wienergate was over, no way.  The guy is still in Congress.  The story still has legs, it's growing.  Make that something other than legs.  Okay, the Dems are circling the wagons, but to keep Weiner out of the Dems camp.  Ouch.

Add in, his new wife, Huma, is preggers.   Weiner says he did nothing wrong, as in illegal.  So he's not going to leave office.  Funny how we've let the standard for pols become being convicted of some crime.  He's just a lying, stupid, slimeball, who has some serious sexuality problems.  I guess by not leaving he is providing the world with a description of his constituents and their standards.

Oh, more texts and photos have emerged.  Make that x-rated pics.  Wiener certainly has exposed himself.

The comedy gods have smiled.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is nutty

I'm not sure if you've heard the news, but Facebook is officially getting super-creepy. Facebook announced Tuesday that it will be implementing facial recognition technology for all users in the next few weeks, semi-automating the photo-tagging process.

Why Facebook's Facial Recognition is Creepy


Iraq's Chalabi, who sought invasion, now wants U.S. out

Willard and that faith thing

Who least likely to make it on the ballot?  Well, how about an atheist?  Okay, who is the next least likely to succeed on the ballot?  Try Muslims.  Let's go for three losers, who comes after atheists and Muslims?  Uh, you guessed it, Mormons. Will Willard make it?

Poll: Romney leads but Mormon religion might become an issue

Twitter and Weiner

I don't twitter.  It seems rather inane.  Here's another side to the Weiner mess.

A Twitter Group Warned About Weiner

Nuke Food?

I'm not talking about the microwave oven.  No, we may have to irradiate all our food to eliminate deadly food.  Since we cannot trust growers and processors to make food safe, we can add a step--irradiate it all.  The food is not harmed, but the deadly stuff is zapped.  I don't understand why folks are afraid of this, but then again 70% of us believe in angels.  It's hard to make a scientific case when people accept the existence of unicorns.

Irradiation underused to fight E. coli in foods

Trust Congressmen?

Sure you can trust them to find new ways to fulfill job number one, getting reelected.  A tool, formerly used to bribe voters, earmarks, used to work quite well.  Reps. and Sens. used them to do to voters what lobbyists do to Congress--pay for return favors.

It worked quite well until earmarks became unacceptable.  Morality does enter politics every now and again.  Earmarks became sinful.  In every sin, where's there's a will there's a way found to rehabilitate the actions and make them born again righteous.   Congress has come through and found a new way to bribe voters.  In the Defense appropriations bill it's called the Mission Force Transfer Fund. Look for MFTR variants in all future appropriations bills.

Pentagon earmarks live on, renamed

Obama's Team is No Better Than the Shrub's

How much money, that's borrowed money we will have to paid back with future tax dollars, have we blown on nation building in one of the world's premier shitholes, a.k.a., Afghanistan?  I'm not sure but it's in the hundreds of billions and rising.  What have we gotten for our debt?  Besides rubble, all we've done is transfer money from the U.S. Treasury to private bank accounts all around the world.  In other word, Bush fucked up and Obama has continued the same policy.

Afghan nation-building programs not sustainable, report says

Commander in Chief?   Yeah, about the same as his predecessor, 100% bush league.  

More on Weiner's Schnitzel Shots

The guy is in trouble.  The GOP thinks he should tweet his butt out of Congress.  The Dems, well, the Dems seem to agree with the GOP.  Will the schmuck stay in Congress?  I think the only group who want him to stay are comedy writers--he'll remain an easy yuck.

The problem with this kind of guy is simple.  He knew what he was doing was wrong, not necessarily per his own moral code, but per what he thinks everyone else thinks.  If he bragged about sending women he'd never met pictures he took of his own crotch and assumed voters would still vote for him, no big deal.

He must have decided voters would think he's an idiot and vote for someone else.  Instead of telling the truth about his e-affairs(?), he lied his ass off.  I guess his brain was tweetified.  Most voters don't like public liars.  By lying before and after the fact, he demonstrated he knew his acts were immoral and unworthy of even a Congressman.  If you aren't proud of what you do, then why do it, particularly when your occupation depends on a chimera of trust?   Chimera?  Yeah, voters are cheap and have the attention span of a gnat, look at Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Newt Gingrich.  Will he survive?  Sure, all he has to to is get a thicker hide and bribe his constituents with the right kind of earmarks.

Rep. Anthony Weiner fights for political survival

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We need to replace ourselves

Ponder this--The government added $5.3 trillion in new financial obligations in 2010, largely for retirement programs such as Medicare and Social Security. That brings to a record $61.6 trillion the total of financial promises not paid for.

Who made this mess? Uh, we did. That is, the majority of the half of us who bother to vote, made the mess.  About 26% of the voting population elected folks who created this fiscal cesspool. What's even better is that we reelect them to undo the damages they've done for us. Now who's crazy? Look a pol has only interest in life--staying on center stage. Pols pandered to the 26%. They won. We lost. Damn we're dumb. I bet Weiner will be reelected. See.

U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions

Mad Max Cruises in Mexico

Homemade narco tanks?  Mad Max Mexicans?  Drug lords?  Amazing what problems America's druggies cause south of the border.

Mexican drug gangs building own tanks as war intensifies

Legalize drugs.  Control them.  Tax them.


Don't you love the way these folks live.  It's a pastoral.  Life in the Holy Land sucks.  I guess there's no overcoming three thousand years of religious hatred.  If I were god, I think I'd bypass the Middle East to kick off the end of days.  Maybe Miami?  Palm Beach?  Abu Dhabi?

Israel prepares for more violence in Golan Heights village

National Jukebox

The Library of Congress has released a jukebox loaded with over 10,000 recordings.  If all you like is Lady Gaga or songs about your cheating heart, then this may not be for you.  However, if you'd like to listen to some Marion Anderson, Caruso,  Eubie Blake or a slug of others from 1901 to 1925 then put a logical quarter in the LOC Jukebox and let your ears take you back...

National Jukebox

From The Nation--May 30, 2011

Here's a piece by Katha Pollitt that focuses on why women keep on voting for the GOP.  It makes no sense, but the Republican con seems to thrive.  Yeah, women voted to end abortion and got a capital gains tax rollback instead.  Huh?

Women Who Ran With the Republicans

I guess GOP women just love rich old white guys.

Why not?

You die.  You get pickled.  You, the pickle, are put on a box.  The box is put in a concrete vault.  Everything is buried like a time capsule.  That's a typical end to life.  However, some opt for a final barbecue.  Of course, the cremains become a problem.  What do you do with them?

The eco- green crowd want options.  They have them--Green End to Your Days

Of course you can give your bod to science when you  go--there's a shortage of cadavers.  I've opted to go to med school after I've die.  Then again with climate change we may have to opt for a green end, but more of a soylent kind.

Victory over Henry VIII

Talk about patience--

An Episcopal church in Maryland — including its pastor — has decided to convert to Catholicism, the first in the United States to make the move under new Vatican rules meant to appeal to disaffected Protestants.

Under Ratzy? I guess these Episcopals want to return to Ratzy's 12th century world too. Yeah, no gays and women were in their place (kitchen, barefoot, preggers). Oh, is that Catholicism or Mormonism?  I've never quite understood how a woman could convert to either of them.  Now, congregants, get ready!  Kneel!  And obey!

Speaking of Liars

How's that Clinton, Edwards, Weiner, er, uh Obama fellow doing these days?  He's out and about telling us about his admin.  Yep, he's earned himself Three Pinocchios for significant factual errors and/or obvious contradictions. I think factual error is a polite way of saying he's lying his ass off one cheek at a time.

President Obama’s phony accounting on the auto industry bailout

Factually do you trust the guy?  Come on, he's a pol and running for reelection.  Don't give him any money or free labor, give it to your favorite charity instead.  If you can't give him your vote, then look at the GOP field and think about it.  Yeah, give him your vote--it's not for him, it's against the GOP.    Any Dem is better than any GOOPER.

Weiner's a Dick

"Okay Dems, it's time for a spelling test. How do you spell "liar?"

"Is it spelled c l i n t o n?"

"No, he is, but that's not right, try again."

"Okay, is it spelled e d w a r d s?"

"Close, but you can try again?"

"Yeah, I remember, liar must be spelled w e i n e r!"

"Hey, you're right. Of course, clinton, edwards, and weiner all spell liar, idiot, and asshole, but today we're  featuring the Weiner variant."

Rep. Weiner admits tweeting lewd photo of himself

Now how do you spell "sick fuck?"

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sci Fi

Have you read them all?

The Best Science Fiction Books of all Time

Suggestions for other best of all time?

Kindle Users Take Note

Amazon may have a deal for you.  If depends upon what your reading preferences.  Check out the Sunshine Deals.

Amazon Rolls Out ‘Sunshine Deals’ For Publishers To Test E-Book Pricing

Like E-Books and E-Readers?

They are here and will be here forever.  Well, they will until nukes fly and we all become anti-tech drooling Luddites.  I think that's scheduled for Oct. 21st as part of the revised Rapture we missed on May 21st.  At any rate, what's stopping the e-readers from completely replacing print?  Here are  5 reasons e-books aren't there yet.

Good Ideas Can Be Made Better

Here's a good idea--"The Obama administration released details of a controversial rule Thursday that will cut federal aid to for-profit colleges if students in particular programs graduate with too much debt and worthless degrees."

Can we make it better? Yes we can. Get rid of the Department of Education. End all grants, loan guarantees, and every other bit of financial aid based on federal funds. Education belongs to the States. All the feds have done is increased the cost as they degraded the product in for profit and non for profit post secondary education.  Yeah, I hope we can change federal involvement in education, minimize it to nothing.

For-profit colleges may face aid cuts

E. Coli is Coming, E. Coli is Coming

Ready for a few extra deaths?  Folks will be dropping out of life soon courtesy of modern food production practices.  Germany's latest killer has been tracked to one farm and one product--bean sprouts.   If anyone thinks companies value life over death, they better review Ford, the Pinto, and the wrongful death cost benefit analysis they did before they rolled out those Molotov's on wheels.  As folks continue to vote for Reagan's fans--get government off our backs and do not tax me, we better all think about returning to the days of Victory Gardening.  Votes matter.  How will you vote in 2012?

Germany says sprouts likely E. coli source

Prepare to be hacked

Got Smartphone?  Got hacked?  You might be, since pushing the product is more important than the security of the device--think about Windows and security  for a minute.

Android, Apple face growing cyberattacks

The Future is Economic Chaos

It will be, if voters keep electing Republicans.  Tax cuts do not increase revenue.  Tax cuts do not grow small businesses.  Tax cuts do make the wealthy wealthier, period.

Among GOP, anti-tax orthodoxy runs deep


Rep. Wiener's wiener tweeter story is not over.

Recipient of lewd tweet criticizes New York Post story via Twitter

I wonder if this was a PR stunt by Rep Wiener? He's gotten more air time than any other pol in the last week. For all I know the folks who vote for him like what he's done. Pols are strange, their supporters are even stranger--think about Bill Clinton for a sec.

Normal is Breaking Out

I was a bit concerned when Tunisia seemed to opt for democracy.  Then when Egypt gave the appearance of the same, I began to think the Middle East and Arabic lands had decided to enter the 21st century.  After the revolting Arab's proved their true lack of mettle, it was no surprize to see normalcy returning to  the Middle East--

Israeli troops opened fire as hundreds of Palestinian protesters and supporters from Syria tried to cross the frontier with the Israeli-held Golan Heights on Sunday. The official Syrian news agency said 23 people were killed and more than 350 injured.

Frothy Says He's Running

I'm so excited about this announcement that I could just shit.

Santorum says he will run for president

Have you ever googled Santorum?


It's another normal day in Iraq.  Bombs, guns and death abound.  It's their way of life.  Unfortunately,  the current commanderator in chief has kept our soldiers in that shithole.  Five soldiers died today in Iraq.  The legacy lives on.  It really matters for whom you vote.  Imagine if our history had been Shrub free.

More violence in Iraq; Iraqi, U.S. soldiers killed

Willard is out and about II

The guy really, really, really wants to be President.  Too bad he's in the Republican party.  Or it's too bad the GOP has become so damned warped that Romney has to be a Willard.  Either way, who can support anyone who spouts this kind of bull.  Ooops, I forgot the 50% of us that believe that ghosts are real and that aliens have landed.

Willard's flawed view of freedom

Willard is out and about

After being upstaged by Palin's and her bus, did anyone listen to what he said?  I guess he wasnt' too bad, he wasn't doing the GOP normal lie, make it up and talk out your ass.   He was talking out his ass but he only attained the--

Two Pinocchios Level:

Significant omissions and/or exaggerations. Some factual error may be involved but not necessarily. A politician can create a false, misleading impression by playing with words and using legalistic language that means little to ordinary people.

Fact checking Willard's announcement speech

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dumbing Down the Nation

If you buy her bit, then  you are part of the dumbed down America.  Last dumb one gave us unfunded tax cuts for the rich, two unfunded wars, and deregulation that sank the economy.  Oh, yeah , forgot, you betcha.

Sarah Palin defends her take on Paul Revere's ride

Tech Stuff

Do you Twitter?

13% of online adults use Twitter

Do You Make Internet Calls?

Internet Phone Calls

How 'bout them GOOPERS.

Top Reaction to GOP Field -- "Unimpressed"


Cellphones, Cancer and Science

Here's more from Bob Park on cellphones and cancer--
WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 3 Jun 2011 Washington, DC 

1. WHO’S ON FIRST? WITH APOLOGIES TO BUD ABBOT AND LOU COSTELLO. My science-reporter friend, Naif, called this week about cell phones. Here's how it went. Naif: "Who said there’s no evidence that radiation from cell phones causes brain cancer?" BP: "WHO did, but that was about a year ago." Naif: "That's what I asked, who did? The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) says cell phone radiation ‘may be carcinogenic’." BP: "IARC is WHO." Naif: "Why ask me? I don't know who. Besides, shouldn't that be ‘whom’?" BP: Last year they said that no adverse health effects have been established for mobile phone use." Naif: "That's still true, but who said it?" BP: "I told you; WHO said it after a $14 million epidemiological study of cell phone use in 13 countries." Naif: "Then who is IARC?” BP: "Strictly speaking IARC is part of WHO." Naif: "I don't know who it’s part of. That‘s why I asked."

 2. CELL PHONES: THE CREDIBILITY OF SCIENCE IS BASED ON OPENNESS. Let's be open with the public. A Working Group of 31 scientists from 14 countries met at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France from May 24–31 to assess the potential carcinogenic hazards from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. The Working Group conducted no further study, and gathered no additional evidence. Nevertheless, based on an increased risk for glioma, a usually fatal brain cancer, they voted to classify radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as, "possibly carcinogenic to humans." Let's do a little epidemiology of our own. There are 5 billion cell phones distributed among the 7 billion people on Earth. But, as the New York Times reported this morning, brain cancer rates in the US have been declining for two decades. Does this tell us that cell phones prevent brain cancer? Alas, no. The increase in cell phone use only started one decade ago. It tells us is that epidemiology alone is a lousy guide for making policy. There is far too much "noise" in the data. So far, only photons more energetic than visible light have been shown to create mutant strands of DNA. "Maybe it's a multi-photon process," I'm told. A two-photon process is possible, even a three-photon process, but it would take 1 million microwave photons working in tandem to overcome the work function. So find a mechanism. But please don't inflict more case-control epidemiology on a paranoid public. 

3. BAD DIAGNOSIS: THE HIGH COST OF IGNORANCE. Why would it be such a big deal to use earphones? No big deal. I already use an amplifier in each year so I can hear the birds outside my office. Let me ask why would it be such a big deal to let people know how electromagnetic radiation causes cancer? Bullshit is dangerous. In 1998 in London, Andrew Wakefield a British gastroenterologist, warned that the MMR vaccine causes autism. In the following months the papers daily carried stories of the tragedy of autism and the heroic doctor who had found the cause. In the months following, MMR vaccinations of children dropped from 90% to 70%. In 2006, the first child in more than a decade died of measles in London. In the first four months of 2011, the HPA reported 334 cases of measles, a 10 fold increase over the same period a year earlier. In France, 7000 cases have been reported this year. Autism was unaffected.

We need to catch crooks

We're fighting a war on drugs.  We're losing.  I have a feeling that the folks who fund the war, at all levels, don't really want to win one for whomever we win wars for.  Maybe we need to see if the bosses are doing dope?  Here's a suggestion, all legislators, federal, state, and local need to pee in a drug test pot every time there's a vote.  Yep, they all need to take a leak and then take a vote.  Test results, of course, must be public.  Oh, they can breath into a breathalyzer on the way back from whiz station to cast their votes.  Booze is a drug too.

Need an incumbent eval tool for 2012?

Three little things have put us awash in red ink.  Elected Congressmen voted to implement these three things.  Many of them are still in the House and the Senate.  They are both Jackasses and Wingnuts.  It an incumbent voted for any one of the three, it's a sufficient reason to replace them.  Will voters do so?

In the debate over the nation's rising debt, rhetoric trumps reality. In January 2001, the U.S. budget was balanced for the first time in decades and the Congressional Budget Office was forecasting surpluses totaling $5.6 trillion by 2011. A decade later, the national debt is larger, as a percentage of the economy, than at any time in U.S. history except for the period shortly after World War II.

So what happened?

Who had the worst week in Washington?

Uh, that's easy.  It's the wiener tweeter.

Five Myths

Five myths about Pakistan

Gee, how different are we from Pakistan?  Hell how different is any nation from Pakistan?  Perspective and position does color ones evaluation of just about anything.


Have you heard about Slutwalks?   How did you react?  Positive or negative?  Okay, how would you have reacted to bloomers?  That's when women took to the streets wearing, pants (bloomers, 1851).   If you have a bit of a negative view of Slutwalks, then give this piece a read.

SlutWalks and the future of feminism

Okay, finished the piece?  Now, how how do you feel about Slutwalks?  In some ways it's still 1851 isn't it.

Our government at work

I am amused by our nation's criminal justice system dancer bust.  How dare anyone think they can dance at a national monument.   The momentary lack of solemn commemoration must have been excessively traumatic.  I wonder how much time, money and tax paid government officials have expended and will expend to clear dancers from the commemorative halls?

Dancers shimmy at the Jefferson Memorial