Saturday, June 18, 2011

Are we really sure Bush is not president?

Bush sought out and listened to the legal advice he wanted to hear.   Our nation opened torture chambers as a result.  Obama has done the same.   Are we sure he's not Bush, because this admin seems so very bush league.

Report: Obama rejected the views of top lawyers in deciding to pursue Libya air war

Yes we can hope for change, but that's bullshit.  Hell, now the putz wants us to Win the Future with regular donations.  Yeah, WTF?

Soylent Brown?

Are your ready for a fecal fillet?  How about a special meat loaf?  Will you replace your turkey dogs with turdish ones?    Bless my shit on a stick, what's in that corn dog?  Oh, my god, it's soylent brown!  They don't want our bodies, they want our excrement.

It's being called the "poop burger"

E-Reader--The Nook

Thinking about an e-reader?  B&N has introduced a new Nook.  Here's one review--

The Nook Nails it


LulzSec is a hacking group.  They have hacked a number of organizations and will continue to do so until they are caught.  At least they expose the inadequate cyber security that's out there.  If they are caught I expect it it will be by accident not design.  Until random chance exposes them, they will hack on.  I wonder if all the various managers of this and that had, in the past, bothered to spend money on security if hackers would be with us these days at all.  If you opt for short term profit,  don't you pay for stupidity over and over again in the long term?  Speaking of stupids, damn near everything in government must be wide open to groups like LulzSec and Anonymous.

LulzSec: Hack Attacks Will Continue Until Group Caught

I don't get it

Let's see, in Libya, Qadaffi suggested he might, on the off chance, kill some revolting Arabs.  He never did because Mr. Humanitarian bombed the crap out of Libya to make a No Fly Zone.  That way when Qadaffi did kill some of his revolting Arabs, they were just casualties of war.  The logic is damned hard to follow.

Now in Syria the Assad is killing revolting Arabs and anyone else who gets in his way.  If you just want to leave the damn place he'll shoot you.  He's using tanks on refugee camps.  Mr. Humanitarian has not dropped any bombs.  The logic remains hard to follow.  Oh, Libya can't shoot back, but Syria can?

Syrian army attacks village near Turkish border

I guess if the other side shoots back, it's really a war. If it's really a war, then the President might have to actually obey the War Powers Act law or some bull along those lines.

Fukushima Cleanup Update

It looks like the Tokyo Power folks are about as ept at cleaning up their messes as they are at planning for the big one.  We know how well they did in their planning.   Cleanup is going about as well--

Water cleanup system shut down at Japan nuke plant

More Weiner

Here's another piece on why the Dems got rid of Weiner.

Why Democrats turned on Anthony Weiner, but not Bill Clinton

Look they both were and remain pricks. In Bill's case, he had power so even though people wanted him gone, he remained useful (short term). Anthony is just a prick. The Dems could get rid of him. They did. The Dems should have gotten rid of Bill too. Look, Bill gave us Bush and we know what Bush gave and still keeps on giving to all of us.

Sometimes a headline just catches your eye

Here's one I could not resist--

Marrying Mexican and Armenian cuisine

Okay, Meximenian.  How about others?  Bulgarian/English--Bulgish?

Pick the number, start your office war pool today!

Remember back when--

Obama waged more war in war #!? Obama led the surge. He sent 30,000 additional soldiers to Afghanistan. He ordered a surge, he's not all that different from the former commanderater.

Now do you remember--

Obama pledged to begin withdrawing some of the 100,000 U.S. troops next month in a Dec. 1, 2009, speech in which he laid out his strategery.

Well, time's up. How many troops will be extracted from the rubble? One? 1,000? 10,000? 10,001? Get your pool going, you bet on both time when and the numbers to be reduced.

Obama expected to unveil Afghan drawdown plan next week

Interesting Headline

Sometimes there'a a lot of info crammed in one little headline.  Take a minute and think about our 10+ year  war in Afghaistan.  Think about the dead soldiers and their families.  Think about mangled bodies.  Think about dead and mangled Afghanis.  Think about the destruction.  Now here's the headliune--

Karzai says Afghanistan, U.S. holding peace talks with Taliban as insurgents attack Kabul

Yep, what else can I say but this,  "that's one fucked up war."

Cancel your AARP membership

Gee, the world's biggest insurance shill, AARP, now backs screwing old farts in their Social Security butts. That may seem odd for an old fart's lobbying group, but it's not.  Are they really a lobbying group?

Have you ever looked at their rag?  It's a giant ad for insurance.  I get three to five pitches a week from them.  They are all  for AARP "endorsed" insurance.  Likewise for Mrs. Jake.  We're both in our 60s.  Years ago, Mrs. Jake paid for a one year subscription to the AARP.  We let it lapse after one year.  It's kept coming.  It's just ads.  AARP must have found a new way to increase insurance sales by decreasing Social Security benefits.  Watch for AARP endorsed burial insurance.

Cancel your membership (it won't stop the magazine or the junk mail, but you'll feel better).  With friends like them....

AARP slammed for not fighting Social Security cuts


Land of the free, home of the brave update

Uh, the score remains NATObama-0, Qadaffi-1 (he's still in power).  A few months back, Obama kicked off U.S. war #3.  He used bombs and missiles to create No Whatever Zones in Libya.  He did this to save lives, he's a humanitarian (former community organizer).  Since an election is coming up in 2102, he then  ducked his responsibility for waging more war.  He runs on a faux peace ticket.  He passed the buck to NATO.  NATO has continued to save lives the Obama way, by saving the right people and killing the wrong people with lots of bombs.   Humanitarian conflicts are so much fun.

Gaddafi defiant, as bombs rain on Tripoli

Republican Leadership? That's an oxymoron isn't it?

Oh, my bad.  If you are a Republican,  then you might have leaders.  However, the term "oxymoron" still pertains.   Yep, it takes a lot thick skulled oxen to lead the morons.  GOP=Oxedmorons.  Oh, the GOOPERS are having another droolfest.

Republican activists keep their sights on Obama at conference

Science v. Magic

Do you know Avogadro's number?  Do  you know what it means and how to use it?  Have you ever heard of homeopathy?  That's the dilution crowd, you know, likes cure likes.  The problem is the stuff they sell is really pure water.  Why?   Well Avogadro's number is concerned with the number of atoms or molecules in  standard measure of some type of mass.  Here's nice piece that will use a bit of science and introduce you to the nuttiness of diluted "medicine."

Homeopathic dilutions

And it all comes back to "trust me, it's magic."  Which came first, snake oil or politicians?

Where's Ron Paul?

Ron Paul runs with GOOPERs because TV News, other than C-SPAN, does not cover Libertarians. Mr.Paul thinks there is too much government. Mr. Paul thinks there is too much regulation. Mr. Paul thinks we're losing our liberty and freedom more and more every day, every year, every decade. If you are 10 years old, live in Montgomery, Maryland, and are taking your first foray into the free market system you probably will agree with Mr. Paul.

Near U.S. Open, Montgomery tries to put the squeeze on lemonade stands

Will the kids become future Libertarians?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kindle Users Take Note: That book may be spam

Amazon's Kindle self-publishing platform hit by spam

Social Networking Stats

In this Pew Internet Project sample, 79% of American adults said they used the internet and nearly half of adults (47%), or 59% of internet users, say they use at least one of SNS. This is close to double the 26% of adults (34% of internet users) who used a SNS in 2008. Among other things, this means the average age of adult-SNS users has shifted from 33 in 2008 to 38 in 2010. Over half of all adult SNS users are now over the age of 35. Some 56% of SNS users now are female.

More from Pew on SNS users.

Bin Ladens dead, now what?

It appears his death hasn't even been a speed bump in our foreign policy.  More troops.  More bombs.  Hell the CIA is now effectively part of the War Department.   It appears all we are willing to do, since we are the 800 pound gorilla, is kill people and blow things up as we are wont.  It's dumb today.  Well it was dumb yesterday too.  Do you really feel safer and freer because of any war since WWII?  I don't.  I think we have been putting ourselves at greater and greater risk for decades.  So what about the mess in Afghanistan and all those pesky terrorists?   Here's one perspective you might or might not enjoy--

Beyond Al Qaeda

Ready for more nukes?

How about a Fukashima, Nebraska?  No, that's not on the way, but how well does our  press cover nukes in flooded areas?  How good is it?  How bad is it?   The Japanese government and the power company did poorly.  How are we doing in good old number one land?

Here's a piece from the Bulletin.

Rising water, falling journalism

And here's a piece from CBS.

Neb. nuclear plants prepared for flood, say feds

If you've ever lived in Utah, this one's for you!

BAgley Cartoon--Seeing Red

Thanks JB!

Gee Religious Nutzoids Oppose Gay Marriage

Oh my god, it's a bunch of rallying Catholics. They don't like gays. Maybe it's time to rally against Catholics?

Catholics Rally Against Same-Sex Marriage Vote

Zoo Watch

A zoo goers polls shows that 42% of visitors liked the Willard Display.  Only 10% were impressed with the Paul cage and Bachmann moat.  All of the other denizens were barely viewed.  Oh, its a N.H. poll

It's not an earmark, trust me.

Pols cannot wean themselves from buying votes from voters and paying back the folks who bribed them.  They decided to ban earmarks.  They did.  They changed the name.  See no earmarks.  Right.

Defense fund is focus of debate over earmarks

Obama Fans Take Note

It's funny how the economy continues to blow chunks and all the GOP wants to talk about is the deficits and federal spending.  Gee I wonder why?  Well it's simple.  If the economy continues to suck in 2012, then Obama will not be reelected.  Why fix it if it's broken for the Dems?  The GOP, prefers a miserable economy for all Americans just to insure that Obama will fall and the GOP will win the White House.  Now that's real governance isn't it.  Unfortunately if they win the White House, the Dems will do to them as they do the Dems today.   Net result, Americans will remain well reamed.  How bad is it for Obama right now?

Obama losing to 'generic Republican,' Gallup says

And in San Francisco

Yesterday they banned the McDonald's Happy Meal.  Today they are trying to ban circumcision.  It's an interesting place.  I wonder what will be next?

Circumcision ban ballot measure called anti-Semitic

Failing for 40 Years

Forty years Tricky Nixon declared War on Drugs.  We're still fighting the war.  We're still losing the war.  I bet Tricky declared the war as a way to get even with his enemies--he didn't even like himself.  We've wasted a lot of money and lives.  Can you imagine being a Marijuana Narc  for a living?  That's depressing.  Now we have to consider this.

Is it time to end the war by making all the drugs legit?  It would be in our national domestic interest to do so.  That's obvious to all but the batshit crazy folks who depend on drug criminality to make a living.  We think it would also be a boon to places like Mexico.   By making drugs legal, the crooks would be out of the drug business.  If they are out of business, then the violence would stop.  It would be a pretty quick win/win all around.  Or would it?

Give this piece a read to see about the possible downside to our legalizing drugs in Mexico and elsewhere.  It can be a short term mess for them. Why?  Well the crooks don't quit being crooks, they just find new ways to keep on being crooked  and that can get real nasty when the easy drug money dries up.  the crooks are very well armed and very well organized.  Thanks Tricky, you really have gotten even with the world, but you still suck.

Ending 40 years of drug war: the impact on Latin America

Don't Get Excited, They Remain Debilitators

The Senate after rejecting an attempt to eliminate the $6 billion annual ethanol subsidy, turned around and voted for elimination of the subsidy.  However, they remain, as always, the world's premier debilitators.

The victory could prove symbolic since the amendment is attached to the Economic Development and Revitalization Act, which has little chance of winning final approval in the Senate. Moreover, the amendment would not eliminate the federal mandate that sets minimum quotas for ethanol use by refiners.

Once a putz, always a putz.  It's time to have 95%+ of the Senate serve only one term.  Jim Webb is a good example.  He's leaving after one term.  He's a true statesman.  He served the nation well for six years. He will serve the nation by leaving the Senate.  We need more Webbs.  In 2012 let's give more people, in both parties, the opportunity to emulate Jim Webb.

Good News in the WOT

As we bumble along in our War on Terror there is good news.  It took 10 years to find and kill bin Laden.  That's not the good news.  The good news is bin Laden's replacement really sucks.  Through Zawhiri's leadership Al Qaeda may fall apart and disappear.  Heck of a way to win the war on terror, but we'll take a victory any way we can.  If he new guy fails and Al Qaeda dissembles into dust, how long will it take Bush, Obama, and the CIA to claim it was their plan from the get go?

Zawahiri faces hurdles as bin Laden successor

Weiner exits

In case you missed the news, Anthony Weiner has resigned his seat in the House.   Will his district hold an election or will the district be re-districted out of existence?  Can they do that?   One aspect of this story that has not received much attention is why did the House Democratic leadership (Pelosi and her cronies) decide so quickly that Weiner had to go?  Hm, did Weiner attain prominence against Pelosi's wishes in years past?  This time, when he attained a different kind of prominence, she got even and effectively kicked his ass down the Capitol steps and out.  How much of Weiner's end was due to good old fashioned social networking of the personal political power kind?   Note, Rangel was supported  for a very long time and never asked to resign and was reelected in 2010.

Rep. Anthony Weiner resigns

Insuring Food that Kills Will Be Abundant

The House, GOP side, assumes food to be very, very, safe.  They assume inspections, fines and shutdowns do not prompt food manufacturers to keep their products safe.  Who the hell needs to pay for something that's being done voluntarily?  Is this your idea of sane budget balancing?  If so, then why bother with child labor laws and their enforcement?  Why bother with any regulatory law at all?  If this is your idea of  good government, then vote for the GOP in 2012.  If it is not then vote against every GOP office seeker you can.  

Saying the cuts were needed to lower the national deficit, the House also reduced funding to the Agriculture Department’s food safety inspection service, which oversees meat, poultry and some egg products. And lawmakers chopped $832 million from an emergency feeding program for poor mothers, infants and children. Hunger groups said that change would deny emergency nutrition to about 325,000 mothers and children.

I guess food won't kill poor kids, the GOP prefers starvation. Starvation is an incentive to get a job.  They know poverty is a personal choice made by very irresponsible two and three year olds. Is the GOP's America your idea of why we have government and its role in our lives?

USA will be Greece

Greece will collapse economically and politically soon.  The government will fall.  People are reacting and will, in unreasoning anger, destroy what little nationality they have left.  The people of Greece have allowed themselves to become a joke.  Their politicians have fulfilled the people's will.  Guess what, we're on the way.

Oh, it's not because we have a huge debt or run large deficits, no it's because of our two political parties.  Both parties have one concern, having the White House and having majorities in the House and Senate.  Think not?  As just one example, what did Sen. McConnell say was his first priority after the 2010 election?  He said his, and the GOP Senator's first job was to make sure Obama does not get reelected.  That is the number one task in face of all the real problems that need a bit of governance.  The Dems behave likewise.  Why will we go like Greece?  The Republicans and the Democrats will make it occur to get elected.  Thus far, voters have  voted and shown the majority want the USA to become the next  Greece.

The GOP will do all it can to insure Obama is not reelected.  That includes default on our debt, high unemployment, keeping the recession alive and worse.  If the two party's power relationships were reversed, it would be the Dems doing the same to the GOP.  Both parties will destroy the nation in their lust for party dominance.  Voters have shown this is what they want.   Voters, is this what you really want?  Do you want to become Greece?  Is so all you have do is nothing.

Greek government teeters amid default risk


Thursday, June 16, 2011

How bad is the GOP these days?

The recent GOP debate gave us a view of the party and and its people.  God, they are bad.   How bad? Well, I'll let E. J. Dionne tell you--

After GOP debate, feeling nostalgic for George W. Bush

Hustling the Scheckels

I received this in my e-mail today. One donation in 2008 and I've been blessed with an abundance of please give to me e-mails ever since.  I have no interest in dining with Obama or any other pol.  I'd be hard pressed to admit any of them into my house.   Do you want to win dinner with the prez?  If so you will have to give him your e-mail address.  Gee, the president of the United States has transformed himself into a lottery prize.  That's not the change I hoped for, but at least it's transparent.

Jake --

I've worked for President Obama for almost five years -- but I've never actually sat down for dinner with him.

That's why I'm excited about (and maybe a little jealous of) the opportunity you have to join the President for dinner. He's going to sit down and swap stories over a meal with four supporters, and you could be one of them.

You should really give this a shot. Donate $75 or more today to be automatically entered for the chance to sit down for dinner with the President:

This isn't going to be a formal affair or a banquet for hundreds of guests.

It's just you, three other supporters, and President Obama, sitting down together for an evening among friends.

It's not often you get to talk to the President one on one about your hopes for the country and your ideas for this campaign. So I hope you'll put your name in the running.

Donate $75 today, and you'll be automatically entered for the chance to claim your seat the table:

Good luck,


Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

Our Health Insurance System

If you are a vet you can go to a veterans clinic or hospital.  Docs who are government employees will see to your health care needs.  If you are on active duty you can go to a base hospital (if any still exist) and your health care is taken care of.  Otherwise if you are or were in the military you have have government provided health insurance.  If you are over 65 you have Medicare, a government run health insurance program.   If you are poor and qualify you can get a Medicaid health insurance in your state.  In other words, with especial thanks to Obama, we obtain our health care via health insurance with just a few exceptions.  How's it going?

Study shows Medicaid kids are denied medical care

The common element to crappy health care seems to be insurance.  Why not try health care instead.  Bag the insurance, socialize it all, run it for 20 years, and then evaluate and compare.  

That will never be done.  I don't understand the opposition to Obamacare, he guaranteed that the health insurance model will be dominant and with us forever.  I hoped for a change, but not that kind of change.      

Feel the need to hate a little bit?

If so, you can join Rep. King and investigate those pesky Muslims.   He knows that Muslims are a threat to our national thingamabob.   He knows they hate us for our whatnots.  He knows they want to implement Sharona's law (I didn't realize detective Monk's first assistant had a special law, but then working for Monk could drive one nuts.)  He also knows they want us eat nothing but Muslim Kosher food so we'd grow turbans and take vacations to Meccaland.   I wish he was from El Paso, then we could all sing him a chorus or two of "Asshole From El Paso."  Since he's not, how about Ce Lo's unedited song instead?

Parties clash over hearing on Muslim radicalization

Other songs for Rep.King?

Weiner News

The guys is going to resign.  He won't have to go get a tweetment.  Hell, now he tweet the ladies to more pics of  his prick and can twitter his ass too.  In your heart you know he's just another fallen narcissist.  CNN take note, Weiner is available.   Yeah, in prime time, how about a Weiner Spitzer?

Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign

More on Weiner's Homemade Porn

Congressman Wiener took pictures of himself.  The pics featured his junk.  He is in love with himself.  He sent his pics to women he "met" on Twitter.  He tweeted them to porno pics of himself.  One of the tweetees is in Weiner's business.  No, she's not in Congress, she's in the porn business.  Weiner failed to successfully lie his way out of his self made mess, but along the way we now know the advice he gave to the women he tweeted--"Lie your ass off!"

Ex-porn star says Weiner told her to lie

Do the people in his district really want this guy to represent them?  If true, then Weiner should stay.  It's up to the voters.  They can declare themselves to be sick puppies too.  Hell, the Dems did that collectively with Bill Clinton.  At least Weiner is just one House member.  With one blowjob, Clinton gave us Bush who in turn blessed us with Cheney, tax cuts, two unfunded wars and so much more.  

Dissension amongst the rank

The batshit crazy crowd has a little problem.  The Graham cracker thinks too many of fellow crackers need to drink more war juice.  After all, he knows that the Reagan and Bush legacies  will whither away without more war.   I guess Graham must love Obama.

Graham raps Boehner, GOP candidates on Libya, Afghanistan

Debilitators in Action

The world's greatest debilitating body took the cash.  They kept the ethanol subsidy.  Now they remember the spending and debt.  Maybe they will end some tax breaks here and there.  Which ones?  Oh, that's easy.    They will end tax breaks and credits for the groups and individuals who do not have or cannot pay enough to fund their reelection.  The Senate remains for sale to the highest bidder on everything.

Top Senate Republican suggests eliminating energy tax breaks to reduce debt

Voters have no sense

Voters gave the nation this in 2010--

Among the 87 new GOP members of Congress, the documents show, at least 30 had liabilities totaling $50,000 or more in 2010.

It has brought at least 24 new millionaires to a Congress that already had plenty.

Some Republican freshmen in Congress hold major debt, disclosure forms show

I bet the fiscal losers will soon join their more affluent peers.  What's it take?  Two terms or can they amass a million in two years?  No wonder reelection is job number one.

Good News Peasants

The common man's arm of government, the House of Representatives, now belongs to the rich.  The Senate, of course, has always been for the wealthy.  Yes, getting elected and hanging around for several terms is conducive to a Rep and family making lots of money.  Pretty soon the House will be as effective as the Senate in legislating and governing.  It's time to change it. Send them all home for good.  Do not reelect anyone, ever.  Remember federal elective office is not supposed to be a career.

Reps. Boehner, Cantor continue millionaires reign over House

What can we do?  Well, in addition to not reelecting anyone, we can increase the size of the House.  Reps need to represent no more than 50,000 people.  Then we eliminate pensions for congressmen and presidents.

War on Terror or Whatever We Call it These Days

The WOT fares kind of, sort of, okay.  Of course a major ally may really be on the other side, but the Afghan War is so fucked up, we take what help we can get and keep on fighting for Mom, the flag, and apple pie or some nonsense like that.  Oh, Pakistan has rounded up folks who assisted the CIA in tracking down bin Laden.  Their army is  purging itself of fans of the USA.   The average Pakistani thinks we suck, hell they think we blow chunks.   That's what I call an ally.  After 10 years of this bullshit can't anyone figure it out, our exit is eight years overdue.  Hell, if I lived there I think I'd be a bit pissed too.

Pakistan-U.S. security relationship at lowest point since 2001, officials say

Shirley Sherrod

Do you remember Shirley Sherrod?  She was the woman fired by ObamaCo for not saying anything wrong at all.  ObamaCo listened to a right wing troll, assumed he was correct, and canned Sherrod.  Of course the troll was making it up by editing tape.  ObamaCo did apologize.  Nice.  Now, a year later, they have offered her a consulting gig.  Yep, for $35,000 a year she can work for the USDA once again.   She feels like she's been slapped.  She has been.

A year later, Sherrod won't go away


Bush is still in the White House

The, now moving towards, $1 billion we have borrowed and spent on war number three is okay, because it's not a war.  How do we know this, because President Obama says so.  See, we can take his word for it,  he did no wrong when he failed to comply with the War Powers Resolution.  God he sounds so Bushie.  Did Bush really leave the White House or is he hiding in the basement?

Okay Congress, y'all tried to impeach Clinton over a blowjob, Obama broke the law at the expense of your  power.  What will be your next move?  Oh, that's an easy one, they will huff and puff and hope future presidents are less bellicose.  The GOP has zip for 2012.  Do the Dems have anyone else?  Kind of sucks.  Hey yes we can have no hope for change.

Obama administration: Libya action does not require congressional approval

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Couch Potato and Die!

If you sit on your ass, eat junk and watch junk on TV all day, your health will turn to shit and you will die. It's simple.  Eat less, move more, and watch a whole lot less.

Health Buzz: TV Raises Risk of Health Problems, Early Death

Go Dennis Go

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is suing to end war number 3.  Damn.  Okay by me but could we also impeach Obama, Kucinich, the other 434 House members, and the entire Senate.  Let's start over will a new set of pols.  Oh, forgot, Scalia, Alito, Roberts and Thomas need to go too.  It wouldn't be any worse than it is today and it might be better.

Kucinich files suit over U.S. involvement in Libya

Psst--it's a secret!

Somewhere in the Middle East the CIA is building an air base from which they will fly drones to blow the living shit out some people, building and goats in Yemen.  Yep, it's a super secret air base too.  I bet the average Arab in Cairo, Tripoli, Damascus or Baghdad knows where the base it being built.   I have a feeling the base is just being kept "secret" from American voters and taxpayers.  Any you thought Obama had not declared  war number four.  Of course the airbase will strengthen our national security, make us safe, protect our freedom, and make us all millionaires.   Keep an eye out for that check, I'm sure it's in the mail.

C.I.A. Building Secret Air Base for Strikes in Yemen and Elsewhere

Want to Know Why We Have Palins, Bachmanns and Santorums II?

Well, we do not teach much history in our schools.  The absence of history has occurred and increased for a long time.  What we wind up with is stupid pols spewing nonsense to stupid listeners.  Unfortunately neither knows the degree of their stupidity, but both do not take kindly to being corrected.

Just 13 percent of high school seniors who took the 2010 National Assessment of Educational Progress, called the Nation's Report Card, showed a solid grasp of the subject. Results released Tuesday showed the two other grades didn't perform much better, with just 22 percent of fourth-grade students and 18 percent of eighth-graders demonstrating proficiency.

Report: Students don't know much about US history

Want to Know Why We Have Palins, Bachmanns and Santorums?

We have quit teaching our own history in public schools.  Too many know too little and will thus believe too much.  Here are some sample questions from this year's National Report Card.

Sample questions from the Nation's Report Card

I hope all anwered the questions correctly, it not, get to library and start reading history.

Weiner Therapy

Wow, they do have tweetment for Weiners.  I thought the guy was just another perv who got caught and since he's a public hotshot would have to pay some public price.  Now he's on vacation.   He says he's getting help (but, he's already proven himself to be a liar).  What is his problem and what is the treatment?  Here's more than you want to know about sexual compulsivity.

Only ones not giggling are therapists


The Shrub gave us contemporary Iraq.  He built a new nation.  He hopes that when people look at his creation they will think he was a really great guy.  Yeah, but not any of the people who live in Iraq.  Would you live in this Bush creation?

In Baghdad, it's all elusive


And in War Number Four

We'd better be careful with those drones.  Come on, the CIA is at the controls, remember the exploding cigars?  Yemenis are in the streets.  They have revolting Arabs too.  Bombs away, but be sure it's bad guys who get rubbleized.

Huge protests across Yemen demand political change

LIfe Expectancy

"USA,  USA," hey there good old Number one fans, y'all need to note--

In one-quarter of the country, girls born today may live shorter lives than their mothers, and the country as a whole is falling behind other industrialized nations in the march toward longer life, according to the study.

Now exactly what is it we are so very number one at?


Medicaid is a joint federal and state health care program.  Well, it's a joint health insurance program.  Poor people enroll, get a policy, see a doc, a claim is submitted and government pays the bill.   It's expensive.  State legislators would rather pay for more important stuff like asphalt.

In state elections drivers vote, the poor don't vote.   When a poor economy hits states and revenues decline, they turn on easy targets such as those folks who do not vote, contribute to campaigns, or pay taxes.  Today states are demanding relief from the Feds.  See how bad health insurance based health care gets.  Of course if we collectively decided that jobs mattered more than maximizing profits for a few, then the many would be able to pay for their own health insurance and Medicaid would be a small expense.

GOP governors push back against Obama on federal Medicaid rules

Oh, before anyone decides to end Medicaid, they ought to go some reading about who receives aid. Hint, it's a lot of kids and pregnant women. Not many guys over 19.  

Did You Catch the New Hampshire Follies?

If you watched the GOP Yak Off the other night, did you note the 100% pure USDA bullshit tossed out about Medicare?  They can't help it.  Once they've memorized a bullet point, it becomes indelible.  Yep, forever true and eternal for them.  For the rest of us, it's just more made up shit.

Tired of it?  Is so, we can change it, we can use our votes to rid ourselves of professional pols.  One term and adios.  How about electing people who want to govern the nation instead of people who want to build their careers at our expense?  Here's some fact checking on Medicare--

Fact Checking the GOP debate: $500 billion in cuts to Medicare?

Let's end pensions for pols.

Debilitators in Action

Yep, it's the U.S. Senate.  They can't even end a tax credit on ethanol.  Who is owned by whom?  They can hide under a no tax pledge if they want.  Hell. whether they love ethanol money or fear the pledge, we  see what drive these boobs--reelection.  Being in office, being on stage, being able to pretend that people love them are the most important things in their sorry little lives.  Voters, it's time.  We need to kick them all out.  No one should serve more than one term in the Senate.

Senate vote to repeal ethanol tax credit fails, but some in GOP break ranks

Willard World

Is Willard strange?  Well, yes.  He lives in an odd Leave it to Beaver Willard strange world.

A day of awkwardness with Mitt Romney

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey, there's an app for that!

iPhone App Will Help You Lobby

Our Government at work

I wonder how much Big Potatoes will contribute to various grievance redressing funds to keep their salted grease laden potato balls on school lunchroom trays?  I bet Washington will soon be awash in tots.  If schools had to serve them baked, boiled or mashed would potatoes be all that big with kiddies?  Nah, it's really the basic food groups added to potato slurry that kids love--fat and salt.  Let's face it, if the potato has been processed in a factory, it's been turned into junk.  Oh, well, who really gives shit about school lunches anyway.

Potato People Fear Losing Place in Lunch Line

Slutwalk Update

Have you ever used the word "slut?"  What did or do you mean when you use that word?  Ever think about it?  Hmm, if you use that term, what do you endorse?

SlutWalk protests: A dress is not a yes

What did Weiner really do?

I think his acts have now been addressed by the Supremes.  Roberts and the Robes in a break from their "unleashing the Kagan" tour addressed the the nation's wiener tweeter.  They decided the wiener is covered by Erickson v. The United States.  Expect a rise in Congressional patriotic tweets.

Disgusted Supreme Court Can't Believe It Has To Rule Having Sex With American Flag Protected Under First Amendment

True, so true

We need new parties and new people in Washington.


Good Idea?

Imagine before taking some beneficial drug, that has side effects, you could find out if you were one the ones who will be side effected.  That seems to be a reasonable approach to drug based medicine.    Can it be done?  It appears it might.

Hartford Biotech's Work Could Ease Statins' Side Effects

The Jerk is Off to Therapy (he has permission)

The House has let Weiner go get some rehab.   What will he be treated for?  Do they have asshole therapy?  Oh, well, at least he'll continue to be a source for comedy writers.  It's been a long time since we had one as good as the Sen. Wide Stance.  Will Weiner return to center stage?  You bet, he needs attention in the same way a junkie needs a fix.  One's a drug addict, the other needs public adoration to validate self worth.   Weiner is the latest poster child for term limits.  One term and be gone.  Come on voters, never ever reelect anyone, especially a tweetering twit in love with his own junk.

House grants Rep. Anthony Weiner leave of absence

War Number 3

After four months of revolting Arabs dodging an array of ill coordinated "No This" and "No That" zones, Qaddaffi is still in office and the revolting Arabs remain revolting.  Aren't you glad Obama decided it was in our national interest to kill Libyans( non-revolting variety of course ).   By the way, what does "national interest" mean?  Can anyone provide a metric?  Can we measure it in such a way that we can say, with respect to X, it's in our national interst, but clearly Y is not?  How much "national interest" is really just political bullshit. Oh, that much?

Libyan rebels breakout toward Tripoli

They must have done a flash poll

Now Obama thinks if he was Weiner, he would resign.   It guess that's Obamaspeak for "Weiner needs to resign."  Note Obama has not said "Weiner needs to, should or ought to resign."  Now that's what I call wiener leadership.  Obama has found a way to feature himself, say what sounds like something of significance, and do so without ever having to take responsibility for his words.  Mr. Cool plays it safe.  Again, all talk, no walk.  Why can't the GOP field a sane person?  Remember a vote for Obama in 2012  is a vote against the GOP, not for him.

Obama says if he were Anthony Weiner, he’d resign


The Shrub's predilciiton for death has come through again.  Yep two more U.S. soldier have died all because Bush wanted to be a wartime president so he could wind up known in future history books as a great prez.  4, 462 Americans have died in Iraq to feed his pathetic ego.

2 US soldiers killed in southern Iraq, US military statement says

They are known by their character

Do you think the U.S. Senate websites are secure?  Before you answer that question remember that the Senate is world's greatest debilitative body and prefers rule bound self paralysis to governance.  Okay how secure?  Lulz has hacked them.  They claim it was easy.

Hacking group claims it breached Senate website, publishes evidence of break-in

The Senate continues to live up to expectations.

War Number 4

I do wish Congress would reestablish it's war making power. We, through our top elected thing, now blow the crap out of Yemeni sand. Can you rubbleize sand? If bombing Yemen required Congress to declare war and a war declaration automatically revived the Army draft and also required tax increases to pay for the war, do you think we'd be bombing Yemen?  Libya?  Iraq?  Afghanistan?  So far the only rational voices I've heard on all these wars are Kucinich and Paul.

CIA to operate drones over Yemen

White House Un-American Activities Committee?

Oops, better not wear political T-shirts, the FBI will bust you.  Damn, is Bush still president?

Activists cry foul over FBI probe


There was a "debate."   It was mind numbing.  It was fact free.  It was reason free.  At least it was in he portions I could force myself to watch.   If I was a normal Republican, I'm not sure what means, I'd be embarrassed by what my party offers as top notch candidates.  They are fools and buffoons.  If was obvious the speakers were speaking to the crazy people who bother to show up for primary elections.

Willard was the only decent candidate and he'd already submitted his batshit bona fides last time around.  The GOP has not put forward a rational person yet.  If I had to select one, I'd have to opt for Jon Huntsman and he was not there.  The ideology was deep, the reasoning was ideological, it was GOOPER dreck.  Let's face it, GOOPER dreck is only a pivot away from Jackass dreck.  Yeah, you can chocolate coat elephant dung, you can wrap Jackass droppings in a candy coating, but in both cases it's just a shit filled center.

Republican presidential candidates attend New Hampshire debate

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bless my Jews for Jesus

Even the evangefundies are getting a piece of the Weiner action.

Baptist leader says Weiner needs Jesus

What would Jesus Tweet?

Weiner's may be an ass, but there's profit in assholery

Anthony Weiner Action Figures Go On Sale

Hack the Veep

Imagine if, in 2004,  Cheney had a wireless accessible pacemaker.  Imagine if Anonymous could hack the pacemaker.  Imagine if Anonymous was not really Anonymous but some new terrorist group hellbent on making governments do their bidding or else.  Now imagine a demand for some kind of action comes to the White House, and it's meet it or have one less Veep.  Would the Shrub have acted?  Would Cheney have gone bravely to his, oh come on, it's Dork we're talking about.  You get the gist of the plot.  It's possible, not Dork he doesn't matter anymore.  But what about all those little chips that have bluetooth and wireless interfaces.  Hacking may become very deadly.

Protecting Pacemakers From Hackers

Does an 800 Pound Gorilla Give a Shit

Nah, it does whatever it feels like doing.

iCloud Communications sues: Apple infringed on our trademark

the Bush League is Expensive

Here's the start of the story--

After the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in March 2003, the George W. Bushadministration flooded the conquered country with so much cash to pay for reconstruction and other projects in the first year that a new unit of measurement was born.

Pentagon officials determined that one giant C-130 Hercules cargo plane could carry $2.4 billion in shrink-wrapped bricks of $100 bills. They sent an initial full planeload of cash, followed by 20 other flights to Iraq by May 2004 in a $12-billion haul that U.S. officials believe to be the biggest international cash airlift of all time.

This month, the Pentagon and the Iraqi government are finally closing the books on the program that handled all those Benjamins. But despite years of audits and investigations, U.S. Defense officials still cannot say what happened to $6.6 billion in cash — enough to run the Los Angeles Unified School District or the Chicago Public Schools for a year, among many other things.

For the first time, federal auditors are suggesting that some or all of the cash may have been stolen, not just mislaid in an accounting error. Stuart Bowen, special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction, an office created by Congress, said the missing $6.6 billion may be "the largest theft of funds in national history."

Read the rest here.

Let's Hear it for Obama

The man can really take a stand.  He's so forceful

“The president feels — we feel at the White House, this is a distraction,” Carney said, according to a pool report. “As Congressman Weiner has said himself, his behavior was inappropriate, dishonesty was inappropriate. But the president is focused on his job, which is getting this economy continuing to grow, creating jobs and ensuring the safety and security of the American people.”

White House calls Weiner scandal a ‘distraction,’ but won’t join calls for resignation

I bet Obama is really creating jobs and ensuring my safety.  How do you feel?

It Should be on Comedy Central

Don't forget, tonight on CNN at 8:00PM EDT, the GOP talking thing (debate).  Willard will be the focus.  Can he become a new and improved Willard?  Will folks forget how bad he became in 2008?  Who really cares, he's made himself a joke.  Then again it goes with the turf of running for Prez.  Which joke will you vote for?

Mitt Romney makes 2012 pitch to N.H. Republicans after 2008 primary loss

Obama's Single Payer Option

Send him a thank you note.


We Know GOOPERS are Assholes, What about dem Dems?

Oh, hell they are assholes too. Look both parties are populated by narcissistic boobs. They are assholes. They will lie,cheat and steal to get elected and reelected. Hell some of them will even take pics of their junk and send them to fans. In other words, we cannot trust much of anything said by any pol or their organizations.

Mediscare Redux: Is McConnell holding debt ceiling hike hostage to Ryan Medicare plan?

A diiferent focus on dirt

No, not Weiner, but real dirt.

The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life

Learn a bit about physics and astronomy

Here's site of videos based on the symbols of science

Sixty Symbols

Do you know your elements?

No?  Okay get cracking and learn about them all--

The Periodic Table of Videos

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More from the House Perv

If you thought the Weiner thing was over, guess again.  Yep more pics.

Anthony Weiner Photos Scandal: New Pictures Surface, Congressman Says He Won't Resign (PHOTO)

All we need now are pages and little boys.  Bets?

Something to think about

Ponder this--Oxycodone dispensers are protected. Abusers are hard to ID. And the drug claims more lives than cocaine, heroin, meth.

The docs and manufacturers make a lot of money on prescription drug abuse. All you need it the license, am Rx pad, and a modest lack of ethics and you can make big money.  Hell the folks "in pain" can feed their habit and make a living re-selling Oxy. It was bad 15 year ago when I began to read about Oxycontin abuse. It's worse today.

Let's just legalize this and all the other drugs. Make them all OTC. Folks who want to slowly kill themselves should be able to do so. Life sucks, but can't folks stick with god, guns and bitterness? Do they have to waste themselves too? I guess so, legalize, tax and regulate it all is better than what we're doing today.

Here's the Oxy article--Confronting an 'oxy' epidemic

Tact and Diplomacy?

Congressmen went to Baghdad.  Congressmen pissed on Iraqi leaders. Iraqi leaders wanted them kicked out of Iraq.  That's why the State Dept. does the foreign affairs stuff instead of assholes from El Paso or wherever you find them.  

Republican Reps. Dana Rohrabacher of California, Ted Poe of Texas, Jeff Duncan of South Carolina and Louie Gohmert of Texas, and Democratic Rep. Jim Costa of California all have masters degrees in Assholery. They have never taken a course in manners or civility. El Paso must be everywhere these days.  Yep these guys are representative of the their districts.

U.S. congressional delegation sets off political IED in Iraq


It's easy to trash big box retailers.  It's easy to think our towns and lives would be better if only Wal-Mart and others never came along.  Hmm, our thoughts may be 100% bullshit.  Are they?  Here's another perspective, give it a read.

Imagining a world without chain stores

Looking for Yucks?

Tomorrow will suck, it will be Monday.  Back to the workplace and we'll all pretend we give a shit about our jobs, care for our boss, and think highly about what we do five days a week.  It's sad what we do to ourselves.  But tomorrow there will be comedic relief to alleviate the work week angst and depression.  Yep, the GOP is having a debate.

Now, onto New Hampshire. Monday’s debate in Manchester, which will be hosted by CNN, WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader, will air nationally on CNN beginning at 8 p.m. Seven candidates will be onstage: Romney, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Santorum, businessman Herman Cain, and Reps. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) and Ron Paul (Tex.).

Tune in, listen, laugh your ass off and get a good night's sleep. Gee, Tuesday may be a good day!  Hell the  the effect may last all week.  Wow, I've found a good use for GOOPERs.   Nothing like humor to make the days more pleasant. Too bad Palin won't be there,but she's still on the road having people pay her to go on vacation.

Here's some info on the candidates--Stage is set for GOP debate in New Hampshire

Mormons, The Musical

The "Book of Mormon" musical has been a smash hit.  Weird.  It's up for 14 Tony awards.  It will probably sweep most.  I wonder if the musical will make it easier for Willard and Jon Boy?  Right now a Mormon Presidency is about as likely as seeing an atheist or a Muslim in the White House.

Mormonism moved from being an odd cult to a regular religion somewhere around the time when the Prophet Seer, and Whatmacallit Kimball got the memo from god to let Blacks be full members of the church.  He bagged the mark of Cain and other racial crap.  Now, as just another American religion, the next hurdle is to make it seem normal.  That means normal like the Baptists and other evangefundie  based Protestant faiths.  Normalcy, as always is in the mind of the believer.  Maybe the musical will allow Mormons to become just one more fun loving set of Jesus fans.  Wow, Willard or Jon Boy might get nominated all because the guys who do "South Park" have done Mormons.   If this works will be see musicals for other fringe faiths?  Should we look for...

The profane and very successful ‘The Book of Mormon’ is favored to win big at the Tony Awards

Cellphones and Cancer

Here's a piece to read.  It's cited in the next post by Bob Park.  If you have any idea that cellphones may be dangerous--cause brain cancer--then go read this now.  Quit listening to bozos and get your science brain engaged, you'll feel a lot better too.

Cellular Telephones and Cancer: How Should Science Respond?

Bob Park, Science and Cellphones

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 10 Jun 2011 Washington, DC

The WELL blog by Tara Parker-Pope was the top story in Tuesday’s NYT Health
Section. Her story is not wrong, but it’s told in the wrong context.
Science is a search for cause and effect, not an epidemiologic majority.
To settle the question, WHO invited 31 experts to spend a week in Lyon, the
culinary capital of France, strategically located between the two best wine
regions. Meanwhile, much had been made of a study showing that the brain
is "activated" by microwave radiation. Of course, it is. The effect of
microwaves on the human brain, as on cold pizza, is to cause chemical bonds
to vibrate, which we sense as heat. Unlike cold pizza, however, the human
brain resists being heated. Deep within the brain, the hypothalamus, the
thing below the thalamus, senses any increase in blood temperature. It
calls on blood vessels in the heated area to expand, and increases the
heart rate. The fresh blood is a coolant, but incidentally, also increases
the rate of metabolism. "Microwaves have activated the brain," the human
observers shouted. The shout was heard in Lyon. Amidst the clinking of
glasses, the vote of the expert panel tipped from "no effect" to "possibly
carcinogenic to humans." What could it matter? No one is going to stop
using cell phones anyway. Does anyone care? One enormously powerful group
cares, the tort industry.

Since 1993, , WN has
criticized media coverage of cell-phones and cancer in 76 weekly issues.
The media was also criticised in the Journal of the National Cancer
Institute . Mine is a
small voice. Tara Parker- Pope would find the number of subscribers to WN
amusing, but I kept expecting someone in the media to realize that 5
billion is a very large number. Does it matter that people take unneeded
precautions? No, what matters is that they don't understand why it doesn't
matter. If one jury in Cupcake, SD awards monetary damages based
on "possibly carcinogenic to humans," there will be a stampede of tort
lawyers pushing class-action lawsuits.

Radioactive emissions from the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power
plant in the early days following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami
disaster were understated by more than a factor of two. This come as
Chancellor Angela Merkel announces plans for Germany to exit nuclear power
by 2022. This comes even as world efforts to control global warming show no
progress. Hope of revitalizing nuclear power in the US is dead.

Yet unnamed, the two elements were first formed in 2004 and 2006 as a
result of a collaboration begun in 1990 by Russian and US scientists at the
joint Institute for nuclear research in Dubna, near Moscow. The two
elements decayed after a few milliseconds. The search continues for
possible stable elements.

Flag Fans, Myths for Y'all

Five myths about the American flag

Decent Republican?

Jon Boy Huntsman thinks he's that kind of guy.  Yeah, reasonable, quiet, thoughtful, he has all those attributes and more that the GOP has cast aside over the past few decades.   Huntsman may put himself forward this way, but he's not.  He's as bitter, nasty petty and vindictive as the next Republican pol.  Hell, he believes in all that frothy values voters crap, but he knows if anyone publicly pushes that dreck in the 2012 election, they will lose to Obama.  His plan is to be quiet, get elected and then take the nation back to 1854.  Folks need to examine Jon Boy's complete record as Gov. of Utah.  It was not all GOOPER kumbaya (that's an oxymoron isn't it).  He is the best of a pathetically sad lot of Republican narcissists.  The GOP's best doesn't even come close to the Dems worst.  Voters choice in 2012--vote for every person's betterment or to make rich men richer.

Huntsman tests GOP waters with a different kind of lure

Weiner off to Perv Camp

Weiner is going off to get help.  I guess that means Weiner thinks he didn't do anything wrong.  Yeah his pervitis disease made his take pictures of his junk and send them to women he never met.  Right.  I guess we have MDs in perviness.  Funny, how if he gets help, he will try to claim he didn't to anything wrong and should therefore continue to serve in Congress.  Hell he'll claim he's cured.  Well, he did wrong, he got caught and he's gotta go.  As a Representative in the U.S. Congress, is he representing a district of pervs?  He has to go and not return to public office.  CNN is okay, team him with Spitzer.  Maybe Ted Haggard and Weiner could a late night news show for CNN.

If all the Dems in the House want the schmuck to be a former member now and he decides to stay, won't his public life in the House be miserable?  Won't his ability to serve his constituents become painfully marginal at best?  Okay, maybe he's a masochistic perv to boot.  When will other photos surface?  Who knows and at this point who cares.  Weiner by showing the world his wiener had proven he's just another  dick.  Why do we elect these kind of narcissistic zipperheads?

Weiner planning leave of absence for treatment