Saturday, July 9, 2011

They must be cheering

As NASA ends the shuttle program, Utah pols will get their wish.  The feds will cut back spending, the budget will get trimmed a bit.   Are they haveing celebrations in Utah?  I doubt it, it's always supposed to be someone else's ox that's gored.

End of shuttle program hits Utah hard

I don't know what it really means, but it sounds good

The new Dept. of War Secretary, says we are "within reach of strategically defeating al-Qaeda".  I guess that means we defeat them kind of, sort of, but do not really defeat them.   He also indicated all we have to do is kill or capture 10-20 of the bad guys to get that strategic defeat done.

How long will this take? Well, it took ten years to kill bin Laden.  Assuming we have to kill 10 of the 20, then at 10 years a pop, strategic defeat will be ours in 2212.   In other words, Panetta is just spewing bullshit for the boss.

US 'within reach of strategic defeat of al-Qaeda'

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

It is gone.  Done.  Finished.  The miltary is no longer studying how to phase it out,  Why?  Did Obama finally do something?  No, it took a judge:

...the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier in the week ordered the federal government to stop enforcing DADT, citing the government's recent opposition to policies like DOMA that discriminate based on sexuality.

Obama did his normal thing on DADT, all talk and no walk.  He was dragged along by the Dems in Congress.  Folks, you can return the favor,  drag it out on donating money, free labor, and even a vote for him in 2012. We need a new party with a better class of people who are willing to run for office. What we have these days may be bright, but they are thing they are best at is narcissism.

There's a reason to call them assholes

Who?  Oh, the GOP in general and in specific  Mr.  $350 a bottle Paul Ryan.  It just appeared on the table.  Magic!  Yep, asshole and people listen to him?

Rep. Ryan Tastes The Grapes Of Wrath

Here' a good post

Obama, fighting fire with gasoline!

Worst President Ever, Revisited

Watch out! Are you ready for the Silver Tsunami?

That's a catchy way of pointing out there are going to be increasing numbers of old farts all over the place.  Is your locale ready for the geriatrification needed?  I live in a county that's already old, the median age is 53.   I wonder what it will be in another 10 years, 20 years?

Aging boomers strain cities built for the young

The Face of Conservatives, but too Liberal for Teabaggers!

Good cartoon!

Trust CBS?

Gee, I wonder if it was the News Division that brought us the Boston Pops fireworks?   If so, they really need to become part of FOX--CBS faked Fourth of July fireworks display.   I know it's just entertainment, not news, but hasn't news become entertainment?

Idiot Watch

Here 'tis, the latest bit of idiocy from the GOP--Bachmann signs socially conservative pledge on homosexuality, marriage.

I have a question for gays. If you are gay, are you a Repbulican? If so, why? Don't you get it they really hate you.  They don't want you to leave and go over to the Democratic Party instead, they want you dead.  Please explain why you are a Republican?   Can a gay person be a Bachmann supporter?

Oh, since Bachmann has signed this dreck, expect Willard and all the others to sign on too.   This is the GOP.  This is sick.

Here's the pledge that she and Santorum have sighed---Marriage Vow.

Here's some commentary on the pledge--A Rainbow of Anger Over Bachmann's 'Marriage Vow'

Place your bets

Will democracy, freedom and that liberty stuff become established in Egypt?  Or will it just run into the sewers, then into the Nile and on into the sea?  Place your bets.  Will you bet on oxymoronic position of an Islamic democracy or will you bet on a new and improved Islamic dictatorship?   What do you expect from a "revolution" is based on social network Internet sites?

Egyptians protest slow pace of change

Obama's War--Fubar is normal

Gee, Afghan security guards kill us.  They've been doing it to us for years.  I bet we trained them.  I bet we armed them too.  Are they all Taliban?  Who wins in this mess?  Well, the makers and sellers of munitions do make a profit.

Afghan guard shoots dead NATO soldier, civilian working with coalition in northern province

If you missed it

The economy still sucks.  Unemployment is a bit worse than it was, 9.2% - 16+%  depending on your definition.  What's the problem?  I think it has almost nothing to do with federal taxes, regulations, or whatever else narcissistic politicians wanting to be elected or reelected say.  No, it's really a case of capital not having many  profitable new job producing investment opportunities in the USA.   However, there are many other investments that will yield profit.  Where would you put your money?  Capital moves toward profit.  The risks in the U.S. do not warrant investment.  We will see slow increase in jobs; be prepared to accept 7-8% as normal unemployment by year's end.  Government does not create jobs, unless they are civil service jobs.  Office holders can increase corporate profits via tax laws, but not jobs.

Unemployment rate rises to 9.2 percent as U.S. adds only 18,000 jobs in June
Here's a headline--Progressives and tea party lawmakers pressure leaders on debt deal.  It really should read, concerned voters threaten incumbents with no money, no free labor and no votes if....

That's our system, it sucks.  Obama and all the Dems talk about the nation, likewise with Boehner and all the Republicans,  but they all have just one real concern, their own reelection.  Incumbents made the mess.  They cannot fix it, without personal risk.  Incumbents are risk averse.  Can we bag the Democrats and the Republicans?

We need a party that assumes, one term and move on to a real job.  In the interim, let's not reelect anyone.  At this point I don't think it matters who gets elected to any federal office.   Do you?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Extreme Weather Explained!

As we have all long thought, Earth is the culprit.  Expect more War on People soon!

Planet Earth Doesn't Know How To Make It Any Clearer It Wants Everyone To Leave

Headlines on the Economy

Economy adds a weak 18,000 jobs; unemployment rate is 9.2%

CEOs reap huge payouts in 2011, corporate filings show

This one's for the folks in Utah

Hatch Says The Poor Need To Do More To Shrink The Debt

I know Utah has gone right of the extreme right wing of even the John Birchers, but this is beyond a bit much. I guess he's desperate for reelection. Utah is getting a lot stranger these days.

Weaseler in Chief

If Obama agrees to leave Social Security alone except for the way COLAs are caluculated, he's being deceptive and taking a step any Republican would love to eventually end Social Security.  If you hear him or any Democrat advocate the "Chained Consumer Price Index," then kick them in the crotch.  It will not help Granny, it will  begin her pauperization and yours when you become Granny.  Remember the folks making all these deicsion are quite affluent and care only about their own reelection.  Keep Social Security off the current table!

What’s In A Name? Dems Support Social Security Benefit Cut — By Calling It Something Else

Did you win?

If you bet on Texas you won.  If you bet on ObamaCo, you lost.

Texas executes Mexican over objections of Obama administration

Do We Really Need a Light Bulb Law?

Give me liberty, and give me my light bulbs, some Americans say

This is the kind of stuff that can drive a person into the libertarian camp. Is it time to say "Ron Paul" for president?

Obama, Master of Weasel Speak

Did you listen to the Twit in Chief at his Twitterer the other day?  He was loaded with slippery words that easily slid past the typical listeners fact center.  I didn't know that the cuts in Social Security tax put a grand in the pocket of every American until Obama said so.  Oh, horse pucky.  It's not true if you are retired and can't be true unless you are working and you make over $50,000 a year .  They guy is full of bullshit, but articulate bullshit.  Remember his job number one, from day one has been to win reelection in Nov., 2012.  Still wonder why, after turning the page, you're still hoping for change?  Hm, maybe it's time to say, "No, we won't."

Obama’s tax boo-boo at the Twitter town hall — and a response to readers’ questions

Obama and 2012

As it stands today, the GOP field is so full of loons, Obama will win in 2012, even if unemployment goes to 12% and we have a triple dip in the economy.  Why?  When one GOOPER says something about "saving the nation through fiscal responsibility," the next will not agree but instead will one-up his opponent.  "NO,  we have to keep the debt ceiling where it is today," will be declaimed.  That of course leads to the next candidate to suggest "we must lower the debt ceiling. "  Wow, one upping can lead to demands that the poor step up and pay off the national debt.  Oops Sen. Hatch already did that, I wonder is he's going to enter the race?

Actually it's not one upping, it's really one downing.  The GOP has made an art form out of a death spiral of candidates trying to see who is the biggest idiot left standing.  So far, all have done well on that aspect of the competition, no one has any doubts left.  Idiots all!

ObamaCo is taking no chances.  They are using donations to run ads that trash the idiots.  The ads are probably quite effective.  ObamaCo is striking back, they do not want to assume anything about the thinking ability of the typical American voter?

Obama’s political machine goes on the offense

Now about FOX

"News of the World" is closed.  Rather than allow a public inquiry Murdock shut it down.   That reporters hacked cell phones for stories is not surprizing, neither is the paper's closure.  Murdock's empire is based on a single word--profit.  All of Murdock's outlets are about the same as the "News of the World," they just haven't been caught yet.   That's me reporting, and you can decide.  

Phone-hacking scandal is biggest PR disaster of Murdoch’s career

Originalism is nonsense

If you are older, less educated, and more white than not, you probably think the Supreme Court's rulings should be based on an understanding of what the U.S. Constitution meant as originally written. If you are an originalist, I have a question for you? Have you ever used an historical dictionary? Good luck figuring out exactly what all the folks who approved the document actually meant by every word in the Constitution in 1787. By the way, what did "liberty" mean to folks in New England? Was it identical to what a Virginian meant when he used the word in 1787?  Perhaps it was not the same in Pennsylvania?

50% vs. 45% - Judicial Review

If you are an originalist, have you reviewed your life to figure out why you think that way?

All the Pols better pay attention to some polls

Here's a recent Pew poll on entitlements.  I suggest the GOP and Obama are in the process of doing a shoot, draw, and then aim routine on themselves.  There's lots of time to get real pissed between now and Nov. 2012.  Can the Dems dump Obama?  How about Bernie Sanders for President?

Public Wants Changes in Entitlements, Not Changes in Benefits

What else would one expect?

Boehner enthusiastically endorsed Obama’s call for a far-reaching plan. 

Of course Boehner likes it, Obama suggested it. It's time to recognize Obama is just one more GOOPER pretending to be a Democrat. Watch out, the GOP will win, Obama will give a cool speech and the 85% of us who make less than $100,000 a year, especially the retired, will be screwed.

Do not donate any money to Obama. Do not give him any free labor. And it's looking like it will be hard to vote for him. Ditto on any Dem who votes to Ryanize Medicare or tamper with Social Security in an way at this time.  Instead, end the unfunded wars. End the Bush tax cuts. Restore DOD funding to 2000 levels and then let's talk about debt and deficits.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

George W. Obama

This about sums up Obama's on Social Security--

"Cutting Social Security to reduce the national debt is like attacking Iraq to get Osama Bin Laden -- the two things are not related," said Jim Dean, chair of Democracy for America, a group founded by former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean.

Why are Democrats even listening to Obama at all? They listened to his advice on health care reform and look how well they did in 2010.  If any modification are made to Social Security in the current context of debt ceiling and deficit discussions, then add no vote to the no money and no free labor for Obama in 2012

Dump Obama

Is there anyone the Dems can replace Obama with?  Sure but none would really be that big of an improvement.   Is there anyone else they could run?  How about Bernie Sanders!

At a fork in the road

The Taliban says they are not, have not and will not sit down and negotiate peace with the U.S.  The Taliban see the U.S. as an occupying power, period.   A few weeks back, Captain Obama had his PR flacks indicate that we were already chatting with the Taliban.  Look, we are at a fork in the road.  Actually we've been stuck there for years.  We can decide to wage war or we can end the war.

If we wage war we have to change our strategy.  Nothing fancy will work, it's simple,  It's called kill them all.  We have to send in about 1,000,000 troops and kill every damn thing we think is might or may be condidered Taliban, terrorist, or Islamic extremist.  We kill whatever we don't like.  We lay waste to Afghanistan and it's people.  It ends when they are all dead or they beg for peace.

If we choose to not wage war then we have to leave.  We leave swiftly and completely.  We can declare victory and leave, period.  It's that simple.  We destroy whatever we cannot transport out.  We leave and if anyone gets in the way of our exit we destroy them in the process.  Both options are violent but will end the mess.

Oh, if we opt for more war, then we have to revive the draft and raise taxes to pay for defending our freedom and safety, the unborn taxpayer cannot take much more.

Taliban denies peace talks with U.S.

And you were hoping for change

Can I hear a mighty "Yes, We Can" remain right where we were two years ago?  Not much is different.

Remember Lehman Brothers?

What happened when all those best and brightest in Bush's and the GOP's financial think tanks decided to let Lehman's go under?  They thought it would be a financial fart.  It became the biggest loaf laid since 1929.  Now the same folks, applying the same financial skills to the debt ceiling and deficits have conned half the country into the belief that cutting spending via tax cuts is all we have to do to come out right.  Get ready for an even bigger dump, it will be an explosive.  Do expect a fecal tsunami that will cover the world in financial waste.

Borrowed Tax Dollars At Play

The unborn tax payer will be paying for today's borrowing to fund--

32 Army bands
51 Army National Guard Bands
17 Army Reserve Bands
24 Air Force Bands
14 Navy Bands
14 Marine Corps Bands
152 Military Bands costing us $320,000,000 a year.

Isn't this a bit excessive?  Myself, I'd eliminate 148 of them.   Let each retain one band each, preferably all composed of one man each.

Will the House drum up support to cut spending on military bands?

Place your bets

Will the people of Texas kill the Mexican or give him the needle?  Come on, this is Texas, I'll place my bet on one dead Mexican.

Obama administration calls for stay of execution of Mexican national in Texas

Fact checking

Here's a six month assesment of political lying.  Enjoy!

The Fact Checker — an accounting

The GOP has the White House

Instead of showing some courage, Obama has decided to fuck over the average American--they make well under $100,000 a year.  The debt and deficit problems will be "solved" by pauperizing Granny so she  can't afford Ryan's Medicare health insurance and will die earlier saving thus tax expenditures.   Plus the misery will be financed by tax cuts.  Now that's a real Democrat in action.  This is not leadership.  This is not governing.  This is pandering to get the job done, only the job is getting reelected and that is all.  Yep, f Halperin nailed it, he's a dick.  If he persists in this direction he will not be reelected.

For god's sake, we're still fighting two wars on borrowed money.  Either end them or raise taxes to pay for them.  The war costs are further amplified by two unfunded tax cuts given to us by Bush and Congress.  The same aces, trying to solve the problem, created the problem.  They are all Republicans.  Their logic has not changed.  They do not use facts, reason or logic.  Bend over America you know what' coming.

Has the time come to oust Obama?  He's not a Democrat, so why not?  Are there really any Democrats left out there?

In debt talks, Obama offers Social Security cuts

If you agree with me about Social Security please let Obama know, send him an e-mail.

Listen up Obama

I you agree with Obama, tell him you do, and then you can go join the GOP.

This relates to a previous post on post butt bomb terrorists

If you have bomb taped to your butt, it might look like you have bomb on your ass.  If that fails getting felt up will expose the lethal wardrobe additon.  If the bomb was hidden in your butt, it would be found by butt sniffing dogs or that puffer chamber.  The bad guys now may be implanting bombs in bodies.  Whatever will we do? Will the porn-o-matics fail us?

TSA Airport Scanners Wouldn’t Catch an Implant Bomber

Another foray in hate

As we see increasing numbers of folks on TV ranting about our forefathers, the good old days, and taking our country back, I wonder if some college kids have listened and organized themselves around these conservative ideological points and come up with white supremacist hate group?  Yep, they have.

Major Campus Group, Holding First National Conference in Capital Area Tomorrow, Has Racist Roots

Now about all those old fuel rods?

Where are we going to store our hot waste?  We're never going to finish Yucca Mtn.  We have a serious and growing waste problem.  If we do, then what about everyone else?  How much hot waste is out there?  Where will it go?

It’s 2050: Do you know where your nuclear waste is?

Don't forget about Pakistan

Our non-ally, ally, in War #3 with them has nukes. Our raid on their turf to get bin Laden may make them concerned about the security of their nukes, from us. How big is their arsenal anyway?

Pakistan’s nuclear forces, 2011

Progressives and liberals please take note

Another Republican Admits Ronald Reagan Wasn’t Right-Wing Enough for Today’s GOP

Yep, And they’re all saying the same thing: by today’s standards, Reagan is a RINO. And these are the people Obama’s going to make some “Grand Bargain” with?

We’re screwed.

Crazy Major will be tired

Finally, the Army is getting around to trying the Islamic nutjob who shot up Ft. Hood.

Army psychiatrist charged in Fort Hood rampage will have military trial, face death penalty

Spitzer is just so much spit

Spitzer was an idiot's selection from the get go.  Oh, Anderson Cooper at 8?  Same idiot must be making decisions at CNN.  Maybe CNN should ignore the competiton and just do what they used to very well, the news.  Bag that Blizter guy too.

CNN cancels Eliot Spitzer’s ‘In the Arena,’ makes lineup changes

What come after the butt bomb?

US warns airlines: Terrorists interested in putting bombs inside humans to attack

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As Goes Utah, So Goes the Nation?

That's with respect to the Teabaggers and the GOP.  The extreme politics may be driving independents away, not to mention moderate Republicans who may also get fed up  and leave.  Hm, if the Teabaggers really are just Republicans and most people begin to see the GOP as crazy extremists, then Dems could benefit in Utah!  May the nation's GOP follow in Utah's Trogprints.

Poll: Tea party fatigue among independent Utah voters

How To Make Sure No Child is Left Behind

And how to make sure no government l funds are lost along the way.  How?  Well, cheat.  You know, alter tests and such so every little urchin tests as brilliant.  Amazing what Bush wrought, no?

America's biggest teacher and principal cheating scandal unfolds in Atlanta

Is public education now about maximizing profit and not much else?

Cleveland Texas Needs a Bit More Than A Slutwalk

Some days, all one can do is shake their head in disbelief.  Then one goes to find some very sturdy and very dull pruning shears....

More than a dozen men accused of taking part in a series of sexual assaults on an 11-year-old girl are expected in court Wednesday in a case that has divided and horrified their southeast Texas town.

Guess the reporting location of this story? Liberty, Texas!

Need some FOX related sleaze?

The same asshole who owns FOX owns a certain paper in Britain.  There's a bit of an uproar over how his paper's staff makes news.

For months, Britain's scandal over scoop-hungry reporters hacking into the cellphones of celebrities and politicians drew shrugs from the general public, which viewed the affair as a rarified dispute between the rich and famous and those who write about them.

Not anymore.

Revulsion swept the nation Tuesday amid allegations that a sensationalist tabloid owned by media baron Rupert Murdoch also intercepted and tampered with voicemails left for a kidnapped 13-year-old girl whose body was later found dumped in the woods.

Any bets on what Roger Ailes was thinking about doing to get more of that Fair and Balanced news?  Or has he already?

Trials on TV

I knew there was a trial going on.  However, I did not have any interest in it at all.  I know it has been covered extensively in recent weeks or longer--every time I turned on CNN during the day, they were in a courtroom.  I did not watch, for all I knew it was Anna Nicolle Smith II.

Yesterday, I walked past the tube as Mrs. Jake was tuned into the trial.  It was decision day.  The defendant was found not guilty of murder, but was found guilty of lying to the cops.  I listened a bit, found most of the commentary to be 100% pure bullshit and we switched over to C-Span.

For those who followed or were wondering a bit about trial--

Casey Anthony verdict leaves many with more questions than answers

Oh, the crap that was blathered on TV was so idiotic I did a bit of googling on the trial, I read enough to agree with jury, not guilty.  Evidence trumps emotion every time.

Cranking up the old WMD machine

Want to keep the Iraq War going?  Well, start making a big deal out of Iran sending weapons into Iraq.  No doubt they do so, but if ObamaCo isn't careful, they will gin it up into an invasion of Iran.  Hey, would more war be good for the economy?  Would an Iranian War win in 2012?  Oh, damn, is it a way to raise taxes in a manner that the GOP will agree with?  Feeling screwed by pols?

Weapons prove Iranian role in Iraq, U.S. says

Gee, one day soon, will Hillary Clinton pull a Colin Powell at the U.N. ?

War #2 Will Become All Obama's on 1/1/12

What?  I thought we had a deal.  Come 12/31/11 all of our troops were to be on their way to Lake Gitchigoomie by then, right?  Yep, one more hope dashed on unchanging shoals.

U.S. willing to leave 10,000 troops in Iraq past year's end, officials say

Damn legacy just won't go away.

Indies Take Note

When it comes to Willard, Dems will not vote for him, he is, no matter what, just one more batshit crazy GOOPER kind of guy.  Most GOOPERS will would vote for him if he becomes the GOP nominee.  Of course the GOP Jesus freaks won't, Willard is a Mormon and they know what that means.  Now, how about the independents?

If an independent likes honest, consistent positions, then Willard is once again a loser.  In 2008 he lost his creds as he flip-flopped his way from one group to the next.  If you wanted to know what he was going to say he believed, all you had to do was check out what group he was going to address next.  If appeared Willard might have given up his 2008 waffledom.  Nah, once you tasted a shower shoe, you have to keep on flip flopping.  Hey Obama is okay, nah, he's evil.  Willard remains Willard.

At N.H. town hall, Romney says Obama has made the economy worse

On the road to hypocrisy

If you openly more or less hate gays, it's  a Jesus thing, what will change your mind?  Oh, how about running for president, after all gays do vote for Republicans.  Well I doubt you will change your mind, but you will change your behavior--no public bashing, until after the election.  Who's going down this road?  Oh, it's Michelle Bachmann and her hubby.  She's just one typical GOOPER.  Can anyone explain why someone who is gay would even consider voting for a Republican especially of Bachmann's ilk?

Michele Bachmann’s husband shares her strong conservative values


Give Katha Pollit's piece a read.  She's right, "The sad part is that it’s 2011, and it’s still controversial to say that the way to stop rape is not for women to be more cautious and demure; it’s for men to stop raping."

Talk the Talk, Walk the SlutWalk


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The Index shows trends in our fact-checking. It plummeted during the 2010 midterm elections because of the avalanche of misleading ads, but it rebounded during the holidays. It fell again in February when the Wisconsin budget standoff prompted misleading claims from state and national political figures.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Debt Ceiling and the 14th Amendment

Here's the 14th, Section 4--

Section 4. The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any State shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.

Having read the above, can you make a case for: Obama and the debt: A 14th amendment solution?

With so many losers running on the GOP side

It's hard to remember them all.  They blur into two or three composite candidates.  There's the rich old white guys image--Pawromhunt.  Then there's the rich old white evangefundie candidate--Bachpasant.  We can't forget the rich old crazy uncle white guys pol--Gingpaulcainperryson.  Whew! Who'd I miss?

I missed Thaddeus McCotter!  Damn, how could I miss what's his name?  Yeah, Thaddeus.  Do you know him?

Thaddeus McCotter jumps into presidential race. Thaddeus who?

Now do your really want to get to know him better?

Elections 101: Ten facts about Thaddeus McCotter and his run for president

Kids in Texas schools won't have textbooks

That surprizes me.  I didn't realize they used textbooks in Texan schools.  Novels and other works of fiction yes, but textbooks full of facts, no way.  Have you forgotten about the School Book Commission?   So what's the big deal, Texans just make it up as they go.  Don't forget Bush did Texas before he did US.  Now about that Perry fellow who's been doing Texas, it's a very strange place Texas.

School year in Texas will start without new textbooks

2012 will be a fact free election

There will be so many SuperPacs spewing dreck from now to Nov., 2012 no one will be able to find a fact at all.  I guess the only way to defend against the coming fountain of fraud is to have more even SuperPacs spew more nonsense.  We need a bigger fountain.  We need more fountains.

If a pro-Obama ad can't readily be distinguished form an anti-Obama ad because there a few ads from say "The Onion" or Colbert's PAC,  whose ads combine the partisan ads into hilarious ads about some trivial aspect of the election in 2008 or such.   If we can flood the airways with true bullshit, then the partisan bullshit will seen as just that, bullshit.  With a full mockery assault, PACs ads could wind up being ignored as just more TV noise that no one listens to.

New breed of ‘super PACs,’ other independent groups could define 2012 campaign

Yes, Orrin Hatch is, as usual full of it

I'll let y'all provide your favorite referent for "it" in the post's title above.  For me, Orrin always has been and will always be full of shit.  I have never understood why Utah has kept returning him to office.  

Orrin says that state's spend 22% of their revenue on Medicaid.  He paints a grim picture.  As usual he's fill of shit.  Oh, he's right if one adds in the feds share and then does the math to arrive at 22%, but that's not just state expenses then is it?  If you take out the feds and do an apples to apples calculation, it comes out at 15% (Orrin is only off by 27%).  He knows how to weasel his words with the best of them.  In other words, you cannot trust a word the man says.  Oh, damn, I think I understand how he gets reelected.  Utah is the fraud capitol of the U.S.  They trust people a bit too much.

A well-used but misleading Medicaid statistic

Bipartisan Ugly

Here's a question--

Is California’s past America’s future?

The answer, to me, is yes.  Yes, if we persist with the current parties, politicians and practices  which value election victory more than governing a nation (the job they were elected to do).  As long as reelection remains job #1, then we'll all be California dreaming, but it will be a nightmare instead.  

Merchants of Death Update

The U.S. has oodles of well armed drones.  The U.S. does not sell its drones.  As a result, there is a vacuum building in the international arms market.  As nation's see how effective and relatively cheap drones are in blowing the crap out of stuff, there is a building demand to satisfy a new unmet need.

Who is moving into the drone biz? China is on the way.  Drones will also be flying out Israel, Pakistan, India and probably Russia soon.  As these nation's begin to hawk drones you can bet your arsenal that the U.S. will have drone sales.  After all, the U.S. is still #1 in weapon sales and does not want to lose the title.

Global race on to match U.S. drone capabilities

Oh, as drones become ubiquitous, and the U.S. continues to defend their usage as more police action that war action, what about other nations who decide to police their part of the world?  What happens when someone decides to police Kansas?  Who'd care, so what happens when they police Balitmore, or Chicago, or Nashville.  What have our aces in Washington unleashed with drones?  When will we see the first robot war?

Drone strikes are police work, not an act of war?

War #6--Somalia

Yep, it's #6.  Bush passed 2 1/2 wars to Obama.   Obama has taken the nation from 2.5 to 6.0 on the WOTometer.  Bet none of his fans were hoping or this kind of change.  I wonder if they feel a tad conned yet?  The War on Terror continues.

In case you missed #6's opener--U.S. Expands Its Drone War Into Somalia

War #5

Saleh is still Yemen's dictator.  The United States backs the dictator.  Revolting Arabs in Yemen must not be kin of the revolting Arabs in Libya, so bombs away.

Does the CIA'a involvement make you give praise or say "oh, shit?"  Not sure, then read this update--

CIA drone plan in Yemen faces obstacles

War #4 -- Update

What's up in Libya?  The score remains NATObama-0 and Qaddafi-1.

FACTBOX-Latest developments in Libyan conflict, war, humanitarian exercise or whatever one prefers to call it.

War #3--Pakistan

In non-war #3, war #3, our non-ally, ally, Pakistan appears to be fighting on our side today.  Tommorrow?  Well, tomorrow is another day, isn't it?

Pakistani military launches operation in strategic tribal area that juts into Afghanistan

War #2-- Deaths

The legacy lives on; this is some kind of bodaciously nation by Bush.

Officials: 35 killed, 47 wounded in combined car bomb and roadside bomb blast north of Baghdad

War #1 Deaths


NATO says 4 coalition service members killed in east Afghanistan in two separate attacks

Monday, July 4, 2011

TPM chart of the day

Take a peek, then if you know a GOOPER who has been hammering you on government spending, kick him or her as hard as you can in the groin.

‘Out Of Control Spending’ Not Really Out Of Control At All

As thye roll in gential agony has a nice discussion about two unfunded wars coupled with two huge tax cuts.  Then kick 'em again.

An example form Utah

Want to make a buck?  Well, how about investing in a non-profit health insurance company?  They make oodles of cash and put in the bank, into dividends, and the top salaries are downright reasonable. Why do we bother with the non-profit section of the tax code at all?

Utah health insurers post healthy profits

This is just Utah. How do the health insurers do in your state?

A tad of contradiction

Every time I hear someone praising themseles for their Jeusness, I can't help but think of this parable--

He spoke also this parable to certain people who were convinced of their own righteousness, and who despised all others. "Two men went up into the temple to pray; one was a Pharisee, and the other was a tax collector. The Pharisee stood and prayed to himself like this: 'God, I thank you, that I am not like the rest of men, extortioners, unrighteous, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week. I give tithes of all that I get.' But the tax collector, standing far away, wouldn't even lift up his eyes to heaven, but beat his breast, saying, 'God, be merciful to me, a sinner!' I tell you, this man went down to his house justified rather than the other; for everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who humbles himself will be exalted."

I doubt that Ms. Bachmann collects taxes, but I am sure she does well at self exaltation.

Michele Bachmann courts conservative Iowa Evangefundie voters

It will not surprize me

What? Oh to find out the source of the tweets was from someone at FOX.  Especially so, if the tweets are shown to add viewers and listeners, and hence the ad revenue.  FOX is fairly good at maintaing a healthy balance sheet.

Hacker tweets fake Obama assassination announcement through Fox News' political account

Here's why Obama will win in 2012

Obama will win because GOP incumbents, more concerned with reelection than much else have allowed their party to consume itself in internal factional fights.   It reminds me of when the Dems allowed a grundle of single issue tents to be erected inside their big tent and kept calling themselves the Democratic Party as they marched on to defeat after defeat.

The GOP will split into two, three maybe even four factions over the course of their primaries,  Fortunately, the losers will be bitter and unable to support the party's ultimate winner.   For example, if Willard wins, how many Bachmann/Palin/Santorum types will rally to Willard?  Likewise how many Willard/ Jon Boy/Pawlenty fans would really give a hoot for a victorious Bachmann?   I doubt a latecomer such a Perry will be able to unite the divisions that have consumed the GOP.  It's a good 4th of July.

Iowa GOP splits in two camps: Populists and establishment


It's most odd, back when most people were quite independent, think 1700 and 1800s, they perceived themselves as quite dependent and saw themselves reliant on the larger society.  Today, the situation is reversed.  We are ever more and more dependent on a global village yet at the same time,  ever increasingly so, think we are independent as a nation, as states, as counties and as individuals.  It's no wonder we can't balance our books, keep our nests clean, or do much that assumes a collective identity for action.  

On Independence Day 2011, we're more dependent than ever

What's hot at the Kabul Video Store?

There's music and movies, but it's the under the counter vids that keep the kids coming back for more.  And what keeps them coming back, why sex of course.  Filthy videos sell very well in a nation where sex is so repressed someone could actually die thinking storks really do deliver babies.  How are the porno doing these days?  Well, sales are down because there's a new vid on the block.  Taliban videos full of death, destruction and lots of gore are moving to the top of underground charts.

In Kabul, Taliban videos hold allure

Hmm, I wonder what would happen if the Taliban decided to co-mingle porn with violence.  Not knowing how graphic their violence or their porn may be, I'd guess their first production might resemble the Starz production, "Spartacus."

When I was a child

Not only did I speak as a child, I played childhood games.  As I agged, I spoke less as a child and played fewer games.  Now I speak as an adult and do not play childhood games or have any interest in watching adults pretend they are still tykes at play.  Sports make no sense to me at all.  I do not read much about sports.  It was a bit of a surprize to read this piece about fan behavior at sporting events.   I now add fans to those things that don't make any sense to me.

Wise: American sports fans need to regain their civility

Hard to believe

I agree with the GOP leadership in the House.  I join them in saying "NO!"  That's no to all those idiotic resolutions they usually use to kill time.  Instead of passing bills at all, why don't they just stay home until the Senate sends them a copy of what will pass in the Senate.  Then the House can meet, hell, they could call in a ditto vote.  Do we really need the House?  They know they are just pimples on the Senate's ass, so maybe they can say "NO!" to themselves and save us a lot more money.   When has the House done one thing of significance in the past 20 years?  40 years?  Ever?

With Republican majority, House loses its resolve for symbolic legislation


Our departure from the Shrub's inept attempt to be elected into the nation building hall of fame cannot come soon enough.  They don't need us hanging around after the current SOFA departure date, 12/31/11.  Life over there is Iraqi normal.

In Iraq, new wave of attacks target police, Iraqi soldiers

Quick who invented the Weed Eater?

His name is George Ballas.   I bet there's not a suburban home without a couple of his inventions in the garage.  We know hardly anything about people who really affect our everyday lives.  Look around your home.  Everything you own was invented by someone.  Who invented them all?

Weed Eater inventor Ballas dies at 85

The GOP's assault on the budget has consequenses

Our parks are already in bad shape.  With more budget cuts they will get worse.  Instead of worrying about tax cuts, how about directed taxes instead?  If I don't want to pay a dime for war, then I should not have to, but if I want to pay taxes for parks, health and education that should be okay.   I wonder what would win and what would lose?  At any rate get ready for even worse parks.

U.S. National Parks' Cultural and Natural Resources Threatened

It's good to be a veghead

Why on earth might one want to give some thought to adopting a vegetarian diet?  Maybe it might help  us stay out of two major disease pools.  The first is obvious, obesity.  If you eat a non-meat diet, it's a bit easier to lose weight.  Oh, it helps to treat soda pop as though it's meat.  If you get the lard off and keep it off, you will be a bit healthier for a bit longer.   Go ahead, try it for a month.  Eat only fruits, vegetables and whole grains only and see how you feel.  

What's the other disease?  It's type 2 diabetes.   All that sugar in the typical diet may not be the culprit.  Nope, it may well be caused by a meat diet.  Our meat supply is full of a different kind of pop.  That's Persistent Organic Pollutants--POP.  Got that, now crank up your memory and think about PCBs.  Give this piece a read and think about what is all that meat.  

Is Your Meat Habit Giving You Diabetes?

I have trouble with 3/4 pounds of meat a day being typical.  That's a lot isn't it?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

I doubt the numbers

I have received e-mail pitches for Obama from Messina.  I opened then and read the pitches.  I did not respond.   Come on a dinner with Obama raffle?  That's mildly repugnant.  The e-mails kept coming.  I was asked for $100, then $75, then $50 and finally $45 or less.  The last may have been for $1.25 or less.  I did not budge.  Now, unless they have my credit card number on file and used it without my authorization,  they are crooks and they flat-assed liars.

I received a thanks for your support form Messina.  I did not support Obama in any way--no sign up, no endorsement or donate e-mail form went from me to him.   I will check my credit card statement closely--if need be can I sue Obama? If I am billed, they are crooks.  But how are they liars?

Messina and ObamaCo claim they had 475,000 donors. They thanked me!  They counted me!  It should be 473,999 instead.  Oh, I exaggerate, but you get the point.  I wonder how many others in that total are really former supporters who more agree with Mark Halperin these days?

Obama campaign claims more than 475,000 donors

Pot Lovers Pay Attention

Medical marijuana may be the first step toward a rational drug policy.  However, unless the folks who like dope get busy, they will not see any second steps and may have to back up one step to boot.

Booze and motor vehicles don't mix at all.  It's simple, if you have had one drink, do not drive.  A similar position needs to be taken by the drug crowd.  Take a toke and just don't drive.  Standards need to be set and met.  Some kind of stone-a-lyzer needs to invented and given to the cops.  As we have DUI, we need DWS (driving while stoned) laws.

If the drugs are not legalized and well regulated today, they will remain flat-assed verboten tomorrow and forever.

Stoned driving is uncharted territory

Oh come on

The GOP field has expanded again.

McCotter launches longshot bid for GOP presidential nomination

State Killing Fan Take Note

In the good old days, we hung 'em high or shot them dead.  I don't think we ever did much beheading did we?  Along the way state sanctioned and implemented killing was sanitized.   As the public was excluded from witnessing state officials at work, they tried gas and then electricity to kill the convicted.

As people became distant from their government, folks began to ask, is it humane to kill someone with a gun, a rope, some gas or a microwave oven?  In an excessively exuberant compassionate moment, states decided to kill their charges in less cruel ways.  Yep, they opted for better dying delivered by doctors--they decided to use needles.

The needles, loaded with a chemical three-fer offered painless death.  The public seemed pleased.  Then a vet pointed out that one of the chemicals weren't even used on dogs--to painful.  States began to react.   They pulled back and found better drugs, chemicals, whatever.  Now they have a new battle in their quest to off people painlessly.

First it was Italy and now it's Denmark.  Companies that make stuff that can be used to end life, will not sell it to states who will use them to kill cons.  It's a major  off-label usage.  States have a bit of stockpile, but they will run out.  No domestic company makes what they need--we sent those jobs overseas too.  What can our states do?

Okay, you know the answer.  Guillotines!  Let's restore participatory government.  Citizens should be able to witness their government officials at work.  And that work should be done using American made steel in an American made guillotine operated by Americans in service to their state.  Americans should be able to witness heads being severed from bodies when their state has mandated death.  Off with their heads!

US prisons face daunting new obstacle in getting lethal injection drug from overseas

Are you ready for more Bush?

The nation has not recovered form Dubya.  Now, another Texan has his eyes on the White House.  He's from Paint Creek.  Who ever heard of Paint Creek, so let's just call him an asshole from El Paso instead. Who is this asshole? Why he's Rick Perry.  He may run.  The GOP is strange, as more candidates announce their intent, they increase the number of candidates, but decrease the quality of their products offered to Republican shoppers.

Will Rick Perry run for president?

Bless my hope and change

A few years ago, I was really hoping that for a change, we'd leave Iraq.  Then, the timetable Bush in place, the SOFA, set a time for us to vacate that shithole.  I had hope. With Obama, well, change had to on the way.  Well, so much for changing our ways, unless forced.  I hope the Iraqis show a bit of wisdom and do not make any request for to alter the SOFA in any way at all.  It's time to end it once and for all.  No more shock.  No more awe.  No more idiotic, moronic war at all.

The United States remains open to keeping thousands of troops in Iraq beyond the end of the year if asked, but will require Iraqi forces to provide them with greater security, the U.S. envoy to Iraq said Saturday.

Now that's one fucked up war, II

Our non-ally, ally, Pakistan has a problem with NATO (U.S.) forces in Afghanistan.  NATO(U.S.) decided to wage war in a land locked country without large airports with a major enemy to the West(Iran) and oodles of former enemies to the North (assorted USSR -stans).  Ooops, forgot China is in the Northeast and we  are not exactly BFFs with them.  Shrewd.  Great long term planning.

The place has never been a tourist Mecca, for 10 years NATO(U.S.) has supplied the war via trucks.  The trucks have traveled through Pakistan to Afghanistan and then on to assorted forces in the field, villages and rubble.  Pakistan recently rounded up government and military officials who abetted the United States' killing of bin Laden, which leads us to the idea of a non-ally ally and hence to no roads to travel upon.  It's been fucked up from the get go, this is just latest bit of evidence (see the next post for a bit more).   It's time to end the war, come home, and cut defense spending by 60% (that would return us to about 2000 spending levels).  Hey we can pay for the Bush tax cuts by ending the wars and cutting DOD by 60%.

U.S. turns to other routes to supply Afghan war as relations with Pakistan fray

Now that's one fucked up war.

We use CIA driven drone bombers to sneak up on bad guys who hang out in Pakistan, our ally, in the WOT. Of course we never give the Pakistani government or military a heads up before we blow the crap out of parts of their country and their people. Yeah we get some bad guys plus. Plus some folks who happened to be in the strike neighborhood, they're just mushrooms to our commanders in the ground. That's an odd way to treat an ally isn't it?

Our other ally, Afghanistan, is now a bit pissed. They don't like the Pakistanis doing to them what we have done to Pakistan. Yep, the Pakis are sending missiles into Afghanistan. We have some strange allies. Oh, well. It's one fucked up war.

Afghans infuriated by shelling from Pakistan

USA like Utah, a pretty great state

U.S. Seen as Among the Greatest Nations, But Not Superior to All Others

Bob Park,

WHAT’S NEW Robert L. Park Friday, 1 Jul 2011 Washington, DC

Kosher and halal rules for the preparation of meat, require the throat to
be slit while the animal is fully conscious. Holland has long been
considered the most culturally tolerant country in Europe and perhaps in
the world, but ritual slaughter does seem barbaric, and on Tuesday, the
Netherlands Parliament passed a bill proposed by an animal-rights group
banning ritual slaughter of animals. Laws prohibiting cruelty to animals
as well as cruel religious practices, including polygamy, female genital
mutilation, and the burning of witches are enforced in every civilized
society. According to the Netherlands chief Rabbi, however, "Those who
survived the war(WWII)remember that the very first law made by the Germans
in Holland was the banning of schechita." The Muslims, meanwhile, are
certain that the law is aimed at them. In any case, both groups are free
to practice vegetarianism and would be healthier for it.

In today's issue of Science, Dan Charles takes a clear-eyed look
at "Science on the Shuttle." For 30 years the space shuttle has been the
only Highway to Space for US astronauts. Next week, space shuttle
Atlantis, STS-135, will deliver a load of groceries to the ISS. After its
return 12 days later Atlantis will remain in Florida as a museum piece. The
other surviving shuttles will likewise serve as museums in the district's
of key members of Congress. Near the end of the retrospective, I find
myself cast as the chief shuttle critic: Among some scientists, Dan says,
antipathy to the shuttle – or any human space flight – runs deep. He
quotes me, "It indulged humankind's impractical space fantasies at a cost
that retarded genuine progress." And so it did, but was there any science?
He cites only the repair of the Hubble space telescope, but it would have
been cheaper to launch a new Hubble.

WN hasn't mentioned Homestake in 8 years . It would be the deepest underground
science facility in the world, 2,400m below ground; deeper than the current
record holder, SNOLAB in Sudbury, Ontario at 2,100m below. At that time the
mine was dry and conversion to a research laboratory would have been
relatively inexpensive. However, rather than risk liability for
environmental infractions that might come to light, the mining company
chose to flood the mine, enormously increasing the cost of conversion. It
would now take between $1.2 billion and $2.2 billion to build and equip an
underground particle physics laboratory at Homestake, according to a study
presented last week to a federal advisory panel. Adrian Cho writing in
Science magazine this week, questions whether that’s feasible. That's as
much as a shuttle trip to the ISS, and who could afford that?