Saturday, June 25, 2011

Senator Obama Meet President Obama

Oops, one day you shoot your mouth off against A, then a few years later you shoot your mouth off for A.  If you are a pol all you can do is hope there's no video at 11.   Speaking of Obama, we have to add in candidate Obama, we ought to track down what he said to say about A too.

President Obama hasn’t always agreed with Senator Obama

No money, no free labor, just a vote against the GOP.

Gee, will they cancel biology too?

Schools used to cancel Romance Languages and such, now one has bagged physics.

Cancel Physics? That Was Really Dumb

Legal Drug Users Please Take Note

The Supremes are looking out for you and your drug interests. You are free to interpret the preceding line as you may, but remember these well-robed folks helped us out in 2000, they made the Shrub president.

Consumers beware: Incomplete generic-drug warnings OK

Humanitarian War Update

I'm sorry we had to kill the innocent kids in order to kill the bad guys hiding behind them.  We did so to give those kids a dictator free life.

Libya says NATO strikes kill 15 civilians

It is beginning to seem as though the Afghan NATO commanders are advising the Libyan NATO commanders.

Obama wants us to nation build in good old number one land

Mr. Colbert's assesment seems to on target--

Do you trust a banker?

When it comes to money, why would anyone trust a banker?

Four years into the foreclosure crisis, banks say they've made major improvements in how they handle struggling homeowners. They've promised, for example, not to foreclose on homeowners who are being considered for mortgage modifications. But that's still happening.

Which way the future?

Obama appears to be suggesting that we, as most other nations have, create and adopt a national industrial policy.  He and his supporters think this is the path to a better economic future.  The GOP thinks otherwise.  The GOP want government to "get out of the way."  This appears to be a contest between those who prefer to plan and those who just trust in prayer.   I think we need to keep industry out of our temples.  I also think god needs to leave the plant, we have to make and sell some stuff.

Obama: Advanced manufacturing can boost jobs

Get rid of that debit card

1. Last year the nation's banks collected more than $50 billion from merchant fees and overdrafts, including checking and ATM balance-busters as well as debit card transactions.

2. That's likely to decline, however, thanks to new rules Congress mandated after the financial crisis.

3. Get rid of your debit card. Banks never forgo income. Ever. Banks will find a way to recover their losses and more.  They will make customers pay a price for inconveniencing their profits with pesky regulations.  If you know a banker, just for the hell of it, feel free to kick him in the nuts.

Small Donors note: Cash is preferred

Obama is out selling himself.  He wants wealthy people to give him money. He prefers their money come his way rather than be spread amongst all Democrats.  I wonder how congressional candidates will feel about their "thief"in chief?  Will help him in 2012?

If you were a donor to Obama in 2008, before you open your wallet, I'd suggest you review a few things.  Have you compared what he said he would do and what he's actually done and how well?  If you are still trying to fathom what "yes, we can" actually meant or referred to, then you might check that urge to send him a small donation.   If you find Obama's new governmental transparency just more of the same old opacity, then make yourself scarce and hide your money from him.  If you still scratch your head because you still cannot make sense out of hoping for a change, then keep your scratch to yourself too.

Incumbents in both parties are indistinguishable from streetwalkers.  There is no reason for the anyone to patronize them.  Make them be high priced whores instead. Do not give any money to Obama, his opponents, the Dems or the GOP.  Unless you personally know a candidate, keep your cash to yourself.  Pols use the small donations as a smokescreen to obscure the large donor effects.  You know, the ones who actually expect to be serviced upon payment.  Do not give pols a penny.  Give it to charity instead.  I'd suggest one if you'd like, let me know.

Oh, with respect to Obama, if you gave small money in 2008, then do not do so this time.  If you gave him free labor and worked on his campaign, give your time to charity too.  If you voted for Obama in 2008, then you had better vote for him in 2010.  Yeah, it's another one of our normal elections.   Obama is decidedly the lesser of two evils.  Come on, Bachmann, Palin, Santorum, etc.    Now how about a new party?  Ideas?

Obama campaign team courts wealthy donors

Please note RE: change in Egypt

As we witnessed Egyptians depose their beloved dictator, we may have imagined a smattering of democracy and liberty might actually be effected over there.  Well, after 3,000 years, revolting Arabs remain revolting Arabs, it's tradition or some crap like that.  Oh, make that reference about revolting Arabs be directed at mostly 50% of them, the male proportion of the population.

Egyptian men explain their relentless catcalls

What would happen if there was a Slutwalk in Cairo?

You're blowing dope

If you think this bill will pass, then you must be a bit under the influence of some controlled or uncontrolled substance that alters normal brain function.

'Dramatic change' to marijuana laws? What bill before Congress would do.

This bill should pass. However, merely passing the buck down to the states is just a deceptive cheap shot. I'd like to see the Ron Paul types make a real libertarian stand and declare that government at any level should stay out of people's lives as much as possible. If government has a place in this control issue it should be at the lowest possible jurisdiction to minimize government intrusion on people's lives. What's lower than a Township? I think the only rational position is no drug laws at all anywhere.

I wonder what the GOP will do?

What happens if FEMA runs out of money?  Given the abundance of extreme weather we've been having, FEMA may run short of cash by 2012.  If it does, will the GOP dominated House appropriate money for FEMA?  I have my doubts.  The current incumbents seem to think their supporters might not vote for them if they fund FEMA.  The GOP seems to be more the party of anarchists than much else.

Does FEMA have enough money to make it through the year?

After 10 years

Commanderator Obama says we're meeting our goals in Afghanistan.

Car bomb outside clinic in eastern Afghanistan kills at least 60 people

Exactly what are our goals?

On the one hand,

N.Y. voted for gay marriage last night.  Gov. Cuomo will sign and make it law.

New York legalizes same-sex marriage in win for gay rights advocates

Okay, decency won a round last night, but indecent folks still abound--

Wis. pastor suspended for conducting gay union says church shows it’s trying to do right thing

Friday, June 24, 2011

Do they still think voters voted for them?

Republican won some state house races last election.  If voters were voting for them, there's little evidence now.  Actually voters voted against Dems, not for the other asshole, the GOOPER who won.  Take a look at how the GOOPER Govs are tanking--

New GOP Governors Tanking Nationwide

Voters don't have much choice, we can vote for an asshole or a sphincter.  Gee, which was McCain?

SL Tribune--Bagley

Aces in Washington

The folks in the White House and State Department have dealt with Pakistan for decades.  Our aces keep telling us what a pal we have in Pakis.  Okay, someone is either lying or cannot tell the difference between shit and Shinola.  I suspect any meeting between the president and foggy bottom inhabitants is a very smelly.

U.S. Image in Pakistan Falls No Further Following bin Laden Killing

Physics Fans

Are there really two physics, quantum and classical?  Perhaps classical physics will become an interesting historical subset of quantum physics.  Why?  Well, the world we see and typically explain through classical physics, may behave due to what happens in the quantum world.  If a bird navigates its migration due to entangled elections in a compound found in its eye, it seems the physics of the small will have a  bit more explanatory power than the classical.

Bird eyes provide a model for quantum navigation

Doing the LGBT Hustle

Obama showed up, for $1,250 he would permit you breath the same air he did.  He believes gays should have the same rights as everyone else.  Believes?  I am not sure what the means.  I have heard there are people who believe that god can count the number of angels dancing on a pinhead.   Look he believes in peace--are we at war?  He believes in law--how about them state secrets.  He believes Gitmo's gotta go--still in business and has opened a new annex in Bagram.  He believes all people should be able to serve in the military--DADT repeal is still pending.  Talk is cheap.  Walking the talk is risky if you are a narcissist whose only goal is staying on center stage as long as possible.  Gay marriage, sure, but it Obama has his way if will occur after the last soldier is out of Iraq and Afghanistan.  Belief is a powerful thing, it can cause blindness.  Yes we can still believe and hope for a change, but look at the track record first.  Mostly talk, little walk which is the standard recipe for politics a la bullshit.

Obama extolls gay rights, stay neutral on gay marriage

If I were gay, I would not give Obama a dime for 2012.  I would not give him one second of free labor in his campaign. I would vote against whomever is nominated by the GOP by putting an X by Obama's name.  Then, I'd think about finding other like minded folks and form a new political party.

One more Obama is Bush Moment

Obama has named Gen. Petraeus to be his next CIA guy.  The General has told the Senate he'd like a national torture law.  After all, when someone in government is really kind of sure some jerk or bad guy may really know something and won't tell us about it, we should secretly torture him and hope that, as a result, we might possibly save lots of lives.  After all, if it works it's for the greater good and it does not, that's why it will be secret.  Per the General, the nation should have torturer in chief, a.k.a., the President of the United States.  I think McCain has finally flip flopped away his last shred of integrity, he opted for torture.  Obama and the rule of law?  Right, as defined by Dubya and his minions.  I didn't see this one coming, it's kind of hard to see what Obama's government is doing; it's not the change I hoped for.

What happened to that quaint idea of the rule of law?  I guess focus groups show the majority of people who actually vote prefer torture 8 to 1.

Gen. David H. Petraeus suggests interrogation policy for emergencies

If we must engage in this torture nonsense, I have one requirement.  The President of the United States has to be the one who physically perform the acts of torture.  It has to be hands on.  All future nominees would have to pass a torture litmus test.

Middle East Deja Vu All Over Again

Before Saddam Hussein was transformed from staunch ally into an evil anti-Christ our government restricted the kinds of tech stuff that could be sold to Iraq.  That did not deter a single patriotic American capitalist.  Where there's a dollar, there's a potential sale, and who really cares about politics any way.   American companies found ways to trade with Iraq, sometime with the assistance of the same government that was preventing the sales in the first place. All of this was before the first Bush Idiocy took us to war in Iraq.  After the war, well, go find out how Hussein was able to still sell oil and buy munitions.

Okay, that's all a preface to this--

Americans plead guilty to selling jet, helicopter parts to Iran

Will I be surprized to see more of this? Not at all, business is business. Will I be surprized to find that some arm of our federal government abet sales to Iran? Nope, look at what we elect to office and what they appoint to high positions. Again, donations are just business.  What was that vigilance thing that Jefferson said?

Who are the pols protecting?

As the IAEA coordinates a 60 million barrel reserve oil release, pols want us to think they are standing tall against evil oil producers to forestall a Libyan War induced shortage.  That is bullshit. The pols will benefit if their actions lower gas prices (Obama will need every vote he can bribe his way).   However pols are protecting a far more important group, commodities traders and investors.  When the investment class becomes too exuberant, pols try to rein them in, otherwise Congress might be forced to regulate them and forgo their campaign donations.  Congress does occasionally respond to voters.  In this shitty economy they are listening and responding a bit more than usual.

Oil prices plunge as U.S., Europe tap strategic reserves

We should be thinking about how oil winds up costing so much.  If oil cost $100 a barrel, how much of that price is based on the producer and the consumer?  Hmm, I think it's about $35 or less.  Where did the other $65 come from?  Take a guess, if you guessed traders and speculators  you are right.  Who gets the $100?  Allowing for some accounting slop, most 50%+,  of the cash stays right here at home or where ever the traders have their bank accounts.


Willard has friends.  Willard's friends have money.  Willard would like them to use their money to help him become President.  The law limits how much they can give him directly to campaign for office.  However, since the Supremes enabled Super PACs, Willard friends will be able to help him out.  Willard will not be able to ask them for help, they will have to figure out how to help him all by themselves.  Willard's Super PAC is called "Restore Our Future" PAC.  That is so novel.  All the pols have PACs.  Some have Leadership PACs and most will develop Super PACs.  I wonder if we'll be able to account for all the cash expended in the 2012 cycle?  How much will be hidden?

Romney backers launch ‘super PAC’ to raise and spend unlimited amounts

I think I'd like to start a Super PAC. I'd call it the "FEA Pac." That an acronym for fuck 'em all. Yep, if I have the money I'd run ads alright. I'll leave it to y'alls imagination the nature of my fantasized FEA ad blitz. I wonder how one starts a Super PAC?


American Girl dolls?  I have been only vaguely aware of this line of dolls, I quit buying toys some years before 1986.  They seem to be a quite expensive line of toys.  I guess that says a bit more about the "goodness" of the line than much else.  However, I did not realize the line belonged to Mattel.  Hm, Barbie and American Girl.  Whatever the parent's class,  Mattel profits.  Too bad there's not an alternative.  Oh, there is, Bratz are back.  They returned in 2010 after being sued by Mattel. Bratz will be on the shelves this Xmas.  If their past indicates the future,  then Bratz will become the best selling doll in the world.  Funny how the mass market is for Bratz and Barbie, not American Girl.  Is there an mass market American Girl?  If not why not?

Perks Anyone?

What is one of the benefits of being a career elected Congressman?


Goopers are Goopers

House Republicans, normally enamored of all things tainted with war will vote against war today.  That is very strange.  Well, not so strange really.  Obama kicked off War #4 in Libya.  The GOP has a standing policy to be against whatever Obama is for, therefore they will have a couple of no more war in Libya votes today.

Before anyone has an inkling of an admirable thought about GOOPERS and Dems in the House, remember this.  All 435 of those stumblebums know full well the Senate will not pass the counterparts to these bills.  If the Senate does not pass the same bills it is as though nothing was done.  It's easy to make a stand when you know you full well that you will not have to live with what you "stand" for.   Gee, the House is kind of like Obama, mostly talk and very little walk.   It kind of reminds me of patriots who clamor for war knowing they are unfit for military service.  I guess the GOP is the 4F party.

Actually all 435 of them are unfit for service in the United States House of Representatives.

House Republicans set Libya vote for Friday

Compromise? Bi-partisan? My Ass!

Sen. McConnell says, "“President Obama needs to decide between his goal of higher taxes, or a bipartisan plan to address our deficit. He can’t have both.” In other words, if Obama's budget goals and plans are not identical to Mr. McConnell's--without anything he deems a tax increase--then he is not being bipartisan and and does not want to address the deficit. McConnell's statement reflects neither compromise nor bipartisanship. It does more resemble blackmail. If Obama caves to the McConnell all he can expect is more blackmail in the future. No one forced any member of the GOP to make "no tax" pledges to Grover Norquist. There's a lesson there, don't ever make idiotic pledges especially to the likes of a Norquist. I do think their oaths of office trump blowing Grover and getting reelected.  We have an abundance of really dumb voters.  If I had my way, they'd all (GOP and Dems)  be former members of Congress and Obama would be a one term president.

Republicans pull out of debt talks, demand Obama meet directly with GOP over taxes

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Obama is slow

Gee, now that gas prices are going down, ObamaCo plans to release 30 million barrels or so from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  The timing of the release is especially idiotic since the run up in gas prices had almost notheing to with how much oil was available or available from refineries.  The price went up when commodity traders used Obama's war on Libya as a damed good tool to jack up speculative prices of oil in a bidding war.  The prices came down when it appeared that Congress might actually take a peek at commodities trading regulation.   To add to the looniess of the planned release, when Obama declared war on Libya he could have released oil then, but chose not to. It would have been a good PR move, but was equally unnecessary then as it is now.

Obama Faulted for Tapping Oil Reserves by Republicans, Industry

All Talk, No Walk--LGBT

Obama is on his way to woo money, more money and support from the LBGT community.  He is selling the right to be in the same room with him for $1,250-$38,000.  How's Mr. All Talk done for gays thus far?  Well, why do you think he's called Mr. All Talk?

Barack Obama's real record on LGBT rights

If I were gay, I'd have to let the guy know,

 "with respect to 2012, no money, no free labor, but you will get my vote.  Actually, my vote won't be for you but will be against whomever the GOP nominates."

It will be one more lesser of two evils elections.  Gays along with many other groups should be feeling more conned than not.  Does that mean McCain was the honest one in 2008?   The money that otherwise would go to Obama could be given to charity or to help form a new party.  Actually gays, liberals, progressives and most Democrats should do the same.

Oh, if you attend the fund raiser, he won't ask you how you feel and you can't tell him.

Greek Economy Explained!

Why do we keep listening to the same set of assholes?

Today the GOP leads the paralysis pack.  Yesterday it was the Dems.  Both parties, via the boobs we elect to office, over and over again, have made a monumental mess of our nation and our economy.  We will soon lose our ability to live reasonable lives in reasonable contentment.  We did it.  We can undo it.  Do not reelect anyone to Congress.  Then again, we may be insane--we keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.  Belay that undo, we've done the anatomically impossible, we have screwed ourselves.

CBO warning to Congress: national debt needs action, and soon


We were given dominion?

God, is not too picky is he?  Come on dog fights?  Or how about an Oceanic equivalent, shark cage baiting.  The veneer of Civilization is so very thin at times it's transparent.  At least in the near future, our species will not exist--the universe has been booming for about 14 billion years.

Shark cage-diving stirs controversy in South Africa

Imagine how well a revived Roman gladiatorial games show would be received these days.   The carnage and death would top all ratings.  Gee, instead of college football every Saturday...  

Stupid Voter Tricks

In 2010, Florida voters decided they did not like having a black president.  Come on Florida is in the South.  One group which most persistently and intensely attacked all things Obama was the Tea Party.   Tea Party rhetoric attracted voters.  Voters listened and elected more Trogs.  The GOP won several offices, including the Governorship.  In victory, the GOP aligned itself with the Tea Party.  GOP leaders assumed that all those 2010 votes were for them.  They were not. They were emotional votes against Obama and Company.  Now, those same voters have lived with Tea Party inspired trogs in office.  The voters appear  prepared to vote against something now seen as worse than ObamaCo.  Yep, they are fed up with the Teabaggers.  Thank god the GOP still loves to Teabag.

Florida poll: Tea party movement could cost Republicans in 2012

Separation of Church and State

Separation seems to be a damned good idea.  Without it, you get the joys of life in Saudi Arabia.   Oh, make that Bahrain too.   I fear our domestic evangefundies want to behave as does the dominant religious group in various Arabic lands.  Of course they assume they would always be the persecutor and never the persecutee.  Keep it simple and separate, god gets the intangibles, the souls.  Cesar gets government and the taxes.

WikiLeaks: Saudi crackdown on Shiites has echoes in Bahrain

Do I have to revise my diet plan?

To lose or maintain weight, it seemed simple.  Balance calories in with calories out (work).  If they are the same, you  maintain weight.  If the out exceeds the in, then you lose weight.  Or if the in is more than the out you become a member of obesity nation.  Simple diet--eat less, work more.  Now, that may have to be modified by adding a limiting clause like,  "assuming you do not eat potatoes or a bunch of other foods,"  eat less and work more is a pretty good diet guideline to stay svelte.

Potatoes bad, nuts good for staying slim, Harvard study finds

Wow, the Afghans are Ready to Stand Up

Well, that's easy to say.  Oh, I forgot, given our current president, talk is all that matters.  If he says the Afghan government is ready to stand up so we can stand down, then it's true.  Of course Afghan actions might demonstrate otherwise.

Afghan tribunal overturns nearly 25 percent of parliamentary elections in voting fraud probe

Afghanistan, Same Old, Same Old

Obama made his speech.  Were you impressed?  frankly, it was just the same old shit.  If Afghanistan was a child born when we went to war,  it will graduate from High School before we're done with that war.  Look, our soldiers killed bin Laden.  The war is  over.   We won.   Come home.

Then we can spend just half of what we currently spend on war on  some home grown nation building repairs.  Is anyone sure Obama is really a Democrat?  It's frustrating.

Who can we elect in 2012?  There is not a decent Republican out there.  The Democrats will go with Obama.  Voters are left with few choices.  They can vote for a certain Republican dismantling of the nation.  They can opt to vote for more of Obama's version of 1950s GOP politics.  Then again they could vote for "none of the above."  Or, they might just not vote all.  Yep, Obama will win more votes against the GOP than for him  and the putz  will think folks voted for him.  Hell that might inspire him to write another book about himself.  We remain in the same deep shit, all courtesy of one pol who lied about a blowjob.  We need new people and new parties.

Obama announces plan to bring home 33,000 ‘surge’ troops from Afghanistan

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


MIchelle Bachmann

Here's more than you want to know, but probably need to know about this very strange person who is running for President.

Michele Bachmann's Holy War

The Tea Party contender may seem like a goofball, but be warned: Her presidential campaign is no laughing matter


I wonder if this would work on the U.S. Congress?  Not only dock the national pol's pay but dock their staff's pay too.

California Legislature to forfeit pay, Chiang says

Obama and the Dems, Help the GOP

It would have been better and easier to do either "Medicare for All" or create a national health care system. Instead Obama and the Dems reformed health insurance.  Needless to say the GOP has not  been to partial to the Dems health insurance reform act.  Since the act pandered to every part of the health industry complex, the act became quite long and quite complex.

The down side to enacted well pandered complexity when passed with out thorough examination, is the new law will be rife with screw-ups.  Sometimes they hurt the ones intended to be helped, sometimes they just add red tape, and sometimes they serendipitously arm the opposition.  The Dems may have shot themselves in the foot.

Health care glitch would give Medicaid to middle class

The Medicare actuary's office roughed out some examples to illustrate how the provision would work. A married couple retiring at 62 in 2014 and receiving the maximum Social Security benefit of $23,500 apiece could get $17,000 from other sources and still qualify for Medicaid with a total income of $64,000.

I wonder what other gems will be uncovered as the law is implemented?

Obama v. Huntsman?

That would be a close race if Huntsman could become the GOP nominee without having to drink all those flavors of Republican Primary Kool-Aid--they are all laced with Batshit crazy droppings.  He cannot.  He will not be the nominee.

Too bad.  Not that I'd vote for him, but it would be good to have a more reasoned and thoughtful GOP that put the nation first for a change.  It would allow the Dems to do likewise.  The GOP bosses really do need to find a way put their crazies back in the funny farm and restore their own collective sanity before they worry about taking the country back.

Jon Boy Huntsman enters GOP race. Is he the one Obama fears most?

He's back. So What?

Who?  Oh, Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" show resumed on "Current TV."  It's about the same as it was when MSNBC axed him, but slightly less well staged.  I watched the first two shows.  He remains being FOX for lefties and not much else.  Viewers would be better off reading a newspaper on-line for the hour instead.  Cable news after 4pm has little to do with news and information, it's moistly ideological rants in pursuit of audience share, advertisers and pay.

Tempest in a Twitterpot: Why Keith Olbermann generated such a fuss

Listening to GOOPERs

All I hear from the GOP and their supporters amounts to "Science, we don't need no stinking science."  Get ready for another round of man made global climate change denial.  This time they will deny that the oceans are dying (god would not do that to us, right?).

Scientists warn that oceans' marine life on 'brink of extinction'

Murder by Microwave

This is sick.  It makes we think we should also license having children.   Just because you can make a baby does not mean you should be able to do so.  

Mother Arrested for Murdering Her Baby With a Microwave Oven 

NATO Drones Too!

NATO appears to have included itself in the No Fly Zone.  One of its drones was shot down.  We will have to wait for word on who shot the drone.   I'm of the mind, in keeping with course of the war, that  NATO shot itself.

Libyan reports: NATO helicopter shot down

Executive Branch Follies

With assistance like this, who'd want our help?

After the fact self-righteousnesss is just pomposity looking for free air time. We should not expect more since the public has never been noted for electing even the okay and adequate.

Critic of ATF gun-trafficking program raised no objection when briefed last year

What an ally!

Pakistan is our ally in the War on Terror.   We do regularly attack our ally via the CIA wing of the Defense Department.  We have an odd notion of what consitutes an ally.  It's no wonder that Pakistan now looks for new allies.  The local 800 pound gorilla, China, looks good to them.  China prefers the Pakis remain our ally.  Does anyone want Pakistan?

Pakistan courts China as relations with U.S. grow strained

Department of War

The Pentagon houses the Department of War.  I know Congress changed its name in 1949, but a stinker is stinker by any other name.  Name changes do facilitate collective mis-perceptions of fact.  We should have retained the "War" name.  I think one of our four fathers, created the War name.  If it was good enough for Moe or perhaps it was George, then it should be good enough for us today.  The Teabaggers can address this historical revisionism as they strive to take their country back to 1776, they can demand a restoration of the War Department's name.

Oh, the Pentagon has been renovated over almost two decades at a cost of billions.  Too bad we lost sight of what the Department is really for, war.  We conned ourselves into thinking war is just Defense.  We've defended ourselves in so many places since WWII, especially so where there were no enemy combatants to fight back.  If we'd kept War in the name, we might have made less along the way and the "renovation" would have been a demolition instead.   I wonder how many people would be proud to work for War as opposed to Defense?

After 17 years, Pentagon renovation is complete

Obama Yaks

The Prez will give a speech tonight, prime-time, about 8pm.  I am sure he will be articulate since he will be reading a prepared speech.  The topic will be Afghanistan and troop withdrawal.  Two groups do not want  fewer troops in Afghanistan.  They both profit from more war--generals and members of the military industrial congressional complex.  However, the overwhelming majority of voters want us to end the damn war;  Obama will not.

I wish Obama had the balls to end the war.  He could say, "bin Laden is dead.  We won.  I am ordering all U.S. troops home from Afghanistan now!"  He won't say that--he wants to be reelected and that takes big donor cash.  He, along with every other pol now in office, values his own reelection more than anything else on earth.  Perhaps we need to consider limiting all offices to one term.

Tune it, yawn a bit, you already know what he will say, besides it's rerun season--

Obama’s task: maintaining support for Afghan war

Kerfuffle in Comedy Land

Jon Stewart made some comments about FOX viewers.  Politifact has made some comments about one of Stewart's comments--Jon Stewart says those who watch Fox News are the "most consistently misinformed media viewers"

Stewart's fans apparently did not agree with Politifact, hence the kerfuffle--Readers say we were uninformed about Jon Stewart's claim

We live in interesting times.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sen. McNasty McAncient is McBewildered that others might be McAngry with his McBashing of illegals over the McFire.  I'm McGlad we did not McElect this McIidoit in 2008.

McCain 'puzzled' by anger over wildfire remark

Expanding War #3 (Pakistan)

We're at war with an ally?  It's a strange world.  I guess we pay them to be a friend even though they are an an enemy as continue to fight them with CIA troops agents.

US drones attack in new area of Pakistan

From the Monitor

And you thought sectarian violence was Arabic

It's been a while, but the loons in Northern Ireland just can't abandon tradition--

Sectarian clashes erupted on Belfast’s streets as masked Protestant rioters attacked Catholic homes Monday, Northern Ireland authorities said.

More than 100 Protestant teens and young men bombarded Catholic homes with rocks, bricks and bottles. The street clashes occurred on a major sectarian fault line in east Belfast, pitting the Protestants of Newtownards Road against the Catholics of the Short Strand district.

Yep, Jesus loves me but can't stand you.

By any other name a turd is still a turd

Okay, that little turdball we used to call earmarks is now called programmatic requests.  Come on, we all know that can take the boy out a sleazy area, but you can never take the sleaze out of  Congressman.  Feeling conned yet?  If so, I'd suggest that we not reelect anyone.

House earmarks morph into ‘programmatic requests’

First Talker News

Obama will make a speech.  Wow.  That's downright exciting.  He will talk about Afghanistan.  Really, the  topic will be Afghanistan surge.  If may or may not be a prime time oration.  I am certain he will not announce an end to the war.  Still hoping for change?  Sucker.

Obama to announce Afghanistan withdrawal plans Wednesday


As we move closer and closer to the SOFA timetable to get out of Baghdad date, life and politics return more and more to former normalcy.

Twin bombings kill at least 24 in Iraq

Hell of a legacy!

Funny Farm Admissions

There's a newcomer seeking formal admission to the Grand Old Psychotorium.  Jon Boy Huntsman wants to be prez.  He will announce his intentions today.  If he and Willard are the last two standing a year from now will we have  Mormon off?  I wonder who can pull the hand cart the farthest and fastest?

Huntsman to join the fray

Batshit Crazy Broad is Batshit Crazy

Michelle Bachmann is crazy.  She knows how to wow her fans in Happy Hollow.   She's let them know about the the always evil Dems and Obamacare.  However, it's all made up but that does not matter to her base, they are crazy too.

Bachmann’s nonsensical Medicare-‘Obamacare’ claim

It's damned hard to reason with a Republican. Why?

The Republican Party turns in an ever tighter and tighter downward epistemological spiral.  With each passing year their thought domain shrinks.  They appeal to greater and greater simplicity in a quest for political purity.   They, as a result, self limit knowledge.  They compromise their knowledge.  They accept and listen only to a diminishing set of what formerly was a broader set of ideas, assertions, theories and aims.  They now live their lives in mirrored space and time.   All of today's experiences, and what will be become tomorrow's, increasingly become what they have already said and done before.  They bask in their own reflections.   As they limit experience, they transform knowledge into pure ideology.  Their lives become ruled by a categorical need to conform with their ideological knowledge and act only in ways which others will see as that which preserve and promotes that same ideology.  They have become creative conformists hellbent on a political purity crusade.

The above is why it is almost impossible to have a discussion based on facts, reason and logic with today's Republicans and their associates.      

Monday, June 20, 2011

Blue Texan Is Spot On

Obama’s Biggest First Term Failure: Forcefully Articulating a Rebuke of Reaganism

Jon Boy, His First Sip of the Batshit Flavored Kook-Aid

He didn't even make to his announcement without having to establish his crazy creds.  Yep, he's seeking the DeMint vote.  Will Jon Boy pull a full Willard?  Stay tuned.

Huntsman Supports Radical Balanced Budget Amendment

Damn the GOOPERs out Marx the Marxists in mandating political purity to be a member in good standing, that is damned strange.

The GOP Keeps Forgetting

The trogs still don't get it.  The 2010 election was a rejection of Dems.  It was not a vote for Republicans.  When you only have two parties it's easy to think you won because voters like you when they really didn't like the other guy more.  Assured of victory, the GOP proposed a budget and that is when they should have figured it out, voters don't like them too.  The teabaggers (Republicans in colonial drag) don't like the GOP budget.  There's this little matter of Medicare--

Florida Tea Party Leader: GOP Medicare Plan A ‘Public Policy Nightmare’

Get out your knee pads

Walmart sex discrimination class action rejected

Why Does Science Work So Well?

It's in the method--

Thanks to whomever I copied this from, I lost track.

It appears a humanitarian war is just a war

NATO: We're to blame for Sunday's civilian deaths in Libya

NATO's unprecedented acknowledgment of responsibility for civilian deaths is raising doubts about the alliance's prolonged campaign in Libya, which was supposed to save civilian lives.

Got Domains?

.com is a gTLD (generic top level domain) name.  Are you ready for new ones?  Are you ready for as many as 500 new gTLDs?  They will be on the way soon, given that someone is willing to buy one.

ICANN approves open Web domain name rules: .anything is possible

State Murder Fans Take Note

When states opt to off cons, it's expensive.  Either end the current procedures for state sanctioned murder or  adopt a new program of instant revenge--kill the convicted on the same day they are sentenced and do so at the courthouse where they were tried and convicted.  Either don't kill 'em at all or don't waste a dime on incarceration.

Death penalty costs California $184 million a year, study says

Check Your Listings, Olbermann is back

Kieth Obermann returns to TV tonight on Current TV.  Current is Al Gore's cable station.  Olbermann will be on at 8pm (ET/PT).

Keith Olbermann restarts the clock on 'Countdown'

Willard and Jon Boy, Take Note

If either Romney or Huntsman become the nominee of the batshit crazy Wingnuttery, they'd better have a plan to win over a lot of the "I hate Mormons" vote.  Without them they can't win.  22% is a lot of votes.

I can't wait for Willard to appear on MTV, how will he respond to "boxers or briefs?"

n U.S., 22% Are Hesitant to Support a Mormon in 2012

Who's on first?

The folks who put the funny in the nation's funny farm prefer Willard!  Willard is put in the first choice slot by 25% of California Republicans.  And Willard is loved by 56% of those crazy folks too.  However, if all vorters are asked, Obama wins 49%.

Poll: Romney is favored by California Republicans

Is is just me or does Willard just always look constipated?

Waiting for Fukushima

I'll see your Three Mile Island with a Chernobyl and a Daiichi.   In the interest of profit, safety keeps on taking a back seat.  Don't be overly surprized when your backyard begins to glow.

Federal regulators have been working closely with the nuclear power industry to keep the nation’s aging reactors operating within safety standards by repeatedly weakening those standards, or simply failing to enforce them, an investigation by The Associated Press has found.

So much for Congressional oversight, so much for federal regulation, so much for pols, so much for businessmen in the nuke industry. All that matters is the cash.  Will the nuclear industry businessmen pay  pols to keep them in business and let them manage the regulators?  Yep, they have.  Feeling safer?  Feeling any trust for any of the folks involved?  Don't forget, when an old reactor blows, it's about the same a a new one, radioactive and deadly. Hope y'all don't live near one.

On this as on about every issue votes do matter.  Science matters.  Informed voters should matter, wish we have more of them.

Why Can't We Have a Canadian Health Care System?

We could have a Canadian type of system if we, the majority of the voting half of possible voters wanted it.  Why don't we vote for it by electing pols who will create such a system?  I think it boils down to false info about Canada's system having been disseminated to voters by pols and interest groups.  Voters then vote using the info, they assume to be true and accurate, which they have been fed.  Who does the feeding?  Hm, who profits from our medical status quo?  Do they donate money to pols?

Okay, what are the myths and what is the reality about Canada's system?  Ezra  Klein, in today's Post, recommends this posting.  It's a good start to learn about Canada's system.

In defense of Canada

Money Blurts

Money blurts work.  It's a great way to raise cash for campaigns.  Campaigns need cash since TV ads are so expensive.  God, potential voters give money to pols so pols can runs ads asking their donors to give more money and finally vote for them.

It's a tad loony, but blurts seem to have become a significant fund raising technique, especially for attracting the chump change crowd.  After all, it appeals directly to a  person's, biases, prejudices and hate.  Pols could care less, the measure of a technique is, does it raise cash?   Who has made our political rhetoric so damned vile?  The pols?  No, not the pols, they are just vain shells who grovel for cash so they can be the center of attention.  No, it's the donors who respond to the pol's inflammatory words with money.  If the language did not attract money or better yet, lost them money, the language would change overnight.

Yep, once again, Pogo nailed it.  "We have met the enemy, he is us."

Michele Bachmann, others raise millions for political campaigns with ‘money blurts’


I've reacently posted about acupuncture and homeopathy.  Neither is medicine nor science based.  Both are 100% pure quackery.  There are so many more areas of quackery.  Interested?  Okay, if you are not already familiar with this site, then go to it site and browse away--


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Today's a Holiday

No, not Father's Day, a different one.  It is a holiday in 37 states.  It's Juneteenth!

In the tails of the political distribution

Are you seeking an alternative to the mainstream political parties for info?  Has the DNC and RNC left you wanting more?

If you want hear from Jackass moonbeams, then go to Netroots Nation.

Oh, you want the ravings of batshit eating wingnuts, then go to RightOnline.

Maybe the fringes of the mainstream leave you wanting.  If so, then be collectively extreme and give the Socialists a try.

If you want to go in other direction into government free space, then you'll have to see what the Libertarians have to say.

I think the 1,000 flying Yogis party disappeared, but I'm sure there is a party just for you, you'll have to look for it.  Google?

Post PC World?

Are you ready for a post PC world?  Hop onto the logical cloud and turn on your devices, who needs a desktop computer at all?

Apple cuts cord, brings "post-PC world" closer

Ladies, Any Comments?

1. A new club in Indonesia that encourages women to be totally obedient to their husbands and focus on keeping them sexually satisfied.

2. "A wife has to be 100 percent obedient to her husband in all aspects, especially in sexual treatment."

3. The club was founded by the conservative Islamic group Global Ikhwan in Malaysia, where hundreds of women are members. Organizers claim they can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and to keep their men happy in the bedroom.

Indonesian branch of Obedient Wives Club opens


Kind reminds me of the words of a former prophet, seer and revelator from a few years back--kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. Hell, they got a Polygamy club too.

Who do the crazy people like?

They love Ron Paul.  They even adore Jon Boy.  They are kind of partial to Bachmann.  Pizza has been noticed.  However they not impressed by chameleons (Willard) or serial contradictors (Newt).  The GOOPER Leadership Conference has spoken.

Ron Paul wins GOP presidential straw poll

Supremes Season Enders

Roberts and Robes "Unleashing the Kagan" tour is coming to a close.  They still have few stops along the way.  What songs will they sing?  How many quintets will dominate the vocalizations?   Will we hear an octet or even a nonet?  What are the remaining venues for this season?

Supreme Court heads into final two weeks

Solving the GOP's Crazy Dilemma

The GOP has a problem.  They have two very popular batshit eating crazies who may try to become the next Prez.  One has tossed her hat into the GOP asylum.  The other may enter the funny farm forum after her vacation is over.  Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin both appeal to the same wingnuts in the GOP.

It will be hard for either of them to win over over the other.  The vote will be split.  The party will be damaged.  If the vote splits, then Jon Boy Hunstman might win the nomination and everyone knows he's not really a conservative, values laden, evangefundie oriented kind of GOOPER guy, but he is a guy.  How can the party preserve insanity?  That's easy, find a guy who is crazier than both of the broads.   Stay tuned, the  solution may be at hand---

Rick Perry is hot button topic at Republican conference

Note:  Rick Perry eats the whole bat, shit and all.

Insuring the Legacy

The Shrub gave us and the world the Iraq war (War #2).  He's gone but the war lingers on.  Of course he created a timetable for withdrawal before he left.   So far there's no evidence that the terrorists have followed anyone home.  Maybe that's because no one has come home.  They all went back to Afghanistan (War #1) instead, but no one trailed them there.  Even an Iraqi terrorist won't voluntarily go into Rubbleistan, that place really, really sucks.

The  Shrub created a legacy that will keep on giving decades after the SOFA forces us to leave by 12/31/11.  How then will we have a presence in the shithole nation that Bush built?  Did everyone forget we are the world's arms  merchant?  We've got those liberty loving, purple fingered, young democracy lovers hooked on our guns and ammo.  We'll get their oil money, but it will be in payment for more weapons over the next 50 years or so.   Of course that won't help our unborn taxpayers, they will still have to pay off the war debt.  Remember in war and peace America has come to stand for private profits afforded and paid for by public debt.  Don't sell your military contractors stock, it will do well for a long, long, time.

With ‘big gun’, Iraqi soldiers see hope

War #4

Oops, we're sorry about that humanitarian bomb, it was meant for soldiers.  I guess we can't have a No Collateral Death Zone even in a humanitarian war.

Libya says civilians killed in NATO airstrike on residential area in capital

I wonder if Congress has noticed?  Maybe they will ask Bomber Obama to explain his actions?  Nah, there's still too much money being made in munitions.

Anger ramps up in Congress over Obama’s legal defense of Libya operation

What will happen if war #4 goes on for 10 years?

War #1 Highlight

After 10 years, this is the highlight.  We can't even pull our own stalemate.

U.S. in peace talks with Taliban, Karzai says

Medicine and Acupuncture

Do you think sticking needles in your body will cure whatever ails you?   If might if you really believe it will and do not much wrong with you to begin with other than an idiotic belief in strange alternative medicines.    Oh, it you believe that strongly I bet you still clap your hands for Tinkerbell so move on.  For everyone else here's a piece on Acupuncture.

Another Acupuncture Fail

War Count

I have been referring to Libya as War #3 and Yemen as War #4.   I have erred.  I forget to include Pakistan in the war count.  Sorry.   We have 5 wars.  #1 is Afghanistan.  #2 is Iraq.  #3 is Pakistan (AF-Pak if you prefer).  #4 is Libya.  And #5 is Yemen.  Where will #6 be?  Where in the world is bomber Obama?

Class War?

There's been a class war going on for decades, the upper class is winning. They've even conned the losers into thinking their victory is right, fit, just and god ordained.

With executive pay, rich pull away from rest of America


Five myths about Americans in prison