Saturday, July 23, 2011

This can't be Texas!

A rational decision has been made.  It's hard to believe the decision was made in San Antonio, Texas.  I thought rationality, sanity, facts and reason had been banned in Texas.   Texas has decided to teach evolution.

Texas to keep creationism out of its science classes


Murdoch, the Lesser, Liar?

The junior Murdoch says he only knew of one bad guy.  A couple of his employees say he knew of more because they showed him an e-mail before he approved hush money payments.   Junior's problem is that when he said "just one" he said it to Members of Parliament in very public committee hearing.   David Cameron, formerly a subsidiary of Murdoch, Inc. thinks junior needs to make a return trip to the MPs.  Maybe junior needs to step down and leave his daddy's business.  Will all parties be put under oath and then make their statements?  I wonder who will change their tune?

James Murdoch stands by evidence he gave Commons committee

Murdoch's Sleaze Touches the USA

As British officials continue to determine how rotten Murdoch's "news" organizations have been,  the scope of inquiry has crossed the Atlantic.  In good old number one land, home of FOX News, the FBI and Department of Justice are asking a lot of questions about Rupert's minions.  Subpoenas appear to be coming soon.

Phone hacking: US authorities preparing to subpoena News Corp

I do fantasize Roger Ailes in a perp walk.  Any others you'd like to see in cuffs?

Phone Hacking

Murdoch ran a sleazy paper.  His editors broke laws to give  Rupert profits and gain favor in his eye.  They knew what he liked and they conformed with excessive creativity and zeal.  As the sordid details about the News of the World's illegalities continues, the scope of inquiry will expand.  How about the Sun, another Murdoch paper?  What of other papers?  How far will the inquiry go?  Stay tuned.

Britain: who else hacked phones?

Why even bother

Given the caliber of the debilitators in the Senate, why not just close up shop?  Those idiots, along with their counterparts in the House, will shut down the FAA over possible unions and shitty little airports in a bunch of Stinking Creeks, Wherever, USA.  Is this what we consider to be representation?   Governance?  Legislative effectiveness?   Is this what we prefer?  If so, then we are morons who do elect our  representatives.

Partisan dispute to partially shut down FAA

Making less sense every day

Oslo bombed?  The bomber then shoots up a children's camp killing 90?  Does that make sense?  In Norway?

Norway survivors describe fleeing 'calm and controlled' gunman; death toll hits 91

New Delhi Slutwalk

India is having slutwalks.  They've been modified a bit,  but the reasons are the same as in every place where there have been and will be slutwalks.  In India--

“There will be no dress code” for the march, said Umang Sabarwal, 19, the event’s chief organizer. “In India, no matter what we wear, even if we are covered head to toe in a sari or a burqa, we get molested and raped. A woman’s fight in India is more basic — it is a fight for the right to be born, education, nutritious food, work.”

Indian women tweak their SlutWalk

Fuck Ups at play in the fields of power

Gee, we're blessed with 'em aren't we.  How many members of the 112th Congress were in office in prior Congresses and voted for the major contributors to our current fiscal mess?  How many voted for two wars?  How many voted for two huge tax cuts?  How many voted for financial deregulation?  How many voted for deficit driven budgets?  Why does anyone think that these same peoples' thoughts and actions have any merit today?  All of them, in both parties and the guy in the White House, have one real job.  That job is getting their sorry asses reelected, period.  When you listen to their bullshit, think about it. Oh, the debt ceiling talks fell apart again.

Debt talks collapse between Obama, Boehner

Get used to it

As we continue to shit in our own nest and refuse to acknowledge that we're sitting in our own waste, the weather gets a bit extreme.  This Summer has been hot.  Right now it's hot and humid.  Actually, this is really not extreme, that would imply it will revert to a milder season time next year.  In case you have not paid attention, it's been getting hotter with each passing Summer for several years.   This is the new normal, it's  courtesy of ourselves and our heating the planet behaviors.  Think about this, if what we'd like to call extreme is the new normal, what will the new normal extreme weather be like?  Now about next year;'s tornado season...

Yesterday, where I live in Virginia, the heat and humidity combined to peak at about 127 degrees.  This morning as I began my day at 6:30 am,  it was a toasty 81 degrees with 80% humidity, which feels the same as 87 via the heat index.

Heat index hits 121 as punishing temperatures grip D.C.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ah, all that fellow feeling

While I read this latest survey from Pew--Muslim-Western Tensions Persist--I was reminded of a song, National Brotherhood Week.

I heard this song on KXCI

Atheists Don't Have No Songs--Video and Lyrics


Fact-checking President Obama

Nobody has faced the Truth-O-Meter more than Barack Obama.

As of this writing, we’ve checked 314 statements from the president, more than any other person in PolitiFact history. (We've been around almost four years.)

We've done lots of checks of the Republicans running for president, but none of them approach Obama’s number. We’ve fact-checked 54 statements from Mitt Romney, 28 from Michele Bachmann, 14 from Ron Paul, 10 from Herman Cain, 18 from Newt Gingrich, one from Jon Huntsman, 14 from Tim Pawlenty, five from Rick Santorum, two from Gary Johnsonand zero from Buddy Roemer. (Sorry, Buddy.)

(See all of our people pages.)

Some highlights from our recent fact-checks of Obama:

• A new book and reporting from the New York Times sheds new light on an anecdote Obama told about his mother while arguing for a new health care law. He said his mother had to fight with health insurance companies for treatment because of a pre-existing condition. The book makes a compelling case that it was disability insurance she was denied, not treatment. We rated his statement Barely True.

• During the debt crisis of recent weeks, Obama has made the case that American voters favor a package of both spending cuts and tax increases. We gave him a Mostly True when he said that "Eighty percent of the American people support an approach (to federal budget problems) that includes revenues and includes cuts." His number was a little high, but the basic point was correct.

• On the other hand, we gave him a Barely True for the statement that, "The clear majority of Republican voters think that any deficit reduction package should have a balanced approach and should include some revenues." Polls have showed different results for Republican opinion, with some showing opposition or even splits on whether tax increases should be included.

• Also about the debt crisis, Obama said thatSocial Security and other federal checks may not go out on Aug. 3 if the debt ceiling is not increased. We rated that Half True. Experts and history suggest special steps could be taken to make sure Social Security checks go out, but the situation includes much uncertainty.
In addition to our fact-checking, we're also doing lots of updates on our Obameter and ourGOP Pledge-O-Meter. Check them out for the latest tally on how they're doing on their promises.

Did They LIe to the MPs?

Rupert and his kid said they knew nothing--it's a Sgt. Schultz defense--or no more than anyone else about phone hacking.  After all,  they are so high up the food chain, they cannot know what their minions do to secure their wealth for them.   Now, there is the suggestion that the kid lied his ass off.  He denies it.  However, he may not have factored in LulzSec.

News Corp. e-mails could be in hands of 'hacktivists'

DADT to End?

Okay, place your bets, start an office pool.  Will "Don't Ask, Dont' Tell" really be gone in September?  Given the track record of our first orator,  I have my doubts about betting on the Obama line.

Military leaders to certify end of ‘don't ask, don't tell’ Friday

Making Sense of the Murdoch Mess

The timelines are a bit confusing.  The outrage seems a bit faux.  However, British pols are incensed.  Why?  Here's a piece that gives a bit of insight on British politics and the press.

Fury at Murdoch reflects pent-up anger of intimidated politicians

Murdoch Sleaze Continues

What if Sleazy Jr. lied to Parliament?    Maybe Junior lied.  There appears to be sufficient grounds to determine the extent of his truth telling.  This mess may not go away.   If Junior lied would that be sufficient to cause an expanded investigation to include looking at Murdoch's U.S.  organizations?

British lawmaker calls for investigation of claim contradicting Murdoch testimony

We have become the bad guys

One of these days someone will write a book that shows how our enemies have actually won as we defeated them.  We, our government, adopts their worst behaviors as we proceed on down the empire highway.   Government officials rationalize it, justify it, and then wonder as citizens at home and abroad shake their heads in amazement while trying to figure out what "we" have become.

Pakistan finished its latest three-day anti-polio campaign Wednesday, deploying thousands of health workers across a nation where officials say militancy, a massive migrant population and fears about vaccines have kept the crippling virus alive.

But this round of outreach was also shadowed by a new, U.S.-made complication: revelations that the CIA sponsored a vaccination program to try to collect DNA from Osama bin Laden’s family members before U.S. commandos killed the al-Qaeda leader at a compound in northern Pakistan in May.

In a nation swirling with rumors of CIA plots, critics say, this real-life one could cement public suspicions, play to radical clerics’ anti-vaccine propaganda and endanger health workers.

The exploding cigar designers must have been retained and promoted rather than fired.  Note: Castro is still alive.  Will polio live on courtesy of the CIA?

The Loons are Still at Play

In other words, the debt ceiling has not been raised.  Fiscal collapse remains on the table.  It's obvious that this mess was created by George W. Bush and a Republican Congress from 2000-2008.  If we want to fix it, the solution remains simple--turn back the clock to at 2000.   In other words repeal the tax cuts, and raise taxes to pay for his wars (or end them now).   To the extent people approve or are desirous of the GOP's approach, all I can do is remind them of is to be careful about what you wish for.  The last time you wished  for Bush your wishes were fulfilled.

Debt-limit talks: As Obama, Boehner rush to strike deal, Democrats are left fuming

Is Obama a Democrat?

It appears some on Capitol Hill think Obama is a jackass or two short of being a full Democrat.  He does appear to be more concerned with meeting Republican desires than those of his party.  Does anyone expect the debt ceiling bill, whenever it comes out,  to resemble a Democratic bit of legislation?   If Obama is pulling a Clinton, that is, flipping off his party, will he be able to win in 2012?  Perhaps it is time to reject him for 2012?

Debt talks bring tensions between Democrats, Obama to surface

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Utah is chock full of Mormons.  Mormons do not drink.  However they do tolerate non-Mormons who  drink, up to a point.  The non-Mormons, gentiles in Utah speak, are used as revenue sources to finance aspects of Mormon dominated government activities.  How will a now teabagged Utah afford to house it's prison inmates in county jails?  Raise taxes on all?  Well, yeah, but only raise taxes on the gentiles who also happen to be beer drinkers.

Is there a separation of church and state issue here?

Could beer get taxed to help keep state inmates lock up?

Place your bets!

Did the Army dispose of some Agent Orange by secretly burying the toxic shit in Korea?   The Army says they did bury some stuff but removed it all.  The also say none of the temporarily buried waste was the orange crap.  The Koreans and some vets who buried stuff think the Army did solve a problem by leaving it in the Korean ground.  Place your bets, is the Army telling the truth or is it lying?   Based on the Army's track record I bet....

U.S.-South Korean team investigates claim of buried Agent Orange

Why do pols make outrageous statements about each other?

That's an easy one.  Tit for tat escalating rhetoric makes great copy for fund raising by both parties and both pols.  The saddest part though is not not the pols who engage in their normal sleazy behavior, it's people who respond to the subsequent pitches for money as though it mattered.  I bet there's even a Congressional Spat Coordination Committee.  You know, they're all dicks.  Where's the redo button?

Allen West calls Democratic leader 'vile' and 'despicable.' What set him off?


Ft. Hood Update

The religious zealot who killed 13 of his comrades at Fort Hood in 2009 will finally go on trial next March.

Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan faces March 2012 trial

This makes no sense

But then it's just adults fucking over kids so that the tyke's chattel status remains secure.

Florida spurns $50 million for child-abuse prevention

I guess the Florida legislature prefers child abusers to their victims (kids don't vote and don't donate). It's  a conservative, Republican, teabagger kind of thing.

She's got a doctor's note!

Michelle Bachmann has a doctor's note.  It says she's physically fit to be president.  Now if we could get a memo from her shrink....

Michele Bachmann releases physician’s note on migraines

The Debt Ceiling Mess

Both parties and the White House persist in their various pissing contests.  So far the urine has stayed inside the beltway.  If our elected infants do not raise the debt ceiling and default occurs they will have pissed on the rest of the nation and most of the world.  Maybe this is what it will take for us to rid ourselves of them and create a new politics for our times.  What will happen?  Who knows.  Will it be good for the nation?  No, if they do act, it will merely serve perceived short term reelection purposes.   There's a part of me that hopes they all fail, but I get over that fairly quickly.

As debt talks intensify, Obama opens door to short-term hike in debt ceiling

Virginia's McDonnell is well, a liar

He's a pol, so what else does anyone really expect of him?  His pants are on fire is a polite way of saying he has lied his ass off.

Gov. McDonnell says Virginia state employees "pay nothing" toward their pensions

The Summer Heat Really Sucks

It's hot and it's humid.  The combination is very unpleasant.  It feels as though I am walking through a steam bath whenever I step outside.  The last couple of days have been bad, but today and tomorrow will be even worse.  The combo will yield a heat index of 110+.  I can't remember what life was like before AC.  I guess we just coped back then.  I was also a lot younger then.

Unusually high heat, humidity on the way

Gee, I think he's right

The GOP’s fuzzy math

It's over

I do wish the idiots we elect to high office preferred space exploration to killing people.  Instead of NASA, Moon Shots and Shuttles, we keep doing Granada, Somalia, Panama, Iraq, Vietnam, Afhganistan and more.  We sell weapons instead of welcoming exploration.  We spread death instead of science.  It's just sad to see the program end.  It could have been better program, but the money went to war instead.

Space shuttle lands safely after final flight

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Utah makes the NYT

Utah is a Mormon state.  The Mormon Church says "don't call us a cult."  Okay, I won't when the state does one of two things.  Either ban all beer, wine and liquor sales completely from the state entirely or get out of the booze business entirely and let the free market reign.  There's no middle ground when it comes to cutting cults.

Utah Liquor Laws, as Mixed Up as Some Drinks

Fukushima Follow Up

Have we all forgotton about that nuclear mess already?

Fukushima: What don't we know?


Willard is a jobs creator?  No, Willard knows how to make money on the backs of others.  He has created little of anything in his life.  Then again, all Obama has done is write two books about himself.

Romney as Job Creator Clashes with Bain Record of Job Cuts

And these two are the best from both parties? It's no wonder it's all going to hell. We need a better caliber of folks in elective office.  How do we rid ourselves of narcissists?

How many died in Iraq?

I don't mean troops, I mean Iraqis?  What number do you use?  I have always accepted the higher estimates, 650,000+.  When Johns Hopkins reported their numbers and their methodology it made sense.  It still does.  Most media and seemingly most folks opt for a much smaller number, say a few tens of thousands.  Why?

Here's reason number six from 1 Million Dead in Iraq? 6 Reasons the Media Hide the True Human Toll of War -- And Why We Let Them:

The sixth and last explanation for indifference—and perhaps the most powerful—is a psychological one. We tend to avert our eyes from gruesome spectacle; it disrupts our sense of an orderly, just world. We want to believe that the mayhem is not happening, that in the end everything will be all right, or that the victims are to blame. These kinds of reactions—demonstrated time and again in clinical experiments by social psychologists—are reflected in society and also in the news media.

Troop Deaths

War's persist.  Soldiers keep dying.  Why?

Freedom Operations?

Canadians Leaving Afghanistan

Leaving Afghanistan in its dust: Military packing up base

10 years later, the highlight is dust and dirt?  What the hell have we done for 10 years?

Good Question!

So who are Libya's rebels exactly?

I'm not sure about his answer.  I figure in a few years we'll see a strong man backed by Libyan military thta is endorsed by the Saudis and other Sunnis.  I do not expect to see much of anything that resembles what we would call democratic, promoting freedom and dedicated to liberty.  In other worlds, I think we'll just see one more dictatorial Arabic state stressed by perpetual sectarian violence.  

Got Standards?

Based on what we see everyday, fewer and fewer do.

Is US a nation of liars? Casey Anthony isn't the only one.

ONe good story leads to more

Murdoch and illegality go together like fish and chips, you just can't have one without the other.   Will  Murdoch's droppings be found elesewhere?

Phone hacking: Eric Holder willing to meet 9/11 families

News Corp in Australia faces hard questions, says Julia Gillard

And where else?  Stay tuned.

Murdoch in the dock

Did you watch the Murdochs on display yesterday?  Here's a review of their show--

Rupert Murdoch and his robot sidekick steal the show as Cameron sweats it out

Murdoch Sleazy World

The phone hacking mess continues to expand in England.  I love pols who say idiotic things.  David Cameron says "With hindsight, I would not have hired Andy Coulson." Sure with hindsight all of us would not have done all the shit that's we've fucked up in our lives. That's the point, it's not hindsight we vote for, it's foresight, integrity, honesty, you know the little things that really matter. Too bad voters here and there keep forgetting to set standards before the election, not after the damage is done.

David Cameron braced for grilling from MPs

New Depths In Puke

Our non-ally, ally which we are engaged in a non-war, war with, Pakistan, has been financing a lobbying front organization in the U.S.  If money is being spent, you can bet our career elected officials will be at the front of the line.  Hell, for 10 Gs Dan Burton will do just about anything.   Once again our pols prove their basic worthlessness and will, of course, be reelected.  Damn we set low standards.

Two charged in Pakistani spy services’ alleged funneling of money via U.S. group

War #8

With all the debt ceiling mess what can Obama do?  Why not use this as a pretext for him to declare war on Iran.

Iran shot down unmanned US spy plane over Fordo nuclear enrichment site

Speaking of crazy people

How about them GOOPERS.  They fear government spending more than default and the debt ceiling.  Of course those bozos did get on board and gave us two unfunded wars (we're still borrowing to fight), two unfunded tax cuts (spending went up not down), and deregulation that made the ENRON mess look like a Chapter 13 bankruptcy hearing in comparison.  How can these folks remain in office?  Well ads do powerful things to uneducated minds housed in the bodies of voters.  

Republicans fear default, not Aug. 2 deadline

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FBI at play in get the guy at any cost land

Closing cases must be how FBIers get promoted.  They made a mess out of their Forensic Lab some years back.  Well it was a mess if you agree that fabricating evidence to get a conviction is illegal.  Of course you could agree with the feds, it was really good management.   It looks like we might now know where those lab managers went.  They must have been detailed to the Anthrax Killings after 9/11.  They brought their skills with them.

Justice Department lawyers contradict FBI findings in anthrax case

More Revolting Arabs

Gee, given the chance what does a revolting Arab do?  Why he or she becomes a sectarian revolting Arab. Syria, a repressive violent dictatorship, may soon join its Islamic neighbors and become a dictatorship over sectarians exacerbating tension to express their god given love to worship death and destruction.  Lacking contrary evidence, I guess that's what liberty, democracy and freedom mean in the Islamic Arab world.

Sectarian violence in Syria raises fears

And the least, least liked is...

Well, the winner is Obama with 48% having a degree of confidence in his ability to fix the debt ceiling mess.  For the other "leaders" it just gets worse.   These folks are leaders?  Come on, they are elected streetwalkers.  We need a new set of parties and pols.  Not a damn one of the incumbents is trustable.

Washington Post-Pew Research Center Poll

How much Murdoch has Cameron consumed?

David Cameron cut short his big trip to Africa because the Murdoch mess won't go away.  People keep quitting as more illegality is exposed.  How high will it go?  Will he be removed?  How much money does it take to buy a Prime Minister?  We may find out soon.

I wonder if British pols are cheaper or more expensive to purchase than their American counterparts?

Phone-hacking scandal overshadows Cameron's Africa trip

Live by the hack, die by the hack?

As Murdoch enabled his own overly creative conformists to hack their way into profitable news stories, he appears to have had a favor returned.  LulzSec is back.  I wonder what happens if both LulzSec and Anonymous decide to take down all of the Murdoch's empire, could they do it?  Gee, how about owning  FOX News?

News International faces threats over hacked emails

News International sites taken down in LulzSec attack

Murdoch Goes to Parliament

Check TV news station about 9-9:30 am EDT and you will probably see live coverage of the Murdochs anwswering MPs quesitons about all that illegal stuff they've had their minions do to make them billions.  You can bet they want this mess to stay in Britain. I hope the FBi is not already on the Murdoch's pad, we'll see.  When Murdoch pays out millions to avoid lawsuits he buys silence to cover up illegality.

Phone hacking: Murdochs and Brooks set to face MPs' questions

Monday, July 18, 2011

More Murdoch

Now we can add a death to the list of Murdoch's accomplishments--

News Of The World Whistleblower Reportedly Found Dead

Herman Cain Speaks for the GOP

Cain is willing to say what the others in his party want to say but fear might hurt them in the general election (if they make it that far).  Is this the role of candidates such as Cain, to speak the real GOP line so the others can be silent.   The fringe of the GOP is really its mainstream, but they need independents to win.

Herman Cain Doesn't Believe in the First Amendment

Debt Ceiling Poll

Poll: Barack Obama least loathed in debt fight

If you want the debt ceiling raised without all the bullshit that's going on, then let your Congressman know how you feel.

Political Bullshit

Rick Perry may join the lunatic fringe otherwise known as the GOP candidates running for president in 2012.  He'll hype his fiscal conservative creds.  Of course it's bullshit, but this is politics and in politics its all talk since no one gives a shit about what you have actually done.

In the past, Perry has criticized Bush for not controlling spending while governor.

"Let me tell you something," Perry told a small group of Iowa Republicans in 2007 while campaigning for former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who was running for president. "George Bush was never a fiscal conservative. ... I mean, '95, '97, '99, George Bush was spending money."

When Bush was governor, total state spending rose 13.3 percent every two years on average. Adjusting the figures for population growth and inflation, that growth rate was 2.3 percent.

Perry took the reins in December 2000. From then until 2011, spending increased an average of 16.8 percent every two years. Once adjusted for population and inflation, that rate falls to 4.2 percent. Adjusted spending figures in the just-passed 2012-13 budget are not yet available.

See, Perry is 100%, praise Jesus, GOOPER bullshit. Damn that means he'll be the nominee. If he were to be elected, we'd see more tax cuts, more wars, and more con artists in Congress.

As Our Pols Dick Around With Debt

The world is watching.  The investement crowd is getting nervous.  Will our pols put their reelection above the nation's welfare?  Invest in gold.

World stocks, euro fall as debt fears grow

Will C-SPAN Cover this?

 Father-and-son act Rupert and James Murdoch top the bill on Tuesday in what promises to be a day of gripping political drama in the normally staid surroundings of the parliament's committee rooms.

It will be the first time the Murdochs have been questioned in public since a newspaper phone hacking scandal reignited two weeks ago, sparking a firestorm that has raged through their News Corp media empire, brought down top policeman and tarnished Prime Minister David Cameron.

Your call

You choose: who gets paid (and who doesn’t)

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

I'm sure all that training we've done is paying off.  After 10 years of hard slogging, can we stand down as they stand up? Oh, damn, another Afghan stood up and was killed.  The Taliban remains at play in the field of rubble dreams.

Karzai adviser, member of Afghan parliament killed in attack; Taliban asserts responsibility

It's time. Obama needs to declare strategic victory and bring the military back home. Hell he can even have a parade as long as it's not paid for by taxpayers.  The unborn taxpayer has already been stuck with a $1 trillion tab for War #1.

Book Review

Okay, is Scientology a religion?  I don't care if it is or is not.  It's a bit more swacked out than many, but that does not seem to bother its believers.  In case you have any interest in this brand of fakery, consider--

Is Scientology a religion?

Murdoch Sleaze Expands

Rebekah Brooks gone.  The Dow Jones CEO gone.  Now it's Scotland Yard's chief.  Amazing what a wealthy prick can do with his money.  One man with money can spawn oodles of imitative corruptive sleazeballs who finally get caught breaking the law after they debase a nation.  Today, Britain, tomorrow the USA.  Bets on FOX News?

Head of Scotland Yard resigns amid hacking scandal; Rebekah Brooks is arrested

It's Monday Morning, Let's Get Disgusted

What's the easiest way to start the week with upchucky cakes?  Let us consider campaign finances.  See, your tummy is turning already.  Get ready for more.  The bums have spent over $32 million already.  Some have debt some have no debt.  They live well when they campaign.  They pay their staff well.  They spend a lot to raise more funds to live well while they raise more to spend more on raising more.  I guess its better living by running for office.  Have you hurled yet?  No, then think about this, if any of them were charities would you give them one thin dime?  If you do, I suggest you know they are all streetwalkers.  So what does that in turn make you?  Okay go puke and then read--

2012 presidential race: Expense reports give peek at candidates’ priorities, styles

Don't forget the graphic--Stockpiling political money

Sunday, July 17, 2011

About Sums it Up

Crazy Governor Disses Other Crazy Governor

Arizona governor criticizes Utah’s guest-worker law

Lest anyone think Utah has lost some its red, there's a strong movement in Zion to rid themselves of the guest worker bill.  Utah is seeking to a return of the reddest of the red title.

GOOPER Bullshit

Her's the Bullshit--

Under Ryan plan, "those 54 and younger would receive the same kind of healthcare options now enjoyed by members of Congress."

Here are the facts--

The Truth-O-Meter Says: Barely True

GOOPER Bullshit

Here's the bullshit--

“The last time there was a bipartisan budget agreement, it balanced the budget by cutting spending and cutting taxes. The 1997 bipartisan budget agreement between President Clinton and a Republican Congress balanced the budget by bringing spending down to 18.2% of gross domestic product.”

Here are the facts--

Paul Ryan’s misleading historical analogy in the debt limit talks

Evil Socialists At Play In the DGB

My god, the nerve of German companies to allow unions to seek employee naps.  How dare management put employee health at par with profit.  Hmm, at the rate we're going...

German unions call for healthy lunchtime siestas

Strategic Victory Watch--War #1

A British solder was killed.  The war persists.  The same question needs to be asked, "Why?"

Investigation under way into reports that serviceman was shot dead by a member of the Afghan national army in Helmand

Arab Spring Takes Flight

Yep, it flew away and all that's left are more revolting Arabs feeling the Summer's heat of stalemated expectations.  They need bit of separation of church and state and a lot more separation of military and state.

Arab Spring hardening into summer of stalemates

TV News Came Through Again!

It was hyped.  It was promoted.  I'm sure crews were standing by.  Then nothing happened.  TV news is what is one the other side of vast wasteland

L.A. traffic steers clear of 'Carmageddon' fears

It's PR Time

When two Mormons run for the presidency in the same cycle, there is a little bit of a problem.  Mormons rack with atheists and Muslims when it comes to that high office.  Religion is an impediment to their success.  What can Mormons do?  Well, how about

In mid-June, the LDS Church unveiled a rebranding campaign in New York City aimed at countering negative associations that came up in focus groups. Featuring smiling Mormon faces on taxis and the electronic billboards of Times Square and the slogan "I'm a Mormon," the campaign, which directs people to an LDS website,, is slated to expand to other cities in the fall.

Then there's the Mormon musical, it helps too. Of course folks could take a vacation and attend,
along with hundreds of other Mormon families, they would spend a couple of weeks here in a glorified summer theater camp, talking about Scripture by day and performing it by night, at the Hill Cumorah Pageant in upstate New York 

Will all this PR schtick work? Nah, I'll bet you a handcart and two seagulls that Romney and Jon Boy remain unelected due to religion.  Polygamy, secret temples, baptising dead people, and the undies are still a bit much for the traditional Christina majority.  Wait another 100 years.

It's time to end the War on Drugs

For god's sake, now heroin is coming back.  It's more abundant and cheaper than Oxycontin.  The kids can shoot, smoke and snort the shit.  Let them.  Get some control, and tax revenue, by legalizing all the drugs and controlling it akin to booze.

Heroin use on rise in Valley

Come on, Barry Takes No Risks

I was taken a bit aback when I heard Obama mumble something about putting his presidency at risk over the debt ceiling thing.  For a moment I thought he might mean it, then I came to my senses.  Barry has talked a lot, but has not taken a real risk since he was inaugurated.  It's been second term here I come since day one.

Here he is standing tall for conumers and not risking all, again--

Consumer agency won’t be led by Elizabeth Warren, source says

I think I've figured out why Obama wants a second term. He's decided to write one book about himself for each year he's in office. Eight books is a lot better then a measly four, income and Roladex-wise.

Murdoch Minionette Busted

Oh, the mighty do fall when the public gets fickle and demands a day or two of the rule of law.

Rebekah Brooks arrested in UK hacking scan

As Murdoch's troubles persist, I find myself fantasizing Roger Ailes being perp walked...

Debt Ceiling

There is still no deal.  Will the nation default courtesy of Congress?  I'd put it at 49-51 in favor of no deal by Aug. 2nd.  Will it cause financial chaos?  Yes, but it will be deceptive.  The first day will be hardly a blip and folks will wonder what's the big deal.  The Second day there will be a blip and people will barely notice.  Then a couple days later it will be two blips, then four, then eight, and so on until the collapse comes and people begin a long walk towards pauperization.  Its effects will make Lehman's look like minor debt consolidation action.  Get ready to reap the rewards of electing people who value their own elective jobs over the Nation well being.  Oh, they are egged on and supported by idiots who think  individual's must make promises and pledges to be politically pure.

Can the mess be fixed?  Sure, everyone knows what to do.
1.  Rescind all the Bush Tax Cuts.
2.  End All of Bush's and Obama's Wars today (then restore DOD to it's 2000 level budget).
3.  Restore all the financial regulation gutted under Clinton and Bush (then add a bit more for safety).

That's all we need to do and the problems will be solved and Granny will still receive SS and Medicare.


A Very Good Question

And a pretty good answer to boot--

Why is the Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part of the Deficit Discussion?

Bob Park,

WHAT'S NEW Robert L Park Friday, 15 July 1911 Washington, DC

Driven by a weak but steady ion engine, Dawn has been accelerating 1000
days in a four-year spiral to reach the giant, 350 mile wide, Vesta
asteroid, the second largest asteroid in the solar system. By probing its
secrets scientists hope to catch a glimpse of how the planets, including
Earth formed out of a disc of gas and dust. It is the second most massive
asteroid in the solar system, with an unusually dark surface. It is
reassuring to see that the great science-NASA is still alive.

There are five-billion cell phones in use worldwide according to industry
figures, and yet there is not a single verified case of cancer being caused
by cell phone radiation. The science that explains why cell phone
radiation can't cause cancer is more than 100 years old . Nevertheless, the
Environmental Health Trust, founded by Devra Davis, exists solely to warn
the public about the nonexistent cancer hazard of cell phones, and perhaps
sell a few copies of her book. On the other side is the webcomic xkcd. Go
to .

One week after a House subcommittee proposed terminating the James Webb
Space Telescope (JWST), NASA's costly successor to the orbiting Hubble
observatory, agency officials told an advisory panel on Thursday that JWST
can be launched as soon as 2018, but political realities could delay the
mission's start well into the 2020s. "Political realities" could terminate
it completely. Meanwhile, the 2012 budget request NOAA sent to Congress in
February asked for $47.3 million for the Deep Space Climate Observatory
(DSCOVR) and $11.3 million for Constellation Observing System for
Meteorology Ionosphere and Climate-2 (COSMIC-2). The House bill would not
provide funding for either. Republicans oppose any mission that would give
evidence of global warming. Otherwise celebrity billionaires might be
called on to pay taxes at the rate of working people.

Two years ago, e-mail files of the Climate Research Unit at the University
of East Anglia were hacked and selectively posted on the web. Rupert
Murdoch newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal, expressed shock at
the "criminal conspiracy" and "scientific blacklisting" . The "gate" suffix was added to
invite comparison with the infamous break-in at the Watergate by Nixon's
goons, but the climategate burglars were treated as heroes. There was not
one line of criticism about the only criminal offense in the whole sordid
climategate affair of hacking into private files. It is ironic that
hacking by the Murdoch papers is now threatening the Murdoch empire.