Saturday, July 2, 2011

Twofer--Joeland and Old McDonnell's Farm

Old McDonnell still wants to privatize booze stores.  He tired and failed.  He has a couple of years left.  He'll try again.

McDonnell still hopes to sell state liquor stores

In Joeland, the purveyors of fine beverages, yes they sell booze in Utah,  don't like the restraint of trade imposed on booze by the trogs in the legislature, so they're suing.

Legal experts say suit over Utah alcohol law will fizzle

And in both states, the results will be the same--no change.

Bitter folks take note

This land has freedom of religion, you can tote a bible anywhere you damn well please (but you might want to keep your Koran in paper bag until the War on Terror is over).  Today, in Ohio, not only can you tote, you can pack in a lot more places too.

Hoosiers don't have to gather at the river to praise Jesus and Smith and Wesson.  No, they can get their bitter on at Denny's, IHOP and almost anywhere in the state.  Gov., only 30%  approve of me, Kasich signed a packers bill.  Didn't he just get elected? And he's already at 30%, the voters must really be bitter in Ohio.  I wonder if Pennsylvanians will vacation in Hoosierville.  Yeah, come harvest bitter fruit while you pack and pray.

Ohio now allows concealed guns in bars, malls, stadiums

Art and our lives

I'm not sure what our artists produce any more.  I have no idea what informs them and their works.  How can you capture a FUBAR political system in any understandable manner?  Art, as television, does well when violence abounds. So what the Mexican art scene like these days?

Mexican artists confront violence with song, brush

The Tweet Heard Round the World?

Well, maybe, kinda sorta--

"The media of the day has always been transcendent in revolutions. Printed pamphlets were powerful in the American and French revolutions. When [Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini came back to power in Iran [in 1979], his revolution ... was spread by cassette tapes," says Mr. Hirshberg. "Today we have something new."

Social media: Did Twitter and Facebook really build a global revolution?

Say What?

June was the deadliest month in nearly a year for U.S. service members in Afghanistan and Iraq even as the United States said that improved security in both countries allows it to reduce troops in those war zones.

Now that is some bodaciously powerful commanderating in the White House!   And all those generals in the ground are just dandy.  After 10 years of this shit, I'd think the voters would have opted for change, but then the average voter really did, and probably still does, think shopping was how one supports war.

Bachmann is the American Girl?

Bullshit!  Tom Petty must think the same.

A Petty ‘Girl’? Bachmann, you don’t know how it feels.

How did bin Laden lose?

Simple, he couldn't sell T-bills in a fantasized coming Caliphate.  Come on would you buy a Q-Bill from al Qaeda?  Would really buys shares in the 9th century?  In large measure his organization ran out of cash.   Of course we will have to wait and see if the $4 trillion we spent over ten years to kill him also breaks us.  If it does, then who won?

Bin Laden document trove reveals strain on al-Qaeda


The presidential race comes down to one thing, how much money a candidate can con out of some of the people some of the time.  The "donated" money is spent  to advertise the candidate so some more of the people will give more money to them so they can run more ads to have more people give more money to them.  The one who runs the most ads will win the GOP nomination, the Dems have theirs.  Then we repeat the give, advertise, give advertise cycle until election day.  Both candidates are sold like so much new and improved soap, but it's the same old detergent just in a new box.  The one with the best product name retention will be the one the consumer selects off the shelf and purchases votes for.  Kind of dumb, but all we can do is hope it will change and that has a very low probability of happening

Oh, the GOP ad dollars are down this cycle.  GOOPERS blame the shitty economy.  Hm, maybe its shitty candidates instead.

GOP presidential candidates tally up second-quarter fundraising

What is a PAC anyway?

Stephen Colbert has his SuperPac, but what is it?  For that matter what's a PAC?

In time for Election 2012, a Stephen Colbert super PAC.

Debilitators at work!

When two idiots have an idea, it's a safe wager to bet that their idea is doubly idiotic.  Sen Coburn and Sen Torah on my Shoulder Lieberman want to fix Medicare.  They are well known idiots.  So, how about their idea---

Why the Lieberman-Coburn Medicare plan doesn’t add up

Will he be humanitarian?

Okay what happens if he follows through?

Gaddafi threatens attacks on Europe

I'm so glad Obama declared war #4 in Libya.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Got Mac?

Are you ready for OS X 10.7 Lion?   Huh?  Can  you upgrade?   Okay what do I have to do?

How to prepare your Mac for OS X 10.7 Lion

Oops, The Greeks Back Israel

The crazy folks on a boat that was to wander over to Gaza has been moored by the Greeks.  I wonder if Israel floated Greece a loan?  Then again, it may just be that Arabs are similar to Persians, remember Darius and Xerxes.

Greece puts halt to Gaza flotilla in a win for Israel

Holy Moroni and Cheese

Even the Mormons don't like Willard and Jon Boy, because they're Mormon!   Not really, but Utahans think their Mormonism will be a negative for them.

Poll: Mormon church membership negative for Huntsman, Romney

Government Rules

How do all of those always onerous, ever on our backs, certainly evil federal agencies make all of their rules? Well they do it in public.  Yes, they engage in public rule making!

There are Tough Rules – and Really Tough Rules

This gives Happy Meal a whole new meaning

Sonic, Burger King, other fast-food chains selling alcohol

Can I have a six pack and burger to go?

Where is old McDonnell's Thumb?

Yesterday we found out that deaf and blind kids will have to give up computers in order for their school to pay computer bills to VITA.  Yeah, it's really that dumb.  This is not a new issue--

In January 2010, state Sen. Emmett W. Hanger Jr. introduced legislation to exempt the Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind from the state's centralized computer network, a one-size-fits-all system that was not designed to meet the school's specialized education needs and costs it tens of thousands of dollars a month.

He agreed to postpone his bill to work something out with the governor's office or the state's computer chief.

That was 17 months ago.

This summer, the school plans to dump more than half of its 200 personal computers and consolidate the rest into computer labs for students and teachers to share, just to pay its IT bills.

So where is old McDonell's thumb? It's where it's alwasy been, in a place where he sun does not shine. Will he held the deaf and blind kids or exchange his head for his thumb?

Tell Bob to get his thumb out--Contact the Gov.!

SL Trib, Bagley

Chapter 7 for a state?

Today Minnesota, tomorrow good old #1 land?  See what the lack of reasonableness and a dedicated idiotic adherence to piss-ant ideas can yield.  At the federal level, how much discussion can you have when one side says "NO new taxes?  The problem is both a revenue and a spending mess.  The mess was developed and implemented by incumbents in both parties.  Have we really forgotten the Bush years already?  More states are on the way down the fiscal drain.  Can a state have a bankruptcy sale?

Minn. government shuts down as budget talks fail

Humanitarian War--Libya

The good guys (they are good because NATO is on their side) are approaching the bad guy (he's bad based upon this year's ace State Dept. analysis, but in the preceding several years he was deemed okay).  In between the two guys are all those civilians we've warred over to keep more alive than dead.  Get ready, the ground war may get hot, it will not be humanitarian.  Come to think of it the air war was not all that humanitarian now was it.  Oh, if the good guys win and turn out to be worse than the current bad guy, will anyone who took us into this war be cashiered from public office?  Bets?

Rebels in Libya's west gain ground

Got 30 million barrels of goo?

Remember when the Prez opened the Strategic Gas Tap and let 30,000,000 barrels flow?  What happened?  Oh, gas was already going down and continues downward, but the price for a barrel of crude is higher than it was before our First Energizer did his deed.  What gives?

Oh, one thing to note.  Guess who will pay to replace those 30,000,000 barrels?  We will.  How will we do  it?  That's easy, we'll borrow the money from China and pay the new higher rate per barrel.  Feeling screwed yet?

Oil prices go up, but gas prices go down. What's going on?

The Shrub's Legacy

Lest we forget, let's review the highlights of his bequest. He gave us two unfunded wars that are still being waged.  He gave us two unfunded, unbalanced tax cuts that have yet to generate one new revenue dime.  He gave us the worst economic growth since WWII.  He gave us the de-regulated foundation for his final present, a wrecked economy that almost restored the 1929 Great Depression.  Oh, he also ended the rule of law.  I guess the Shrub gave us rule by plant.  Any bets AG Holder will actually be able to restore a bit of that rule of law thing?  Don't hold your breath.

Justice Department to investigate deaths of two detainees in CIA custody

Lady Gaga Take Note

FEC allows Stephen Colbert to form ‘super PAC’ for 2012 elections

If you have decided to give your political contributions to charity this cycle, but really want your money used for idiotic ends, then give Colbert's PAC your cash.  As he says, help put Liberty on lay away.

War fans pleaes take note

All that makin' us safe and protectin' our freedom ain't free.  It comes at a cost.  You betcha!  How much?  Fans, you fiscally screwed your unborn future taxpayers when you voted for and put a Shrub in the White House.  Now, how many people died?

Costs of War

My god, how could they!

I know it's not as important as war and the economy.  No, let's hold on a sec.  Maybe it is more important.  It we spent more time on how to use the serial comma, then we'd have less time to wage wars.  Comma on!

Don't kill the Oxford comma!

Ever get the feeling, no matter what, you will be screwed?

Security Researchers Discover the Mother of All Botnets

After all these years it really sucks!

Pols and their brethren have been bitching about schools for decades.   They yammer, pass a law, and then pat themselves on their backs for their sucess.  Then a year later we discover it still sucks.  Maybe the problem is the pols who want to help.  Right now, in good old #1 land, 3,000 high schools do not have math beyond Algebra I.  That is really fucked up.  When this old fart was in school, Algebra I was in the 7th or 8th grade.  Talk about dumbing it down.  Get the feds and the states out of education as much as possible, let the school districts and schools set curriculum and teach for a change--don't worry about  tests.

Come on, the testing guy, President Shrub, actually asked the nation, "is our children learning?"  Okay, get the pols out and the teachers in, okay?

Civil rights survey: 3,000 US high schools don't have math beyond Algebra I

More than you ever wanted to know about the Bible

It's a longer piece, but worth the read if you have ever been curious about what all those batshit crazy, Jesus jockey,  evangefundie folk cite when they proclaim abomination, annihilation and anathema about gays.  They are a strange lot and receive entirely too much attention from the media.  I do wish they'd go back into their pews and stay there.

What Does The Bible Actually Say About Gay Marriage?

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old McWarnerKaineDonnell's Farm

Oh they've had a Grumman good time down on the Vita farm. If you're good to them they will donate to you. Hell, it's just government computers so who cares if the systems don't work all the time. Who cares if agencies have to gut programs to pay Grumman. Warner has moved on the Senate. Kaine is doing his "together we can" routine at the DNC and Old McDonnll is planning where he'll hang out in a couple of years. Has privatization been good? Yeah, for Old McWarnerKaineDonnell, but not the deaf and blind kids who are losing their computers to pay VITA is fees. Kind of sucks, but hey who really cares. Come on, it's just handicapped kids.

Virginia school for deaf, blind in IT squeeze

If you don't like this, send old farmer Bob a messsage. Tell him it's his watch, it sucks and he needs to quit standing around in the cowshit and fix it now.

Email the guy!


Utah is competetive with New York, Minnesota, Florida and Texas.  That's not something to be proud of when the object of competition is fraud.

Utah named a top Ponzi state — again

Speaking of fraud, if you thought the Church's recent muzzling of it's top members speech would really shut them up, dream on.

When the LDS Church declared political involvement off-limits for its senior leaders earlier this week, the policy decree covered only partisan campaigns and did not extend to matters the church deems to have “significant community or moral consequences.”

I guess if Willard wins the nomination, he will no longer be just a partisan hack, but become transformed into a relevant social issue full of  “significant community or moral consequences.”

If you thought it was only Pot crossing the Rio Grande...

As poppy fields flourish in Mexico, heroin use surges in U.S.

End the war on drugs. Legalize it all. American grown poppies should provide heroin for American junkies. And it would provide jobs and tax revenue too.

Super Pac Update

Will Stephan Colbert be able to operate a Super PAC?  The FEC meets on his request today.  I hope they decide in his favor.  If corporations are protected by the 1st Amendment, aren't comedians afforded the same rights and privileges as the Koch Brothers, Inc.?  Besides, I'm looking forward to every pop singer to follow Mr. Colbert's lead and form their own Super PAC too.  Facebook may need to develop a PAC Book.  Lady Gaga please get busy on Gaga's Super PAC.

Stephen Colbert set to testify to FEC on forming his own super PAC

Legacyland Remains Lethal

If you thought no one was still dying because of Bush's vain hopes for historical greatness, think again.  More death this month--

3 U.S. troops killed in Iraq, adding to deadly month

If Congress had raised taxes to pay for the Iraq war and Congress had re-instituted the draft to provide the troops needed to wage the war, do you think we would still have soldiers in Iraq? I think not!.  The three who died yesterday would still be alive.  

Obama's Presser

Obama chatted with the press a bit yesterday.  He still speaks in complete sentences which is nice.  However, his forte is set piece prepared oration.   How'd he do? Well, he's a pol so give that man Two Pinocchio's!

The missing facts in President Obama’s news conference

He did get a bit testy with the GOP in his remarks and answers to questions. From his talk, he sounded like he has a spine. His talk then walk record is not exactly stellar thus far in his admin. Can a president move around by pseudopod?

On the debt and deficit will Obama show he has a spine and stand tall or fall flat and ooze his way over to McConnell's feet? Your call?

Obama uses combative new tone to retake reins on economic, foreign policy issues

War #5, Libya

So far it's been pretty much No Whatever Zones maintained by air power.  Of course no one knows how many boots may actually be on the ground.  Boots to a pol usually will mean soldiers.  If the boots were on a spook, attache, or merc, then even if they are on the ground they aren't on the ground.  Watch out for pols babbling  weasel words.   That may change.  The Brits are sending in crates of body armor and such.  How long until the armor is walked into the damn place by a body armored soldier?  Bets on ground war for NATO?  USA?

Britain says it’s sending thousands of body armor vests, police uniforms to Libya rebels

We keep on becoming our enemy

As Obama takes us into war #6, Somalia, I have to ask, who's the terrorist?  I've already decided that Obama will not get a dime from me for his reelection.  Ditto on free labor, but I will cast my vote against any Republican (Obama does get the vote as the lesser of evils).  Now I have to reconsider the vote.

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

I bet it very humanitarian too.

Give it a read

Good post--

Happy Pride, Secretary Clinton, STFU.

Asshole from El Paso Loses to Barry

If this guy is the new Shrub, what are Texans trying to tell the GOP and the rest of us?  Maybe, they are suggesting we review 2000-2008 and follow their lead as seen in this poll.

Poll: Perry Trails Obama In Texas

Does the GOP really want unemployment down?

Of course they don't.  They actively block any action that might lead to short term economic betterment.  To them, every new job is a vote for Obama. Why does any vote for the GOP?

The Big Tell

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Small Government Crowd

I have a question for all those small government and governmnt is the problem fans.  It comes from a statement made by Sony's CEO.  Here's the statement--

"I think you see that cyber terrorism is now a global force, affecting many more companies than just Sony," he said, according to Reuters. "If hackers can hack Citibank, the FBI and the CIA, and yesterday the video game company Electronics Arts, then it's a negative situation that governments may have to resolve."

Here's the quesiton, do you agree that government has to resolve this problem? I assume your answer is no. After all, we'd have to appropriate tax dollars, hire people, build offices buildings and limit cyber activity--infringe on e-liberty?  Are you ready to become a government registered and regulated gamer and internet user?  What is the role of government?  How much tax for what government activities?

The Living to Eat Crowd is Dangerous

Would you pay $80 for a bowl of soup?  Some folks do if it's made from a shark fin. All that soup has been made at the expense of of more than a school of sharks.  If you make enough soup, you will run out of sharks to kill for their fins.  As soup sales are up, shark populations are down.  It's time to give up this delicacy bullshit.  To help the sharks recover, maybe we should feed the shark bowl soup crowd to the sharks instead.

Battle over shark fin soup heats up in California

Maybe more and more of us need to agree, if it has a face, don't eat it.

The Sun is going to fry iMac, iPad, iPhone and more!

Get ready for it.  It's coming.  A Solar Tsunami may hit and induce a massive bit of current near you.  It's  mother nature's EMP.  Yesterday the telegraph wires melted, tomorrow the power grid will be well fried.  Oops, now that I've brought this up, the GOP will have to become Solar Maximum Deniers.

Solar storm delivers a glancing blow to Earth – and a warning

Cranky old Uncle Osama?

I guess is happens all too frequently.  You are young, rich and can finance your crazy ideas.  Others join you and help you spend your money on your ideas.  Then you get older, spend more, and get even older.  As you age and your finances flag, the younger set quits hanging onto those formerly $100 financed words,  who listens for a buck?   You may still be well regarded, but you become the cranky uncle whose future is to become the crazy old geezer drooling in the back room.  So much for Osama bin Laden.

At end, bin Laden wasn't running al Qaida, officials say

If he had had more money would it have been different?  Money does buy workers.

Obama is looking good...

Against a name he wins, all by himself he does pretty good in this crowd.  Weird?   Read more here.

Want to make a bet on 2012 if I take Obama?

LulzSec is gone, but

Anonymous is still hacking--Anonymous hits MasterCard site

This might be distrubing

If the younger farts are gaining confidence in TV news as they trust newspapers less is true, then we have a problem.  It may be Jon Stewart's fault--he is that good a comedian.  However, I have my doubts about the young farts switcheroo.  Stewart is funny if you already follow the news, otherwise he's just induces a weak chuckle.  If "newspapers" includes the on-line versions and all of the news collection feeds, such as Reuters and AP, then I bet the kids are reading newspapers a lot more than Gallup tapped.   At any rate, the kids and everyone else are actually "reading a newspaper" every time they listen to cable news or talk radio  where do you think the TV and radio crowd obtain most of their copy to report or rant about things anyway?

Jon Stewart: Tearing young people from newspapers?

The Army has one mission

The Army's mission is: to provide necessary forces and capabilities to the Combatant Commanders in support of the National Security and Defense Strategies. I guess that means kill foreign and domestic bad guys. The Army does it's job, it fulfills it's mission. When the Army has to perform tasks that are not part of that primary mission, they usually fuck it up, sometimes in remarkable ways.  Take a moment and think about Arlington Cemetery.  Now give this a read--

Arlington Cemetery’s mishandling of remains prompts FBI criminal probe

Ever look for the origins of SNAFU, FUBAR and other acronyms?  

I bet the kids aren't the target audience

Comic book version of bin Laden raid to be released

Can you describe the target audience for this this comic book?  Is it really kids?  I guess that depends upon your definition of "kids."

Hmm, if it really kids, folks running say 8-13 or so, then what are the attributes of those children?

Bumblers at play in Kabul

After 10 years, this has become typical of this wasted, mismanaged war.  Hell, it's not a war, it's just a resource sink hole.  Will there be "Saved the Hotel" medals?

Landmark Kabul hotel attacked by Taliban suicide bombers

A new type of book

One of attribute of e-books is that they are electronic, no paper.  They are a file.  As with any data file, it can be altered.  You might not Purity Crusaders tampering with Romeo and Juliet, but what about textbooks and reference works.  Instead of buying a new book every few years, your book, the file, is updated.  Your books stay current.  For a fee, of course.  This is a slick idea.

Lifetime access to up-to-date info—is this the future of the textbook?

What about the 2012 polls

If the polling groups don't find a way to randomly access the cell phone only folks, we might be very surprized about the outcome of the 2012 election.  Will we have a "Dewey Wins" moment?   If half of a group is off landlines, they aren't being tapped at all.  If 25% of the population is cell phone based, then the polls will be even stranger.

What percentage of our 308,000,000 folks have cell phones?

Half of US twenty-somethings have no landline

Good News for those looking for an exit

Thousands Turn Out For Empire State Building's Annual No-Hassle Suicide Day

What's keeping them out now?

Those pesky illegals aren't coming in waves any more. It must be due to all that border control stuff our Congress bought for us. Oops, actually they've stayed home since there aren't any jobs here. Huh? Then what have Congress bought for us?

Border security comes at a steep cost for the U.S.

With legislators like we elect, it's no wonder we're $14 trillion in hock.  What's wrong with us?   Come on, wrecking the economy is not exactly a premier border control program.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's take it to court and make all parties swear they are telling the truth

Along with the victim, her mother and every TSA agent directly involved, make sure we go up the chain of command and include all the PR hacks in TSA and DHS. Make sure to we ask about who was told what to say about TSA and why. Note, obedience is a necessity in a police state. Now, how free you are feeling these days?

TSA Defends Frisking of 95-Year-Old Woman, Denies Removing Adult Diaper

Which parties do you think will be caught in a lie?

Tell Obama to stand firm and not give in to GOP blackmail

Read the petition and if you agree, sign the damn thing, then call the White House and tell ObamaCo the same damn thing.

Shared Sacrifice

If Obama caves that should be a good enough reason to not give him a dime. Let him then fight it out with his "fellow" Republicans in 2012.

Why Will the GOP Do Everything Possible To Not Raise the Debt Ceiling?

That's a no brainer.  They figure if the nation defaults, then Obama will not be reelected.  That's it.  Of course they do not care that the recovery will end and the recession will resume with a vengeance.  Do you think even give a thought to what then happens to the rest of the nation?  Not at all, they have one purpose in life, winning elections and thereby staying employed.

Top Economist: Even Brief Default Will Cause New Recession And Blow Recovery ‘Out Of The Water’

Gee, it really is another Vietnam

We came, we blew the crap out of the place, we're trying to leave before Congress cuts off the cash.  Now exactly why have been there for 10 years?  In what specific way do you feel safer?  I don't.  In what specific way do you think your freedom was defended?  I can't come up any.

U.S. steps up efforts for talks with Taliban

Pat Down Free Flying?

If you are tired of being felt up and down by a federal perv, then you may have to fly Texas skies.  Their legislature has passed a don't touch my junk bill and are trying to get it the current Gov. G.W.Bush imitator, Rick Perry, for signing.

If Texas becomes a No Frisk and Fly Zone, will the feds sue?  Hm, if a plane loaded with un-molested Texans takes off from Dallas on it's way to NYC, will the White House direct the Air Force to shoot it down when it leaves Texas air space?  Crazy?  Have you ever really listened to those fear mongers in Washington?

I wonder if they will pass a bill to prevent searches of a 95 year old's adult diapers?

Texas House, Senate approve reworked bills over airport pat-downs

On Old McDonnell's Farm

The Farmer knows all you need to know is in the Bible.  Climate a problem?  Then pray.  Sea level rising, then gather at the shore, kneel in the sand and pray real hard.  Don't leave until god answers your prayers and makes the sea recede.  Oops this just in,  "Governor downs in prayer at Va. Beach."

McDonnell not interested in reviving Virginia climate panel

Bob learned the prayer defense when he got his law degree at Pat Robertson's school.


My, my, my, what a difference two local boys gone national can make, PR-wise.

Mormon church tells its top officials to stay out of politics

Fukushima on my mind

NJ’s Salem 2 nuclear reactor shuts down after cooling pump failure; cause under investigation

Flooded Nebraska nuclear plant raises broader disaster fears

Beyond our imagination: Fukushima and the problem of assessing risk

Willard has lost it

After several years of insults and vilification, Willard now wants to make nice and be bipartisan?  We know his and his party's idea of cooperation--how much negotiation room can you find in a categorical "no tax increases, period?"  His batshit contamination is irreversible, he not trustable.  He is an ass.

Willard calls for Dems to work ‘across the aisle’ by asking help from GOOPERS

Gaga Super Pac

Stephen Colbert will have his SuperPac up and running soon.  It will raise some money and he will spend it in unknown but interesting ways. What is a Super PAC

The 2010 election marks the rise of a new political committee, dubbed "super PACs," and officially known as "independent-expenditure only committees," which can raise unlimited sums from corporations, unions and other groups, as well as wealthy individuals.[6] The super PACs were made possible by two court rulings, including one earlier in 2010 by the Supreme Court, that lifted many spending and contribution limits. The groups can also mount the kind of direct attacks on candidates that were not allowed in the past.[7] Super PACs are not allowed to coordinate directly with candidates or political parties and must disclose their donors.

Colbert has opened the door.  How some other non-traditional SPs? Lady Gaga might consider hiring an unemployed political operative and start a Little Monsters Super PAC. I wonder what her ads would be like and what they would support? Could the GOP survive being Lady Gagaed?  Hell, could the Dems?

We need a much bigger House

The House of Representatives has been fixed at 435 members since 1911.  Madison's proposed First Amendment, which is still pending, would have one rep for every 50,000 citizens.  Today  we have one for every 708,000.   The House needs to get a whole lot bigger.  How big?  I think we can cope with 1:50,000.  Do  you really  feel represented at the 1:708,000 level?

Still going to give?

If you give small amounts of money to pols, under $200, will you give some to Obama for 2012?  Why?   Does he really need you?  Or does he really need the fat cats?  Put your money to a better use, give it to charity or spend it on local elections instead.  When it comes to politics and money, Obama is also just one more Shrub.

Of course you may think he's done more than you expected.  You may have obtained all the change  you hoped for.  You may actually know what "yes we can" means.  You may be able to quote at least one memorable line from one of his speeches.  If so, you will probably give him some cash.  Think about it, charity really would be a better use for your money.

For the rest of us on the side of ordinary folks, please do not give him a dime, do not give him any free labor but do vote against any Republican that runs for president.   I want a new party.  I want new candidates, but I want facts, reason and logic in the mix--no teabags.  I want term limits.  How about you?  How do you form a new party?

Obama plans IPO in  Obama, Inc.

Something to think about

Think of the suburbs.  What do you see?  Do you see families with children?  Every house has young parents with at least one kid.  Can you find the elementary school?  Can you locate the cuommunity center and pool?   The burbs blossomed with boomers and their brats.  I don't know where the brats live these days, but their parents are still living in the same burbs.  Does that means the burbs are being geriatricified?   Are the burbs really ready to cope with an old fart bonanza?

If baby boomers stay in suburbia, analysts predict cultural shift

Monday, June 27, 2011

And on Old McDonnell's Farm

Old farmer Bob bought $400,000 worth of abstinence education.  He could have been given $2.5 million or more  for comprehensive sex ed.  If you are amongst those who think that all teens need and should be told is, "don't do it(with no definition of it)," then you probably applaud Gov. Geezer(it's not his years, it's his mind).  If on the other hand you think teens need to and will listen and learn from open and candid discussions of reproductive biology, pregnancy, and contraception, then you know our farmer in chief doesn't eat Cheerios for breakfast, no, he eats a large bowl of batshit.

NARAL says McDonnell's agenda costs state federal sex ed money

1953 in Joeland

And in Joeland, they've discovering that old folk song.  "This land is my land.  It's not your land, get the hell off my land."

It's not working out as well as they hoped, so in a replication of 1950s America, they are segregating.  Will we see a renaissance of  separate but equal?  The new blacks, Latinos(legal and illegal,) will live on their land the Whites will live on theirs.  Will we see Juan Crow laws soon?  I am sure the Utah legislature would be most happy to oblige.

Will Willard be asked about this?  Will Jon Boy? Has anyone asked the Revelator?  I doubt it.  Who really gives a shit about those new blacks anyway?  Oh,  don't forget, the new blacks are mostly Catholic, not that that matters, right.

‘White flight’ is landing along Wasatch Front

I hope the federal GOP are not watching

Here's one example of how the GOP derails, disables, and continues to destroy one state.  To remain GOP pure in their no taxes crusade, the GOP supports a tax break that encourages California companies to create jobs anywhere but in California.  They get purity points as the state goes deeper into debt.  Can a state go Chapter 7?

Capitol Journal: GOP expected to balk at good-news tax bill

Can you imagine what the nation would be like if the CA GOP ran the show? Maybe they have been and we just don't know it.  Signing pledges on taxes is stupid.  As the GOP crusade for tax purity, the GOP claims their efforts, if successful,  will make everything  come out right.  Tax cuts will solve all problems?  That sound like Einstein's definition of insanity--doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  It's no wonder we're $14 trillion in debt.  Come on did you really believe that massive tax cuts would fund not one, but two wars?  See, insanity.

And in the capitol of the Nation's Funny Farm

San Francisco banned the Happy Meal.  They did it for the children.  Then they try to ban circumcision  I'm not sure who that was for.  Now they want to ban pets.  I guess they're trying to help people who have pet dander allergies.

San Francisco considers banning the sale of all pets

Hmm, something tells me there's probably not a branch office of the  Libertarian party in S.F.

An Honest Pol?

It appears that Gov. Brown of California has an honest man on his staff.  We need more people like Gil Duran.

Jerry Brown's office evaluates Republicans

President Obama, would you please tell Jay Carney to do likewise and begin to speak honestly.

44 more to go

New York's GOP dominated Senate passed a bill that allows gay marriage.   As we head into the 2012 election cycle, we can be sure this will be an issue in several states.

How will New York's gay marriage law affect the 2012 election and beyond?

I do wish all the other states would follow in New York's footsteps.  If gays had equality with the majority of folks, then maybe there would be no need for gay pride parades.  Nah, the Irish still have their parades and they have been assimilated for decades unless they are Catholic and live in the South where they are  tolerated.  Any ideas on how to get rid of the St. Pats's Day parades?

From the Monitor

She's Republican Normal

Who?  Michelle Bachmann that's who.  How is she a normal GOOPER?  Oh, to get attention she rails against her ungodly, ever evil, and always liberty infringing government.  That's federal of course.  Oh, she is a federal employee and is paid $174,000 a year.  She'd like to make $400,000 a year.

Her current employment does not make her GOP normal, no it's her past acts and present mouth.  She profited from that which she condemns today, she can afford to.  She is a fiscal hypocrite.  Will pics show up and allow her to join a growing list of moral hypocrites?  Who knows, you'll have to stay tuned.  For now, she her for what she is, just one more narcissist who want to be paid for their self love.

Michele Bachmann's had her share of government aid

Toles from the Post

No Shit Sherlock!

Americans hold back on spending in May for the second straight month, gas prices a factor

Got Seawalls

As we continue to heat the planet, polar ice continues to melt.  The water then flows to the sea.  The sea tries to give the water back, but all we see is higher and higher sea levels.  Of course the land just sits there.  Today  it's covered with grass, tomorrow, well let's just assume seaweed will be abundant.  What do we do?

First, we do nothing about the warming, because too many folks will not accept the science on global warming.  So, we'll do nothing to prevent the sea from encroaching on our space? I doubt that.  We'll build dykes and seawalls.   We'll expect the federal government to save our shore (and lots of private property--remember private profit, public risk).

I wonder if all those coastal red states, so hot on the 10th Amendment, will push state's rights on this one?  Anyone want to take that bet?   Oh, the EPA noted, in its "...first manual on how not to hold it back, arguing that costly seawalls and dikes eventually fail because sea-level rise is unstoppable."

A new way of thinking as sea levels rise

Will the GOP quit holding their breath?

The GOP turns blue over everything.  Its how they get their way with their adult Democratic babysitters.  Unfortunately, too many of them Dem nannies, really think the little GOPs will die, so they give the little brats their way if they will resume breathing.  Now the toddlers are holding their breath over the debt limit.

Turning blue is their version of compromise, bipartisanship, and governance.  I don't blame them, it's worked so far.  I wish their parents would realize what happens when you allow little brats to rule.  Parents think back, not far, just a few years ago, yeah--two unfunded wars, further unfunded by two huge tax cuts for the rich, loads of financial de-regulation, and culminating in an almost  1929 style economic collapse.  It's amazing what child rule can do.

The Dems need to ignore them, they will start breathing on their own.  On the off chance they don't and  die, who cares, they're just Republican spoiled brats.

GOP compromise on debt: Cut military spending?

From Bob Park

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 24 Jun 2011 Washington, DC

Don't worry, that's just the international space station. It isn’t "our"
space station of course; its operation is overseen by five separate space
agencies. Nevertheless we bear a major responsibility for this $160
billion monument to the age of manned space flight. Left alone, it’s a
417,000 kg missile that will return to Earth traveling at 28,000 km/h. I
leave it to the students to calculate the energy. I raised this point in
1998 when ISS assembly began and was told it would be disassembled and the
parts returned to Earth on the shuttle. President Obama might prefer to see
this done with commercial space vehicles, except they don't exist yet.
Controlled or uncontrolled, the ISS will return to Earth.

The space race with the Soviet Union ended with Apollo-17. Both countries
explored the Moon, brought back piles of moon rocks, and took astounding
photographs, but today few even remember that the USSR had a Moon program.
They had chosen to do it with robots; more technologically advanced than
Apollo perhaps, but it counted for little in the hearts and minds of the
public. You can't give robots tickertape parades down Broadway. Apollo was
followed by the Space Shuttle. For a time, every space mission had to
begin with a shuttle launch, guaranteeing a constant supply of heroes but
the shuttle could not keep up with the demand for launches. Atlantis is
now being prepared for a July 8 launch. A prosaic 12-day "UPS" flight to
deliver supplies and equipment to the International Space Station, it will
be the final mission in the 30-year-old shuttle program. Sold to Congress
as a cost-effective way to get into space, the shuttle will be remembered
as the most expensive launch system ever devised.

This, of course, is the NASA that does science. A new species of NASA rover
has evolved named "Curiosity." It will resume exploration of the Martian
surface begun by little Sojourner, which landed on Mars on July 4, 1997.
The new rover is bigger and faster with far more sophisticated laboratory
than previous rovers. Yesterday's issue of Nature identifies the Gale
Crater, a 150-kilometre wide depression, as the destination preferred by
mission scientists. The decision will be made, perhaps today, by associate
administrator Ed Weiler.

Curiosity will be powered by the heat given off by the natural decay of Pu-
238, a non-fissile isotope of plutonium with a half-life of 87.7 years. An
alpha emitter, it is easily shielded. Pu-238 RTGs are essential to a number
of spacecraft missions, particularly those bound for the outer solar
system. United States currently has limited facilities to produce Pu-238.
Since 1993, all of the Pu-238 the U.S. has used in space probes has been
purchased from Russia. 16.5 kilograms in total have been purchased. The US
Department of Energy is requesting funding to restart domestic production,
but production of substantial amounts could take 5 years.

Let's just nuke the damn place

This is the kind of event that makes one enter develop a bit of unreasoning anger. If adults want to fuck up the world, okay, but let the children pretend life is not all blood and body parts,  at least until they are 12 or 13. Eight year old living bomb? Welcome to Afghanistan, it's horse shit.  We need to leave that Islamic wasteland.

Taliban use girl, 8, as bomb mule in attack on Afghanistan police post

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I don't think Scalia anticipated this

Colbert May Get FEC Exemption To Launch SuperPac

Okay, Lady Gaga get with it and start a Super PAC.

New TV Dramedy?

What if we combined a show like C.S.I., the Office, and through in some Keystone Kops too?  The cast would show us how to not do forensics in a dysfunctional office and still make us laugh.  Maybe it might make it  even better if we made it a military shop, like N.C.I.S., but loaded with massive bumbles.  What could we call it?  Maybe "CSI, The Pentagon?"  How about  "Army Law and Disorder?"  Nah,  lets just call it by it's real name--

U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory.

Get busy screenwriters, the Army has already given you the outline for years of shows. Get writing.

The Score Remains NATObama-0, Qadaffi-1

Do you remember when Obama began bombing Libya?  Do you remember when he passed the buck and handed his war over to NATO?  Do you remember when NATObama assured us the war would be over soon?  Do you remember when Obama broke the War Powers Act?  Gee, it sounds like we're in Act I of "The Next Great American Wasted War."  Oh, NATObama needs more time (and a lot more cash).

NATO’s Libya campaign drags on

Solving the Nation's Excess of Religionists Problem

Muslims are attacking Christians in Egypt.  Will this nation's devout stand for that?  Obama can use the  Faith Based Initiatives Office the Shrub left him to launch a Middle East Crusade to protect Christians from the infidel and since they'll be in the neighborhood, they can retake Jerusalem for Jesus while they're at it.
Sign up now.  Donate now.  Ain't religion grand!

Christians and Muslims clash in southern Egypt over construction of church

MIchelle What' Her Name Was on FOX Today

Chris Wallace asked her--

"Are you a flake?"

She answered with--

“I think that would be insulting to say something like that because I’m a serious person.”

For the moment I won't quibble over her statement that she thinks.  However, I note that she actually hedged on whether or not Mr. Wallace's question was an insult. The question is either an insult or it is not an insult. Hmm, is she a serious person? Her response indicates she is not.  The question must not be an insult. It's remains an unanswered question. How do you answer the question for her? Perhaps she knows she is a flake and chose her conditional response as a her best non-answer answer.

Now about her thought processes, go read  Matt Taibbi.

Unleashing the Kagan Tour

It's that time again, the Supremes will go on vacation for a few months.  Don't despair, they'll have a new tour ready by Fall.  The "Kagan" tour is not quite over with.  They still have to hit an arena here and venue there before they stow their instruments and amps and go home.  Here's a review of this year's tour and the best songs sung by "Roberts and the Robes."

Conservatives limit consumer, rights lawsuits

Wal-Mart has set you up

I like the $4 drugs from Wal-Mart, but I knew they had to be making it up somehow.  How'd they do it.  Well, it's not volume, it's the price of all the other drugs.

Wal-Mart hikes branded diabetes drug prices-study

Do shop around, the low price leader is not Wal-Mart.

Meet and Eat, Know and Blow

The NY Times is getting good at that routine--

Tapping the Oil Reserve

They can't resist a president, remember Iraq?

Based on His Record Thus Far

Do not assist Obama in meeting his $60 million "give me money peasant," goal.  Bluntly, fuck him.  No money, no labor, just a vote (any Republican is really worse).  Make him hustle the people he really serves, the big money donors.  If he fails, well that's politics.

Obama Campaign Seeks 450,000 Donors, $60 Million Cash by June 30

Do We Really Need Kansas?

Not really.

New Kansas Abortion Law Succeeds in Shutting Down Its First Clinic

If you were a major employer in NY or CA, would you hire anyone born, raised and educated in Kansas?

We Really Need to Make All Drugs OTC

If we thought the illegal drug world was bad, we'd better pay a bit more attention to prescription drugs.  The illegal users have the decency  to mostly stay in their slum places and die there or in prison.  The prescription painkiller addicts are invading pharmacies.   Hey, that's our space!  What should we do?  Let's open Oxycontin and give that shit away like ice.  They will all O.D. and die.   Yep, many enter, but no one leaves the Painkiller Motel.  Is this a program the GOP and Dems might agree on?

Pharmacy robberies sweeping US

Whither the U.S. and Egypt

As some form of democracy, liberty, and equality (DLE) emerge in Egypt, do you think they want a bit of help from the DLE pros in Washington?  Come if you were an Egyptian would you really want help from Uncle Sam?

U.S. fares poorly in first modern polling of Egyptian views


Since Obama made his speech about sort of ending the Afghan war, have you ever asked yourself this question--

What has the war in Afghanistan really achieved?

Vietnam was a total cluster fuck from the get go.  Ditto for Iraq.  Maybe Afghanistan made some sense in the first two years, but quickly became a peer of those other two mistakes.  The warmongers have had a long run  1946-2011.  Let's end their dominance.  Isolationists it's time for y'all to take over.